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FAQ/Walkthrough by Terekane of Darkness

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/13/2005

BSBBB,    B    B       BB       B7   B    BBXBXBB      B        B2BBB    BB   BB
B    B    B    B      B  B      B2B  B       B        B B      BB         iB BB
BBBBB     B,ZB B     SB  Bi     B 8B B       B       B   B       2BBB       B
B         B    B     BBBBBB     B  rBB       B      rBBBBBB    B    B       B
B         B    B    22    82    B    B       B      B     B     BBBBr       B

                      BBBBB    BBBBBBB      B       BBBBB
                     B            B        B B      B    B
                     iBBBBL       B       B   B     BBBBBB
                          B       B       BBBBB     B    B
                     BBBBBB       B      B     B    B    B

             BBBBB      BB   B     B        BB    BB    B    BB8BBB
            B     B     B B  B     B        BX    B B   B    BB
            B     B     B :B B     B        BX    B  Br B    BB BB
            BB   BB     B   BB     B        BZ    B   BBB    BB
              8BB       B    B     BBBBB    8B    B    87    SBBBBB

                    Phantasy Star Online FAQ/Walkthrough
                        Episode I&II Gamecube Version
                   ASCII Title provided by ASCII Generator

Terekane of Darkness (Version 1.2) June 13, 2005

=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_VERSION CHANGES_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_

Finally though a strange twist of fate, Plus edition was released and I was able
to make walkthroughs for the four added quests. Sorry about the LONG wait for
these quest walkthroughs. You see, my character got erased so it took some time
to get him back. Thanks for your patients!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have bought Episode I and II Plus but still have
characters from the original, your old characters ARE FULLY compatible with the
plus edition. Thus if you wanted to grab plus for yourself but didn't know if
you'd get compatibility problems then don't worry.

=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_VERSION HISTORY_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_

V_1.2  Added four new quests from Plus edition. Also did a tiny bit of general

V_1.1  Just added a few comments from e-mail-ers

V_1.0  Alright! Now it's done FINALLY! I've finished the basic Episode II
       stuff! Yahoo!

V_0.75 I Started Episode II and there's a bunch more Episode I quests to do but
       they'll be done in no time. (I hope)

V_0.50 All right! Educational stuff is done, and so is half of Episode I. I'll
       try to post this once Episode I quests are done...

V_0.25 I have begun the actual writing. I should get just want to get done the
       educational stuff for now. The actual Walkthrough is commin' I tell ya!

=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_TABLE OF CONTENTS_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_


<A1> Author's Preface and Introduction
<A2> Characters and Classes and Section ID's
<A3> Game Modes
<A4> Fighting Basics
<A5> Items, Techs and Equipables
<A6> MAGs
<A7> Team/Multiplayer Strategy
<A8> PSO Plus, What's the difference?


<B1> Walkthrough Episode I
       <B1F> Forest 1-2
       <B1C> Caves 1-3
       <B1M> Mines 1-2
       <B1R> Ruins 1-3

<B2> Episode I Quests
       <B2-BT> Battle Training
       <B2-CS> Claiming a Stake
       <B2-MM> Magnitude of Metal
       <B2-VM> Value of Money
       <B2-JP> Journalistic Pursuit
       <B2-FY> The Fake in Yellow
       <B2-NR> Native Research
       <B2-FS> Forest of Sorrow
       <B2-GS> Gran Squall
       <B2-AF> Addicting Food
       <B2-LB> The Lost Bride
       <B2-WT> Waterfall Tears
       <B2-BP> Black Paper
       <B2-SD> Secret Delivery
       <B2-LL> Letter From Lionel
       <B2-SB> Soul of a Blacksmith
       <B2-GB> The Grave's Butler
       <B2-KH> Knowing One's Heart
       <B2-RH> The Retired Hunter
       <B2-OR> Dr. Osto's Research
       <B2-UD> Unsealed Door
       <B2-SS> Soul of Steel
       <B2-SP> Doc's Secret Plan
       <B2-SM> Seek My Master
       <B2-FD> From the Depths
       <B2-CD> Central Dome Fire Swirl*

<B3> Walkthrough Episode II
       <B3T> Temple Alpha, Beta
       <B3S> Spaceship Alpha, Beta
       <B3C> Central Control Area
       <B3SB> Seabed Upper and Lower Levels

<B4> Episode II Quests
       <B4-CT> Control Tower*
       <B4-SH> Seat of the Heart*
       <B4-WT> West Tower*
       <B4-ET> East Tower*

(*): These quests are only accessible online or in PSO Episode I and II Plus


<C1> FAQs
<C2> Unconfirmed Rumors/Strange Things
<C3> Credits!
<C4> Legal Jazz
<C5> Contact Info

~There is a quick navigate function in this guide too. If you don't know how,
simply hold Ctrl+F and type the code that you are looking for

=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_SECTION A: BASICS_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_

<A1>----------Author's Preface and Introduction---------------------------------

Hello one and all! Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of Phantasy Star
Online otherwise known as PSO! This is my first guide (For GameFAQs) ever so if
it goes over well, I will continue to make them! PSO is a unique style of RPG
game that runs in real time like never before. Those of you who have played the
Final Fantasy Series, which includes most everybody then you will be very
familiar with the style of gaming. The only big difference is there are
absolutely no battle screens. Instead, the game is composed of levels that you
will revisit many times to increase you levels. All your battling is done in a
3rd person style where you use guns spells and a huge array of other weapons to
vanquish your foes. It is important that since the game lacks the turn based
battle system and resembles something like an adventure game like Quake or Doom,
the game can happen very fast. Also, this game doesn't have too much of a plot
(not like the FF series) and most of the fun comes from pure fighting and
finding new rare weapons and armour to increase you efficiency at blasting
enemies to bits. The game may seem very complex at first but it is nothing you
can't handle. While this game does have online capabilities, it is just as
exciting offline. I have never played the online game and I still think it is a
blast. This guide was meant to teach you strategies on how to become a more
deadly fighter and guide you through the levels. I also make comments here and
there about the running plot and I will give due warning before the terror of
spoilers. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact
me with. Without further ado, let's get started!

<A2>----------Character Classes and Section IDs---------------------------------

A popular new aspect of RPGs today is the ability to build your own character.
PSO lets you do just that and offers many character classes that you can select
and define to your personal likes. There are three basic classes and three types
of characters. Picking a character is very important because it will influence
your fighting style, what you can and cannot do and your overall outlook on PSO.
Before choosing, it is important to know what you are getting yourself into.
Make sure you know what you want because once you have created a character, all
you can do is make minor changes to their wardrobe. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
NOTE: All characters are generally called "hunters." They include all the
classes whether or not your character is of the Hunter class

Hunters are your power people. They have high attack power and are pretty
balanced in all the other stats. They are great for beginners for that reason as
they are probably the least specialized of the classes.  You might consider
these guys to be the Jedi knights that bravely march up to enemies and dismember
them with a massive sword. I dunno, if you want power, here is where you stand.

HUmar (M-Human)
      Probably the most common and most balanced of all the characters the HUmar
has good power, magic, and defence. You could put this guy in any situation and
they would be able to fight themselves out. While they do lack the magic power
of force, they make up for it with their good attack power.

