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  1. I need them to complete the set i'm "Nick" in "Charisma"

    User Info: acgc2001

    acgc2001 - 9 months ago


  1. I can do a modern wall if you still need it. I recently restarted and I haven't found a modern carpet yet either.

    User Info: MoonlightRising

    MoonlightRising - 4 months ago 0 0
  2. Modern wall: XzgyLGgcMqxsxr2szqDmZc%TpQcI
    Modern tile: uXgdt@&@A3%JCrhq@XGFqeqA8m@9

    These are the universal codes for the items and will work with anyone. If you need more codes for items that aren't showing up in Tom Nook's, the dump or the police station, there are multiple websites that host them. I used a generator at RetroCheater to get the codes.

    User Info: anon277

    anon277 - 1 week ago 0 0

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