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FAQ by CWarriner

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 10/23/2002

  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\  /\
 /  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \/  \
                _____  _   _  _         _____  _
               (  _  )( ) ( )(_)/'\_/`\(  _  )( )
               | (_) || `\| || ||     || (_) || |
               |  _  || , ` || || (_) ||  _  || |  _
               | | | || |`\ || || | | || | | || |_( )
               (_) (_)(_) (_)(_)(_) (_)(_) (_)(____/'
          ___    ___    _____  ___    ___    _  _   _  ___
         (  _`\ |  _`\ (  _  )(  _`\ (  _`\ (_)( ) ( )(  _`\
         | ( (_)| (_) )| ( ) || (_(_)| (_(_)| || `\| || ( (_)
         | |  _ | ,  / | | | |`\__ \ `\__ \ | || , ` || |___
         | (_( )| |\ \ | (_) |( )_) |( )_) || || |`\ || (_, )
         (____/'(_) (_)(_____)`\____)`\____)(_)(_) (_)(____/'

<------------------Animal Crossing Guide version 0.5------------->

                        by Chris Warriner

I                                                                     I
I                     This FAQ is available at:                       I
I                http://snow.prohosting.com/kdarian/                  I
I  http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/gamecube/file/animal_crossing.txt   I
I                                                                     I
      I                                                          I
      I If you have any questions, corrections, new information, I
      I         or don't understand something, e-mail me at:     I
      I                   KingDarian@aol.com.                    I
      I                                                          I

Version History:
0.1 - July 23, 2002 - I watched the E3 video for Animal Crossing and
have put together this base for an Animal Crossing Texture FAQ.  If you
have any questions, comments, or corrections, e-mail me.
0.2 - July 26, 2002 - I've found out some more info from around the web.
I've made some corrections and added new info.  I've upped my guide to a
full AC guide.
0.3a - July 30, 2002 - I've added tons of new items and some characters.
I changed some of the descriptions in the controls.
0.3b - July 31, 2002 - I made some corrections and added more items.
0.3c - August 12, 2002 - I reformatted the FAQ and added a new character.
0.4a - August 20, 2002 - I added some more characters, items, and info.
0.4b - August 24, 2002 - More characters and info.
0.4c - August 31, 2002 - I added more Characters and items.  A lot of
information was added.  I added a new section for Season-specific events.
Mr. Resetti's rants were also added.
0.5 - October 23, 2002 - I am so sorry for not updating frequently enough.
I just can't find too much time. I am still working hard on making this FAQ,
so don't worry. I have started to add lots of more power. Thanks to all the
contributors for all ur help. I will be adding your info ASAP. I am also
getting VERY tired of some kind of stupid questions. PLEASE READ THE
lot of information is either missing or incorrect and I'm doing the best I
can to fix it. Please bear with me!!! And I deeply apologize for putting
DOING as the word for the Earthbound name set. I corrected my error.


01.Introduction                   - An introduction to Animal Crossing
02.Supported Periferals           - Tells what peripherals are supported
                                    by Animal Crossing
03.Controls and Menus             - Explains the basic controls and
                                    menus of Animal Crossing
04.Let's Start a Game             - How to start a game
05.Choo Choo to Choosing a House  - The first scenarios of the game
06.Head on Down to Town           - Tells about your town
07.Home Sweet Home                - An overview of your home
08.I am in Your Debt              - Tells about your debt for your home
09.Seasonal Surprises             - All about the different seasons
10.Follow the Schedule            - Regulary scheduled events
11.If we took a Holiday           - Holidays and other unique events
12.Fashion Design 101             - All about textures
13.What a Catchy Tune             - All about Melodies
14.Tools of the Trade             - All about trading
15.Talk to the Animals            - Lists the game's characters
16.Gotta Catch 'Em All!           - Lists the animals that you can catch
17.Items, Items, More Items       - Lists the game's items
18.Classic Gaming                 - All about the NES games
19.Can You Keep A Secret?         - Game's secrets
20.Don't Touch That Button!       - Why Never to Reset.
21.What's in a Name               - Possible names
22.Coming Soon to a FAQ Near You  - What's coming soon to this FAQ
23.Credit Where it's Due          - Credits


Welcome to the world of Animal Crossing.  This is a one-of-a-kind game
created by Nintendo.  It is a communication game where you take the role
of a boy/girl that makes his/her home in a village with animal residents.
The game follows real time by taking the clock info from the Gamecube's
Internal Clock and applying it to the game.  The game changes depending
on the time of day and what season it is.  Up to four people can have
their own character in the village.  The game takes up a whole memory
card, but don't worry, the game has one included for just that reason.
 This game has lots of things to do and will keep you playing throughout
 the whole year, and many years to come.  This FAQ was created for the
US release of the game which came out September 16, 2002. If you have
any questions, concerns, comments, error reports, etc, mail me at
KingDarian@aol.com. Oh, and from here on out, Animal Crossing will be
abbreviated to AC.  Happy Crossings...

I--02.Supported Peripherals---------->-----X

Animal Crossing is compatible with lots of the periferals for the
Nintendo Gamecube and Gameboy Advance.  It is compatible with:

-Memory Card 59: This is used to save the game.  57 blocks are used.
(there is one included with the game)

-Memory Card 251:This is used to save the game.  57 blocks are used

-Nintendo Gamecube Keyboard Controller: This is used for writing.

-Nintendo Gamecube-Advance Link Cable: This is used to connect the
Gamecube to the Gameboy Advance to unlock hidden features.

-Nintendo Card E-Reader: This is used to read Animal Crossing Cards
and unlocks stuff.

I--03.Controls and Menus------------->-----X

Regular GC Controller:

During standard gameplay:
    Analogue Stick         -  Moves you around.
    A                      -  Uses object, talks to animals, kicks ball.
    B                      -  Picks up object or if held down you can
    Y                      -  Opens status/inventory screen.
    X                      -  Opens map screen. (Not availble until Tom
                              Nook gives it to you.)
    C-Stick (Up/Down)      -  Zooms in/out.
            (Left/Right)   -  Changes Camera Angle
    Z                      -  Turns Lights On/Off in house

While talking to animal:

   A text box will pop up with the animal's name in the top-left corner.
The animal will talk to you and a few choices for responses will appear.
If you talk to animals frequently, you can learn what's new, get jobs,
and many other things.  Talking to animals is one of the most important
parts of this game.

While in the inventory screen:

   You are able to hold 15 items and 10 letters.  The menu also shows
your town's name, your name, your bells, what fish you've caught, what
bugs you've caught, and your textures.

   Use the analogue stick to move the cursor around and highlight an
object.  Pressing the A button will open the object's menu.  Most
objects have only 3 options:

   Clothes can be worn by dragging it onto your character. Food can be
eaten, but this is not necessary, by dragging it to your character.
The main menu area in the inventory screen shows the items you are
currently holding.  If you scroll right, you'll see all the letters you
currently have. The pencil icon on the left lets you apply textures to
your clothes and other things.  Choosing it will open up a list of the
textures you have.  You can apply it to your clothes or your umbrella.

  For Text Entering:
    Y Button               - Cycles through letters, punctuations, and
    X Button               - Switches accents.
    A Button               - Inserts selected letter.
    B Button               - Backspace.
    L Button               - Switches between upper and lower case
    R Button               - Adds a space
    Z Button               -
    Digital Stick          - Moves entry cursor.
    Analogue Stick         - Moves on character screen.
    Start Button           - Finish writing.

GC Keyboard:

For Text Entering:
   Letters and Numbers are used for entering text.

I--04.Let's Start a Game------------->-----X

  When you turn on the power, you will first see the Nintendo Gamecube
logo. The game then loads and shows the classic red Nintedo logo. You
will hear "Nintendo" in a wierd, wacky voice and the screen will go
dark.  The title screen is now up.  First "Crossing" comes in and then
"Animal" falls on top of it to display the title.  It will now instruct
you to "Press Start."  Now its time to start up!  If this is your first
time using Animal Crossing, K.K. Slider, the white, guitar-playing dog
will come up and talk to you.
K.K.:"So you've decided to move out? Get your own place? See the world?
That's groovy. Who needs someone telling you what to do all the time?
You can do what you want, when you want. Yeah, neing on your own, being
free. It feels great... But living by yourself can be a real drag, too.
Still, if you've got really tight friends somewhere nearby, then you
know it'll all work out. Yeah, man. Friends are far out... Oh, I guess
I'm kind of rambling. My bad. So, are you ready to hop on that train and
go for a ride?"
Options:  I'm ready to go! -
          Before I go...   - "Cool, we can change your settings."