HUneweral (F-Newman)
      She lacks a bit in hp and strength but she makes up for it with great tech
power. Slightly less able than the HUmar in physical attacks but they make a
great magic hunter and they can even function as the team's "force" if none are

HUcast (M-Android)
      Oh man. This guy kicks some serious backside. The HUcast is an android
that puts and end to all androids and came to define the words "attack power"
They have the highest attack in the game plus an awesome amount of defence. The
downside to all androids is they have zip mental strength meaning no techniques
(or magic) for them. They can however, lay traps.

HUcaseal (F-Android)
      She's right up they're in attack power and she has good accuracy to boot!
The HUcaseal doesn't have the ATP that a HUcast has but with all that accuracy
and good defence plus traps, they can be just as deadly.

The word RANGErs should tell you what they will be like. That's right. Rangers
are the sneaky ones with monstrous guns, half the size of them that can stand
way back and dish out the pain from a safe distance. They typically have amazing
attack accuracy meaning the word "miss" is something you'll rarely see with this
class. They also have really good defences making them excellent front-liners to
guard the rest. They start out the strongest and in my opinion, are the easiest
to use because of their great range. The only things is, they don't take much of
a liking to techniques (or techs) so don't expect much out of them in the magic

RAmar (M-Human)
      I wouldn't be off by saying this is the most common ranger. They are very
balanced and have a decent knowledge of techs for a ranger. They are pretty
balanced and have good accuracy and have a wide assortment of gun weapons to
choose from.

RAmarl (F-Human)
      While she doesn't have the same raw power that the RAmar has but she is
the best in techs for the Ranger class. This doesn't give you any amazing
casting abilities but if you don't want to be a force or there is none on your
team, she can double as a fighter and the designated healer.

RAcast (M-Android)
      This thing is an absolute tank! That is about as clear a picture I can
paint you. Unlike the Hunter androids, this things is a massive pile of raw
power, accuracy and defence. They cannot cast techs of course but with that size
and awesome defence, they make excellent body shields. Strap on a good strong
ranged gun and you can pretty much let this guy do most of the work for you.

RAcaseal (F-Android)
      The RAcaseal doesn't really have any advantage over the RAcast. They have
slightly more HP and defence but that's about it. They can serve as excellent
body shields as well as great back row fighters. I personally like this class
because they make less noise when they walk. :)

Last but by no means least are Forces. They are my personal favourite class and
I have three of them! Forces, just like the name suggests like to use lots of
magic and they have the advantage in that department in every way. Forces can
learn techs up to level 30, which is double of other classes. They also have
access to three Force-exclusive techs that are super helpful (save one). Forces
usually end up being "healers" which is probably they best they can offer at low
levels but when that tech power starts to strengthen, look out! They do have one
huge drawback: their physical stats. Their attack power, accuracy and defence
tend to suck big time but in their later development, you don't need defence. I
don't recommend a Force until you are an expert at the game.(You can really tell
that I'm biased.)

FOmar (M-Human)
      My personal favourite Force is the FOmar and this is why: they have great
battle skills. Despite being a Force, they have excellent attack power
(obviously not like a Hunter) meaning you'll want to conserve a bit of magic and
beat up the opposition with a good powerful weapon. On the other hand, they have
low health and are difficult to start out as because the use of a gun is a long
way off.

FOmarl (F-Human)
      The Ranger of the Forces, FOmarls have the highest attack accuracy of the
Forces, which isn't saying much. They don't posses the same attack power of a
FOmar but they can still brawl with some interesting results.

FOnewm (M-Newman)
      The only male Newman is the FOnewm. They have awesome amounts of magic
with great skills and speed. They lack attack power but you could brawl with
them if you level up high enough. Typically, you're going to start off using
just techs and later, you can worry about weapons.

FOnewearl (F-Newman)
      All I can say about her is she is the best tech caster there is! I have
one and she is awesome! They have the highest MST and TP of them all meaning
that weapons really have no use to her. The only drawback is she is probably the
weakest character in terms of physical stats and if any monster gets past the
flurry of techs you are casting, she can pretty much kiss her life goodbye.

These are the major classes but each character also falls into a type as well:

Androids cannot cast any techs. That you must remember. Zippo magic. They are
also the only type of character that can lay traps and they can also see traps
without the aid of a "Trap Vision." They usually have the highest physical stats
as well. No team is complete without an android.

Opposite from the androids in every way, Newmans have very high TP and mental
strength. They are the most powerful with techs and their TP restores
automatically (after a very long time). They also generally suck in physical
stats and have low power and defence.

These guys are the "balanced" ones. They posses average skill in all aspects in
terms of their stats. Yu can count on them in all departments. They are
excellent for beginners and experts alike.


Once you create a character, you will be assigned a Section ID. What this
actually does I'm not too sure but after looking at the in-depth by Atax, they
are used to calculate how often you find a particular weapon and how skilled
with it you are. Your ID is completely decided by the name you enter, not by
your class but certain IDs would be useless for certain classes. For example,
the BLUEFULL ID, which finds many partisans would not be useful to a Force who
can't use them. This doesn't mean that will be all you will find, but it just
means you find slightly more of one type of item than others. For more
information on SECTION IDs, check out the in-depth guide.

<A3>----------Game Modes--------------------------------------------------------

~Single Mode~

This is where you will play most often. You pick whatever character you want and
you play through the game and you get the storyline on the way. There are 4
levels: The Forest, Caves, Mines and finally, the Ruins. Once you clear the
stages for that level, you must fight a boss. Once you defeat the boss, you must
go back to "The Principle" which is where you start. (You know, through the big,
obvious warp). To open the next level you MUST talk to him. Once you do, the
next level opens and you can continue. You can replay the same level infinite
times to build up your character's level. There are also quest you can do that
involve doing things in the regular levels. They can be found next to the level
warp in the "Hunter's Guild." In order to open levels in Multi-Mode, you must
have completed them in Single mode. Also, there are 4 difficultly levels:
Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Ultimate. You must clear the final boss to open up
the next difficult level and continue in the game.


Probably the mode with the most fun is Multi-Mode. You and up to three friends
can play simultaneously in a co-operative attempt to complete or "run-through"
the levels. All status in Multi-Mode is saved with your character and you can do
everything in Multi-Mode as in Single Mode except complete quests (which sucks).
Also, you can open up new levels in Multi Mode but they do NOT carry over. Say
you play for the first time and you beat the forest. You can then advance to
Caves but if you turn the power off, the next time you play, you have to start
at Forest again. The only way to save your progress is complete the levels in
single Mode. The level selection is always the current progress of Player 1.
NOTE: In order to enter higher difficultly levels in Multi-mode, you must all be
at a certain level. For hard, everyone must be at least Lv 20. For VHard, at
least 40 and for Ultimate, at least Lv 80. This does not apply to Single Mode
but you probably won't survive without at least these levels anyway.

~Challenge Mode~

This is a strange mode and you must play it in Multi-Mode. You and up to 3
friends are set back to Level 1 in the Normal Forest. You then progressively
clear the levels and difficultly levels like in Single Mode but if any member
dies, you fail and must start again. Note, any levelling, weapons or items are
NOT saved. Your progress will be saved however. Say you completed up to the
second level of Caves. When you go back next time, you can start here again.
However, you can only start at the progress of the lowest member of your party.
Say you and two friends got to the mines and you bring in somebody who only got
to the Caves. You have to restart at Caves again to continue. This is actually a
good idea so you can increase your levels and get new more powerful weapons and
spells. If you clear the entire of Challenge Mode you get a "free" (not after
all that work!) of your choice. (There is a list you have to choose from)
Challenge more is the ultimate show of teamwork. Item hogs will only lead the
team to fail.

