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    Trading FAQ by Anime Enigma

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 10/11/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Animal Crossing Trading FAQ
    Version 0.9
    By Anime Enigma
    This document Copyright (c) 2002 Anime Enigma
    This is an incomplete FAQ. I will repeat that: this is an INCOMPLETE 
    FAQ. If you would like to contribute to this FAQ, e-mail me at the 
    above e-mail address with the information that you wish to contribute. 
    When you do so, I will give you credit for the information you have 
    given. Thank you in advance for any help you will give.
    Table of Contents:
    I. Version History
    II. How to Trade
    III. Items That Cannot Be Traded
    IV. Contributors
    I. Version History
    Version 0.9: Added a couple more items and actually changed axe to 
    "used axe." I'm quite proud of myself. :)
    Version 0.7: Added a few items and also changed the axe to "used axe." 
    Big thanks to everyone who has contributed so far! Keep the list 
    Version 0.5: FAQ posted. Includes instructions on how to trade, and 
    preliminary list of items that have been found to be unable to be 
    II. How to Trade
    This is a common question on both the regular and trading boards for 
    Animal Crossing, so I thought it best to give step-by-step instructions 
    on how to trade an item. And, no, it has nothing to do with online 
    To Trade An Item to Someone:
    First, make sure that the item that you wish to trade is in your 
    inventory. Then go to Tom Nook's shop (he is the raccoon/tanuki who 
    gave you your house). Talk to give and on the first menu choose "Other 
    Things." On the next list of options choose "Hear Code." You will be 
    prompted to input the name of the town and the name of the individual 
    whom you would like to send the item to. Do so. Next, you will be 
    prompted to choose the item you wish to send. If the item you want to 
    send is darkened, it cannot be traded. More on that in the third 
    section. After choosing the item, you will be asked if that is the item 
    you wish to send and that the name of the person and town are correct. 
    After being reconfirmed, you will be given the passcode. Write down the 
    code so you can give it to the recipient of the item. This is an 
    Say you wish to send an orange to your friend, whose character's name 
    is "Joe" and the town is "USA." With the orange in your inventory, go 
    to Tom Nook's store. Choose "Other Things" then "Hear Code." Next input 
    "USA" as the town's name, press start, and then input "Joe" as the 
    name. On the next menu, choose the orange and confirm. You will be 
    asked if you wish to send an "orange to Joe in USA." Confirm this and 
    get the passcode, such as:
    Write this down and give it to your friend. That's it!
    To Receive An Item From Someone:
    Before all else, you must have a code. Upon receiving a code, go to Tom 
    Nook's shop. Talk to him and choose "Other Things," then "Say Code." 
    When prompted, input the code and press start. Tom will then either 
    give you the item or, if the code is incorrect, ask you if you wish to 
    try again. The incorrect code will still be there, so you don't have to 
    re-input the entire code. This is an example:
    Say your friend has gotten his code from you. He'll go to Tom Nook's 
    store, and talk to Tom. Your friend will choose "Other Things," then 
    "Say Code." He'll then input the code you gave him and press start. 
    But, uh-oh! (Dramatic music) The code is wrong! Oops, you forgot to 
    capitalize the "L" in the second line! After choosing "Try Again," your 
    friend uses the analog pad to go to the "L" and capitalize it. And this 
    time it works! He has gotten his orange!
    That is both parts of the trading process.
    III. Items That Cannot Be Traded
    This part is a very important section to keep in mind. A large number 
    of people continually ask for various items that they could not 
    possibly receive, and yet people will try and accommodate them. Because 
    of this obvious flaw in the system, I am compiling a list of items that 
    cannot be traded using the passcode system. If you have come across 
    another item not on this list that cannot be traded, by all means send 
    its name to the e-mail address at the beginning of this document. And 
    now, the list:
    -Oids (fizzoids, croakoid, etc.)
    Money Bags
    Tokyo Tower
    Lady Liberty/Statue of Liberty
    Leaning Tower of Pisa
    Chinese Lion/Lioness
    Bobblehead Tiger
    Manekin Pis
    Shogi Piece
    Mermaid Statue
    Mouth of Truth
    Work uniform
    Golden Tools
    Used Axes
    Raffle Tickets
    Wario's Woods
    A large number of these items are received from the sailor bird, 
    Gulliver (thanks for reminding me, tototoro!), that is stranded on the 
    beach who claims you "saved his life." There are definitely others so 
    be sure to send in those you've come across!
    Another thing to remember while trading, is that you cannot trade to 
    somebody with the same town name as your own. Thanks to feitclub for 
    telling me.
    IV. Contributors
    Here is a list of people who have informed me of items that cannot be 
    traded in both "The Untradable Topic" and my topic with the insanely 
    long name I wish not to repeat :).
    KrazyVideoGamePunk: For informing me the Bobblehead Tiger cannot be 
    Spman: For telling me Money Bags and Golden Tools
    gtdragonz: Told me Statue of Liberty can't be traded.
    megatooth: Informed me of the fact pitfalls can't be traded.
    Moongurl719: Figured out compass can't be traded.
    Yojimbo1212: Pointed out all known items from sailor bird (^_^;) can't 
    be traded.
    LegacyX: Mentioned that axes can't be traded.
    ness445: Brought up the fact the Leaning Tower of Pisa is unable to be 
    Deflux: Reminded me that customized clothing and umbrellas cannot be 
    feitclub:Informed me of the fact that turnips can't be traded, nor can 
    you trade to people with the same town name.
    Eight Mile Style: Told me that the Pagoda can't be traded.
    tototoro: Forwarded the information that the Shogi Piece can't be 
    Don: Let me know that Manekin Pis cannot be traded
    Lord Dark Sword: Reminded me that the Mouth of Truth and raffle tickets 
    aren't tradable.
    deadma: Pointed out that Wario's Woods and Baseball can't be traded.
    E-mail me with an item and *your* name will be on this list!

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