Option Settings.
"First is this groovy Rumble Feature. So... what do you want to set it
Options: Rumble: ON  - "Cool. I'll turn the rumble feature on."
         Rumble: OFF - "Okay. I'll turn the rumble feature off."
"Next, we have to get you wired for sound. So what's your style?"
Options: Stereo     - "Stereo. That's cool! I can dig."
         Mono       - ???
         Headphones - ???
"How do you want us animals to talk when we speak?"
Options: Animalese - "Animalese sounds like this. Is this cool with
         Bebebese  - "Bebebese sounds like this. Is this cool with you?"
         Silence   - "Silence sounds like this. Is this cool with you?"
Options: That's fine!  - "Great."
         Umm, hang on! - "All right then. We'll fix that right now."
"Are cool with these setting?"
Options: Yes! - "Oh! I almost forgot! You'll enjoy your time in the world
of Animal Crossing more if you get some friends to come here, too. Yeah,
it would be really cool if a lot of your friends came to visit your town.
Later.(Screen fades to black)

I--05.Choo-Choo to Choosing Home----->-----X

  As you begin your epic journey of going to the village, you take a
cozy little trip on a train.  You see the door cabin door open and a cat
walks in.  His name is Rover.  He approaches you and starts to talk.

Rover:"Hrm... Uh... Excuse me... Do you have a second?  Could you help
me out? Is it... Let's see now... TIME on DAY, MONTH DATE, YEAR?"
Options: That's right! - "Okay, thanks"
         That's wrong! - "Whaaat??? It's not? Well, do you think you
could straighten this out for me?"(You are now brought to a menu that
lt's you adjust the clock)
"Now let me get this straight. You say its TIME on DAY, MONTH DATE,
YEAR? You're sure?
Options: Perfect     - "Say, thanks! You're too kind! Really, you're a
big help... Mya ha ha ha ha howr!"
         No! No! No! - "Whaat??? It's not? Well, do you think you could
straighten this out for me?"(You are now brought to a menu that let's
you adjust the clock)
"So, you mind if I sit here? I promise I won't fall asleep, tumble onto
you, and start drooling on your shirt!
Options: Please! - "Thanks again! It sure is nice meeing friendly folk
on the train... you aren't a psycho, right? Just kidding!
         No Way! - ""
"Say, by the way... what's your name?"(You are brought to a menu where
you can enter your name.  You'll notice that the letters are spoken as
they are typed.)
"Hrmm... Well... Hrmmm... NAME... Now THAT is an odd name. Mya ha ha ha
howr! Not that my opinion means much. What matters is, do YOU like the
name NAME?
Options: Isn't it cool? - "Oh, sorry! Did I say it was odd? It's not odd!
It's a great name. Mya ha ha ha ha ha howr!"
         Isn't it cute? - "Oh, sorry! Did I say it was odd? It's not odd!
It's a great name. Mya ha ha ha ha ha howr!"
         No! No! No!    - (You retype your name.)
Options: You know it!
         I'm not a boy! - "Oh, sorry."
"By the way... if you don't mind me asking... where are you headed?"(You
go to a menu where you enter the name of the town you are going)
"You're going to VILLAGE?"
Options: That's right! - "Hey I know that place! VILLAGE is one of my
favorite vacation spots!"
         That's wrong! - (Retype the name)
"So, what are you going to VILLAGE for?"
Options: I'm moving        - "Hrmm... Moving, huh? I hate moving! Pack
boxes, umpack boxes. It never ends."
         What's it to you?
"Say! Where's your new place?"
Options: Don't know yet! - "What?!? You don't know yet? Arew you out of
your tree? Well we obviously need to find you a place to live!!!
         Leave me alone!
"...Oh wait! Boy, am I dense! This buddy of mine owns the shop in TOWN!
Let me give him a jingle! This'll take me two seconds. Wait right here,
OK?" (Rover exits through the door and takes out his celluar phone.)
Phone:"Beep, Beep, Boop, Beep!"
Rover:"... Hey there Nook! It's me! So what's the good word? You raking
in the cash? ...uh-huh... Yeah. Oh that's rough! Brutal! Well it's a
crazy world! Anyway, as I was saying. I have someone here who wants to
move to VILLAGE... Oh, yahe, completely! But the poor thing still hasn't
found a place to live. It's sort of a tight spot... ...The kid's name?
Why? ...Oh. It's NAME. ...Umm, yeah. Yeah, today... So, think you can
help out? ...Oh? Oh, really? ...U-huh... I see. Oh, OK! Cool! ...Yeah,
I'll pass the word on. ..So, we'll catch up later. Riiight. Thanks a
lot. See ya, Nook, my man! Bye!" (Rover then reenters the door and comes
back to you.)
"OK, I'm back! Miss me? Mya! Well, good news for you! It sounds like my
buddy has some brand new houses for sale, dirt cheap! The work is all
done, but he hasn't been able to rent them. He wants to unload them, so
he's willing to take a loss. You have mone right?"
Options: Oh, yeah!        - "Then you'll be just fine"
         Just a little... - ""
"Wow a brand new house! Nothing like it in the world! Maybe I'll move
in, too... Oh! Looks like we're about to pull into VILLAGE. Man, I love
this place! Anyway, maybe we'll run into each other again sometime!
Good-bye! And good-luck!(The train pulls into town.)
Porter: "VILLAGE! Now arriving in VILLAGE!(Train leaves.) Welcome to
VILLAGE, watch your step, eek EEK!" (You are now able to move around.
As soon as you exit the train station, you har a voice!)
Tom Nook: "Excuse me! Hey hey! Hey, you there! Yes, you!(Tom Nook will
approach you) Would your name happen to be NAME?  Good, good! I just now
had a phone call about you, hm? Whew, I'm glad I made it here in time to
meet our train. I'm afraid I'm not in the best shape of my life... But I
ramble! My name is Tom Nook. I, uh, run the store here in VILLAGE. I'm
quite pleased to meet you, yes? SOmething strikes me as odd, though, my
young friend. Moving to a town before settling on a place to live...
Why, it's the craziest thing I have ever heard of! Madness! Absolute
madness, hm? Whoa ho ho ho ho ho ho !"
Options: Don't laugh!
"Whoa ho! Ho ho! Ah, ahem. Pardon me, I beg you! That just struck my
funny bone. Now, don't you worry! It may be small, but I have a house
you can move into right away. It should more than suit your needs, hm?
I can shoew it to you now, so come along! Let's scuttle!(Tom will lead
you to a square with four houses in it.) There we are! Not too shabby,
hm? I can most heartily recommend any of these houses. Take your pick!
Feel free to take a look inside. Really. I don't mind. Not in the
least! After all, the doors don't have any locks. Just standin front
of the door and press the A button to go inside."(Go up to any of the
four houses. They all have a radio, orange crate, and college rule. The
only differences between the houses are the floors and walls.)"Take a
inside. And please! Bear in mind that it's a little... how you say...
cozy, hm? Yes, cozy!"(You then enter the home. Look around and then exit
when you're done.)"Well? What do you think? How was it, hm?"
Options: I like it - "You're quite sure? This is what you want?"
                     Options: Here is good! - "Very Well"
                     Umm, hang on! -
         It's OK I guess - "Oh, really? Alas. Ah well, take your time.
                           Have a look at the others, why don't you?
"It's decided then. That house belongs to you, NAME! What a happy day
for you, I'm certain! I'll tell you what - I'll throw in the radio in
there at no extra charge!(whisper)I never could sell that thing at the
shop...(/small) Now let me see... I suppose you'd like a quick rundown
of your house, so listen carefully, please. As you can no doubt see...
The house doesn't have any furniture at all. Yes, quite bare, I'm
afraid! Anything you need, you'll have to get on your own. Obviously,
you can't expect me to furnish the place for you. You can do whatever
you lie with your own stuff...but don't try to mess around with other
folk's things! Well, not that you can! Whoa ho ho ho ho ho! Nobody will
know if you just nudge stuff, though. Ho ho! YOu'll probably want to pop
into a neighbor's house to get some ideas for your own interior designs!
I would! Oh... Yes. That wierd thing over by the door there... That
would be your personal gyroid assistant! If visitors stop by while
you're not around, this gyroid will meet and greet them, hm? It truly is
a must-have! You can teach it messages and the little fellow will repeat
them for visitors! And that's just one of its talents! You can also leave
items with it, which it can give or even sell to folks! Oh, and one more
thing!!! when you're done playing be absolutely sure to speak to your
gyroid! For that is the only way for you to save everything you did that
day! It would be a shame to lose such things! If you quit playing without
talking to it first, it'll be like everything you did that day never even
happened!!! I can't imagine a worse fate! Please take extra care so you
never forget. I'd hate to see such at hing happen, hm? And that marks the
end of my explanation. I'm hoping that I didn't forget anything... Did
you get all that? Did you perhaps wish to hear it again?"
Options: No, thanks...  - "Yes, well, I'm sure you'll settle into the
                          particles of life in no time."
         Tell me again. - (Tom Nook will start his expanation again)
"Don't worry! Now then, let's see..." With fees and closing costs, this
house comes to... 19,800 Bells!!!(Your menu pops up for the first time.
It highlights a bag of money. If you choose "quit" from the menu, Tom
Nook will say "You'd better pay it all back, or I will have to... give
you a serious talking to!!!"  So give him the money!)
"Yes that would be... not nearly enough!!! You only have 1,000 Bells?!?
You're joking with me, yes? Why, you're so short, I can't help but laugh!
Whoa ho ho! You know what happens to people who don't have money, don't
you? I'll tell you. They can't buy a house! But...You still need a place
to stay, don't you? Hmm... A thorny situattion. Yes. Rather thorny.
...Then here's what you'll do! You can work part-time at my shop to pay
the rest! Yes, that's acceptable! Splendid! We're all set! This will work
wonderfully! Now then, you'll have to come by my shop later to work. You
can find my shop in Acre X-X. You can't miss it. At least most people
can't miss it. If you have trouble, check the map by the station, yes?
I'm heading back there now, so I'll be waiting for you. I'd ask you to
be quick about coming, yes?(Tom Nook leaves you now. Now you have the
freedom to move anywhere about town and you can access your menu by
pressing start.  You can explore a bit, or head right to Nook's Cranny,
Tom Nook's store.)