**I will be putting in a guide to challenge mode here as soon as I beat it
myself so check back here at a later time**

~Battle Mode~

This should ring instantly in your head that it is going to be a Multi-Mode
option. Battle mode allows you to go through the regular levels the same way,
but you can also attack your friends. If they piss you off, you can now wail
away on them. This provides no real advancement but it is amusing to do.
However, Battle Mode really takes place by entering battles through the Hunter's
Guild. You can select one of many rules to fight and you duke it out on the
Episode II Spaceship. Usually, if you die in battle mode, you are levelled up 5
time. This levelling does NOT carry over after you finish the battle. Also, if
you die, you will drop the weapon you had equipped. Your foe can then steal this
weapon or you can go find it where you died. You can also steal it back.
Remember, battle is purely for fun and nothing is carried over to any other

NOTE: There is something to worry about here aside from your opposition and that
is there tends to be a Delsaber hanging around the battle arena. If you find it,
RUN! You will NOT be able to kill it but it will kill you in one hit (usually).
I suppose they're helpful if your MAG casts invincibility when you're low on HP
but otherwise, stay away from him! An additional note is this guy no longer
obeys the rules and will follow you through doors, halls, rooms, anywhere you
happen to be going so unless you're miles ahead of it, it'll just keep coming.
(Kind of like the Master Tonberry in FF7).

<A4>----------Fighting Basics---------------------------------------------------

So you want to know how to fight huh? Well that's a good thing as almost all of
PSO is fighting. If you can't fight, you don't play PSO. It is as simple as
that. Well, fighting starts very complicated but once you understand all the
menu basics, you can pretty much do the rest. However, there are many tips to
remember so I strongly suggest reading this section before you attempt any of
the levels. There is a lot to it and depending on your character, your strategy
will change. But, let's first get on with the basics.

~The Menus~

In single mode, your menu is very big and takes up a large portion of the
screen. In Multi Mode, it is smaller but the same commands are there. One thing
you must know is that you CANNOT PAUSE THE GAME AT ALL! NO! Opening your menu
does NO pause the game! You must either quit the game, go back to Pioneer II
(Which is like home base) or find and empty room and stay there. Anyway, with
that out of the way here are the menus:

Item Pack
   Equip - Here is the place that you can equip weapons, armour, Mags and units.
   Items - This is a list of all the items you currently have
   Mag   - Here you can feed your Mag and check it's stats (see {A6}).

   This is very important. When you start playing, there will be a small section
on the bottom-right corner of your screen. Here is where you place actions the
will happen when you press the action buttons. There are six possible actions to
place here, which are basic attacks, techs, traps and items. Whatever you set
for the buttons will happen when you press the corresponding button on your
controller. It looks like this:
      /     ___  |
     /     / X \ |
    /   ___\___/ |
   /   / A \    /
  / ___\___/   /
 | / B \      /
 | \___/     /

The top one happens when you press the X button. The middle one is A and the
bottom one is B. Also, when you hold R, it will shift and you can put three
more. Therefore R+A, R+B and R+X give you three more commands. Whatever you put
on the customize must be necessary for quick use like healing items, quick
spells and of course attacks. You can put whatever you want here though but be
careful, you should customize for useful actions for the situation you're in.
(i.e. Fire spells on the customize would be a good idea against foes that use

   Only Humans and Newmans will see this under their menu and it displays a list
of all your usable techs. While in a level, you can come here to use a technique
that is not on your customize pad but the existence of the Quick Launch Window
(see below) makes this menu option useless. For what it's worth, your spells are
divided up into categories. (See more on techs in {A5})

   This menu has absolutely no use whatsoever if you are not online. Here you
can modify many forms of communication that will appear on your screen from
little symbols to shortcut keys to say simple phrases. This really has no
bearing of the actual fighting of PSO.

   In single mode, as soon as you open the menu, you can use L&R to scroll
through the basic status of your character that includes their level, stats
(duh!) and things like that. In Multi-Mode, you cannot see the status window
unless you select this option. You typically come here to see how much more EXP
you need to level up.

   Map Direction - Indicates if either the map moves according to you or your
                   marker moves according to the map.
   Key Config - Lets you make simple changes to the control of the game Cursor
                Position - Whether or not the cursor will appear in the same
                position the
                last time you opened a menu.
   Message Speed - Speed at which messages are displayed (Never thought of
   Rumble - Switches rumble feature on or off (obviously doesn't work for
   Auto Disconnect - Time after which you will automatically disconnect from the
Quit Game
   In order to end your game and SAVE YOUR PROGRESS you MUST select the quit
game option. Every time you quit game, your stats are saved (except Hp and TP
which are refilled) for the next time you play. Don't forget to quit otherwise
you get to cry over all time you wasted by not saving your progress.
NOTE: I can't stress this enough: don't be a dummy and turn off the game while
it is saving! It happened to me (don't worry, I kick myself for weeks...) and
you really don't want to start all over again do you? Then again, if lightening
strikes your house and/or power-lines while it is saving and you file gets
erased, well, you were never meant to play PSO.

~The Quick Launch Window~

I don't care what it is really called but there is a super-handy little window
you can open by holding R and pressing Y. The first menu you see lets you equip
weapons and check their stats by pressing X. Press R with this window open to
view your items and use them if necessary. In the heat of battle, if you don't
have a healing item on the customize you are urged to use this handy window to
use said item lest you find yourself dead a I will just laugh at you. Finally
with one more push of R, you can see your useable spells or traps where
applicable. NEVER forget about this window because it makes everything so much
easier and faster in mid combat!


Like all RPGs PSO has stats for your character.  Most will increase once you
level up but there are many ways to increase your overall strength. Here's what
all those three-letter words are:

HP: Health Power -> This should be obvious to anybody who has played a video
game before (yes that's you) If this runs out, you're dead! What happens when
you die? The screen goes all red and you fall down with a small ball of light
above your body. If you are by yourself, you need an item called a Scape doll to
revive you or perhaps your MAG will do it. Recovering HP is done through the use
of Mate type items, the spell Resta or any hp stealing class of weapon. HP Max
will increase at every level. You can also increase it with an item called HP
Material or by wearing a HP boosting Unit (Section {A5}).

TP: Technique Power -> This is your magical energy. Every time you cast a spell,
you use up some TP. If it runs out, then no more spells for you! To replenish
TP, use a Fluid type item or use a weapon with TP stealing capabilities. You
increase you max TP as your MST increases which usually happens at every level.
(Obviously androids always have 0 TP) You can also use TP Material or a TP
boosting Unit.
NOTE: I'm rather hoping this is obvious but just in case, I'll spell it out: You
CANNOT use spells if you don't have ALL the TP needed for the spell in question.
If you have 7 TP left, you can't cast oh say, Grants. No, you must have all the
45+ TP required for usage. Unlike health, where an attack can use up more that
all the HP you have left (which you should probably expect to happen when you
die) you MUST have the TP requirement! If you don't you can't use that spell.
It's that simple.

