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    FAQ/Move List by Dr. Omicron

    Version: 3.72 | Updated: 01/10/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hello, and welcome to my Super Smash Bros. Melee FAQ that I'll (hope
    to) complete! Well, I finally got the internet on my sister's computer,
    and after some deeds for her, she let me use it as much as I wish. This
    may end up to be one of the largest FAQs for a Nintendo game ever to be
    on the Web, so it'll take time. This is only the most recent version.
    When I'm finished, future versions will include input from people who
    e-mail me. So, what that really means is that this will never get truly
    complete. Only everything you need to finish SSBM. So, why keep you
    waiting? If you're impatient or aren't going to read every letter in
    this FAQ, you wouldn't even be reading this, so why don't we head on
    straight to the real deal?
                                 Dr. Omicron's 2nd FAQ
                               "Super Smash Bros. Melee"
                                      Version 3.7
    #<-my mines for dividing sections, again
    Table of Contents
     0. A Solution to My Problem
     1. Table of Contents
     2. Version History
     3. Introduction
        3a. My Introduction
        3b. The Game's Introduction
        3c. The Story of SSBM
     4. Characters (in alphabetical order)
        4a. General Info
        4b. Weight Classes
        4c. Bowser
        4d. Capt. Falcon
        4e. Donkey Kong
        4f. Dr. Mario
        4g. Falco Lombardi
        4h. Fox McCloud
        4i. Ganondorf
        4j. Ice Climbers
        4k. Jigglypuff
        4l. Kirby
        4m. Link
        4n. Luigi
        4o. Mario
        4p. Marth
        4q. Mewtwo
        4r. Mr. Game&Watch
        4s. Ness
        4t. Peach
        4u. Pichu
        4v. Pikachu
        4w. Roy
        4x. Samus Aran
        4y. Sheik
        4z. Yoshi
        4A. Young Link
        4B. Zelda
     5. Arenas
        5a. Icicle Mountain
        5b. Princess Peach's Castle
        5c. Rainbow Cruise
        5d. Kongo Jungle
        5e. Jungle Japes
        5f. The Great Bay
        5g. (Hyrule) Temple
        5h. Yoshi's Island
        5i. Yoshi's Story
        5j. Fountain of Dreams
        5k. Green Greens
        5l. Corneria
        5m. Venom
        5n. Flat Zone
        5o. Brinstar
        5p. Brinstar Depths
        5q. Onett
        5r. Fourside
        5s. Mute City
        5t. Big Blue
        5u. Pokémon Stadium
        5v. Poké Floats
        5w. (Mushroom) Kingdom
        5x. Mushroom Kingdom II
        5y. Battlefield
        5z. Final Destination
        5A. Dream Land
        5B. (Past) Yoshi's Island
        5C. (Past) Kongo Jungle
     6. Items
        6a. Item Controls
        6b. Items
        6c. Special Items
     7. Classic Mode
     8. Adventure Mode
     9. All-Star Mode
     10. Event Matches
     11. Target Testing
     12. Other 1-Player Modes*
         12a. Multi-Man Melees
     13. VS. Mode**
         13a. Time Mode*
         13b. Stock Mode*
         13c. Coin Mode*
         13d. Bonus Mode*
         13e. Special Melee*
         13f. Additional Info*
         13g. Custom Modes*
     14. Trophies
         14a. The Trophy System
         14b. Special Trophies
         14c. A Complete Trophy List
     15. Options*
     16. Bonus Points*
     17. Secrets
         17a. How to Get Secret Characters
         17b. How to Get Secret Arenas
         17c. How to Get Other Secret Stuff
     18. The Hall fo Shame**
         18a. BracamonteAndy@msn.com
         18b. GoKart456@aol.com
     19. Stuff You Might Not Know But Want To
         19a. Translations for Marth and Roy
         19b. CPU Weaknesses**
         19c. The DK Rap
         19d. The Players' Guide**
         19e. The Beta Version**
         19f. Attacks of the Clones
     20. Legal Stuff/Contacting Me
    *indicates that I'm not done with that section yet.
    **indicates that this section will probably be frequently revised.
                              >>>Version History<<<
    version 1.0
    Jan. 29, 2002
    What a lot of stuff! I did everything up to the All-Star
    Mode as well as the last three sections.
    version 1.5
    Feb. 18, 2002
    I added in dates to the version history! Also, this FAQ
    now has a sites list! Wow! You probably want to see the
    Events section I put up though. And now I have a DK Rap
    recording on the computer, I no longer have to recite it
    from memory! Speaking of which, some more CPU weaknesses
    have floated to the top of my head.
    version 1.6
    Feb. 27, 2002
    Dude, I don't seem to know squat about updating. Since
    this FAQ is so large, I've corrected any errors I've
    made over updating this to ver. 1.5.
    version 1.8
    Mar. 20, 2002
    If anyone's still stuck on SSBM, I now have Target
    Strategies for 21 of the characters for all you late
    buyers and renters. And I corrected some typos along
    the way.
    version 2.0
    Mar. 24, 2002
    Hey hey! 2.0 is finally here! All of the Target Tests
    are up! Whoa! Most of the description for Onett got
    deleted! It's probably best simply to leave out
    everything altogether. It's a pretty simply-structured
    place. More typos corrected, and only one more major
    section to go!
    version 2.3
    May 22, 2002
    60 of the Bonuses are finished! Whoohoo! That's almost
    1/4 of all the bonuses! 189 more to go... Speaking of
    which, on a personal matter, it seems that my Gamecube
    has been fixed and is now waiting at the post office
    wiaitng for me once more.
    version 2.6
    Jun. 20, 2002
    I decided to take a break on the Bonuses section and do
    the whole trophy section all at once. It turned out to
    be much longer than I thought, but it should lighten the
    load on my e-mailbox. I also started the section dealing
    with the official Nintendo Power SSBM Guide, the last
    section of Other Stuff. Say goodbye to the chart comparing
    the characters to the stages, as that's merely dependant
    on your playing style.
    version 2.7
    Jul. 7, 2002
    Not much to say except there's a message for someone with
    an "invalid address" and that I finally redid the Onett
    section, which got mysteriously deleted for some reason.
    version 2.8
    Jul. 16, 2002
    After a whole lot of e-mails, this FAQ is more complete
    than ever! Want some advice in Events 46 and 48? Need some
    reinforcement on the authenticity of Sonic and Tails in
    this game? Want to contribute to the Hall of Shame? Look
    below for all of the answers!
    version 2.9
    Jul. 17, 2002
    Two updates in two days? Wake me up! I have ten more bonuses
    done, so now they're up to 70! Wow!
    version 3.1
    Jul. 29, 2002
    A trophy rumor...check out what it is below the list of
    unlockable trophoes. Also, no update this far into this FAQ
    would ever be complete without more..bonuses! I'm up to 100!
    Hooray! Sorry it took so long for so little, but Project
    Howville really slowed me down on this.
    version 3.2
    Aug. 17, 2002
    Power to the people! Dozens upon dozens of requests, corrections,
    and suggestions have made it worth another update! I'm still
    working on the Bonuses section, though I'm trying to finish the
    Project Howville by August 22nd. Progress may speed up then, but
    for now, be patient.
    version 3.4
    Aug. 24th, 2002
    With Project Howville behind me and Super Mario Sunshine just
    around the corner, there's no better time than to put up 27 (that's
    right, three cubed) more Bonuses onto the list! I now have
    everything up to Quintuple KO registered on what is currently the
    largest SSBM FAQ I know! Only 122 to go...
    version 3.6
    Sep. 5th, 2002
    Those lazy hooligans at the post office should have the Super Mario
    Sunshine Bundle Pak at my doors by now! It's been ten days and not even
    a letter from the mailman saying to pick it up! They're just horrible.
    About the FAQ itself: The Hall of Shame has now been erected, courtesy
    of an ignorant gamer named BracamonteAndy@msn.com! I also have all of
    the bonuses up to 160, making me officially less than a hundred to go!
    version 3.61
    Sep. 6th, 2002
    A very special update for a very special person! That's right,
    GoKart456. If you are reading this, your name is now officially in this
    FAQ! If you can't find it, copy and paste the FAQ and use the Search or
    Find option to look for it. It's in there somewhere... By the way, I
    still have no Sunshine.
    version 3.62
    Sep. 27th, 2002
    Time really flies...I've gotten those 120 Shine Sprites, and Super Mario
    Advance 3 is already out! Then there's Mario Party 4. With three games
    with "Mario" in their titles coming out in three months, Nintendo is
    really trying to dump out everyone's wallets. Anyway, there's a whole
    bunch of contributions, including another Hall of Shamer whom I've lost
    the message for :(, plus the usual additions from fans of this game.
    It's still going strong, and it's already been out for ten months.
    version 3.71
    Nov. 1st, 2002
    More power to the people! Due to an overwhelmingly huge onslaught of
    letters into my e-mailbox, I'll be doing a full update, complete with
    over thirty new bonuses contributed by bowser194.
                                 Me, Myself, and I
    I guess I can compare myself to Leonardo da Vinci...and maybe Vincent
    van Gogh too: I'm not able to finish FAQs once I start them. However,
    like translating Doraemon into English (very indirectly if you know me),
    I feel that it needs to be done. As for information about me, I'm not
    giving away my real identity or any other private crud. I'll just tell
    you that I have no clue as to how a computer works, so I can't fix one,
    and that I'm acclaimed by my peers that I'm an excellent artist.
    Unfortunately, I'm not very good at anything else, but I hope you like
    this FAQ. I guess I'll also say that I've always sucked at history.
                           What is the Smash Bros. Concept?
    The system of Smash is Nintendo's first attempt at fighting games. The
    Big N, as some of you like to call it, has developed a series of games
    for every gaming genre I can think of, as well as create some new ones
    themselves. On April 26, 1999, the Nintendo64 got Super Smash Bros.,
    which turned out to be a big success and made the Players' Choice
    charts. The game itself was pretty low-tech compared to other games
    around that period and HAL Laboratories's mascot is a dog who just bore
    a litter. That sounds like the best game on earth, huh? Anyway, what
    you do in Super Smash Bros. was not to deplete your enemy's/enemies' HP
    to zero, but to knock him/her/it/them clear out of the arena, so far
    they explode. Depending on what mode you play, you can either have
    lives for each person or have a point system based on KOs. As for the
    characters, they were stars of Nintendo games (as well as a couple of
    sidekicks) brought together. Lots of fun, begging for a sequel, sequel
    arrives, and the rest is history.
                              Super Smash Bros. Melee
    In SSM, all 12 of the characetrs were fighters themselves--everyone
    from Samus, a bounty hunter who goes across galaxies and fights major
    monsters, to Mario, an overweight Italian plumber, to Jigglypuff, a
    living plush toy. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, many of the newbies who
    arrive star in games with little to no fighting at all. You've got
    some princesses of two kingdoms. You've got the Ice Climbers, a couple
    of Eskimos who carry ice-breaking hammers. You've even got Dr. Mario,
    who prefers to find a cure for AIDS than anything else but is in here
    anyway. SSBM actually has no story at all, so I'll improvise:
    One day, there was a spoiled brat. He was so spoiled, he had 25 special
    figurines of Nintendo characters, plus 265 more. His Nintendo
    collection was complete, and he was shocked. Nintendo replied to him in
    a phone call that they aren't making any more figurines for a long
    while, so he took the one for Capt. Falcon and threw it at the Ice
    Climbers. To his surprise, the Ice Climbers figurine sailed across his
    room and made a huge thud at the other side. So he thought, Maybe they
    can fight each other! Yeah! Some action-packed battles of Nintendo
    characters will pass the time! And so, SSBM was born.
    So, the brat thought up a rather large set of different moves and
    assigned them to each character. The 4 unique atatcks, which are called
    "special attacks", are designated with the B button. Along the way of
    giving the 25 characters a set of special moves (and one with two), he
    came across a block and decided to give the remaining 7 characters
    without special attacks yet a similar moveset to another character he
    already assigned mvoes to. He called them "clones".
                                  In General
    Before this kid could start any battles, he had to make up a set of
    1. A KO is when you knocks someone else away and they blow up.
    2. A Fall is when you blow up from someone else's attack.
    3. A Self-Destruct is when you blow up without anyone else causing it.
    4. Damage is figured out in %'s, which can go up to 999.
    5. The higher the damage, the farther you get thrown from an attack.
    The moves he gave to each and every character are listed below. They
    may look different from character to character, but the use is the
    A=A button
    B=B button
    Z=Z button
    L=L button
    R=R button
    X=X button
    Y=Y button
    (C)+direction=C-stick in that direction
    >, ^, <, \/=move control stick gently
    >>, ^^, <<, \/\/=move control stick hard
    >>A=move the control stick right really hard and press the A button at
        the same time.
    >>,A=move the control stick right really hard, then press the A button.
    D=Up on D-pad (that's all you'll be using)
    On the Ground:
    ^, X, Y=Jump (I personally recommend the X or Y button.)
    (D)å^å: Taunt
    (D)>, (D)<, (D)\/: Nothing
    A: Standard Weak Attack
    You can press A over and over to keep the
    barrage going, and as long as the enemy is still in the range, he or
    she will continue taking damage.
    >A: Standard Strong Attack
    This should do a higher amount of damage and send the enemy flying
    somewhat. It's the attack used when you're in a group of opponents,
    either to do some damage or get them out of your way because of its
    >>A, <<A, (C)>, (C)<: Standard Smash Attack
    This is the attack you'll use to KO someone. It either does a ton of
    damage, make the opponent fly really far, or both. However, there's a
    charge time, which means you shouldn't use it all the time. If you can
    take your time, however, you can hold down A to charge some more, then
    unleash the force!
    >,A, <,A: Moving Weak Attack
    It stops your walk, but it's stronger than the Standard Weak Attack and
    weaker than the Standard Strong Attack.
    >>,A, <<,A: Moving Strong Attack
    Again, it stops your movement. It's stronger than the Standard Strong
    Attack but weaker than the Standard Smash Attack.
    \/A: Standard Ground Attack
    This attacks enemies on the ground. It's moderate strength. Enough
    \/,A: Trip
    You trip someone over next to you on the ground. They fall over, you
    come to pummel them.
    \/\/A, (C)\/: Downward Smash Attack
    Basically, this attack sends anyone around you to the ground so quickly
    they bounce right up. It's generally the vertical Smash Attack that
    focuses in power and not strength. You still need time to pull it off,
    ^^A, (C)^: Upward Smash Attack
    It throws your enemies wayyy up, but the damage doesn't quite rack up
    as much.
    L, R: Shield
    Each character has a shield that looks sort of like a colored contact
    lens. It gets smaller both over time and as people attack you, and you
    become paralyzed when it gets so small youer shield breaks, so don't
    overuse it! At least it neutralizes all attacks done to you when you
    have it on, but you can't move while you bring it out. ~ You can also
    reflect projectiles or items thrown at you by shielding at the last
    nanosecond, near impossible to do.~ Yet, the computer players have no
    >L, <L, >R, <R: Roll
    Roll around to evade attacks. Get behind someone either if you know
    what your opponent is going to do or if you have very fast reaction
    times. I prefer jumping out, though.
    Z<, Z>: Sidestep
    Do like Neo and dodge incoming attacks by moving your character's
    middle out of the way!
    Z, LA, RA: Grab
    Grab an opponent. While grabbing, press A to attack them or choose a
    direction on the control stick to throw them. ~The Links and Samus use
    grappling hooks instead of actual grabbing, making it long-distance, as
    well as a device for hanging onto a ledge. However, it takes much longer
    to grab someone. Also, along with the A button, the Z button can be used
    with L to catch items thrown at you.~
    In the Air:
    < and >: ~Slam back and forth to stop your tumbling.~
    ^, X, Y: Double-Jump (B-Up for a triple jump unless otherwise indicated)
    A, >A, <A: Aerial Attacks
    Attack someone in the air. Its strength depends on what you do.
    >>A, <<A: Gamble Atack or Drill (depending on character)
    Some characters, like Zelda, have an attack that'll either send someone
    flying or simply do 1% damage, depenging on whether your timing was off
    or not. Others, like Pikachu, have an attack that damages opponents
    again and again and keep them in front. Again, it's hard to time but
    really devastates the victims.
    \/A, \/\/A, (C)\/: Downward Attack åAKA Spikeå AKA Meteor Smash
                       (for many characters; not all)
    If you want to be cruel, you can use this attack over the edge to send
    that poor sap hurdling down to the bottom of the screen! However,
    you'll need some time to recover enough so you can start moving again.
    ^A, ^^A, (C)^: Upward Attack
    Someone who has a high damage % can be struck by this attack while
    falling down and be sent sky high! It's not as strong as a Smash Attack
    but is still useful.
    L, R: Air Evade
    Basically a Sidestep in midair. You can stop anyone trying to do a
    Downward Attack on you and send whoever that is hurtling instead. ~Also,
    when you get hit hard, you can press L or R right before you reach the
    ground to make a nice three-point landing. Well, the closest thing you
    can get to a three-point landing as your character.~ It's better than
    falling flat on your face, except when you're up against computer
    players. That's a different story. ‰Lightly hold on a button to make a
    thin shield that lasts longer, but you can't roll or sidestep.‰
    Z: Air Smash
    It's the way to send someone flying while airborne! The game will count
    this as a failed grab, so don't do it in Bonus mode. ~It's equivalent to
    a regular A-button Smash, but if you're nearby an item, you can pick it
    up, as seen in the Special Movie. Pressing Z while holding an item will
    simply make you drop it, from the ground or air, particularly useful
    with explosive items.
    Other moves:
    A, while lying down: Out of the Way
    If you fell flat, you can get anyone trying to pick on you out of the
    way by pressing A to do a medium-strength attack.
    A, while grabbing onto a ledge: Kick
    Press A when someone gets close to resume fighting and knock someone
    away in the process.
    A, while grabbing someone: Grab Attack
    Do damage to them while gripping them.
    <, >, ^, \/ while grabbing someone: Throw
    Up and Forward go distance, and Backward and especially Down focus on
    damage. Choose the situation right for you.
                               Weight Classes
    The characters are put into 5 weight classes: Super-Lightweights,
    Lightweights, Middleweights, Heavyweights, and Super-Heavyweights. The
    lighter characters are more agile and are smaller targets, and heavier
    characters pack more punch per attack and can carry stuff more easily.
    Heavier characters also usually don't get thrown as far, but not
    necessarily. These are the characters in their respective weight
    Note: The weight classes may be uneven, since their divisions are based
    on groups of five rather than actual weight. Also, since all weight
    testing was done by rspitzer@sprynet.com, don't ask me questions. These
    are simply a bunch of estimates based on speed, jumping ability, and
    knock-outability. For example, although Ness seems to be lighter than
    Mr. G&W, Ness doesn't fly nearly as far when hit compared to Mr. G&W.
    I may need to do some weight-testing myself to find out.
    Young Link
    Mr. Game&Watch
    Ice Climbers
    Dr. Mario
    Capt. Falcon
    š Marth and Roy positions corrected by TheOlympicHero. š
                              King Bowser J. M. Koopa
                            Master of the Koopa Troopas
    Premiere: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
    Bowser is the slowest character in the game, but he hits exceptionally
    hard. Surprisingly, his biggest threats are the super-lightweights,
    since they not can jump much higher than him and are much quicker, but
    some characters are so short Bowser will have a hard time attacking
    them! He's all-in-all a horrible jumper, but like any character, he can
    be mastered. Bowser's got a thing or 37 to settle with Mario, and SSBM
    is the chance he gets to beat the daylights out of that plumber.
    B: Fire Breath
    Bowser's famous for his fire-breathing abilities, and this atatck shows
    that. While it counts as a projectile and has fairly short range, it
    traps people in there and damage %'s goes up and up. Don't overdo it;
    its range decreases from inferno to a toaster in the mouth.
    >B, <B: Koopa Klaw
    Bowser grabs someone to his mouth, and he starts gnawing. I'll bet it's
    excruciatingly painful, but if you're merciful enough to stop mashing
    the B button, maybe they'll thank you. Nah...
    ^B: Whirling Fortress
    On the ground, it throws anyone who comes in contact with Bowser
    around. Use it in the air, though, and you can cover great horizontal
    \/B: Bowser Bomb
    It's a butt-stomp for Bowser. Major damage, major grouind attack. It's
    best if you use it in the air.
                                 Captain Falcon
                         Collector of Space Race Trophies
    Premiere: F-Zero (SNES)
    Capt. Falcon is very unbalanced. He's really fast while running around,
    but he's slow in just about everything else. There aren't too many
    people who pick the Captain as their favorite, since you have little
    control over him. He's almost as bad a jumper as Bowser, and he falls
    down quickly. It's up to you, but again, he's masterable. He never
    showed up in F-Zero or F-Zero X in person, but you can pilot his F-Zero
    car, the Blue Falcon, which just happens to be the name of the
    superhero in Dyno-Mutt (a pretty old Hanna-Barbera cartoon).
    B: Falcon Punch
    Anyone can see this attack from a mile away. It does some nice damage,
    but the idiot has to yell out "Fal, cone, PUNCH!" whenever he does it.
    Maybe turn down the volume all the way...? You can use this attack to
    pick on someone who is about to fall back down next to you, at least.
    >B, <B: Raptor Boost
    It's a quicker, less powerful version of Falcon Punch. Thankfully, he
    doesn't yell it out.
    ^B: Falcon Dive
    He grabs someone, and in one mighty explosion he's immune to, he blasts
    that sucker. This and Ganondorf's Dark Dive are the only two attacks
    that can do anything against Kirby's Stone atack, making the Showdown
    event very difficult.
    \/B: Falcon Kick
    What a loudmouth...Does he HAVE to yell this out too? It's basically a
    cross between Falcon Punch and Raptor Boost.
                                     Donkey Kong
                           The First Member of the DK Crew
    Premiere: Donkey Kong (Arcade)
    Nintendo again got special permission from Rare UK to use Donkey Kong.
    Unusual, since Nintendo originally had the rights. DK has similar
    attributes to Bowser in jumping, except he's pretty fast. DK has no
    projectiles, so he just relies on pure muscle to get rid of his foes.
    The DK crew, which consists of friend and family of DK, is a group of
    apes called Kongs who travel in British adventures, once against Mario,
    now against King K. Rool.
    B: Giant Punch
    While you're out of the way, hold down the B button to charge it. When
    you see him stop, get up close and personal to unleash that steam! You
    will get the Coward anti-bonus, but who cares? It's worth a KO.
    >B, <B: Headbutt
    Grind someone into the ground with this. They'll pop out, but until
    then, they're immobile.
    ^B: Spinning Kong
    DK's arms turn into a propeller as he whirls across the skies like a
    beautiful butterfly.
    \/B: Hand Slap
    DK is invincible against all things except projectiles, since anyone
    who touches DK like this is sure to get sent flying straight upwards.
                                    Dr. Mario
                                 The Cure for All
    Premiere: Dr. Mario (SNES)
    Dr. Mario got his degree at the Mushroom Kingdom University. The
    marching band sucked, so Mario decided to get a degree in medicine.
    Together, with his trusty nurse Peach by his side, he dropped his
    Megavitamins into bottles of virii and eliminated two epidemics that
    ran across the whole kingdom: one by an outbreak, one by Wario. As for
    how he does in SSBM, he's basically a slower Mario with stronger
    B: Megavitamins
    They bounce higher than Mario's fireballs and make Dr. Mario noises.
    These things do twice the damage than Mario's regular fireballs.
    >B, <B: Super Sheet
    Dr. Mario's Super Sheet deflects projectiles and leaves people spinning
    from his doctor coat. It's a bit narrower, but it's somewhat faster.
    (H) You can also use this as a recovery move. (H) 
    ^B: Super Jump Punch
    It throws people really far. He's recommended for those teams against
    you in the 1-player mode.
    \/B: Dr. Tornado
    While Mario's Tornado traps people in his arms and Luigi's Cyclone 
    throws them out in one big swoop, the Dr. Tornado traps people in and
    sends them flying...in random directions.
                                  Falco Lombardi
                            The Bluebird of Happiness
    Premiere: Star Fox (SNES)
    Falco is another one of the right-hand men serving to fight in SSBM.
    For a talking animal, he's really quite a sour lemon, more than Fox
    himself. He's a bit slower than Fox on the ground, but he can use his
    mighty wings to jump up really well. I guess Falco is best suited for
    people whose strategy is lots of jumping, as well as frequent players
    in the Icicle Mountain arena. The problem is that he falls really fast
    (which is unusual for a bird, since they have hollow bones to reduce
    their weight) and although has benefits, it obviously brings Falco a
    disadvantage. I wonder if Peppy and Slippy will be characters in a
    future Smash Bros. game...
    B: Blaster
    Falco's Blaster is a lot slower than Fox's, though each blast has
    enough momentum to actually stop your target from further advancement.
    It's a great projectile and has nearly infinite range.
    >B, <B: Falco Phantasm
    It's exactly like Fox's. Just don't do it when you're facing the edge,
    or you'll fall right off.
    ^B: Fire Bird
    Like Fox's, there's a charge to this attack, but it deals major damage.
    Again, you can control its direction during the charge by holding the
    control stick in a certain direction. å Sadly, a difference is that the
    Fire Bird doesn't take you as far of a distance as the Fire Fox. å
    \/B: Reflector
    It's a special shield that intensifies the power of any projectile
    heading Falco's way and boucnes it right back. In addition, you can now
    turn it on while next to someone else to do some damage.
                                   Fox McCloud
                      The Classic Shrouded-in-Mystery Mammal
    Premiere: Star Fox (SNES)
    As Fox travels through that Lylat System stuff, he's going on a wild
    goose chase. No one has any clue of the real identity of the mad
    scientist Andross, and that's why. The Starfox crew is led by this guy,
    whose rights were recently given to Rareware (again) to make Dinosaur
    Planet, a game that's been in progress for who knows how long. Fox is
    nearly as swift as Captain Falcon while running, and his attacks are
    pretty fast, though he doesn't quite put the hurt on folks.
    B: Blaster
    Fox pulls out his laser gun and starts blasting away at rapid fire.
    His targets don't really care, since they do between 1-3% damage and it
    doesn't stop anyone's movements.
    >B, <B: Fox Illusion
    Fox stops for a moment and dashes forward at lightning speed, leaving
    the others eating his dust and with about 9% more on their meters. aThis
    move doesn't hit toward the end of the dash a
    ^B: Fire Fox
    It's a jetpack kind of headbutt that takes some charging time. You can
    control its direction during the charge by holding the control stick in
    a certain direction.
    \/B: Reflector
    Turn anyone's projectiles targeted at you right back at them! aAlso does
    decent damage to adjacent enemies. a
                               King of the Gerudos
    Premiere: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
              The Legend of Zelda (NES) as Ganon
    Before Ganon claimed the Triforce of Power (that's one of the three
    little triangles that make up the Triforce), he was the only male
    Gerudo of his century, named Ganondorf. Although the Gerudos are self-
    centered and reclusive, they never had any intentions as to ruling
    Hyrule until Ganondorf decided to start his plans to plunge the country
    further into the Dark Ages, more than what it already is. In SSBM, he
    stole Capt. Falcon's moves, added power, and lowered speed and jumping
    ability. Basically, he's a heavyweight-kind of guy. Except he's one of
    the heaviest.
    B: Warlock Punch
    Ganondorf pretty much gets a hemorrhoid and vents out his rage into a
    super-powerful punch with a range smaller than it looks.
    >B, <B: Gerudo Dragon
    Faster, but less powerful. Also, like Capt. Falcon he doesn't yell it
    out, which is good.
    ^B: Dark Dive
    For any Kirby player who loves to use the Stone attack. It's a grab,
    then an explosion, then recoil. Don't accidently throw yourself off the
    ledge, because Ganondorf's a terrible jumper. No, make that "horrible".
    \/B: Wizard's Foot
    Ganondorf's only somewhat fast attack. Doesn't excel in damage but can
    get you out of the fray. aThis can also give you unlimited jumping ability.
    It allows you to re-do the second jump until you use Dark Dive. a
                                    Ice Climbers
                                    Eskimo Hikers
    Premiere: Ice Climber (NES)
    How many games of Ice Climber (NES, 1985) was bought? Very little, both
    from the unappealing look of the game to the poor release strategy,
    only weeks after Super Mario Bros. came out. Who knows? Maybe if Ice
    Climber came out before SMB, Popo and Nana would be the dual mascots of
    Nintendo. Anyway, the game Ice Climber was about...the Ice Climbers.
    They were in search of miscellaneous vegetables and fruits commonly
    mistaken for vegetables dropped by a condor (was it?) on the top of the
    Infinite Glacier. They were getting nowhere fast, but so what?
    When it comes to fighting, the Ice Climbers know how to hit and hit
    hard with their hammers. It's not their only weapon, but almost. If you
    choose to play as the Ice Climbers, keep in mind you're only playing as
    one Ice Climber, while the other one hangs out behind you and does
    whatever you do (sort of like Tails in Sonic 2). Should the other Ice
    Climber get KO'ed, all of your moves will be severely cut down in power
    and some won't even be useable, so play with caution! Ice Climbers are
    like Ness: everyone says they suck until they play as the Ice Climbers
    for a while. Personally I think they're quite lethal.
    NOTE: If you don't know who you're playing as, it's the Ice Climber in
    the darker color coat. Sometimes it's Popo, sometimes it's Nana, but it
    doesn't matter. BTW, Popo's parka is blue or green and Nana's is in the
    red end of the spectrum.
    aNOTE 2: You can also play as one Ice Climber. If you use Taunt and hold
    the up direction, the second Ice Climber will continue taunting a few times
    while you have complete control over the first. a
    B: Ice Shot
    Not very useful. It's a slow projectile with small power and minimal
    throw distance. Two mini-glaciers come out of the ice hammers of Popo
    and Nana are there, and one if the second one is gone. They travel
    along the ground for a pretty long distance, so you can do this over
    and over while the others are fighting far away.
    >B, <B: Squall Hammer
    The Ice Climber(s) spin(s) around and whack(s) opponents using those
    hammers. It's twice as powerful while having both Ice Climbers, since
    they face opposite directions as they spin across the ground. This can
    also be a pseudo-third jump for a lone Ice Climber.
    ^B: Belay
    If both Ice Climbers see themselves falling, and they're close to each
    other, then the Belay maneuver sends a gummy grappling cable between
    them and get pulled up. This is almost completely useless, since the
    other Ice Climber may not be anywhere close (or may be KO'ed). In that
    case, you just swing your hammer and go up maybe an inch as your triple
    jump. Might as well try; it can make all the difference. a If you have 
    both Ice Climbers, this teleports the farthest one toward the one you are
    controlling. a
    \/B: Blizzard
    Whatever Ice Climbers are left of your mighty duo breathe out ice,
    sometimes freezing people in their tracks. It's pretty cool, but it
    doesn't throw people. You just use it to build up damage. Use it over
    and over to skyrocket %'s.
                     The Singing Wonder of a Balloon Pokémon
    Premiere: Pokémon Red/Blue (Game Boy)
    While Pikachu is at #1, Jigglypuff stays at #2. Well, ever since the
    Gold and Silver cast of Pokémon came pouring in, opinions quickly
    shifted, and favorites became Marrill and Lugia. No character will be
    spared from Super Smash Bros., and Jigglypuff is still here... Her
    power has just about quadrupled, and she's got a new Rollout attack.
    She gets tossed around like hell again, but her midair control has
    dramatically changed for the better. Normally, a Jigglypuff would be
    given moves like Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, and sometimes Hyper Beam, but
    this Jigglypuff has settled to a moveset truer to itself.
    B: Rollout
    Simply pushing B won't get you anywhere. However, if you hold down B,
    you can go on a KOing rampage through the arena. Either that or deal
    some incredible damage, ridiculous for something with eyes as big,
    round, and adorable as that. Just move away from the action and roll at
    'em. aAnd, as shown in the Classic Game End movie, you can bounce off the
    walls with this. a
    >B, <B: Pound
    This used to be Jigglypuff's regular B attack, dealing 4% and merely
    tripping people. It turned into a B-smash attack, dealing 16% or maybe
    even more and launching those fools sky high. Its range is still as
    short as ever, unfortunately. If you get smacked far as Jigglypuff, you
    can alternate between jumping and pounding to make a nearly horizontal
    path back to the playing field. aThis is a decent setup for rest, too. a
    ^B: Sing
    Jigglypuff doesn't use ^B to perform a triple jump. No way. What you do
    is jump over and over, and maybe Pound between each jump if you need to
    cover additional horizontal ground. Instead, Jigglypuff's Sing is
    assigned as ^B. Also, it only works on opponents on the ground. So its
    use is recommended in Team Battles, preferably with Friendly Fire on.
    Speaking of which, the amount of time they sleep is dependent on the
    amount of damage they took. ‹More damage=longer sleep time.‹ 
    \/B: Rest
    It doesn't cure status problems or heal all your health, unlike what
    Rest is supposed to do, but this attack, made almost useless by the
    downgrade in Sing's sleep. You're supposed to stand next to someone
    and bring them 26% closer to a KO as soon as you fall asleep. I guess
    you can use it when you're surrounded, but you fall asleep yourself for
    a while. aIf you do at least 32%, it's a instant KO (Assuming of course
    that there's nothing in the way) a
                               Pop Star Psycho
    Premiere: Kirby's Dreamland (Game Boy)
    As of this game, Kirby is officially defined as a "he". He's been in
    games rather prolifically, starring in 6 or 7 games in a single year.
    Actually, he started as a virtual paperweight--they put Kirby in there
    while designing Kirby's Adventure as a place holder for the main
    character, yet to be designed. Then a change of mind... Anyway, Kirby's
    highlight is in his seemingly black-hole lungs and his almost dopple-
    ganger-like qualities. Actually, he can shapeshift, but he doesn't
    assume the form of someone else. The 8-inch-tall competitor is quite a
    fighting force in both Smash games; he's fast, has a quintuple jump,
    and Kirby can steal abilities from other characters. he needs that
    quintuple jump, maybe even the ^B final jump, since he's one of the
    lightest characters in the game, and also THE lightest of the nonsecret
    characters. IMO, Tiff reminds me a lot of Mandy from Grim & Evil, but
    I know the two characters are vastly different.
    (Many fans of SSB hoped for King Dedede, archenemy of Kirby. King
    Dedede is a penguin who can do most, if not all of Kirby's moves.)
    B: Swallow/Absorb/Use Stolen Power
    Hold B to get Kirby to start inhaling. He can't move so hope someone
    comes close. After putting someone in your mouth, press A to spit them
    out, or crouch or press B to Absorb the character's power and get an
    outfit similar to the character copied. *(Look at Mr. Game&Watch Kirby.
    Pause and look around him, maybe even when doing the Chef attack.)
    If you got someone's move, press B to use that like you would when
    playing as that character. Taunt to get rid of it; transfer another
    Kirby's power to you by swallowing that Kirby in.
    >B, <B: Hammer
    It's horizontal while on the ground and vertical while in the air.
    Either way, it's a powerful attack.
    ^B: Final Cutter
    Kirby draws out a sword, leaps up into the air, and comes down again,
    leaving a shockwave that also does damage. You still have control over
    Kirby's direction by holding the control stick left or right.aIf you land 
    on a shell after going up, you'll bounce back up with the sword. a
    \/B: Stone
    Kirby turns into one of four different types of rocks. There's no
    difference; but unless you just want to stay invincible for a while,
    jump up into the air and fall down on those suckers to get some major
    damage done. If you're quick enough, they won't be able to do anything
    to you.
                                Rebel Keebler
    Premiere: The Legend of Zelda (NES)
    Link is an elf in green who is the sole challenger to Ganondorf/Ganon.
    Using an ordinary sword with a few upgrades and an arsenal of weapons
    he keeps between his back and his shield time and time again he got rid
    of the demon pesteribng tyhe magical land of Hyrule. Shigeru Miyamoto,
    creator of link, Mario, and a billion other Nintendo characters, is
    deciding to go for the Samurai Jack look on his next Zelda game. SSBM
    is probably the last game to feature Link realistically like this. Link
    is pretty fast and has better jumping now, and all of his fans' moves
    are back.
    B: Bow
    Link pulls out a @Silver@ Arrow and tries to hit someone with it. It
    doesn't encase people in ice, but the longer you hold B, the farther
    and higher it goes. I always have a tendency to shoot the arrows clear
    over everyone's heads when I use this attack. Young Link seems to be a
    bit better at it.
    >B, <B: Boomerang
    It does what every boomerang does--injure people and comes back for
    more. You can control the boomerang while it's flying, and it can go
    right behind you. Don't worry... link will neveer lose it, no matter
    what. aIt's great for the Multi-Man Melee's, as well. a
    ^B: Spin Attack
    It's not the same Spin Attack that Sonic has, but Link whirls his sword
    around like a beautiful butterfly. aWhich launches people upward, unlike
    his younger incarnation's. a
    \/B: Bomb
    Press \/B to pull out a Bomb and treat it like it was an item. Don't
    take too long; it'll explode! ¶However, you can use it as a fourth jump
    (though it's small) by having it blow up in link's face if he happens to
    be holding a bomb after a triple jump.¶
                                 Luigi P. Mario
                             The Eternal Understudy
    Premiere: Mario Bros. (Arcade)
    Luigi has always been in Mario's shadow. He's been the hero in three
    games that don't quite go into Nintendo's Hall of Fame: Mario is
    Missing, which nobody likes, Mario vs. Wario, which never came out
    here, and Luigi's Mansion, which reviewers liked but the masses didn't.
    Luigi is, of course, similar to Mario. He's a bit slower in everything,
    but he's one of the best jumpers in the game. (He even falls slow,
    which is a definite yes.) He has enough differences to get some people
    to not consider him a "clone" character, but at heart, he still is.
    B: Fireball
    Unlike Mario's Fireball and Dr. Mario's Megavitamins, Luigi's Fireballs
    are unaffected by gravity, so it just goes straight ahead until
    something gets in its way, when it vanishes. It's clearly better on
    arenas with straight horizontal floors, like the Fountain of Dreams,
    but it's not recommended for the more bumpy places, like Hyrule Castle.
    åThese things also tend to dissapate rather quickly. å
    >B, <B: Green Missile
    Hold down B to charge this tremendous headbutt. It's just like Pikachu
    and his Skull Bash, but there's a 1 in 8 chance that luigi will start
    off his attack with a bang. aThis can be used as a escaping move, such
    as when Giga Bowser is about to smash you. a
    ^B: Super Coin Jump
    It's slower than the regular Coin Jump and doesn't trap people, but if
    done right, it will leave your victim on fire and flying. Also, don't
    forget the solid 25% damage.
    \/B: Luigi Cyclone
    Again, it doesn't trap people, but it sends them flying in one heavy-
    damage swoop.
                                Mario P. Mario
                                 The SuperStar
    Premiere: Donkey Kong (Arcade)
    The Italian plumber who single-handedly brought home video gaming from
    an obscure Atari thing into a popular concept is back, and he hogs the
    spotlight again in SSBM. He's had almost no change from SSB to SSBM,
    and the staff consider this Koopa-beatin', warp-pipe-travelin', Subcon-
    savin', golfin', partyin', tennis-playin', Wario-combatin', commonly-
    referenced-to dude the standard of weight. Not me. I'd say he's on the
    heavy side. The Jumpman reputation has been completely demolished from
    his so-so jumping, but he was designed to be picked up from by
    B: Fireball
    This thing bounces across the ground just like in SMB. You distinguish
    Mario's and Luigi's Fireballs by their color, so you don't accidentally
    see one of his Fireballs as one of your own, or vice versa. It bounces,
    but the bounces are very small, so it's almost a ground-based attack.
    >B, <B: Cape
    The cape in SMB3 is back, and you can daze and confuse your enemies
    with it (Œ doing 10% damage Œ) or dodge projectiles. Quick reaction
    times needed. (H) You can also use this as a recovery move. (H) å I was
    told that it reflects any attack, meaning a swift Mario expert can be
    near-invincible. å
    ^B: Super Jump Punch
    With a classic SMB bound and the noise, Mario drags opponents skyward,
    doing 1% for each time a coin appears. And it accumulates, so better
    watch out. This attack overrides almost everything, but it's hard to
    \/B: Mario Tornado
    Mario spins around with his arms like a beautiful butterfly, trapping
    anyone who comes by, followed by a fling.
                                    Prince Marth
    Premiere: Fire Emblem (Super Famicom)
    US Premiere: Fire Emblem Advance (GBA)
    I have no clue who Marth is. All I know is that he was the prince of
    some kingdom in Fire Emblem, a Japan-only RPG made by Intelligent
    Systems, and his precious little kingdom is destroyed. Anyway, he's
    moved on. His sword is strongest at the tip, for some reason,
    completely defying the force-distance formula we all know in physics.
    He's also surprisingly fast and a good jumper. His attacks, however,
    don't pack as much a punch as Roy's does. {It seems that Marth's
    Japanese name is Marusu. I have yet to know if that means anything,
    ‹though due to lots of mail telling me and taking that last line too
    seriously, yes, that is the closest Japanese pronunciation you can get
    to the word "Marth".‹ ßIn addition, when Marth does an attack with a
    Smash Attack with a Whacking item, he hits with the sword before he hits
    with the item, so if you get lucky, you can get a ton of damage done.ß
    B: Shield Breaker
    Remember those guys with swords in animé who just hold their swords
    stayling still for a long time, then they charge their swords with
    incredible strength? Yeah, that. Hold down B...
    >B, <B: Dancing Blade
    Press B over and over and Marth'll do some swordplay, swinging his
    butterknife around like mad. He'll do up to 4 swipes, so hope for the
    best. (H) You can also use this as a recovery move, but it's most
    efficient when you only use the first swipe. (H) 
    ^B: Dolphin Slash
    Marth quickly leaps up with his sword ahead of him. There's little
    practical use for this other than to damage the others somewhat, since
    it does a poor job of dragging people up. ‹Another little tidbit of
    ineffectivity: The range is tiny.‹
    \/B: Counter
    If you know someone's about to attack you, press \/B to block whatever
    that attack is (if someone's coming to hit you) and return a swipe of
    that sword. Pretty useful, but it doesn't block grabs. aIt's useful for
    Master Hand, though. a
                                    Psychic Kitty
    Premiere: Pokémon Red/Blue (Game Boy)
    Mewtwo was created by Giovanni, head of Team Rocket. He's not really a
    cat, but a team of scientists headed into a jungle in search of Mew,
    who is believed to be the strongest Pokémon alive. Giovanni ordered
    improvements upon news of a successful source of Mew DNA, and after
    failed attempts of Bulbasaurtwo, Charmandertwo, Squirtletwo, as well as
    Ambertwo, the head scientist's dead daughter's cloned subconscious,
    Mewtwo escaped the clutches of Team Rocket twice: once alone and once
    with the help of Ash and his crew. Mewtwo may be only slightlier than
    Ganondorf in SSBM, but his speed is more of a middle-weight--and Mewtwo
    flies like a light-weight. Except when using the Parasol item, Mewtwo
    never uses his hands or feet to battle. Almost everything is done using
    his unimaginable psychic powers.
    B: Shadow Ball
    If you happen to be far away from the rest of the gang, face away from
    them and start holding down B. This'll charge up the Shadow Ball. Why
    the other way? Mewtwo charges this attack from the back, just like in
    DBZ. Anyone who comes close to Mewtwo's back will suffer the effects of
    a charging dark purple ball. Once released, the squiggly path of Shadow
    Ball may work with or against you. aIt does less charging damage after it's
    fully charged up. a
    >B, <B: Confusion
    Confusion is normally the Psychic-type tackle in the Pokémon games, but
    this is his main damage-dealer. Anyone in front of Mewtwo gets tossed
    around and eventually gets set back onto the ground at about 9% more
    damage. This can happen twice a second. You can probably tell from the
    way this works that it's an excellent trapper move, so use it when
    there's only one opponent. (H) You can also use this as a recovery
    move. (H)  
    ^B: Teleport
    This does nothing other than relocate Mewtwo two body lengths(some-
    times three) up. No damage. Use it sparingly, maybe a way to get up to
    another platform when you're stuck in a pummel.
    \/B: Disable
    This temporarily paralyzes someone close to you and facing you. Disable
    is probably a key element in most expert Mewtwo players. aDo it twice in
    rapid succession for a nice smash attack a
                                  Mr. Game & Watch
                          The Stick Figure with an Attitude
    Premiere: Game & Watch Series 1 (1980)
    ^Gumpei Yokoi, who died in 1997 from a car accident, created the Game
    and Watches, along with everything Nintendo made that ends in "Boy"
    (yes, the Game Boy too), R.O.B. the Robot, the D-Pad, and a bunch of
    other peripherals. If you have any sense of chronology, you'd know that
    he wasn't involved with the Game Boy Advance, since he was dead by then,
    but that doesn't end in "boy", now does it? He, in fact, turned Nintendo
    into a gaming company. He resigned from Nintendo and made the Wonderswan
    Color, an independant portable game system that refuses to lose to his
    own original creation, the Game Boy.^ Without him, Nintendo would still
    be a Hanafuda card company. As a special tribute to him, I assume, Mr.
    Game & Watch was created as the last secret character. There were
    dozens of Game & Watches available, including the ever-popular
    Donkey Kong. Mr. Game&Watch, as it's spelled in SSBM, is a flat filled-
    in stick figure with a nose, balls for hands, and ovals for feet and a
    torso. His non-B attacks look pretty unusual, but at heart, they follow
    the rules of the regular attacks in terms of results. For example, the
    continuous A-button attack is a bug spray barrage, but it works just
    like a bunch of kicks and punches. Since he's flat (actually his outline
    is 3-D), he doesn't have any real volume, so he gets tossed around as
    easily as Jigglypuff and Kirby. He's pretty darn fast, is a good jumper,
    and his throw is hilarious also.
    B: Chef
    Mr. Game & Watch holds out a frying pan and anyone who gets hit with
    the sausages he flips gets damaged. The sausages travel almost straight
    up and should land a few feet in front of him, but you can, like all
    other attacks of this sort, alter its path by holding the control stick
    in a certain direction.
    >B, <B: Judgment
    The classic mallet comes out, and Mr. Game & Watch hits the other guy
    with it. The special part: A 1-digit number appears over his head. I
    haven't taken a good look at all of them yet, but these are the ones I
    can remember:
    1=Exceptionally Weak Koopa Shell
    2=Regular Hammer
    4=^Strong Hammer^
    5=Electric Attack
    6=Fire Attack
    7=Health-Restoration Attack
    8=Ice Attack
    9=Forward Smash Attack (it's NOT an instant KO...I've seen it not work,
       but I'll admit that it's right up there with the PK Flash and Rest.)
    ^B: Fire
    Considered by many to be the best Game & Watch game, Fire's goal is to
    get as many falling people down a burning building as possible. In this
    game, however, the trampoline serves the opposite effect: it launches
    Mr. Game & Watch up a significant distance, and Mr. G&W becomes a
    projectile. The firemen look pretty neat.
    \/B: Oil Panic
    Many people have no clue of what it does, but I know. Ha. Mr. G&W takes
    projectiles thrown at him, puts it into the can, and after three
    projectiles is when the attack is unleashed. ¤Press \/B again after the
    bucket is filled to unleash the oil on your enemies.¤ Depending on what
    projectiles you got, in there, it can do as little as 3%, or as much as
    154% and instant KO! It's one of the most advanced attacks in the whole
    game though, since you need to train yourself really hard to use Oil
    Panic at any projectile. aDon't use this to block Sheik's Needle Storm,
    though, because then you get a pathetic charge. a
                                 Boy PSI Wonder
    Premiere: Earthbound (SNES)
    Ness is a boy from the tiny town of Onett who reacted to the meteorite
    in his backyard, realizing an alien invasion is coming. With the help
    of some other kids, like Paula, Jeff, and Poo, the Mr. Saturn aliens,
    and a wild cast of miscellaneous characters, Ness stopped the bad
    extraterrestrials from world conquest. In SSBM, Ness is small, but he's
    dense, as in physics. He falls slowly, but he has a somewhat easier
    time carrying large objects, is slower, and can withstand upwards of
    250% before being blasted away. Ness's attacks usually involve either
    the PK (psychokinetic) powers he learned from Paula or regular kid
    weapons used for injuring someone, like a baseball bat and a yo-yo. IMO,
    the way Earthbound is set up means it's begging to be made into a
    cartoon. Since Ness is my favorite character, I'll be supporting for it.
    aNintendo keeps planning for a Earthbound 2, but they never finish it.a
    B: PK Flash
    What is this? It's an incredibly slow charge attack that barely covers
    any distance. Hold down B until someone gets into the green flashing
    thing that came out of Ness's head. Then, release B to do what may be
    Ness's strongest attack! Try holding L, R, or Z while pushing in Ness's
    direction to increase its distance. This thing can do up to 42% damage
    though, and it's an instant KO after 50%. Powerful stuff!
    >B, <B: PK Fire
    It used to be just plain B. But ah, who cares? PK Fire starts out as a
    tiny line coming from Ness's eyes. If that little line hits anyone, he
    or she gets encased in a column of fire and can't get out until it dies
    down. A second PK Fire can't start inside the first one, so you can't
    use this to pile on damage. However, you can use that bat to swing away
    at the hostage you put in the flames.
    ^B: PK Thunder
    After releasing it, you got 2 seconds to steer it with the Control
    Stick to where you want it to go. You usually would use it like a
    homing missile, maybe to strike people or to eliminate Bob-ombs and
    Motion Sensor Detectors before you blow up from them. However, if Ness
    is struck from it, it becomes the PK Headbutt, used as not only a
    triple jump, but as an attack that's more than a Smash Attack.
    \/B: PSI Magnet
    If you feel that a projectile is coming your way and you're high in
    damage, the PSI Magnet can be activated to turn harmful missiles into
    a recovery technique. Ness's damage % gets subtracted an amount equal
    to the projectile's damage if it were to hit Ness. Very handy against
    the Master Hand's bullets. aAlso a incredibly cheap way to play team
    matches with Friendly Fire.a
                               Princess Peach Toadstool
    Premiere: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
    Here we meet one of the damsels always in distress. Poor Peach. She's
    always getting captured by Bowser, once simply as a kidnappee, now
    with Bowser around trying to convince her to do some stuff with him.
    She's got many talents, much like Mario and his pals. Just play any of
    the Mario Party games to see what I'm talking about. Here's her chance
    to lay the smackdown on Bowser, since with SSBM comes superpowers, as
    shown by her B attacks. (H) Oh, man! Everyone who's played as Peach
    should know this. How could I forget? Press the X or Y button and hold
    it down to open an umbrella that will float you back to safety. Thanks,
    Hyman! (H)
    B: Toad
    Toad is a very strange shield. I guess it works a lot like Marth's
    Counter, except å with spores instead of a sword. å By the way, what
    Peach does is pull out Toad from behind her back. The little guy is 
    kay, though. Don't worry.
    >B, <B: Peach Bomber
    What the heck is this? Peach bumps into someone and they explode. You
    can also probably relate this to Capt. Falcon's Falcon Dive, except
    it's horizontal rather than vertical.
    ^B: Parasol
    Peach has no need for the Parasol item (or does she?) because her ^B
    triple jump involves launching up with a Parasol in her hand and
    floating straight down. Anyone who touches the umbrella takes damage,
    and it's obviously the most when the Parasol is sharpest.