I--06.Head on Down to Town----------->-----X

When you Start up a game, the town is randomly set up, with houses and
the river put in various places.  The town is made up of a grid of 5x6
squares.  When you reach the edge of a square in the grid, the camera
will scroll across quickly, like in the NES, SNES, and Gameboy Zelda
games.  The residential houses can vary, but there are a few buildings
and things that are in every town.

01. There will be four houses in one square, one for each of the people
that play the game.  This is where you make your home.  More on this
in the next section.

02. Every person in the town has his/her own home.  You can visit their
homes to talk to them and look at their stuff.  You can't steal from
them and some people don't like you barging intotheir home.  Visit
people to get to know them and be their friend.  You can ask for jobs to
help raise money for your debt.  The people will move in and out of town
every few days.  After a while, people  won't be in their homes all the
time and be all over the villiage.  The town's people also go to bed at
around 10:00PM and won't allow you into their homes until the next
morning.  Visit people often.

03. The Garbage Dump is one of the places you will visit quite often.
You'll find all of the town people's unwanted items here.  You might
even find items that you sold to Tom Nook here. Everything you find here
is yours for the taking.  You'll find lots of textures and useful items
here. You can also put your own unwanted items here for the other gamers
to take.

04. The Post Office is a place where you will visit at least once a week.
Here you will pay off your debt to Tom Nook and mail letters.  You can
also go here to check on how much money you still owe to Tom Nook.  You
will get your mail in the morning, but if you have five or more pieces of
mail, they will be delivered to you at any time you go to the post office.
The maximum number of letters you can save is 160, and you can only hold
10 at a time.

05. The Able Sisters Shop is also one of the places you will want to go
to often.  Here you can create new textures for your character to put on
his clothes, umbrella, and many other things. More information in the
Texture section.  They are open from 7:00AM to 2:00AM.

06. The Museum is a place where you can donate things to be displayed.
In the course of the game you will dig up various fossils, catch fish
and bugs, and find paintings to add to the museum.  You don't get any
reward for giving stuff to the museum, but it will free up room in
your home.

07. The Police Station is anoher place to get things for free.  There is
a lost and found there and you can claim anything you want.  Even though
its not your stuff they'll give it to you.  You'll find many things here
that will be helpful to you.

08. Tom Nook's shop, "Nook's Cranny," is the place you will probably
visit the most.  This is where you go in the beginning to find out what
part-time jobs Tom wants you to partake in.  Youcannot buy or sell
anything until you have completed the part-time jobs to pay off part of
yourdept.  Here you can also buy and sell items.  As you enter, Tom
greets you and follows you around as you browse through the items in
the shop.  Most items that you have already had can be bought from the
catalog, while items that are new are on the storeshelves.  If you buy
from the shelf, the item will be sold out and Tom will restock the next
day.  Tom's shop changes twice.  At first its alitle shop open on a
scheduled time of 9:00AM to 10:00PM.  It changes to a larger 24 hour
conveniance store.  Its final form is a gib supermarket that goes back
to a regular scedule.

09. The Wishing Well is a place to visit for a number of different
reasons.  If you have undelivered items for animals that have moved
out of the village, this is where you go to drop that item off.

10. The Message Board is located in the middle of the square the four
player houses are.  Here you can read about upcoming events and leave
messages for other players to see.  It also gives clues on treasure
hunt days.  It can hold a maximum of 15 messages.

11. The Melody Board is the place where you can change the town song to
whatever you desire, as long as its 10 notes or less.  More info in the
Melody Section.

12. Trees are all over the town and do more than you might think.  Some
trees grow various fruitthat you can eat or sell.  If you shake a tree,
you will either get an item such as fruit, bells, and various other
items, or an attack of angry bees that sting your face.  You can also
chop trees down and dig up their stumps to clear the way or make room to
grow new trees.  To grow a tree, dig a hole and choose a fruit.  Then
re-cover the hole with dirt and a tree will grow.  The trees are also
change to match the season.  In winter time the trees have twinkly
lights that blink.  In Spring time the trees have falling lightly
colored leaves.  In summer the leaves are golden.  I fall the trees
are a crisp brown.

13. Cracks in the ground tell you that there's something buried in the
ground.  Use your trusted shovel to find out what it is.  You can find
buried money, items, and statues of the item holder from the front of
your house.

14. Shining Spots are found in the town once per day per person and
contain money.  The amount varies.

15. Rocks appear on the map randomly each day.  Hit the rocks with your
shovel a few times for some extra moneybags.

I--07.Home Sweet Home---------------->-----X

     Your house, your home, your pride and joy, your debt, all these
desribe the place where you live your life in the wonderful world of
Animal Crossing.  Here you can set up furniture, change the decor,
and turn the lights on/off.

     Your house goes through five different stages.  When you start,
your house is better described as a closet.  It has one small room with
a crate, a radio, and a journal.  When your debt is finally paid, your
house gets upgraded a second time and gets larger with a larger debt.
Once that debt is paid, you'll get a huge house with a huge debt.  When
that debt is paid, a basement is added under your house, but with it
comes an even bigger debt.  When you finally pay off that debt your
house is upgraded a fifth and final time with the biggest debt yet.
When you are done with paying your final debt, your character does its
pose and you're free of debt for good.

     Outside your house, there are a few things for you to use.

1.Your Mailbox is where you get your mail.  Mail will be moved to the
mail section of the inventory screen, if there's enough room.
Sometimes, mail will have a gift attached.  This is shown by a small
gift box next to the letter.  If there's room in your inventory, when
you open the letter, you can drop the gift into the regular inventory
screen.2.Your gyroid is a little statue-looking thing that lets you do
some things.  Talk to it to get the menu.

   Menu 1
   1.Save the Game     -A random character comes out and asks if you
                       want to save the game.
      1a.Save and Quit              -Saves and then quits the game.
      2a.Save and Continue          -Saves and then goes back to the
                                    game. You better use save and quit
                                    if you want to quit, or next time
                                    you start Mr. Resetti will yell at
   2.Deposit an item   -This lets you store an item with a few different
      1b.Give Away                  -The item given can be taken by
      2b.Set Price                  -The item can be bought by anyone
                                    right from your house after you
                                    input a price.
      3b.Display Only               -The item isn't available for
                                     anyone else to take.
   3.Menu 2            -Goes to menu 2.
   4.Bye               -Exits the menu.

   Menu 2
   1.Texture the door  -Changes the door's texture.  You are given a few
      1a.Set the texture            -Sets a selected texture to the door.
      2a.Remove the texture         -Removes the texture of the door.
      3a.Cancel                     -Goes back to main menu.
   2.Set a message     -Sets a message for the other players to see when
                       they go to your house.
   3.Menu 1            -Goes back to menu 1.
   4.Bye               -Exits the menu.