Lv: Level -> Every time your character gains a certain amount of EXP
(experience) they will increase a level and all of the basic stats will increase
according to your character and class. Levelling is the absolute most important
way to boost stats efficiently because not only do most (not always do all yours
stats increase. The amount is dependent on your character and class) of your
stats increase, you increase by a decent amount and are PERMANENT! You can gain
extra EXP through the use of an EXP draining weapon and killing things, duh.
NOTE: Everybody who hits an enemy gets EXP from it when it dies. However, you
get slightly more EXP if you delivered the final blow. That goes for bosses too.

ATP: Attack Power -> While in Bio class ATP is Adenosine Triphosphate (I'm
actually more than 100% sure I spelled that wrong but I really don't care), ATP
in PSO is your raw power. This will increase with every level and determines how
much damage you will dish out. All sabre/sword/slicer type weapons have a
requirement of ATP that you must meet in order to wield the weapon. If at any
time you don't meet your weapon's requirements, you cannot use the weapon. ATP
has two parts the base and the actual. The number in brackets is the base and it
is how much power you do without a weapon equipped or the spell Shifta. All
weapons will increase your actual attack power. You can also do so with Power
Materials, and by wearing __/Power Units.

DFP: Defensive Power -> Defence's purpose is to decrease the amount of damage
you receive from enemies. It will increase with levelling, by equipping armour
or shields or by finding DEF materials or wearing ___/Body Units. You can also
increase you DFP by casting the spell Deband.

MST: Mental Strength -> MST acts in many ways. First, the more MST you have, the
more TP you get. It also is a requirement of all Cane/Rod/Wand type weapons.
also you need a certain amount of MST to learn new spells. MST also dictates how
much damage you will inflict with your spells. MST increases at every level
(except for androids) and you can increase it by using Mind Materials, equipping
___/Mind Units and cane/rod/wand weapons.

ATA: Attack Accuracy -> When you fight, there is always the chance that your
attacks will "Miss." When this happens, you do no damage. How frequently you
miss is dependent on how much ATA you have. Guns have a requirement for ATA the
you have to meet to use them. (I think that is really stupid as the reason you
use a gun is for accuracy...) ATA increases every level or so and you can
increase it by equipping ___/Arm Units.

EVP: Evasion Power -> Also know as speed, your evasion dictates how often an
enemy's attack will be blocked by your shield/barrier and do no damage. When
this happens (especially if you are almost dead) it can be a blessing and a half
so make sure to keep this stat up. It usually is pretty high for all classes and
will increase with levelling. Also, all armours and shields typically increase
evasion as do some weapons (for some unknown reason.) You can also raise this
stat by using Evade Material or by equipping ___/Legs Units.

LCK: Luck -> Is Lady Luck on you side? Well, only if you find Luck Materials
because that, and equipping ___/Luck is the only way to increase this stat. All
its exact functions are a mystery to me but I know for a fact that every now and
again while you attack, you will hear a different sound and two white rings fly
out of your enemy producing a 1.5x damaging attack often called a "critical
hit". Luck supposedly increases the chances of that happening. It may also
decrease the chance of it happening to you but I do not know for sure. I'll
leave it up to you to make up a pile of mysteries behind this stat.

*Elemental Resistances*
Found on the third page of your status screen all elemental resistances act as
extra magic defence against a particular type of attack. They never increase
through levelling (or at least in my experience if they do please e-mail me and
tell me differently) and the only way to get resistances is to strap on armour
and shields that have resistances. There are no materials but there are plenty
of Resist___ around so you can strap those on too if you're up against a Force
or a particularly magical foe. I normally find those Units to be a waste of
space but in certain levels they can be of help. All resistances are the same
for their category:
EFR - Fire Resistance
EIC - Ice Resistance
ETH - Lightening Resistance
EDK - Dark Magic Resistance
ELT - Light Magic Resistance
If you are going in a level like Ultimate Caves where you face many Dark
attacks, it might be a good idea to put on a resist dark but otherwise, it's up
to you and if you have a slot to spare.

~Status Defects~

All RPGs have 'em and you hate 'em right? Well PSO is no exception. While it
doesn't have the variety of defects like FF7, you are going to see them more
often. When your character has a status defect, it would be in your best
interests to cure said defect. Usually, you can cure them mid battle but if it
is only a minor one like poison, wait until after the melee or exit the room,
cure it and renter. Here are the defects:

POISON: Your character will emit green bubbles and your HP decreases very slowly
until this condition is cured or you die. To cure poison, use an Antidote or
cast Anti Lv1.

SHOCK: Your character will fizzle like in some cheesy movies when somebody
sticks their finger in a light socket. For a limited time, you cannot attack or
cast techs. You can still pick up items and use items. You need somebody to cast
Anti Lv2 on you to cure it or you can just wait until it wears off.

PARALYSIS: This is the absolute worst thing that can happen to you! Paralysis
looks much like Shock in that your character will buzz with orange sparks but
the bad thing is that this one NEVER wears off. You have to either use
Antiparalysis or get someone to cast Anti Lv3 on you.

CONFUSE: Possibly the most annoying status defect is confusion. Unlike other
RPGs this would cause you to attack random things but in PSO, walking properly
is impossible. It is like you took lethal amounts of rum in five seconds. (So
that's why the rum's gone!) You can still attack and cast techs but they will
shoot of in random directions. Cure this right away with Anti Lv4 or you will
get pissed off in a hurry.

SLOW: Not quite as annoying as confusion, slow does just that. Everything you do
is now slowed down by about half the speed. What makes this one such a pain is
that it will happen to you a lot and by the time you Anti Lv5 yourself, it will
have warn off. I suppose that's a good thing but this one is a real pain...

JELLEN/ZALURE: Only a few enemies cast it but it reduces your attack and
defensive abilities significantly. You won't see this much but it sucks when it
happens. They usually last for unwieldy amounts of time. You can cure this with
either Shifta/Deband (if it is strong enough to overpower it) or with Anti Lv6.

SHIFTA/DEBAND: Opposite of Jellen and Zalure, this increases you attack and
defence. Sadly, you're going to have to cast it on yourself if you want the
boost. Deband can screw up you attack patterns a bit because with the added
defence, you may not fall down anymore. Be careful of that. The only way to
"cure" this is to stop over at the Medi Centre on Pioneer II but if you really
want to cure these, kick yourself really hard.

FROZEN: The strange status defect that keeps showing up is freeze. For some
reason, being exposed to extreme cold has the ability to completely encase you
in ice. This could be considered the worst status defect because you are
completely immobile and your evasion hits zero instantly (meaning enemies can
really pile on the damage) but this defect wears off so fast it's not even much
of a worry. To increase the speed, mash the control stick back and forth as fast
as you can and you'll be free almost instantly. You could get someone to cast
Anti Lv7 on you but that would just be wasting their TP.

