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Luigi's Mansion at first was going to use a time system where you could get three ranks based on how fast you beat the game. There was a Great rank, a Good rank, and a Bad rank, with the Bad rank and ending being exceptionally creepy as they show a depressed Luigi, something that's never happened in a Nintendo game before, or after this one.

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The theme that the piano-playing ghosts in this game plays is actually remixed from the underwater theme in Super Mario Bros.

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This is the only Mario related game to have Shy Guys masks fall off-as Luigi can use the poltergust to remove the masks!

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At one point this game was originally going to star Mario and was in a ninja house, until Nintendo decided to change it to a haunted house and that Luigi seemed more fit.

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Before you start your training you get to change the control style. Stay on the control configuration screen for a few minuets and you'll hear the Totaka's song in a funky beat.

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