I--08.I am in Your Debt-------------->-----X

   When you buy your first house, you will be endebted to Tom Nook for
the cost of the house. You will have to do some jobs for Tom to earn
some Bells that go towards the payment.  You also need to do these jobs
to be able to buy or sell from Tom Nook or the Able Sisters. After doing
a job you can return to Tom Nook to get paid and learn what else he
wants you to do.  He will only tell you once what he wants you to do, so
you better remember, unless you don't mind waiting until the next day to
find out what he wants.  When you are ready to start working, visit Tom
Nook and he'll tell you what he wants you to do.  You'll then change into
your work clothes and then its time to get busy. As you enter Nook's
Cranny for the first time:
Tom Nook: "Well, finally you arrived! What took you so long?!? I was
starting to wonder if you'd show! Only kidding. Very good, yes! First
off, you'll need to change into these clothes! If you must know, I
suppose I'd call it your uniform. Please let me know when you're done
changing, yes?"(He hands you the uniform. Go into your menu and select it.
Grab it and drag it over your character. Now you're ready to start your
jobs. Talk to Tom when you've changed.) "That's better! Yes. You look like
you were born to wear that uniform! Now you can start working off the
remaining 18,800 Bells you owe on your house. Hurrah!"

NOTE: If you happen to switch your clothes while you're still doing Tom
Nook's chores, he will be a little upset. Tom Nook: "Ach! Who gave you
permission to change out of your uniform? I swear, what is it with you
kids these days, hm? Always needing a casual workplace! Why, when I was
young, we... ...I suppose I must change with the times, yes? Go on with
your hip hipness! Wear whatever you like! But! You can't wear anything
thatmight make my customers feel uncomfortable, yes? On this point, I
won't budge! That's just the way society works, you understand?
Sometimes you have to obey the rules, yes?" Also, if your pockets are
ever too full to carry the items he wants to give you, Tom Nook will
say:"...What have we here? It looks like my employee of the month has
full pockets! Go empty them somewhere and return posthaste!

Tom Nook: "First off, I want you to plant some trees and flowers around my
shop. The area around here is too dull - not charming at all. It's just not
an ideal sort of shopping experience, hm? People like shopping in areas that
are clean and well kept. So I want you to spruce things up a bit for me,
yes?"(Go outside and plant the flowers he gave you around the shop. It
doesn't really matter where you plant them, but try not to put them where
you would normally walk.)"So, did you make it a look a little nicer out
there? Gave the ground some charming character, hm? Beauty is in the eye
of the beholder, so I won't bother asking how you chose where to plant
everything. After all, I'm not the one who'll get laughed at when
travelers from other villages see your work. My, no! Now let's see here
...That little chore was worth, oh... Let's call it about 80 Bells, yes?
 Quite generous, I know... Oh, and about your wages... I'll keep them
as payment towards your mortgage, hm?"

Note: This job will be skipped if you talk to everyone prior to the
completion of Job.01.
Tom Nook: "Now what shall I have you do next... Wait just a moment...
Something just struck me... NAME, you just moved into VILLAGE...
...but you haven't introduced yourself to all the townfolk, have you?
I'm going to give you a little break, so why don't you go introduce
yourself to everyone in town, hm? Go on, now! And don't forget to
introduce yourself to the mayor, too. That would show some class. You
can probably find him wandering around near the wishing well... I'll
see you later, yes?(Now go introduce yourself to everyone in your new
village.  Don't forget about the mayor.  You'll find some interesting
people here.)"So, did you meet everybody in town? Quite a motley crew,
yes?But variety is the spice of life, you know. If you din't get along
well with the folks here in VILLAGE, you'll never fit in, you
understand? But never fear! I have a good feeling about you, hm?"

Tom Nook: "Now then... What shall I have you do next... Ah, yes... I
need you to deliver some furniture, hm? At last! It's like you're
actually working in the shop! Take this furniture to ANIMAL in Acre
X-X, yes? And don't stop to sniff the roses, go straight there and
come straight back, hm? (Go deliver the package to the animal and
you'll probably get something in return from the animal. Go back to
Tom Nook when you're finished.) "Welcome back worker bee! It looks
like you delivered the furniture, nice work! You did a good job, so I
figure that earns you... Oh, say 230 Bells. Not bad wages, hm?"

Tom Nook: "Now on to your next task! Hm? What's that? You say its too
difficult to try and find things without a map? Honestly! Kids these
days and their constant complaints! Why, when I was just a little
raccoon, I,... Oh nevermind. OK, OK... Here'a a map. Press the X Button
to look at it. It should serve your needs just fine, hm?

After these six jobs are done, your character will do a little pose and
now you will know how to do some basic things and you will be aquainted
with the people of the town.(If you used the memory card included with
AC, jump down to section 15 for a bonus)  Your debt isn't paid yet, so
you'll have to find other means to get the money to pay it off.  To pay
off the rest, go to the post office.  Other animals will give you some
tasks to do to get some money.

Job.1 - Most animals will ask you to deliver something to another
        animal.  Just take the item and go to the animal to give it to
Job.2 - Another job that you will get is to send a letter.  Just go to
        the post office and send it off.

I--09.Seasonal Surprises------------->-----X

Since Animal Crossing is a real-time game, it changes every 4 months to
whatever season you are in.  Each season also has its own surprises.
Here's a list of some of the things unique to each season.


1. If you walk outside when its sunny, your character can tan.  The
longer your character spends outside, the darker your tan.  You won't
tan, however, unless you are carrying your umbrella.



I--10.Follow the Scedule------------->-----X

Every Day, Week, and Month, regular events occur.  These happen
regularly and are important parts of the game.

Day            Time      Event
---            -----     -----
Sat.           08:00PM    K.K.Slider will perform at the train station.
                          After listening to the song, you'll get it
                          and be able to listen to it on your radio.
Random Day     01:00AM+   Search for a ghost in the woods.  He'll ask
                          you to find some other spirits in the woods.
                          These spirits look like little jellyfish.
                          Use your net to catch them and then return to
                          the ghost.  You get three options:Pull Weeds,
                          Paint Roof, and Get Item.
End of Month   ??:????    Tom Nook will have a monthly drawing for some
                          great prizes.  You can give him any tickets
                          you've accumulated throughout the course of
                          the month.  Your tickets are only good for the
                          month you get them in.

I--11.If We Took a Holiday----------->-----X

Every year, Holidays occur once and usually are accompanied by festivals
and fun stuff to do. There are also events that happen once through to
course of the game that affects the game for the remainder of the time
you play the game.

Date        Time      Event
-----       -----     -----
MM/DD       ??:????    Your Birthday      - You'll get a present in
                                          the mail.(If someone has
                                          asked for your birthday)
01/01       09:00AM    New Year's Day     - The first day of the year,
                                          time to start anew.Go to the
                                          wishing well and make a New
                                          Year's wish.  Visit Mayor
                                          Tortimer and he will give you
                                          a rare item.  Tom Nook's store
                                          will sell special mystery bags
                                          for 2,000Bells.  You'll get a
                                          letter from your mom with
                                          10,000 Bells attached.
02/02       ??:????    Groundhog Day      - If the groundhog sees its
                                          shadow, expect more winter.
03/21       ??:????    Sports Fair        - A festival for sports lovers.
04/01       ??:????    April Fool's Day   - A day to play tricks on people.
04/05,06,07 ??:????    Cherry Festival    - A festival dedicated to the
                                          cherry blossoms of your village.
                                          Visit the mayor for another rare
04/22       ??:????    Nature Day         - A day dedicated to nature.
05/01       ??:????    Spring Cleaning    - Time to clean your home and
                                          get rid of junk.
05/12       ??:????    Mother's Day       - Time to show your mom how
                                          much she means to you.
06/Sunday   ??:????    Fishing Contest    - Try to catch the biggest
06/12       ??:????    Graduation Day     - Celebrate the day of
07/02       ??:????    Town Day           - Your town's own holiday.
07/04       ??:????    Fireworks Show     - Sit back and watch the
08/12       08:00PM    Meteor Shower      - Watch the sky for falling
                                          meteors.  Talk to the mayor
                                          for a special item.
08/21       ??:????    Founder's Day      - A day for the founder of the
09/02       ??:????    Labor Day          - A holiday with no work.
09/21       ??:????    Harvest Moon       - Time to gather the harvest
                                          of the year.
09/23       ??:????    Sports Fair        - Another festival for sports
10/14       ??:????    Explorer's Day     - A day celebrating exploring.
10/31       ??:????    Halloween          - "Trick or Treat" is what
                                          everyone will ask you. Everyone
                                          will be wearing masks and ask
                                          candy.  If you don't give them
                                          any candy they will turn your
                                          clothes into rags.  Visit the
                                          mayor for a rare item.
11/Sunday   ??:????    Fishing Contest    - Try to catch the biggest fish.
11/05       ??:????    Mayor's Day        - A day for the mayor of your
11/11       ??:????    Officer's Day      - A day for the dogs in blue in
                                          your town.
11/28       ??:????    Harvest Festival   - A day to celebrate the harvest
                                          of the year.
12/01       ??:????    Snow Day           - A day to celebrate the wintery
12/23       ??:????    Toy Day            - You'll get a present in the mail.
12/31       11:00PM    New Year's Eve     - The last day of the year.
                                          Celebrate with the animals at
                                          the pond.