NOTE: You can cure all status defects with a Sol Atomizer with the exception of
freeze quite possibly because you are completely immobilized. Also, higher
levels of Anti still cure the preceding levels. Like Lv7 Anti still cures


That was sure a lot of stuff to get through before actually attacking! Attacks
are only generated from the three red actions on your customize. You cannot
attack unless one of the three attack icons are on the customize! The quick
launch doesn't help you there! There are three types of attacks and how much
damage they do is directly tied to your stats, the enemy's stats and of course,
the weapon you have equipped. If you have no weapon equipped, your character
will perform a very limited "bare handed" attack. Typically you want some kind
of weapon and later, you will carry multiple for different situations. It is
important to remember that swords generally have the best ATP but the worst
range (maybe next to Force weapons). Guns have the best range and as an added
bonus, your character doesn't move when they attack. Force weapons in my opinion
suck but their main purpose is to boost said Force's stats. Anyway in order to
attack, you must be in range of your opponent. A cursor will appear that is
colour coded with the attack icon on the customize. That is if you have an
attack on the B customize space, the cursor will be red if it is in range.
Sometimes, even if your target is in range your attack will "miss." When this
happens you deal no damage. Try to use your attacks in a way to increase you
chance of hitting.

Normal Attack: This is you standard, most common attack. It is the most accurate
meaning you will be the least likely to miss with this one. However, it has the
least power. If you are far away or you are starting off a combo, use this one.

Heavy Attack: Twice as powerful your heavy attack should be on you customize
right next to your normal attack to string together an effective combo. It is a
great finisher but since it has a lowered accuracy, it will miss more often. Be
careful when you use your Heavy Attack because missing could cost you your life.
Also, your character has to "charge up" longer than the normal attack before
they let loose so enemies can hit you during this time. However, the other good
thing is a heavy attack will usually push an enemy back a short distance.

Extra Attack: This applies only if your weapon has a special power. For example,
a Fire Handgun will have an extra attack. The extra attack has the longest
charge up time and will usually do half the damage of a regular attack but with
the added effect (sounds like FF7) of your weapon's special power. With the Fire
Handgun, your attack will damage the opponent physically and add magical fire
damage as well. Don't expect anything amazing in the damage department out of
this attack. You only use it if your weapon has a worthwhile power.


It is possible to string together three attacks consecutively. They can be all
one type or a combination of all three. Remember that all attacks have a charge
up and wind down time during which you are vulnerable to attack. Combos string
together attacks and cut down on this time. They also look really cool and
happen faster than three regular attacks. When you make a combo, the first hit
has only normal accuracy. The second hit will have a slightly increased accuracy
and the final blow will almost always connect. This is why you usually want a
combo like weak + weak + strong. The two weak attacks ensure a hit with the
lower accuracy and the final attack is strong to take advantage of the chance of
hitting. You can also substitute your extra attack here if you like. When you
need serious power you can try a weak + strong + strong or even a strong +
strong + strong. Remember of course there is a higher chance of missing but it
does deliver extra damage if you have the ATA to support it. Also remember the
wind down time does not disappear. At the end of the third combo, there is a
time when you are vulnerable before you can start a new combo. A combo of two
generally has a shorter wind down time but not by much. To make a combo, attack,
then right after your character stops for their usual wind down time, hit
another attack button and they will perform the second set in the combo. Swords
combos can be a pain to master but once you do, it's easy.

~Do's and Don'ts READ THIS!~

If you are really far away from an enemy and they are pretty evasive, I would
recommend using a weak + weak + weak or weak + weak + strong to get the benefit
of the extra accuracy. If an enemy is closing in or there are multiple enemies,
you may want a weak + strong + strong or a triple strong because the closer the
enemies are to you the greater chance you have of hitting them. Besides, if they
are that close, you want to push them back with the strong attack so they can't
sneak in an attack before you can start a new salvo.

Later on, you will be up against some very powerful opponents whom will be very
fast. You may need to combo, then run away, turn around and combo again to keep
from being injured. I know it seems stupid but DON'T GET SURROUNDED! If you do,
when two enemies attack at the exact same time, the damage is multiplied by
however many hit you and you could be dead fast. The same is true if there are
numerous enemies coming toward you. If you are running out of room to run away,
try and lead the fight in a different direction. Also, enemies are dumb and
sometimes if one enemy can't get past another especially if they are all crowded
together, some turn around to get another vantage point. This is your cue to
attack either them or the ones still coming. This little minor miracle doesn't
happen often so take advantage of it.

Another thing is, some of your extra attack can cause status defects to enemies.
If you freeze, paralyse, or shock an enemy, the obvious thing to do would be to
attack it but DON'T! Go after the things still coming after you. You can usually
kill of two or three of them while the other one is immobilized and when the
effect wears off, you can have already cleared most of their friends away. The
only time you should attack an immobilized enemy is if you need to steal TP or
HP with an extra attack. Immobilized enemies have almost zero evasion giving you
a much better chance to steal HP or TP. Otherwise, just attack everyone else.

Another thing that will happen is when you take mondo damage in one blast; you
typically fall down. This can mess up your battle plans a bit but there is a
silver lining to this one. While you are on the ground and getting up, you are
completely invincible. You can't do anything but the second you stand up; you
are free for a second to cast a spell or attack. There is a real trick to
fighting and you must discover your style for yourself. It depends on the weapon
you use and how you add traps and techs into the mix. It's up to you but YOU
have to learn how to fight not me!

~Door Fighting~

A really helpful hint is fighting near a doorway. Doors act like impossible
divides in rooms. If you exit a room mid-battle, all the enemies you were
fighting instantly stop trod off to their starting point. You can then re-enter
the room and use the time as they trudge up to you again to eliminate more of
them. Then, when they get close once more, head out and wait again. Repeat until
everything is dead. Remember, you cannot shoot through a door but some techs
can. Please note that sometimes the enemies' start position is right next to the
door, which take away from the effectiveness of door fighting. You'll then have
to either cast an area tech or go find another door in the same room.

NOTE: Any experienced PSO player will tell you that sometimes enemies CAN break
through door divides. This usually happens with jumping enemies like Sinows or
Delsabers. This very rarely happens but do be wary of it. One other thing is
that Megid does NOT obey this rule and will keep going through doors until it
dissipates. In Ultimate Temple and Caves where you fight Ob Lilies, remember
that because their Megid could still kill you even when you leave so run and
keep running!


Nobody wants to go there but it will happen a lot to beginners and to experts
who overestimate themselves. It happens obviously when your health runs dry.
Typically that will happen because you screwed up and instead of healing, you
attacked or cast a tech. Then an enemy swept down and nailed the last bit of HP
you had left away right? Well that happens sometimes too. So what happens when
you die? No, it's not game over but you will be completely immobile and the
screen goes red and you fall on the ground and stay there. If you are playing by
yourself, if you have a Scape Doll, you will be revived. Also you Mag might
revive you but what happens if you can't revive yourself? Well, you will be sent
back to Pioneer II. You will the wake up in the Medi Centre fully healed. The
downside? While the doctors were nursing you back to health, they couldn't
contain themselves and picked your pockets. Any money you had on you will be
gone. Also, the weapon you had will be unequipped (not lost). That's not much of
a big deal but when you forget to bank your money and you loose it all; that can
really suck. One final thing is whether or not you were revived in the level or
in the Medi Centre, you Mag will loose 5% Synchro. That's really it. So if you
died broke, you really didn't loose anything except your pride and you earned a
nice long walk back to where you died. This is why I urge you to periodically
place Telepipes in case you do die. Now, if you are playing Multi-Mode, you can
be healed the same way or you teammates may (it depends on how nice you were to
them doesn't it?) use a Moon Atomizer on you, which will revive you and replace
half your health. Also note that ALL status defects will be gone (including
Shifta and Deband). Also, if you are traveling with a Force, they can use
Reverser on you for the exact same effect.