    \/B: Vegetable
    Press \/B to take a turnip out of the ground, like in SMB2 (Doki Doki
    Panic). Then, use the Vegetable as an item. Æ Also, other items, such as
    Bob-omb and Mr. Saturn, can be pulled out of the ground using this
                         Should a Baby Pokémon Go Through This?
    Premiere: Pokémon Gold/Silver (GBC)
    Pichu is a baby Pokémon. That means it can't breed, has lower-than-
    usual stats, and evolves into what should be a Basic Pokémon. In short,
    a Baby Pokémon is little more than a novelty to be cute and fill your
    Pokédex. What I think is the reason why Pichu made it into the cast of
    SSBM is from the mini-movie for Pokémon the Movie 3, called "Pikachu
    and Pichu". It guest stars two Pichu brothers, who always get into
    trouble with the other local Pokémon but are members of a small
    community itself, living in a huge pile of car tires with gears and
    cogs and doodads inside from an old clock tower. Phew. Anyway, Pichu is
    probably the #1 Pokémon of the new series in Japan, which may explain
    why Calimon, a Digimon with a major role in Season 3, has Pichu-like
    proportions. In SSBM, Pichu is an incredibly light character, mentioned
    in its trophies as the lightest character in the whole game. Weighing
    in at 2 pounds, this probably justifies it. This also means the
    lightest of the super-lightweights has an incredible speed and can jump
    like no white man can (no offense, I had to put that in there). What
    the main reason why Pichu is considered by many to be the worst
    character though, is the fact that any electrical attack it does, plus
    Quick Attack, does damage to itself, so your aim had better be sharp or
    you'll damage yourself a lot for no reason. On the other hand, many of
    Pichu's attacks hit as hard as a heavy-weights but are rather fast...
    B: Thunder Jolt
    For each Thunder Jolt Pichu does, it damages itself by 1%. Maybe it's
    to upset the fact that anyone hit by this attack takes 8%... The
    Thunder Jolt isn't a real Pokémon attack, but it works like a faster
    version of Mario's Fireballs. Otherwise, it behaves exactly like
    >B, <B: Skull Bash
    Be thankful that Pichu takes no self-damage from Skull Bash. (It's the
    only B-attack Pichu has that doesn't.) Hold B to charge up from a
    distance, then unleash the Skull Bash with deadly power. You can also
    do this from the air. aPichu takes forever to charge this move. a
    ^B: Quick Attack
    Pichu takes 1% from the first Quick Attack and 3% on the second one.
    It's even slower than Pikachu's, so use it only when you think you'll
    fall into oblivion without it. Pichu dashes up, and hold another
    direction on the control stick to do another one in another direction.
    You can't do two in the same direction, though.
    \/B: Thunder
    Pichu calls lightning from the sky down onto Pichu itself. Anyone
    caught in the electricity will be sent flying, and you can keep this up
    to bring them higher and higher until they get KO'ed. Pichu may take 3%
    for each of this attack, but only if the thunder actually hits it. If
    Pichu has a platform overhead or if it's on a moving platform, the
    attack won't hit Pichu. Unlike Pikachu's Thunder, which launches people
    diagonally, Pichu's is almost straight up--directly in the line of the
    next Thunder, should you call another one. aDon't use this on Icicle 
                                  1' 8" and 12 lbs.
    Premiere: Pokémon Red/Blue (Game Boy)
    Well, does anyone need to know why Pikachu made it into both of the
    Smash Bros. games? Of course not...I'll get right down to Pikachu's
    how-it-does in SSBM. Pokémon, it seems, is the fastest change in
    popularity for any Nintendo concept to date. Before 1996, when Nintendo
    makes a game, it either stays popular forever, like Mario, or it stays
    in the corners of Nintendo's libraries, like Custom Robo 2. Pokémon,
    during its first four years it came out, overshadowed even Mario in
    Nintendo's sales and brought the Game Boy back to life. Now anyone who
    plays it is considered a loser. If you want to know, I still play it,
    and I'll bet the very people who say this takes out their GB, GBP, GBC,
    or maybe GBA in their closets and keep playing their Gold versions or
    whatever. Pikachu is an exceptionally fast character. Probably only
    Capt. Falcon, Fox, and Pichu can outrun Pikachu. Pikachu also jumps
    well, but I guess it complements how Pikachu can get sent flying at
    less than 70%.
    B: Thunder Jolt
    Press B to send out a little bolt of electricity that bounces across
    the ground and electrocute anyone who gets in its way. This thing can
    follow the curvature of an arena and can even go down walls and on a
    ceiling below. If done in the air, it first turns into a little ball
    that travels 45° downward, then it retains the normal properties of a
    thunder Jolt once it hits the ground.
    >B, <B: Skull Bash
    Hold down B to charge up, then release it (or let it automatically
    release when it's fully charged up) to produce a major headbutt! a
    Can be used for a recovery move. a
    ^B: Quick Attack
    This attack does damage this time around, but it's still mainly used to
    get somewhere above really fast. Pikachu almost teleports straight up,
    and holding the control stick in another direction allows for another
    \/B: Thunder
    Pikachu calls Thunder down from the sky to itself. It stops at the
    first platform it runs into before hitting Pikachu though. Pikachu
    won't take any damage, but anyone who runs into the wall of shock will.
    Premiere: Fire Emblem 2 (Super Famicom)
    Another character from Fire Emblem...I don't have any clue as to Roy's
    role in Fire Emblem, but he's definitely heavier than Marth in SSBM. He
    functions like a halfway-point between the middle and heavy-weights: He
    hits hard, but not ridiculously hard, and he's respectably fast. His
    jumping is awful though. Aim for people with his sword's middle--that's
    its strong point. {Roy's Japanese name is spelled out as "Roi", and
    though completely mispronounced, "roi" is also French for "king".} ßIn
    addition, when Roy does an attack with a Smash Attack with a Whacking
    item, he hits with the sword before he hits with the item, so if you get
    lucky, you can get a ton of damage done.ß
    B: Fire Blade
    For some reason, the computer players know exactly the last millisecond
    to strike before Roy fully charges this up. (Hold down B, as usual.) If
    anyone gets hit by the attack fully charged, they'll get KO'ed if
    nothing's in their way, or at least a whopping 50% damage å and 10% to
    Roy. å
    >B, <B: Double Edge Dance
    (I'd expected the Koopa Kid Roy when I knew he was a secret character.)
    The Double Edge Dance is just like a slower version of Marth's, but
    each hit is 1% stronger.
    ^B: Blazer
    It's not as fast nor does it go as high, but Roy's Blazer intensifies
    damage by setting the poor fellow in flames.
    \/B: Counter
    Exactly like Marth's, except he strikes differently. Check out Marth's
    B-attack list for more info.
                                       Samus Aran
                                  Galactic Bounty Hunter
    Premiere: Metroid (NES)
    Samus was just a regular girl, until she got some Chozo blood in her to
    improve her strength, as well as one of their fighting suits so she can
    do stuff like fire lasers and stuff. Then, she decided, I guess, to
    pursue the Metroids all around the galaxy. Well, I never played any
    Metroid game before, so why should I be telling you this? I guess it's
    from all that heavy armor she wears, but she behaves like a very heavy
    character, except with decent jumping. She's also fairly fast and
    doesn't get knocked out very quickly. Although she hits hard, like the
    Capt., she takes far too long to charge before doing any significant
    B: Charge Shot
    Like every other freaking B-button charges, hold B. Once the ball on
    Samus's blaster disappears, that means you can fully charge it up. You
    can also tell because her blaster will also sparkle. Press B again to
    launch a giant-size NRG ball that'll incinerate anyone in its way!
    aThis launches pretty well, too. a
    >B, <B: Missile
    You can walk/run, then press B to fire a heat-seeking missile. Well,
    actually, a smart bomb, since some of the characters don't look like
    they emit heat. Or, do as you do for a smash attack to launch a regular
    missile that does more damage.
    ^B: Screw Attack
    This does little more than rack up damage, but is that necessarily a
    bad thing? This attack spins Samus up into the air, and anyone who
    touches Samus at this point gets beaten up while following her path.
    This attack may just be your best defense against opponents who love to
    use aerial attacks. aIf you pick up a screw attack, try jumping twice
    and then using this. a
    \/B: Bomb
    Samus curls up into a ball (how does she fit into there?) and drops
    behind a mine that detonates in one second after release. It doesn't
    affect Samus, so just sit there if someone is foolhardy enough to come
    charging right at you.
                      I Before E Except After Zelda in Disguise
    Premiere: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
    When Ganondorf stormed the mystical land called Hyrule, for seven years
    Princess Zelda disguised herself as Sheik, named after the Sheikah
    people, nearly extinct. She had to find shelter wherever she could,
    because Ganondorf took over Hyrule Castle, making the Market a horror
    movie. She didn't return back to her original form until Ganondorf was
    defeated by Link and peace restored...for the moment. Sheik is the
    alternate form of Zelda in SSBM. Almost anyone can say that Sheik is
    superior to Zelda. She's faster, can jump higher, doesn't get knocked
    as far, and is generally more powerful.
    NOTE: Hold A before and during loading to start out as Sheik.
    B: Needle Storm
    Zelda's transformation wields her an attack that half the Digimon out
    there already have... Hold B to charge up Needle Storm, and Sheik will
    shoot out a number of Needles (comboing the victim) depending on how
    long you charge.
    TheHenchman778 also says: When Sheik's Needle Storm is charging, you can
    press Z and carry them with you, sorta like Samus' charge shot. Press B
    again to release the needle. And Sheik DOES flash, so it's rather
    obvious to other human players.
    >B, <B: Chain
    This attack's wayyy fast...Basically an electric whip. You can control
    the direction with... sigh... the Control Stick. aThis can also go through
    walls on the Great Fox at Venom. a
    ^B: Vanish
    With a classic magician's explosion, Sheik disappears in a cloud of
    damaging smoke and reappears somewhere else close by. You can also
    control the direction of this attack.
    \/B: Transform
    Transform back into Zelda. See Zelda's move list for more info.
                   What Every Japanese Calls Their Pet Dinosaur
    Premiere: Super Mario World (SNES)
    Yoshi appeared in Super Mario World as Mario's pet. Yoshi served little
    purpose otherwise--you hop onto Yoshi's back and start kicking Koopa
    behind. Over the years since, fans clamored for more Yoshi until it got
    to the point where Mario seldom rides Yoshi's back (through his red
    saddle's still there...do you think it's some kind of membrane?).
    Yoshi's Story is all Yoshi, no Mario at all. In SSBM, like in the Mario
    Kart games, Yoshi is a lightweight and, despite his prehistoric origin
    (and prehistory has quite a reputation for size) he gets flung around
    pretty far. He's fast, and his double jump makes up for his triple jump
    for being so incredibly large. Yoshi was only a so-so fighter in SSB,
    but like Jigglypuff, they greatly improved his power.
    B: Egg Lay
    Yoshi does the classic tongue thing and turns the fellow into an egg.
    The trapping thing with the egg falling into oblivion has been erased,
    since the egg automatically breaks after falling a certain distance.
    Thus, the main point behind SSB players choosing Yoshi is gone, and
    classic fighting as Yoshi resumes...
    >B, <B: Egg Roll
    Yoshi goes on yet another power trip as he himself gets encased in
    calcium and rolls around bum,ping into people for major damage with
    infinite momentum. You can control whether Yoshi rolls left or right as
    he goes with you-know-what.
    ^B: Egg Throw
    Nope. No triple jump for Yoshi. Instead, Yoshi throws explosive eggs,
    like in Yoshi's Story. (That's my 2nd reference so far to this game!)
    You can aim the eggs. I'm not telling what you use to aim it with. I've
    already mentioned it enough.
    \/B: Yoshi Bomb
    There's the Yoshi Bomb, the Bowser Bomb, etc. This move has gone
    through a billion different names--Butt-Stomp, Pound the Ground, & Hip
    Drop, to name a few. He leaps up into the air and slams the ground with
    his rear end. Mario's signature move in Mario 64, it's now spread to
    every major Mario character except Toad. What's new?
                                   Young Link
                                 The Little Kid
    Premiere: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
    How little is he? We'll never know. All we know is that it's Shigeru's
    choice Link and that Young Link exceeds Link in speed and jumping. I
    have little to say about Young Link, since his story is basically
    Link's, except...earlier. That's all.
    B: Fire Bow
    Hold B to charge up to increase distance but also height for the
    arrows. It lights anyone hit by it ablaze.
    >B, <B: Boomerang
    Ducking and jumping, as well as moving in general, affects the path of
    this Boomerang. If it misses Young link during the return trip, it
    continues slicing and dicing for a few seconds behind him.
    ^B: Spin Attack
    Again, no Sonic, but it traps people in like the Mario Tornado. aLaunches
    people sideways instead of up. a
    \/B: Bomb
    Looks like the main difference between Young Link and Link is in Young
    Link's comboing. Except for the Boomerang, all of his B-button attacks
    combo, een this one. If someone's frozen, give them a gift that keeps
    on giving.
                                   Princess Zelda
                                   Rebel Keebler 2
    Premiere: The Legend of Zelda (NES)
    Like Princess Peach, Zelda was assigned to be the damsel in distress...
    Poor Link. Not only does he have to work his way through a gazillion
    dungeons through the years to rescue and discover her seven times, but
    Zelda's the one who always gets her name on the title. (Majora's Mask
    never even had her) What did Nintendo do? They made her a playable
    character! She isn't quite worth it: She's slow, a terrible jumper, and
    she gets thrown about as easily as Kirby. That's why you want to play
    as Sheik more (if you'll play as Zelda at all).
    B: Nayru's Love
    A diamond-like 3-D polyhedron appears around Zelda, and any projectiles
    and characters around her get bounced off. It deflects missiles, combos
    people, and later turns into a sword-like spin. The only thing superior
    to those qualities is none of her annoying voice when using this.
    >B, <B: Din's Fire
    Where Ness's PK Flash is mostly vertical, Zelda's Din's Fire is mostly
    horizontal. Once the move is executed, hold down B until it gets to
    someone, then release B to blast them! I always have a thing about
    never timing it right, but maybe it's me...
    ^B: Farore's Wind
    This does what Mewtwo's Teleport and SSB Pikachu's Quick Attack does:
    transport you somewhere else instantaneously but do no damage. •I heard
    that if you Teleport right after someone falls on top of you, it
    actually does damage.•
    Articuno1@earthlink.com states: In your Super Smash Brothers Melee FAQ,
    you said that Zelda's Farore Wind attack might deal damage, you weren't
    sure. Well, it does. It takes as long as Falcon Punch to charge up, and
    does an amazing, super, way-above-average grand total of 3%, but yeah,
    it deals damage.
    \/B: Transform
    Transform into Sheik. See Sheik's move list for more info.
    There are 29 total arenas in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Eleven are
    hidden. Below is simply advice if you are on a certain stage preceded
    by a description of the place. If you want to know how to get them, go
    to the Secrets section. The arenas will be listed from left to right,
    top to bottom, according to the Stage Select screen, introduced by a
    Terms to Know
    Blast Line: The point where someone gets KOed. It's usually offscreen,
    and the character either explodes or gets sent far into the horizon,
    depending which blast line is crossed.
    Scrolling Course: An arena that scrolls by itself. If you don't keep up
    with its pace, you get KOed, due to an also-scrolling blast line.
    Course Hazard: Common term for anything in a video game level or area
    that come by and cause some kind of damage to one or more players.
    Course Map
    Key: ...= droppable platform
         ___= solid platform
     letters= interactive arena pieces
       <...>= moving platform
    or <___>
         ///= falling platforms
                               Infinite Glacier
                                  Icicle Mountain
    (for example)              xx......
                               xx      ......
                            ........            ........
    x=breakable ice blocks
    Size: Scrolling
    Difficulty: Hard
    This glacier really is infinite. No matter how long I set the game to,
    the thing keeps going up and up... What it is is a random arrangement
    of plank bridges, pieces of cliff from the mountains on either side,
    and slippery ice cubes. It's mostly the plank bridges, and they're
    platforms that you can go through and drop down from. At an exact
    time, the arena is always really small, and it never goes to the left
    or right because it's that small.
    ADVICE: The arena scrolls in three different speeds, not including
    stopped. When it's at its fastest speed, concentrate only on surviving,
    evading anyone who comes by. (The computer players have a tough time
    when this happens and always get KOed). Don't stray too far from the
    middle either, unless it's unsafe. Also, it's best to KO someone to
    either side, since horizontal Smash attacks are almost always the
    strongest and it's a very short distance to the blast line. And, like
    in every other scrolling course, keep up with the movement.
                                   Mushroom Kingdom
                                Princess Peach's Castle
                                       /    \
                                      |      |
                                      |      |
                                     /        \
                                    |          |
                                    |          |
                       ____________/            \____________
                      /                                      \
    Size: Medium-Large
    Difficulty: Easy
    Unless you're too ignorant to play Super Mario 64, you've probably
    already got a fairly good view of what this place looks like. If not,
    go play it and find out. It's exactly the same, except for incoming
    Bansai Bills (they're humongous) and little buttons that make platforms
    and Item Boxes (they obviously hold items) show up.
    ADVICE: If you have any computer players, then watch for them to simply
    retreat to another side of the arena and stand there. That means a
    Bansai Bill (AKA Bullet Bill, only lots bigger) is heading for your
    half of the arena. Try as hard as you can to get to the other side, and
    if you want to go on the offensive, throw someone into the resulting
    explosion. It traps people in like a Legendary Pokémon, and damage can
    easily accumulate to over 200%. Just don't be a victim to it yourself.
    When Item Boxes show up from the push of a button, try to be the first
    to get that item. Far more often than not, it's a very useful one. One
    last note is the pillar in the middle--the middle of the course is
    usually the place farthest from the blast line, but this pillar keeps
    you close, so playing on this arena should become fairly short if you
    aren't on your toes.
                                    Mushroom Kingdom
                                     Rainbow Cruise
             .......    /////     ......__________/--\________....
                                        ____              ____
             .......   < ....   >       ____              ____....
       ............. xxxx
        ...             xxxx                                .....
          ...  ..... <                 ..                       <
       ...           <                ....                      <
       ............. <           ___        ____                <
             \...... <              \_______|                   <
    x=magic carpets (they go on a 180° arc)
    <= path of flying ship
    Size: Scrolling
    Difficulty: Medium
    Straight from Mario 64, the game's course #15 comes back as one big
    arena. It should be called Rainbow Ride, since that's its real name,
    but what's done is done. You start out on the Cruiser Crossing the
    Rainbow, and then you go onto several platforms, some magic carpets, a
    swinging platform, and finally more platforms.
    ADVICE: Since it's a scrolling course, lighter characters get the
    advantage because their speed lets them get an easier time keeping up
    with the scrolling. Unlike Icicle Mountain, this isn't basic scrolling.
    The place scrolls in a SQUARE. Starting on the bottom-right and going
    around clockwise, you have to remember where the scrolling changes
    direction. It changes direction roughly after the ship drops, when the
    magic carpets appear, when the platform with the arrow comes into the
    middle of the screen, and when you end up back on the ship. Otherwise,
    it's smooth sailing, no pun intended. Just concentrate on surviving
    during the last leg of the journey, when the scrolling is fastest.
                                     DK Island
                                   Kongo Jungle
                                 ....      ....
                                  ....    ....
                           ....                   ____
    Size: Medium
    Difficulty: Easy
    Welcome to DK's territory. Mostly known for DK Island's jungles, much
    of the island is made of an incredibly wide array of environments and
    climates. The Kongo Jungle is the most famous jungles, where DK himself
    resides. This arena, the second one in Kongo Jungle, is made of one big
    platform near the bottom, with two smaller platforms above each end.
    It's hard to spot, but there are two additional platforms, one to the
    bottom-left corner, one on the bottom-right. There are no course
    hazards; unless you count an occasional Klap Trap that comes by to
    occupy the Barrel Cannon on the bottom of the screen.
    ADVICE: Here's another one where you want to stay in the middle. Go to
    a higher platform if you want to score a KO and you don't have very
    much damage. The lowest platforms and the Barrel Cannon are to only to
    be used as a comeback should you get thrown. It's far too likely that
    you'll accidentally fall off and get a Self-Destruct, which is bad.
    Also, keep in mind that the Barrel Cannon turns as it moves, so if it
    happens to be facing up when it catches you, don't count on it blasting
    you up. The weight of the people on the bottom platform, since it's
    made of logs, will affect the two upper platforms and get them swaying
    around, again making the big bottom platform the safest by far.
                                    DK Island
                                  Jungle Japes
                       ......                      ......
    Size: Medium-Large
    Difficulty: Easy
    Jungle Japes is one of the basic places in the jungles of Kongo Island,
    and the old Kranky Kong lives here. In fact, his very house is the
    arena this time! Kranky doesn't seem to mind the commotion around his
    front deck; he seems to enjoy the noise. There's the front balcony
    being the center and largest piece of ground, and off to the sides are
    smaller floors. The left one leads to Kranky's outhouse and the right
    one is absolutely pointless to Kranky. Don't forget about a piece of
    roof sticking out of his house...
    ADVICE: The platforms you should stay on are the middle ones. Also, the
    stairs to either side are misleading--they're behind the fight scene.
    Go to the other platforms if you want to score a KO, but again, don't
    go there if your damage is high. The rapids directly below the arena
    hide a ridiculously high blast line, so the instant you fall into the
    water, there's no hope but to await a ka-boom. Speaking of which, you
    may end up on the left blast line by the speed of the rapids, since
    they carry characters along with them.
                                  The Great Bay
                                   ttt     ...
                ____________________     xxxxx
                                        x     x
              ______             ______x       x
    x=Turtle (... are palm trees on the Turtle)
    t=Tingle's balloon (may pop and disappear
    Size: Small to Medium
    Difficulty: Medium
    This is a very unusual place. Like Jungle Japes, it features the
    residency of an odd fellow who doesn't mind the fighting going on out-
    side. This time, it's the eccentric scientist's pad. The main platform
    is his deck, and there are two rafts underneath that rise and sink with
    the weights of characters. The size of the arena itself is doubled when
    the Turtle is present--this giant beast is a majorly long crooked
    platform! In the distance, you can see the moon falling down onto
    Termina, and, without an Oath to Order, the four Guardians come and
    push the Moon away whenever it gets too close.
    ADVICE: Tingle's balloon overhead can work as a comeback platform if
    you ever get thrown up a long distance, and it can also be used as a
    sanctuary if you know everyone else playing with you has forgotten
    about it. Computer players will always gang up on you if you ever try
    this with them around, though. It's also slippery and easily pops, so
    it's either a hit or a miss. Also, don't stay on the Turtle for too
    long. It dives back into the depths moments after it surfaces (esp. if
    you're Player 2, who starts on the thing). If you're ever on the rafts,
    play defensively. There's no smackdown worse than a smash attack toward
    the main platform, since you'll hit your head on it overhead and go
    nosediving down with little hyou can do about it. Or, if you want to be
    cruel, go for it. BTW, the blast line, even with the Turtle, is closer
    to the left.
              ....           ...........
                   _        ____________     ___         ....    ....
            ______|_|______/____________|   |___\_______
            _________    _______________|   |___________\____________
             ________... ______________/   /___________________
              _______    _____________/   /____________________
               ______    ____________/   /_____________________
                _____    ___________/   /___________________
                  ________________     _____
                   _______________      ___
                    _____________        _
    Size: Too Freakin' Humongous
    Difficulty: Easy
    Many complaints were made in SSB about the arenas being too small. This
    should suit their needs. A temple in ruins stays suspended in the air
    in the skies of Hyrule, and these folks plan to duke it out there. The
    arena itself has no real hazards, but due to its huge size, that may
    just be a hazard itself, since you're likely to find a renegade Bob-omb
    on your way to the action on the other side, or maybe a Motion Sensor
    Detector someone laid on the ground ten mintues ago. There's a small
    gazebo on the far upper left, and the path continues to a hallway with
    a ceiling overhead. A tunnel underground interrupts this, with some
    rugged terrain all the way to the right. The underground tunnel leads
    to a lower balcony, with a small floating part of the ruins further
    below in the middle, barely big enough for a two-player brawl.
    ADVICE: If things start looking grim for you and your damage gets high,
    get away from the upper area! Instead, head for the lower areas, where
    it's hard to KO anyone in any direction, mainly from a solid ceiling
    above and a hard floor below. Also, whenever possible, do those Smash
    Attacks TOWARDS the edge. Someone can have over 300% damage, and a mere
    wrong direction will let them survive some more, due to this arena's
    tremendous size. This is probably just a big arena meant for all-out
    fighting, with Stamina Mode in mind.
                                  Yoshi's Island
                                  Yoshi's Island
                           /_                        _____
                       ___/___    xxxxx    xxxxx   _____
                       ___  ___                  _____
                     _____   __________   ____________________
                     __________________   ____________________
                     __________________   ____________________
    Size: Medium
    Difficulty: Hard
    The arena's actually smaller than it looks, since this place refuses to
    scroll all the way across the arena. It's from the classic Super Mario
    World, complete with diagonal pipes and those weird blocks that flip
    when attacked. To the left is a vertical pipe with another pipe leading
    to the ground leaning against it. The main area has two sets of those
    blocks overhead, as well as three of them bridging a gap underneath.
    The right side of the arena has a very long 45° slope that reaches all
    the way to the blast line.
    ADVICE: If you're going to stay in the middle, do your best to keep
    those blocks from flipping. When they're flipping, it counts as if they
    aren't there, so you'll fall into the pit! Unless your character has
    decent comeback skills, you'll be doomed. Also, if you want to stir up
    trouble, just keep pushing anyone dumb enough to be on the right side
    of the screen to the right. Once at the edge of the screen, a Smash
    Attack is usually enough to send them to the blast line. Speaking of
    blast lines, the blast line ceiling for this stage is really low. Kirby
    with a bunny hood could be easily sent flying into the background
    simply by jumping. Actually, any character with the bunny hood can.
    Finally, items are, for some reason, usually bunched up over the
    vertical pipe.
                                  Yoshi's Island
                                   Yoshi's Story
                                 ....          ....
                            <<<<x                  x>>>>
                            V                          V
                            V                          V
    <, >, V=path of clouds (goes back and forth)
    Size: Medium-Small
    Difficulty: Medium
    As the name suggests, this takes place in the Yoshi Storybook, where
    entire landscapes are seemingly crafted from a variety of fabrics and
    corrugated cardboard. You've got one big piece of land, and you also
    have two smaller droppable platforms above. One last platform is higher
    above the center. It's also pretty hard to notice, but there's also
    cloudies that follow dotted lines somewhat close to the bottom that can
    be used as comeback platforms.
    ADVICE: Since this is a pretty straightforward course, there isn't any
    real strategies that'll help you win in this place. The platforms can
    be used to get away from the action. Also, don't use the cloudies
    unless you just got knocked an incredible distance and it's your only
    hope. They're usually hard to see because they're so low, and more
    often than not you'll miss. Add that to the fact that their path also
    goes BELOW the blast line and you know you're in trouble.
                                    Dream Land
                                Fountain of Dreams
                                 ....         ....
                                 ^  v         ^  v
    ^  v: these platforms rise and fall
    Size: Small
    Difficulty: Medium
    Kirby resides in Pop Star, a planet in an imaginary solar system where
    dreams are made. The Star Rod powers the Fountain of Dreams, suspended
    above the atmosphere of some planet I don't know. Instead of producing
    water, like other fountains, the subconscious flows like mercury (and
    reflects like it too) off the platform into a fine mist below. Add the
    strange flora that grows behind the fountain, and you've got a scene
    straight from Lisa Frank. But all respect to legendary areas are
    completely disregarded as the Foutnain of Dreams is designated as one
    of the battlefields of SSBM! The Fountain of Dreams itself is the major
    platform, with two platforms that go above and below the dream material
    by means of springs that gush out and bring the platforms up. There's
    one last platform at the center top permanently suspended in the air...
    ADVICE: Since the dreams you're battling on on the main platform
    reflects everything perfectly, save some ripples, Motion Sensor
    Detectors are particularly hard to see in this place. You may also see
    some rings below the main platform of the Fountain of Dreams. It's not,
    I repeat NOT, a comeback platform. You go through it, as well as the
    mist below, which is why I left it out of the map. The moving platforms
    can also compeltely sink into the main platform, leaving you with the
    Fountain and the upper land at times. Also, don't feel bad if the Star
    Rod appears and someone picks it up to abuse other people with--it's
    just an item.
                                    Dream Land
                                   Green Greens
                              xx    ....  ....   x x
                         _____xxxxx            xxxxx
                              xxxxx            xxxxx
                              xxxxx            xxxxx
                              xxxxx            xxxxx
    x=blocks (abouot 1/25 are explosive)
    Size: Medium
    Difficulty: Medium
    The Green Greens is a section on Pop Star where Whispy Woods took root
    only to get beaten by Kirby several times. It's also the second arena
    in the Super Smash Bros. series to feature the tree you love to hate!
    As you can see from the map above, the blocks form two columns that
    fill gaps between the three platforms. They don't go all the way to the
    blast line though. Here's how the blocks work: They work like a regular
    piece of solid stuff until someone attacks it. Any atatck done to it
    will get rid of any blocks within the atack's range. As for Bomb
    Blocks: They behave like ordinary blocks, except the moment they're
    provoked, they cause an explosion about that of a Bob-omb's. Whispy
    Woods is back in the background blowing wind at the fighters, but this
    time, he occasionally throws apples at everyone.
    ADVICE: The apples he throws can also be used as an item. You pick them
    up and throw it at people to cause some damage. As usual, the center is
    the safest spot, but the two platforms overhead may make the whole
    thing a lot longer. Also, Kirby himself may have a home-field disad-
    vantage, should he turn on the Stone ability over the blocks, which
    will break awya as he falls and plunge into his abyss. If people are
    hanging out by the blocks and there's a Bomb Block somewhere in there,
    you cay throw an item at the Bomb Block to blow them away.
                                   Lylat System
    Size: Large
    Difficulty: Easy
    This is exactly like the Sector Z arena in SSB, right down to the
    Arwings that swoop down and blast people to smithereens. This time,
    though, the guns on the Great Fox (......) can be used as a platform
    that can break away, as well as a course hazard. =It can also be broken
    off by attacking the bulky part, though there's not much point to it
    except getting yourself killed.= There's actually a small incline
    towards the nose of the Great Fox, but it's not on the map. I almost
    forgot to say that this takes place over the oceans of Corneria, not in
    ADVICE: This is a long course without any significant droppable
    spots, so it's all-out fighting. When the Arwings come, they may be
    useable as droppable platforms, but they move too randomly to be of
    good use, and chances are they'll fly right through the blast line in
    a few seconds. If you want to stay away from the action, human players
    tend to stay on the long left part, and computer players love the small
    right section, so go to the other part. Also, chances are an item will
    appear at some part or another, so you can always throw a Motion Sensor
    Detector where you think they'll step on, or chuck a Capsule to get
    their attention.
                                   Lylat System
                          ...                        ...
                             ...                  ...
                                ...      |     ...
                                ...            ...
                             ...                  ...
                          ...                        ...
    Size: Small
    Difficulty: Medium (Hard on occasion) 
    This arena takes place again on the Great Fox, but this time it happens
    across the wings of the ship. It's also sailing along a circuit on
    Venom, Andross's planet-for-a-base. It sails through a canyon, then a
    cave, then over some lava pits, a clearing, and finally through another
    canyon. Along the way, there's going to be some flying debris that work
    as course hazards. Also, another place is the cave, where it can get
    completely dark, or a stalactite may just barely graze the upper wings.
    ADVICE: The safest place to hang out are the upper wings and the ship
    in between, since it's slanted down and the blast line is pretty high
    up. In contrast, if you were to be at the bottom, there's again a high
    blast line, but this time in a negative context. It's slanted toward
    the outside, which gives you a greater chance of falling off from
    sliding. There's also very little room here to do aerial attacks. Also,
    dropping down from the bottom platforms is extremely unsafe anywhere.
    Like in Corneria, there's Arwings, but they're even more unsafe because
    they'll immediately swoop up, with little time to get out. This is
    certainly not an easy arena, so stay out until you feel you've got the
    hang of SSBM.
                                  Superflat Land
                                     Flat Zone
                       ---===---===---===         ..
                                                ..  ..
                       ---===---===---===     ..
    -, =: Disappearing Platforms
    Size: Small
    Difficulty: Hard
    Welcome to Mr. Game & Watch's LCD world. If you don't know, LCD stands
    for liquid-crystal display, which is the same stuff that that digital
    alarm clock with the black numbers in your room uses. The Game & Watch
    series is basically a handheld-game series which works like that,
    except with pictures. And after almost 22 years without anything
    Nintendo made relating to the G&Wes, they dedicate a special arena to
    look like one. The platforms up ahead appear and disappear, and they
    only work as droppables when they're visible. The roof of the house to
    the right also acts as a droppable. There is a strangely large amount
    of hazards here, very unusual for such a low-tech place. The monkey
    just hangin' around is...just hangin' around and provides no impact to
    the game (unless you get distracted or you're playing as Mr. G&W and
    you think it's him), but another G&W citizen comes out of both doors
    from time to time to pour out some oil. It's near impossible to go
    anywhere on this oil, due to an almost-complete absense of friction.
    Add the problem of wrenches, screwdrivers, and buckets falling after a
    while and you got yourself one of the hardest arenas in the game. If
    you pause, you can see that your characters are flat as well. I had
    recently found out that the monkey actually restocks your disappearing
    platforms. A vry hectic place indeed!
    ADVICE: Do not play this on Giant Melee. The blast line is extremely
    close at all times, except on the bottom, where it's nonexistent. (You
    can't fall in this arena.) One false move and you can go ka-blam on the
    sides. Also, an unusual amount of capsules, barrels, and crates are
    explosive. It suggests that Flat Zone is meant for very quick battles
    or very high KOs, depending on which mode you play. The safest spot,
    since you've relied on me to tell you in every arena, is the bottom
    ground. You never know when the upper ones will disappear, and you can
    be sent flying at 60% with one good Smash Attack regardless of who you
    are playing as up there anyway. The roof on the right, however, seems
    to be another safe spot, as strange as it may seem, when playing with
    computer players. They like to stay away, but when they come, they come
    without attacking. This also goes without saying, but see the parts
    flying above you before they hit you. As for the oil, the Ice Climbers
    have awesome traction on their shoes. you'll go through with barely any
    change in speed.
                                   Planet Zebes
                             ....               ....
                          ...                       ...
                               x                 x
                              ___                __
    x=Snap-Above-Platform-Up Membrane
    ,=Gooey Stuff That Binds Bottom Platforms Together
    Size: Medium
    Difficulty: Hard
    Brinstar is a dangerous place where criminals like Ridley and Kraid
    come to hide. The second SSBM arena to be on that planet, it's been
    changed for the much better. It's actually a pretty fun arena now. The
    weird things marked "x" one the map are actually membraneous strings
    that go from the bottom platform up to the one above it. If they snap,
    the stuff above pivots back and the platform is almsot vertical. The
    stuff marked as "," can also be attacked to split the ground apart
    temporarily. Playing with everything apart becomes a hectic brawl while
    the acid rises up from below.
    ADVICE: First and foremost, stay away from the acid! This makes the
    safest place the uppermost region. It's generally not safe if someone's
    already up there, but it's better than being scorched, since the acid
    sometimes goes up until only that platform remains. It's also best to
    keep the arena stable (as pictured above on the map) until you want to
    crank up the heat. The stage's difficulty, IMO, doubles when dis-
    mantled. This generally isn't a good place for throw items, though,
    since jumping is an essential part of this place, and any throw you
    make will hit the adjacent platform instead of the opponent unless your
    timing is excellent.
                                   Planet Zebes
                                 Brinstar Depths
                           ____        _
    Size: Medium
    Difficulty: Hard
    In my opinion, this course is THE hardest course in the game. The whole
    place, despite its simple look, is actualy quite cluttered up. It's an
    asteroid-like thing with what appears to be Mother Brain in the middle
    with two mini-asteroids, as shown above. What makes this arena hard is
    occasionally, Kraid will come up and slash at the arena, making it
    rotate. It won't usually stop back at its normal spot, so it's
    basically a whole new style once the top is now at the bottom and what
    ADVICE: This may take some practice to get used to, but be prepared to
    move either to the left or right when Kraid shows up from the lava to
    rotate the place. And while the comptuer sometimes chooses not to do
    it, you must keep up with the scrolling, or you'll be left behind on
    one of those little rocks, of which shouldn't really be a battle zone
    anyway. And if it makes you feel better, there's no other things to
    look out for other than Kraid's slashes.
                        ...                      .........
                        ...       (........)
            ...      ^
            ...    /___\                           __^__
                  /_____\         (........)     _________
                  |_____|____                    _________
                  |_____|                        _________
    Size: Large
    Difficulty: Medium
    This may be an arena made with light colors, but don't let its childish
    look fool you. It's an arena where you need to stay alert, and it's also
    one of the more complex stages. To the left are clusters of leaves that
    can be used as droppables. There's also a house nearby the clusters with
    a patio thing you can use as a droppable. The middle part of the stage
    is probably where most of the action will take place. It's a relatively
    wide-open area, interrupted only by the ground and two awnings on the
    drug store that'll drop you and anything on it if you dawdle there for
    too long. Finally, to the right, there's a telephone wire that leads to
    another rooftop of a house if you drop from there.
    ADVICE: The clusters of leaves can be used as a form of shelter from
    the other people and the onslaught of traffic, but it's far too easy to
    get sneak-attacked by an Up+B attack while you're on it. Also, like the
    clouds in the Past Yoshi's Island, use the awnings when you're running
    away, because they'll drop too early for any real fight to occur. Items
    also frequently end up on the telephone wire for some reason, so 90% of
    the time, there's some kind of useful item you can use to your advantage
    if you visit there. The bottom of the stage is no longer the safest spot
    in the arena, but rather the roof of the house to the right. That's
    because about every 15 seconds, a car will zoom down the road, hitting
    anyone who touches it really hard. You can tell whether a car will be an
    obstacle or merely passing by, thanks to a caution sign that appears on
    the right side of the screen a second before it actually appears. You
    can either shield or jump out of the way to keep from getting a hefty
    30% damage piled up and maybe even KOed if you stay on the far left or
    right of the arena. Stay between the buildings. At least when cars hit
    you, you'll simply bounce off the walls of the houses instead of being
    KOed. It's a large stage. Hang in there.
             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                < .......... >    ________
                   __________     _______________    ___________
                   __________     _______________    ___________
                   __________     _______________    ___________
                   __________     _______________    ___________
                   __________     _______________    ___________
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx= possible UFO spots
    Size: Large
    Difficulty: Medium
    Ness gets two large stages for himself! Fourside is basically the big
    city, with this arena starring the Montoli building in the middle. (The
    other featured building is the one in the back with the green lights,
    the Department Store.) Two other regular buildings accompany the
    Montoli building, and there's a crane which, for some unknown reason,
    moves a droppable platform left and right. The real highlight is less
    of the Montoli building but of a flying saucer that appears over the
    other buildings!
    ADVICE: Once the UFO arrives, you can go up to the top of the UFO by
    going through it, but you can't get back down. When you're on it, it'll
    be like ice. Unless you're the Ice Climbers, you'll slip and slide
    around. The UFO eventually goes away. Also, once you get KOed, you'll
    start on the top of the Montoli building. That's the highest spot on
    the field when the flying saucer isn't present, so you can start off
    with a good aerial attack on your descent and maybe get an Avenger KO
    if anyone with high damage is hanging around at the bottom. (BTW, only
    one UFO at a time--both spots will never be occupied.) You have the
    danger of falling off the buildings, which will give Ness a home-field
    disadvantage, because there's too little room to hit yourself with a PK
    Thunder. This makes the safe spot the giant plank that the crane is
    holding up. It's sufficiently large for four players to beat each other
    up, and you don't have as much of a danger of falling in between the
    buildings, unless your character can cover amazing vertical distances.
    The falling-off-in-between-the-buildings KO is very much like a certain
    arena in SSB, also involving a big city...
                                 F-Zero Grand Prix
                                     Mute City
                                ....   ....                ...
                             .               .                ...
                            :                 :      .....
                         OR :                 :OR               .....
    .....................   ._________________.          _______
    Size: Scrolling
    Difficulty: Hard
    There's no real map for this. you're on a moving platform that takes
    you across the Mute City track, and there are several stops along the
    way. The moving platform is basic, as shown on the left. First, it'll
    sink into the ground at the starting line of the track. Then, it'll
    drop after that right before the cars come by. After some more
    floating, it'll stop at the end of a tunnel. There are some open spots
    and some droppable platforms as pieces of the end of the tunnel. It's
    pictured crudely in the middle. Finally, there will be a slanted part
    of Mute City's track with some land overhead. Major flying over a loop,
    anmd back to the way it began.
    ADVICE: You get a warning when the thing begins to rise, just like the
    warning in Onett's traffic. Also, the cars won't stop for anything
    other than crates and barrels--including you. You'll get hit unless you
    can dodge the incoming cars on time. Once the platform leaves, you'd
    better get back in, or else you'll get left behind and take some damage
    bouncing on the track floor. The blast line is pretty far out at all
    times, so you can get major damage and still come back safely.
                                 F-Zero Grand Prix
                                      Big Blue
    (for example)            _____
                             _____             .......
                .......       ___
        rrrrrr              rrrr     rrrr            rrrrrrr
        rrrrrrrrrr         rrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr         rrrrrrrrr   
    r=Race Cars
    Size: Scrolling
    Difficulty: Hard
    In Mute City, you're going along with the track on a moving platform,
    with the camera looking at the cars come by. In Big Blue, however, you
    are put onto a very fast-moving arena through the racetrack, following
    somje of the cars around. You start out on the Blue Falcon, which is
    also moving really fast. Then, the Blue Falcon picks up speed and you
    have to drop down to the race cars below. Trailing behind the Blue
    Falcon are rocket-powered platforms, as well as a strange, round robot
    that stays near the platforms. After a while, the Blue Falcon comes
    back And the process starts over.
    ADVICE: Try not to go onto the road itself. You'll be pushed really
    hard to the left, which gives you a 60% chance of blowing up on the
    also-moving-rapidly blast line. For some strange reason though, when
    you're in the air, you aren't affected by the scrolling. Thus, the best
    place to knock someone is left, because should they end up on the road,
    they're done for. The safe spot, strange as it may seem for a scrolling
    stagem, would be on the platforms above. They're somewhere in the
    middle of the screen, meaning that if you get thrown, there's a greater
    chance you'll survive by going onto the race cars, which I think are
    merely comeback platforms, than returning to your original height,
    which you have to do if you get knocked off on a race car. his arena
    will test your defensive and jumping abilities to the max, and you
    won't last long if you aren't good at either of them.
                                  Pokémon Stadium
                                    Normal Mode
                             ....                   ....
                                     Fire Mode
                          ..._______. __
                             ________ __      .......
                                     Rock Mode
                           _____________        .......
                          ______________        .......
                          ______________...   . .
                          ______________      :  ..
                                     Water Mode
                          ..         :
                            ..      :
    Note: The                 ..   :
    windmill turns.             ..:
                                :..              ......
                               :   ..
                              :      ..     .....
                             :         ..
                                     Grass Mode
    Size: Medium-Large
    Difficulty: Varies (Easy to Medium)
    Pokémon Stadium was meant to fit a variety of Pokémon types, of which
    there are currently 17. I'm not sure if there's any other modes other
    than the ones shown here, but the Fire, Rock, Grass and Water modes
    alone turns this arena into a test of adaptation. It starts out as the
    as-basic-as-you-can-get Normal Mode, but after half a minute, it trans-
    forms into one of the four other modes shown above. After that, it
    turns back into the Normal Mode, and then into another mode. This will
    keep up until the match ends. See the Advice below for more information
    on the types themselves.
    ADVICE: The safe spot for all five modes would have to be the stadium
    floor. When it turns into the Fire Mode, the arena turns into a burning
    forest and log cabin. The flames are in the background; they won't
    affect the battle at all. Items also tend to show up on the cabin's
    awning. If you can hide in between the burning tree stumps on the left,
    you can do an upward Smash Atack on anyone who dares to come in with
    you. The Rock Mode is a lot of nothing. It's supposed to look like some
    kind of quarry, and the platforms all over the place limits your hiding
    spots, so you'll have to play offensively. The mountain on the left
    will leave you vulnerable due to its height. The Water Mode features a
    turning windmill on the left. You can seek refuge, but keep in mind of
    the vanes' clockwise movement. The Grass Mode is simply a larger,
    slightly altered version of Battlefield. Your strategies there should
    be very standard.
                                    Kanto Skies
                                    Poké Floats
    (for example)         .....             .....
                                  .....              .....
                            _______                    ___
                         ____________               ______
                         ____________             ________
                           __________            _________
            ............_____________            _________
                         ___________             _________
    Size: Scrolling
    Difficulty: Hard
    Looking at the map, you probably have no idea what this arena may look
    like. Well, whoever designed this arena was obviously on something,
    because what it is is what the arena's name suggests--they're giant
    floating Pokémon statues! You'll start on a Squirtle, and then an Onix
    passes by, so you can drop off on a Psyduck. A Chikorita brings you
    onto a Weezing, and then the Weezing rises up and a Slowpoke appears
    after passing a Sudowoodo along the way.  Slowpoke's tail stretches out
    and a Venusaur takes its place on the bottom of the screen as it flies
    off to the left. After seeing a Chansey head on the bottom-right corner
    and a group of Porygon fly by, a Goldeen flops up and quickly falls
    again. At that point, a bunch of Unown zoom by pretty swiftly
    horizontally. Then, a Lickitung comes by from the bottom to stick out
    his tongue. It retreats back, and the Squirtle comes up again. This may
    all seem pretty complicated, and it is...If you don't know what any of
    these Pokémon are because you were never into it, then be prepared for
    one whopper of a stage.
    ADVICE: This arena may just be harder to keep up with than any other
    scrolling stage, due to its strange factor. Always try to stay somewhat
    close to the bottom, near the middle, only going out to pick up a
    useful item. Speaking of which, as you progress through the cycle,
    it'll get progressively harder, especially when you're jumping from
    Unown to Unown without any other Pokémon to catch you in case you fall.
    Also, the droppables in this course are Chikorita's leaf, Venusaur's
    petals, and the Unown. Everything else is solid. Because the scrolling
    is constantly going and the Pokémon constantly in motion, you'll want
    to devote half of your efforts to surviving and the other half to
    combat. This is a place where you'll need some practice. I can't say
    this enough, but skill is your most important asset by far in SSBM. If
    you still have trouble keeping up, practice until you do. Also, the
    computer palyers can't seem to pick this up, but you can go through
    the Onix to get on him. You just can't drop back down.
                      xxxxx                             xxxxx
             _______________ -- ___________________ -- _____________
    ==lift platform
    Size: Medium-Large
    Difficulty: Medium
    This place is a lot more cluttered up than the oroginal Mushroom
    Kingdom in SSB. The style is still exactly the same, minus the pipes,
    Piranha Plants, and POW! Blocks, and add in Item Blocks. The blocks are
    breakable if attacked, although they aren't quite as flimsy as the ones
    in Green Greens. These actually stop you momentarily if you do, say,
    Kirby's Stone attack. Occasionally, a few turn into Item Blocks. If
    attacked or hit from below, they crumble away and give you a free item.
    This makes them very common in this stage, but even with the extra
    assistance, along with a pulley elevator with platforms marked as "==",
    KOs are still hard to make. It's too filled up with blocks and they
    regenerate too quickly.
    ADVICE: Your best bet (and only good one) to KO someone is to do it
    near where the magnifying glass thing begins. This puts them only a
    short distance from the blast line, without anything in your way. Kirby
    has a HUGE field advantage here, since you can swallow someone near the
    edge and spit them out into the blast line. As for the usual info on
    the safe spots...there is none. You'll have to tough it out and use
    items to get yourself up the ranks to #1.
                                     Kingdom II
                                *                  *
                             ________          ________
                             ________  ______  ________
                             ________  ______  ________
                             ________  ______  ________
                             ________  ______  ________
    *=possible Birdo spots
    Size: Small
    Difficulty: Easy
    Wow! The first easy secret stage! And small too! You'll find many KOs
    here too. It's basically a scene from Super Mario Bros. 2, with a main
    flat hilltop in front of a waterfall with platforms falling down as
    logs. To the left and right of the hilltop are two other hilltops, each
    a bit higher up. From time to time, on one of those hilltops, Birdo
    will show up and spit eggs. They do damage, but by stomping on the eggs
    you can let them drop to the ground. And, as you may remember in Super
    Mario Bros. 2, three hits is all it takes to get rid of Birdo.
    ADVICE: Like in two other stages in SSB history, AKA Saffron City from
    SSB and Fourside in SSBM, you've got the falling-off-in-between-the-
    buildings KO possible here, thanks to the narrow gap, except they're
    hilltops, and not buildings. Again, this gives Ness a huge disadvantage
    in taking away his triple jump. Like in the Mushroom Kingdom I, Kirby
    has an advantAge with his ability to suck. This place is quite simple,
    with Final Destination being the only simpler location. The safe spot
    is in the middle. It's way too unsafe to get out to other places
    because the blast line is pretty close on all four sides. Birdo's eggs
    should go over everyone's heads while on the middle platform, so that's
    another reason to stay in the middle. As mentioned earlier, the KO
    counts should be many.
                                   Special Stages
                                      ...   ...
    Size: Small
    Difficulty: Easy
    The Special Stages take place in some surreal world, just like the
    Special Stages in the Sonic games. Although the game refers to this
    stage as the "basic" one, Final Destination is, IMO, the real basic
    arena. Anyway, take a look at the map... After that, you need no more
    information about this place, maybe except for the cyberspace-like
    backgrounds, but absolutely nothing else would happen that can concern
    you. This is also the stage that features the Fighting Wire Frames (for
    info on the Fighting Wire Frames look a bit farther in this FAQ). All
    battles that involve them take place here.
    ADVICE: There is no advice for this arena. Nothing special happens.
    However, some general advice, like in almost every other arena, is the
    safe zone being in the middle of the bottom platform. The droppables
    are also to work to your advantage, either defensively, by running
    away, or offensively, to force everyone into a tiny piece of ground.
                                   Special Stages
                                  Final Destination
    Size: Medium
    Difficulty: Easy
    Yes, if you couldn't see it from the map, Final Destination is just one
    big chunk of solid ground. No droppables, no slopes, no nothing. I
    guess the main highlight of this arena is in its background, which has
    no relation to the battles at all; they're just a really cool sequence
    from outer space into "reality" and back through some cyberthing like
    in Battlefield into space.
    ADVICE: Do I really need to give you advice on a single-straight-
    platform course? Of course not. The field itself is as simple as you
    can get...it's just that the Master Hands hang out here.
                                     Past Stages
                                     Dream Land
                                      ...   ...
    Size: Small
    Difficulty: Medium
    Do you realize I keep copying and pasting that map you see above you?