Unique Events
1.At a certain time while talking to animals, one of them will ask you
when your birthday is. Tell them your birthday, and when the day comes,
you will get a birthday.

2.After getting to know the animals, one of them will ask you to tell
them a word that they will use at the end of sentences.  This word can
be ten characters long.

3.At a random day, Tom Nook will have a sale in his shop.

I--12.Fashion Design 101------------->-----X

The textures can be made at Able Sisters Shop in the main part of town.
It costs 350 bells to make a texture in the Able Sister's Shop and
nothing at all to make the textures on the software downloaded to the
Gameboy Advance.

You get to design a 32x32 pixel square to use as a texture for your
clothing, umbrella, walls, floor, door, signs, and Island flag.  On your
clothes, it is applied to the front, back, sleeves, and once on the male's
hat and twice on the female's hat.  On the umbrella the texture is repeated
6 times.  On the walls it can be repeated or one big image.  On the floor
it can be repeated or one big image.  On the door it is on the front and
back.  On signs it is on the front.  On flags it is on the front and back.
You can have up to 8 textures at a time and you can save up to 96 textures
onto one memory card. There are 16 total palettes to use to make your
clothing, and each palette has 15 available colors.

Palette 1 : Red(#C7383A), Orange(#D5823C), Yellow-Orange(#E0A918),
Yellow(#DBC21F), Yellow-Green(#D3D51C), Lime Green(#ACDF16),
Green(#84D052), Dark Green(#36C072), Teal(#26A7C6), Blue(#397BEC),
Indigo(#6749DF), Purple(#9358C6), Magenta(#BA40AD),
Black(#000000), White(#FFFFFF).

The choices of utencils for drawing include:
Pencil        : Draws one pixel at a time
Bucket        : Fills in chosen color with another color
Square        : Makes outline
Heart         : Stamp shapes into Picture
Return Arrow  : Go Back

Pressing Start exits the editing menu.

I--13.What a Catchy Tune------------->-----X

On the town's melody board, you can change the town's melody.  You hear
this melody whenever you talk to someone in the town.  It's also heard
every hour on the hour when the town's clock tower chimes.  You'll
probably change it the first time when one of the animals tells you that
he doesn't like it and would like you to change it.

You can find the melody board outside of the Post Office.  Approach it
and press A to go into the Melody Board options screen.  You will find
three options here: Download Song from the E-reader, Listen to Current
Song, and Write Your Own Song.

When writing your own song.  The melody can include ten notes. The scale
of notes has both High and Low A, B, C, D, E, F, G, ?(Random Note), and
-(extends preceding note).

Melodies coming soon...

I--14.Tools of the Trade------------->-----X

Another one of the unique and interactive features is the ability to
trade items with people  that could be half way around the world from
where you are.  The game generates a two-lined password that you then
e-mail or tell your friend on the phone and they then input the code
into their game and they get the item.  The password is only one line
if you are sending an item to a villager in your town.  Here's how to
do it:

First, find an item that you'd like to give to your friend.  Mabe your
 friend would like a new fruit, or an NES game that he doesn't have.
Take that item and go visit Tom Nook.  Ask him to "Tell me a Code."
Tom Nook will then say, "Tell me the name the name of the village and
the person you're sending the item to."  You then enter the names in
and Tom Nook will ask you toconfirm.  After giving him the information
he will ask you for the item you'd like to send to your friend.  Select
the item and give it to him.  He then gives you the code.  Write it down
and give it to your friend.

If your friend has given you a code, you have to go to Tom Nook to type
it in.  Go up to Tom Nook and tell him, "I have a Code."  He'll ask you
o Type in the code.  After typing it in Correctly, Tom will hand you
your new item.  Now go have fun with whatever you got!

Remember, the codes are CASE-SENSITIVE.  Type it in EXACTLY as it is
written.  This goes forwhen you are typing in the info for your friend
to when you are typing in the Code that yourfriend gave you.  If your
friend's name is "BOB", don't type in "bob".  The same goes for the
Town's name.

You cannot, however, send everything.  You cannot send Money, Texture,
or Umbrellas.

I--15.Talk to the Animals------------>-----X

   Animal Crossing has over 250 unique characters.  As I about more of
the characters and their American names, I will List them here.  Here's
 my current list.

Name           Animal         Description
-----          ----------     ---------------

Amelia         Eagle          A town's person.

Anicotti       Mouse          A town's person.

Apollo         Eagle          A town's person.

Bill           Duck           A town's person.

Blathers       Owl            He's a very smart owl in your town.  He
                              is afraid of bugs and he hates the smell
                              of fish.

Blanka         Cat            A white cat that appears while you are on
                              the train.  You get to design her face.

Bob            Cat            A town's person.

Boy            Human          This is you, if you chose to be a male.

Booker         Dog            Booker is one of the dogs at the town's
                              police station.

Boots          Aligator       A town's person.

Buzz           Eagle          A town's person.

Cherie         Bear           A town's person.

Copper         Dog            Cooper is one of the dogs at the town's
                              police station.

Dozer          Bear           A town's person.

Filbert        Squirrel       A town's person.

Friga          Bird           A town's person.

Girl           Human          This is you, if you chose to be a female.

Goldie         Dog            A town's person.

Gulliver       Pelican        He can be found washed up on the shore
                              some times.  Keep talking to him until
                              he's back on his feet.  He'll usually
                              reward you with a nice, rare item.

Hugh           Pig            A town's person.

Kapp'N         Frog           The captain of the boat that leads you to
                              your island.

Kitty          Cat            A town's person.

K.K. Slider    Dog            He's the dog with a guitar that plays
                              every Saturday at the train station.
                              He helps you start the game.

Lily           Frog           A pale green frog with pale pink cheeks.

Mabel          Hedgehog       Mabel is one of the sisters in the Able
                              Sisters Shop.  She greets  you as you
                              enter and helps you make your own

Mitzi          Cat            A town's person.

Mr. Resetti    Mole           You better not reset the game, or Mr.
                              Resetti will be waiting for you the next
                              time you start the game.  Its best to
                              apologize and to never reset again.

Peaches        Horse          A town's person.

Pelly          Pelican        She's the helpful attendent at the Post

Pete           Pelican        He's the mail delivery pelican.

Porter         Monkey         Porter is the monkey that greets you when
                              you first arrive in the

Rasher         Pig            A town's person.

Roald          Penguin        A town's person.

Rosie          Cat            A town's person.

Rover          Cat            The cat at the beginning of the game that
                              helps you start your new life in your town.

Tango          Ant-eater      A town's person.

Tangy          Cat            A town's person.

Tom            Cat            A blue cat.

Tom Nook       Raccoon        He's the owner of the local store and the
                              animal you are endebted to for your house.

Tortimer       Turtle         He's the mayor of your town.

Velma          Goat           A town's person.

I--16.Gotta Catch 'Em All!----------->-----X

   Throughout the game you'll have a chance to catch lots of different
animals.  They can be donated to the museum, sold to Tom Nook, or kept
as pets at home.  The museum only takes one of  each animal, so if you
catch another of the same creature, sell it to Tom Nook for a nice

Name           Season         Description
-----          ----------     ---------------
Bee            Year-round     A bee that you can find in a beehive after
                              shaking a tree.  The bees can sting you
                              make your face swell up.
Mosquito       Year-round     A mosquito that roams the forest at night.
Red Dragonfly  Summer         A red dragonfly.

Animal Catching Hints and Secrets:
1.If you want to catch a very rare fish, try fishing off the shore while
it's raining.

I--17.Items, Items, More Items------->-----X

   Animal Crossing has lots of unique items that have many purposes.
Many can be bought, while many are special items that can only be
received on special occasions.  When you get an item from someone, it
will mostly be in the form of a leaf.  To find out what the item is,
you'll have to use it outside to see what it becomes.  Also, most items
that you pick up will become leaves.  Here's a list of what I know so far.