~Using Techs and Traps~

This section is very simple. You can work your magic or traps into fights
depending on this situation. Realize that all techs and traps have charge up and
wind down times during which you are vulnerable. To cast a tech or use a trap,
either press your customize button or use the Quick Launch Window. Typically
you'll use attack techs and traps when you are surrounded or if you are in
trouble. Many techs have the capabilities to hit numerous enemies and so do
traps. If you're in trouble, bust out a powerful tech or a trap so you can
regain your positioning. This also goes for techs and traps that cause
immobilization like freeze or shock.

~General Tips~

1. Don't overestimate yourself. If you are only Lv20, don't going waltzing into
Hard Ruins. You will die very quickly and very often. If fact, you'll spend more
time dead and healing than actually fighting! That goes for minor
overestimations. If you are forced to heal five and six time in a room or
enemies are draining half you health in one smack, you are in over your head.
Buy some better armour or weapons, level up or cast Shifta/Deband on yourself or
Jellen/Zalure on everything if you must. Once you can at least survive in a room
without door fighting, stay there to get the experience. Otherwise, you're MAG's
synchro will hit 0% exceedingly quickly.

2. Don't underestimate yourself. Be realistic, if you are murdering your enemies
with one tech or a single combo, go to the next level. You're not going to be
levelling up in a hurry it you always stay in the forest. Also, bosses give you
a nice chunk of EXP as does running through the level. You should be levelling
up at least once per every 3-4 run through-s. If not, forward march!

3. This is obvious: DON'T CARRY MONEY ON YOU! If you die, it's gone. That

4. Make lots of Telepipes. If you have Ryuker, you can make them for free so put
them everywhere. If you die, you won't have so far to walk. If not, carry a
Scape Doll at all times.

5. Take trips to the Medi Centre. If you took a beating, you have run out of
healing items or your inventory is full of junk, go back to Pioneer 2, sell your
crap, buy items and heal up at the Medi Centre for the measly 10 bucks. If you
don't have 10 bucks, then sell this game right now.

6. Cast Shifta and Deband. If you can, do it! It is always helpful. Also, if you
are against a boss, Jellen and Zalure it. These spells last a long time and just
make your life easier. (I can't stress their effectiveness enough!)

7. Carry necessary equipment. If you've played a few times through a level you
know what to expect. Otherwise check my recommended weapons section on the Enemy
Breakdown. You should ALWAYS carry a gun of some kind for de-trapping and long-
ranged combat. You should also carry a Mechgun or Sword/Sabre type weapon for
dishing out big damage to the stage's difficult enemies.

8. CUSTOMIZE FOR THE LEVEL! If you know you'll be fighting lots of machines
(like say, in the Mines?) then place your best Zonde techs on the customize.
That also counts for weapons that have elemental specials and properly equipping
resistances too.

9. Read ahead. Know where you're going and what you're going to face. You may
need to change your customize and gear up to fit a certain crowd of enemies.

10. Carry 10 Sol Atomizers on you at all times! If you get a status defect, it's
no big deal but if you're out, or you don't have a powerful Anti, things can go
downhill for you. Even if you do have Anti, you can't cure some of defects like
shock yourself. Better to be safe than sorry.

11. DROP A TELEPIPE BEFORE YOU GO INTO A BOSS ROOM!!!! If you die, you will have
a very long distance to walk back!

~The End!~

Well, from here on, you have to learn by experience. After a few fights, you'll
get the hang of it.

<A5>----------Items, Techs and Equipables---------------------------------------

As you play, you're going to come across an infinity of items. They all come in
boxes and you can find them in boxes in levels and sometimes, enemies drop them.
Green boxes are items like recovery items and Materials. Orange boxes house
weapons and blue boxes have armour, shields and units in them. All rares come in
Red boxes so if you see one, GO GET IT! NOW!

~Items - The Green Boxes~

Mono/Di/Trimates - Androids will make a friend in these. Mates give you back
health. Monomates give you the least, Dimates slightly more and Trimates refill
all you health. If you don't have Resta on the customize, mates MUST be on there
somewhere. You'll find plenty of them and you'll usually be fully stocked. If
not, buy 'em from the store. They're not that expensive.

Mono/Di/Trifluid - Forces will use this stuff plenty. Fluids refill your TP.
That's a good thing. They are just like mates in that mono does crap all, Di
gives you a nice little boost and Trifluid (which is mondo expensive) refills
all your TP. If you're gonna bust out a Trifluid, do yourself a favour and use
up the rest of your TP.

Antidote/Antiparalysis - They cure status defects! I'm not lying! Antidote cures
poison (duh!) and I bet you can't guess what Antiparalysis does... I urge you to
carry a few of them on you at all times.

Sol Atomizers - PSO's equivalent of Cure-all type items. Sol Atomizers cure
every status defect on you except Freeze, Shifta and Deband. You MUST have some
of these handy or ELSE!

Moon Atomizers - Only helpful in Multi-Mode, they revive a fallen party member
and give he/she back half of their health. Non-Force characters are urged to
keep some of these on them all the time also. You wouldn't want to have to go
back to Pioneer 2 right in the middle of battle would you?

Star Atomizers - These are pretty rare and they act like a Trimate with Resta
capabilities. Star Atomizers fully heal you and make a pile of sparks shoot out
and heal teammates nearby. Androids, you'll need a few for quests.

Trap Vision - If you are not an Android, then you normally can't see the hidden
traps in rooms. With this item, all traps in your current range of vision are
revealed permanently. Obviously, Androids can see traps so these are no use to

Disk   Lv_ - All techs need to be learned and you will find the "disks" to learn
them scattered about. Also, techs have a level, which indicates their power. So
if you have Foie Lv3 and you find Foie Lv5, you can use it. You don't need to
find Foie Lv4 first. In order to use disks, you have to have the required MST.
If you stop meeting the requirement, it doesn't matter, you only need the
requirement for the moment you use it.

Mono/Di/Trigrinders - All weapons (to my current knowledge) can be "ground" and
made more powerful by using grinders on them. Grinders are pretty rare so don't
go selling them. Every time you use a grinder, you gain a "+" point by either
1,2 or 3 respectively. All weapons also have a limit that you can grind them.
This limit changes from weapon to weapon. For every + point, your weapon gains 2
extra ATP.

___Amplifier - You find these occasionally and you use them like grinders but
they must be used on special barriers. Amplifiers boost the power of whatever
techs apply to them. In order to make an amplifier work for you, you must find a
BLUE, YELLOW, RED, SUPPORT or RECOVERY BARRIER and use the applicable amplifier
on it to create a merge. If you equip the merge, your techs will be stronger.

Materials - Power, Def, HP, TP, Evade, Mind and Luck Materials boost two points
of the applicable stat permanently. If you every played FF7, these are like

~Weapons - Orange Boxes~

There are many basic weapons that you will find. Most can be used by anybody but
some can only be used by a certain class.

