Why can't I unlock Luigi?

  1. I played adventure mode on NORMAL difficultly and beat Luigi and Peach, but when I finished the game, Luigi did not challenge me to a fight. Am I missing something specific, like do I have to beat it with no continues or on a certain difficulty?

    User Info: akakazoo

    akakazoo - 12 years ago

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  1. On the first stage, you need to finish with the seconds digit a 2 (ex. 5:52.12) You will fight Luigi and Peach instead of Mario and Peach.
    Next, you must defeat both of them within a minute.

    User Info: _Gallade

    _Gallade - 12 years ago 5   1


  1. You can also unlock Luigi through multiplayer matches instead of the single player mode.

    User Info: ThomasOwens

    ThomasOwens - 12 years ago 3   0
  2. Don't continue, and doesn't matter what difficulty it is.

    User Info: AlaskanBlues

    AlaskanBlues - 12 years ago 2   0
  3. Ok, here's the SPECIFIC requirements.

    To unlock Luigi, beat Adventure Mode on any difficulty WITHOUT using a Continue, and on the first level, make sure to finish the level with the seconds digit ending with a 02. (Ex: 2:35:02) Luigi will challenge you if you succeed.

    Either that.... or just do 800 vs. Matches against CPUs. An easier way is to have 4 players at the same time playing, so you'll only have to do 200 vs. Matches.

    Thank me later.

    User Info: Starfoxiscool22

    Starfoxiscool22 - 12 years ago 4   3
  4. You have to beat Luigi and Peach in less than 1 minute, AND you have to get the KO.

    User Info: ycz6

    ycz6 - 12 years ago 1   0
  5. You have finish the first stage in a certain amount of time ( meaning fast) then beat peach and luigi.

    User Info: ladydeath678

    ladydeath678 - 12 years ago 1   0
  6. Ya, but i didnt do the matches thing ever except for mew two and that took a long time so....... i would say the adventure way

    User Info: w00t4mario

    w00t4mario - 12 years ago 0   0
  7. Starfoxiscool22: The only thing that increases with more than 1 human player is total VS time. Mewtwo is the only unlockable that you can decrease the time on.

    800 VS matches is still 800 VS matches no matter how many humans play.

    For the question, finish the first stage of Adventure with any time ending with 2 in the ones digit of the seconds, and beat him and Peach, then finish the adventure without continuing.

    It also helps to not meet other requirements, such as for unlocking Jigglypuff (if she isn't already) as Luigi's unlock has the lowest priority.

    User Info: Jin_13

    Jin_13 - 12 years ago 0   0
  8. Maybe theres a bug in the game or do vs matches

    User Info: tinkid2

    tinkid2 - 12 years ago 0   4

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