Name                Type                Description
-----               -----               ---------------
Apple               Food                An apple.
Arrow Sign          Home Decor          A red sign with an arrow.
Arwing              Statue              Star Fox's Arwing.
Banzai Tree         Plant               A banzai tree.
Barbershop Pole     Home Decor          Red, White, and Blue Swirl Pole.
Bench               Furniture           A bench.
Bird Cage           Pet Cage            A cage to hold your bird.
Birthday Cake       Food                A cake for your birthday.
Book Case           Furniture           A storage case for books.
Boombox             Music Device        A small boombox for listening
                                        to music.
Bongo Drum          Instrument          A bong drum.
Brontosaurus Body   Dinosaur            A brontosaurus body.
Brontosaurus Head   Dinosaur            A brontosaurus head.
Brontosaurus Rear   Dinosaur            A brontosaurus rear.
Bug Cage            Pet Cage            A cage for your caught bugs.
Bulletin Board      Home Decor          A bulletin board.
Cabinet             Furniture           A cabinet.(various)
Carpet              Home Decor          A carpet.
Caution Guard       Home Decor          A blue guard on a yellow+black
Caution Sign        Home Decor          A sign telling you to stay 50
                                        meters away.
Chair               Furniture           A chair to sit in.
Cherry              Food                A cherry.
Chest               Furniture           A large chest.
Clock               Furniture           A working clock
Clothing Stand      Home Decor          If you drop clothes inside the
                                        house, a clothing stand is
"Coca-Cola" Clock   Home Decor          A clock that has a logo that
                                        resembles the Coca Cola(r)
                                        logo and has "enjoy" written
                                        on the front.
Computer            Home Decor          A Personal Computer.(white)
Cone                Home Decor          A street cone.(yellow+black)
Counter             Furniture           A counter top.
Desk                Furniture           A desk.
Dice Stereo         Music Device        A stereo with a dice design.
Digital Stereo      Music Device        A digital stereo system for
                                        playing music.
Double Bed          Furniture           A bed to sleep in and dream...
Dresser             Furniture           A dresser to hold your clothes.
Drum                Instrument          A large, wooden drum.
Electric Guitar     Instrument          An electric guitar.
Elephant Slide      Home Decor          An elephant slide.
Empty Can           Junk                An empty can.
End Table           Furniture           A small table.
Fan                 Tool                An electric fan.
Fence               Home Decor          A fence.
Fireplace           Home Decor          A fireplace.
Fish Tank           Pet Cage            A tank for the fishyou catch.
Fishing Pole        Tool                Used for Fishing.
Flower Seeds        Plant               Seeds used to grow flowers.
Folding fan         Tool                A folding fan to cool you off.
Fortune Cat         Statue              A cat statue that brings good
Fossil              Dinosaur            A fossil.
Frog Statue         Statue              A statue of a frog.(orange)
GameCube Logo       Statue              A statue of the gamecube logo.
Globe               Home Decor          A globe of the world.
Golf Clubs          Home Decor          A set of golf clubs.
Grand Piano         Instrument          A grand piano.(black, white)
Guitar              Instrument          A guitar.
Hatchet             Tool                A hatchet for chopping trees.
Ink                 Tool                Ink used for writing letters.
Jack-in-the-box     Home Decor          A jack-in-the-box.
Jar                 Home Decor          A big jar.(various)
Lamp                Furniture           A lamp.
Lantern             Furniture           A lantern.
Large Cactus        Plant               A large Cactus
Letter              Letter              A letter from someone.
Love Seat           Furniture           A 2-seater.
Lunar Probe         Statue              A lunar probe.
Lute                Instrument          A lute.
Master Sword        Statue              The legendary sword from the
                                        zelda series.
Metronome           Home Decor          A metronome.
Miniature Pond      Home Decor          A miniature pond.
Mirror              Furniture           A mirror.
Model Car           Town Model          A model Car
Model PoliceStation Town Model          A Model of the polic station.
Model Train Station Town Model          A model of the train station.
Money Bag           Money               A bag of money.
Net                 Tool                Used to catch bugs and ghosts.
Night Stand         Furniture           A night stand.
One-Seater          Furniture           A comfy seat for one person.
Orange              Food                An orange.
Owl Clock           Furniture           An owl Clock.
Palm Tree           Plant               A potted palm tree.
Peach               Food                A peach.
Pear                Food                A pear.
Phonograph          Music Device        A phonograph for listening to
Pool Table          Home Decor          A pool table.
Portable Radio      Music Device        A portable radio for listening
                                        to music.
Privacy Wall        Furniture           A folding wall to give you
Ptera Skull         Dinosaur            A pterodactyl skull and body.
Pterodactyl L-Wing  Dinosaur            A pterodactyl left wing.
Pterodactyl R-Wing  Dinosaur            A pterodactyl right wing.
Recliner            Furniture           A recliner.
Refrigerator        Furniture           A refrigerator.
Retro-Record Player Music Device        A bulky record player for
                                        playing music.
Retro-Tape player   Music Device        A retro-style tape player for
                                        playing music.
Robot Stereo        Music Device        A stereo with a robot design for
                                        listening to music.
Rock                Statue              A rigid rock.
Rocket Ship         Statue              A rocket ship model with a launch
Samurai Statue      Statue              A samurai statue.
Sattelite           Statue              A sattelite.
Sewer Cover         Home Decor          A sewer cover.
Ship-in-a-bottle    Town Model          A ship in a bottle.
Sign                Sign                A sign with one of your textures.
Single Bed          Furniture           A bed to sleep in and dream...
Sink                Furniture           A kitchen sink.
Small Cactus        Plant               A small cactus with a flower on
Small Reord Player  Music Device        A compact record player for
                                        playing music.
Snack Machine       Home Decor          A large snack vending machine.
Soda Machine        Home Decor          A retro-style soda machine.
Space Shuttle       Statue              A space shuttle model.
Space Station       Statue              A space station model.
Spade               Tool                Used for Digging and Burying.
Steel Bars          Home Decor          Bars of Steel.
Steel Barrel        Home Decor          A steel Barrel.(red, green)
Stegasaurus Body    Dinosaur            A stegasaurus body.
Stegasaurus Head    Dinosaur            A stegasaurus head.
Stegasaurus Rear    Dinosaur            A stegasaurus rear.
Stove               Furniture           A stove.
Stuffed Pig         Statue              A stuffed pig.
Sunflower           Plant               A potted sunflower.
Suit of Armor       Statue              A silver suit of armor.
T-Rex Body          Dinosaur            A t-rex body.
T-Rex Head          Dinosaur            A t-rex head.
T-Rex Rear          Dinosaur            A t-rex rear.
Table               Furniture           A large table.
Taiko Drum          Instrument          A large wooden taiko drum
Tea Set             Home Decor          A tea set.
Teddy Bear          Statue              A teddy bear.
Television          Furniture           A television.
Tire                Junk                An old tire.
Tissue Box          Home Decor          A box filled with tissues.
Tom Nook Painting   Painting            A Painting of Tom Nook.
Totem Pole          Statue              A 3-story totem pole.
Trash Can           Furniture           A trash can.
Turnip              Food                A food that has a
                                        fluctuating value.
Umbrella            Tool                An umbrella to keep you
                                        protected from the rain.
Vending Machine     Home Decor          A vending Machine.
Violin              Instrument          A violin.
Water Collector     Home Decor          A bamboo water collector.
Wooden Barrel       Home Decor          A wooden Barrel.

Here are some of the different sets of furniture available:

Basic Shapes & Colors
Checkered Black and Blue
Classy Green
Flower Print
High-tech & Robots
Light Wood with Metal
Modern Off-White
Native American
Puffy Pink
Royal White with Golden trim
Striped, Shiny Yellow
Winter Time

I--18.Classic Gaming----------------->-----X

One of the best features found in Animal Crossing is the ability to
play classic NES games. Animal Crossing includes a wide library of
some of the greatest NES games ever made, emulated to perfection.
Two player mode is possible by adding another Controller, making the
games more fun.  The games can even be downloaded to the Gameboy Advance
for fun on the go.  Here are some of the available games, a short bio,
and some strategies and hints to make the games easier.

01. Donkey Kong -

02. Pinball -

03. Golf -

04. Tennis -

05. Baseball -

06. Punchout -

07. Clu CLu Land -

08. Balloon Fight -

09. Donkey Kong Jr. Math - Donkey Kong holds up a number and you have
to multiply, add, subtract, and divide to get that number. Be the first
to get the number and win! Don't fall into the water!