Sabre Type = Everybody
Slicer Type = Everybody
Sword Type = Hunters
Partisan Type = Hunters/Rangers

Handgun Type = Everybody
Mechgun Type = Everybody
Shot Type = Rangers
Rifle Type = Rangers

Cane Type = Forces
Rod Type = Forces
Wand Type = Forces

All weapons have a different grinder limit and they boost different stats
accordingly. Weapons have different charge up and wind down times as well as
different ranges. There are also many upgrades for the basic weapons. For
example, the Sabre type has many different forms in increasing power -> Sabre,
Brand, Buster, Palasach, Gladius. You can tell you're weapon's level by the
colour. They colours always go Green, Blue, Purple, Red and finally Yellow.
Also, higher level weapons have higher requirements. That is, if you can user a
Sabre, you may not be able to use a Brand yet. All swords have an ATP
requirement, Guns have an ATA requirement and canes have an MST requirement.
Weapons also have percentages on the their page of their stats. These
percentages are called Photon Efficiencies. There is a percentage for the four
types of enemies. The higher the percentage, the higher the damage it will do to
that class. There is also a "hit" percentage on some weapons, which obviously
increases accuracy. Weapon percentages should influence your decision of weapon
to use. If a weapon has percentages, the name will be green.

Some weapons also have special attacks. When you first find them, it will say
???? whatever. In order to use the special power, you must bring it back and
take it to the purple booth in the store called the Tekker. He/she will identify
the special power and you can then use it. Here are the classes:

Fire - Adds fire damage
Lightening - Adds lightening damage and may shock enemy
Ice - Adds ice damage and may freeze enemy
Dark - Can kill enemy in one hit (Small Chance)
HP Absorb - Steals health from enemies and replaces your own
TP Absorb - Steals magic from enemies and replaces your own
HP Sacrifice - Drains HP and does extra damage
TP Sacrifice - Drains TP and does extra damage
Confuse - May confuse the enemy
Paralysis - May paralyse the enemy
EXP Absorb - Steals experience from enemies
Charge - Drains money for extra damage
Devil/Demon - Cuts your enemy's HP in half or in a quarter (For FF7s, Demi 2/3)
Tech - Fires the designated tech

These special powers also have levels of effect. Personally I would only bother
to use the TP Absorb and Tech class but there are times when others are helpful.

~Armour - Blue Boxes~

In PSO, there are two types of armour you can wear: actual armour and shields.
Both will increase you defence and evasion as well as your elemental
resistances. All armour and shields have a required Level to use them (because a
required defence would be stupid). There are two types of armour: Frames and
Armour. Forces can only use Frames. Frames tend to suck more than armour for
this reason. Also there are both Shields and Barriers. They are just like Armour
and Forces can only use Barriers, which suck more than shields. Aside from their
actual defensive ability and resistances. You can also equip Units to Armour and
Frames. To do so, you need the armour to have slots. You can find this on the
second page of their stats. Armour can have up to four slots to equip units.

Units are like Materials but they are better and worse. First of all, they
provide big bonuses in all kinds of stats and there are many different units you
can equip. The down side is they don't do anything unless you equip them so make
sure you fill your slots with the best stuff you have. Also, never leave a slot
open! The nice thing about units is they have no requirements. (If they did,
what would be the point?) Both armour and units are necessary to be an efficient
fighter and they are uber-helpful to you so make sure to keep and eye out for
them. Also, armour tends to fetch a pretty penny when sold so if you are
grabbing stuff to sell, get lots of armour.

~Meseta - Your Cash!~

Found everywhere, the little yellow crystals are called Meseta. In the beginning
of the game you have very little and accumulating it can be a hassle. You will
use Meseta to buy stuff from the store, particularly healing items. You may also
find a helpful unit or armour at the store but after you get to be pretty
strong, money becomes so abundant that it's worthless. Also the store stops to
sell useful items around VHard mode so normally, you'll have tons of the stuff
to buy healing items. You can get lots of meseta from completing quests at the
hunter's guild.


All I can say is they come in red boxes. You'll find them every now and again in
later difficulties. Some rares are overrated but there are thousands of rares
available out there. You just gotta go find them! (Real helpful advice huh?) I
have a bunch and soon you will too.

NOTE: Go to http://www.planetdreamcast.com/psoworld and you can check your
section ID. There, you can see the most common place to find a weapon you may
want. Every rare I've ever found is consistent with the guides there. Not only
that but they have good pics or rares etc. A real excellent site!


All you Forces, you have unlimited access to techs! Techs are cool because they
do a lot of elemental damage and they can really help you out of a tight spot.
All techs have to be learned from a disk and they have specific levels. All
techs except for Anti have 30 levels and as you learn higher levels, they techs
get more powerful. Forces can learn techs up to level 30 but hunters and rangers
can only learn up to level 15. Also, only Forces can learn Grants, Megid, and
Reverser. The thing about techs that makes them really cool is they NEVER miss.
As long as they physically contact the enemy, it's going to strike.

Attack Techs:

Foie - A very basic attacking tech that deals with fire, which you should have
just gone ahead and guessed anyway. Fire techs lack one thing: status defects.
Zonde and Barta-type techs all have a possible status defect going for them
making them a little more appealing than fire. However, don't feel sad because
fire typically does just a little more damage than other techs and what's more
is they affect MORE of the population. Very few enemies have a very strong
resistance to fire. If you don't know what to throw at an enemy, go ahead and
pelt it with Foie. With that said, Foie itself is just a fireball. At low
levels, it moves slow and can be easily dodged. The higher the level, the faster
it moves and the more damage it does. You can use this one pretty much anywhere
for good results. By the way, while you can fire it at anytime, it works best
(and usually will only connect) if you target an enemy first. It is possible to
hit more than one enemy but unlikely.

Zonde - The lightening techs are the Zonde set. Zonde itself will strike an
enemy (1 that is and only 1) with lightening. What's cool about this is as long
as that enemy is in the range (which is all around you) the bolt will strike.
While it is considered a targeted attack, Zonde is an area attack because it
will hit even if the enemy is not targeted. For that matter, even if the enemy
is BEHIND you, as long as it is close enough in your range, ZAP! Higher levels
will improve the range (to an unreal standard) and increase the damage
inflicted. While I do consider it to be an area attack it is an oddball because
as I said, you can only hit ONE enemy. If you are hitting a Machine enemy, you
may even shock them which is excellent! (Some overloaded circuitry...)
Therefore, higher levels also improve the odds of short circuit.

Barta - Well, would this be the ice set? Naw... Well, Barta as you better have
guessed are the ice spells. They are, in my opinion, the best of them all. Ice
spells are very limited in range until you level them up and even then, they are
a pain but they have an excellent chance of freezing an enemy. This is great
news (however strange I find it). Barta itself creates a river of ice that
shoots out along the ground in front of the caster. It will damage anything it
hits. This attack is best used as a targeted attack but go ahead and let it rip
through a line up of baddies as it is an area attack in that respect. It can hit
many enemies but it will only hit them ONCE per casting. Higher levels make the
river extend further, does more damage and increases the speed of the tech.