    The Dream Land stage is straight from SSB, complete with Whispy Woods,
    low polygon counts, and the 2-D background. Whispy Woods makes some big
    wind behind you, and every once in a while, a sprite of a Kirby
    character flies by behind the action. Other than that, you can plan
    everything out with this map above you.
    ADVICE: The safe spot is the middle of the bottom platform. But you
    didn't need to know that, sicne it's firmly rooted into your head by
    now, right? Well, this is pure logic, but take an occasional glance at
    Whispy Woods to see if he's blowing wind again. And, if you're stupid
    or too smart, the wind will go out in a straight line after leaving its
    mouth. Anything involving the background is of no concern to you, like
    all other SSB arenas.
                                     Past Stages
                                    Yoshi's Story
                             ··.       ..·    ooo
                             ___       ___                ooo
    Size: Large
    Difficulty: Medium
    Only this and another arena left! As you can see from the map, it's a
    modified version of the Dream land/Battlefield stage layout, like other
    stages such as Yoshi's Story, Fountain of Dreams, and Jungle Japes. I
    don't know of keyboard symbols that can do it without getting too steep
    but the bottom main platform is actually a very wide obtuse angle
    pointing downward and the droppables are all slightly-diagonal straight
    lines. The clouds can be used to make incredible comebacks, since they
    work as droppables, but they vanish after a few seconds once landed on.
    Don't worry; they'll come back.
    ADVICE: Let's skip what you don't need to know already... As for the
    cloudies, you can use them as a "coward" platform in addition to a
    comeback thing. Just jump every now and then to keep it from disapp-
    earing right from under your feet. Chances are that nobody will bother
    to come for you, because you get control as to make them fall or not,
    and it's harder to get out there and come back than to simply return
    after standing on a cloudie. Other than that, play like you normally
    would on this kind of stage. Just remember that it's much easier to KO
    someone to the left than to the right, because of the extra cloudie
                                     Past Stages
                                    Kongo Jungle
                         .....                         .....
                          ......                     ......
    x···x=moving platforms (special)
    Size: Medium
    Difficulty: Medium
    Ahh, the last stage. The standards to get this course is pretty tough,
    but you do get to obtain a rather strange place from SSB. Like its
    return trip to SSBM, this stage has a Barrel Cannon on the bottom.
    Otherwise, it's exactly as the map shows you, except the upper two
    unmoving droppables are slanted down toward the outside. The moving
    platforms are droppables that move in a counterclockwise circle,
    meaning that they'll get really close to the bottom platform, and then
    they go up in an arc until they're really high up. Not much to see here
    but the leaves one the tree, since they'll be facing you at all times.
    ADVICE: Well, here we go... You want to stay in the little indented
    part (well, actually, not so little) as the safe place. Also, for some
    reason, the moving pieces of ground are always stacked with items. If
    you're going for a KO, the top unmoving platforms are the best. However
    KOs will be pretty few and far between in this place, probably due to
    the Barrel Cannon down there. I guess people are actually lucky enough
    to fall into them.
    What would SSB and SSBM be without random props from their games? A big
    load of nothing, that's what. Different kinds of items fall from the
    sky, and if you ever need to know what any of them do, or you just want
    to know new ways to clobber your opponents with their specialty items,
    look no further! Also, you can play with any item as much as you want
    in Training Mode.
                                   Item Controls
    (special controls will be covered in the item's description.)
    A: Pick up
    Z: Weak Throw
    Walk, Z: Throw
    Run, Z: Dash Throw
    >Z, <Z: Strong Throw
    Healing:                Whacker:
    A: Pick up and eat      A: Weak Whack 
                            Walk, A: Walk Whack
    Gun:                    Run, A: Smack Whack
    A: Shoot                >A, <A: Smash Whack
    Z: Throw away
                            Thrower, Heavy, Container:
    Battering:              A, Z: Throw (with directions)
    A: Pick up and start kicking butt
    Transformation:         See description for info
    Touch: Transform
    Name: Food
    Type: Healing
    Game: Kirby's Dreamland
    Rarity: Common
    If you ever see two-dimensional pictures of random foods, you know you
    can pick them up to heal anywhere between 2-14% damage, depending on
    how big the food is. In real life, that is; they're all the same size
    in the game. I'll C&P this, but Healing Items can now be picked up even
    when you're already holding an item.
    Name: Maxim Tomato
    Type: Healing
    Game: Kirby's Dreamland/Ice Climber
    Rarity: Uncommon
    These work just like foods, except they heal a whole 50% off of your
    health meter. In SSB, they subtracted 100. Healing Items can now be
    picked up even when you're already holding an item. Kirby absolutely
    adores any Tomato; they heal all of his health in his games.
    Name: Heart Container
    Type: Healing
    Game: The Legend of Zelda
    Rarity: Rare
    The Heart Container has double the power of the Maxim Tomato at half
    the volume and falling speed, healing 100% from the meter. In SSB, they
    healed it down to zero. Healing Items can now be picked up even when
    you're already holding an item. Link will search all over Hyrule and
    Termina for one of these; each boss has one that'll increase Link's
    health by one heart. å Don't forget about All-Star Heart Containers
    (more below). They bring your damage down to zero. å
    Name: Warp Star
    Type: Special
    Game: Kirby's Dreamland
    Rarity: Common
    The vehicle that Kirby uses to transport himself all over Dreamland has
    arrived in SSBM. If you pick one up, you'll fly all over the place and
    land over wherever you picked it up. This causes an explosion that'll
    wipe out anyone nearby. You can sort of steer this with the control
    stick to alter its landing zone.
    Name: Ray Gun
    Type: Gun
    Game: Super Smash Bros.
    Rarity: Common
    The Ray Gun works exactly like the way it did in SSB. The thing can
    send out up to 16 fast projectiles, one at a time, straight forward and
    do a bit of damage to anyone it hits. After you're done, throw it away
    to take advantage of its metallic material. Be careful where you aim,
    because it it hits a wall, the attack will get absorbed.
    Name: Super Scope
    Type: Gun
    Game: Super Scope 6
    Rarity: Uncommon
    It's usually found with the Ray Gun. Don't be mistaken for the same
    thing though. You use this much differently. Mash the A button to send
    out a barrage of small attacks that only do 1% but leave your opponent
    stunned to get hit by another. å If your aim is true, you can also trap
    multiple people, since they go through characters that you're shooting
    at. La la la la la la la la. å Or, hold the A button to launch one big
    charge shot. You can't hold the charge though, so you'd best do it
    when no one knows you're there. The Super Scope, if you've ever owned
    one, wears out the batteries quickly, so you only get 6 seconds of ego
    trip, or three charge shots, or maybe a combination. When doing rapid
    fire, hold in the direction of the projectiles on the Control Stick to
    prevent recoil.
    Name: Fire Flower
    Type: Gun
    Game: Super Mario Bros.
    Rarity: Uncommon
    This one doesn't work like the Ray Gun or the Super Scope. It works
    much like a flamethrower. It'll float gently down to the ground, so you
    can pick it up and leave your enemies in cinders. Hold down the A
    button to send out some flames from the innocent-looking flower. It
    pushes them back, so turn it off when they're out of range to conserve
    its power. Although they rack up damage like the Super Scope, in Coin
    matches, they don't generate coins, so they aren't too useful unless
    you just want to make them easier to KO.Once it runs out of power, you
    can still keep the heat up by throwing it at someone. It doesn't go
    very far, since it's the second-lightest item you can pick up. It
    doesn't turn Mario or luigi into their Fire versions in SSBM. Sorry.
    Name: Lip's Stick
    Type: Whacker
    Game: Tetris Attack/ Panel de Pon
    Rarity: Uncommon
    What you do with a Whacker is whack someone with it. You pick it up,
    and the hit generates some damage. How much damage, how far they're
    thrown, and any special abilities it has depends on the item. The Lip's
    Stick was used to destroy blocks in Tetris, making flowers grow out of
    them. If you want to know, yes, it was a stick owned by someone named
    Lip. In SSBM, anyone you hit with a Lip's Stick, a flower grows out of
    their head and leeches their power out. The size of your whack will
    determine the size of the flower. Bigger flowers means more damage. The
    power of the Lip's Stick itself is of your average Whacker. It falls
    off after a while, å especially when you torture your control stick, å
    and limit one flower per head.
    Name: Star Rod
    Type: Whacker
    Game: Kirby's Dreamland/Paper Mario
    Rarity: Rare
    What you do with a Whacker is whack someone with it. You pick it up,
    and the hit generates some damage. How much damage, how far they're
    thrown, and any special abilities it has depends on the item. Star Rods
    aren't as rare as the Heart Containers, but there's a reason for their
    scarcity: they're the second-most powerful item in this category. It's
    a high-powered Whacker (meaning it sends people really far) that emits
    a projectile in the shape of a star if it ever misses. The projectile
    travels horizontally and isn't affected by gravity. Also, it's pretty
    fast, but it's a terribly underpowered attack. That's why it's best to
    hit people with the Star Rod. It's the source of dreams in Dream Land,
    and it's the source of wishes in Paper Mario.
    Name: Beam Sword
    Type: Whacker
    Game: Super Smash Bros.
    Rarity: Common
    What you do with a Whacker is whack someone with it. You pick it up,
    and the hit generates some damage. How much damage, how far they're
    thrown, and any special abilities it has depends on the item. With the
    Beam Sword, anyone can become like Link! It's basically used like a
    regular sword; they only reason it's beam is probably to differentiate
    regular swords, like Marth's, from this one. It's power is above
    average, but it does some good damage. It's also one of the fastest of
    the Whackers, with the Fan being the only faster one. Excellent for
    edge-guarding. This was probably ripped off directly from the light
    sabers in Star Wars, but the trophy says it's from SSB.
    Name: Home Run Bat
    Type: Whacker
    Game: EarthBound
    Rarity: Rare
    What you do with a Whacker is whack someone with it. You pick it up,
    and the hit generates some damage. How much damage, how far they're
    thrown, and any special abilities it has depends on the item. The Home
    Run Bat is rare in every SSB game because it's the strongest. Well, i
    a special case. It's normally a pretty weak Whacker, but its Smash
    Whack can send anyone flying right off the screen (if no one's in the
    way) at 0%. This means you can go on a KOing rampage with this, but
    you'll need to wait a bit for your character to get the little blue
    sparkles going. There's a lound "ping!" for this, but if you can hit
    someone as they're falling down directly on the tip of the bat and at
    the bottom-most part of the character while falling, the noise will
    disappear and the flight will be twice as long. This is Ness's favorite
    weapon to use in EarthBound. He's so proud of it it showed up in SSB
    before you can get him, and Ness carried a less powerful one to the
    Name: Fan
    Type: Whacker
    Game: Super Mario RPG
    Rarity: Common
    What you do with a Whacker is whack someone with it. You pick it up,
    and the hit generates some damage. How much damage, how far they're
    thrown, and any special abilities it has depends on the item. The Fan
    is blindingly fast that it's almost unblockable, but it'll rarely go
    over 4% per whack. It's only good use is to throw it, and what a great
    attack it is! It doesn't go very far, but anyone in its way will fly
    straight up and if they're over 80%, it's a Star KO for you. If they
    pull up a shield, it'll break, so the only way to evade this is to run
    Name: Hammer
    Type: Battering
    Game: Donkey Kong
    Rarity: Rare
    Once you pick up the hammer, you lose all of your abilities except move
    and jump, and you start madly waving the hammer back and forth with the
    DK Hammer music playing, just like in the game Donkey Kong. You can
    cause some really cool damage as the hammer's still in effect. You
    can't let go of it until it wears off, and your only vulnerable spot,
    your Achille's heel, is being attacked from below, since you're only
    swinging that thing in a certain way. (Mewtwo can also get hit from
    above, because he swings the Hammer around him instead of back and
    forth.) 30% of the time, you'll get unlucky and get the Bad Hammer. The
    head of this hammer slides right off a bit after using it, which makes
    you completely unable to do anything to anyone else. (See Special Items
    to know more about the Headless Hammer.) When Jumpman (Mario) picked up
    a Hammer in Donkey Kong, he was able to break any barrels in his way.
    Name: Green Shell
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Super Mario Bros.
    Rarity: Rare
    You pick it up and throw it. It's hard to aim because it'll speed on
    forward once thrown (unless straight up) and devastate anyone in its
    path. It'll keep going forward until it reaches a blast line or after
    5 seconds after being thrown, whichever comes first. These used to be
    from Green Koopas, who will blindly walk off an edge if given the
    opportunity. Otherwise, it just walks at a constant velocity (and we
    mean speed AND direction) and change direction only if it hits a wall
    or another Koopa.
    Name: Red Shell
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Super Mario Bros.
    Rarity: Rare
    The Red Shell is a bit more intelligent than Green Shells, so therefore
    it's rarer. Once you get one, though, it'll represent the Koopa it once
    belonged to and go back and forth on the platform that it was thrown
    onto (if it lands on one at all). It knocks people just like a Green
    Shell, and Red Koopas are smart enough to turn around if it sees an
    edge. å It's not really a KOer though, no matter how high their damage
    is. å
    Name: Flipper
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Balloon Fight
    Rarity: Uncommon
    If Ballon Fighter isn't even in this game, why is his weapon? The
    Bumper in SSB proved too useless, so they give this slightly-more-
    useful substitute called a "Flipper" once thrown, it won't bounce back
    at you (unlike the Bumper) and after a short while will stay suspended
    in the air and turn around anyone who touches the area it occupies.
    After enough hits, it'll disppear. Or if it stays there too long. The
    Flipper will change direction once hit (it stays as a vertical line
    with two knobs, and ater a hit, it may become diagonal or horizontal)
    and has been a very infamous hazard among Balloon Fighters.
    Name: Freezie
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Mario Bros.
    Rarity; Uncommon
    Freezies are very hard to throw at someone, because they already start
    moving once they appear, and they shatter after one throw if you miss.
    If you do manage to hit someone with a Freezie though, they'll get
    encased in ice, and you can pummel that person until they become mobile
    again. The Mario Bros. had to be careful with Freezies before they
    became Super; it froze any ground it hit as it jumped. å Try throwing it
    at someone jumping back into the fight and see what happens. å
    Name: Mr. Saturn
    Type: Thrower
    Game: EarthBound
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Mr. Saturn is a very strange item. It stays and sits there for five
    seconds, and then it starts walking around and pushing any items off
    the platform. If you pick one up, you can do some damage, but you won't
    be making KOs with these guys. Instead of damage decreasing with each
    hit, damage is actually increased if you can hit someone over and over.
    In Training Mode, I've seen it do up to 68% damage with one throw of a
    Mr. Saturn after hitting the poor fool about 40 times. The Mr. Saturn
    race of aliens is a pretty peaceful and wise one, and helps Ness out
    whatever way they can against the evil aliens.
    Name: Poké Ball
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Pokémon
    Rarity: Common
    It's pretty common, but it's an excellent weapon. Use it like you would
    any other thrower, except a Pokémon comes out. For those of you who
    can't match names to shapes, I have what they look like in the list
    below. It's listed in Pokémon number order. For example, Murkrow, not
    in SSBM, is #198. The Pokémon you threw will not hurt you or your
    teammates except Electrode.
    #3 Venusaur (a big blue-green ugly thing with a flower on its back)
    I can make a lot of sick jokes about what it looks like it's doing.
    Actually, it's doing its Body Slam (?) attack, which throws anyone dumb
    enough to run into Venusaur (or anywhere within its radius) will go
    sky high. ΠOr is this Frustration? ΠIt could be a lot of different
    #6 Charizard (orange dragon)
    Once Charizard comes out, it breathes fire to its right. Then it stops
    and immediately spews to the left. Then to the right, then left... It
    works like a double-sided Fire Flower. Also, anyone who touches
    Charizard will get blown away like Venusaur. Its attack is Flame-
    #9 Blastoise (big giant blue turtle)
    Its cannons come out of its shell as it does the Hydro Pump attack,
    shooting projectiles in the form of bursts of water. They trap people
    like the Ray Gun. However, Blastoise will inch back a bit with each
    water burst due to recoil. If you're not careful, it'll fall right off
    the stage. Blastoise will send anyone it touches up, like Venusaur and
    #35 Clefairy (pink, black-eared, Charlie Brown-eyed thing)
    Clefairy's Metronome attack copies a Legendary Pokémon's attack. å It's
    quite short-lived compared to the Legendaries though. å Legendaries are
    Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, and Ho-Oh.
    #101 Electrode (white-on-top-and-red-on-bottom sphere with a face)
    Electrode will look like it's just sitting there, but it'll Self-
    Destruct, with a big explosion that counts as a very powerful attack,
    so don't stand too close. It affects EVERYONE. Also, you can pick up an
    Electrode and throw it to someone you want to blow up.
    #110 Weezing (two purple gas clouds stuck together)
    Weezing uses its Poison Gas to suck someone in who gets into its cloud
    around it and beat that person up inside the cloud until it disappears.
    You can stand inside the gas cloud if you threw it and perform a Smash
    Attack on any unlucky victim when they're trapped in there because
    there's nothing they can do.
    #113 Chansey (pink egg-shaped things)
    Chansey will bring out some eggs. Pick up all you can, because some
    heal HP and others can be thrown to reveal items! This may be harder
    than it sounds, because the others will be trying to do the same.
    #118 Goldeen (little fish)
    The trophy says its Horn Drill can KO anyone in one shot, but don't be
    misled. They're referring to the Pokémon games, not SSBM. Goldeen does
    the Splash attack (which it shouldn't know in the first place). This
    attack, like in Pokémon, does absolutely nothing.
    #120 Staryu (orange star)
    This is quite an upgrade from the Starmie in SSB, despite the fact that
    Staryu evolves into Starmie (it means Starmie is an upgrade from Staryu
    for you guys out there). In SSB, Starmie barely even followed its
    target. Staryu, however, relentlessly follows the lead opponent's every
    move, and after three seconds, a rapid-fire Swift comes out of it,
    trapping the person and any other opponent in the way, much like a
    Super Scope.
    #143 Snorlax (big fat cat-like Windows Desktop green thing)
    Snorlax, except in the card game, is a powerhouse in every respect. The
    big brute, like in SSB, leaps up into the air and comes down with an
    incredible size, crushing everyone who it falls on, doing a ton of
    damage and bringing them straight up into the air. It doesn't damage
    the arena though. But isn't that a good thing?
    #144 Articuno (big blue bird)
    This will be the first Legendary Pokémon on the list. They're much
    rarer than the others, simply because they're one of a kind. Articuno
    is much snappier than the others. With one frosty wave, probably the
    Powder Snow attack, it sends anyone close to it encased in ice, just
    like a Freezie. Except a Freezie affects only one if you can time a hit
    just right. If they have enough damage, you score a Star KO.
    #145 Zapdos (big yellow bird)
    Zapdos is the one that works like most other Legendaries, Articuno
    being the different one. It sends out a shock wave called Thunder Wave
    to paralyze people in it and make them take damage by very quick
    increments of 1%. However, this will leave quite a scar, since they're
    going to leave with triple-digit %'s.
    #146 Moltres (big orange bird)
    See Zapdos, except the screen turns orange with his Fire Blast fury.
    Speaking of which, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres attack while hovering
    in midair, because they're birds after all... ‹Touching it while it's
    still going up though (but before it goes into the background) delivers
    a near-instant KO.‹
    #151 Mew (pink plush toy in a bubble)
    Mew does absolutely nothing to help the battle. Unless you're playing
    Bonus mode, of which Mew will give you 10,000 points. It's the second-
    rarest Pokémon to be found in a Poké Ball in this game.
    #152 Chikorita (green big-eyed bean-shaped creature with leaf on head)
    Venusaur used to do Razor Leaf in SSB. Now, Chikorita is who's up to
    the task. Those are leaves it's shooting, and it's called Razor Leaf
    because it really hurts if you hit it. The damage is actually small,
    but it'll pile up, like a bunch of other Pokémon out there. The projec-
    tile has a pretty long range compared to many others, BTW.
    #155 Cyndaquil (dark brown porcupine with fire for quills)
    It shoots fire from its back after flipping up into the air and a
    "Hino!" of squeaky might. It's much like Charizard, but its Flame-
    thrower has only one direction. 
    #175 Togepi (ecru hatchling with big fat spikes on its head)
    Togepi does a shorter version of a Legendary Pokémon attack, or instead
    will turn the entire screen pitch black with a Night Shade.
    #182 Bellossom (hula flower)
    Bellossom sits (actually, dances) there for about 15 seconds, emitting
    a Sleep Powder that you have one guess to what happens to a character
    within its range.
    #183 Marrill (blue walking talking ball)
    Not sure what Marrill does, but the closest move I can think of would
    be Doubleslap. Marrill walks in the direction of the person who threw
    the Poké Ball when he or she threw it. It then repeatedly smacks a
    person until it falls off the edge or disappears. Absolutely
    devastating in the Mushroom Kingdoms and particularly Onett and Flat
    #201 Unown (black bent sticks with one eye)
    It serves what Beedrill did in SSB--one came out and sends a whole hive
    on them across the screen and serves as a barrier, sort of, for you.
    This time, though, Unown can fly in vertically, horizontally, or even
    diagonally in every direction, instead of Beedrill's right-to-left only
    #202 Wobbuffet (blue goofy-looking thing that says "Wobuh wo wob!")
    Contrary to popular belief, Wobbuffet does NOT harm you or your team-
    mates. You get smacked around by it, but you take no damage. What does
    it do? None other than Counter, which makes anyone who touches it get
    knocked back and forth by it, and damage builds up to your enemies!
    #212 Scizor (red robot-looking tough guy)
    Not sure what Scizor does...It's either Slash or Swords Dance, but it
    hovers along the ground for a second, and then it leaps up into the air
    and falls through the ground...into oblivion. Getting hit once is
    already pretty bad, but getting hit twice by Scizor is å usually å an
    instant KO.
    #233 Porygon2 (pink and blue floating duck)
    It's probably Tackle. Very weird. It juts out forward, which is an
    almost-instant KO. When it stops, it's rendered useless.
    #243 Raikou (four-legged big yellow thing with a blue spark for a tail)
    See Zapdos above. Except Raikou is on the ground.
    ‹NOTE: It seems that Raikou's attack doesn't trap you inside, but is
    actually escapeable.‹
    #244 Entei (four-legged big orange thing featured in the third movie)
    See Moltres above. Except Entei is on the ground and actually shoots out
    fire every time you see him. å Entei is also somewhat brighter than the
    others, leaving the fight if no one comes near him.å
    #245 Suicune (four-legged blue thing with diamond shapes on its sides)
    Unlike Articuno, Suicune behaves like Raikou and Entei, but instead of
    electricity and fire, Suicune seems to emit some sort of water particle
    stuff that swirls around him.
    #249 Lugia (big silver-grey dragon-like bird)
    Where Articuno does it with ice and Zapdos with electricity, Lugia uses
    its Aeroblast attack and traps the people in some big wind.
    #250 Ho-oh (big red bird)
    See Moltres, above. He's exactly the same, except he and Lugia do it
    from the background.
    #251 Celebi (green fairy-like thing)
    See Mew above, except you get the Celebi Catcher bonus.
    Name: Bob-omb
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)/Doki Doki Panic
    Rarity: Uncommon
    This may be the key behind many victories, but even those champions can
    fall because of this. If you don't know what a Bob-omb is, it's
    basically a walking bomb that explodes at will. In this game, however,
    it'll sit there for five seconds once one appears å and right before it
    explodes. å That's your chance to pick it up. After that, it'll light
    its fuse and start walking around the arena, and anything it touches
    other than a wall will cause it to explode! It's quite a powerful
    explosion, and to keep from blowing up in your face, the plague of many
    pros, just count seconds, if it doesn't distract you. If you reach five,
    give up and run away from it! Otherwise, just leave it be, and stay as
    far away from it as possible. Computer players will barely know it's
    there. Bob-ombs once roamed Subcon waiting to explode on someone, but
    now they're in every place.
    Name: Motion Sensor Bomb/Motion Sensor Detector/Proximity Mine/Land
    Mine/Sensor Mine...
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Goldeneye 007/Perfect Dark/TOP SECRET
    Rarity: Uncommon
    It goes by a million different names, but whatever you call it, it's my
    favorite weapon. It's almost like a little disk until you pick it up.
    Whack someone with it, and when it falls to the ground, it'll become a
    proximity mine, which means it'll blow up when anyone steps on it. It's
    near impossible to see, so you better remember where it is to avoid
    tripping on your own trap. Or, if you're dealing with someone who has
    eagle eyes, don't whack anyone with it. Stand at a distance, away from
    the fray, and throw it å or throw it straight downward, though eagle-
    eyers may catch that too. å Hopefully someone will come, not knowing you
    laid one, and KA-BOOM! Computer players actually don't even know it's
    there! Also, throwing it straight up at a droppable will put the thing
    on the platform. Throw someone into it, if you feel you should. Many a
    James Bond and Joanna Dark ended their lives with one of these.
    Name: Super Mushroom
    Type: Transformation
    Game: Super Mario Bros.
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Touch it and you get bigger. The advantages are your sheer size, which
    means you don't get knocked off so easily, and your attacks pack more
    punch. You're even faster. The disadvantages are your sheer size, which
    means you're a big target to people, AKA rack up damage quickly, and in
    other words you'll be pretty easy to KO when the effect wears off. You
    will also have trouble doing attacks to short characters like Jiggly-
    puff, because it'll fly right over their heads. In SMB, it let Mario
    withstand 2 attacks instead of just one.
    Name: Poison Mushroom
    Type: Transformation
    Game: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels/Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan)
    Rarity: Rare
    Touch it and you get smaller. The advantages are your small size, which
    means you're a smaller target and therefore harder to hit. This means
    your damage won't go up so far, and if you survive, you won't have much
    more damage than when you touched the Poison Mushroom. Taller
    characters like DK might attack right over your head if you're good.
    A disadvantage you can have is your small size, because you might get
    KOed at about 30% from a good Smash Attack. You do as much damage as
    you do when big, though. Although you have more advantages than
    disadvantages, don't think a Poison Mushroom is necessarily better,
    because the disadvantage will more often than not outweigh everything
    else. It killed Mario when he got it from an item box.
    Name: Starman/Star/Invincibility Star
    Type: Transformation
    Game: Super Mario Bros.
    Rarity: Rare
    This is simple: touch one and you'll be impervious to all attacks for
    ten seconds. You'll get weird sparkles and have funny flashing colors,
    but that's all part of the stuff. Some experts consider this to be more
    lethal than the Hammer, but that's all up to you. Everyone will notice
    if you're invincible, especially because the music changes when you're
    flashing. Of course, if whoever you're playing against is or are
    unaware of this, just sneak up on whoever has the highest damage
    (preferably over 100%) and Smash Attack them! Or, if a Bob-omb, a MS
    Detector, or a Home Run Bat is nearby... Computer players will be on
    the complete defensive when you get a star and won't so much as even
    hit each other.
    Name: Parasol
    Type: Whacker
    Game: Super Mario RPG
    Rarity: Common
    This will bring you to very high damage percentages without dying...
    if you can keep holding on to that until you're KOed. Why is that a good
    thing? Because it certainly beats getting knocked off at a regular
    damage percentage, right? What it does is automatically open when you're
    high up, so you can float down slowly, giving you the ability to return
    from, like what the game calls it, "incredible distances", as the game
    calls it. Opponents take damage from it while you're floating down,
    providing an anti-Meteor Smash barrier, and you can use it as a regular
    Whacker on the ground too.
    Name: Screw Attack
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Metroid
    Rarity: Common
    This is all in all not much of a useful item. It was used by Samus as a
    gift from the Chozo which let her use, you guessed it, a Screw Attack.
    You pick it up, and every jump you make until you throw it will become
    just like Samus's Screw Attack, which is basically a series of quick
    flips into the air that drag your opponent along with you. Since you're
    actually holding this, it disables all your ground A-button attacks, as
    well as throws, but you can well, å screw up their jumps by paralyzing
    them as the poortwerps fall to your aerial attack. å (if you can get
    close enough to do it), throw it at the guy to inflict damage, and blow
    them away with a Smash Attack you can now do. Oh, and don't stand next
    to someone you threw a Screw Attack to. They do a Screw Attack too.
    Name: Metal Box
    Type: Transformation
    Game: Super Mario 64
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Instead of touching this Transformation item, you'll need to press A to
    harness the magic inside (it works if you're already holding an item).
    You'll have the qualities of Metal Mario when he used his Metal Cap in
    Mario 64. That basically means same size, but far heavier mass. This
    means you'll be reaching percentages of over 500% if you're good and
    still not get knocked off. Of course, if you're skilled enough to make
    it back at 500% then you're obviously skilled enough to not get 500%
    damage done to you in the ten seconds of metal it gives you. Also, when
    you ARE kicked out, you'll fall so fast, like as if you were carrying
    neutrons filled to the brim in your pockets. Well, not really to that
    extent, but try the thing in Training Mode and walk off as Falco or at
    least Fox to see what I mean. You can take advantage of this mass
    increase to finally Home Run that Bowser into the background or get the
    PK Thunder where it needs to go.
    Name: Bunny Hood
    Type: Transformation
    Game: The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Much like the Metal Box, the Bunny Hood needs A to be picked up. This,
    however, increases running speed and jmuping ability, which is what the
    Majora's Mask Bunny Hood does. Therefore, you should use this defen-
    sively, because you'll have a much easier time getting away from the
    action. Use it when damage %'s are high on you, because the super-high
    jump will bring you back from afar, and once you're back on board, you
    can keep running away until the thing wears off.
    Name: Cloaking Device
    Type: Transformation
    Game: Goldeneye 007/Perfect Dark/TOP SECRET
    Rarity: Rare
    This one makes you invisible. Again, you have to press A. While you're
    invisible, no one can see you (not even yourself, and that's a big
    problem) unless you registered your name in and it floats above your
    head. The good thing to this is human players will tend to miss you when
    you're invisible (but not computer players, rendering them almost
    impractical) and you won't take any damage. Of course, it doesn't mean
    you won't get knocked around or thrown or whatever, because you still
    can. Therefore, the Cloaking Device should only be used as a last
    resort, when you can't stand to take any more damage and you know your
    character AND the arena pretty darn well. That way, you can estimate
    where you are.
    Name: Barrel Cannon
    Type: Heavy
    Game: Donkey Kong Country
    Rarity: Rare
    The Barrel Cannon doesn't do any damage, but it does do quite a bit of
    launching. It does exactly the same thing as the Barrel Cannon at the
    bottom of the Kongo Jungle stages. Once you throw it, it'll start to
    roll along the ground lengthwise (?) and trap anyone who can't outrun
    it. Then it blasts that person. However, that person may be you, even
    if you threw it, so watch where it goes and jmup over it! You don't
    want to be blasted and score a SD because of your Barrel Cannon. On a
    side note, there's a license plate on the bottom of the Barrel Cannon
    that says "2L84ME". ("Too late for me" for you guys who can't interpret
    these letter things.)
    Name: Party Ball
    Type: Heavy/Container
    Game: Super Smash Bros. Melee/Kirby's Dreamland
    Rarity: Common
    Use it like any other Heavy item until it lands on the ground. Upon
    contact or five hits before it's thrown, you'll hear a little sound.
    The Party Ball will rise up, and the festivities begin! you have about
    a 50% chance of getting a few random items. There's also a 1 in 4
    chance that it's a food banquet, meaning lots of Food to recover for
    everyone! Also, there's a 1 in 8 chance that there'll be three to five
    of the same item. Watch the madness when it chooses the Hammer! Finally
    the Bob-omb crew will come out during the last 1 in 8 chance, ensuring
    true madness! The Party Ball is so random you won't have any strategies
    for it other than to open one as soon as you see it to get some items.
    Well, those are the Regular Items. Other items are ones that appear
    regardless of your Item Select options (other than setting it to None),
    items certain characters use, course hazards you can interact with, and
    a few more surprises.
    The following items will appear when you have items on, no matter what
    your settings are.
    Name: Egg
    Type: Healing/Container
    Game: Pokémon/Super Mario World
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Pick it up to see what it does! If it falls from the sky, bust it open
    to reveal an item inside. Or, if it came from Chansey, you can pick one
    up to see if it'll heal you. They recover 7%. There's also a 10% chance
    of it exploding, so watch out!
    Name: Crate
    Type: Heavy/Container
    Game: Super Smash Bros.
    Rarity: Common
    It'll give three items when thrown or attacked. Sometimes they're the
    same items, but usually they're different. There's also a 10% chance of
    it exploding, so watch out!
    Name: Capsule
    Type: Container
    Game; Metroid/Super Smash Bros.
    Rarity: Common
    It's like the crate, except it's small and only holds one item. There's
    also a 10% chance of it exploding, so watch out!
    Name: Barrel
    Type: Heavy/Container
    Game: Donkey Kong
    Rarity: Uncommon
    The barrel, on a level surface will act exactly like a Crate: it holds
    three items, is heavy, and stands a 10% chance of exploding. However,
    the Barrel can be used as more than just a throwing device, because if
    it is thrown onto or appears voer an incline, it'll start rolling and
    do some major damage to anyone it runs over, including the person who
    threw it. The Barrel also seems to appear most often on Corneria, but
    maybe that's just my game.
    These items only appear during special situations.
    Name: Headless Hammer Head
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Donkey Kong
    Rarity: After Any Headless Hammer
    If someone were to be unlucky enough to fall within the 30% chance when
    he or she picks up the Hammer, the head will fly right off. If it isn't
    happening to you, then if possible find the Headless Hammer Head and
    throw it at the person, because this almost guarantees a KO of the
    Headless Hammer guy. It's got a lot of force, probably because it's
    heavy, but characters pick them up like a regular item, with no effect
    on their speed. The HHH disappears quickly too, so you need to find it
    fast! It also flies pretty fast, so your opponents may have a hard time
    dodging this big black chunk of lead.
    Name: Apple
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Kirby's Dream Land
    Rarity: On the Green Greens Stage
    From time to time, as mentioned earlier, the Whispy Woods in Green
    Greens will try to make a difference during the competition by throwing
    apples at everyone. You don't want to get hit by them, because it'll
    astop your jump and do about 10% damage to you. That might not sound
    like a lot, but chances are you'll get hit by another while trying to
    recover, and then again, and again. Once Whispy Woods begins to shake,
    it means that he's about to throw those fruits, so go to the two plat-
    forms on the other side of the blocks to get away! Once they're on the
    ground, they're exactly like Mr. Saturns. Throw it at someone else, and
    they get barely knocked away at 8% damage. åI've never seen it, but I
    was informed that they may also explode or restore health. å
    These are character-specific items.
    Name: Link Bomb
    Type: Thrower
    Game: The Legend of Zelda
    Rarity: Whenever Link uses B+Down
    One of Link's attacks, this one causes a small explosion to bring up
    the damage. After five seconds or when it hits the ground, whichever
    comes first, it detonates, even if it's right in Link's hands, so throw
    it when you think it'll explode soon! Chances are it's not going to KO
    anyone unless their damage is insane. Those are what Smash Attacks are
    Name: Young Link Bomb
    Type: Thrower
    Game: The Legend of Zelda
    Rarity: Whenever Young Link uses B+Down
    They may look identical and even have almost the exact same qualities
    as regular Link's bombs, except that a person can get trapped in the
    explosion and constantly take damage in increments of 2%. Pretty handy
    to do to get damage levels high.
    Name: Vegetable/Turnip
    Type: Thrower
    Game: Super Mario Bros. 2
    Rarity: Whenever Peach uses B+Down
    Unlike the two Links' bombs, these turnips can be caught by someone
    else, so you better not throw turnips at a person who likes to catch
    items! The damage done depends on the expression on the turnip. The
    happier the face, the more damage it'll do and the more distance it'll
    knock them, with one exception. If you happen to get a dead turnip
    (with X's for eyes and a stitched-up mouth), you'll score 37% damage
    and get an instant KO! Sometimes Peach will pull objects out of the
    ground that are normally items, like, what I said before, Bob-ombs and
    Mr. Saturns.
    The following are the miscellaneous of the miscellaneous and cannot be
    defined in any category other than this one.
    Name: Smash Coins
    Type: Special
    Game: Super Smash Bros. Melee
    Rarity: During Coin Mode
    (You may want more information in the Coin Mode section of this FAQ.)
    Touch it, and you get a certain amount of some mystery currency. (I'll
    call it S, for Smash.) Copper ones give you 1S, silver ones give you
    5S, and the gold ones give you 10S.
    Name: Enemy
    Type: Special
    Game: Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Ice Climber
    Rarity: Very Rare
    Instead of items coming out of containers, sometimes you get a chance
    to score some points by having ENEMIES come out of them. You'll usually
    find a Goomba or a ReDead, but you may score a Koopa, a Paratroopa, an
    Octorok, a Like Like, a Topi, or even a Polar Bear. There are also
    rumors (which I think aren't true) about having Giga Bowser, Wireframe
    members, and the Master Hand coming out of these things, but Giga and
    MH are much too big too appear out of them, IMO
                             >>>>>1-Player Game<<<<<
                              >>> Classic  Mode <<<
    It's about time I actually get down to the part about playing the game
    itself... After 149.2 kilobytes. This is going to be a loooong FAQ,
    maybe one of the longest in GameFAQS or CheatCodes or whatever site
    this FAQ will end up in.
    Anywho, the Classic Mode is supposed to mirror the format of the
    original Super Smash Bros. 1-Player Game. Other than Target Practice
    and the long-gone Platform Boarding bonuses, that was the only thing
    you could get for the 1-pLayer Mode. Pretty bland, huh? That was a lot
    of people's complaints, and now they've increased the 1-Player Game
    probably fivefold or more. The Classic mode comnsists of 11 battles or
    events (marked by a dot or a pyramid, respectively) with randomly
    selected characters as your opponents. In SSB, the enemies were already
    predetermined. Here's a chart comparing what you do in each Smash Bros.
    Match #     SSB                     SSBM
    1           Fight Link              Fight a regular character
    2           Fight Yoshi Team (18)   Fight a team with an ally
    3           Fight Fox               Target Practice
    4           Target Practice         Fight a regular character
    5           Fight Mario Bros. w/    Fight a giant character with
                 an ally                  two allies
    6           Fight Pikachu           Collect Trophies
    7           Fight a giant DK w/     Fight a regular character
                 two allies
    8           Board the Platforms     Fight a team (10)
    9           Fight Kirby Team        Race to the Finish
    10          Fight Samus             Fight a metal character
    11          Fight Metal Mario       Fight the Master Hand/MH &
                                          Crazy Hand
    12          Race to the Finish      (Credits shooting)
    13          Fight Polygon Fighting
    14          Fight the Master Hand
    Obviously, since this is a Super Smash Bros. Melee FAQ and not regular
    Super Smash Bros., I'm not going to go into the SSB 1-Player Mode.
    I'll just focus on the SSBM Classic Mode. You get five difficulty
    levels: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. Click the arrows
    to the left or right of "Very Easy" to select the difficulty.
    You get an extra 200,000 points at the end for beating Very Hard.
    Also, you can set your stock (lives) from any whole number between and
    including 1 and 5. Set it to 1 for a challenge or a dare or to show off
    and set it to 5 if you're gonna try Normal or above and you don't think
    3 lives or 4 is enough. Click the arrows below difficulty to change the
    stock #.
    The Difficulty rating below is on a scale of one to ten. Easy and Very
    Easy opponents tend to get knocked off at lower %'s, and Hard and Very
    Hard opponents tend to get knocked off at higher %'s.
    If you lost all your lives, you have to pay a continue fee to continue.
    You also have your score halved and lose 20,000 points in the end. All
    this doesn't matter if you're simply playing this to get to the end,
    but there are special trophies that can only be accessed without
    continuing. If you can't pay the continue fee or choose not to, you
    Game Over.
    You battle a character in one of their Home Fields. Each character has
    at least one Home Field (and some are shared). Here's another chart...
    Character(s)                    Home Field(s)
    Mario, Luigi, Peach, Dr. Mario..Princess Peach's Castle
    Bowser (default)                Rainbow Cruise
                                    Mushroom Kingdom
                                    Mushroom Kingdom II
    Donkey Kong.....................Kongo Jungle
                                    Jungle Japes
    Link, Zelda, Young Link,........Hyrule Temple
    Ganondorf, Marth, Roy...........Great Bay
    Samus                           Brinstar
                                    Brinstar Depths
    Yoshi...........................Yoshi's Story
                                    Yoshi's Island
    Kirby...........................Fountain of Dreams
                                    Green Greens
    Fox, Falco......................Corneria
    Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff......Pokémon Stadium
    Mewtwo (default)                Poké Floats
    Capt. Falcon....................Mute City
                                    Big Blue
    Bowser, Mewtwo..................Battlefield
    (after getting stages)          Final Destination
    Ice Climbers....................Icicle Mountain
    Mr. Game & Watch................Flat Zone
    Match #1: Fight a Regular Character Difficulty: Very Easy   1
                                                    Easy        1
    Time Limit: 5 minutes                           Normal      3
                                                    Hard        5
                                                    Very Hard   7
    It may feel like nothing when playing on the easier difficulties, but
    once you play it on Hard or Very Hard, you may end up getting your butt
    delivered to you this early into the Classic Mode. The character you
    fight is random, with basic qualities, on their home fields. The most
    important trick to this would have to be to know the arena and your
    opponent! Look on the above sections if you aren't too sure of what
    you'll be up against.  Your score will not affect your game's outcome,
    so don't worry! It's just there so you can make a high score. Try
    practicing in Stock Mode during VS. with one computer opponent at the
    number of difficulty above and in one of their home fields. Practice
    until you can regularly beat this character without losing any lives,
    because they're all crucial later on!
    Match #2: Fight a Team with an Ally Difficulty: Very Easy   1
                                                    Easy        1
    Time Limit: 5 minutes                           Normal      3
                                                    Hard        7
                                                    Very Hard   8
    Why the big jump in difficulty between Easy and Hard? It's all in the
    ally. The ally is also random, and he or she can finish off both of the
    opponents pretty quickly in Very Easy and Easy. On Normal, your ally
    will be as good as the other characters, and by the time you get to
    Hard and Very Hard, you'll more than likely have to take on the two of
    them by yourself because your ally will have gotten KOed 10 seconds
    into the match. You should do what you should do during VS team battles
    of Stock. Single out an opponent and try to eliminate that one as
    quickly as possible so you can focus your efforts on the other one. If
    that guy's partner comes over, move to the other side of the arena to
    minimize double-teaming (that's when two people gang up on one person).
    Of course, this only applies to Normal and on. Otherwise, justr sit
    back, stay on the evasive, and let your ally do all the dirty work.
    Match #3: Target Practice
    Time Limit: 2 minutes
    You might want to see the Target Practice section of this FAQ for some
    information. During Classic mode, however, you got a time limit.
    Match #4: Fight a Regular Character Difficulty: Very Easy   2
                                                    Easy        3
    Time Limit: 5 minutes                           Normal      5
                                                    Hard        7
                                                    Very Hard   8
    This is where things start to heat up. This is C&Ped: The character you
    fight is random, with basic qualities, on their home fields. The most
    important trick to this would have to be to know the arena and your
    opponent! Look on the above sections if you aren't too sure of what
    you'll be up against.  Your score will not affect your game's outcome,
    so don't worry! It's just there so you can make a high score. Try
    practicing in Stock Mode during VS. with one computer opponent at the
    number of difficulty above and in one of their home fields.
    At this point, it's okay to lose a life, because you're over one-third
    through. Unless, of course, you have this set to one life. Just try not
    to lost a life, because future fights will get much more intense than
    Match #5: Fight a Giant Character...Difficulty: Very Easy   1
                                                    Easy        2
    Time Limit: 5 minutes                           Normal      6
                                                    Hard        8
                                                    Very Hard   9
    You'll fight a character who got a permanent Super Mushroom. This means
    dmage %'s will need to be high before you can KO this person. (You
    should start panicking when it's giant Bowser because you'll need to
    get %'s up above 400% in this case.) If you're playing as a short
    character, then good! Only attacks involving the ground will affect you
    in this case. Again, the sudden jump in difficulty is from the allies,
    who get more useless... but now there's TWO of them. They'll do an
    excellent job on Very Easy, making quicker time than Event 2. Another
    thing to watch out for is that Giant characters are superior, usually,
    in speed, damage doing, AND power than you, so a speedy character is
    also recommended. They're also huge targets, so your aim should also do
    well in this event.
    Match #6: Collect Trophies
    Time Limit: 2 minutes
    What you do here is try to add trophies to your collection, if you're
    interested. If not, just skip it and do nothing for 10 seconds. If you
    are interested, watch where you are at the beginning. You'll be in the
    middle, and the camera will quickly shift in the direction of where the
    first trophy will be. Quickly run to that side, and once the trophy
    falls into your range of whatever attack you choose (depends on what
    your character is; experiment). After 5 seconds, the camera will jerk
    again, if the second trophy is on the other side. Then it'll do it
    again after 10 seconds. If you have at least 20 coins, however, this
    may just be irrevelant, because they make a habit of having trophies
    you already have fall down. All in all an only somewhat useful event.
    Another mystery is the unusually long time limit: what happens when it
    goes down to zero? Nobody knows.
    Match #7: Fight a Regular Character Difficulty: Very Easy   4
                                                    Easy        5
    Time Limit: 5 minutes                           Normal      7
                                                    Hard        8
                                                    Very Hard   9
    You fight one last regular character, and it won't be easy. Unless the
    difficulty you choose says so. This is C&Ped: The character you
    fight is random, with basic qualities, on their home fields. The most
    important trick to this would have to be to know the arena and your
    opponent! Look on the above sections if you aren't too sure of what
    you'll be up against.  Your score will not affect your game's outcome,
    so don't worry! It's just there so you can make a high score. Try
    practicing in Stock Mode during VS. with one computer opponent at the
    number of difficulty above and in one of their home fields.
    Hard and Very Hard feature true test of skill, where experts clash! The
    CPU will have unhuman reflexes. Actually, they're programmed to respond
    immediately to what you do. If you throw anything, it'll hold up the
    shield at the best possible time. Try to attack, and they'll instantly
    turn around and kick you out. Attack in mid-air, and they'll air-dodge
    you. How you can ever lay a dent in the Very Hard difficulty of this is
    pretty much a pure mystery, except to exploit weaknesses of computer
    Match #8: Fight a Team of Ten       Difficulty: Very Easy   2
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 5 minutes                           Normal      6
                                                    Hard        8
                                                    Very Hard  10
    This is nerve-grindingly, heart-poundingly, teeth-gratingly,
    controller-killingly one inferno to experience on Hard and up. They're
    lighter (meaning they get KOed at low %'s) than you are, but they can
    pull any trick that a regular character would do. You also fight three
    at a time, which easily gives you the Punching Bag bonus. They're also
    all the same character (usually Mario, Luigi, or DK). In Very Easy and
    Easy, one strong hit will get rid of them, like Kirby's Final Cutter or
    Link's Spin Attack. They barely attack too. On Normal, you'll need to
    do some damage to them before they're out. And on Hard and Very Hard,
    they seem to be as heavy as you are, if not heavier, which means facing
    only one word can describe what to do to continue: practice.
    Match #9: Race to the Finish
    Time Limit: 1 minute
    You can just simply get to the first door, but what you want to aim for
    to achieve maximum points and coins for a reward is the last one. Just
    follow the path, and run. Don't walk. Jump over any doorway that may
    end your journey. When the path splits into three, take the bottom one.
    You may fall and get KOed at the bottom, but otherwise, you'll run out
    of time and just waste a minute of your life. Time your jumps right to
    make it acrss the tiny platforms. Any character can make it across.
    The doorway on the big spinning thingy is the third one from the last,
    so skip it. If you have less than 5 seconds left, go for the one right
    after the turbine room. If you have more, go for the last one. Wait
    until you have 1 second left to get a lot of coins. The points you get
    also can range anywhere between 100 and 50,000 points, depending on
    which doorway you end in.
    Match #10: Fight a Metal Character  Difficulty: Very Easy   5
                                                    Easy        6
    Time Limit: 5 minutes                           Normal      8
                                                    Hard        9
                                                    Very Hard  10
    A Metal character has much more mass than a giant character, and this
    time you take him or her on without any allies! They don't get thrown
    very far, so you should stick with your character's A, A, A...attack to
    rack up damage. Also, edge-guarding is very useful here, because Metal
    opponents don't run and also tend to not use the shield or any
    defensive maneuvers for that matter. The pummeling level is about 100%
    for a Very Easy, about 250% for Easy, 350% on Normal, 400% on Hard, and
    500% on Very Hard. (I faced Metal Ice Climbers on Very Hard...I did
    949% damage before scoring a KO.) Time is also of the essence, because
    you only get as much as when you face a regular opponent. I'd say a
    rather swift way of accumulating damage is to juggle some lead. This
    means taking that Metal guy, attacking him or her into the air, and
    hitting them again when they're about to reach the ground. However,
    that may be harder than it seems, because they also fall like a bag of
    Match #11: Master Hand Showdown     Difficulty: Very Easy   3
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 5 minutes                           Normal      5
                                                    Hard        7
                                                    Very Hard   7
                                   with Crazy Hand: Normal      8
                                                    Hard        8
                                                    Very Hard  10
    This isn't an ordinary battle. You're taking on the Master Hand itself.
    The Master Hand doesn't get thrown at all, for it has infinite mass (?)
    but limited health. After a certain amount of damage, Master Hand will
    be defeated and you have just conquered Classic Mode. Or have you? If
    you're playing on Normal or higher and halved the Master Hand's HP
    within thirty seconds, Crazy Hand will come in, with equal HP as Master
    Hand when the battle started. Crazy Hand has moves of its own, and the
    two hands can do attacks that require both of them to work. Every
    attack is preceded by a warning sign that it's about to happen. MH has
    150HP on Very Easy, 200HP on Easy, 300HP on Normal, 330HP on Hard, and
    360HP on Very Hard.
    Here are the Hands' movesets:
    Master Hand Only
    ·If the Master Hand closes all its fingers except the index and thumb,
    then it's about to do the Fingerbang (Normal and harder). It'll shoot
    bullets out of the index finger. Constantly jump to avoid it, or if
    you're Ness, the PSI Magnet will erase 20% of damage. It normally
    shoots just one bullet, but it'll shoot three if it feels it or the
    Crazy Hand is in danger.
    ·If the Master Hand closes all its fingers except the index and middle
    fingers, it's going to Walk Across the Arena (all difficulties). It
    walks across the arena, and when it gets to the end, it kicks. Touching
    it at any point during this will damage you, so when it starts walking,
    triple jump over it (or double jump as Yoshi or Ness) and wait until it
    goes back to its spot.
    ·If the Master Hand turns into a fist and opens up completely at the
    top of the screen, then it'll do the Slap (Easy and harder). Once you
    see it stop at the top, run towards the edge, jump away, and jump back
    with the triple jump and by then, if your timing is right, the Master
    Hand should already have hit the ground. If you're hit, you'll be
    stunned for a little while.
    Crazy Hand Only
    ·If the Crazy Hand floats a bit to the right and stops, then it's gonna
    have Seizures (Normal and harder). It's a very devastating attack, and
    its warnings are short. If you happen to be on the left side of the
    stage, better run away!
    ·If the Crazy Hand floats to the middle, then it's gonna drop some
    Bombs (Normal and harder). Stay to one side until it finishes,
    and as soon as the last bomb explodes on the ground, attack it.