10. Donkey Kong 3 -

11.Donkey Kong Jr. -

12.Tennis - A simple game of tennis. Hit the ball with A.

I--19.Can You Keep A Secret?--------->-----X

There are a few secrets in the game that can make it  easier to get
money and other stuff.

1.Money Does Grow on Trees


If you find a glowing spot, you'll uncover a bag of money, but dont
just take it.  Re-bury the bag and soon enough, you'll have your own
MONEY TREE!  This tree will yield three money bags of its own, each
worth that of the original bag of money planted.  Once all three
bags are taken, the tree will die.  You can find a new shining spot in
the town in a random location each day.

2.Present from Nintendo

Requirements:Special Memory Card Included with Animal Crossing

Each Nintendo Gamecube Memory Cards has a  special 1-block save file on
it that contains a letter with an eclosed present.  To get the present,
be the first to start a game on the memory card.  Inside the present is
a Grab bag, which holds Tennis, DK Jr. Math, and K.K. Love Song.

3.Bee Careful!!!

Requirements:Bug-Catching Net

Shaking trees will give you some very useful items.  One of the most
harmful is actually one of the best you can find.  If you encounter a
beehive while shaking trees, quickly take out your Net and swipe the
Beehive.  If you're lucky, you'll catch a bee.  You can add the bee to
your collection at the Museum, or sell it for a whopping 4,500Bells.

I--20.Don't Touch That Button!------->-----X

Every time you end your game by resetting or turning off the system
without choosing save and quit, the next tome you start, a certain
mole will be there waiting for you.  His name is Mr.Resetti.  You don't
want to mess with him.  He will rant on for minutes, scolding you for
not powering down correctly and won't stop until he thinks you learned
your lesson.  Here aresome of his rants:

1."Hello. Um…allow me to introduce myself. The name’s Resetti. Mr.
Resetti. Have we…met before? At the…post office, perhaps? Yeah,
whatever. Anyway, let me just say thanks for buying this  game, Animal
 Crossing. Um…on behalf of everyone at Nintendo, I…um…I…What was the
next part? Huh? Aw, forget it! That’s enough! Let’s get down to
business, whaddya say? Because you may not know it, but you and I got
issues to discuss. First, let me tell you what it is I’m doin’ here.
Just so there are no misunderstandings later on. You, my friend, reset
your game, didn’t you? Huh? Maybe by accident, maybe on purpose, but
you pressed it. Or maybe you didn’t, huh? Maybe you just went and
turned the power off without saving. Sound familiar? What? Sorry, what
was that? I didn’t catch that last bit. Did you just say I’m right?
You did what I said you did? Ah-HAH!!! All right, you listen and
listen good, ‘cause I get real angry when I gotta repeat stuff I gotta
say. Resetting…It’s like…pressing an emergency call button. You press it
and I gotta come read you the riot act. See? Also, you gotta SAVE before
 you turn the power off. If you don’t save, it’s the same as resetting.
Well, ok…That last part? I just added that. Why? Because I wanted to.
Forget about other games for a minute, will ya? I’m here to suggest that
you try and play THIS game, Animal Crossing, without hitting RESET. Got
it? I know what you’re thinking: “Whether I hit RESET or not should be
up to me. After all, it’s MY Nintendo Gamecube! ” Well, sorry. Rules
are rules, ok? Know what I’m sayin’? Let’s not make a big deal out of
this. End of discussion. This bein’ our first meeting, I’m gonna let
you off easy. Think of this as a friendly warning from me to you. Oh,
one more thing. This is my job. I take it seriously. So next time you
see me, it’s no more Mr. Nice Mole. Oh yeah, and another thing I guess
I gotta say here…I really watched my…language…here today. I’m not
usually quite so…you know, so polite. If I’m bein’ truthful here, I
gotta tell you…I been told I got what you call an acid tongue. I sorta…
scare people. Hey, that’s…who I am. Nothin’ I can do about it. What,
I’m supposed to say sorry for bein’ me? Look, it’s nothin’ personal.
I ain’t tryin’ to be mean or cruel or nothin’. I ain’t a monster. For
those people you get their feelin’s bruised easily, I gotta apologize
in advance. Just deal with it, ok? The deal is, I get paid to be nasty.
Crazyworld, huh? Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Well, I figure it’s about time for me
to get outta here. So uh… Yeah. Here’s hoping I don’t have to come see
you no more. Now…SCRAM!!!"

2."Listen, you get this whole reset thing started, and you’ll NEVER stop.
I seen it a million times. You think this is a game? Well, ok…it is a
game. But games got rules, and rules got consequences. Somethin’ funny
to you? What am I doin’ over here, stand-up? You see an APPLAUSE sign
up in here? Look, don’t make me come back here again. I’m serious. It
ain’t like I enjoy these little field trips. Next time you see me, I’m
gonna be wearing my angry hat. And lemme tell you, it’s one ugly hat.
Trust me on this one. When I get my motor goin’, you’ll be here a while.
Don’t reset again! Now…SCRAM!!!"

3."YOU!!! So where you goin’? Huh? Lemme ask you something. What did you
just do? Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you! What do I mean? What do I mean?? YOU
TRYING TO BE FUNNY?!?! Resetting! I’m talkin’ about YOU resetting the
game! Listen to me, (name). You think you can fool me? You’re foolin’
yourself. It ain’t gonna happen. See, it’s like this, all right? Whenever
you reset, there’s this light in the Reset Center that start’s flashin’
…IT’S SO BRIGHT IT HURTS MY BRAIN! Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand
that you PEOPLE make mistakes. It’s genetic or somethin’. Who knows? Maybe
 your finger slipped. I don’t know and I don’t care. What I DO want is for
you to do me a favor. Yeah, do me a favor and answer this one question.
Pray tell, is there a RESET Button in your world? There isn’t, is there?
HUH? Of course not. That would be stupid. Not being able to do things
over again? That’s…called life, and you best get used to it. What? What
was that? “It’s just a game”? “Don’t make a big deal out of it?” THAT’S
Waaah!” What is that? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s pathetic. You
oughta be ashamed. Huh? What’s that? Speak up, you reset-happy cheater!
You tellin’ me you never said that at all? Hmph. All right. Maybe I had
some dirt in my ears. Forget about it. Let’s move on. Lemme just give you
some examples of what I’m talkin’ about, ok? And make sure you PAY
ATTENTION! Resetting over and over just to find an item or to erase an
unfortunate incident…? Sound familiar? (name), this is just the kind of
juvenile and disgustin’ style of gameplay that we want you to avoid.
Where’s the satisfaction in cheatin’ through life? Take everythin’ as
it comes. In it’s own time. Enjoy it all. That’s noble. That’s graceful.
And it’s a whole lot easier to do in this game than it is in real life,
lemme tell you! (sigh) I bet you’re askin’ yourself, “How much longer is
this guy gonna go on?” You are, aren’t you? Huh? Ahhh, whatever.
Attention span of a flea, that’s what you got. All this jawin’ tired me
 out anyway. I’m gonna let you go, for now, anyway. BUT you gotta
promise me: no more. I’m serious here. Resetting is completely OFF-LIMITS!
Oh yeah, and one last thing: Take a bath! You got it? Now…SCRAM!!!"

4."Hey, you! Hold up a minute! Who? You? You you YOU!!! Don’t pretend
you don’t know who I’m talkin’ to, (name)! You foolin’ nobody! Get your
tail over here *I pretend to run away and ignore him, since I have
control over my character briefly *. “Where do you think you’re going,
you little twerp?! Now get over here! *I finally walk over *. You’re a
 real piece of work, you know that? You think I was Blathers or the mayor
or somethin’? When I call you, I expect you to move. And I mean MOVE! Um,
what was that? That look you just gave me. What, may I ask, was that? Are
you testin’ me? You don’t wanna do that! I’m warnin’ you! You’ll rue the
day you moved here! And don’t gimme that crybaby ‘what did I do?’ look
either! It ain’t gonna fly!!! Not with THIS mole!!! RESET RESET RESET!
You just had to do it again, didn’t you? After all the kindness I been
showin’ you…You go and stab me in the back. What would your mother say?
HEY! You were gonna go and do it again, weren’t you? Just now! Your finger
was creepin’ over to reset! STOP! Just give it a rest, will ya? That’s not
gonna help you outta this jam. I’ll just keep comin’ back! And stop
wigglin’ around like you gotta go potty! You’re drivin’ me nuts! Just
stand there and listen! I’m wastin’ my breath here, ain’t I? I mean, look
at you. You…You just don’t listen. Is there somethin’ about this you maybe
don’t understand? Or is it just that you don’t care at all? Is that it?
Listen, (name). I COULD stop and leave it to you how to play. But where
would that get us? Nowhere. How ‘bout playin’ a fantasy without any epic
battles, no fightin’ against the odds to save some magical realm? Wouldn’t
it be nice to just lat down you sword, pick a few pretty daisies, and
just be…nice? See my point? That ain’t life. And this ain’t a fantasy.
I’m just askin’ that you enjoy life here, and all of its…hey…LOOK AT
ME WHEN I’M TALKIN’ TO YOU! If you hadn’t reset in the first place…
you wouldn’t be here getting your tail chewed off! Ok, you ain’t got a
tail, but it’s still your own fault! Whew…You know, comin’ out here’s
no picnic for me, either. It really wears a mole out. You think I’m
jokin’? Look at that tunnel, will ya? I have to dig one of those each
and every time you reset! I’m only one mole! So how about you and I stop
wastin’ each other’s time? Whaddya say? NO MORE RESETTING! All right?
We got an understanding? *I got an option to say Yes or No, and I chose
No—of course lol.) Huh? What was that? I don’t think I heard you right
just now. I’m gonna ask you again. So how about you and I stop wastin’
each other’s time? Whaddya say? NO MORE RESETTING! All right? We got
an understanding? (I once again, chose No.) WHAT?!? AARGH!!! YOU
MOCKIN’ ME?? If that’s how you wanna be, then you just earned yourself
the chance to hear me again from the beginnin’! Yeah, you ain’t laughin’
now! You don’t like that idea all that much, do ya, twerp? Well, I don’t
it either! So how about you and I stop wastin’ each other’s time? Whaddya
 say? NO MORE RESETTING! All right? We got an understanding? (I chose No
until I got a different response—these are all random responses, btw.)
Hmmm…What do I gotta do to get it through your thick skull? Don’t you
ever listen to what I’m tellin’ you here? Be honest, you wanna get this
over with and get back to the game, now, don’t you? Am I right? . So how
about you and I stop wastin’ each other’s time? Whaddya say? NO MORE
RESETTING! All right? We got an understanding? (After pressing No
numerous times, I heard no new responses, so I pressed Yes.) Well, all
right, then! As long as we’re square, I’m satisfied. BUT, this is the
last time! So help me, if I gotta do this just one more time, there’s
gonna be BAD TROUBLE. Oh, and before I forget, there’s one last thing:
Your hair! Wash it!!! We clear? Now…SCRAM!!!"

5.WAAHH!! What’s the deal with that thunder?! That really startled me
bad! Seriously! Oh, umm, anyway, I oughta say it’s nice to meet you! I’m
Resetti’s older brother. My name’s Don. Yeah, my brother can be a real
headcase. Thank’s for puttin’ up with his, uh…quirks. Yeah, quirks. So,
Sonny had an urgent errand that he just couldn’t pull himself away from.
The guy’s like a mole dynamo. So I came in his place. Thank’s for openin’
up time in your busy schedule to have a little talk with me. So anyway,
if I might being at the beginnin’…It seems that out Sonny’s been goin’
off the deep end once again. He’s been poppin’ up all over the place.
You know, yellin’ at people, getting right in their faces, and causin’
havoc. On behalf of the family, I apologize. I know I’m his brother,
but I’m sincere when I say that despite his uh…outbursts…he’s uh…he’s
a good kid. He’s a bit enthusiastic, and, uh…kinda over bearin’. You
could even say he’s pig-headed. Mole-headed? Either way, his social
skills are real, real unpolished, and his choice of language is, shall
we say, questionable. But…don’t forget his heart! It’s in the right
place! Trust me, there ain’t an evil bone in his body! So, uh, just let
him have his little say, and shrug it off. Don’t hold it against him. He
don’t get out much. Oh, yeah. Right. Business. I guess I gotta take care
of a little business, right? I don’t wanna get yelled at…Ok, here goes
nothin’. Do re mi…Ahem…Ummm…Resettin’ is no good! Don’t do it, (name)!
The Resetti’s suggest givin’ up your resettin’ ways…for health reasons.
Got it? …Hmmm…guess that should cover it. About time for me to make
tunnels. See ya around. And good luck. Now…SCRAM!

All that screamin’ at you…everythin’ went all black…You see what you’re
 doin’ to me? To my health? Huh? You know, you’re the only one who
pushes it this far. The only one who fails to understand. ONLY YOU!
You listenin’ to me? ‘Cause it looks to me like I gotta go through this
whole song and dance again. When the Reset Alarm sounds, somebody’s
gotta just drop everythin’ and investigate. And that somebody’s ME!
Yeah. I know. It’s my job, and I gotta deal with it. I ain’t lookin’
for sympathy! But for cryin’ out loud…It don’t matter if I’m eatin’,
takin’ a hot mud bath, readin’ Mole Monthly, or catchin’ some Z’s…
When that alarm goes off, I gotta stop what I’m doin’ and start diggin’
like it was National Diggin’ Day! I know you can’t see it from up
there, but I’m only wearin’ one sock! One! Who lives like this? This
job ain’t glamorous, lemme tell ya. …Hey…You laughin’ at me? You CAN’T
be laughin’ at me! I swear, just now your nose…it twitched! Yeah! I
saw it! Your ugly little pug nose! It was twitchin’ like mad! Ok.
That’s how you want it? All right. I see how it is. The chickens are
comin’ home to roose now, ain’t they? If that’s how you wanna play,
then that’s how we’ll play. You know, I can see you forgettin’
yourself and resettin’ once…maybe twice. It could happen, I guess.
But this time? No two ways about it! It was deliberate! A
calculated, cold-blooded act of villainy by a punk! No more forgive-
and-forget Resetti for you, pal. Oh, no. Until you show me some real
regret, I ain’t leavin’! All right…what to do? They don’t exactly cover
hoodlums like you in the reset-prevention manual. Askin, “You got that?”
ain’t workin’. All that gets me is lip service, and we both know what
that’s worth. Hmmm…Got it! Yeah. That’s good. Ok, listen up, troublemaker.
Here’s what we’re gonna do. No more of your worthless, I’m-sorry-Mr.
-Resetti garbage. Now you’re gonna have to say EXACTLY what I tell you
to! You screw it up, you do it again! Let’s see…Yeah, that’ll work. You
ready? Here goes…Say, “Me = bad”! (Now, obviously for testing purposes
I’m going to try otherwise, so I said, “You=stupid”) WRONG! Nope! No
way, twerp! Do it over! Try again! (I did it again, this time, correct)
You’re being sincere right? Do you really mean it, punk? That thing you
just said? Don’t forget it! Well, all right then! As long as you and I
are clear on that, I’m one happy, snappy mole. But, for the love of
dirt, no more! It stops here! Oh, yeah, one last thing. Before you go
to bed? Brush those teeth, will ya? Understood? Now…SCRAM!!!
I--21.What's in a Name?-------------->-----X

One of the best part of the game is the ability to name your character,
town, and island.  You also have the ability to teach the animals a 10
letter word that they'll say at the end of their sentences.  Here are
a few suggestions to what you could name them if you dont want to use
your own name.

Character(M/F)      Town           Island              Word
----------          -----          ----------          -----
Ness/Paula          Onett          Saturn Island       BOING!
Mario/Peach         Mushroom       Yoshi's Island      Yoshiii!!!
Link/Zelda          Kakariko       Koholint Island
Ash/Misty           Palette        Seafoam Island      Pika!
Kirby/???           Popstar        Rainbow Island      Puff!
Ridley/Samus        Brinstar       Metroid Island
Mog/Mugo            Mogville       Madain Island       Kupo!
Boko/Coco           Chobocle       Chocobo Island      Kweeeh!

I--22.Coming Soon to a FAQ Near You-->-----X

More Characters
More Items
More Secrets
Feng Shuei
Gameboy Advance Connections
NES games
E-Reader Cards

I--23.Credit Where it's Due---------->-----X

1.Animal Crossing Ahead has a wonderful FAQ and the people on the message boards supplied a
lot of info.  Their screenshots also showed me what wonderful items are available.
2.IGN Animal Forest+ Diaries had lots of various information that helped get me hooked on AC.
3.Most of the questions asked for configuration and many menus were borrowed from Mark Green's
FAQ, but will be changed to whatever the English version has.
4.GameFaq's AC Forum has also helped with information.

Animal Crossing is (c)2001-2002 Nintendo.  This FAQ is (c)2002 Chris Warriner and for private
use only and may not be reproduced without permission.  Thank you.
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