    ·If the Crazy Hand wriggles for a second more than it normally does,
    then it'll do the Spider Crawl (Normal and harder). Jump over it.
    Both are Able to Do...
    ·If a hand stops moving and looks like it's holding a giant invisible
    pill, then it's about to do the Lasers (Easy and higher). Get under the
    wrist and start attack the wrist. You should get its health way down.
    The Lasers only do damage where they hit the ground.
    ·If a hand closes its index and ring fingers, then it's about to do the
    Rocket (Easy and higher). Stay in the middle, and look for the hand in
    the background. Jump over it and duck as soon as you land, because when
    Crazy Hand zooms back, it can still hurt you.
    ·If a hand zooms offscreen as a fist, then it'll do the Rocket Punch
    (all difficulties). Jump over it, and the hand is done with the attack.
    ·If a hand floats to the top of the screen as a fist and stays a fist,
    then it's going to do the Punch (all difficulties). It'll miss if you
    keep running in one direction.
    ·If a hand simply floats to the top of the screen, then it's going to
    do the Flyswatter (all difficulties). Jump as high as you can once it
    appears in the background.
    ·If a hand closes all of its fingers except the index finger and is
    slanted down a bit, then it's going to do Pushbuttons (Normal and
    harder). Jump up into the air to get the hand to do it too up to hit
    you. Crazy Hand's can freeze you.
    ·If a hand is completely open and follows your every move alongside
    you, then it's going to do the Grab (Normal and harder). Move away from
    it to make it miss. Master Hand's does increments of 13%, while Crazy
    Hand does much faster ones of 3% and puts a flower on your head.
    ·If a hand does the Triple Swipe (All difficulties), there is no
    warning sign that's long enough to show you that it's coming. If it
    quickly floats up into the air a short distance, I guess that's your
    sign. It's not a huge one, but this attack's accuracy is horrible.
    ·If a hand floats off the stage and quickly comes back at a bit lower
    altitude, then it's gonna do the Ground Swipe (all difficulties).
    Avoiding it is simple: just jump over it.
    ·If a hand makes itself really thin long, with all the fingertips
    together, it's about to do the Ground Grind (Hard and Very Hard). It's
    too fast for you to avoid in any way except shield.
    Together, They Do...
    ·If the Master Hand does the "come here" thing with its index finger
    and the Crazy Hand's fingertips sparkle, then they're about to do the
    Crazy Knuckles (Hard and Very Hard). If you duck, you should be fine.
    The Crazy Hand flies a punch to the Master Hand, who catches it.
    ·If the hands are emitting some weird gas, then GET AWAY! That's
    sleeping gas! It's also about to Applaud (Hard and Very Hard), which
    will KO you at about 30 or 40% if you're asleep. i tend to get caught
    in this atack, but if you can see it coming, then go to the very edge
    and hang there until they're done.
    ·If the two hands turn themselves into fists, you might want to duck.
    They're gonna Double Punch (Hard and Very Hard). If you're hit, you're
    pretty much done for.
    After the Hand(s) is (are) defeated, your Classic Mode ends! Or does
    it? When the credits roll by, you can shoot the names in your spaceship
    to see more information about them. It doesn't count as part of your
    journey (credits scores aren't even saved), but you can play it as a
    Match #12: Credits Shooting         Difficulty: 10
    Time Limit: About 1' 40"
    You've got about 150 names flying across you, and you use the Control
    Stick to shoot them and make them turn pink. These names include the
    occasional billboard as targets. I'd recommend you just rapidly press
    the A button, only stopping when there's a lack of names. If you manage
    to score over 130, that's really good. (My high score is 137.) If you
    choose not to go through the credits, press Start to make everything go
    by super-fast. If you want to read on someone, press B to stop it.
    Pressing the button again will bring thigns back to its regular speed.
    Oh, and I should mention that you can't shoot names when it's stopped,
    and staff members associated with secret characters will only appear
    after you get them.
    Some of the "Congrats!" scenes are pretty clever too.
                               >>>Adventure Mode<<<
    Fans clamored for more 1-Player Game, and despite that they probably
    will never have enough, HAL Labs has expanded the 1-Player Mode much
    farther than it used to be. The Adventure Mode is new to the Smash
    concepts, and it's a series of events, much like Classic Mode, except
    that the environments and foes are predetermined andn you have specific
    goals to acquire. Here's a chart, much like what I did for Classic:
    Stage #      Location          Goal #          Goal
    1            Mushroom Kingdom  1         Get to the Flagpole
                                   2         Beat Mario & Peach
                                   2 1/2     Beat Luigi & Peach*
    2            Kongo Jungle      3         Beat Two Little DKs
                                   4           Beat Giant DK
    3            Underground Maze  5         Find the Triforce
                                   6             Beat Zelda
    4            Brinstar          7             Beat Samus
                                   8        Escape from Brinstar
    5            Green Greens      9             Beat Kirby
                                   10         Beat Kirby Team
                                   11        Beat Giant Kirby*
    6            Corneria          12            Beat Fox
                                   13      Beat Fox with Arwings
                                   13 1/2 Beat Falco with Arwings*
    7            Pokémon Stadium   14        Beat Pokémon Team
    8            F-Zero Grand Prix 15     Get to the Finish Line
                                   16       Beat Capt. Falcon
    9            Onett             17        Beat Ness Team
    10           Icicle Mountain   18      Beat Ice Climber Team
    11           Battlefield       19         Beat Wireframes
                                   20         Beat Metal Mario
                                   20 1/2  Beat Metal Mario Bros.*
    12           Final Destination 21         Beat Big Bowser
                                   22        Beat Giga Bowser*
                                  (23)       (Credits Shooting)
    *these events are skipped unless you fulfill certain requirements.
    They will be explained in their sections.
    The same rules apply to the Adventure Mode when it comes to difficulty
    selection, stock, Game Over, and Continue. I'll C&P it below for your
    convenience (and mine.)
    You get five difficulty levels: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very
    Hard. Click the arrows to the left or right of "Very Easy" to select
    the difficulty. You get an extra 200,000 points at the end for beating
    Very Hard.
    Also, you can set your stock (lives) from any whole number between and
    including 1 and 5. Set it to 1 for a challenge or a dare or to show off
    and set it to 5 if you're gonna try Normal or above and you don't think
    3 lives or 4 is enough. Click the arrows below difficulty to change the
    stock #.
    The Difficulty rating below is on a scale of one to ten. Easy and Very
    Easy opponents tend to get knocked off at lower %'s, and Hard and Very
    Hard opponents tend to get knocked off at higher %'s.
    If you lost all your lives, you have to pay a continue fee to continue.
    You also have your score halved and lose 200,000 points in the end. All
    this doesn't matter if you're simply playing this to get to the end,
    but there are special trophies that can only be accessed without
    continuing. If you can't pay the continue fee or choose not to, you
    Game Over.
                      Stage 1: Mushroom Kingdom
    Goal #1: Get to the Flagpole        Difficulty: Very Easy   1
                                                    Easy        2
    Time Limit: 7 minutes                           Normal      4
                                                    Hard        5
    Location: World 1-1                             Very Hard   7
    In this first romp through the Adventure Mode, don't get tense. All you
    will be doing is stomping on Goombas and Koopas and beating the living
    daylights out of a Yoshi Team of ten. My best advice is to take it easy
    and don't rush--you've got seven minutes and you can easily clear this
    in under two minutes, even on Very Hard. See the Goombas and Koopas
    coming ahead of you, and stomp on them to get them out of your way or
    dodge them and their slow movements. Time your jumps carefully, and
    when you get to the part above the water, stay on the ground as high up
    as possible. Sure, you've got Paratroopas, but your chances of losing a
    life by falling into the water is greatly decreased and you have far
    fewer actual enemies to push you in up there. Also, there are two
    trophies you can find here--one out in the open and the other one from
    a special Goomba somewhere on the field. If a Goomba touches you, you
    will get knocked back a moderate distance and take 10%. Touching a
    Green Koopa (wings and no wings) brings you back further with 20%. A
    Red Koopa is worse, throwing you back even further with 26%. However,
    you can score 100 points for each Goomba you KO, 300 for each Koopa and
    500 for each Paratroopa.
    Now for the Yoshi Team itself: about 4/5 through, you'll come across a
    tall flat top hill with a Toad running back and forth. Once you reach
    the middle of it, the Yoshi Team will come, three at a time. You can't
    leave until you beat them all. On everything up to Normal, you can just
    use any strong attack you have and send them flying off the sides. Once
    you get to Hard and Very Hard, they'll start doing Meteor Attacks on
    you if you take flight, so you might want to brush up on the Air Dodge.
    If you let them keep doing this to you, you'll reach triple digits in
    no time. Then, all three of them will attack at once and take a stock
    from you. That's why you should always attack them and not let them
    recover. A strong attack from 20% on will finish them. What weaklings.
    Once you go a short distance from there, you'll see a flagpole. Go next
    to it to clear the goal.
    Goal #2: Beat Mario & Peach         Difficulty: Very Easy   3
                                                    Easy        3
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      5
                                                    Hard        8
    Location: Princess Peach's Castle               Very Hard  10
    The fact that this is a 2 on 1, you being the 1, is going to make this
    VERY hard. You'll easily get the Punching Bag bonus if you ever make a
    mistake or let your guard down in any difficulty, even Very Easy. Mario
    and Peach always seem to follow one another, like as if they're in
    love... Anyway, Mario is normally the aggressor, though Peach likes to
    use her Parasol attack as an opener. Should you get hit by one person,
    the attack is meant for you to fly right to the other, who'll hit you
    to the blast line if possible. Sort of like volleyball. You'll have to
    be light on your feet, and being a good jumper definitely helps in this
    match. Use your items to your advantage as possible, though they're
    inclined toward the same thing. Also, a Bullet/Bansai Bill is coming if
    they're both standing wayyy at one side and are acting purely defen-
    sively. Hang with them to avoid such a powerful hazard. Good luck!
    Goal #2 1/2: Beat Luigi & Peach     Difficulty: Very Easy   3
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      6
                                                    Hard        7
    Location: Princess Peach's Castle               Very Hard   9
    Maybe it's me, but Luigi's easier to beat than Mario on Hard and above
    but harder on Easy and Normal. If you finished Goal #1 with "2" as the
    ones digit of the seconds in time remaining (like 5:22:06 or 3:42:78),
    there'll be a cutscene of Luigi jumping on Mario's head and, Mario
    falls. Luigi will challenge you in place of Mario, and you skip Goal
    #2, hence #2 1/2. Luigi's more agile than his brother, which means he
    has better speed and higher jumps. Do what you normally do with Mario,
    except keep in mind that Luigi will jump a few feet higher than Mario
    and also loves to lift heavy items. You also get 20 points for a Luigi
                          Stage 2: Kongo Jungle
    Goal #3: Beat Two Little DKs        Difficulty: Very Easy   2
                                                    Easy        3
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      4
                                                    Hard        7
    Location: Kongo Jungle                          Very Hard   9
    Welcome again to DK's territory. I don't know what's going on, but in
    this battle, you're pitted against two little DKs. That means they fly
    faster but are just as powerful. No matter what difficulty you're
    playing this on, running at them and hitting them will always cause
    damage to them. And since they fly so far, they tend to use the
    Spinning Kong attack to get them back onto the field. Get them up to
    about 100%, and if you haven't KOed them already, lure them to one of
    the top platforms, them drop to the bottom as fast as you can and start
    charging an upward Smash Attack. They'll follow you down, and just when
    they're right above you, (they usually do everything together) let it
    go to get them into background city.
    Goal #4: Beat Giant DK              Difficulty: Very Easy   3
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      6
                                                    Hard        7
    Location: Jungle Japes                          Very Hard   8
    If you made it through the two little DKs, this'll be a piece of cake.
    Although you are taking on Giant DK alone, he's a monstrous target, and
    you're much faster than he is. When the battle starts, immediately get
    onto the center platform above Cranky's window and start rapidly
    attacking. Regardless of difficulty, you will be getting Giant DK's %
    up really quickly. After a few seconds, Giant DK will get an oppor-
    tunity to atack, so drop down and prepare an upwards Smash and escape
    to one of the planks on either side of the map. Sometimes, you'll luck
    out and Giant DK will fall down through the gaps, leaving you as the
    victor. If Dk makes it, atack him to get through and get back on the
    center paltform and repeat the process. It won't keep up for long,
    because Giant DK is stupid.
                        Stage 3: Underground Maze
    Goal #5: Find the Triforce          Difficulty: Very Easy   4
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 7 minutes                           Normal      6
                                                    Hard        8
    Location: Underground Maze                      Very Hard  10
    After blasting through Mario's place and DK's place, your quest goes on
    through the land of Hyrule, meeting five Links inside the Underground
    Maze. The Links get thrown off approximately twice as far as a regular
    Link in that difficulty level, but it's still pretty hard. Luckily,
    there is a way for you to clear this without fighting any Links at all.
    When you start off, run to the right until you get into the main well
    hallway thing. Jump up, hugging the left wall as you go, until you hit
    your head on the small piece of rock that sticks out or at your highest
    jump if you're playing as a bad jumper. Pause and zoom out (X button)
    as far as possible, then use the control stick to turn the angles until
    you can see a room with something in the middle of the floor. If it's
    gray, unpause and drop down. If it's gold, use the platforms the
    ReDeads are on to get in that room. The next room is somewhere near the
    bottom. Fall, hugging the left wall again as you go. Go across the
    plank above the mechanical stuff until you see more gray floor. Pause
    again to check your surroundings. If it still isn't there, go directly
    across the well and go through the passage. now hug the RIGHT wall as
    you fall at the end of that corridor and (this may be tricky) jump as
    far as you can to the right as you are about to hit the floor. If you
    don't get far enough, Link will come to attack you. Check the room. If
    it still isn't there, just follow the path up to get to the other three
    rooms. As long as you don't touch that room's floor, you won't fight
    Link, so Kirby and Jigglypuff, who can float, are recommended here. If
    you get unlucky and have to fight Link, you'll notice that items will
    start raining down on you. Link doesn't like to use items, so pummel
    him with them! He's also not too good in midair, but he'll act very
    defensively, so you will need to perfect your timing or do clearout
    attacks (like DK's Spinning Kong or Hand Slap, or maybe use Bowser's
    Whirling Fortress) until they're KOed. It'll be fast on an easier
    difficulty, but it'll get hard after that. You get a sympathetic 30,000
    points as the Link Master bonus if you fought all five Links before
    finding the Triforce. There's also a trophy lying somewhere in this
    maze--can you find it?
    Goal #6: Beat Zelda                 Difficulty: Very Easy   2
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      6
                                                    Hard        6
    Location: Temple                                Very Hard   8
    Now that you found the Triforce, Zelda will come to defend her honor or
    something and battle you. She loves retreating into the lower parts of
    the arena, making KOing anyone difficult. Beat her up while she's down
    there. Don't wait to lure her out. You'll simply be wasting your four
    minutes. She'll eventually come up for air, so if she's over 100%, take
    her to the balcony ting left of the hole leading underground. Drop down
    and prepare an upward Smash. This, unless it's on Very Hard will send
    her flying. If she starts walking to the right, it means there's a
    powerful item that appeared there. Be prepared for anything from a Poké
    Ball to a Hammer. If you find an item along the way, pick it up too and
    use it. She can transform into Sheik, but the same rules apply. One
    last thing is that on Hard and Very Hard, she tends to get power-hungry
    with Din's Fire and her Chain.
                           Stage 4: Brinstar
    Goal #7: Beat Samus                 Difficulty: Very Easy   3
                                                    Easy        5
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      5
                                                    Hard        8
    Location: Brinstar                              Very Hard   9
    Your goal is simple: Beat Samus. This may not be as easy as it seems,
    because although you can simply beat her up in Normal and below, Hard
    and Very Hard has her being a defensive master, instantly responding to
    anything that comes her way. She also likes to use her grapple to throw
    you up. Motion Sensor Bombs tend to show up here, and it's recommended
    that you throw it up onto the center upper platform, her favorite
    hanging spot. Lure her there, especially after beating her up, which
    is only easy for me to say, and she'll get KOed at somewhere between
    70% to 150%, depending on the difficulty. On a higher difficulty, she
    will still fall for the trick, but pretty much the only way to put a
    scratch on her armor is to stand directly below her while she's hanging
    out at her spot of choice, them jump and do an aerial Up+A. Repeat
    until the acid rises, because she'll leave herself open repeatedly when
    you do this.
    Goal #8: Escape from Brinstar       Difficulty: 5
    Time Limit: 40 seconds
    Location: Brinstar Escape Route
    Oh no! The heat of the battle that took place here has caused a chain
    reaction to occur, ending in the destruction of Planet Zebes! The
    computer has calculated that you got 40 seconds to get to the topmost
    platform and zoom to Pop Star! Are you up to it?
    This is basically a testing ground for how well you do in jumping.
    Good jumpers, like Jigglypuff and Ness, are going to breeze through
    this, while bad jumpers, like Bowser and Ganondforf, will have a tough
    time. Just remember that everything that's thin is a platform you can
    go up through, so don't waste time going around it. Once you pass
    through two of the yellow glass thingies, you can triple jump, if
    possible, to a platform right above you twice. After that, follow the
    path to the right, then go up more yellow thingies, this time with
    metal walls. Triple jump to get to the final yellow thingy (even a lone
    Ice Climber can triple jump up to the top). Get onto the lens to clear
    this stage. There's also a trophy you can grab along the way. Don't
    hang around too long to get it, because if your 40 seconds are up, you
    lose a stock!
                        Stage 5: Green Greens
    Goal #9: Beat Kirby                 Difficulty: Very Easy   1
                                                    Easy        2
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      4
                                                    Hard        6
    Location: Green Greens                          Very Hard   8
    Here's another 1 on 1 battle, this time against Kirby, the soft shape-
    shifting alien. Kirby likes to open with a Swallow attack (no pun
    intended) and spit you out. If you aren't playing as Kirby, he'll
    steal your ability and use it as his main attack. Seeing that by now
    you should know how to use your B-button attack and what its weaknesses
    are, fighting Kirby should be a walk in the park. Like I've mentioned
    above, use the upward Smash technique to get rid of Kirby, this time at
    80%. Another trick you can use is the fact that Kirby likes to use
    Stone, even over the blocks, ensuring him a loss and a win for you.
    Goal #10: Beat Kirby Team           Difficulty: Very Easy   1
                                                    Easy        1
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      3
                                                    Hard        9
    Location: Green Greens                          Very Hard  10
    There is such a dramatic difference between how hard it is to beat the
    Kirby masquerade of fifteen between Very Easy and Very Hard...If you're
    playing this on Very Easy or Easy, just use your strongest B-button
    attack, a bunch of Smashes, or a clearout to reel them into the horizon
    beyond. On Normal, you need to check if there's a Kirby overhead about
    to use his Stone attack, but it's otherwise the same. The Kirbys on
    Hard and Very Hard are, don't mind if I do, hardier than the rest. It
    takes two strong moves to down a Kirby, and the three that come out at
    a time will line up their attacks to toss you around like a bunch of
    punks with a little boy's pencil. Your best strategy is, since they
    generally move together, to go to the other side of the stage and
    attack them as they come near. Charge a Smash and they're history.
    Goal #11: Beat Giant Kirby          Difficulty: Very Easy   4
                                                    Easy        5
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      7
                                                    Hard        9
    Location: Green Greens                          Very Hard   9
    So you've successfully escaped from Brinstar and beat the Kirby Team in
    less than 30 seconds. You've been whooping before, but big whoop,
    because the whoopin' Giant kirby will come to whoop you like a whooping
    crane! Do what you did for regular Kirby, except because of his mass,
    you'll need to pull it off at about 200% with a speedier, jumpier, and
    more powerful version of the marshmallow you've known before! Run away
    when you need to and stay to fight while charging headfirst.
                           Stage 6: Corneria
    Goal #12: Beat Fox                  Difficulty: Very Easy   4
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      4
                                                    Hard        7
    Location: Corneria                              Very Hard   7
    For some reason, this is straightforward, and Fox doesn't seem to have
    a range of abilities. His strategy is to wear down on your time by
    running away, only attacking once in a while. Fox is one of the fastest
    characters in the game, so he's a natural when it comes to evasion. To
    punch a hole right into the middle of his strategy, use items! He'll
    deflect many of the projectiles that come out of items if you attack
    from far away in Hard and Very Hard, which is why the difficulty goes
    from 4 to 7. What's another way around this? If a Poké Ball shows up,
    chances are a Pokémon will come out and do some damage to Fox if it
    doesn't KO him. A Proximity Mine (MS Bomb) can be laid in front of Fox,
    then jumping over it and to Fox always works. A Bunny Hood can let you
    outrun and outjump Fox, and if you feel the item just isn't coming,
    just resort to old-fashioned good timing.
    Goal #13: Beat Fox with Arwings     Difficulty: Very Easy   5
                                                    Easy        5
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      7
                                                    Hard        7
    Location: Corneria                              Very Hard   9
    After a short conversation between Falco, Peppy, and Slippy, they'll
    come in to help Fox out with his task of wiping you out. It's a whole
    new battle, and everything's exactly the same, except for them shooting
    at you and Fox now being on the offensive. He'l start out running
    toward you. Run right at him and attack with A before he does to send
    him back. Although the Arwings are there in the background, their aim
    is as true when you're on the ground as it is when you're in the air,
    so aerial attacks are the way to go, since Fox will only jump when
    necesssary. As long as you keep moving as fast as you can, the Arwings
    can't hit you, so just move around as fast as you can and hit Fox when
    he comes by. If you can pull a Smash attack on him, he'll probably get
    hit by the Arwings' lasers during his own flight, KOing him. But the
    Arwings will get in your way more often than not, so just send Fox
    flying into the air as much as possible. You'll get that KO in no time.
    Goal #13 1/2: Beat Falco w/ Arwings Difficulty: Very Easy   5
                                                    Easy        5
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      7
                                                    Hard        7
    Location: Corneria                              Very Hard   9
    If you have Falco as a playable character and met Giant Kirby's
    requirements, instead of taking on Fox again, you'll fight Falco. This
    is exactly the same as fighting Fox. Maybe it's even easier, since
    Falco isn't as fast, so he can get knocked around by the Arwings more.
    Either way, just keep moving and sending Falco into the air, and you'll
    be fine.
                        Stage 7: Pokémon Stadium
    Goal #14: Beat Pokémon Team         Difficulty: Very Easy   3
                                                    Easy        5
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal	7
                                                    Hard       10
    Location: Pokémon Stadium                       Very Hard  10
    You're fighting 12 Pikachus, and if you got any of them as playable
    characters, Pichus and Jigglypuff too. This fight is pure hell. It's
    that hard. Normally, to get past other characters, you would jump over
    them. in this case, the Pikachus and Pichus will use their Thunders to
    hit you when you're in the air. It's madness. Don't bother dueling them
    until the Poké Balls start appearing. Throw the items at them and let
    those Pokémon do the dirty work. These Pikachus, Pichus, and Jiggly-
    puffs get KOed at half their regular damage %'s, so hang in there and
    perfect that air dodge!
                         Stage 8: F-Zero Grand Prix
    Goal #15: Get to the Finish Line    Difficulty: 6
    Time Limit: 4 minutes
    Location: F-Zero Grand Prix
    This is similar to Escape from Brinstar, in that there are no computer
    players to fight, but simply to get to the end. This is a bit harder
    than the previous challenge in terms of the amount of danger in the
    course itself, but the time limit is now 6 times greater. You start out
    on a part of the racetrack of the F-Zero Grand Prix, and you need to
    run all the way to the finish line while avoiding the F-Zero cars.
    Depending on who you play as, where you stop to rest will depend on who
    you're playing as. If you're playing as Capt. Falcon, Fox, or Pichu,
    then follow steps labeled as (A). Anyone else will be labeled as (B).
    Kirby, Jigglypuff, and Ness can stay airborne for so long they can just
    jump over all of the F-Zero cars when they come by. Don't forget the
    "!" warning and the sound means the racers are about to come your way!
    When you begin, run as fast as you can. You'll notice some pink plat-
    forms above you. Stop on the fourth one (A) or rest against the wall
    the course makes when it drops (B). Keep running as fast as you can,
    and you can either get onto the sixth platform (B) or, when the course
    breaks into jumps, stop right after the first hole in the track and
    duck until the cars completely go by (A). Jumping over the holes are
    pretty tricky, and when the holes are all behind you (you can tell when
    you pass two pink platforms nest to each other over nothing) stop and
    let the cars fly far over your head (A) or stop on the small pink piece
    of ground after the jumps (B). Either way, finishing the level is
    simply a run from there.
    Goal #16: Beat Capt. Falcon         Difficulty: Very Easy   3
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      6
                                                    Hard        8
    Location: Mute City                             Very Hard   9
    I myself am not very skilled with Capt. Falcon, but after a romp on
    Normal or higher, you can bet the computer sure is. Capt. Falcon, at
    any difficulty, will open with either a Falcon Punch or a Raptor Boost.
    Both supersede a quick dash to the center of the stage. When Capt.
    Falcon stops, especially when you see the flames, jump straight up from
    where you are, and then double jump to ensure his opening attack misses
    you. He'll probably jump up to do an aerial on you, so respond before
    he can with a downward aerial attack. This requires precise timing,
    because by pressing down you'll also be falling faster. This move will
    either cause major damage to Falcon or do a Meteor Smash on him, which
    also does major damage. Beat him up while he's down, and once he
    recovers, jump to get out of another one of his Falcon Punches or
    Raptor Boosts. Look him up under "Characters" if you don't know what an
    attack of his does. Capt. Falcon is very speedy on the ground, but he
    lacks agility in the air. Use this weak spot of his to deal him damage.
    Don't forget that the Mute City arena will travel around the Mute City
    course, occasionally creating entirely different sets to play on. It's
    a safe bet that he'll go down after a Smash attack when he's at about
    130%, but because he's so fast, it may be harder than it seems.
                               Stage 9: Onett
    Goal #17: Beat Ness Team            Difficulty: Very Easy   6
                                                    Easy        6
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      6
                                                    Hard        8
    Location: Onett                                 Very Hard   8
    It's a neighborhood rumble! Three Nesses, each going twice as far as a
    regular Ness, will be itching to pelt you with Mr. Saturns. You won't
    get any help from items here, save Mr. Saturn who aren't too reliable.
    Mr. Saturn is a useless item. Forget about them. They, however pop up
    all over the place, so instead of doing that Smash attack you intended
    to do to KO all three Nesses as once, you pick up a Mr. Saturn instead.
    Be careful! Mr. Saturn is normally of no good use, but when the Ness
    Team comes at you and throws Mr. Saturns at you like nobody's business,
    the 8% damage increases in really fast increments. If you're playing
    this on Hard or Very Hard, you'll be over 100% before you know what hit
    you. They also use the Mr. Saturns defensively--when you're leaping up
    to get them on a rooftop, they'll throw a Mr. Saturn at you, causing
    you to fall and throw off your timing. My best advice is to know when a
    Ness is carrying a Mr. Saturn and press A at the right time facing that
    Ness to catch the Mr. Saturn. Unfortunately, even that strategy doesn't
    always work because a Ness is always behind you. They're actually smart
    enough to split up to get you surrounded. Just get to one, preferably
    the red-capped one (green-capped if you're playing as a red-capped
    Ness) and get him to 90%. Lure him to one side of the stage and knock
    him away. This isn't as easy as it seems, due to the Mr. Saturns. Get
    Yellow Cap to 70% and KO him. Blue Cap is a piece of cake once he's
    isolated. Get him to 60% and abuse the child.
                          Stage 10: Icicle Mountain
    Goal #18: Beat Ice Climbers Team    Difficulty: Very Easy   3
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      6
                                                    Hard        8
    Location: Icicle Mountain                       Very Hard  10
    You go up Icicle Mountain, and after 53 seconds, you fight two pairs of
    Ice Climbers. Take your time though, but try to survive. The speed of
    the scrolling seems to be programmed to go along with the music, when
    it's unpaused. The first two times the music changes, the scrolling
    speeds up. If you unfortunately pause, it starts at slow, gets to
    medium after 25 seconds, and then to fast at 40. If you can endure the
    last 13 seconds of fast scrolling, then two pairs of Ice Climbers will
    fall from the sky to duel you. All four eskimos travel together, so you
    should see when they're coming and prepare a Smash for them. Sometimes,
    though, each pair will be on either side. In that case, run to one,
    beat them up and KO the leader (darker parka) if possible. If you can't
    by the time the other one comes, jump to behind them and Smash them at
    the blast line together. It usually works, unless they're below 20%.
    On Hard and Very Hard, they will take advantage of the close blast line
    by hitting you to a side and then Smashing you into it. Be careful and
    practice against the Ice Climbers. These Adventure guys hate to use
    their B moves except for Belay though, which they overuse, even when
    their assistants have already gone overboard. This should slow them
    down just enough to get rid of them in the harder difficulties.
                               Stage 11: Battlefield
    Goal #19: Beat Wireframes           Difficulty: Very Easy   4
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      5
                                                    Hard        6
    Location: Battlefield                           Very Hard   7
    All the regular challenges are over. Here's a special arena where
    surrealistic characters come to fight. Your first challenger (or should
    I say "challengers") is the Fighting Wireframes Team, this time made up
    of fifteen of them. Don't be frightened by their numbers; as you can
    see on the difficulty chart above you, they're actually easier than the
    past few rounds you've been through. There are two different kinds of
    Wireframes: males modeled after Capt. Falcon and females modeled after
    Zelda. Males tend to come right up to you and duke it out, while 
    females will rather stay in one place and defend the area. They come
    out, five at a time, and both are pretty weak in every aspect in this
    situation. Both only have two moves: a 2% damage basic attack and a 16%
    Smash attack. The harder the difficulty, the more they'll use Smash
    attacks. As soon as the match starts, run right at them when they begin
    to group together in front of you and press A when getting close to
    them to get them outta here. Repeat until all there's left are a couple
    of females guarding some of the platforms above. Jump up when you're
    underneath them and do any directional aerial attack to get rid of them
    and win. Be careful with the dash attack because some characters will
    continue charging forward for some distance, so don't start it at the
    edge, but more along the middle. The Wireframes on Very Hard though
    occasionally can stand up to a dash attack, but barely enough to.
    Goal #20: Beat Metal Mario          Difficulty: Very Easy   3
                                                    Easy        4
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      4
                                                    Hard        6
    Location: Battlefield                           Very Hard   7
    Like in the original game, somewhat near the end of the 1-Player Game,
    you take on Metal Mario. He's permanently metal and can't talk, like
    all of the other metal characters. This isn't much of a challenge
    tough, because his reaction times are as slow as his steps. The match
    starts with him above you. Get an uward Smash ready and he'll fall flat
    on his back. Smash attacks usually bring the opponent far away, but
    this Mario is so dense that he'll barely go up. On Very Easy and Easy,
    you'll want to bring him up to 110% and grab him, get him either to the
    left or right in any way you can, and be cruel and edge guard, since
    he won't always go down at any %. On Normal, if you can get him to 220%
    the game is yours. Hard and Very Hard will feature a Mario so dense,
    even though he's almost as dumb, you'll need to get him to 400% before
    doing him in. Speed is the key here. Dash attacks and grabs are key,
    because Metal Mario is so slow, it's relatively easy to time.
    Goal #20 1/2: Beat Metal Mario Bros.Difficulty: Very Easy   5
                                                    Easy        6
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      7
                                                    Hard        9
    Location: Battlefield                           Very Hard  10
    There HAD to be a reason why Metal Mario was such a pushover...this is
    why. Once you get Luigi as a secret character, instead of fighting
    Metal Mario alone, from now on you'll be fighting him and his brother.
    Two metal characters will become a real hassle, but the challenge isn't
    quite doubled because the Mario Bros. will get even dumber than before.
    Try to defend yourself against them by attacking to do them damage. Get
    them to an edge, roll or jump to get behind them, and Smash them off
    the edge. You can finish Luigi off at a lower % because he's stupid
    enough to do a Green Missile when he falls below the playing field,
    eliminating him. You can then proceed to finishing off Metal Mario as
    you normally would.
                         Stage 12: Final Destination
    Goal #21: Beat Big Bowser           Difficulty: Very Easy   5
                                                    Easy        5
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      5
                                                    Hard        7
    Location: Final Destination                     Very Hard   9
    The last stage of the Adventure Mode introduces you to two different
    Bowsers unique to the game. The Big Bowser isn't actually that giant;
    he's bigger than regular Bowser, but smaller than Bowser after a Super
    Mushroom. He's no wimp in any difficulty, because you'll have to follow
    strategies similar to a metal character to beat him. He's slow like a
    metal character and is as freaking heavy as one. Well, not really as
    heavy, but you will need to bring him to 200% to effectively finish
    him. He has lackluster defensive abilities, but they increase as you
    get from Normal to Very Hard. This should be your target! Jump up above
    him, and like all computer players, he'll simply stop to get himself
    hit by an aerial attack. Because he's so big, it'll be easy. Yoshi is
    particularly able to do this, since holding down A for his down+A
    aerial keeps his shoes flapping, possibly doing 40 to 50% in one shot!
    His time to get up from collapsing is also poor, so hit him as fast as
    you can before he gets up. It's advised that you get him to an edge
    when you can. On Very Easy and Easy, by the time you get him to the
    edge after one pummel, he'll be too weak to prevent himself from
    getting KOed, but from Normal on, you'll need to start edge-guarding.
    If you dobn't know what it is by now, it means that you Smash someone
    off the edge, stand there, and Smash the person again when he's about
    to return. Just keep it up, though sometimes when Big Bowser grabs on a
    ledge, he'll roll back onto the playing field. Simply roll again to get
    back on the correct side and edge-guard some more. You now got yourself
    a KO to end the Advneute Mode!
    Bowser turns back into a trophy and disappears into the distance. You
    are now soooo happy! But if you breezed through the Adventure Mode,
    should you be happy at all?
    Goal #22: Beat Giga Bowser          Difficulty: Very Easy   /
                                                    Easy        /
    Time Limit: 4 minutes                           Normal      8
                                                    Hard       10
    Location: Final Destination                     Very Hard  10
    What a whopping heap of trouble you just got yourself into! If you're
    playing on Normal or higher, beat the Adventure Mode in less than 18
    minutes, including Big Bowser in less than one minute, you're gonna be
    in for it... Instead of ending with the Bowser trophy falling and your
    character being really happy, the Bowser trophy comes back, as if
    thrown by what I assume to be the Master Hand too far away to see, and
    the normal Mario arch-rival gets all of his muscles bulged and gets a
    facelift for the worse...
    Giga Bowser is no ordinary character. He's even more demonic than the
    original Bowser, and it takes a double jump to get over his head when
    you're on the ground. That's how big he is. Despite his monstrous look,
    he's a pretty intelligent fighter, always going to an item to pick it
    up and put it to good use. He's slow as a snail though, so if he's
    about to get to an item, run, attack him when you get close to him to
    stun him a bit, and pick up the item. If you know you're good at it,
    pick it up and use it against him. If it's useless to you, throw it off
    the stage. Giga Bowser's favorite attack is his Fire Breath. It's as
    big as regular Bowser's fire, so you should have no problem jumping
    over that when Giga Bowser rears his head back. You'll need to get him
    to about 300% to turn him into a punching bag to KO, but you'll
    probably lose some stock as you do this--make sure you have at least
    two or three or you'll be biting off more than you can chew, since Giga
    Bowser only needs a couple of Bowser Bombs and Koopa Klaws to finish
    YOU off. Motion Sensor Bombs will really aid you here. Remember where
    it is, and you will be able to KO him much easier. Having two on the
    arena is even better.
    Should you manage to finish the mighty Giga Bowser, his trophy will
    fall away, and this time, you see it shatter as it hits the jet black
    ground. There's no more. Shoot the credits. You're done. Did I mention
    you also get 30,000 points and a special reward for a Giga Bowser KO?
    Goal #23: Credits Shooting          Difficulty: 10
    Time Limit: About 1' 40"
    You've got about 150 names flying across you, and you use the Control
    Stick to shoot them and make them turn pink. These names include the
    occasional billboard as targets. I'd recommend you just rapidly press
    the A button, only stopping when there's a lack of names. If you manage
    to score over 130, that's really good. (My high score is 137.) If you
    choose not to go through the credits, press Start to make everything go
    by super-fast. If you want to read on someone, press B to stop it.
    Pressing the button again will bring thigns back to its regular speed.
    Oh, and I should mention that you can't shoot names when it's stopped,
    and staff members associated with secret characters will only appear
    after you get them. Ha-ha. More C&Ping in your face...
    These "Congrats!" scenes are a bit more clever than the Classic Mode
                                >>>All-Star Mode<<<
    Did you get all the secret characters? Good. You can now access the
    All-Star mode, a relatively difficult odyssey involving all the play-
    able characters in the game.
    You get five difficulty levels: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very
    Hard. Click the arrows to the left or right of "Very Easy" to select
    the difficulty. You get an extra 200,000 points at the end for beating
    Very Hard.
    The Difficulty rating below is on a scale of one to ten. Easy and Very
    Easy opponents tend to get knocked off at lower %'s, and Hard and Very
    Hard opponents tend to get knocked off at higher %'s.
    If you lost all your lives, you have to pay a continue fee to continue.
    You also have your score halved and lose 200,000 points in the end. All
    this doesn't matter if you're simply playing this to get to the end,
    but there are special trophies that can only be accessed without
    continuing. If you can't pay the continue fee or choose not to, you
    Game Over.
    What makes All-Star Mode different than Classic and Adventure is that
    you have only one life. Sucks, huh? Damage is also carried to the next
    battle. Sucks even more. Your only help is in the form of special Heart
    Containers you can pick up in between battles to bring your health back
    down to 0%. Are you ready to go? Okay...
    Round #                What You Do
    1                      Fight a Regular Character
    2                      Fight a Regular Character
    3                      Fight a Regular Character
    4                      Fight a Regular Character
    5                      Fight Two Regular Characters
    6                      Fight Two Regular Characters
    7                      Fight Two Regular Characters
    8                      Fight Two Regular Characters
    9                      Fight Three Regular Characters
    10                     Fight Three Regular Characters
    11                     Fight Three Regular Characters
    12                     Fight Three Regular Characters
    13                     Fight Mr. Game & Watch Team
    (14)                   (Credits Shooting)
    Finally, in All-Star Mode, each character gets a field to battle on. It
    may not necessarily be their home field, but they got their music.
    Character              Stage
    Mario..................Rainbow Cruise
    Donkey Kong............Kongo Jungle
    Link...................Great Bay
    Yoshi..................Yoshi's Story
    Kirby..................Green Greens
    Pikachu................Pokémon Stadium
    Capt. Falcon...........Mute City
    Bowser.................Yoshi's Island
    Peach..................Princess Peach's Castle
    Ice Climbers...........Icicle Mountain
    Jigglypuff.............Poké Floats
    Marth..................Fountain of Dreams
    Mr. Game & Watch.......N/A
    Dr. Mario..............Kingdom II
    Ganondorf..............Brinstar Depths
    Young Link.............Jungle Japes
    Roy....................Final Destination
    (Big Blue and the Past Stages aren't used in All-Star.)
    Rounds #1-4: Fight a Reg. Character Difficulty: Very Easy   4
                                                    Easy        5
    Time Limit: None                                Normal      6
                                                    Hard        9
    Location: Designated (see Classic Mode)         Very Hard  10
    The first four rounds are more or less the same difficulty, only
    varying depending on your playing style.The only thing that makes it
    more difficulty would probably be your own budgeting abilities, unless
    you stop to get a Heart after each of these battles, which would be
    either really stupid because you'll need them later, or really smart
    because you won't. But if you don't, you shouldn't even be reading this
    FAQ in the first place, right? The difficulty scale there is cumulative
    meaning that those are the chances of you walking out alive from these
    rounds together. Anyway, here's more copying and pasting...
    You'll go through four one-on-one battles. The character you fight is
    random, with basic qualities, on their home fields. The most important
    trick to this would have to be to know the arena and your opponent!
    Look on the above sections if you aren't too sure of what you'll be up
    against.  Your score will not affect your game's outcome, so don't
    worry! It's just there so you can make a high score. Try practicing in
    Stock Mode during VS. with one computer opponent at the number of
    difficulty above (9 if it's on Very Hard) and in one of their home
    fields. Practice until you can regularly beat this character without
    losing any lives, because you've only got one!
    Rounds #5-8: Fight 2 Characters     Difficulty: Very Easy   5
                                                    Easy        6
    Time Limit: None                                Normal      7
                                                    Hard       10
    Location: Desig. Random (see Classic Mode)      Very Hard  10
    On Very Easy, Easy, and Normal, it's more of the same, but Hard and
    Very Hard will give you a very harsh lesson on the value of teamwork!
    They'll toss you around like a British rag doll (no offense if you're
    British). I have some major trouble with this myself, because their
    reflexes are lightning, and they're math whizzes--meaning they can time
    it exact to the point where the farthest farthest reach of their
    attacks will hit you at the exact moment. And since you're outnumbered
    two to one, don't even dare trying until you're extremely good at this
    Rounds #9-12: Fight 3 Characters    Difficulty: Very Easy   6
                                                    Easy        7
    Time Limit: None                                Normal      8
                                                    Hard       10
    Location: Desig. Random (see Classic Mode)      Very Hard  10
    Can you say HARD? You're now doing this THREE on 1. On Very Easy and
    Easy, DK is the choice here, because many characters will be Star KOed
    in one hit by DK's Hand Slap. Pichu will get immediately blown away,
    but Ganondorf is able to take several hits. Either way, it's very
    efficient all through the All-Star matches. On Normal, it's not so
    efficient, but it works. It's absolutely stinky in Hard and Very Hard,
    because they know DK's weak spot during his Hand Slap atack: himself!
    That's right, the shock waves will kill them, but if they hit DK, they
    will kill YOU. It's best to single out a person, one at a time, finish
    that person off while defending against the others, if you can, then go
    on to finish off the second person while keeping the other guy away.
    Finally, it'll all be a one-on-one battle that you can (hopefully)
    handle. I have no advice other than to practice like crazy.
    Round #13: Fight G&W Team           Difficulty: Very Easy   3
                                                    Easy        3
    Time Limit: None                                Normal      4
                                                    Hard        5
    Location: Flat Zone                             Very Hard   6
    I guess it's because there's 25 characters total, and the first twelve
    rounds of All-Star only uses up 24 characters, but the finale pits you
    against a Mr. Game & Watch team of 25. It's a breeze compared to the
    previous challenges, only because Mr. G&W is so light you can get rid
    of them with a running attack all the way up to Hard. You just need to
    attack them left and right, and you're done. Later difficulties will
    let the Mr. G&W's do what any other team of high-level computer players
    would do: toss you around. They're still really weak and are easily
    outrunnable by dashing and attacking them. The main difficulty in this
    match is in Mr. G&W's arena itself, because not only is the blast line
    very close to the action, but there are also numerous hazards to avoid.
    See the Arenas section for more details, and maybe Mr. G&W's info in
    the Characters section.
                                >>>Event Matches<<<
    The 1-Player quests don't end with the All-Star Mode. No, sirree. You
    still have 51 mini-quests to accomplish. They're progressively harder,
    but not quite evenly, like in every game...
    For the best results, do whatever Events you can, then unlock all the
    characters, then get around to finishing the events you couldn't do.
    Hopefully, you could accomplish some Events you couldn't before.
    Event #1: Trouble King
    Fight Bowser in a classic Mushroom Kingdom Clash!
    Difficulty: 3
    Character: Mario
    Type: Stock (Mario 2, Bowser 2)
    Goal: Beat Bowser
    Stage: Battlefield
    My Hi Score: 0' 21" 11
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This is nothing at all. If you're already experienced with SSBM, you
    should be able to beat the stuffing out of the King of Koopas. When the
    battle starts, hold an upward Smash for Bowser to run into. He'll have
    little to no defensive moves, so keep jumping around and knocking him
    about, and then edge-guard when you feel that it's necessary. You'll
    get rid of him in no time.
    Event #2: Lord of the Jungle
    A duel of epic proportions! Which ape is top banana?
    Difficulty: 5
    Character: DK
    Type: Stock (Giant DK 2, Little DK 2)
    Goal: Beat Little DK
    Stage: Kongo Jungle
    My Hi Score: 1' 07" 52
    Your Hi Score: _________
    At first, it'll seem like this battle is nothing. But you're WRONG.
    Contrary to what it looks like, Little DK will have a big advantage
    over you, in that any attack he does can hit you at the same level, and
    only down atacks will hit him. Thus, what you should do is wait until
    Little DK gets close, and then Hand Slap like crazy! He won't stand a
    Event 3#: Bomb-fest
    Bombs are everywhere in this explosive battle.
    Difficulty: 6
    Character: Any (whoever you do best as)
    Type: Stock (You 1, Link 1, Samus 1)
    Goal: Beat Link and Samus
    Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
    My Hi Score: 0' 18" 13
    Your Hi Score: _________
    What you want to do is get rid of Link and Samus, who are both crazy
    about their bombs. You also get Poké Balls containing Electrode, Bob-
    ombs, and Motion Sensor Bombs! What you should do is run away from
    these guys until an item shows up. Toss it at them. If it's a Poké
    Ball, just hang around until Electrode is about to explode, and then
    JUMP OUT! It'll blow them out of the sky. MS Bombs also work wonders in
    this Event.
    Event #4: Dino-wrangling
    A giant Yoshi is on the loose! Somebody stop it!
    Difficulty: 2
    Character: Any (Kirby recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 3, Giant Yoshi 1)
    Goal: Beat Giant Yoshi
    Stage: Yoshi's Story
    My Hi Score: 0' 21" 78
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Finally! Here's an EVent that's in your favor. Sort of. You've got
    three lives, but Yoshi has just one. The problem is the Yoshi's giant!
    What you should do is the same for every giant opponent: jump into them
    and start attacking rapidly! This Giant character is much faster than
    previous ones you've faced, so he might just be a match...
    But probably not. Just try not to die and smack Giant Yoshi with any
    Smash attack until he's KO'ed.
    Event #5: Spare Change
    Don't stop until you get 200 coins!
    Difficulty: 2
    Character: Ness
    Type: Coin (Ness, Capt. Falcon)
    Time Limit: 1 minute 20 seconds
    Goal: Get 200 coins
    Stage: Onett
    My Hi Score: 34" 15
    Your Hi Score: _________
    The only difficult part about this battle is properly controlling Ness.
    Capt. Falcon is pretty much a punching bag to supply you with coins.
    Just attack Capt. Falcon a lot with strong attacks, pick up as many
    coins as you can, try not to get KOed (but keep going if you did), and
    don't waste time! Once your coin count (above your %) reaches 200, you
    clear the game.
    Event #6: Kirbys on Parade
    Look out! A rainbow of Kirbys is after you!
    Difficulty: 5
    Character: Any (DK recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 2, Pink Kirby 2, White Kirby 2, Blue Kirby 2)
    Goal: Beat all the Kirbys
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    My Hi Score: 0' 37" 00
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This one can get a bit tough if you don't know how to handle the Kirbys
    right. You can just use DK's Hand Slap (B+Down) to extinguish these
    guys pretty easily. If you're playing as someone else, it's all about
    darting here and there to beat up some Kirbys. Try to single one out
    and clear his stock, and then going on to another. If they keep ending
    up grouped together, try to sweep them out with one blow. This means
    to Smash them together all at once. The Kirbys are twice as light as a
    regular Kirby, meaning one good Smash attack will KO them at about 30%.
    Just treat them like lighter, non-Mr. Saturn-Happy versions of Ness in
    the Adventure Mode.
    Event #7: Pokémon Battle
    Use Poké Balls to duel with Pikachu.
    Difficulty: 4
    Character: Any (Fox or Capt. Falcon recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 2, Pikachu 2)
    Goal: Beat Pikachu
    Stage: Pokémon Stadium
    My Hi Score: 0' 19" 23
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Fox and Capt. Falcon are recommended because they're really fast. They
    can outrun Pikachu, giving it the biggest disadvantage. Pikachu will be
    immune to anything you do except from the Pokémon you throw. It's even
    immune from the throw itself, taking damage only from its Pokémon. When
    you'll be playing as Fox or Capt. Falcon, you'll need to dart back and
    forth, evading Pikachu's attacks as you go, until a Poké Ball shows up.
    Run there as fast as you can, pick it up, and throw it down. This is
    the fastest possible way you can release a Pokémon. You may want to
    wait for Pikachu to get close enough to you before throwing it, but he
    will probably Smash you. Either way, just keep going, and once a
    Snorlax or a Scizor or any other powerful Pokémon shows up, run off to
    go grab another Poké Ball while Pikachu stands around getting caught
    underneath the Sleeping Pokémon... Keep it up until you get lucky and
    KO Pikachu. And again. It's a test of endurance.
    Event #8: Hot Date on Brinstar
    You're interfering with Samus's Brinstar raid!
    Difficulty: 6
    Character: Anyone (whoever you do best as)
    Type: Stock (You 2, Samus 2)
    Goal: Beat Samus
    Stage: Brinstar
    My Hi Score: 1' 07" 06
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This is just like a regular Stock match against Samus, except you start
    out with 108% and Samus with 132%. I don't know where they got those
    numbers, but just work with them. You want to execute a lot of Smash
    attacks, because Samus will focus mainly on staying alive and attacking
    you in the progress. Once Samus gets to 200% though, it's pretty safe
    to say that Samus will be Star KOed with one Smash attack. Of course,
    Samus can do it to you too. And if you have a particularly strong B
    attack, like Ness's PK Flash or Luigi's Super Jump Punch, don't be
    afraid to use that too.
    Event #9: Hide 'n' Sheik
    Only Sheik KO's count! Wait for the change...
    Difficulty: 7
    Character: Any (Charge-attacker recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 1, Zelda 1, Zelda 1)
    Goal: Beat the two Zeldas as Sheiks
    Stage: Great Bay
    My Hi Score: 1' 11" 58
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Dude, how cheap can you possibly get!? You can easily KO Zelda as Zelda
    but won't exterminate them! They need to transform into Sheik before
    you can rid them. Apparently they're exceptionally smart at taking
    advantage of this, because as soon as they transform into Sheik, they
    will hide and turn back to Zelda when you get close! They're probably
    taunting you (not the same kind as the D-pad thing) by transforming
    back when you're farther away. Also, when their damage gets high,
    sometimes they'll be particularly sinister by KOing themselves as Zelda
    so they appear back on the platform thingy with 0%! So what you should
    do is use Pikachu's Pichu's or Luigi's charge attacks to hit them
    unsuspectingly when they're standing on the right raft and you on the
    left! Just start out as close to the right edge of the raft as possible
    and charge up to the maximum. If you mastered Ness's PK Thunder, you
    can also do the PK Headbutt to get rid of them pretty easily too.
    Otherwise, build up on their damage and attack them from behind--the
    CPU can get sneak-attacked. It's going to take time...and it's going to
    be frustrating.
    Event #10: All-Star Match 1
    It's the Mario Stars: Mario, DK, Yoshi, Peach and Bowser.
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Any (Whoever you do best as)
    Type: All-Star (this means you fight a bunch of characters and accumu-
    late damage between battles) (You 2, Mario 1, DK 1, Yoshi 1, Peach 1,
    Bowser 1)
    Time Limit: 4 minutes
    Goal: Beat Bowser
    Stage: Yoshi's Island, Jungle Japes, Yoshi's Story, Peach's Castle, and
    Final Destination
    My Hi Score: 1' 15" 43
    Your Hi Score: _________
    If Hide 'n' Sheik was tough, better not try this one...It blows Event 9
    out of the water. Mario, Yoshi, and DK are pretty simple-minded: They
    walk around and occasionaly attack you. Atack them ruthlessly and Smash
    them when they're at about 100%. Peach will be a bit tougher than the
    previous three, but you can still do what you did. She's just going to
    use a lot of Smash attacks. As for Bowser, by then you've probably have
    lost a life and takenm some damage, no thanks to Peach... Just keep
    attacking him and never letting him get one on you. Just to reassure
    you, it will take a couple of tries before you can get this one done.
    To get beyond All-Star Match 1, you have to have beaten a majority of
    the Event #1-10. If you can't divide or are just plain stupid, it means
    at least 6 cleared.
    Event #11: King of the Mountain
    Ice Climbers protect their turf! Just try to survive!
    Difficulty: 7
    Character: Any (Preferably a good jumper)
    Type: Stock (You 1, Ice Climbers Infinite, Ice Climbers Infinite)
    Time Limit: 1 minute)
    Goal: Survive a minute
    Stage: Icicle Mountain
    My Hi Score: 2 KOs
    Your Hi Score: _________
    You're not going to focus on getting rid of anyone in this Event. You
    just have to stay alive. The Ice Climbers are pretty fast and have
    mastered the art of blocking, meaning they're nearly invincible. All
    you have to do is basically play tag with the Ice Climbers, going from
    one side of the screen to another, dropping and going up platforms, and
    attacking them when necessary. Remember that you don't have to KO them
    to win; just make it through the minute. I know my advice isn't quite
    top notch here, but 80% of this Event all comes down to skill.
    Event #12: Seconds, Anyone?
    Take out Capt. Falcon in less than seven seconds!
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Any (Mr. Game & Watch recommended)
    Type: Time Stock (You 1, Capt. Falcon 1)
    Time Limit: 7 seconds
    Goal: Beat Capt. Falcon
    Stage: Mute City
    My Hi Score: 0' 00" 93
    Your Hi Score: _________
    looks hard, isn't it? Well, it's actually not impossible, because not
    only is Capt. Falcon a complete wimp, but both you and the Captain are
    set to 100% at the beginning. Use Judgment as Mr. Game & Watch and hope
    you get lucky. :)
    Event #13: Yoshi's Egg
    Try to protect the single Yoshi egg from being broken!
    Difficulty: 6
    Character: Yoshi
    Type: Time (Yoshi, Pikachu, Fox, DK)
    Time Limit: 55 seconds
    Goal: Don't let the Yoshi Egg break!
    Stage: Rainbow Cruise
    My Hi Score: 2 KOs
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Pick up the Yoshi Egg on the mast of the ship when the battle starts.
    After that, go into the evasive, taking advantage of Yoshi's great
    jumping abilities. You don't want to go for KOs yet if you haven't
    beaten this Event yet, because any KO will be very hard, since not only
    are you up against computer players who are pretty good, but you'll
    have to do some babysitting as well. If it isn't clear to you, it means
    that if you're going to KO someone, you'll need to watch the egg at all
    times, because the whiny CPU will pick it up when they get close and
    throw it! If it breaks by having it Smash attacked once or regular-
    attacked three times, or if it's thrown off the stage, you lose.
    Event #14: Trophy Tussle 1
    Face off for a trophy! The prize this time is Goomba!
    Difficulty: 7
    Character: Any (Whoever you do best as)
    Type: Time Stock (You 2, Random 2, Random 2, Random 2)
    Time Limit: 3 minutes
    Goal: Beat everyone else
    Stage: Goomba Trophy
    My Hi Score: 0' 58" 80
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Make sure you've finished all of the past events, (maybe except for
    All-Star Match 1) because if you haven't, you'll be biting off more
    than you can chew. You select a character, and then you fight against
    three randomly generated computer players. It's a free-for-all (no
    teams), and it all comes down to your skills. If you've had a fair
    amount of experience with SSBM, here's the place for training.
    What you want to do is get rid of one person at a time. Of course, they
    tend to bunch up, so a well-timed Smash Attack after charging up when
    they're approaching should blow them away. From what I know, I have yet
    to see a computer player survive five Smash Attacks unless they're all
    non-charged, so hang in there and build up your skill!
    Event #15: Girl Power
    A group of femme fatales have dropped by for a visit...
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Any (Preferably a heavy one, though any will do)
    Type: Stock (You 2, Peach 2, Samus 2, Zelda 2)
    Goal: Beat the Femme Fatales
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams
    My Hi Score: 1' 41" 43
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This would be a cinch...IF YOU WEREN'T SO DARN TINY!  If you're good,
    you can stand up pretty well, but there's three of them and half of you
    in a pretty small stage. They don't move around very much, and except
    for Samus, they don't attack much either. Since they're so big compared
    to little ol' you, you should focus on jumping right at them and
    attacking to get their damage up. Then, Smash them off at about 110%.
    Items, which seem to appear Very High, should also be used to your best
    Only have 15 Events? You'll need to reach 10 EVents you've won to
    Event #16: Kirby's Air-Raid
    Warp Stars Are Everywhere! Climb aboard and hang on...
    Difficulty: 4
    Character: Kirby
    Type: Time Stock (You 1, Kirby Team 10)
    Time Limit: 38 seconds
    Goal: Beat the Kirby Team
    Stage: Corneria
    My Hi Score: 0' 21" 99
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This is all about speed and timing. You've got 38 seconds to get rid of
    10 seemingly-invincible Kirbys. Or are they? The only way to destroy
    them is to use the Warp Stars that should start appearing everywhere.
    Because you have a little more than one second after picking one up
    before you crash right down again, look for a group of Kirbys walking
    around. Wait until they're about 10 feet going toward you before you
    pick up the Warp Star. Also, getting one by the back parts of the stage
    is a big no-no, because you'll just be wasting time, since the yellow
    Kirbys will never go there. Also, you can steer a Warp Star slightly to
    the left or right if you're still having trouble.
    Event #17: Bounty Hunters
    Fight a fellow bounty hunter for the bounty on Bowser!
    Difficulty: 7
    Character: Samus
    Type: Time Stock (Samus 1 & Capt. Falcon 1, Bowser 1)
    Time Limit: 2 minutes
    Goal: KO Bowser, not Capt. Falcon
    Stage: Jungle Japes
    My Hi Score: 0' 13" 90
    Your Hi Score: _________
    For a while, I wasn't able to clear this stage because I had no idea
    what they meant. A lot of times, I thought I KOed Bowser, but it seems
    that Capt. Falcon did it. If Capt. Falcon KOs Bowser or Bowser kills
    himself, you lose. What makes it so hard is this: You're Samus, paired
    up with a Level 9 Capt. Falcon as your teammate, so you can't hurt him
    unless you get an Electrode or something, up against a Level 1 Bowser.
    If Capt. Falcon kills himself, god! Proceed to killing Bowser to win.
    If the Captain stays on board (no pun intended), then wait for him to
    rack up Bowser's damage, and when you feel there's an opportunity,
    Smash Bowser into next week.
    Event #18: Link's Adventure
    Everyone has a dark side... Link has two!
    Difficulty: 9
    Character: Link
    Type: Stock (Link 2, Dark Link 2)
    Goal: Beat Dark Link
    Stage: Hyrule Temple
    My Hi Score: 2' 21" 53
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This Event is wayyy beyond the league of any Event before it and a lot
    of the Events after it too. Sure, you may have fought teams, had some
    disadvantages, and fought teams while having disadvantages, but this
    time, unless you're a real good Link player, Dark Link will kick your
    butt left and right. He's not only faster than you, but he's also
    pretty much mastered the art of close combat. This, therefore, exposes
    Dark Link's weak spot: not-so-close combat. You want to pelt Dark Link
    with Arrows, Boomerangs, and Bombs, because any projectile thrown at
    Dark Link will hit him, doing some damage. Items also work wonders.
    once his % is in the triple digits, do whatever you can to sabotage his
    little mission to kill you (both of them) with Items that are available
    around you. I'd recommend powerful Items, like the MS Bomb, the Poké
    Ball, the Bob-omb, and the Freezie. This may seem like this Event is
    really easy, but remember that Dark Link is really speedy, so he could
    already be ready in close combat by the time you whip out your neat
    little projectile.
    Event #19: Peach's Peril
    Bowser's after Peach! Guard her until time runs out.
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Mario
    Type: Time Stock (Mario 1, Peach 1, Bowser Infinite)
    Time Limit: 1 minute
    Goal: Let Peach survive for one minute
    Stage: Final Destination
    My Hi Score: 1 KO
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This doesn't quite stand up to Link's Adventure, but it's still pretty
    damn hard. You're Mario, teamed up with Peach, who's simply programmed
    to walk back and forth like a Psygnosis Lemming, and you've got a mid-
    level Bowser after Peach. Bowser won't bother to try to combat you; he
    just wants to get his hands on Peach. Since you only have a minute, you
    better start slowing down Bowser, and what better way is there than to
    grab him? If you can grab him, preferably after attacking him, you can
    just hold him as long as possible (don't throw or attack him) and you
    got yourself 5 seconds. It's not much when compared to 60, but this is
    something you can do over and over again. Like in previous Events where
    your score is KOs rather than time, you don't have to KO Bowser to win
    this Event.
    Event #20: All-Star Match 2
    Nintendo's realistic stars are out in force.
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Any (Whoever you do best as)
    Type: All-Star (You 2, Samus 1, Link 1, Zelda 1, Capt. 1, Fox 1)
    Time Limit: 4 mintues
    Goal: Beat Fox
    Stage: Brinstar, Great Bay, Temple, Mute City, Corneria
    My Hi Score: 1' 58" 28
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Event #20 features a second All-Star Match. This time, you face off
    against the "serious" characters--those who are meant to have propor-
    tions like real people and aren't too based on the concept called
    "comedy". The first battle is Samus. Jump to the middle platform, and
    you should get the first hit. Just keep duking it out, and once Samus
    is KOed, you go on to fight Link in the Great Bay. He too is stupid.
    Charge up your forward Smash attack and let him have it when he gets
    close. He'll keep coming back for more, so keep it up until he's KOed.
    Zelda's a bit tougher. If your character has a good upward Smash attack
    then lure her onto the rooftop thing on the upper left (not the tiny
    one, but the hallway-like one). Drop down, and when she follows, use
    that upward Smash attack (forward if you don't have a good upward Smash
    and pray it hits). Do what you did for Link. Capt. Falcon is going to
    be a bit tough. He'll be up to the exact same tricks in other 1-P modes
    so jump when his Raptor Boost is coming at you at the beginning. After
    that, just use your best tactics after a bunch of practice. If you have
    not lost a life yet, don't be afraid to. I actually advise you do,
    since the Cap'n will be your hardest opponent. Well, when he's at 120%
    or above. If you die before then, just pummel him some more while
    you're still invincible. If you've met the requirements, then Smash
    away at him! Fox will be your last opponent. He's really not all that
    impressive, but if you ever let your guard down, you'll be KOed before
    you know it. Just prepare a forward Smash and let him have it when you
    think it's close enough, and keep hitting away at him and he won't
    stand a chance. The Arwings will try to keep this from being easy
    To get anywhere further, you need to win at least 16 of the Events
    Event #21: Ice Breaker
    Your cold mission...is to KO both Nanas.
    Difficulty: 9
    Character: Any (Dr. Mario recommended)
    Type: Time Stock (You 1, Ice Climbers 1, Ice CLimbers 1)
    Time Limit: 1 minute
    Goal: KO the two Nanas without KOing any Popo
    Stage: Princess Peach's Castle
    My Hi Score: 0' 23" 06
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Just remember that Popo is the one in the blue and Nana is in pink. The
    reason I recommend Dr. Mario is because of his Dr. Tornado attack. It
    throws the two eskimos in different directions. Usually. You start out
    next to a pair of Ice Climbers. Get to them and do a Dr. Tornado, and
    when it ends, follow where Nana goes and ruthlessly attack her, and
    try not to get Popo close, because you may have to start all over.
    Depending on where you are, after about 10 seconds of bashing her, do
    either an upward or forward Smash attack to finish her. Now ignore the
    Popo and head to the other side. Better check your timer, because if
    you've got less than 15 seconds left, you won't be able to pull it off
    unless you want to press your luck. Do the Dr. Tornado, and try not to
    hit Popo when you Smash Attack Nana, and you've cleared the level. It
    may be more convenient to throw a Popo to the other one, so they'll be
    grouped together. It makes KOing the Nanas easier, but you have two
    Popos jumping around and you waste time throwing Popo to the other
    Event #22: Super Mario 128
    Battle 128 tiny Marios on a wild endurance match!
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Any (Link, DK, Luigi, and Mr. Game & Watch recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 1, Little Mario Team 128)
    Goal: Beat the Little Mario Team
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom II
    My Hi Score: 2' 29" 06
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This one may be a real doozy if you don't pick one of the characters I
    recommend above. That's because this is like taking on the 100-Man
    Melee, except with 28 more enemies and they're Marios. As Link, stay
    where you are, if possible, and Spin Attack when anyone gets close. DK
    can simply use his Hand Slap. It KOs them faster and has a wider range,
    but they can hit you while you do this. Luigi can use the Luigi Cyclone
    to wipe them out, also pretty efficiently, but luigi tends to get
    tossed around pretty easily. Finally, Mr. Game & Watch players can mash
    the A button while standing to one side. It doesn't have nearly as much
    power as the other attacks, but you'll be almost invulnerable when you
    do this. Like any team with 10 or more memners, the last one or two
    will try to hide from you. In this case, just go and do some old-
    fashioned butt whooping.
    Event #23: Slippy's Invention
    Slippy: With my new device, you guys'll be invisible!
    Difficulty: 9
    Character: Any (Kirby recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 2, Fox 2, Falco 2)
    Goal: Beat Fox and Falco
    Stage: Venom
    My Hi Score: 2' 25" 99
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Slippy has always been by far the most annoying member of the Star Fox
    crew, and for the first time on the Gamecube, he'll get on your nerves
    again. He's a mechanical genius, and he takes the credit for this Event
    where you'll be fighting an invisible Fox and an invisible Falco. Keep
    in mind that although you'll have a hard time seeing them, they have no
    problem seeing themselves, and particularly you, because you're
    visible. Therefore, you'll have to pick on a computer player weakness,
    using Kirby's Stone attack! Right off the bat, float straight up, and
    when Kirby is at his last jump, come straight down with a Stone attack.
    Naturally, both Fox and Falco will be right in your path, and if you
    hit it just right, you'll do 18% damage to both of them. Change back
    immediately and take to the air as fast as you can to repeat the cycle.
    Just keep this up, occasionally changing location, and you can easily
    get their %'s really high. Well, higher than yours. This method takes a
    while, as you can see from my record, but it's the easiest, and if you
    are reading this to beat the Event, which you probably are, you'd
    rather have the easiest way than the fastest, right? Sometimes, they'll
    get a hit on you, and you can get sent flying...Don't worry. You've got
    2 lives. However, so do they.
    wareagle2k@yahoo.com has a thing to say about this: Just choose Pichu
    and use his/her [forward] smash, I was able to complete the level in
    under 30 seconds, this level drove me crazy for days until I chose
    Pichu, but Pichu's smash throws them right off the board giving you an
    easy win ...
    Event #24: The Yoshi Herd
    Yoshis, Yoshis, everywhere! Defeat 30 in under 30 seconds.
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Any (Dr. Mario recommended)
    Type: Time Stock (You 1, Yoshi Team 30)
    Time Limit: 2 minutes
    Goal: Beat Yoshi Team
    Stage: Yoshi's Island
    My Hi Score: 1' 22" 50
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Normally, for speed, I would recommend Capt. Falcon, or maybe Fox, but
    because of the VERY uneven terrain and the hole you may make in the
    middle from a Falcon Punch or Fox Illusion, Dr. Mario takes the cake
    for this place. You fight Yoshis, three at a time. They're a cinch, at
    least until the giant Yoshi comes to town. The main factor behind this
    being an Event somewhere around the middle of the list is from the time
    limit. You get 2 minutes, or 120 seconds, or 1/30 of a hour to finish
    off the Yoshis, so just walk right up to one and use the Super Jump
    Punch to almost instantly KO them. If you see a couple or even three
    group together, you're in luck! Multiple KOs saves plenty of time. This
    should be easy. If not, practice with Dr. Mario until you can consis-
    tently KO Yoshis really quickly. You should have somewhere between 45
    seconds to 1 minute when the Giant Yoshi comes, who's always the last
    one. Go ruthless and attack him to the right side of the stage, pushing
    him towards the blast line, or, if you're almost offscreen and feel
    like it, do an upward Smash attack to Star KO Giant Yoshi.
    Event #25: Gargantuans
    Giant Bowser vs. Giant DK in a spectacular war of titans!
    Difficulty: 9
    Character: Bowser
    Type: Stock (Bowser 1, DK 2, Mario 1, Peach 1)
    Goal: Beat Giant DK
    Stage: Fourside
    My Hi Score: 0' 19" 25
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Out of the pure comicality of this Event, they decide to add in two
    more players who don't seem to influence this Event at all. You're
    playing as a Giant Bowser, and your opponent is a Giant DK. There's
    also a tiny Mario and a tiny Peach thrown in for good measure, the
    comic relief. As if this whole game isn't already comic relief. You may
    have noticed that I beat this Event in 19 seconds, but that doesn't
    mean it's easy. That's because DK has two lives and you only have one.
    He's also pretty good at fighting, and damage from both parties can
    reach 300% or 400% in seconds. Try to cash in on Lady Luck, and hope
    that DK falls in through the gaps after taking out Mario and Peach. To
    increase your chances, when DK's coming your way, start your Fire
    Breath to interrupt his flow. If he doesn't get KOed, better start
    doing this manually, and during his last life, he'll be much smarter.
    Whether he fell down through the spaces between the buildings or not,
    that's where you should be aiming, rather than outward to the blast
    line. If he falls through the gaps, he has very little chance of making
    it out, since his jumping is much more useful horizontal than vertical.
    If you're still missing half of the Events, you'll need to beat 22
    Events. See which ones you haven't beaten and get to work!
    Event #26: Trophy Tussle 2
    Another match for a prize...who will get Entei?
    Difficulty: 7
    Character: Any (Whoever you do best as)
    Type: Time Stock (You 2, Random 2, Random 2, Random 2)
    Time Limit: 3 minutes
    Goal: Beat everyone else
    Stage: Entei Trophy
    My Hi Score: 1' 00" 01
    Your Hi Score: _________
    If you've been storming through the Events to get this far, then these
    three idiots you'l face won't be very hard, because they're at almost
    the same difficulty as Trophy Tussle 1. There will be two who will gang
    up on you, and there'll be one who just hangs out at Entei's head. He
    will only attack whenever necessary, so take him out first. Then
    proceed to finishing off the other two. Items help out a LOT. Trust me.
    Also, you'll be battling in Entei's cloud-like thing on his back, so
    remember where you placed your MS Bombs. If you're new to this Event,
    your most important thing to be aware of is the time. You've got 3
    minutes, that's 180 seconds, to take out these three. Therefore, try
    your best, use the Z button when you're about to lose, and eventually,
    you'll be the victor. You may also want to try quitting and coming back
    to see if the opponents are now people you're good against.
    Event #27: Cold Armor
    These metal bounty hunters take no prisoners!
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Samus
    Type: Stock (Samus 1, Metal Samus 2, Metal Samus 2, Metal Samus 2)
    Goal: Beat the 3 Metal Samuses
    Stage: Brinstar Depths
    My Hi Score: 2' 26" 40
    Your Hi Score: _________
    If you're trying to clear the Events in order, you'll come straight to
    a screeching halt when you get to 27. This...Event...is...HELL. You
    have one life, and you need to take out three Samuses, who each have 2
    lives, and are all metal. I can't tell the Samuses apart, but if you
    can, the best way to go at this is the single out a Samus, if you can
    even do it to a metallic character. Of course, you obviosuly can't, so
    here's where the real eagle-eyes have a field day: Just KO one Samus
    twice, because they're all dummies, though three of them with a Metal
    advantage will be tough, even if they're dummies. Once one is gone, the
    other two will fall like, as they say in Johnny Bravo, a bad soufflé.
    If you don't have eagle eyes, skip this Event and clear the other ones
    you have before attempting this one. If you can clear tyhe other Events
    up to 40, then you'll finally be ready to beat Cold Armor.
    Event #28: Puffballs Unite!
    Kirbys galore...each with a unique ability!
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Any (Dr. Mario recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 1, Kirby Team 15)
    Goal: Beat the Kirby Team
    Stage: Green Greens
    My Hi Score: 0' 23" 55
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This is just like the Kirby Team in the Adventure Mode. If you play as
    Dr. Mario, this'll be a snap. Just Super Jump Punch everyone from the
    bottom platform, since the Kirbys like to hang out on the platforms
    above. I got the record you see above without even trying to set one.
    It's that easy.
    Event #29: Triforce Gathering
    Enter Ganondorf! Team up with Zelda and fight evil!
    Difficulty: 7
    Character: Link
    Type: Stock (Link 1, Zelda 1, Ganondorf 2)
    Goal: Beat Ganondorf with Zelda intact
    Stage: Hyrule Temple
    My Hi Score: 1' 02" 07
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Oh man...I have to type this up all over again because I accidentally
    permanently deleted this part of the FAQ...I need to be more careful
    next time... OKay, so anyway, don't forget that in order to win at this
    Event, you need to keep Zelda alive. This isn't like Event 19, Peach's
    Peril, since you're supposed to get rid of Ganondorf, and Zelda does
    some fighting. It might relieve you to know that yes, she does trans-
    form. Use all of the tricks you've learned that are common to all
    computer players against Ganondorf, because you'll get an extra-special
    reward for beating him. Ganondorf tends to bring the fight to the right
    side of the arena, and you should follow him, because Zelda will and
    she'll get beaten up if you don't. Use any items you can against the
    big Gerudo, and edge-guarding at the right edge helps out a LOT. You'll
    end up doing a majority of the fighting though, since due to stats
    differences between Zelda and Ganondorf, Ganondorf can make quick work
    out of Zelda.
    If you're lacking Event #30, check the ones you've beaten and see if
    they're below 27. If they are, better start beating some Events!
    Event #30: All-Star Match 3
    Kirby, Pikachu, Ness and Ice Climbers want to fight!
    Difficulty: 9
    Character: Any (whoever you do best as)
    Type: All-Star (You 2, Kirby 1, Pikachu 1, Ness 1, Ice Climbers 1)
    Goal: Beat Ice Climbers
    Stage: Fountain of Dreams, Pokémon Stadium, Onett, Icicle Mountain
    My Hi Score: 2' 39" 45
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Going relentless on Kirby and Pikachu will get you through this Event.
    Obviously, if you made it this far, the first two will be a snap. Ness
    and the Ice Climbers, on the other hand, are some real tough cookies!
    Ness may be well-equipped to take you out from the ground, but even
    though real Ness experts excel much more in the air, this Ness
    apparently doesn't. You can easily get him to over 100%, and then
    unleash a charged Smash atack at him when he approaches you. The best
    place, since Onett has so many platforms everywhere, would have to be
    the telephone wires on the right. If you have at least 1' 30" left when
    you face the Ice Climbers (of which you probably don't), then keep
    jumping. They can't keep up with the scrolling when it gets fast. If
    you don't, then attack them from the platform below. After a while, 
    they'll stand little chance from a well-timed Smash attack, because the
    blast line is so close to the heat. Or should I say cold?
    If you cleared all the Events above and still can't go any further,
    see if you already unlocked Luigi, Falco, Young Link, Dr. Mario, and
    Jigglypuff, because they're part of the requirements to get the next 10
    Event #31: Mario Bros. Madness
    A classic plumber clash in the Mushroom Kingdom!
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Any (Kirby recommended)
    Type: Time (You vs. Mario & Luigi)
    Time Limit: 2 minutes
    Goal: Get more points than the Mario Bros.
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom
    My Hi Score: 3 KOs
    Your Hi Score: _________
    It's normally quite difficult, but with Kirby, it's a cinch. Actually,
    it SHOULD be a cinch, but the other brother will sure know how to put a
    monkey wrench straight into these plans. WHat you should do is stay on
    the left side of the stage, pretty close to where you start. Luigi
    should be the first one to head over to where you are. He'll try to
    sneak around you by doing a Green Missile over the blocks above your
    head, so turn around when he passes above you. Then, suck him up and
    spit him (A button after swallowing) into the blast zone. Be quick,
    becuase Mario will approach you all the while and attack you as soon as
    you start inhaling! Sicne you can't inhale both of them at once, this
    will become a major pain, so try to dodge them from the left part of
    the arena to the right as you go.
    Event #32: Target Acquired
    Incoming Arwings! KO Jigglypuff more than they do!
    Difficulty: 9
    Character: Any (maybe Capt. Falcon)
    Type: Time (You vs. Jigglypuff)
    Time Limit: 1 minute
    Goal: Get over half of the total KOs done to Jigglypuff 
    Stage: Corneria
    My Hi Score: 2 KOs
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Basically, you need to KO Jigglypuff as much as you can without help
    from the Arwings in the background. This stage will come as pure luck
    Whether it's good luck or bad luck... you'll have to see for yourself.
    As Capt. Falcon, you can Falcon Punch Jigglypuff as she comes by,
    practically scoring a KO in the progress. However, what gets even the
    best players at this game mad at this Event is that sometimes an Arwing
    will blast Jigglypuff offscreen, obviously without you knowing, and end
    up having all your hard work wasted. Hang in there and remember that
    Jigglypuff is programmed to just walk around!
    Event #33: Lethal Marathon
    Avoid the F-Zero machines and race for the finish.
    Difficulty: 6
    Character: Capt. Falcon
    Time Limit: 45 seconds
    Type: Adventure (well, a part of it)
    Goal: Get to the finish
    Stage: F-Zero Grand Prix
    My Hi Score: 0' 34" 75
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This is an Event that will, strangely, dramatically decrease in its
    "hard" factor once you know what to do! Just see Goal #15 for advice on
    gettin' the hell out of the racetrack!
    Event #34: Seven Years
    Young Link vs. Link! How can you fight yourself?
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Young Link
    Type: Stock (Young Link 3, Link 3)
    Goal: Beat Link
    Stage: Great Bay
    My Hi Score: 1' 40" 11
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Normally, regular Link would be a piece of cake to beat if you've
    managed to clear all 33 Events before this one, but as Young Link, you
    have a disadvantage in almost every way. Sure, you're faster and you
    jump higher, but that's outweighed by the fact that Link can reach
    farther than you due to a longer sword, Young Link has practically no
    KOing power, and you may confuse the two Links, because well, they're
    the same person. Elf. Hylian, Kokiri, whatever. You don't even get to
    outfit him differently or put a little name tag on him! :( Anyway, this
    battle is going to be tough, no matter how you cut the cheese. You can
    sometimes lure him into going into the water of no return underneath
    the main platform, if you feel lucky. Or, to speed it up, if he's
    standing on one of the rafts, use the aerial down+A attack to Meteor
    Smash him into it. It's really hard to pull off, but this is a really
    hard Event.
    Event #35: Time for a Checkup
    Are routine physicals supposed to hurt this much?
    Difficulty: 9
    Character: Luigi
    Type: Time Stock (Luigi 1, Dr. Mario 1, Peach 1)
    Time Limit: 3 minutes
    Goal: Beat the doctor duo
    Stage: Yoshi's Story
    My Hi Score: 0' 27" 38
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Right off the bat, you can hit Peach as sher approaches, but after that
    these two are untouchable!  It's one of my favorite Events, but it
    functions much like Mario and Peach in the Adventure Mode. This time,
    you've got no walls to fend them off from and no Bansai Bills to get
    them cowering int he corner, so you need to resort to good old-
    fashioned brawling. Well, actually, I can't stress this enough, but
    items are your best friend. At least in this game. They fly far, and
    they let you hit them while you're in the air, so attack them aerially
    and throw everything you've got at them! (Including items, even if you
    would normally club people with them, but maybe not the Hammer.) A good
    and powerful item here can easily secure a victory on the green side.
    Event #36: Space Travelers
    Adventurers head for Earth! Ness is the welcome wagon.
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Ness
    Type: All-Star, no Time Limit (Samus, Kirby, Fox, Capt. Falcon, Falco)
    Goal: Beat Falco
    Stage: Fourside, Battlefield
    My Hi Score: 2' 57" 83
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Like in Event #5, Spare Change, you'll be controlling Ness, which won't
    be easy unless Ness is your favorite character. Even though he IS my
    favorite charcater, it's still tough! As a gauge to see how you'll
    fare, if you take damage from Samus and Kirby, RETREAT AND PRACTICE
    SOME MORE. You won't be able to lay a finger on Falco if you can't
    acquire the skill. Whack 'em repeatedly with the Homerun Bat. Any Ness
    player will tell you that. And maybe backward-throw them. It's also
    surprisingly powerful. You can do that to Fox, but he's so fast, you
    will take damage before fighting Capt. Falcon. Fox also loves dodging
    you, so stay on the building on the far right and either bat him or
    backward-throw him, depending on where he is compared to you. You'll
    then switch arenas, to the Battlefield. This will be less in Ness's
    favor, since the arena is much smaller. What you want to do is start
    hopping from platform to platform, and when a good item shows up, blast
    the Captain and the bird away. Take your time; you don't have a time
    limit, unlike other All-Star battles. And you fight on the same arena
    when the next person comes (except Capt. Falcon). A very unusual All-
    Star match indeed, but it still isn't easy.
    Event #37: Legendary Pokémon
    A slew of legendary Pokémon are all the help you'll get!
    Difficulty: 7
    Character: Any (preferably Fox)
    Type: Stock (You 1, Giant Wireframe 2, Giant Wireframe 2, Jigglypuff 2,
    Giant Wireframe 2, Giant Wireframe 2)
    Goal: Be the last one standing
    Stage: Battlefield
    My Hi Score: 1' 19" 57
    Your Hi Score: _________
    You are pitted against four giant Wireframes, which means they won't be
    nearly as easy to send right off into the blast line, and Jigglypuff,
    who'll be after the same bounty as you. They're all part of a 5-member
    team, so they won't be able to hurt each other. This battle should be
    very hard, but you've got assistance in the form of Poké Balls. Pick
    them up before Jigglypuff gets to them (she's programmed in this Event
    to get the Poké Balls) and throw them down to get the fastest results.
    Everyone will dumbly walk into the Pokémon except Jigglypuff, the
    mastermind that she is, and their %'s will soar. While they're being
    zapped, burnt, whatever, try to pick up another Poké Ball that may just
    be within the current Pokémon's range of attack (you won't be affected
    at all except when Wobbuffet, who is far from legendary, shows up),
    because Jigglypuff will go and pick it up at her first opportunity.
    Also, if possible, finish off Jigglypuff as soon as possible, and the
    rest of this Event will be very easy.
    Event #38: Super Mario Bros. 2
    The cast of the classic NES title are raring to go!
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Any (Kirby recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 2, Mario 2, Luigi 2, Peach 2)
    Goal: Beat the Subcon team
    Stage: Mushroom Kingdom II
    My Hi Score: 1' 19" 83
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Here is another one-sided battle. You're going to see a lot of one-
    sided battles against you in future Events. They get even more
    ludicrous than the previous Event. You'll have to see for yourself (or
    keep reading on) to see what I mean. This is one of them. pick your
    best character, and see if you can successfully fend off and finish a
    team of three regular characters: Mario, Luigi, and Peach all playable
    characters from Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA). (Doki Doki Panic in Japan,
    although they weren't plumbers, but there were a couple of brothers and
    a princess.) Luigi is usually the first to fall. He, for no reason,
    Green missiles right into the blast line on occasion, and sometimes
    Super Coin Jumps into the gaps between the platforms, giving him no way
    out. With Luigi out of the picture, sucking Mario or Peach and spitting
    them out into the blast line will be much easier. Even easier than when
    you had to do it for Event #31.
    Event #39: Jigglypuff Live!
    Jigglypuff nabs the spotlight on center stage.
    Difficulty: 9
    Character: Jigglypuff
    Type: Stock (Jigglypuff 2, Jigglypuff 2, Jigglypuff 2, Jigglypuff 2)
    Goal: Be the last Jigglypuff standing
    Stage: Pokémon Stadium
    My Hi Score: 2' 18" 15
    Your Hi Score: _________
    It's Events like these that force you to be fluent with every character
    in the game. Many people refuse to play as Jigglypuff, and when they do
    they pass her off as a very weak fighter. In actuality, she has the
    second most-powerful attack, only overshadowed by Roy's Fire Blade.
    This attack is known as Rest, and once you press Down+B when Jigglypuff
    is inside someone else, she'll unleash a force that can KO Giga Bowser
    at 20%. So if you think your aim is really good, then you can Rest
    while everyone else is all huddled together below you when you land to
    make some instant KOs, since Jigglypuff is so light. § It seems that
    Jigglypuff has another method for an instant KO to another Jigglypuff
    by means of an upward throw. § Just remember who you are. Or, you can
    start your Rollout attack from a distance and hit them when they come
    close, because Jigglypuff has no projectile attacks. Just remember that
    her Rollout can turn around, but only after she's gone a certain
    distance. This is a difficult Event, so hang in there and don't give up!
    Get any remaining secret characters to get the next 11 Events, provided
    you already have all the Events above. You don't necessarily have to
    have them all cleared though. Only the first 30.
    Event #40: All-Star Match 4
    Secret characters emerge to join forces...
    Difficulty: 7
    Character: Any (whoever you do best as)
    Time Limit: 4 minutes
    Type: All-Star (You 2, Marth 1, Luigi 1, Jigglypuff 1, Mewtwo 1, Mr.
    Game & Watch 1)
    Time Limit: 4 minutes
    Goal: Beat Mr. Game & Watch
    Stage: Temple, Kingdom II, Poké Floats, Battlefield, Flat Zone
    My Hi Score: 1' 45" 52
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Just do to Marth like what you do to any other computer players in this
    stage: get them to the weird hallway roof thing next to he hole, drop
    down, and follow it up with a Smash attack once they get within range.
    They'll come back for more. This wastes time, and you've got 240
    seconds for this, so you'll need to average less than 48 seconds per
    battle. Meaning that once the timer hits 3' 12", you're behind schedule
    and need to hurry up. Luigi will Green Missily himself right behind you
    and sometimes straight into the blast line. If he doesn't, just Smash
    some assistance for him. Jigglypuff will usually stand there while
    Squirtle goes into the blast line, so just hop atop Onix for safety and
    don't knock Jigglypuff onto it. Mewtwo will drop straight down from his
    platform above you, so hit him with a charged upward Smash. Chances are
    he'll float onto another platform (or preferably the same one). Soften
    him up, and do the cruel trick again when his %'s reach triple digits.
    Finally, you've got Mr. Game & Watch. He's the hardest member. By now,
    you should realize that All-Star Match 4 doesn't quite stand up to
    the challenges of Event #30... Anyway, knock him repeatedly to the
    right after he drops down from above, and he'll eventually fly straight
    into the blast line.
    Event #41: En Garde!
    The lithe Marth challenges Link in a battle of steel!
    Difficulty: 9
    Character: Marth
    Type: Stock (You 3, Link 3)
    Goal: Beat Marth
    Stage: Hyrule
    My Hi Score: 1' 41" 82
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Whoever designs these Events, or at least whoever playtests these, is
    really good at Link, because except for Triforce Gathering, every Event
    involving Link is exceptionally hard. Since this takes place in the
    Hyrule Temple, do the rooftop trick that I keep mentioning while
    battling in this stage. If you don't know and don't want to look, make
    the opponent stand on the roof of the hallway next to the hole, drop
    down immediately, and launch a charged Smash attack (any direction, as
    long as it's decently strong). However, instead of a regular Smash
    attack, use the Shield Breaker. If you can charge a full four seconds,
    which is near impossible in other situations, you can instantly ou 50%
    into Link's %! Link is considered by most to be a better character than
    Marth anyway, so even if you consider this to be a regular 1-on-1
    Event (and the last "fair" one), it might not even be... Oh, and use
    items. Even this late in the game, they still help tremendously.
    Event #42: Trouble King 2
    Hey, Mario! Since when did Bowser get so big, huh?
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Luigi
    Type: Stock (You 2, Giant Bowser 2)
    Goal: Beat Giant Bowser
    Stage: Poké Floats
    My Hi Score: 0' 25" 06
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Press your luck with this Event. Giant Bowser exceeds even Giga Bowser
    in terms of ability to KO you, because one Bowser Bomb and you're outta
    there. He's not too bright though, standing on Squirtle's arm until he
    reaches the blast line and all... Giant Bowser's other Stock will,
    unlike his first, somewhat down to your skill. Beat him up when you 
    run inside of him, being careful he doesn't do a Bowser Bomb on you,
    and when an item that can cause an exlopsion comes around, throw it at
    him to reel him into the blast line once more.
    Event #43: Birds of Prey
    Capt. Falcon and Falco join forces to take out Fox!
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Fox
    Type: Stock (You 1, Capt. Falcon 1, Falco 1)
    Goal: Beat Capt. Falcon and Falco
    Stage: Big Blue
    My Hi Score: 0' 23" 15
    Your Hi Score: _________
    You start out on FalcoN(NNNNNNN)'s main ship he uses to travel between
    worlds, but that's not where you want to be. You should normally not
    even think of doing this, but go down onto the cars below. Sometimes,
    one of them will miss the cars and will be forced to that low road for
    a KO. If not, do whatever you can to get them onto the road to the left
    since it's against the scrolling and everyone KOed by the scrolling
    speed gets KOed there anyway. Smash them, throw them, use the Fire Fox,
    whatever. Take advantage of Fox's speed to outfox the others. Fighting
    the other guy should be easy if you've spent an hour, or maybe a lot
    more, playing as Fox. 
    Event #44: Mewtwo Strikes!
    Don't waste your time battling Zelda...
    Difficulty: 6
    Character: Any (Roy recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 1, Zelda 1, Mewtwo 1)
    Goal: Beat Mewtwo without KOing Zelda
    Stage: Battlefield
    My Hi Score: 0' 29" 78
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Mewtwo shows up at 15 seconds onto the timer, and since Roy's Fire
    Blade delivers an almost-guaranteed KO after 4 seconds of charging, if
    you do the math, this means you should start charging up at 11 seconds.
    Zelda will make things difficult though. This is why until about 9
    seconds, you should try to fend off Zelda and maybe throw her pretty
    far with a half-charged Fire Blade, or maybe a Double Edge Dance on the
    left floating platform. Stay there, and begin your charge, in the
    middle of the platform facing left, when the time is right. Mewtwo
    should show up and immediately get caught in your attack for an instant
    KO. Just rmember that if Zelda is KOed, then you lose the match. If Roy
    isn't working for you, just pick the character you do best as and
    remember that Mewtwo shows up at 15 seconds. For info on Mewtwo's
    abilities, check him out at the Characters section.
    Event #45: Game & Watch Forever!
    The system that started a worldwide boom lives on!
    Difficulty: 8
    Character: Mr. Game & Watch
    Type: Stock (Mr. Game & Watch 2, Mr. G&W Team 25)
    Goal: Beat the G&W Team
    Stage: Flat Zone
    My Hi Score: 0' 53" 58
    Your Hi Score: _________
    This may be a seriously retro-looking battle, but your skills will need
    to be far from retro to make it past this Event. Immediately duck, and
    being careful not to accidentally set off a Bob-omb or an explosive
    container, press A to do the Manhole attack (a little board should pop
    up from the ground. Make sure you're still ducking), changing location
    and direction as needed. The other G&W's are extremely light, so they
    get KOed with a single one of these. Just try not to get attacked so
    much in this battle, because you're just as flimsy as they are. Also,
    remember that you're the red one, and navigating through the Game &
    Watch world will be a breeze.
    Event #46: Fire Emblem Pride
    The heroes of Fire Emblem join forces to fight you!
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Any (whoever you do best as)
    Type: Stock (You 3, Marth 3, Roy 3)
    Goal: Beat the Fire Emblem duo
    Stage: Temple
    My Hi Score: 6' 23" 68 (don't laugh)
    Your Hi Score: _________
    You can obviously see from my time that the best rule here is to run
    away and use items as needed. It's that simple. They are as untouchable
    as the Dr. Mario team in Event #35, if not more. They will use Counter
    whenever you try to attack them, so nearly everything is useless until
    you get assistance from your best friends in the game, the items. MS
    Bombs will completely devastate them, and so will some Pokémon and the
    occasional Bob-omb. They also have a tendency to corner you too. All in
    all, this and every Event from this one will give you the urge to Smash
    your Gamecube. In real life this time.
    Funkidelix@yahoo.com seems to have a strategy for all of the Fox players
    out there:
     `I discovered a fail-proof way to easily defeat Roy and
     Marth in Event 46. Select Fox as your character. At
     the beginning of the match, dash to the left side of
     the board (beneath the Pavilion). You want to lure Roy
     and Marth here. Once they arrive, Fox Illusion past
     them and dash to right, stopping underneath the very
     right edge of the long platform in the middle of the
     stage. Wait for Marth and Roy to came after you again,
     and as they come at your along that long
     straight-away, start blasting them with your Blaster.
     They will throw up their shields to defend you, but
     your Blaster will eat through them and break their
     shields, leaving them defenseless. Keep plugging away
     at them with the Blaster while they are helpless until
     their damage is over 100%. Then break their shields
     once more and smash them off the board while they are
     seeing stars. If they ever get too close to you,
     repeat the process. Fox's speed and blaster ensure
     guaranteed victory in this otherwise very tough event.`
    demon_ram@hotmail.com has another trick:
    if you can just stand on the VERY left edge of the (very)lower
    island/platform and let them come after you, they'll hit you once for
    ~6% and then fall and die!
    Event #47: Trophy Tussle 3
    Want a new trophy? Here's your shot at Majora's Mask.
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Any (whoever you do best as)
    Time Limit: 3 minutes
    Type: Stock (You 2, Random 2, Random 2, Random 2)
    Goal: Be the last one standing
    Stage: Majora's Mask Trophy
    My Hi Score: 1' 27" 55
    Your Hi Score: _________
    I have next to nothing to say. The three random comptuer players, no
    matter who they are, will want to concentrate their efforts to bringing
    you into oblivion. This is why you want to divert their efforts--and
    the only way to do that is to constantly run away! Occasionally, they
    stop to pummel each other. It's normally pretty even too. Once their
    %'s are high enough, go back to the middle of the mask, between the two
    spikes that come out. Do an upward Smash attack. They'll never know
    what hit them. Well actually, the CPU knows all, but it'll let you hit
    its minions. You don't want to stop to hang around though, because in
    addition to the INSANE computer player difficulty, you'll need to pull
    it off within three minutes. Also, with any match where you're out-
    numbered, it'll be much easier if you can single someone out or if
    an enemy is gone for good. Either way, it won't be easy, and the best
    remedy for this is to practice, practice, and practice some more! And
    maybe keep quitting and trying again until the opponents you face are
    the ones you're good against. You'll need to quit using L+R+A+Start.
    Not the Z button. That brings you the same opponents.
    Event #48: Pikachu and Pichu
    These Pokémon are pals...but not with you!
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Any (whoever you do best as)
    Type: Stock (You 2, Pikachu Infinite, Pichu 1, Pichu 1)
    Goal: Beat the Pichus
    Stage: Dream Land (Past)
    My Hi Score: 1' 13" 60
    Your Hi Score: _________
    The Pichus are nearly complete wimpolas, but the Pikachu sure isn't...
    This may be themed on the Pikachu and Pichu mini-movie, the first leg
    of Pokémon: The Movie 3, but this Event is anything but for kids.
    Whatever the case may be, this will test both your offensive and
    defensive skills to the max. You'll need to defend against Pikachu and
    attack the Pichus. If you can KO Pikachu, great. You can use what
    precious time you've got when Pikachu's not around to bring damage to
    the Pichus and hopefully KO one. Unfortunately, this is pretty much a
    Level 9 Pikachu you're dealing with, and the three electric mice can
    easily turn you into a punching bag. As usual, an upward Smash after a
    lure to dropping through the platforms will work wonders, as well as MS
    Bombs and Poké Balls. If you get KOed yourself, don't give up: remember
    that you have TWO Stock, and, unknowing to the computer players, you
    are invincible until you stop flashing. When this happens, ignore Pika
    and pummel the Pichus. Well, I've told you all the advice I can get you
    for this. Otherwise, it all comes down to losing, losing, and losing
    this Event some more, and finally coming through to claim victory.
    Funkidelix@yahoo.com is back and apparently has a similar way to deal
    with this Event as well.
     `Fox Illusion and the blaster also can work very well
     in Event 48 against Pikachu and his Pichus. Fox
     Illusion can actually get you close to the Pichus,
     while the blaster will slow the whole Pika squad down
     to give you breathing room. While this strategy is
     nowhere near full-proof, it will work if you have the
     patience to master Fox and his excellent speed.`
    Event #49: All-Star Match Deluxe
    Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, Roy, Young Link, and Pichu!
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Any (Kirby recommended)
    Time Limit: 4 minutes
    Type: All-Star (You 2, Dr. Mario 1, Falco 1, Pichu 1, Young Link 1,
    Roy 1, Ganondorf 1) 
    Goal: Beat Ganondorf
    Stage: Kingdom, Venom, Pokémon Stadium, Great Bay, Temple, Final
    My Hi Score: 3' 28" 90
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Kirby is generally light and will be tossed around extremely easily by
    anyone in this final All-Star Match, but the reason why he is the
    character I would always choose is because of how easily and quickly he
    can beat Dr. Mario. When the Event begins, just stay where you are. The
    Doctor will approach you, and once he gets onto the lift-thingy, start
    inhaling. You'll suck up Dr. Mario. Now walk to the left, and when you
    think you're close enough to the blast line, spit him out into it. This
    will usually finish Dr. Mario in less than 7 seconds. Oh, and since
    you're taking on SIX characters instead of the usual five, you'll need
    to carefully watch the clock. Time is of the essense.
    Anyway, once Dr. Mario is done for, Falco will face you in the next
    round. Since he's nearly untouchable, you should repeatedly fly up into
    the air and fall right onto him with a Stone attack. Once he gets to
    100% and he's on an upper wing, drop down to the lower wing and release
    a charged upward Smash when he gets close to you. Normally, you would
    dominate a one-on-one fight by Stoning the opponent until they're KOed,
    but Pichu has that Thunder attack that he'll repeatedly use until you
    reach the upper blast line. That's why when you start this one, drop
    down to the main ground, and when Pichu gets close, roll behind him and
    attack. The battle versus Pichu won't be too long, since he goes away
    at a low %. You can proceed to battle Pichu like usual, except NEVER
    use the Stone attack; it'll just means that Pichu'll use Thunder on
    you. Instead, if you need to get around Pichu, roll. Young Link is your
    fourth enemy. Check your time, because if you have under 2 minutes, you
    better pick up the pace. Young Link isn't quite as good at KOing you as
    Falco or Pichu, but he knows how to rack up damage like nobody's
    business. Watch out for his hookshot, because that's what he'll most
    likely do when he gets close to you, in conjunction with the Boomerang.
    Stone him like crazy And use items or whatever to put an end to the
    elf. By the time you face Roy, your time will probably be low and
    chances are your damage will be high. Do what you'd normally do to a
    computer player in Hyrule Temple. Get him to drop down from the roof by
    the hole and let Roy have one of your upward Smash attacks. Even this
    far into the game, he'll repeatedly fall for it. Finally, for some
    reason, Ganondorf is always really tough to beat as a comptuer player.
    He's nearly untouchable, and you can't do the droppable trick, because
    there's no droppables. He'll also, unlike other computer players, dodge
    a Stone attack thrown at him. Hopefully, you've got two lives left.
    Battle him, and when you get KOed, use the invincibility to attack
    Ganondorf without mercy. Because he's so slow, you may get hi % really
    high. Remember that items are your friend. They help a lot in the
    hardest battles and can swing the match in your favor. § Apparently, you
    can also breeze through Dr. Mario, Young Link, Roy, and Ganondorf using
    Roy's Fire Blade. §
    Event #50: Final Destination Match
    Master Hand's the right hand! Now meet the left!
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Any (Yoshi, Ganondorf, Roy, Ness, Fox, Falco, Kirby, Peach,
    or Pikachu recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 1, Master Hand 1, Crazy Hand 1)
    Goal: Beat the two hands
    Stage: Final Destination
    My Hi Score: 2' 14" 85
    Your Hi Score: _________
    In this Event, you'll face the Master Hand and the Crazy Hand, each
    boasting 300HP. You have one life to take them both down. Are you man
    enough to handle this mission? I hope so, because you'll do well if you
    are adept at using any of the four characters listed above. Yoshi can
    double-jump into the air and come down with an aerial down+A attack to
    take away as much as 54HP from a hand. But only if you've mastered the
    dinosaur. Ganondorf's aerial attacks all pack so much power that he's
    also quite efficient, § and his upward Smash ain't too bad either §.
    Roy's Blazer quickly reduces the HP of the hands, little by little.
    Finally, Ness can spend so much time in the air that dodging the attacks
    will be very easy. He can also absorb Master Hand's bullets into health.
    ªFox and Falco can jump like mad, though they may require getting used
    to. Peach can also spend a while in the air, and the Parasol works
    wonders against them.ª Ÿ Kirby not only gets to use his Stone attack,
    but his Hammer works just as well. Also, don't forget that Kirby can use
    the infamous blast-line trick, but he can soar over them as well. Ÿ
    Regardless of which character you choose, be aware of what the hands are
    about to throw at you, and keep attacking Crazy Hand (the left hand)
    whenever possible, because it's much trickier than the old-fashioned
    Master Hand. There are also periods when the Crazy Hand simply doesn't
    attack, leaving it open. Once the Crazy Hand is finished, the Master
    Hand will no longer be able to do Conjunction Attacks, so you can duke
    it out the way you've always been doing since Super Smash Bros. 1. And
    for your convenience, I've C&Ped the movelist of the hands, their
    signals, and how to beat them. Enjoy.
    NOTE: ComicCreator2002 has made a good point. Pikachu can use his
    Thunder attack to decimate the Hands. Is there going to be a character
    without an effective way of dueling with the gloves?
    Master Hand Only
    ·If the Master Hand closes all its fingers except the index and thumb,
    then it's about to do the Fingerbang (Normal and harder). It'll shoot
    bullets out of the index finger. Constantly jump to avoid it, or if
    you're Ness, the PSI Magnet will erase 20% of damage. It normally
    shoots just one bullet, but it'll shoot three if it feels it or the
    Crazy Hand is in danger.
    ·If the Master Hand closes all its fingers except the index and middle
    fingers, it's going to Walk Across the Arena (all difficulties). It
    walks across the arena, and when it gets to the end, it kicks. Touching
    it at any point during this will damage you, so when it starts walking,
    triple jump over it (or double jump as Yoshi or Ness) and wait until it
    goes back to its spot.
    ·If the Master Hand turns into a fist and opens up completely at the
    top of the screen, then it'll do the Slap (Easy and harder). Once you
    see it stop at the top, run towards the edge, jump away, and jump back
    with the triple jump and by then, if your timing is right, the Master
    Hand should already have hit the ground. If you're hit, you'll be
    stunned for a little while.
    Crazy Hand Only
    ·If the Crazy Hand floats a bit to the right and stops, then it's gonna
    have Seizures (Normal and harder). It's a very devastating attack, and
    its warnings are short. If you happen to be on the left side of the
    stage, better run away!
    ·If the Crazy Hand floats to the middle, then it's gonna drop some
    Bombs (Normal and harder). Stay to one side until it finishes,
    and as soon as the last bomb explodes on the ground, attack it.
    ·If the Crazy Hand wriggles for a second more than it normally does,
    then it'll do the Spider Crawl (Normal and harder). Jump over it.
    Both are Able to Do...
    ·If a hand stops moving and looks like it's holding a giant invisible
    pill, then it's about to do the Lasers (Easy and higher). Get under the
    wrist and start attack the wrist. You should get its health way down.
    The Lasers only do damage where they hit the ground.
    ·If a hand closes its index and ring fingers, then it's about to do the
    Rocket (Easy and higher). Stay in the middle, and look for the hand in
    the background. Jump over it and duck as soon as you land, because when
    Crazy Hand zooms back, it can still hurt you.
    ·If a hand zooms offscreen as a fist, then it'll do the Rocket Punch
    (all difficulties). Jump over it, and the hand is done with the attack.
    ·If a hand floats to the top of the screen as a fist and stays a fist,
    then it's going to do the Punch (all difficulties). It'll miss if you
    keep running in one direction.
    ·If a hand simply floats to the top of the screen, then it's going to
    do the Flyswatter (all difficulties). Jump as high as you can once it
    appears in the background.
    ·If a hand closes all of its fingers except the index finger and is
    slanted down a bit, then it's going to do Pushbuttons (Normal and
    harder). Jump up into the air to get the hand to do it too up to hit
    you. Crazy Hand's can freeze you.
    ·If a hand is completely open and follows your every move alongside
    you, then it's going to do the Grab (Normal and harder). Move away from
    it to make it miss. Master Hand's does increments of 13%, while Crazy
    Hand does much faster ones of 3% and puts a flower on your head.
    ·If a hand does the Triple Swipe (All difficulties), there is no
    warning sign that's long enough to show you that it's coming. If it
    quickly floats up into the air a short distance, I guess that's your
    sign. It's not a huge one, but this attack's accuracy is horrible.
    ·If a hand floats off the stage and quickly comes back at a bit lower
    altitude, then it's gonna do the Ground Swipe (all difficulties).
    Avoiding it is simple: just jump over it.
    ·If a hand makes itself really thin long, with all the fingertips
    together, it's about to do the Ground Grind (Hard and Very Hard). It's
    too fast for you to avoid in any way except shield.
    Together, They Do...
    ·If the Master Hand does the "come here" thing with its index finger
    and the Crazy Hand's fingertips sparkle, then they're about to do the
    Crazy Knuckles (Hard and Very Hard). If you duck, you should be fine.
    The Crazy Hand flies a punch to the Master Hand, who catches it.
    ·If the hands are emitting some weird gas, then GET AWAY! That's
    sleeping gas! It's also about to Applaud (Hard and Very Hard), which
    will KO you at about 30 or 40% if you're asleep. i tend to get caught
    in this atack, but if you can see it coming, then go to the very edge
    and hang there until they're done.
    ·If the two hands turn themselves into fists, you might want to duck.
    They're gonna Double Punch (Hard and Very Hard). If you're hit, you're
    pretty much done for.
    Better have finished your soup, because you'll need 50 Events licked to
    gain access to the last Event...
    ...Event #51: The Showdown
    Giga Bowser, Mewtwo, and Ganondorf unite!
    Difficulty: 10
    Character: Any (Jigglypuff recommended)
    Type: Stock (You 3, Giga Bowser 3, Mewtwo 3, Ganondorf 3)
    Goal: Beat the Villains
    Stage: Final Destination
    My Hi Score: 2' 59" 35
    Your Hi Score: _________
    Jigglypuff has always been in the shadows among most SSB and SSBM
    players. Those who use Jigglypuff are able to kick some serious tail
    with her. However, even among regular players (well, those with enough
    skill and dedication to make it this far and take on this Event)
    Jigglypuff stands out from the crowd with her Rest attack. If you can
    get Giga Bowser's % to at least 20, you can jump into Giga Bowser, and
    the moment you press Down+B, Giga Bowser will get blasted away. It's
    also advised that you lure Giga Bowser to an edge to maximize your
    chances. If you do this three times, you can eliminate Giga Bowser's 3
    Stocks in less than a minute. It's Mewtwo and Ganondorf in particular
    that are a pain in the butt. At least the main threat is gone, so you
    should battle like you normally would in a two-on-one. They're not too
    bright, but they're bright enough to put you onto the losing side if
    you ever let your guard down. Since there's no time limit, take your
    time, and wait for the right item to show up. You can battle them
    occasionally if you want to, and maybe do the Pound attack to get them
    out of your way, but time and time again, it's been proven that the
    toughest situations will become easy as pie when your good friend, the
    items, come to your aid in the field.
    øIt also seems that the infamous fall-off-near-the-blast-line-to-get-
    computer-opponents -to-fall-into-it trick works here too, especially
    when using Kirby.ø
    And so, all 51 Events are cleared. Congrats! You now have the Final
    Destination stage to fight on in VS. Mode!
    (š)corrected by TheOlympicHero(š)
                              >>>Target Testing<<<
    The Target Testing will test how good you are at maneuvering characters
    and using the right moves in the right places. There's one for each
    character, and if you get every Target bashed and recorded, you get a
    secret stage! Everyone has a different surreal stage to break... Anyway
    if you can't beat someone's Target Test, you'd probably want to know
    the easiest way, and not necessarily the quickest way, right? Well,
    that's what I give you!
    Here's the format and key to this section:
    X=starting point
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0=Targets (acquire them in this order)
    ---, +++, ,,,, etc.=path of a moving target (if it moves)
                                Name of Character
               ____             3         |         8
               ____      2          4     5    6             9
               ____ 1                     |
               ____                       |      7
    1. Use Up+B to break the first target.
    2. Go a bit to the right, jump, and hit the next one.
    3. Triple jump to the third.
    4. Do what you did for #2 to get #4.
    5. This one moves up and down. Wait until the right moment to hit it.
    6. Jump to get #6.
    7. Do an upward Smash to get this one.
    8. Triple jump for #8.
    9. #2, #4, #6, and #9 are all received in the same way.
    10. Jump off the ledge, and after one second, use Up+B to get the last
    Obviously, none of them will be this easy, but you get my format,
    right? I hope so.
    As Mario would say... "Here we go!"
    (Maps are not necessarily to scale. They're just there to show you
    the locations of the targets.)
         ________    ......
         __   9
         ________    ......
         ________              __________________________
         ________                                 _     _
         _ 8 ----                                 _  4  _
         ________    ......                       _     _
         ________                      ______1    _
         ________                  _X_/
         ________                                2    3
         ________    ......            ______
           _                   _______/
           _                   _
           _                   _ 6
           _         ......    _______________________
           _                                   _     _
         _______  7                            _     _     5
           _                              0    _     _
           _         ......                    _     _
    1. Walk over to the end of the platform and whack it.
    2. Walk off and smack this one on your way down. If you missed, Super
    Coin Jump to the left from the ledge to hit it.
    3. Jump off the ledge, and then jump back and Super Coin Jump to hit
    this one.
    4. Go as far up as you can and Super Coin Jump this one too.
    5. Standing right between the two pillars, shoot a Fireball and it'll
    fall onto #5.
    6. Turn around and fire another Fireball.
    7. Get onto the falling platforms and land on that piece of solid
    ground near the bottom. Fireball it.
    8. That ---- actually indicates a very small gap. Wait until you're
    slightly above it, and then shoot a Fireball. This may take a few tries
    to time perfectly.
    9. Let the platforms carry you to the top.
    10. Now go back down to the bottom and jump as far horizontally as you
    can, and a Super Coin Jump should finish the job.
                  8                                .....
                       __          6     .....
                       __                                     4
                       ____                            _      +
                       ____                            _  5   +
                ___    ____                  _______________  +
                ___    _________    9                         +   ____
                ___                                 3         +...____
                                                              +   ____
                  _________    .....         _______________  +   ____
                  _________     0                             +   ____
                  _________                                   +   ____
                     ______                                   +   ____
                     ______                        ___________________
                     ____________            1_X_2/
    1. Use the Spinning Kong to destroy the first target.
    2. If you did it without moving, you'll hit the second one too.
    3. Jump up to the platform above and hit it.
    4. This one moves up and down. It should be passing by as you proceed.
    5. Make your way up the platforms to hit this one.
    6. From the ledge that Target #5 was on, double jum,p and you'll hit it
    with a Spinning Kong.
    7. Get up to the top of the platform you're on and Spinning Kong from
    the middle ledge.
    8. Now get to the left ledge, jump once and use the Spinning Kong...
    9. Get back down and onto the droppable in the center. If you can time
    it right, you can break this during your fall. If not, do it from the
    10. Finally, as you drop through, press A as you completely go through
    to destroy this and clear the stage.
                                      6  ________/________
                             7    5      ________/
              _                          __
              _                          __
              _ 9          .....         __
            0 _                          __
              _                   _X_    ____3_
                                  ___    ______
                             8     _        __
                                   _        __
                                   _     __________        ___
                                   _     __________    2   ___
                                   _  1  __
                                   _     __
                                   _                      _
                                   _     _             ____
                                   _     ____       _______
                                   _        _       ____
                                   _                _
    1. Fall off the platform and hit this one during your way down.
    2. Hit this one with a Spin Attack as you jump up through the gap.
    3. Jump to the ledge and break this one.
    4. Go as far up and to the right as you can, and a Spin Attack will
    destroy this one. As you fall, steer yourself as left as possible.
    5. Make your way back to the starting platform and spin Attack after a
    tiny jump to hit this.
    6. You may hit this one right after #5. If not, do another Spin Attack.
    7. Spin Attack from the droppable platform.
    8. Drop down and hit this one. Don't be intimidated by the height; you
    can triple jump back onto the platform.
    9. Use the Bow, and try to time it so you hit it with an arrow from the
    droppable. This may also take a few tries.
    10. Finally, the platform will have moved out of your way. Spin attack
                                      _     _
                                      _  3  _
                                _______     _______
                                _                 _
                                _   2             _
                                _____         _____
                                _                 _     4
                                _                 ______
                                         _X_ 1
                                         ___                  ______
                                                              __  __
                       _     ________            ____
                             _                _____
                          8  _9 _____            __
                             _  __ __             _       6
                             _  _____      ________
                        ....        _      _            .....
                                    _   0  _
                                    _      _
    1. Use a downward Smash on this one.
    2. Triple jump to get onto this platform.
    3. From target #2, jump to the right and Screw Attack it.
    4. Go back onto the initial platform, go as far right as you can, and
    Screw Attack right after you push left.
    5. Smash this one on your way to the platform below.
    6. Go even farther down to break this one.
    7. Now go to the left. Be sure to time your jumps across the gaps
    8. Fall to the right to land on the platform with target #8.
    9. You can get this with one of two ways: You can Screw Attack after
    falling down from the platform and aligning yourself, or you can lay a
    Bomb from inside the horizontal part of the tunnel. Either way, it's
    not as easy as any other target in this challenge.
    10. Finally, as you drop into the abyss below from the huge gap on the
    bottom middle, bash this one. Or time a Bomb correctly, which isn't as
                                _              _
                                _              4
                           _ 1  _
                        ______       _______   +
                            __       _______   +
                            __                 3
                            ___X__            _+____
            _____           ____              ______
                __          __
                __                                       5
             8  __         7                             _____
         ________                        _______        ______
                      __-------_         _______       _______
                      __ 0     __         _____       ________
                      __       ____              6  __________
                      ______   ______             ____________
                      ______   ___________   _________________
                      9        _______________________________
    1. Double jump from the ledge above where you start, and you'll just
    barely make it onto the box with target #1.
    2. Hop out of the box and to the right to snag this one.
    3. Fall onto the platform to the right and time it so you can hit it.
    4. Double jump to this one and throw an Egg at it as you fall.
    5. Stay on the flat part and start an Egg Roll to the left.
    6. You should hit this one too if you hold the B button down.
    7. Break out of the Egg Roll to hit this one. (Let go of B.)
    8. Double jump into the other box.
    9. Be careful, because that platform at the very bottom moves left and
    right. Wait until it gets as far left as it can, then land on it and
    hit target #9 as you travel on it.
    10. As soon as it goes far as it can to the right, do two tiny jumps,
    as tiny as you can, to get in the third box and hit the last target.
    The bridge-like thing marked as "---" means you can go through it when
    you're going upward but not downward, thus making this target the last
    one of the list.
            ___________________                     ________
            _                 _                     ________
            _                 _                     ________
            _                 _ 9        ______     ________
            _      ____    ________......______     ________
            __X_ 1 ____    ________      ______     ________
               _   _____    _______      ______     ________
               _   ______ 2  ______      _____8     7_______
               _     _____    _____      ______     ________
               _     ______    ____      ______     ________
               _     _______                              __
               _   _________                              __
               _   _________                              __
               _   _________  3             _________     __
               _   _   ______              5_________     __
               _   _ 4 _______              __________ 6  __
               _   _   ________             ________________
               _       _________           _________________
               _..     _________           _________________
               _       ______             ____________     _
               _                          ____________     _
               _____                     _____________  0  _
                 ______                  _____________....._
                    ______                   ______
    1. I've done this one so many times I can see the path once I see the
    map... Forward Smash this one from where you start.
    2. When you're over the the gap to the right, do the Stone attack and
    you'll hit 2.
    3. You'll also hit three if the Stone effect is still in place by the
    time you fall to here.
    4. You'll land on the bottom platform. Press B to turn it off and Final
    Cutter the fourth target.
    5. Make your way back to the bottom platform and get onto the ledge
    above this one. Face towards the abyss and do a Downward Smash.
    6. Now get down to the hole to break this one.
    7. Stand directly at the middle of the gap formed by the two walls
    above you, then Final Cutter. If you do it while facing right, you'll
    smack #7.
    8. If you face to the left, you'll hit #8. If you're lucky you'll hit
    both in one swoop.
    9. Float up to the droppable and Final Cutter this one.
    10. Drop through back to the bottom platform and float your way to the
    last target. Count your jumps, because you've only got five before you
    have to Final Cutter.
                            ________             _   5  _
                            _      _             _      _
                            _      _             _......_
                            ________             _      _
                         3                              _
                        ____     _____                   6__ __
                 1      ____   4 __                       _____
                        ___________        ________        _ _
               2        ____     __                        _ _
                        ____<<9>>__          xxxx         _____
                  __________     __                       __ __
                0                                   ____ 8
                '             __      ____
                '                 xxx        xxxxx
    1. This stage is IMO the toughest challenge for a non-secret character
    by far. jump into the air and start firing the Blaster. It may take a
    few tries to time it right.
    2. If you shot #1, keep shooting to get #2.
    3. From the place where you start, triple jump straight up to hit it.
    4. Stand directly below target #4 and Upward Smash it.
    5. NOw go to the ledge on the right, and for the first two jumps, go as
    far to the right as you can. Now Fire Fox straight up.
    6. Drop through to the platform directly below. Jump to the right and
    Fire Fox.
    7. You may hit #7 while hitting #6, or you may prefer to land on the
    platform to the far right. Either way, you'll want to Fire Fox #7.
    8. The "xxxx" means there's a glowing platform that does 10% damage
    when you touch it and sends you flying. Again, Fire Fox this, but this
    time, do it as your second jump. Fall back onto the platform.
    9. Make your way to the bottom center platform, and hit the smaller
    Hurt Block on the top. You'll fly right into the room where #9 is.
    10. This is what makes this really hard. It's a suicide target...From
    the bottom left platform, if you can time it just right, you can Fire
    Fox it. However, Fox falls so fast it's much, much harder than it
    sounds, especially because it's a moving target. ªWhy didn't I think of
    this in the first place? The Blaster can be used to shoot this one, from
    the platform under #9!ª
                             _____      ____              ________
              _______       |               |            |        |
                     |      |  7          6 |            |    4   |
                 9   |                      |            |
              _______|             ....
                                                    |      |
              _______                     ....      |      |.....
             |                          2           |   5  |
             |   8            ....                  |______|
            __________              1               _________________
                      |_                          _|
                0       |_                      _|                      3
    1. Jump up and blast the first target.
    2. Double jmup this time.
    3. Stand on the edge of the ground, and if you Thunder Jolt at just the
    right place, the electricity will fall onto target #3.
    4. Jump up to the droppable, and double jump up to reach the target.
    5. As you fall after hitting the fourth target, push to the left and
    you'll be in target #5's box.
    6. There are three droppables in the middle. Get on the one on the
    right, and stand directly underneath the target. Do a tiny jump, then
    Quick Attack.
    7. If you hit #6 and press left to Quick Attack again, you can hit the
    second brid with one stone.
    8. Climb into the box and hit it.
    9. Climb into the other box to hit it.
    10. Stand below the box that used to contain #8 and Thunder Jolt so it
    follows the platform to the last target.
                                         7                   0
                                                _   _   _   _
                                                _   _   _   _
                                                _   _   _   _
                ____                            _____   _   _
                   _                            _ 8 _   _   _
                   _                            _   _   _   _
        _______    _                  .....     _       _   _
        _          _                            _   ______9__
        _          _                            _   _________
        _          _                            __________
        _  5  ______                            _______
        _                                        _____
        _                                        _      2   3
        _  6  ______     ______     1            _
        _          _     _    _              _____
        _          _     _  4 __             _____
        _          _     ___  ____         _______
        _          _     ___    ____X___________
    1. PK Thunder straight up.
    2. Normally, the fastest way to tackle this is to PK Flash this one and
    the third target in one swoop from where you start, but I find it far
    easier to simply PK Thunder these two individually.
    3. When you blast #2, do the same for #3.
    4. Stand on the ground above #4 and steer the PK Thunder into the room.
    5. You can also steer another PK Thunder to here.
    6. And another.
    7. Fall onto the tiny platform below #7, double jump, and attack.
    8. Fall through the middle of the three gaps and stand beneath #8. PK
    Thunder up or simply attack it.
    9. Get up and fall through the right gap.
    10. PK Fire the final target into oblivion.
                                 Capt. Falcon
               _______                                  _        _
            0  _______                                           _
               _______                                      3    _
               _______                                           _
               _______                                           _
               _______    ===                                    _
          9                8      7
               _______    ===   .....                               ....
               _______                                 .......
               _______        6
               _______                 5                         1
               _______           _          & _____             ____
               _______           __         & _____             ____
               _______           ___        4
               _______           ____       &
               ___________      _______________________________________
               ___________      _______________________________________
               ___________      _______________________________________
    1. Double jump up otno the platform.
    2. Get onto the platform on the far right, then triple jump your way
    to the roof.
    3. Walk off, then fall straight down to the droppable below. Double
    jump, then attack at the peak of the jump. Capt. Falcon's triple jump
    doesn't break targets, FYI.
    4. This  one apparently bounces for eternity...until you break it! Wait
    for the right moment...
    5. Attack this one from the peak of your double jump once again.
    6. Do the same for #6, but this time go as far left as you can, and you
    will end up on the ledge at the bottom left.
    7. Triple jump onto the platform.
    8. The "==="s represent trapezoidal blocks that move up and down,
    carrying the target inside. Time your jump to get in. This may take a
    few tries.
    9. When the "==="s takes you to the gap in the thick wall, go to the
    left edge and Falcon Punch.
    10. For one last time, attack this at the peak of your double jump. Or
    you can make your way to the top of the wall and hit this one during
    your way down.
                              4         _    _
                  _               1__X___
                  _          _    
                  _          _   F
                  _    _     _    ___3____         _
                  _...._          ________         _8
                  _    _                        ____
                  _    _                        ____
                  _  5 _                     _____ _
                  _                         _   _  _
                  _    ________             _   _ __
                  _                7     ___________
                  _  __6____             ___________
                  _  _______           _____________        ____
                                  ___                 _9__  _ 0
                                  ___                 ____  _
    1. This is a pretty straightforward Target arena, where you would use
    your target-breaking skills common to most characters. Smah left from
    your starting point for this one.
    2. Get up to the ledge on your right and Smash right.
    3. Fall down the gap where Target #2 used to be, and hug the wall to
    your left and you'll end up on the platform where #3 is.
    4. "F" means there's a flipper there. It's pretty big and can cost you
    a lot of time if you don't Fire Breath it to send it spinning and
    create a gap for you when it stops spinning. Triple jump to target #4.
    5. Drop down and hit this during your fall.
    6. Right after you hit target #5, hold right and you'll be right on top
    of the next one.
    7. From the edge, ire Breath to reach it. Or, if you'd prefer, jump,
    hit it, and seek ground on the platforms below.
    8. Cimb up the odd structure, and when you get ot the top, Fire Breath
    so the fire travels along the wall and hits #8.
    9. Fall and land on #9.
    10. Get above it, then jump down toward it, and when you get close, use
    the Whirling Fortress to clear Bowser's target test.
                                      ___ 6   ________
                                      ___           ________
                                      ___   _             ________
                                      ___   ___                 ________
                                      __    ___                   _    _
                                      _    ____                   _  5 _
                                      _   ______
                                      _   _______
                             7        _     1  __
                           .....      _        __.....
                  ____                         __
                     _     8___X__________     __
                   9 _      ______________     __
                                      ____     __
                                   0  __     ____
                                      __     ____
                                      __     ____
                                      __     _______________
                                      __     _______________
                               ...    ____   _ 2 _   _ 3 _____
                                      ____   _   _   _   _____      4
    1. Peach's target test, opposed to Bowser's, is an unusual one that
    tests the limits of Peach's floating abilities with wide open areas,
    dizzying heights, and strange placing of the orders of the targets you
    go through. When you're directly underneath this one after jumping,
    Parasol to hit it.
    2. Float, or if you'd prefer, fall using the A button, down to the
    bottom. Parasol from inside the second gap to hit this.
    3. Do the same for the fourth gap.
    4. Stand a few feet from the edge, then throw a Vegetable (turnip) at
    the fourth target.
    5. The 5th target is acquired by a Parasol from the droppable on the
    right. It's a longshot of longshots, but Peach has incredible aerial
    6. Get back onto the platform and Parasol to the left this time.
    7. Go onto the paltform 7 is on and break it. Do you really need this
    explained to you?
    8. Drop down and hit the 8th.
    9. Do what you did for the last target for Bowser, except Parasol it.
    10. Keep the Parasol open so you can float down to the bottom platform.
    Parasol again to hit #10.
                                    Ice Climbers
                            _______        _______
                            ______9         ______
                            ______   ... 8  ______
          ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,______ ,,,  ,,, ______ ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ,,,
                            ______   ...    ______
                            ______    7     ______
          ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, _______,,,, ,,,, ,,,,_______,,,, ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,
                         _______    _       5 _______
                         _______    _         _______
                         _______ 6  _       _________
                         _______ ______       _______
                         _______              _______
                         _______        4     _______
                         _______       ___    _______
          ,,,,, ,,,,, ________ ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,________ ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,
                      ________            3     ________
                      ________           ___    ________
                      ________                  ________
                      ________   ____           ________
                      ________         ____     ________
                      ________                  ________
                      ___________2___           ________
                      ________            ______________
                      ________                  ________
                      ____________    _X_    ___________
                      ________                  ________
                      ________     ___   _1_    ________
                      ________                  ________
    1. The music here is the Ice Climbers music, as opposed to the special
    song for the other target tests. The design of the palce is also that
    of the Ice Climbers. One final note is that you play as ONE Ice Climber
    meaning you can't do teamwork attacks, like Belay. Just jump down to
    the right and Squall Hammer the first one. If you attack the ground
    down at the bottom areas, they break, which is why I recommend that
    2. Since Squall Hammer doesn't attack the ground, that's what I'd say
    you should use for #2 as well.
    3. Do more platform hopping to reach #3. What else should I say?
    4. The ",,,,," are clouds that move along in infinite horizontal rows.
    You don't need this one; you can double-jump from #3's platform to
    5. From this point and up, you don't need to worry about breaking the
    ground anymore because the material changes. Get to the thing sticking
    out of the right wall and double jump and attack to break this one.
    6. Go around the small wall to reach #6. For minimal distance, jump up
    while hugging the wall.
    7. This one's tricky. Hop onto a cloud, as far left as possible so you
    have the msot time available to break target #7.
    8. This one's trickier. The clouds are now small puffs and are barely
    reachable. If you can get on it, #8 is yours.
    9. Use the Blizzard while facing left on the platform it's next to.
    10. There's a pterodactyl that moves left to right holding the last
    target. Double jump ahead of time so the creature is there when you're
    ready to attack.
                                   _     _
                                  ___   ___
                                 _____ _____
                              _      ...      _
                             ___      2      ___
                            _____           _____
                           _     _         _     _
                          ___   ___       ___   ___
                         _____ _____     _____ _____
             ....   _____                           _____
                    _____           __X_1           _____
              0      __             ____            5__
                     __                              __       6
                     __                              __
                     __       9                      __
                     __     .....                    __
                     __                              __
                     _____                          4__
                     _______                      __________
                     _____________    7              _______
    1. Before starting this Target area, hold down A as you select Zelda to
    transform into Sheik immediately. Hit the first target to the right of
    2. Double jump straight up and use the Vanish move to break the 2nd.
    3. If performed correctly, Vanish should take you into target #3,
    breaking it.
    4. Jump to the ledge down there and break the target.
    5. At the apex of your double jump, attack and you'll hit #5.
    6. Go to the tip of the platform where #4 was and triple jump up, but
    this time, before you hit Up+B, tilt the Control Stick to the upper
    right as fast as you can, and hopefully, you'll land on the ground
    above. Jump off, and, usuing careful timing, hit this in midair. the
    ledge below is just big enough to land on when you fall to the left
    after hitting the target.
    7. Stand on the edge of the cliff next to #7 and use the Chain to hit
    8. Keep holding B and the electrip whip will land on the eighth too.
    9. Jump up onto the dropable and do whatever you want to break the
    10. Fall off the droppable on the far left and do what you did to #6.
                                 _            1   _
                                 _ 0              _
                                 _                _
                                 _       X_       _
                                 _       __       _
                                 _                _
                                 _             *  _
                                 ________  ________
    1. Welcome to the secret characters' target tests. It may just be me,
    but the secret characters' are either quite a bit harder, or, in this
    case and a few others, much easier. As soon as you get to move, jump to
    the upper right, avoiding the bumper, and hit the first target with the
    Super Coin Jump, the only target in this test that's stationary.
    *(2-9). As you stand where the asterisk is, eight more targets will
    come your way. Break them as they arrive.
    10. Finally, use another triple jump along the left wall to break the
    last target.
                    _4        ___|    ___|                  _
                    ___       ___|    __/                   _
                    ___\      __/  3  __                    _
                    ____\     __      __\                   _
                    ____|   ____\_______|_______2__X__1______
                                            6               _
                                5                           _
                    _-----------------------------------__  _
                    _ 0                          7          _
                    _          9                            _
                    _                    8                  _
                    _                                    ____
    1. An unusual yet simple-looking arena for an unusual yet simple-
    looking Pokémon. Turn to the right and break this target.
    2. Now turn to the left.
    3. Use the Pound attack at just the right height to squeeze through the
    bumper walls and hit #3. You'll need to go past two gaps to get across.
    4. Float up to the corner to bash this.
    5. There will now be, in this hallway, little platforms that fly at
    you. They don't do any direct harm to you, but they will seriously slow
    you down if you don't duck under the high ones and jump over the low
    ones. once you make it to #5, don't hesitate to break it. The "---" is,
    again, ground you can go up through but not down.
    6. Do the same to #6, except you'll have to jump up to hit this one.
    7. Land on the bottom right and float up to face #7 and Pound it.
    8. Descend a little and Pound this one too.
    9. Ascend a bit.
    10. Finally, acsend a little bit more. Make sure you don't miss any of
    the four bottom targets and have to turn around, because, as you can
    see, the last one is pretty far.
                           _    _          9
                           _ 8  _ 3             _
                      _    ______              ____
                    ____                         ____
                  ____      -                      _
                   _      ,|2|,,,,,,,>,,,,,,,,,,,
                    '         ,,,    1    ,,,    '
                    '            ,,,<,,,,,       '
                 __ '             __X___      ''>    __
                 __  ''-              5   ''''       __
                 __   |7|'>'''''''''''''''           __
                 __    -      __6__    __4__         __
                 __           _____    _____         __
                              _____ 0  _____
    1. Yeah, it's confusing. Targets #2 and #7 are confined in some pseudo-
    boxes with crosshair-like stuff that harm you if you touch them. Anyway
    just jump up, double if necessary, to hit the first target.
    2. This one, in the red cross hairs, follows ",,,". Wait for the cross-
    hairs move away from the box, then go in and get the target. This is
    harder than it seems.
    3. Go as far up as you can. I think a double jump attack can handle
    this due to Mewtwo's great jumping.
    4. Fall back down and stand on the platform #4 is on. Wait for it to
    rise up out of the ground, then break it.
    5. Jump to the left, hit this one at the very top of your jump, then
    try your best to scramble back to the right.
    6. Now hop over to the left and break this one as it rises.
    7. The looks of these "crosshairs" remind me of Mewtwo Returns... The
    seventh target is the one in the blue crosshairs and follows " ''' ".
    Try to follow it around and again, wait for the right moment.
    8. Take the "box" to the top and bash #8.
    9. Jump to the right from the right ledge and hit this as you pass it.
    10. Drop down in between the two bottom platforms and break this. You
    only get one chance, so don't blow it!
                                7                 _
                            ___     __F__ 3       _______
                           ____     ____
                          _____     ___     ...
                          ____     ___     _____   _..____
                   /\     ___    F___      _ 5 _   _    +_
                          __     __ 4      _   _   ____ +_
                          __    F__        _   _   _    1_
                  ....    __     __        _   __      _+
                          __     _______   _   __  _   _+_
                        9 ______.          _   _   ______
                   \/8     F
                       ____        ________X______________
                 <-----____----->  _____________________
    1. This one is seriously, SERIOSULY hard. Or maybe I'm just bad as
    Marth. Oh well... Get into the maze thing on the right and destroy the
    target moving up and down, indicated by "+".
    2. Get onto the ground near #2 from the left.
    3. Use the Dolphin Slash to the left from the droppable.
    4. Head down and use another Dolphin Slash to reach this one from the
    5. From your starting point, do a triple jump up the narrow pipe.
    6. Make your way back up to the top and hit #6 with another triple
    jump. Be careful not to hit the flipper.
    7. Jump across the gap after reaching out for #7. If you make it, hit
    target #9 before #8. If you fall down, break 8 before 9.
    8. Be EXTRA careful about the flipper here, because it could throw you
    right off the platform and into oblivion. Try ducking. If you make it,
    charge up a Shield Breaker on the very very left of he platform and
    release it as it gets as far left as it can.
    9. Charge up a Shield Breaker on the droppable going up and down, on
    the right edge, and release it when the platform gets to its lowest
    point. ªYou can also jump from that platform and land on the one below
    it if you feel brave, hitting the target along the way.ª 
    10. Jump off and hit this. The Dolphin Slash is the best attack to use.
                                  Mr. Game & Watch
                             ...     6              2.
                                8            3     .. ..
                             ...           4     ..
    1. Before you think about having a field day with the targets here,
    know that of all the targets, only #3, #4, #8 and #6 are stationary.
    Stand by the door on the right. It alternates between target #1 for you
    and empty inside.
    2. Target #2 moves diagonally for a very short distance over the roof.
    Get on the roof and blast the target.
    3. The Fire attack works well for this situation from underneath.
    4. Same here.
    5. #5 moves along the ground from right to left. Wait for it to come.
    6. Do what you did for #3.
    7. #7 falls down from the top of the Game & Watch screen. Wait at on
    the ground and press A repeatedly until it comes by.
    8. Do what you did for #6. You'll land on an apartment balcony.
    9. #9 starts off on the balcony above you and then follows a sine wave
    to the right. It may take a while, but again, wait on the balcony above
    10. Get to the top balcony and hit #10 as it goes from right to left
    acorss the top of the screen.
                                    Dr. Mario
                      6                                      9
                           ___          ________
                           _ _ <....>          _
                           _ _                 _        /\
                           _ _   <....>       4_
                          7_ _    5            _3      ....
                           _ _ <....>          __
                           ___                  __      \/
                   8              __      ____    __
                                ..__         _     __
                                  __      1  _     __
                                  __      ____
                          __X__                         0
    1. Why do these guys have such hard sets of targets? Why can't we just
    use Ness and PK Thunder them all? Anyway, from the top of the backward
    "C", jump down into the gap where #1 is.
    2. Get back up to the top of it, directly in the middle, and shoot a
    Megavitamin while facing left to hit #2. 
    3. Now, from the "C" structure, do a double jump up, and as soon as you
    are in front of #3 (the wall will be in your way), Super Coin Jump and
    its range will reach #3 and break it.
    4. Since you go up during a Super Coin Jump, you'll hit #4 also.
    5. Hit #5 while making your way up the moving platforms.
    6. When the top moving platform is at its farthest right and is about
    to move back left, jump up and to the left and Super Coin Jump. You
    should fall onto the platform if you push right.
    7. As the platform below you is is creeping through the left wall, drop
    through the top platform and land on the middle one for #7.
    8. Stand on the lower platform's left edge and start rapidly shooting
    9. Get up to the flat land on the upper right, and jump off the very
    edge. The farthest possible triple jump will break the ninth target.
    10. This one's the hardest one. It's beyond the reach of Megavitamins,
    so you'll have to handle this one manually. When the platform is at its
    highest, drop through it and hit the target. And lower and Dr. Mario
    can't react fast enough to hit it. ªApparently, I was proven wrong again
    since this target IS breakable through Megavitamins. You need to stand
    to the left of the moving platform, and you'll hit it at just the right
                             8   _\/\/\/\/\/\/\/_
                            _____ >      9     <____
                            _\/\/       7       \/\_
                            _>..  ....  ....  ....<_
                            _>  4       0         <_
                            _> __5_  ___X1_  2_3_ <_
                            _> ____  ______  ____ <_
                            _>                    <_
                            _>6                   <_
    1. If you've been reading every one of the target practice maps, then
    you can tell that Ganondorf's is in the same league as Luigi's and Mr.
    Game & Watch's. However, this time, it's much much harder. Every single
    target moves except #7, and some very erraticly. As soon as the word
    "Go!" appears onscreen, punch #1 as it flies by. It goes from left to
    right, passing underneath the left and right platforms and over the
    2. After punching #1, #2 will come by. With good timing, you'll hit
    this one too. It goes in a simple right to left.
    3. #3 follows #2, so after obliterating the second target, turn around
    and put the same fate to its friend.
    4. #4 is another target that follows a sine curve from left to right.
    You can hit it from the left platform. While you're there...
    5. ...you can also hit #5, which travels right to left, passing over
    the right platform, under the middle, and over the left.
    6. Also, the left edge of the left platform is the only available spot
    where you can hit target #6, which bounces up and down in the far left
    7. Go back to the center and hit this simple target with an attack from
    a double jump. Keep in mind that Ganondorf's triple jump, like Capt.
    Falcon's, doesn't break targets.
    8. Get onto the moving platforms. Your next target will appear from
    time to time near the lower corner on the right and zoom by near the
    top. This is a very irritating target because you'll need to be extra
    fast to catch this one.
    9. This one whizzes from left to right near the top. Be careful,
    because not only does this target move really fast, you need to beware
    of the spkies. When it seems to be right behind you, jump and attack
    A+Up. You may need to do a tiny double jump.
    10. Finally, the last target goes along a curved path, passing through
    the middle. Since this is your last target, it should be easy to spot
    when you stand on the middle platform.
                               _                   _
                                   _   _
                                   _   _
                                   _   _
                                   _   _
                 0                 _   _                A
                                   _   _
                 _                 _   _     1        3
                 _                 _   _     B       xxx
                 _                 _   _           xxxxxxx
                 _                 _____  2        xxxxxxx
                 _                 _   _  V          xxx
                 _                 _  <_<<V  _X_
                 _                 _   _     ___     5(D)      G
                 _                 _____    ______
                 _                 xxxxx   __________
                 _                 xxxxx 4 __________
                 _                  8   E  __________
                 _                 xxxxx   __________
                 _         9       xxxxx   __________       ____
                 _         _____________   ________       ________
                 _         _           _   ________    ___________
                 _         _           _   ______       6 _      _
                           _           _   ____        ____      _
                           _           _    __            _   7  _
                       C   _           _               ____      _
                           _           _     F            _      _
                     ___________________               ____......_
                     _     _           _                         _
    1. This is that kind of stage that refuses to be condensed. Sigh...
    You may have noticed right away that there are a bunch of letters that
    are placed seemingly randomly around the map. These are actually the
    locations of a teleporting target, which moves in order from A to G and
    back to A. With that covered, the first concern is to break the target
    above you with a jump attack.
    2. Wait for the second target to come out of the structure or when
    coming in, blast it with the...Blaster.
    3. This one spins around the harmful platform, marked by x's at the
    precise speed that if you just rapidly start shooting, you'll always
    miss. Not moving from your starting location, press B when it reaches
    the top of its path.
    4. This one goes around the starting platform, going through the lump
    you start on and the lump on its right. Stand on the top of the lump on
    the right, and as soon as you see it pass completely through the top
    lump, attack and you'll destroy it.
    5. Now it's time to destroy that infernal target once and for all. When
    it gets to its "D" or "G" position, fire at with with the Blaster.
    6. This one moves up and down through the three ledges at the bottom-
    right structure. Stand in the one second from the bottom and keep
    pressing A until you get it.
    7. Go down to the very bottom, and jump again, and, if necessary, Fire
    Bird into #7's room.
    8. Now go back onto the starting platform. Fall until you reach the two
    dangerous blocks. Time either a Falco Illusion or a horizontal Fire
    Bird into the gap, and you'll snag the next target.
    9. It's just a short walk to the ninth target.
    10. Just one more, triple jump as high as you can, and the tip of it
    will be just enough to reach your last target!
                                      Young Link
              0  /                   ________        __   ____
                /  3  F              _      _4       __ 6 ____
                         __    _     _   2  _        _________
                          _    _     ________  _5__       ____
                          _    _                     __ 7 ____
                          _    _                     _________
                          _ 1  _                     __   ____
                          _    _    ___  ___        F_________
                          _    _     ___  ___    -->F__   ____
                          _    _    ___  ___         __ 8 ____
                          _    _   ___  ___          _________
                          _    _       9             _________
                          _    _      __               _____
                          _    _      __                 _
                          _    _
                          _    _
    1. Well, constructing this map was a lot easier than Falco's. It
    doesn't require perfect timing or mastery of the character, but its
    main difficulty is in Young Link's abilities and whcih to use when. The
    first target is simple: triple jump up to it.
    2. To get out of the pit, You'll need to wall-kick your way up. Jump up
    to a wall, and as soon as you hit the wall, slam the control stick in
    the other direction, and Young Link will jump off that wall to the one
    nearby. You may fall a few times, but slowly alternate between left and
    right, and if your pattern is correct, you'll make it up the walls in
    no time. Now, standing at the top of the left wall, steer the Boomerang
    into the box and the second target.
    3. Fire an Arrow at the fliper to make it spin, and while it's spinning
    fire another Arrow at full strength to hit #3.
    4. If you were really lucky, you would've heard two target noises, and
    you already hit #4 so skip this. If not, just get to the top of the
    box and smack #4 as it moves up to your level.
    5. Get on the platform. Could it be simpler?
    6. The wooden log at the top right moves up and down, closing a room in
    the bottom position. When it goes up, jump to the right, and when you
    get there it'll probably have already come down, giving you a wide open
    landing area for target #6.
    7. Stand on the log, and when it goes up again, jump off and jump into
    the room below. Only three mroe to go!
    8. Standing on the right "fast-forward" looking like structures, launch
    an Arrow at full strength to shoot it right past the flippers, through
    the tiny gap, and straight to #8.
    9. Fall down in between the twin platforms and onto the little square.
    After breaking the target, make your way back to the top of the pit.
    You may need to triple jyump a few times.
    10. You can either get there manually and Spin Attack it, or, if you're
    good with Arrows, shoot one from the top of the box at it.
                      _                        _          _
                      _                        _     5__  _
                      _      ^            ...  _6         _
                      _      9     _  _  _     _  __      _
                      _      v   <_<<_0>_>>    _          _
                      _      v   _  _  _       _      __  _
                      ___8_  v                 _          _
                      _                    ___    __      _
                      _                     4             _
                      _                     |         __  _
                      _     ___             |             _
                      _     _2_     1       |    3__      _
                      _    _____           _X_            _
                      _                    ___        __  _
                      _                                   _
    1. This is certainly a tough one. I'd have to rank it as second only to
    Marth's. You'll start out on a pendulum. As it swings to the left,
    Thunder Jolt it. BTW, Thunders work here.
    2. As soon as the pendulum is at its farthest left, jump up and Thunder
    Jolt. The projectile will fall right into #2 as it rises up and falls
    3. Do what you did for #1, except at the farthest right.
    4. Double jump and attack the top of the pendulum.
    5. Here's the hardest part. The platforms go down at approximately
    Pichu's falling speed, so you'll need to double jump and then hold down
    to speed your fall to make it to the next platform. Make your way up to
    the top, and as you fall down from the top, be sure to press A about
    pichu's height from the target to smack it.
    6. Will the department store of the same name get mad? When you get #5,
    make your way up again, and Thunder Jolt, making sure you face left,
    and it'll travel down the wall to #6. If you can't get high enough,
    just bash it manually.
    7. The seventh target can be cracked in the same way as #5, except it's
    lower down and therefore has a smaller margin of error when you try to
    land again.
    8. The difficulty of this test begins to decelerate at this point. Take
    the pendulum, jumping on #2's platforms if you need to, to get to the
    ledge containing #8.
    9. Its lowest point is low enough for you to jump up and Thunder Jolt
    from #8's ledge.
    10. Now, stand on the platform at the top in the middle, and, while
    facing left, rapidly Thunder Jolt. It'll fall into the left gap and
    finish your test once the last target comes by. ªOr, if you want this
    done in a different order, this is Thunderable from the pendulum. It's
    completely up to chance, which I don't trust at all, but it's your
                                        _____     _____
                              6               _4_
                           7                      F
                            F                     F
                                     1            F
               _9___               __X__          _3 _
                    8                         ___2____
                                              _0 _
    1. Low on platforms and high in wide open spaces, this is much harder
    that it looks, because not only is Roy lacking any projectiles, but he
    is also bad jumper. Just jump up and use the Blazer to destroy this
    2. Now jump to the right, stand in front of #2, and charge up a Fire
    3. It'll automatically be released once it reachs full strength and
    take out two targets at once.
    4. Triple jump all the way to the top, and if you made it to the
    platform high up, you've got this target.
    5. Stand below it, a bit to the right of it facing left. Jump once and
    let a Blazer do the talking.
    6. Here's where it starts to get tough. Jump off the ledge near #5 and
    hit this one during your fall. Now try to land back on the starting
    7. Get back over there and time your attack so this time it hits #7.
    Be careful of the flipper that can ruin your chance. However, you can
    use it to again bounce back to the starting platform.
    8. Go back around again and land on the bottom left platform. Standing
    at the right edge, down Smash it.
    9. Get over to the left and destroy this target.
    10. The hardest part: Get back to the starting platform. Due to Roy's
    terrible jumping, this may be harder than it seems. The flipper may
    help extend a jump a little bit. If you make it, congrats! Now fall
    beneath the box the last target is encased in, staying as close to its
    bottom as you can. The Blazer is the attack of choice here. ªOr, this
    plan can also be done near the beginning, making this target the second
    one you break.ª
                           >>>Other 1-Player Modes<<<
    #                        >>>Multi Man Melees<<<
    10-Man Melee: In this mode, you have to KO 10 Wire Frames without
    dying. The Wireframes have a huge handicap against them, so you should
    have no trouble with them.
    100-Man Melee: In this mode, you have a huge survival match against
    a whopping 100 Wireframes. Again, they have a huge handicap, but all those
    weak hits will eventually begin to send you farther and farther every time.
    My strategy is to use Fox and quickly use Fox Illusion to dash between the 
    front and back of the bottom platform, or to use Y. Link's spin move.
    3-Minute Melee: In this mode, you attempt to stay alive with unlimited
    Wireframes attacking you from all sides. Dodging skills are recommended here,
    along with quick moving attacks such as Rollout or powerful invincibility
    moves like Kirby's Stone. Basically, just keep from getting to the blast line
    and you're fine.
    15-Minute Melee: This mode is the purest, most refined form of evil in 
    existence. I HATE having to go through this. Basically, just use the moves 
    you used in 3-Minute Melee. Watch out big time for the last ten or so seconds,
    because the Wireframes will begin to do more smashes at that time.
    Cruel Melee: Remember how I said 15-Minute Melee was evil? This makes 15-minute
    look like great fun compared to this. Just stay alive until you have enough for 
    the trophy.
                                 >>>VS. Mode<<<
    Instead of models of each character in SSB, SSBM takes it...probably a
    dozen giant steps forward. In addition to 195 trophies available in the
    Trophy Lottery, 126 more can be received after fulfilling something
    within the game. Some are dead-easy, while others will require complete
    mastery and knowledge of the game to get. If you have an American,
    European, or Australian verison of the game, then a single trophy was
    cut off due to Christian themes (though it's quite pro-Christ, so why?
    I guess some people can never be satisfied), ending with 291 for the
    Orient and 290 for everyone else. The text of the trophy, Tamagon, is
    written below:
    This is the main
    character of a Japanese
    NES game never released
    in North America. In this
    quirky maze game, your
    goal was to work your
    way through a series
    of scrolling mazes while
    battling a cyclopean
    henchmen of a large,
    winged demon. Tamagon
    not only had to worry
    about the creatures,
    but also the walls, which
    were extremely harmful.
    Also, Tamagon looks like (š)Bub(š) from Bubble Bobble, except with wings
    for arms and a severe lack of a body. Anyway, on to the actual part.
    Actually, it kind of reminds me a lot of Quincy from FoxTrot (by Bill
    Amend) as well.
    NOTE: In the official SSBM Guide (from Nintendo Power), there are some
    mistakes in the trophy listings. I'm not sure if they're all correct,
    since the names I remember come off the top of my head, but here they
    are. Almost all of them involve Pokémon, and almost all of the ones that
    involve Pokémon involve its ordering in the guide's list.
    ·There's actually no hyphen between "Motion" and "Sensor" in the name
    "Motion Sensor Bomb".
    ·Venusaur is listed as between Bulbasaur and Squirtle but is actually
    between Poké Ball and Charizard.
    ·Squirtle is listed as between Venusaur and Chansey but is actually
    between Charizard and Blastoise.
    ·Chansey is listed as between Squirtle and Staryu but is actually
    between Weezing and Goldeen.
    ·Staryu is listed as between Chansey and Cyndaquil but is actually
    between Goldeen and Snorlax.
    ·Marill is listed as between Cyndaquil and Sudowoodo but is actually
    between Bellossom and Sudowoodo.
    ·Sudowoodo is listed as between Marill and Porygon2 but is actually
    between Marill and Unown.
    ·Porygon2 is listed as between Sudowoodo and Toad but is actually
    between Scizor and Raikou.
    ·Bulbasaur is listed twice. Its correct location is between Starman
    (the kind from Earthbound) and Poliwhirl.
    ·Ditto is listed as between Cleffa and Igglybuff but is actually
    between Poliwhirl and Eevee.
    ·The trophy called "Arlo" in the list is actually "Totakeke".
    ·(H) Marin is supposed to look identical to Zelda, but you don't need a
    close look to figure that inaccuracy out. (H)
                                  The Trophy Lottery
    The Trophy Lottery is where you use your coins to "bet" on getting a
    trophy. Each coin brings the odds up by 5% or to 99.9%, whichever comes
    first, and you can use from 1 to 20 coins. You earn coins in VS. Mode
    matches and 1-Player Mode games. When you complete something, there's a
    meter with a picture of a yellow circle, an "x", and probably some
    little brown coins. The number of little brown coins are cumulative,
    and for every ten of them you get, you get one trophy coin. You can get
    a total of 50 brown coins, (they'll automatically forn one lottery coin
    if you earn 10 or more at once) or you can end up with none at all. You
    start out with one (or if you're lucky, a non-lottery trophy) and can
    get the following trophies using the lottery:
    (H) NOTE: Once you clear a certain series of Events, more lottery
    trophies will be available. For example, Fountain of Dreams can only be
    won after clearing Event #30, and as Hyman reports, Waluigi will appear
    after beating Event #51. (H)
    88. Warp Star
    89. Ray Gun
    90. Super Scope
    91. Fire Flower
    93. Star Rod
    94. Beam Sword
    95. Home Run Bat
    96. Fan
    97. Hammer
    98. Green Shell
    99. Red Shell
    100. Flipper
    101. Freezie
    102. Mr. Saturn
    103. Bob-omb
    105. Super Mushroom
    106. Poison Mushroom
    107. Starman
    108. Parasol
    109. Screw Attack
    112. Cloaking Device
    113. Barrel Cannon
    114. Party Ball
    115. Crate
    116. Barrel
    117. Capsule
    118. Egg
    119. Smash Coins
    120. Poké Ball
    121. Venusaur
    122. Charizard
    123. Squirtle
    124. Blastoise
    125. Clefairy
    126. Electrode
    127. Weezing
    128. Chansey
    129. Goldeen
    130. Staryu
    131. Snorlax
    132. Articuno
    133. Zapdos
    134. Moltres
    136. Chikorita
    137. Cyndaquil
    138. Togepi
    139. Bellossom
    140. Marill
    143. Wobbuffet
    144. Scizor
    145. Porygon2
    146. Raikou
    148. Suicune
    149. Lugia
    150. Ho-oh
    152. Toad
    154. Vegetable
    155. Megavitamins
    157. Kirby Hat 1
    158. Kirby Hat 2
    159. Kirby Hat 3
    162. Princess Peach's Castle
    163. Bullet Bill
    164. Lakitu
    165. Pidgit
    166. Birdo
    167. Klap Trap
    168. Shy Guys
    169. Pak E. Derm
    170. Tingle
    171. Moon
    172. Turtle
    173. Four Giants
    174. Master Sword
    178. Arwing
    179. Great Fox
    180. Peppy Hare
    181. SLippy Toad
    183. Chozo Statue
    184. Whispy Woods
    185. Fountain of Dreams
    187. Pokémon Stadium
    194. Koopa Troopa
    195. Koopa Paratroopa
    196. ReDead
    197. Octorok
    198. Like Like
    199. Topi
    200. Polar Bear
    201. Racoon Mario
    202. Metal Mario
    205. Plum
    206. Daisy
    207. Waluigi
    208. Thwomp
    209. Boo
    210. Koopa Clown Car
    211. Viruses
    212. Bucket
    213. Racing Kart
    214. Baby Mario
    215. Baby Bowser
    216. Raphael the Raven
    217. Dixie Kong
    218. King K. Rool
    219. Goron
    222. Ocarina of Time
    223. Samurai Goroh
    224. Dr. Stewart
    225. Jody Summer
    228. Andross
    229. Andross
    231. Metroid
    232. Ridley
    233. Fire Kirby
    234. Fighter Kirby
    235. Ball Kirby
    236. Waddle Dee
    237. King Dedede
    238. Rick
    239. Gooey
    240. Meta-Knight
    241. Paula
    242. Jeff
    243. Poo
    244. Starman
    245. Bulbasaur
    246. Poliwhirl
    247. Ditto
    248. Eevee
    249. Totodile
    250. Crobat
    251. Cleffa
    252. Igglybuff
    253. Steelix
    254. Heracross
    256. Professor Oak
    257. Misty
    258. ZERO-ONE
    259. Maruo Maruhige
    260. Ryota Hayami
    261. Kensuke Kimachi
    262. Love Giant
    263. Hate Giant
    264. Ray Mk II
    265. Bayonette
    266. Annie
    268. Totakeke
    270. Hererin
    271. Alpha
    272. Vacuum Luigi
    273. Pikmin
    275. Excitebike
    277. Ducks
    278. Bubbles
    279. Eggplant Man
    281. Balloon Fighter
    282. Stanley
    283. Pit
    284. Dr. Wright
    285. Donbe & Hikari
    286. Ayumi Tachibana
    287. Monster
    290. GCN
                                 Special Trophies
    The trophy system would be downright boring if there wasn't any secret
    trophies to give out! Some hold more importance to Nintendo than other
    characters or symbols, some are simply in SSBM, and some are secret for
    no damn reason. Another thing to note is that while some, such as
    Samus's Starship, are trophies you'll get during your 1st or 2nd day of
    play (unless you really suck), a few, such as Mew, will only be given
    the day the Earth crashes into the Sun, plummeting the Solar System into
    a quasar and then into a black hole. Either that, or you'll have to
    prove yourself to be a master. I'll only list how to get them. Further
    instructions will be in other sections of the FAQ.
    NOTE: You can get multiple hidden trophies at once if you fulfill the
    requirements for more than one.
    1. Mario: Finish Classic Mode as Mario.
    2. Mario: Finish Adventure Mode as Mario.
    3. Mario: Finish All-Star Mode as Mario.
    4. Donkey Kong: Finish Classic Mode as DK.
    5. Donkey Kong: Finish Adventure Mode as DK.
    6. Donkey Kong: Finish All-Star Mode as DK.
    7. Link: Finish Classic Mode as Link.
    8. Link: Finish Adventure Mode as Link.
    9. Link: Finish All-Star Mode as Link.
    10. Samus Aran: Finish Classic Mode as Samus.
    11. Samus Aran: Finish Adventure Mode as Samus.
    12. Samus Aran: Finish All-Star Mode as Samus.
    13. Yoshi: Finish Classic Mode as Yoshi.
    14. Yoshi: Finish Adventure Mode as Yoshi.
    15. Yoshi: Finish All-Star Mode as Yoshi.
    16. Kirby: Finish Classic Mode as Kirby.
    17. Kirby: Finish Adventure Mode as Kirby.
    18. Kirby: Finish All-Star Mode as Kirby.
    19. Fox McCloud: Finish Classic Mode as Fox.
    20. Fox McCloud: Finish Adventure Mode as Fox.
    21. Fox McCloud: Finish All-Star Mode as Fox.
    22. Pikachu: Finish Classic Mode as Pikachu.
    23. Pikachu: Finish Adventure Mode as Pikachu.
    24. Pikachu: Finish All-Star Mode as Pikachu.
    25. Ness: Finish Classic Mode as Ness.
    26. Ness: Finish Adventure Mode as Ness.
    27. Ness: Finish All-Star Mode as Ness.
    28. Capt. Falcon: Finish Classic Mode with Capt. Falcon.
    29. Capt. Falcon: Finish Adventure Mode with Capt. Falcon.
    30. Capt. Falcon: Finish All-Star Mode as Capt. Falcon.
    31. Bowser: Finish Classic Mode as Bowser.
    32. Bowser: Finish Adventure Mode as Bowser.
    33. Bowser: Finish All-Star Mode as Bowser.
    34. Peach: Finish Classic Mode as Peach.
    35. Peach: Finish Adventure Mode as Peach.
    36. Peach: Finish All-Star Mode as Peach.
    37. Ice Climbers: Finish Classic Mode as Ice Climbers. 
    38. Ice Climbers: Finish Adventure Mode as Ice Climbers.
    39. Ice Climbers: Finish All-Star Mode as Ice Climbers.
    40. Zelda: Finish Classic Mode as Zelda/Sheik.
    41. Zelda: Finish Adventure Mode as Zelda/Sheik.
    42. Zelda: Finish All-Star Mode as Zelda/Sheik.
    43. Sheik: Finish Classic Mode as Zelda/Sheik.
    44. Sheik: Finish Adventure Mode as Zelda/Sheik.
    45. Sheik: Finish All-Star Mode as Zelda/Sheik.
    46. Luigi: Finish Classic Mode as Luigi.
    47. Luigi: Finish Adventure Mode as Luigi.
    48. Luigi: Finish All-Star Mode as Luigi.
    49. Jigglypuff: Finish Classic Mode as Jigglypuff.
    50. Jigglypuff: Finish Adventure Mode as Jigglypuff.
    51. Jigglypuff: Finish All-Star Mode as Jigglypuff.
    52. Mewtwo: Finish Classic Mode as Mewtwo.
    53. Mewtwo: Finish Adventure Mode as Mewtwo.
    54. Mewtwo: Finish All-Star Mode as Mewtwo.
    55. Marth: Finish Classic Mode as Marth.
    56. Marth: Finish Adventure Mode as Marth.
    57. Marth: Finish All-Star Mode as Marth.
    58. Mr. Game & Watch: Finish Classic Mode as Mr. Game & Watch.
    59. Mr. Game & Watch: Finish Adventure Mode as Mr. Game & Watch.
    60. Mr. Game & Watch: Finish All-Star Mode as Mr. Game & Watch.
    61. Dr. Mario: Finish Classic Mode as Dr. Mario.
    62. Dr. Mario: Finish Adventure Mode as Dr. Mario.
    63. Dr. Mario: Finish All-Star Mode as Dr. Mario.
    64. Ganondorf: Finish Classic Mode as Ganondorf.
    65. Ganondorf: Finish Adventure Mode as Ganondorf.
    66. Ganondorf: Finish All-Star Mode as Ganondorf.
    67. Falco Lombardi: Finish Classic Mode as Falco.
    68. Falco Lombardi: Finish Adventure Mode as Falco.
    69. Falco Lombardi: Finish All-Star Mode with Falco.
    70. Young Link: Finish Classic Mode as Young Link.
    71. Young Link: Finish Adventure Mode as Young Link.
    72. Young Link: Finish All-Star Mode as Young Link.
    73. Pichu: Finish Classic Mode as Pichu.
    74. Pichu: Finish Adventure Mode as Pichu.
    75. Pichu: Finish All-Star Mode as Pichu.
    76. Roy: Finish Classic Mode as Roy.
    77. Roy: Finish Adventure Mode as Roy.
    78. Roy: Finish All-Star Mode as Roy.
    79. Male Wire Frames: Beat the 100-Man Melee within 6 minutes.
    80. Female Wire Frames: KO at least 100 Wireframes in Endless Melee.
    81. Fighting Wire Frames: Finish the 15-minute Melee.
    82. Giga Bowser: Beat Giga Bowser in Adventure Mode.
    83. Master Hand: Beat Classic on Hard or VH without continuing.
    84. Crazy Hand: Beat Adventure on Hard or VH without continuing.
    85. Food: Play 1,000 VS. Matches.
    86. Maxim Tomato: Play 10 VS. Matches.
    87. Heart Container: Play 100 VS. Matches.
    92. Lip's Stick: Do a Combo of 20 or more in Training Mode.
    104. Motion Sensor Bomb: Clear Event 3: Bombs Away.
    110. Metal Box: Do a Combo of 10 or more in Training Mode.
    111. Bunny Hood: Get a Combo total of 125 or more in Training Mode.
    119. Smash Coins: Play 100 Coin VS. Matches.
    135. Mew: Beat All-Star on Hard or VH.
    141. Sudowoodo: Unlock the Poké Floats stage.
    142. Unown: Make a total of 16,000 feet in the Home Run Contest.
    147. Entei: Clear Event 26: Trophy Tussle 2.
    151. Celebi: Find Celebi in a Poké Ball (computer opponents' count)
    156. Lon Lon Milk: Get under 26 minutes total in Target Practice.
    160. Kirby Hat 4: Unlock Luigi, Marth, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, and Mr. G&W.
    161. Kirby Hat 5: Unlock Ganondorf, Roy, Pichu, Dr. Mario, and Y. Link.
    175. Falcon Flyer: Unlock the Big Blue stage.
    176. F-Zero Racers: Finish Adventure Mode with everyone.
    182. Kraid: Unlock the Brinstar Depths stage.
    186. UFO: Unlock the Fourside stage.
    188. Game & Watch: Complete Event 45: Game and Watch Forever!
    189. Target: Finish Target Testing for every character.
    190. Sandbag: Set a record of 1,000 feet in the Home Run Contest.
    191. Battlefield: Clear the All-Star Mode with any character.
    192. Final Destination: Clear Event 51: The Showdown.
    193. Goomba: Clear Event 14: Trophy Tussle 1.
    203. Paper Mario: Make a record of 1,475 feet in the Home Run Contest.
    204: Wario: Clear All-Star without continuing.
    220. Marin: Comes with the Sound Test
    221. Majora's Mask: Clear Event 47: Trophy Tussle 3.
    226. Landmaster Tank: Get a total KO number of 1,000 or more.
    227. Wolfen: Finish the Adventure Mode in less than 18 minutes.
    230. Samus's Starship: Clear "Escape from Brinstar" in Adventure Mode.
    255. Meowth: Finish All-Star Mode with everyone.
    267. Tom Nook: Reach 1,000 Lottery Coins (including ones spent).
    269. Mr. Resetti: KO 5 opponents in Cruel Melee.
    274. Captain Olimar: Play the game with a Pikmin save.
    276. Donkey Kong Junior: Finish Classic Mode with everyone.
    280. Mach Rider: Finish Classic Mode in less than 5 minutes.
    288. Sheriff: Get a total Target time of 12' 30" or less.
    289. Diskun: Get every bonus and anti-bonus at the end of matches.
    REUMOR: People have been spreading news about how there will be two more
    trophies unlockable with a Super Mario Sunshine save and a Metroid Prime
    save on your memory card. (That's one each.) However, none of us will
    know if this rumor is even real until August 27, the release date of the
    next Mario game! Tough luck for me, August 27 is in my first week of
    school. Great timing, Nintendo.
                                    Trophy Checklist
    And if you want all the trophies conveniently sorted the way they have
    them in the game, look no further than below. Isn't this FAQ convenient
    or what?
    1. Mario
    2. Mario
    3. Mario
    4. Donkey Kong
    5. Donkey Kong
    6. Donkey Kong
    7. Link
    8. Link
    9. Link
    10. Samus Aran
    11. Samus Aran
    12. Samus Aran
    13. Yoshi
    14. Yoshi
    15. Yoshi
    16. Kirby
    17. Kirby
    18. Kirby
    19. Fox McCloud
    20. Fox McCloud
    21. Fox McCloud
    22. Pikachu
    23. Pikachu
    24. Pikachu
    25. Ness
    26. Ness
    27. Ness
    28. Capt. Falcon
    29. Capt. Falcon
    30. Capt. Falcon
    31. Bowser
    32. Bowser
    33. Bowser
    34. Peach
    35. Peach
    36. Peach
    37. Ice Climbers
    38. Ice Climbers
    39. Ice Climbers
    40. Zelda
    41. Zelda
    42. Zelda
    43. Sheik
    44. Sheik
    45. Sheik
    46. Luigi
    47. Luigi
    48. Luigi
    49. Jigglypuff
    50. Jigglypuff
    51. Jigglypuff
    52. Mewtwo
    53. Mewtwo
    54. Mewtwo
    55. Marth
    56. Marth
    57. Marth
    58. Mr. Game & Watch
    59. Mr. Game & Watch
    60. Mr. Game & Watch
    61. Dr. Mario
    62. Dr. Mario
    63. Dr. Mario
    64. Ganondorf
    65. Ganondorf
    66. Ganondorf
    67. Falco Lombardi
    68. Falco Lombardi
    69. Falco Lombardi
    70. Young Link
    71. Young Link
    72. Young Link
    73. Pichu
    74. Pichu
    75. Pichu
    76. Roy
    77. Roy
    78. Roy
    79. Male Wire Frames
    80. Female Wire Frames
    81. Fighting Wire Frames
    82. Giga Bowser
    83. Master Hand
    84. Crazy Hand
    85. Food
    86. Maxim Tomato
    87. Heart Container
    88. Warp Star
    89. Ray Gun
    90. Super Scope
    91. Fire Flower
    92. Lip's Stick
    93. Star Rod
    94. Beam Sword
    95. Home Run Bat
    96. Fan
    97. Hammer
    98. Green Shell
    99. Red Shell
    100. Flipper
    101. Freezie
    102. Mr. Saturn
    103. Bob-omb
    104. Motion Sensor Bomb
    105. Super Mushroom
    106. Poison Mushroom
    107. Starman
    108. Parasol
    109. Screw Attack
    110. Metal Box
    111. Bunny Hood
    112. Cloaking Device
    113. Barrel Cannon
    114. Party Ball
    115. Crate
    116. Barrel
    117. Capsule
    118. Egg
    119. Smash Coins
    120. Poké Ball
    121. Venusaur
    122. Charizard
    123. Squirtle
    124. Blastoise
    125. Clefairy
    126. Electrode
    127. Weezing
    128. Chansey
    129. Goldeen
    130. Staryu
    131. Snorlax
    132. Articuno
    133. Zapdos
    134. Moltres
    135. Mew
    136. Chikorita
    137. Cyndaquil
    138. Togepi
    139. Bellossom
    140. Marill
    141. Sudowoodo
    142. Unown
    143. Wobbuffet
    144. Scizor
    145. Porygon2
    146. Raikou
    147. Entei
    148. Suicune
    149. Lugia
    150. Ho-oh
    151. Celebi
    152. Toad
    153. Coin
    154. Vegetable
    155. Megavitamins
    156. Lon Lon Milk
    157. Kirby Hat 1
    158. Kirby Hat 2
    159. Kirby Hat 3
    160. Kirby Hat 4
    161. Kirby Hat 5
    162. Princess Peach's Castle
    163. Bullet Bill
    164. Lakitu
    165. Pidgit
    166. Birdo
    167. Klap Trap
    168. Shy Guys
    169. Pak E. Derm
    170. Tingle
    171. Moon
    172. Turtle
    173. Four Giants
    174. Master Sword
    175. Falcon Flyer
    176. F-Zero Racers
    177. Mute City
    178. Arwing
    179. Great Fox
    180. Peppy Hare
    181. SLippy Toad
    182. Kraid
    183. Chozo Statue
    184. Whispy Woods
    185. Fountain of Dreams
    186. UFO
    187. Pokémon Stadium
    188. Game & Watch
    189. Target
    190. Sandbag
    191. Battlefield
    192. Final Destination
    193. Goomba
    194. Koopa Troopa
    195. Koopa Paratroopa
    196. ReDead
    197. Octorok
    198. Like Like
    199. Topi
    200. Polar Bear
    201. Racoon Mario
    202. Metal Mario
    203. Paper Mario
    204. Wario
    205. Plum
    206. Daisy
    207. Waluigi
    208. Thwomp
    209. Boo
    210. Koopa Clown Car
    211. Viruses
    212. Bucket
    213. Racing Kart
    214. Baby Mario
    215. Baby Bowser
    216. Raphael the Raven
    217. Dixie Kong
    218. King K. Rool
    219. Goron
    220. Marin
    221. Majora's Mask
    222. Ocarina of Time
    223. Samurai Goroh
    224. Dr. Stewart
    225. Jody Summer
    226. Landmaster Tank
    227. Wolfen
    228. Andross
    229. Andross
    230. Samus's Starship
    231. Metroid
    232. Ridley
    233. Fire Kirby
    234. Fighter Kirby
    235. Ball Kirby
    236. Waddle Dee
    237. King Dedede
    238. Rick
    239. Gooey
    240. Meta-Knight
    241. Paula
    242. Jeff
    243. Poo
    244. Starman
    245. Bulbasaur
    246. Poliwhirl
    247. Ditto
    248. Eevee
    249. Totodile
    250. Crobat
    251. Cleffa
    252. Igglybuff
    253. Steelix
    254. Heracross
    255. Meowth
    256. Professor Oak
    257. Misty
    258. ZERO-ONE
    259. Maruo Maruhige
    260. Ryota Hayami
    261. Kensuke Kimachi
    262. Love Giant
    263. Hate Giant
    264. Ray Mk II
    265. Bayonette
    266. Annie
    267. Tom Nook
    268. Totakeke
    269. Mr. Resetti
    270. Hererin
    271. Alpha
    272. Vacuum Luigi
    273. Pikmin
    274. Captain Olimar
    275. Excitebike
    276. Donkey Kong Junior
    277. Ducks
    278. Bubbles
    279. Eggplant Man
    280. Mach Rider
    281. Balloon Fighter
    282. Stanley
    283. Pit
    284. Dr. Wright
    285. Donbe & Hikari
    286. Ayumi Tachibana
    287. Monster
    288. Sheriff
    289. Diskun
    290. GCN
                               >>>Bonus Points<<<
    There is an incredibly large number of end-game bonuses you can receive
    after a battle or a stage in the single-player quests. Depending on the
    difficulty to meet their demands, they can give out hundreds,
    thousands, tens of, or even hundreds of thousands of points, or maybe
    they'll deduct from your point total. It's possible to get a negative
    score, by the way. If you've played SSB, then some of these may look
    familiar, but most probably won't... The only purpose of points is to
    get a high score on Classic, Adventure, and the All-Star modes, and the
    rankings when in Point Mode in VS. is determined only by the points you
    gain. They'll appear in the order that they are listed here, and the
    bonuses you haven't receive aren't displayed on the list in your game.
    Copy and paste this onto a file on your computer and print it out. You
    might also want to check off the ones you already have, double check,
    and triple check. I needed to to find out what that last bonus I needed
    P.S. Most of these work best if Player 1 is doing something and Player
    2 is left as a human player, just standing there, on either 1 minute or
    1 Stock. If you're playing with Stock, someone must commit suicide for
    the match to end unless it's about KOing someone.
    *Only applies in the 1-Player Mode
    Bonus #    Name            Point Value         Requirements
    1          Bird of Prey    4000                Used only aerial attacks
    This is pretty simple. Your best bet to use thiks attack is with
    Jigglypuff. Leap into the air and swoop down and attack someone. Keep
    doing this until the match ends and the bonus is yours.
    2          Combo King      2500                Used many combos.
                                                   (Average # of combos is
                                                   2.5 or greater)
    With the Stock at 1, choose Bowser as Player 2 and Ness as Player 1.
    Position Bowser against any wall without any hazards, such as on the
    sides of the Montoli building in Fourside or the wall by the hole in
    the Hyrule Temple. Now PK Fire at Bowser, and do it again and again as
    Bowser recovers and the column disappears. After maybe about a minute,
    walk either character off the edge.
    3          Juggler         1500                Struck an enemy many
                                                   times while keeping him
    While using any character with a good upward Smash, such as Mewtwo or
    Mr. Game & Watch, just do an upward Smash at someone and prepare
    another and another for each descent. Basically, if you keep someone up
    in the air for a while by attacking, you'll get the bonus.
    4          Backstabber     2000                High % of attacks were
                                                   from rear. (70% or more
                                                   of total)
    Just let Player 2 stand there, roll behind him or her, then attack with
    your basic A-button attack a lot. Just make sure that as many of them
    are done from behind as possible.
    5          Sweeper         2500                High % of attacks were
                                                   low. (50% or more of
    Use Mario, and duck next to someone. Press A to do the breakdancing
    thing, and do it over and over. Other low attacks include Ness's meteor
    yo-yo trick and Mr. Game & Watch's floorboard move, not to mention
    every other Mario Brother's breakdanciong move. Then, end it with any
    attack that's NOT low, so you'll get this and not Clean Sweep.
    6          Clean Sweep     5000                All attacks were low
    Do what you did with the bonus above, except that you'll have to attack
    ONLY with the low attacks. As I said, most characters' Duck+A move is
    considered to be a low attack.
    7          Meteor Smash    800                 KO'd foe with a Meteor
    A Meteor Attack is an attack that, when you hit someone with, will
    instantly KO them straight down. This is very hard to do, since you
    have to not only be outside the field to do it, but there is a very
    limited list of moves that can be Meteor Attacks. A lot of characters
    have Down+A as their Meteor Smashes, but some don't have any at all.
    Just assign Player 2 to be Jigglypuff on Super Sudden Death, 2 Stock,
    and make Jigglypuff jump off the edge while Player 1 is waiting there
    on the ledge where Jigglypuff jumped off of. Follow her down, holding 
    down on the control stick as you go, and when you get close to
    Jigglypuff, press A. Hopefully, if that's a Meteor Attack, you'll get
    the bonus. If not, try a different character. Mario does a Meteor
    Attack to Bowser on the How to Play video if you want to see how it's
    8          Meteor Clear*   3000                Cleared the level with a
                                                   Meteor Attack.
    Do the same task as you did for Meteor Attack, except you'll need to
    do it to someone in the 1-Player Mode.
    9          Meteor Master   8000                Every Meteor Attack KO'd
                                                   an opponent. (Minimum of
    Do these bonuses expand on the previous one or what? You need to pull
    off a Meteor Smash at least twice in one battle, which means you'll
    need to KO Jigglypuff twice using two Meteors. It's really tough.
    10         Meteor Survivor 2000                Succeeded in recovering
                                                   from a Meteor Attack.
    The info I had originally been telling you is completely erroneous. Do
    not attempt to adjust your computer screen. I control the "A"s and the
    "Z"s. Basically, tossing the bad mimicking of the Outer Limits aside, it
    simply means that The first info is apparently false. ‹You actually get
    the Meteor Survivor by jumping out of the way right when someone is
    about to pull one on you. I have heard that it causes blue sparkles, but
    I've yet to see it for myself.‹
    11         Flying Meteor   4000                Hit a flying enemy with
                                                   a Meteor Attack.
    This one needs to be done so that a Meteor Attack brings someone so far
    down that they disappear into the background, AKA a Star KO. This, to
    my knowledge, can only be done in the Brinstar Stage when the lava
    rises. This was the last bonus that I got, so it may take a bunch of
    tries to do a Meteor at will. 
    12         Exceptional Aim 4000                Hit with most attacks.
    Go through the Mushroom Kingdom Stage on Adventure Mode on Very Easy,
    and when the Yoshis come and attack, go into the crowd and do an attack
    that has decent strength and goes both ways, such as the Spinning Kong
    or Link's Spin Attack. If you do it successfully to the ten Yoshis,
    then do an attack into the air and clear the stage, you'll get the
    Exceptional Aim bonus.
    13         Perfect Aim     10000               Hit with all attacks.
                                                   (At least 8 attacks per
    This differs from Precise Aim in that Perfect Aim requires you to have
    100% accuracy, meaning every attack you do hits an opponent and Precise
    Aim means that no one blocked your attacks. To do this, just let, as
    usual, Player 2 standing there while you pummel him or her.
    14         All Ground      6000                Used all standard ground
                                                   attacks against enemies.
    You'll need to hit your enemies with your character's ground-based
    moves, which consists of the 3 Smash Attacks, the 4 directions of
    throwing, duck+A, walk+A, run+A, and the up+A that's not a Smash Attack.
    And they all need to be executed on the ground too.
    15         All Aerial      4000                Used all standard aerial
                                                   attacks against enemies.
    To do All Aerial, you need to attack in the air using the basic A,
    forward+A, backward+A, down+A, and up+A. If you do all five in one
    battle, you'll get All Aerial.
    16         All Variations  10000               Used all attacks except
                                                   finishing blows on
    Now you'll need to fulfill both All Ground and All Aerial, hitting
    multiple opponents, to get All Variations.
    17         All on One      20000               Used all attacks except
                                                   finishing blows on one
    This time, do All Variations's standards...on one person. Talk about
    overkill, but it's 20,000 points.
    18         Lethal Weapon   7000                Hit with a wide variety
                                                   of attacks.
    Neither the name nor the description tells anything about what it does.
    Although it may seem like a lot to do, it's simply the 4 Special moves,
    3 Smashes, and 5 aerial attacks. Then, end the match.
    19         Berserker       3500                Attacked in a frenzy.
                                                   (60 attacks or more in 1
    The rapid A, A, A... attack should fare just fine when getting this
    bonus, especially to a standing opponent.
    20         Smash King      3000                Used many Smash Attacks.
                                                   (150% or more of all
    Whack people as much as possible with Smash attacks. The longer the
    battle, the more damage you'l do and the more likely that you'll reach
    150% with Smash Attacks.
    21         Smash Maniac    3500                Only used Smash Attacks.
    The shorter the better. The rest goes without saying, huh? Just Smash
    a Player 2 senseless, and that's all there is to it. just make sure
    that you don't accidentally do any other attacks. Characters with
    easily-distinguishable Smash Attacks, such as Ness and Mr. Game & Watch
    make good candidates.
    22         Smash-less      1500                Used no Smash Attacks.
    Now do the opposite. Pummel Player 2 with Special Attacks, Aerial
    Attacks, Items,... anything EXCEPT Smash attacks.
    23         Specialist      2200                Hit with only special
    The best results will go to any characteryou know special attacks for.
    Some characters' Special Attacks are very different from his or her
    regular attacks. For example, Ness, a reliable sounce of distinct
    moves, has elemental Special Attacks, and Fox and Falco use their
    weapons for the B-button stuff. Others, such as Jigglypuff's and DK's,
    have Special Attacks that look just like their A-button moves. Hit
    Player 2 with two of your B-button moves THAT DO DAMAGE twice. This
    should yield you the Specialist bonus.
    24         Dedicated       3100                Used only one kind of
               Specialist                          special move.
    Now do only one Special Attack and you're set.
    25         One-Two Punch   1800                Hit consecutively with
                                                   all weak attacks.
    What this means is the infinite A-button combo. Pin Player 2 against a
    wall and press the A button rapidly at him or her. As long as you sent
    more than one attack, the game will give you the One-Two Punch.
    26         First Strike    500                 Delivered first blow of
    Play as a fast character, such as Capt. Falcon or Fox, against some
    level-1's. It doesn't necessarily have to be a team battle. Run up to
    the nearest character and attack them. When the match ends, you'll get
    this bonus unless a level-1 character happens to be faster than you
    27         150% Damage     1000                Took 150% damage or
                                                   more.  Not valid in team
    28         200% Damage     3000                Took 200% damage or
                                                   more.  Not valid in team
    29         250% Damage     7000                Took 250% damage or
                                                   more.  Not valid in team
    30         300% Damage     10000               Took 300% damage or
                                                   more.  Not valid in team
    31         350% Damage     15000               Took 350% damage or
                                                   more.  Not valid in team
    32         Heavy Damage    20000               Took 400% damage or
                                                   more.  Not valid in team
    Bonuses #27-32 are grouped together as one, and they don't accumulate.
    You'll get the highest one if your damage reaches or exceeds 150%. If
    there's a bonus you're lacking, just get Pichu to do the Thunder attack
    over and over, and each time, his damage will go up by 3% without him
    being thrown off by even a millimeter. Keep it up until your damage %
    is at least that indicated on the name of the bonus. Just keep Player 2
    standing there, and if you set it on Stock without a Time Limit and
    bring all of your patience along for the ride, you're set.
    33         Sniper          2000                Hit only with flying
    Play in Super Sudden Death, 1 Stock, and blast Player 2 clear off the
    arena with a fully-changed Charge Shot.
    34         Brawler         2000                Hit only with direct
    Now do the inverse. Unless I'm mistaken, Capt. Falcon and Ganondorf
    both have only direct attacks other than the throws, so you should be
    fine with them. You don't have to win either.
    35         Precise Aim     10000               All attacks hit
                                                   immediately after
    This one's pretty hard to figure out...I think what you do is you have
    to fulfill both Perfect Aim and Brawler before you can get Precise Aim.
    Good luck...
    36         Pitcher         6000                Fought only with grabs
                                                   and throws.
    Do you need any further explanation on this?
    37         Butterfingers   -500                Had a high rate of grab
                                                   and dash-grab failures.
    Well, how should I say this?... It's a "bonus" that deducts from your
    total score, so we'll call it an "anti-bonus". If you remember that the
    Z button exists when you played it the first day, you probably should
    already have this bonus. If not, then play a match against some
    computer players and use the Z button a lot. Most will miss and you'll
    get the Butterfingers anti-bonus.
    38         All Thumbs      -1500               All dash-grab attempts
                                                   failed. (At least 4
    Another penalty? There's pretty much a higher version of every bonus.
    There's 249 of them! It's insane! Stand back, then run and press Z.
    Lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. There! You get fifteen hundred
    points subtracted from your score! Goody.
    39         Cuddly Bear     2000                Performed at least 3
                                                   grabs, but did not
                                                   attack or throw enemy.
    To do this, just press Z to grab someone and leave them like that. If
    you touch your control stick or the A button, you'd better start over.
    If you grab someone three times without throwing or attacking them, the
    Cuddly Bear bonus is yours. And if you didn't know, after about three
    seconds, they let go.
    40         Compass Tosser  3500                Used all four
                                                   directional-throw moves.
    Focus on throwing. ach character's four throws look different, so just
    remember what they looked like and beat up that Player 2.
    41         Throw Down*     2500                Threw last foe to clear
    This is recommended during battles against a team of weak opponents.
    Use Mewtwo and when you know that you've finished all of the team
    except one, grab that person and throw him or her off to the blast
    line. This may take more than one throw.
    42         Pummeler        1500                Did a lot of damage by
                                                   holding and punching
    This time, focus on grabbing people and press A rapdly, especially
    against the Player 2 punching bag. Oh, and Punching Bag's a bonus too.
    43         Fists of Fury   2500                After grabbing, always
                                                   held and punched, never
    If you concentrated on the bonus above and were careful about that
    control stick, you should get this bonus as well.
    44         Close Call      2000                Threw just before enemy
                                                   broke your hold.
    Now, throw your opponent exactly 2 seconds after you grabbed him or her
    and that's it. An almost-free 2,000 points.
    45         Opportunist     -1000               Didn't attack for a very
                                                   long period of time.
    Get into a real battle and simply stay away from the action. If you
    don't attack for at least 30 seconds, I believe, you'll become a
    genuine certified SSBM Opportunist.
    46         Spectator       -2500               Spent a long time on
                                                   sloped terrain.
    Not sure what they mean by "sloped terrain"... I just simpoly got this
    bonus along with Opportunist sometimes. I guess you need to not attack
    and stay on an incline to avoid any projectiles that may come by. Sort
    of like this:        |
    ____________________ |
    47         Statue          500                 Little left-to-right
    The only reason why anyone would NOT get this bonus is its unclear
    description. For anyone who can't figure it out, you need to walk as
    little as possible. low-level computer players will simply run up to
    you for you to beat up, if you need more help.
    48         Never Look Back 5000                Never changed direction.
    Play the F-Zero Grand Prix section of the Adventure Mode and never ever
    even touch the control stick to the left. Just keep advancing to the
    right, jumping if necessary.
    49         Stiff Knees     300                 Did not crouch.
    Play the Escape from Brinstar part of the Adventure Mode successfully,
    and instead of not bringing the control stick down one bit, the
    direction to avoid this time is down.
    50         Run, Don't Walk 6500                Did not walk. (Extremely
                                                   short distance doesn't
    I'm not sure what distinguishes this from Marathon Man, but whatever it
    is, you apparently have to...run a lot and try not to just walk.
    Rememebr that you need to slam the control stick to run. I get it
    particularly often in the Adventure Mode, but it does appear in VS.
    Mode if it helps. ‹This doesn't seem to overlap with Cement Shoes
    51         Ambler          2500                Walked a lot.
    Wow! We're over one-fifth through! Have I mentioned that I'm already
    getting sick of lal of these bonuses? What a pointlessly huge section
    of this FAQ. The Ambler bonus is most easiest in the first stage of the
    Adventure Mode, the Mushroom Kingdom. Instead of dashing headfirst
    toward the Goombas and Koopas, just walk your way there. Once you bash
    the Yoshi Team (and if you're playing this on Very Easy, you can do it
    without running) and make it to the flag, you'll probably get this
    52         No Hurry        1000                Did not run.
    If you got the Ambler bonus, you'll get the No Hurry bonus also. This
    is pretty much also packaged with the Statue bonus. These are very
    simple requirements; what more do you need!?
    53         Marathon Man    2000                Ran a lot.
    Make it through the F-Zero Grand Prix in Adventure Mode, running
    whenever it's safe, and they'll give you this bonus in the end.
    54         Eagle           1500                Went airborne a lot.
    If you have trouble getting this, characters with a bunch of jumps,
    such as Kirby and Jigglypuff, are quite good at staying in the air. If
    you concentrate on staying in the air for a battle as either of these
    characters, as well as other characters who can stay airborne for a
    while, like Ness and Mr. Game & Watch, you'll have this bonus in no
    time. You'll probably also get the Acrobat bonus.
    55         Aerialist       2500                Did not jump from the
                                                   ground. (No overlap
                                                   with Cement Shoes)
    What this means is that the only times you jump is when you fall off a
    ledge or if you got knocked or thrown into the air. Again, this is best
    done with Kirby or Jigglypuff.
    56         Acrobat         3000                Always did a midair
                                                   jump. (No overlap with
                                                   Cement Shoes)
    To get this bonus, you'll need to never single jump. Always double or
    triple jump. That was simple.
    57         Cement Shoes    4000                Never jumped, including
                                                   midair jumps.
    Need I explain more?
    58         Head Banger     800                 Hit walls a lot. (3 or
                                                   more times per minute)
    Run into a bunch of walls, like in Onett, Fourside, or Princess Peach's
    Castle. Also, set the time to one minute so you can keep track of your
    frequency pretty easily.
    59         Elbow Room      2000                Bumped into or pushed
                                                   foes a lot.
    Try it with a standing Player 2. I want to keep "How to Do This" short
    because well, there's 249 bonuses and therefore 249 explanations.
    60         Power Shielder  5000                Used the Power Shield
                                                   often. (3 times or more
                                                   in 1 minute)
    This one's quite a bit to do... Have Player 1 be Fox and Player 2 be
    anyone. Firstly, you'll need to know that "Power Shielding" is a
    special shield with a different sound that comes on once you shield at
    basically the last nanosecond, resulting in a powerful shield that can
    resist near anything and deflect projectiles. Have Fox use the Blaster
    at close range, and as soon as you press B, put the shield on Player 2
    immediately. If you see a flash and a metallic sound, then you've done
    it. Also, it helps to put the time limit to 1 minute, so you can keep
    track of how many you've done. If you're done ahead of time, then try
    working on other bonuses you may not have.
    NOTE: Power Shielder seems to cause a lot of gamers trouble. There is
    probably something wrong in the game's programming that only gets you
    the bonus about half of the time, so if you think you've fulfilled this
    bonus but still don't see it as part of your results, keep trying.
    61         Shield Buster   x2500               Broke enemy's shield.
    This one's real simple. Choose Marth or Roy as Player 1 and anyone else
    as Player 2, though Jigglypuff isn't recommended. Have Player 2 stand
    next to Marth or Roy, then charge up the Shield Breaker or the Fire
    Blade. After three seconds of charging, put up Player 2's shield. The
    sword attack will break right through Player 2's shield, leaving him,
    her, or it vulnerable for a long time.
    62         Shattered       x-1000              Shield was broken by
               Shield                              enemy.
    When Player 1 gets the Shield Buster bonus, Player 2 will automatically
    get the Shattered Shield bonus.
    63         Shield          x-2000              Broke own shield.
    Simply hold up a shield and never let go until it breaks by shriveling
    down to nothing.
    64         Shield Saver    500                 Dropped shield just
                                                   before it was broken.
    Do what you did with Shield Stupidity, except let go of the shield when
    it becomes very small. You don't need to do it at a precise moment.
    65         Skid Master     1000                Had long stun-slide
                                                   distance. (9 feet or
                                                   more in 1 minute)
    This is probably where you fall flat. Throw yourself into a bunch of
    high-level computer opponents repeatedly, and they'll handle it all on
    their own.
    66         Rock Climber    800                 Hung from many edges.
                                                   (4 times or more in one
    Well, this one is simple. Grab onto an edge by walking slowly to it.
    For best results, which works for any other bonus that asks you to
    average it out per minute, set the time limit to one minute.
    67         Edge Hog        x2500               Hung from edge to
                                                   prevent opponent from
                                                   doing the same.
    When you're playing a heated battle and someonme goes flying, take a
    gamble and hang onto an edge. Since only one person can grab onto a
    ledge at a certain time, you'll get the bonus if you can successfully
    make an opponent hit the wall at the top, where you're hanging, and
    make them fall.
    68         Cliffhanger     2000                Grabbed a lot of edges
                                                   after being knocked off
                                                   the stage.
    Sometimes, a call is simply too close. You'll know what to do by
    reading the instructions, but it's best done with Link, Young Link, and
    Samus, since they have grappling hooks for grabs that they can use to
    grab onto an edge should they fall.
    69         Life on the     x800                After being hit, grabbed
               Edge                                edge without a midair
    If you don't get hit too far, you can try to maneuver yourself to the
    edge of the stage to get this bonus. This works well with Jigglypuff
    and Kirby, since they handle well in the air, but be careful not to
    jump, or you might get the wrong bonus.
    70         Poser           2000                Taunted often. (6 or
                                                   more times in 1 minute)
    Just repeatedly press up on the D-pad to instantly get this bonus.
    71         Poser Poseur    x500                Taunted right after
                                                   someone else. (Within 1
    This is best done with at least two human players. You'll know what to
    do if you're controlling them both, but don't forget to give a signal
    if you're doing it with your friend.
    72         Poser Power     x700                Attacked someone with a
    Luigi gets the special credit for being the only known character in the
    world of Smash to be able to do this. What he does is lightly kicks the
    floor, so if you do his taunt when someone's right in front of you, you
    will do 1% to an opponent and get seven hundred points every time you
    do so.
    73         Pose Breaker    x800                Gave a quick weak attack
                                                   to a taunting opponent. 
    Two characters in particular who are vulnerable to the Pose Breaker
    bonus are Mario and Young Link, both of whom have very long taunts. If
    someone plays as one of those two and decide to taunt when you're
    around, remember to do the simple A-button attack to them to, as the\
    name implies, break their pose.
    74         Instant Poser   x100                Taunted right after
                                                   knocking down a foe.
                                                   (Within 1 second)
    This one should be simple. The computer opponents do it all the time.
    Instant Poser is best done when you just did a Star KO, so you can push
    up on the D-pad at just the right time.
    75         Control Freak   1000                Tapped the control stick
                                                   twice as fast as second
                                                   fastest tapper.
    76         Button Masher   700                 Pressed buttons twice as
                                                   fast as second fastest
    These two bonuses are heavily related. You'll get them for sure if you
    play against level-1 computer players. They hardly move or attack at
    77         Button Holder   4000                Held down the A or B
                                                   button. (For the entire
    The main problem that most people face when they try to get this bonus
    is that its explanation simply isn't clear enough. What you have to do
    to get the button Holder bonus is to have either the A or B button held
    down, for best results, from the moment you select your character to
    when they announce the winner. Winning with the Button Holder bonus is
    very hard, though possible, since it's like as if one of the buttons is
    disabled. The B button is the recommended button to hold down, since
    the A button is used for most of your attacks.
    78         Rock Steady     3000                Did not fall down.
    When they mean "falling down", they mean when someone hits you hard and
    you end up slamming onto the arena and lying there nearly lifeless. If
    this never happens to you for an entire battle, you get the bonus. Try
    it on the 1-Player Mode on Very Easy or against level-1 computer
    79         Pratfaller      1500                Always landed face up.
    80         Face Planter    1500                Always fell face down.
    The two of these are based completely on luck. Just play a whole lot
    and you'll eventually get the bonus.
    81         Twinkle Toes    2500                Succeeded on every
                                                   attempt to absorb
    Remember that definition of "falling" I mentioned a few bonuses ago?
    The meaning of the phrase "absorbing damage" is even obscurer, and this
    causes a lot of problems. The bonus seems nice enough, but you need to
    react quickly to get this bonus. Every time you "fall", you can use the
    L or R button to roll safely to land instead of falling face first (or
    face up sometimes). Do this at least twice in one match, and the
    elusive Twinkle Toes is added to your growing list of bonuses. It's not
    nearly as easy as how it sounds.
    82         Floor Diver     1500                Dropped through floors
                                                   often. (12 times in 1
    Stay on droppables as much as possible and drop through floors. a good
    place to do this in would be Onett, since it's a non-scrolling stage
    with awnings you can simply drop down to another from. Just watch out
    for cars.
    83         No R 4 U       300                  Did not press the L & R
    I get this one a lot. If you have trouble getting this bonus, then take
    a couple of those cups to put ketchup in from hamburger restaurants,
    (preferably In-N-Out, since those are large) and tape one over the L
    button and the other over the R button, and presto! No R 4 U.
    84         Climactic Clashx1200                Hit same enemy with
                                                   progressively stronger
    Try hitting a stationary human player with one regular A-button attack,
    then a forward+A regular attack, and then a Smash attack and see if you
    get this bonus. Geez, they have bonuses for everything, don't they?
    85         Floored        300                  Took a lot of damage
                                                   from floors. (Over 50%
                                                   of damage)
    I believe the racetrack in Mute City will count as a "floor" that
    damages you, so frequently come back to the track to pack a new bonus.
    86         Punching Bag   100                  Got stuck between two
                                                   enemies and hit back and
    Charging headfirst into a group of level-9 computer opponents is
    usually not a great idea, but it'll work toward getting this tiny bonus
    of pain.
    87         Stale Moves    -2000                Persistently used the
                                                   same attack.
    Identical to the "Cheap Shot" penalty from SSB (which was the only one
    for that game), all you need to do is play cheap. Hit someone
    repeatedly with one attack, such as PK Fire or (simply) Fire, or maybe
    an edge guard maneuver, and you'll be using Stale Moves.
    88         Blind Eye      3000                 Always looking in
                                                   opposite direction as
                                                   oncoming attack.
    µ The Blind Eye is when you never get hit from the front. Every attack
    that you ever make comes from behind. This is obviously best done with
    two human players. µ
    89         Crowd Favorite 2500                 Audience cheered for
    90         Master of      2500                 Surprised the crowd
               Suspense                            often. (3 or more times
                                                   in 1 minute.)
    Pure luck. Listen carefully to what the audience says and how they
    relate to the situation to see if you got the bonus or not. Of course,
    if you're deaf, there's little you can do, but they did recently come
    out with a neural device thing that'll return vibrations in the air to
    your bodily receiver, but they're probably at least thousands of
    dollars, and they're still experimental.
    91         Lost in Space  2000                 Frequently magnified.
                                                   (1/4 of time in a
                                                   magnifying glass)
    Go to the Yoshi's Island place and just try to stay for as long as you
    can in the right side of the arena, with the diagonal piece of land. If
    the battle satys relatively peaceful, you'll get the bonus.
    92         Lost Luggage   3000                 Was in magnifying glass
                                                   on all 4 sides of the
    A LOOOOOONNNNGGG game of SSBM should give you the bonus. Or you can try
    it manually in the Yoshi's Island arena, but what's the fun in that?
    93         Half-Minute Man2500                 Beat level within 30
    You can probably pull this off in many of the Classic Mode matches on
    Very Easy if you play offensively. Don't worry.
    94         Pacifist       3000                 Never attacked even once
                                                   including misses.
    Some people seem to have trouble getting the Pacifist bonus, but in
    order to keep it from turning into the Switzerland bonus, you'll need
    to take damage. Just don't attack.
    95         Peaceful       5000                 Never attacked, but
               Warrior                             didn't lose the match.
    In Final Destination on Super Sudden Death (don't forget that Special
    Melee counts toward that Diskun trophy you're after), put Items on Very
    High with only Green Shells on one Stock against a non-moving player 2.
    When a Green Shell appears between the two of you, hop on it to blast
    the other guy away and win without ever directly attacking. 
    96         Moment of      3000                Took no damage for 1
               Silence                            minute. (No overlap with
    If you stay away for a while, you get the Opportunist penalty, but once
    the clock counts up to sixty seconds, you get the Moment of Silence
    bonus. Really weird... If you're having trouble, set the Starmen on
    Very High as the only Item, and that may help a bit.
    97         Impervious     7000                Didn't suffer a single
    This is like the Pacifist bonus, except instead of never attacking and
    taking damage, you take no damage and attack a lot. This is no doubt
    much harder to pull off than Pacifist, but if you play on Very Easy as
    Link, DK, Bowser, or Luigi on Classic, once you get to the Team, just
    keep doing the Up+B attack and you'll beat all ten of those jerks
    without taking a single hit.
    98         Immortal       5000                Never got knocked down.
    You'll have to get this bonus if you're ever going to the next round in
    All-Star, because you've got one life.
    99         Switzerland    12000               Never attacked anyone,
                                                  never took any damage.
    Make your way through Adventure Mode as Kirby or Jigglypuff until you
    get to the F-Zero Grand Prix. When the cars come by, just float right
    over them until they go away. If you successfully avoid every car by
    the time you reach the end and never needed assistance in the form of
    Final Cutter or Pound, this large bonus is yours.
    100        Predator       -1500               Attacked only opponents
                                                  with high amounts of
    101        Down, But Not  2000                Fell all the way down,
               Out                                but got back up the most
                                                  in a match.
    This one's a weird one. In a long match, you might just get it in the
    Yoshi's Island and Mushroom Kingdom stages, but often, you'll have to
    be a character who can really jump, like Kirby, and you'll need to be
    in magnifying-glass mode and make it back. Just jump off a ledge as
    Kirby, and as soon as you become a magnifying glass (the little
    bubble), make the most of your five jumps and the Final Cutter, if
    necessary, to get back on the stage.
    102        Solar Being    800                 Only left stage by flying
                                                  off screen and becoming a
    This one's pure luck. If you haven't gotten it yet, play a lot more and
    you will. Just in case you don't know what the description is talking
    about, it means you can't ever be KOed off the sides of the stage or
    down to the bottom. You can only be KOed by flying into the background.
    103        Stalker        -1000               Always attacked a
                                                  particular player.
    This one is self-explanatory. If you can't do it against computer
    players, just go with the setup of all human players. To my knowledge,
    this bonus doesn't work when there are only two fighters, since you
    would always get this penalty, which would be a bit unfair.
    104        Bully          -2000               Always KO'd a particular
    As long as you have some memory at all, you can do it. To get two grand
    subtracted from your score, either have three or four human players, or
    a combination of human and computer players, and remember who to KO.
    The tricky part is if everyone has high damage, and it gets too easy to
    accidentally KO someone else.
    105        Coward         -500                Spent a long time a great
                                                  distance away from 
    This one's easy. REAL easy. You're almost guaranteed to get it if you
    choose to fight in a large, open arena, like Hyrule Temple, Corneria,
    or Past Yoshi's Island.
    106        In the Fray    2000                Average distance between
                                                  you and foes was very
    This is the opposite of Coward. To get two grand added to your score,
    you can have your best bets on a tiny stage, such as Yoshi's Story or
    Fountain of Dreams, maybe as a heavy character. I seem to get In the
    Fray about as often as I get Coward, but maybe that's just my style. I
    must admit, I am not that skilled of a SSBM player, but only one person
    has ever been able to predict my mvoes other than me.
    107        Friendly Foe   3000                Never pushed an enemy.
    You'll probably get this a lot more in a 1-Player Mode than a VS. Match
    since Friendly Foe is part of the One-Hit-KO package.
    108        Center Stage   2000                Spent a long time in the
                                                  middle of the arena.
    Just try, and you might just get the bonus. It's not right smack dab in
    the center of the whole place, if you're a perfectionist, but you'll
    probably run into some trouble if you're playing on any scrolling
    stage, save Icicle Mountain. Oh, and one more thing: it's actually a
    vertical line stretching from the top of the middle part of the arena
    to the bottom middle, so don't worry about your altitude either. This
    is also often part of the One-Hit-KO package.
    109        Merciful Master3000                Won without KO'ing
    This is yet another luck-of-the-draw bonus. This is also more likely to
    happen in a 1-Player Mode than a VS. match, and that's because there's
    usually only one Fall on the CPU's part needed to progress through the
    game, and if they do a self-destruct, the three thousand points are
    110        Star KO        x300                KO'd an enemy and turned
                                                  him or her into a star.
    Here's a hint: The higher the enemy's %, the more likely you are to get
    this bonus.
    111        Rocket KO      5000                Sent all team enemies
                                                  flying off the top of the
    The Rocket KO will all come down to skill. If you've read the
    description, that's pretty much all I can tell you. Well, maybe except
    that the Fighting Wireframe Team is relatively easy pickings, but well,
    they're all hard.
    112        Wimpy KO       x4000               KO'd a foe with a weak
    That sounds hard, isn't it? You'll probably have to rig this with human
    players again, since a "weak" attack is anything that barely sends the
    opponent anywhere.
    113        Bull's-eye KO  x800                KO'd a foe with a firing
    Here's a few that might work: Samus's Charge Shot, the Charged Super
    Score, and Samus's Smash Missiles. Obviously, from the above, playing
    as Samus helps.
    114        Poser KO       x5000               KO'd an enemy with a
    Only Luigi has a taunt with the privilege to do the Poser KO, but his
    kick is so weak, you'll have to do the same thing done with the Wimpy
    KO. However, Luigi's taunt is considered as a Meteor Smash, so am I
    missing something here? ‹Another FAQ reader has told me that it works
    as a Meteor Smash if someone is coming up from below when Luigi is
    standing by an edge.‹
    115        Cheap KO       x500                KO'd an enemy from
    This shouldn't be too difficult. It also happens a lot in 1-Player Mode
    but is almost as occurrable in VS.
    116        Bank-Shot KO   x3000               KO'd an enemy with a
                                                  deflected item.
    Now which KO is more difficult to pull off than Rocket KO? That's
    right! This one! To deflect an item, it needs to be thrown at you. You
    also need to pull up the shield at the last split second to make a
    Power Shield, which throws it back. And if it hits, the other guy needs
    to have Fallen. But you don't need to do it like that! Have one person
    throw a Bob-omb at a close-by Fox or Falco who has his Deflector up.
    117        Timely KO      x3500               KO'd a foe at the time
    You need to practically set up the whole fight so this would happen.
    However, don't be too harsh on yourself; it's not the precise time
    limit itself, but the last five seconds. You can figure it out from
    118        Special KO     x800                KO'd an enemy with a
                                                  special attack.
    This is easy. Many, many Special Attacks are capable of KOing. There's
    the PK Flash, anything fully charged, Smash Missiles, Oil Panic, Peach
    Bomber, and then some.
    119        Hangman's KO   x2000               Attacked an enemy that
                                                  was hanging from an edge
                                                  for a KO.
    Do it if you feel cruel, but it'll be very hard to accomplish this
    without--you guessed it--human players! Oh, the wonders of rigging the
    whole bit! Also, downward Smashes work really well.
    120        KO64           x640                KO'd an enemy when the
                                                  enemy was at 64% damage.
    Another luck Bonus. Nothing else to say.
    121        Bubble-Blast   x1200               Attacked a magnified
               KO                                 enemy and KO'd him or
    You'll be doing this one blind, since it's all offscreen, but 90% of
    the time, probably, a Bubble-Blast KO will happen in Yoshi's Island,
    Onett, or Flat Zone. That is all.
    122        Sacrificial KO x1500               The same attack KO'd both
                                                  you and your enemy.
    Try a Bob-omb. And yes, all these short descriptions are a result of my
    getting tired of typing all this. There should be a Typing Rebellion.
    Get it? Typing Rebellion? Tai-Ping Rebellion? Nevermind.
    123        Avenger KO     x2500               KO'd a foe right after
                                                  foe KO'd you. (Within 5
    After you get KOed by someone, chances are that person has received
    pretty high damage, so you should take full advatange of the invinc-
    ibility after getting KOed for an Avenger KO. And it feels realy good
    124        Double KO      x2000               KO'd 2 enemies at once.
    125        Triple KO      x4000               KO'd 3 enemies at once.
    126        Quadruple KO   x8000               KO'd 4 enemies at once.
    127        Quintuple KO   x15000              KO'd 5 enemies at once.
    Three words: Fighting Wireframes Team. Need I say more?
    Check the damage %'s often to see who you should pick on. It's a
    penalty, but it's also a very effective strategy.
    128        Dead-Weight KO x4000               KO'd an enemy by throwing 
                                                  another enemy at him or
    Here's another obvious "read-the-description-and-figure-it-out" thing.
    If you're having trouble doing it in a regular match, have it set up
    with three or four human players.
    129        Kiss-the-Floor x1000               Threw an enemy onto a
               KO                                 damaging floor for a KO.
    The only damaging floor I can think of is the racetrack in Mute City
    when the arena is moving. I'm also pretty sure that the character does
    not necessarily have to be "thrown", but simply knocked off the plat-
    form and is forced to come back via racetrack below.
    130        Assisted KO    x1500               KO'd a foe with an item.
    Simply using an item does not work. If you haven't gotten this bonus
    yet, try throwing any item throwable (except for the Egg, the Crate,
    the Capsule, and the Barrel. More on that later) at someone with over
    100% damage, such as a Poké Ball before it opens or a Paper Fan at just
    the right angle.
    131        Foresight      x500                Hit the front of the
    Pure luck again. However, if you have been at a really REALLY high
    damage %, it's more likely to happen.
    132        First to Fall  -1000               First one to be KO'd
                                                  after match begins.
    Novice players will get this easily. Are you sure you haven't gotten
    this one yet?
    133        Cliff Diver    500                 Let go of the edge of a
                                                  cliff and fell off stage.
    Just push in the direction of the abyss below to fall off to your doom.
    For example, in this situation...:
    ...you would press to the right, away from the cliff.
    134        Quitter        x-1000              Fell off stage without
                                                  even trying to recover.
    What are you, an expert from the beginning? Maybe to add some confusion
    in if your reflexes forbid you to get the Quitter bonus, have four
    Mewtwos in a fight. They all look exactly the same aside from some
    slight color changes.
    135        Shameful Fall  x-1500              At less than 50%, got
                                                  KO'd by a foe with over
                                                  100% damage.
    Look. Can't you just rig this by yourself?
    136        World Traveler 2000                Got KO'd off all four
                                                  sides of the screen.
    This one is easier the longer the match gets. Set it to your favorite
    course with at least 10 Stock or 15 minutes, and you're sure to get it.
    137        Ground Pounded 500                 Got KO'd by a damaging
    This is the receiving end of Kiss-the-Floor KO. It's worth only half as
    much, but you're not quite showing your skill if this happens to you...
    Again, try it on Mute City.
    138        Environmental  1000                Got KO'd by a part of the
               Hazard                             stage environment.
    Hehehe. I love the pun on this one. It's a double pun, meaning it
    relates to something in two different ways. If given time, I'm pretty
    good at making double puns, though professionals can make triple or
    even quadruple puns. But anyway, enough with my rambling. Some
    effective props that consistently deliver KOs are:
    Bullet Bill atop Princess Peach's Castle
    Barrel Cannon in Kongo Jungle
    Arwings on Corneria and Venom
    Wrenches and Buckets in Flat Zone
    Acid on Brinstar
    Cars on Onett
    139        Angelic        2000                Was standing on revival
                                                  platform when match
    Luck some more. Sometimes, very unlikely situations will have to occur
    to get this bonus, since it requires a KO about 5 seconds after you get
    KOed. Try playing with a timer and get KOed at about 7 seconds left.
    140        Magnified      1000                Ended the match in a
               Finish                             magnifying glass.
    A "magnifying glass" means your character is offscreen, so make sure
    the character is in the little circle thing when the game ends.
    141        Fighter Stance 500                 Ended match while
    This one is easy enough. Up on the D-Pad causes taunting.
    142        Mystic         2000                Ended match while
    Mystic will be a bit harder than Angelic. You'll need to be BETWEEN
    getting KOed and being on the "Angelic" platform when the match ends.
    I have never done this purposely, but time a KO just right when the
    timer is on its last few seconds. YOu'll need to be KOed at roughly
    between 00" 60 and 00" 01 for it to happen. You'll also get Timely KO
    while you're at it.
    143        Shooting Star  1500                Ended match as a star.
    This is also related to Angelic and Mystic, but this time, you need to
    be careening through the background to be awarded with it. That means
    you won't get it simply by falling off. You'll need someone to hit you
    straight upward when you have a high %  at about two seconds left on the
    timer for it to work.
    144        Lucky Number   3000                Finished with :07 left.
    145        Last Second*   5000                Finished with :01 left.
    Try both of these at Escape from Brinstar.
    146        Lucky Threes   3330                Finished with 3:33 left.
    Do you need any more information?
    147        Jackpot        1110                Damage at end was the
                                                  same number repeated
                                                  three times.
    I discovered that it does NOT have to be the same number repeated three
    times. It can be twice. That's right, you can get Jackpot by not only
    finishing with 111% or 222%, but 11%, 77%, 22%, or whatever two-digit
    number is divisible by 11! This may make life a bit easier.
    148        Full Power     2000                Damage at 0% at finish.
    This is usually received along with Impervious, but it can stand alone,
    since it's pretty much a package with Angelic if you get KOed, or
    Heartthrob or Vegetarian, because you can get KOed as much as you like
    or use as many healing items as needed. This shouldn't be too hard if
    you're getting pretty good at the game.
    149        Item-less      1800                Did not use any items.
    Item-less is also part of the one-hit-KO package...as long as you used
    your character's moves to pull the thing off. If you're still having
    trouble with this bonus, set the Items to none.
    150        Item Specialist2000                Only hit with item
    You get two hundred more bonus points if you attack only with Items
    than never use them at all. Be very cautious, but like most bonuses out
    there, you can rig this one among two human players as well.
    151        Item Chucker   3000                Hit only by throwing
    You'll end up getting Item Chucker if you end up picking up a lot of
    Mr. Saturns in the Onett section of Adventure Mode. That's by far the
    spot in the game that you'll be most likely to get the three grand.
    152        Item Smasher   3000                Used only smash attacks
                                                  with swinging weapons.
    This one will be a bit harder, but it's still riggable. It's as much
    luck as it is mastery of Items, because the first Item you grab may
    not be a swinging Item. Again, this is much more convenient in the
    1-Player Mode, where the matches are short enough for you to only use
    certain items and nothing else. I'm not sure, but i think that Item
    Smasher will always be accompanied by Item Specialist.
    153        Capsule KO     x800                KO'd an enemy with a
    This is pretty self-explanatory. Hitting someone with a Capsule by
    throwing it is a surprisingly atrong attack if you Smash throw it, if
    that helps.
    154        Carrier KO     x800                KO'd a foe with a large
                                                  item carrier.
    You do the same as you did for Capsule KO, except with a Crate, a Party
    Ball, or a Barrel.
    155        Weight Lifter  1500                Frequently held heavy
                                                  items. (Over 5 seconds
                                                  per minute)
    I'll assume that you haven't gotten this bonus, and the reason why is
    because you don't know which Items are defined as "Heavy". The heavy
    Items will slow you down if you travel around with it, and it is
    usually supported by the character's back. Heavy Items include Crates,
    Barrels, Party Balls, and Barrel Cannons.
    156        Item Catcher   x1000               Caught an item thrown at
    This one is even harder. If you got this one on purpose without rigging
    the whole set, you, my friend, have some damn fast reflexes. To catch
    an Item thrown at you, press A the split second before it arrives in
    your face.
    157        Reciprocator   x2000               Threw an item thrown at
                                                  you back at an enemy.
    If you got the opportunity to get the above bonus, chances are you got
    this one too. After fulfilling Item Catcher, immediately press A again
    to hurl whatever it is back, and chances are they won't know what hit
    them. The Onett challenge also seems to frequently give this one out.
    158        Item Self-     -1000               Item caused player to 
               Destruct                           Self-Destruct.
    If you've been trying to do this with a Bob-omb, forget it. That's a
    whole different bonus. (More on that later.) Instead,
    159        Triple Items   3000                Got the same item 3 times
                                                  in a row.
    There are certain quests in the Adventure Mode that only lets a certain
    Item appear on the playing field, such as Poké Balls in Round 7 and
    Mr. Saturns in Round 9. If you get at least three Items in the round,
    you get Triple Items.
    160        Materialist    100                 Spent the longest amount
                                                  of time holding items.
    Why not? Just hold the same Item for the whole match.
    The following up to #192 Heartthrob are done by the wonderful Bowser194.
    I hope you can stay accustomed to the abrupt format change, but it's
    okay with me.
    Bonus #161 - Minimalist (1500 points)
    Spent the least amount of time holding items.
    This is an easy bonus to get... just don't touch any items for the
    entire  match.
    Bonus #162 - Item Hog (4000 points)
    Got 10 or more different kinds of items.
    All you have to do is make sure you get 10 different items during the
    Bonus #163 - Item Collector (4000 points)
    Got every kind of item that appeared.
    This one will get confusing. You might not know if you've gotten a
    certain item or not. However, if you do this, your job will be easy.
    Just put on only ONE item, then make sure you get it during the match.
    Bonus #164 - Connoisseur (3000 points)
    Got every kind of food that appeared.
    This one can also be confusing, but can be made easier. Put on only
    food, and put the items coming down on very low. Then make it a one
    minute match. Get all the food that appears, and you'll get this bonus.
    Bonus #165 - Gourmet (2000 points)
    Used only food items. (3 or more)
    All you have to do is eat 3 types of food items, and you've got the
    bonus. However, you can't use other types of items.
    Bonus #166 - Battering Ram (1500 points)
    Used only battering items. (3 or more)
    Set on only hammers, and put them on very high. Then grab at least three
    hammers and go nuts with them during the whole match.
    Bonus #167 - Straight Shooter (1500 points)
    Used only shooting items. (3 or more)
    This is simple. Just put on only Ray Guns and Super Scopes and just keep
    shooting with them the whole match.
    Bonus #168 - Wimp (1500 points)
    Used only recovery items. (3 or more)
    Just put on all Hearts, Maxim Tomatoes, and Food, and get all of them
    within the match. You must get three or more, so put it on very high.
    Bonus #169 - Shape Shifter (1500 points)
    Used only transformation items. (3 or more)
    At first, I had NO idea what to do. But then I figured out that I had to
    use items that changed my size or look. So, just set on only Mushrooms,
    Super and Poison, and put on Metal Boxes as well, and get them through
    the whole match.
    Bonus #170 - Chuck Wagon (1500 points)
    Only grabbed throwing items. (3 or more)
    For this, just put on only Bob-ombs and throw them around throughout the
    entire match.
    Bonus #171 - Parasol Finish (1600 points)
    Was parachuting with the Parasol at match's end.
    All you have to do is grab a Parasol at the end of the match when
    there's about 2 seconds left and fly around while time runs out.
    Bonus #172 - Gardener Finish (2000 points)
    Put a flower on an enemy's head at match's end.
    Play against a non-moving human player, then put on only Lip's Stick.
    Whack that person with it at the end of the match, and you'll have the
    Bonus #173 - Flower Finish (1700 points)
    Had a flower on head when the match ended.
    As the active human player do exactly what was described above, and your
    opponent will get the bonus for you.
    Bonus #174 - Super Scoper (2000 points)
    Did 100% damage or more firing the Super Scope.
    Put on only Super Scopes, then fire them over and over again at non-
    moving human players to get the bonus.
    Bonus #175 - Screwed Up (2000 points)
    Held Screw Attack for 30 seconds or more.
    This is very simple. Just grab a Screw Attack during the match, and hold
    it for half a minute. You may want to do this against a non-moving human
    player to make it easier.
    Bonus #176 - Screw Attack KO (2500 points)
    Used a Screw Attack to KO an enemy.
    This one is easy. First, get someone to play as second player. Have them
    stand on the edge of the stage. Then, grab the Screw Attack and throw it
    at them. They'll fly into the air, and come back down. Have them push
    away from the battle arena, and they'll fall out and die.
    Bonus #177 - Warp Star KO (1000 points)
    KO'd a foe using a Warp Star.
    All you have to do here is put around 100% damage on a non-moving
    opponent. Then, grab a Warp Star, fly up, come back down on your
    opponent, and most likely, they'll be dead.
    Bonus #178 - Mycologist (2500 points)
    Got 3 or more Mushrooms.
    This is simple. Turn only Mushrooms on, then get at least 3 throughout
    the match. However, when you get one, you must wait until you shrink to
    get another for it to count.
    Bonus #179 - Mario Maniac(8000 points)
    Used only Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Starmen.
    All you have to do is turn on only Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, and Starmen.
    Then, you must get at least one of each in the match.
    Bonus #180 - Metal KO (800 points)
    KO'd enemy while metal.
    First, get your opponent up to about 100% damage. Then, get a Metal Box,
    and use a powerful attack on your non-moving opponent to kill them and
    then get the bonus.
    Bonus #181 - Freezie KO (2000 points)
    Froze enemy with Freezie then KO'd him or her.
    For this bonus, just throw a Freezie at someone who is near the edge. If
    you hit them, they'll fly up and over the edge into the pit and die.
    Bonus #182 - Flipper KO (2000 points)
    KO'd enemy with a Flipper.
    This might be a bit tricky. First, get your opponent near the edge.
    Then, grab a Flipper and throw it at them. They'll go flying off if
    there's enough power and you'll get the bonus.
    Bonus #183 - Mr. Saturn Fan (3000 points)
    Only item used was Mr. Saturn.
    This is easy to get. Turn on only Mr. Saturns, and have a melee with
    anyone. Grab at least one Mr. Saturn during the match. When the match is
    over, you'll have the bonus.
    Bonus #184 - Mrs. Saturn (1500 points)
    Held Mr. Saturn for 30 seconds or more.
    All you have to do here is pick up a Mr. Saturn and hold him for at
    least 30 seconds. Then you'll have the bonus.
    Bonus #185 - Saturn Siblings (4000 points)
    Got 3 or more Mr. Saturns.
    All you have to do here is turn on only Mr. Saturns, and pick up at
    least 3 during the match.
    Bonus #186 - Saturn Ringer (4000 points)
    Caught a Mr. Saturn thrown at you.
    You'll have to have damn good reflexes to get this bonus. Have a human
    opponent throw a Mr. Saturn at you. The second that it's about an inch
    away from you, press A to grab it.
    Bonus #187 - Giant KO (600 points)
    KO'd a foe while giant.
    To get this bonus, first get your opponent to about 75% damage. Then get
    a Mushroom and kill your opponent while you're giant.
    Bonus #188 - Tiny KO (2500 points)
    KO'd a foe while tiny.
    To get this bonus, first get your opponent to about 150% damage (you
    don't want to take chances). Then, get a Poison Mushroom, and kill your
    opponent while you're tiny.
    Bonus #189 - Invisible KO (800 points)
    KO'd a foe while invisible.
    First, get your opponent up to about 100% damage. Then, get an
    Invincibility Cloak and kill your opponent while you're invisible.
    Bonus #190 - Bunny-Hood Blast (1200 points)
    KO'd someone while wearing a Bunny Hood.
    First, get your opponent to about 100% damage. Then, grab a Bunny-Hood,
    and kill someone while wearing it.
    Bonus #191 - Vegetarian (1800 points)
    Got 2 or more Maxim Tomatoes.
    To get this bonus, turn only Maxim Tomatoes on. Then, get at least 2 of
    them during the match.
    Bonus #192 - Heartthrob (2800 points)
    Got 2 or more Heart Containers.
    To get this bonus, do exactly what you would do for the Vegetarian
    bonus, except with Heart Containers.
    193       Invincible      x1200               Player is invincible at
              Finish                              the end of the match.
    Thos guys, who just couldn't get enough of the Item-based bonuses, had
    to put something dealing with Stars. Obviously, if you set Starmen as
    the only item on Very High, chances are you'll be invincible at the end
    of a TIMED match. What I don't understand is why it needs to be
    multiplied if there 
    #194 Invincible KO through #249 Giga Bowser KO coming soon!
                               Secret Characters
    Once you meet the above requirements, you should be challenged by the
    secret character. Some are as easy as pie, and others are very tough.
    (tip: in 1-player mode, try it on Very Easy if you're that thickheaded
    to not have figured it out.)
    JIGGLYPUFF: Clear any 1-Player Mode once, or you can play 50 VS.
    matches. Jigglypuff will need some work to master, so she's been made
    to be the first secret character you unlock.
    DR. MARIO: Clear Classic Mode using Mario, or clear the Adventure Mode
    without dying. You'll need to play 100 VS. matches if you don't want to
    go through that.
    PICHU: You can clear Event 37 (Legendary Pokémon), or, if you can't
    gain skill that quickly, beat the Classic Mode with Mewtwo. 200 VS.
    matches for the lazybums out there.
    FALCO: If you can beat the 100-Man Melee, you'll be challenged by Falco
    Lombardi. Or 300 VS matches to get him. Falco is pretty tough for a
    secret character with relatively low requirements, so get ready.
    MARTH: It'll probably be much faster if you get all 14 regular
    characters involved in at least one complete fight in VS. mode, but you
    can also do it with 400 VS. matches if you refuse to play as a certain
    YOUNG LINK: Clear the Classic Mode as the tenth character along your
    way of getting a trophy for all the characters...or play 500 VS.
    GANONDORF: If you don't want to go through 600 VS. matches, then beat
    Event 29 (Triforce Gathering).
    MEWTWO: You'll get Mewtwo by reaching 20 hours of VS. combined play
    time or 700 VS. matches, whichever comes first. If you miss him the
    first time, he'll challenge you after every VS. match.
    LUIGI: Clear the Mushroom Kingdom place in Adventure Mode (before you
    fight Mario & Peach) with a 2 as the ones digit in the time remaining.
    For example, 5:52:86 will get Luigi, and so will 0:02:00. If you beat
    him as fast as you can, He'll challenge you after the "Congrats!"
    scene. That, or 800 VS. matches.
    ROY: Better conquer Marth, because you'll have to beat Classic Mode as
    Marth without dying to get Roy. If you don't, you'll have to endure 900
    VS. matches, and that'll take a while.
    MR. GAME & WATCH: This is the last secret character you get. Again,
    this fellow's hard to master, but you can thoroughly humiliate your
    opponents after you master him by clobbering them with frying pans,
    jim helmets, and bug spray... To achieve that, you'll have to play
    through Classic Mode with all 24 other characters. That's a lot faster
    than 1,000 VS. matches.
    SONIC & TAILS: If you thought these two characters would ever possibly
    be in SSBM, you're wrong. Unless the phrase "Sonic & Tails" caught your
    attention in this section of the FAQ and you thought I was some dimwit
    who never even played SSBM before. First of all, Sonic the Hedgehog and
    Miles "Tails" Prower are both registered trademarks of Sonic Team, which
    is completely independent of Nintendo and therefore would never play a
    role in SSBM. Maybe if Sega made their own, you can see them, but not in
    this ballpark. It started as an April Fools' Day joke written down in
    the April 2002 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. People took it too
    seriously, and the news started to spread. The criteria was to get 15
    KOs in the Cruel Melee, but everyone who reached that knew that the
    secret characters were false. EGM quickly apologized in the following
    issue, but dumb as some people were, some actually argued back, but this
    is going away from the whole thing. In short, THERE IS NO HEDGEHOG YOU
    OTHER HOAXES: Knuckles the Echidna
                  Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
                  Giga Bowser
                  Mask Link
                  Dark Link
                  Master Hand
                  Crazy Hand
                  Wireframe Fighters
                  Koopa Troopa
                  Diddy Kong
                  King Dedede
                  Waddle Dee
                  Baby Bowser
                  Baby Mario
                  Balloon Fighter
                                 Secret Stages
    See the sections above for more information as to how to get a certain
    PLANET ZEBES-BRINSTAR DEPTHS: PLaying 50 VS. matches will ensure you
    not only Jigglypuff, but this difficult course!
    EAGLELAND-FOURSIDE: The biggest city in Eagleland will accompany Dr.
    Mario after 100 VS. matches, unless you got Dr. Mario another way...
    F·ZERO GRAND PRIX-BIG BLUE: If you play 150 VS. matches, you can get
    this fast-paced battle above the high seas.
    KANTO-POKÉ FLOATS: Pichu will be glad to bring along this hallucination
    after you fight in VS. mode 200 times.
    MUSHROOM-KINGDOM II: If you get either Birdo or Pidgit as a trophy, you
    can also get this simple arena.
    SUPERFLAT LAND-FLAT ZONE: Mr. Game & Watch's special place comes from
    beating Classic Mode as Mr. Game & Watch.
    SPECIAL STAGES-BATTLEFIELD: If you can beat All-Star Mode, then you got
    yourself the Wireframes' home field, Battlefield!
    SPECIAL STAGES-FINAL DESTINATION: The basic arena where the hands hang
    out can only be unlocked if you can beat all 51 Events.
    PAST STAGES-DREAM LAND: Get a taste of the old SSB when you break all
    the targets with all 25 characters.
    PAST STAGES-YOSHI'S ISLAND: Hopefully, you can hit over 1,315 feet with
    Yoshi. It's very hard to do, but as soon as the thing starts, turn
    around and grab the Homerun Bat. Turn around, come up to Sandbag, duck,
    jump as low as you can using the X or Y button, and then immediately
    hold down A while you still press down on the Control Stick. Yoshi's
    "Meteor Smash" will rack up damage on Sandbag. If you can do five sets
    of this attack within 9 seconds, which is near impossible, then you've
    got it made: Simply Smash forward while on the ground, to whack Sandbag
    into the distance. Well, you don't need to do it with Yoshi, but he is
    the character that most everyone gets the stage from. THE WEIRDO
    WORKSHOP, for example, pulled it off with Ganondorf.
    PAST STAGES-KONGO JUNGLE: Finish the 15-Minute Melee. You'll need to
    learn how to run away and dodge attacks before you can get this one,
    because the 15-Minute Melee will be very tough.
                                Other Secret Stuff
    ALL-STAR MODE: To get the third 1-PLayer challenge, unlock Mr. Game &
    RANDOM STAGE SELECT: If you get the first 6 of the above list of secret
    stages, you'll get Random Stage Select. If lets you omit certain arenas
    you don't like from being selected when you choose a random stage.
    SCORE DISPLAY: You can now keep track of Time Battles in VS. Mode if
    you play (š)5,000 VS. Mode matches(š).
    ALTERNATE MUSIC: Once you unlock the Sound Test, have everyone hold L
    or R while selecting a certain stage. Here's a (sigh) chart below:
    If you select...              You'll get this music:
    Icicle Mountain               Balloon Fighter Theme
    Hyrule Temple                 Fire Emblem Theme
    Great Bay                     Saria's Song
    Yoshi's Island (SMW version)  Super Mario Bros. 3 Theme
    Onett                         Pollyanna (Mother 2)
    Pokémon Stadium               Pokémon Battle (Battle Theme)
    Either Mushroom Kingdom       Fever (Dr. Mario)
    Battlefield                   Wireframes 1
    Final Destination             Wireframes 2
    SOUND TEST: Oh, you don't know how to get the Sound Test? Get all the
    secret characters and stages.
    TROPHIES TRICK: If you have the Sound Test, turn on your favorite song.
    Quit the Sound Test by pressing B, then check out your trophy
    collection with that music playing.
    POKÉ BALL OF YOUR CHOICE: If you have the Poké Balls set to very high
    in a VS. game and quit (pause, then hold L, R, A, and Start), then the
    first Poké Ball to appear in a 1-Player game will contain that Pokémon.
    MEW: Haven't gotten Mew yet? You have to have Mr. Game & Watch unlocked
    along with all the other characters to get Mew to appear. Your chances
    are still slim though.
    CELEBI: The miniscule chances of getting Celebi can only be received by
    unlocking all the stages (š)and Score Display(š). It, like Mew, can be
    seen if you open a Poké Ball.
    MENU REFRESHMENT: Get a refreshing song for the menus when you hold
    down A while the game is loading after pressing Start after the intros.
    ORGANIZE YOUR TROPHIES: Tired of seeing your trophies in a mess on the
    table? Then hold the Y button when it's loading to arrange them in a
    triangle. The L button will arrange them into soldier-like rows, and
    the R button puts them into a circle. The L (š)or(š) R buttons will
    put them into an even more orderly format, making a rectangle.
    NAMES: In VS. Mode, if you've established a name for yourself, point
    the hand over the character's name on your box. For example, if you
    chose Mario, click on the word "Mario" near the bottom of the screen
    in your designated controler box.
    One last note: it's not really a trick, but you may have a really fun
    time looking through the random names. There's everything from "Al"
    to "R2D2".
    CHARACTER GLITCH (sent by thenarfinator@hotmail.com): If you drag your
    chip from a character to another, than select the other character by
    holding down X, Y, and Start for a few seconds, the second character
    will appear as the picture, but the announcer will call the name of the
    original character, and you'll also be playing as the first guy.
    RANDOM CHARACTER (sent in by shadestool@hotmail.com): Did you know you
    can randomly select your character in Super Smash Brothers Melee?  Just
    try placing your token in one of the two empty corner spaces in the
    character select area.  It'll automatically place your token on a random
    GET A LIFE (sent in by Bowser194): If you are playing a stock team
    battle and you are out of lives, check to see if your partner has more
    than one. If he/she does, press the Start button to borrow a life from
    VICTORY POSE (sent in by Valtane): You'll be such a poser if you hold
    down X, Y, or B, as soon as you win, because depending on which button
    you press, your character will do a different pose.
                                 >>>Hall of Shame<<<
    Here, we post the lowest of the low's messages for all of us to read.
    They not only include people who don't know what they're doing, but
    thieves, total show-offs, and not to mention the worst gamer of all: the
    liar. Below is a list. If it seems rather short, it will probably grow..
    After all, isn't "Utopia" literally translated to mean "no place"?
    NOTE: All spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and word structure
    errors are those of the person who wrtoe the e-mail. No names are
    SECOND NOTE: I am not trying to offend anyone or anything. I am a nice
    person, to the point where I would never utter certain four-letter
    words. The reason for this section is an example of things people should
    not be sending to me, as well as discouraging people to write those
    ideas to me.
    Here's the first repulsive individual. He or she has sent me not one
    e-mail, but TWO in the same day, saying that Sonic and Tails are real
    characters in SSBM. Here's how the first message goes:
    Subj: Two more hidden characters!!  
    Date: 8/31/02 6:59:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time 
    From: BracamonteAndy@msn.com 
    To: drrobotnik2001@aol.com 
    Sent from the Internet (Details) 
    Dear Drrobotnik2001@aol.com,
    I just wanted to tell you that you can also unlock Sonic and Tails!!!
    All you have to do is go into Cruel Melee mode and defeat twenty
    opponents and The two all-stars will challenge you at the same time and
    if you defeat them then you also unlocked them as playable
                                                       Signed one of your
                                                           biggest fans,
    As you can clearly see, no matter how many times it is written down,
    people will still think that the mascot of Sonic Team and his sidekick
    are playable characters. This fellow probably tried to be on my good
    side by saying that he is a fan of me, but the excessive amounts of
    exclamation points show a lack of intelligence. And lo and behold; half
    an hour later, I get a nearly-identicla message from the same moron:
    Subj: secrets of the game  
    Date: 8/31/02 7:35:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time 
    From: BracamonteAndy@msn.com 
    To: drrobotnik2001@aol.com 
    Sent from the Internet (Details) 
    Dear drrobotnik2001@aol.com,
    Hello again! I just wanted to tell you that I have more information for
    SSBM. First of all if you finish Classic mode with either Sonic or Tails
    you get a surprise. You can arrange your trophy collection by simply
    select the Trophy menu and before you select Collection hold down L,R or
    Y and A to enter your Collection and view them in one of five different
    arrangements. The last thing I wanted to tell you is that if you are Fox
    McCloud or Falco Lambardi and you're on either Corneria or Venom,
    quickly tap down on the control pad. If you did it right your character
    will crouch down and hail transmissions from your wingmen.
    This message is, unlike the first one, partially truthful, though
    sending the same thing to me twice only makes the process more
    Some legends never die...Can you guys ever give a thought as to if it's
    little more than an April Fools' joke? The one kind of people I truly
    despise are liars, and here's yet another loyal follower of the group I
    call PWTSTSSBMG (or the People Who Think Sonic and Tails are in Super
    Smash Bros. Melee Group.
    Subj: A mistake you made...  
    Date: 9/6/02 5:28:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time 
    From: GoKart456 
    To: Dr Robotnik 2001 
    On the Sonic and Tails part, it's actually 20 KOs Not 15. It's just
    something for you to edit.
    Apparently, any replies I try to make are not accepted by GoKart456,
    which sinks him/her even lower, meaning the only reason why this person
    posted such atrocity is to stir up trouble. This poor fellow thinks he
    or she has gotten away but is probably unaware of the existance of this
    Hall of Shame. Also, this kid believes I put in something like "Get 15
    KOs in Curel Melee to unlock the hedgehog-fox duo" or something. Sad.
    More rotten people coming soon!
    It looks like there's finally a non-Sonic-and-Tails Hall of Shamer in
    our midst...This fellow goes by the name of "ichthus87@hotmail.com".
    Unfortunately, I've lost the original e-mail, but it explained about how
    I "copied off" the FAQ format of another FAQ writer named "sleddog".
    Seeing that there are enough quotation marks in this paragraph already,
    I need you, the readers of this FAQ, to find out if this FAQ writer even
    exists. Drop me a line if it's affirmative, and I'll investigate it
    Date: 12/10/02 4:43:45 PM Pacific Standard Time 
    From: yoallwyn@yahoo.com 
    To: drrobotnik2001@aol.com 
    CC: drrobotnik2001@aol.com 
    Sent from the Internet (Details) 
    This web site said u can get toad by,shotting all the credits at the
    end.Do you think its true?
                    >>>Stuff You Might Not Know But Want To<<<
                           What Did Marth and Roy Say?
    Because Fire Emblem, at the moment Super Smash Bros. Melee came out,
    was a Japan-only game, they never had to learn the English language.
    As I type this though, and it may have already occurred by the time you
    read this, they are making Fire Emblem Advance, coming out in the US.
    We'll finally be able to make sense of their characters then, but for
    now, you can read about what they actually say:
    If Marth says...                      It means in English:
    Bokura makeru wake-ni-wa ikanainda.   I ¨mustn't¨ lose!
    Konkai-wa boku-no kachi da-ne?        Looks like I won this time.
    Kyou-mo hikirobiru koto-ga dekita.    I live for another day.
    (taunt) Minna, mitete kure            Hey everyone! Check this out!
    If Roy says...                        It means in English...
    Mamoru dekimono-no tame-ni,           For those who I protect, I
    makerarenai!                          mustn't lose!
    Kurushii tatakai datta...             It was a tough battle...
    Shin-no tatakai-wa...korekare da!     The true battle starts here!
    Boku wa makenai.                      I won't lose.
    Now to question about their non-Japanese sounding names and appearance,
    despite their inability to speak anything except Japanese... Could this
    be a habit the Japanese put in their media?
                               How to Pick on the CPU
    No matter how tough computer opponents are, there will always be things
    they will fall for, which may just be the only way to beat the super-
    sonic Level-9 CPU. You might want to use these tricks to your advantage
    and show it off to the world you can beat Level-9 computer opponents!
    NOTE: This list is always expanded as I find and remember more qualities
    that you can use to your advantage (or disadvantage), so don't just C&P
    this onto your computer, print it out, and think it'll always be the
    current one!
    ·Computer players tend to walk straight into Motion Sensor Bombs, even
    if they get hit when you throw it at them. They also don't resist
    getting blown off very much once they touch one.
    ·Computer players also never pick up Bob-ombs. Once they start walking,
    they'll shield themselves instead of jumping over one, and sometimes
    they'll blow up right in their face.
    ·They also don't care that a Flipper's been thrown and will repeatedly
    get hit by a Red Shell.
    ·They rush headfirst when they see a Poké Ball appear unless they're
    a Pokémon themselves (Pikachu, Pichu, Jigglypuff, and Mewtwo), but they
    will sometimes during VS. Mode.
    ·Just because they're all set to the same level doesn't mean they're
    perfectly even. Like in most multiplayer games, there will be a "bully"
    who is apparently better than the rest and is programmed to be the one
    that wins if you don't.
    ·Speaking of which, Capt. Falcon, Link, Samus, and Falco tend to be the
    "bullies" who pick on Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Pichu, Mewtwo, Luigi, and
    Mr. Game & Watch. DK gets much better as the level increases, and Ness,
    like in SSB, is best at level 7 but declines at 8 and 9.
    ·When they're dropping through a platform, they will not attack or
    defend until they touch the ground. This may be your only way to punch
    a hole through those lightning bolts called Level 9 Difficulty.
    ·Zelda tends not to transform during a Tournament.
    NOTE: mikey_s_rulez@hotmail.com disagrees. Who is right? People, help
    ·The CPU is also able to be snuck up from behind.
    ·They perform perfectly during Invisible Melee.
    ·They will always shield if a projectile is about to hit them at a far
    ·A favorite among expert players, a computer opponent will also
    repeatedly fall for the same trick over and over.
    ·A computer player will simply stand right underneath a Kirby in the
    air, making the Stone attack very efficient.
    ·This has never happened to me before, but I'm sure it works. If you
    play as Kirby or Jigglypuff, and get close to the blast line at the
    bottom, then come back up, in the process of doing so, a computer
    player will commit suicide. This obviously cannot be done in Onett,
    where there IS no bottom blast line.
    ·Computer players have an extremely difficult time surviving Icicle
    Mountain when the scrolling gets fast.
    ·The invincibility after dropping from the "Angelic" platform when
    you start another life is unnoticeable to computer players.
    ·If you get sent flying, it's better to just hit the ground than do the
    "Twinkle Toes" maneuver, since they'll let themselves get hit if you
    retaliate using the A button after falling flat on your face (or back).
    mikey_s_rulez@hotmail.com's contributions:
    ·Luigi will always use the Green Missile instead of the Super Jump Punch
    as a recovery if he is thrown off the stage.
    ·If you jump above a mid-level computer player returning back from the
    "Angelic" platform, he or she will do a taunt, setting up grounds for a
    surprise attack.
    007bcm90@monmouth's contributions:
    ·Luigi's "misfire"--that is, when his Green Missile malfunctions, tends
    to go off right when Luigi needs it to get back on the stage. On the
    other hand, it may just be luck...
    ·Marth and Roy don't seem to charge their regular B-button attacks so
    ·Kirby is the only character who will dare to attack you from directly
                                Donkey Kong is Here!
    The DK Rap goes sort of like this:
    Huh, huh!
    Here we go
    So they're finally here
    Performing for you
    If you know the words
    You can join in too
    Put your hands together
    If you want to clap
    As we take you through
    This monkey rap!
    DK! Donkey Kong!
    (Donkey Kong)
    (loop starts here)
    He's the leader of the bunch
    You know him well
    He's finally back
    To kick some tail
    His coconut gun
    Can fire in spurts
    If he shoots ya
    It's gonna hurt
    He's bigger, faster,
    & stronger too
    He's the first member
    Of the DK crew!
    DK! Donkey Kong! DK! Donkey Kong is here!
    (Dixie Kong)
    This kong's got style
    So listen up dudes
    She can shrink in size
    To suit her mood
    She's quick & nimble 
    When she needs to be
    She can float through the air 
    & climb up trees
    If you choose her,
    You'll not choose wrong
    With a skip & a hop,
    She's one tough kong!
    DK! Donkey Kong!
    (Crazy Kong)
    He has no sytle
    He has no grace
    This kong has a funny face
    He can handstand
    When he needs to
    & stretch his arms out
    Just for you
    Inflate himself just like a balloon!
    This Crazy Kong just digs this tune!
    DK! DK! Donkey Kong! DK! DK! Donkey Kong is here!
    (Diddy Kong)
    He's back again
    & about time too
    & this time he's in the mood
    He can fly real high
    With his jetpack on
    With his pistols out, he's one tough kong
    He'll make you smile
    As he plays his tune
    But Kremlings beware cause he's after you!
    DK! Donkey Kong! DK! Donkey Kong!
    DK! Donkey Kong! DK! Donkey Kong!
    (Chunky Kong)
    He's here for you
    He's the last member
    Of the DK crew
    This kongs so strong,
    It isn't funny
    Can make a kremling
    Cry out for mummy
    Can pick up a boulder
    With relative ease
    Makes crushing rocks
    Seem such a breeze
    He may move slow
    He can't jump high
    But this kong's
    One of hell (heck) of a guy!
    Come on Cranky, take it to the fridge!
    Walnuts, Peanuts, Pineapple smells!
    Grapes, Melons, Oranges, & Coconut shells!
    Walnuts, Peanuts, Pineapple smells!
    Grapes, Melons, Oranges, & Coconut shells!
    NOTE: Also, christian_x_@hotmail.com has claimed that Crazy and Dixie
    were not parts of the song, but are actually Lanky and Tiny. I'm not
    completely sure either version is right, so will anyone else try
    clearing this up? Here's his input:
    (Donkey Kong) that's right
    (loop starts here)
    He's the leader of the bunch
    (There are two of the Kongs in all of the Donkey Kong Country
    games and I don't count two as a bunch.)
    You know him well
    He's finally back
    To kick some tail
    His coconut gun
    Can fire in spurts
    If he shoots ya
    It's gonna hurt
    (He never had a gun before DK 64)
    He's bigger, faster,
    & stronger too
    He's the first member
    Of the DK crew!
    DK! Donkey Kong! DK! Donkey Kong is here!
    (Dixie Kong) really Tiny Kong
    This kong's got style
    So listen up dudes
    She can shrink in size
    To suit her mood
    (Dixie could never shrink in size.
    It was one of Tiny's special moves in
    She's quick & nimble
    When she needs to be
    She can float through the air
    & climb up trees
    If you choose her,
    You'll not choose wrong
    With a skip & a hop,
    She's one tough kong!
    DK! Donkey Kong!
    (Crazy Kong) really Lanky Kong
    He has no sytle
    He has no grace
    This kong has a funny face
    He can handstand
    When he needs to
    & stretch his arms out
    (Crazy Kong doesn't exsist,
    one of Lanky's special
    abilities in DK 64 was handstand.)
    Just for you
    Inflate himself just like a balloon!
    (also one of Lanky's special abilities)
    This Crazy Kong just digs this tune!
    (they only refere to that Lanky is the
    craziest in the crew)
    DK! DK! Donkey Kong! DK! DK! Donkey Kong is here!
    (Diddy Kong) he's right
    He's back again
    & about time too
    & this time he's in the mood
    He can fly real high
    With his jetpack on
    With his pistols out, he's one tough kong
    (Diddy never use any jetpack or pistols in
    Donkey Kong Country)
    He'll make you smile
    As he plays his tune
    (He never used any instruments either)
    But Kremlings beware cause he's after you!
    DK! Donkey Kong! DK! Donkey Kong!
    DK! Donkey Kong! DK! Donkey Kong!
    Whichever one's right...it's up to you.
                               How Does Your Garden Grow?
                           The Official NP SSBM Players' Guide
    As usual, anything that's official and accompanies something will have
    some inconsistencies. I'll list what comes up that may be found as
    interesting, and this list will probably keep growing, just like the CPU
    list a little bit above this.
    ·There's actually no hyphen between "Motion" and "Sensor" in the name
    "Motion Sensor Bomb".
    ·Venusaur is listed as between Bulbasaur and Squirtle but is actually
    between Poké Ball and Charizard.
    ·Squirtle is listed as between Venusaur and Chansey but is actually
    between Charizard and Blastoise.
    ·Chansey is listed as between Squirtle and Staryu but is actually
    between Weezing and Goldeen.
    ·Staryu is listed as between Chansey and Cyndaquil but is actually
    between Goldeen and Snorlax.
    ·Marill is listed as between Cyndaquil and Sudowoodo but is actually
    between Bellossom and Sudowoodo.
    ·Sudowoodo is listed as between Marill and Porygon2 but is actually
    between Marill and Unown.
    ·Porygon2 is listed as between Sudowoodo and Toad but is actually
    between Scizor and Raikou.
    ·Bulbasaur is listed twice. Its correct location is between Starman
    (the kind from Earthbound) and Poliwhirl.
    ·Ditto is listed as between Cleffa and Igglybuff but is actually
    between Poliwhirl and Eevee.
    ·The trophy called "Arlo" in the list is actually "Totakeke".
    There's two spots in the guide where there seems to be Peach with a
    mini-skirt instead of the elegant dress she usually wears into combat.
    ·One is on page 19, below the paragraph explaining the Ice Climbers'
    Belay attack.
    ·The other is on page 90, in snapshot 002 right below the topmost
                                 The Beta Version
                                Send in the Clones
    Sent in by AKAI_TOMEYA@HOTMAIL.COM. All errors have been fixed to my
    - Mario's aerial forward+A is a Meteor Smash.
    - Luigi's aerial down+A is a Meteor Smash (but it's only a spike if it's
    connected correctly).
    - Only Mario can Wall Jump.
    - Luigi's Special Attacks and many of his normal attacks actually
    function differently.
    - Pichu hurts itself.
    - Pikachu has a farther range in many of its attacks.
    - Pichu is a seriously hard character to master, but people who get good
    with Pichu usually become masters right away.
    ROY and MARTH
    - Marth is stronger. [?]
    - Roy doesn't need to be so accurate .
    - The third strike of the Marth's Dancing Blade, using down+B, is a 
    Meteor Smash.
    - The third strike of the Roy's Double Egde Dancing, using the up+B, is
    a  Meteor Smash.
    - The aerial down+A strike of Marth doesn't count as a Meteor, so it's
    very hard to recover from that spike.
    - Ganondorf's strikes deal more damage and hit harder.
    - The tilt up+A for Ganondorf needs a long charge, but it's so powerful
    that it may KO a lower percent opponent.
    - The Wizard's Foot will spike a foe if is executed in the air.
    - The Raptor Boost is a Meteor in midair.
    - C. Falcon uses all of the battering items in a different way and has
    the strongest Home Run Bat blow. [My experience says otherwise...]
    FOX and FALCO
    - Falco Phantasm spikes the opponent if done in midair.
    - Falco's aerial down+A spikes the oponent (like Marth's).
    - Falco rebounds higher than Fox.
    - Falco's Deflector sends the stuff up.
    LINK and Y. LINK
    - Y. Link's meteor (aerial down+A), if hit correctly, will spike the
    opponent. It's very fun.
    - Link's hookshoot is longer than Y. Link
                                  >>>Legal Stuff<<<
    ©2001-2 Dr. Omicron
    I'm a generous guy, so if you want to post what may be the most massive
    SSBM FAQ on your website or e-mail it to someone (either as a gift or
    blackmail or whatever), you can do so without asking me, as long as you
    don't change anything major or give yourself credit for it. I'm also
    entitled to 130% of all profits made from it. Actually, don't make
    money off of it at all. I'm not that ridiculously generous, okay?
    I scan through gaming sites, major and minor, in the blink of an eye
    without DSL, so don't even try. Sites I post this on have dedicated
    officials who will track down any violators. I also know a couple of
    people who can make computer virii...
    Ask as many questions as you want to via drrobotnik2001@aol.com.
    Note that I know quite a bit of this game, and though it's far past 
    its prime, it's still a hot topic in terms of 4-player madness. You know...
    If I happen to become a Gaming FAQ God or something from this FAQ alone, 
    you can also seek me out by looking for these other aliases of mine:
    Lt. Col. Yoshi
    Dr. Oswald Omicron
    Mr. Dude
    Seth Shamban
    because posting my real name on the Internet can cause me to be tracked
    down by some database, and you can find out where I live, how old I am,
    how I'm doing, what I look like, etc., I will not give away my last
    name. However, my first name of "Mathew" is perfectly okay with me.
                             Restrictions on Requests
    I'm impressed with myself! I've been receiving swarms of letters asking
    for stuff. Some of it is actualy worthy of asking, so I respond and
    put more stuff on this FAQ so people don't ask me again. Stuff I will
    tolerate are:
    •Questions about stuff I forgot to cover or I haven't covered yet
    •Requests to put this FAQ on a certain site
    •Additional advice, information, and corrections
    •Just plain friendly talk
    If you flame me, send me hate mail, or be otherwise disrespectful to me,
    I'll set up a Hall of Shame just for you.
                                   Special Thanks
    I give special thanks to... (in order of importance) Contributions
    begin and end with the symbol shown after their credits.
    NINTENDO for inventing the GameCube and all the characters in SSBM.
    SHIGERU MIYAMOTO for creating a majority of the characters.
    HAL LABS for making this game.
    THAT OLD GUY who was devoted to find another use for Channel 2 on your
    television sets and made Pong.
    bridged miscellaneous gaps in miscellaneous areas.
    useful than I had expected.
    GUNPEI YOKOI for creating the D-Pad, the Game Boy, and the Game &
    JAMES W. NORWOOD JR. for the DK Rap.
    MY SISTER for letting me use her computer when mine crashed.
    THEOLYMPICHERO for just so many corrections! Symbol: š
    BOWSER194, who knows a helpful hint for unevenly-talented teams, and 
    also contributed over 30 new bonuses to the FAQ.
    ULTRAMASTER085@HOTMAIL.COM, aka HYMAN for a LOT of stuff that he
    discovered, as well as some stuff I left out. Thanks a lot! Symbol: (H)
    AKAI_TOMEYA@HOTMAIL.COM, yet another person who has pointed out wrong
    stuff here and there and even convinced me to put up yet another 
    section! Symbol: ‹
    FUNKIDELIX@YAHOO.COM for some excellent advice for a couple of events.
    Check them out! Symbol: `
    ASTRONIA@AOL.COM AND HER BROTHER for filling up even more gaps in the
    Springfield Dam that is my SSBM FAQ! Symbol: ø
    TARKADAL@TARTARUS.UWA.EDU.AU, who caught even more of my mistakes. I'm
    pretty surprised at how error-ridden this FAQ is. There's a neverending
    stream of stuff people correct! Symbol: ª
    JONATHANDAVIS@MAIL.EV1.NET for a barrage of even more stuff I either
    left out or was wrong. Will this FAQ become perfect someday? Symbol: å
    FLAREBORNE(@aol.com) for #3 in Mr. Game & Watch's Judgment attack.
    POWERBOMB@HARBORSIDE.COM for stuff I forgot to update about Mr. G&W.
    Symbol: ¤
    FRIEND5530@HOTMAIL.COM for telling me that the Koopa Clown Car can be
    received before Event 51.
    THENARFINATOR@HOTMAIL.COM for even more stuff I forgot, as well as some
    of this person's discoveries. I'm gonna run out of symbols! Symbol: ‰
    CHRISTIAN_X_@HOTMAIL.COM for another version of the DK Rap.
    MIKEY_S_RULES@HOTMAIL.COM for some tips on the computer opponents.
    SHADESTOOL@HOTMAIL.COM for a random character trick.
    RGMONDU@HOTMAIL.COM, a real Nintendo scholar. Symbol: ^
    WAREAGLE2K@YAHOO.COM for a strategy of Event #23: Slippy's Invention.
    RSPITZER@SPRYNET.COM for details here and there. Symbol: ~
    RPGMAN@ATTBI.COM for some debatable information. Symbol: •
    YOSHI348@SAN.RR.COM for the Blind Eye bonus. Symbol: µ
    DEMON_RAM@HOTMAIL.COM for a tip in Event #46 Fire Emblem Pride.
    RLNDMNDZ@AOL.COM for correcting me about Link's Arrows. Symbol: @
    MAVCOWBOY@AOL.COM for what I forgot about Link's bombs. Symbol: ¶
    ARTICUNO1@EARTHLINK.COM for clearing up Zelda's Farore's Wind.
    007BCM90@MONMOUTH.COM for some more additions to CPU behavior.
    MARIOFAN98@AOL.COM for correcting typos and stuff I forgot to put in.
    Symbol: Œ
    "KURRUPT" for some advice for Kirby fans who want to tackle Event #50.
    Symbol: Ÿ
    COMICCREATOR2002 for some advice for Pikachu fans who want to tackle
    Event #50.
    NATHANCHAN22@HOTMAIL.COM for some useful pointers on Jigglypuff and
    other Events. Symbol: §
    DLEWIS@ENTERPRISE.SD73.BC.CA, or Darian Lewis, for something Fire
    Emblemers who specialize in items should know about. Symbol: ß
    DARKARCHER2778@MSN.COM for a tip about the Great Fox's laser guns.
    Symbol: =
    GOLDSTARKING@AOL.COM for Peach's Vegetable attack. Symbol: Æ
    LUCI_THE_BRAVE@HOTMAIL.COM for more on Marth, Roy, and what they're
    saying. Symbol: ¨
    THEHENCHMAN778@AOL.COM for yet another thing on Sheik's moves.
    VALTANE for the Victory Pose Control.
    VYCTORIW@YAHOO.CO.UK on Marth's and Roy's names. Symbol: {}
    GENNDY TARTAKOVSKY for making the best shows Cartoon Network made.
    FUJIMOTO?) for creating Doraemon, the original comedy manga.
    So far, this FAQ is on the following sites (in order of when they came):
    www.xtreme-cube.com (under construction)
    And that just about wraps it up. Good-bye, and hope you have a
    smashing good time!

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