Gifoie - The step up from Foie, it is much more difficult to use. It holds with
the Foie classifications too. The spell causes a fireball (2 at later levels) to
emit from the caster and spin in a large spiral around the caster. This tech has
a LONG charge up and wind down time so be very careful. It is an area attack
meaning you don't target a thing. As long as an enemy walks into the circle
where the fire is spinning, it will take damage. Note that the enemy does NOT
have to directly contact the fireball but it must be closer to you than the
fireball is (that is, in its range as it expands). Be careful, this attack will
only hit ONCE no matter how long the enemy stays in the flaming circle. It will
hit as many enemies that enter but as I say, only once a piece. Higher levels
increase the range, and fireworks involved. Also, it lasts longer thereby
hitting enemies as they spawn too. At Lv 30, it takes a freaking eternity for it
to wear off which is really cool.

Gizonde - Better than Zonde in every way except for one. Gizonde is a little
different from Zonde but still much the same. Every enemy that is in range
(which must, this time be in you sights. Alas, this is the lone disadvantage)
will be struck by lightening, which you seem to throw out of your hands. This
spell as I say has a smaller circumference of effect but it is better because
imagine 20 enemies packed in a group chasing you (which happens VERY frequently
believe it or not). That's right: "smite with lightening!" as a friend of mine
would say. Higher levels improve the range (once again to a stunning amount
allowing you to effortlessly toast an entire room) as well as damage and the
ability to shock Machine attributed enemies.

Gibarta - You will replace Barta on your screen once you get this in lieu of one
down side (to which there is always one but alas...) Gibarta basically creates a
small snowstorm in front of you that comes inexplicably from your hand. It is
much larger than Barta and will affect anything it touches with the powerful
ability to freeze the unlucky target. This one is a targeted attack, sorta.
Expect to see the best results from directly targeting enemies but here's the
catch: the flurry is fairly large and can affect a large number of enemies. Mind
you, they need to be packed together but that happens all the time. Higher
levels dish out more damage and give a better chance of inexplicably encasing
the target in solid ice. The only downfall is that it doesn't reach very far
unlike Barta, which can sail clear across an entire room.

Rafoie - The Ra techs are fun to use. They all have the "take this!" factor to
them. Rafoie is a targeted attack and a target is an absolute must for the tech
to launch. Once you've found a target, fire will explode into a burning sphere
around the target and every for a square mile around it! At higher levels, a
ring of fire will sprout out too. This ring will deliver the maximum damage to
everything it touches too. This is a great spell to use to dish out maximum
damage from a distance and affect everything following you. Levelling this one
up will increase the size of the ring, increase damage and give you more fun in
nuking whatever pissed you off. It's also a good desperation attack. Some
weapons can cast this as can some enemies but all you Forces, you know that
Rafoie Lv 30 is going to kick much more rear than freebies and enemy attacks
right? Right.

Razonde - This tech is simple: it creates a huge ring of lightening around you
for a second, which will damage (or shock) anything it touches. Once again, this
is purely a desperation attack and you will see its full use when you are
surrounded. If things are looking bad, bust out with this one, otherwise, just
use Zonde and Gizonde to get the job done. Higher levels will increase range
(once again to an incredible standard) and damage.

Rabarta - A small let down from Gibarta, Rabarta is just Razonde only using ice.
You can copy and paste everything I said up there here too. This one has a puny
range and it doesn't get any bigger. However, it does have a near 100% of
freezing whatever you attack so if you're in real trouble, unload this. Once
again, only use this if you get surrounded otherwise you'll waste about a 270-
degree radius of effect that could be concentrated with less TP cost using Barta
or Gibarta. Once again, higher levels improve damage and chance of freezing.
Have fun.

Grants - This tech is for Forces only. That being said, it is also the only
spell in the game that uses light. When you use it, one very unlucky target will
be subjected to thousands of tiny rays of light that will shoot in from all
sides. After this, a HUGE (at high levels...) fiery beam will toast your enemy.
Needless to say, this tech does extreme damage but be careful. A lot of enemies
have resistance to this tech so take care. However, to anything that does NOT
have a resistance to it, expect BIG damage. Mine can dish out almost a thousand
damage on my friend's Lv 80 Racast brining him down laughably in a single hit.
Use this on anything that pisses you off royally and say bye, bye.

Megid - Opposite to Grants, Megid uses the dark element. This would be the tech
that would define Terekane but alas, it was not meant to be. Megid is absolutely
useless. It will shoot a black cloudy thing at an enemy and works just like Foie
in that respect. When it hits, it will do one of two things. One, it can hit and
curse your enemy to death with a single blow (regardless of their health) or it
will do lots and LOTS of nothing. There are very few enemies in the game that
are seriously weak to Megid so most of the time don't bother trying. You can if
an Ob Lilly pisses you off royally but otherwise just brag about it to your non-
Force friends and tell them "its so good that it'd be like cheating using it all
the time" (yeah, right). Higher levels will increase the range and improve the
odds of killing your foe. It also increases the amount of TP you throw out the
window per casting.

Healing Techs:

Resta - Probably the most important spell of the works and if you don't have
mates on your customize, this should be there all the time! It simply recovers
your health and it usually recovers all of it. At level 3+ a pile of sparks will
appear around you and any teammates that touch them are healed as well. Higher
levels will increase the range of effect and the amount of HP healed. If you
have Resta, I recommend using it instead of mates unless of course your TP runs

Anti - What this spell does should probably be obvious. It is helpful, but only
at the higher levels. There are 7 levels of Anti: one for each status defect.
(see {A4} Level 2+ affect other party members. It is an absolute must for
certain quests where your teammates can get paralysed. The only downfall of Anti
is for most of the defects, you can't cast it on yourself; it only helps others.

Reverser - This tech is unfortunately, only for Forces and it works like a
reusable Moon Atomizer. Basically, you use it on the targeted friend and it
brings them back to life with half their HP filled. There are no levels to this
one. Once you have it it's at the highest level.

Support Techs:

Shifta - Gives you a statistical boost in ATP. (Sadly, it only boosts your
actual, not your base stat). Level 3+ will affect teammates and the higher the
level, the bigger the boost and the longer it will last. Once you start hitting
the Level 15+ of this one, you're never going to want to fight without it. (I
have been told that some classes cannot use this one aside from androids; I
don't know if that is true yet...)

Deband - Like Shifta, Deband gives you a boost in DFP. Level 3+ affects
teammates and the higher the level, the bigger the boost and the longer it will
last. Be careful, if you are used to hitting the ground from every attack, this
spell might stop that. While I think falling down screws one out of their entire
attack plan, to some people, hitting the ground might be a blessing. It's up to
you. (I also have been told that some classes can't use Deband either. I'll
check later if that's true)

Jellen - The opposite of Shifta, Jellen will lower that ATP of your enemies
significantly. It is possible to hit more than one enemy at once and nailing
bosses with this one plus Zalure is a great idea. The higher the level, the
greater the range and power down. Use this if you find yourself surrounded by
powerful foes.

Zalure - Just like Jellen, this lowers DFP of enemies. Also great for hitting
bosses with, Zalure's power and range grows with its level. You'll use this on
enemies you are having a tough time inflicting physical damage on.

** Note: Shifta and Jellen do NOT affect tech power so casting Jellen on a Force
is just a waste of your time.**

**Another Note: Deband and Zalure do not affect your magical defence
(resistances). In that case, Deband will do nothing when up against a magical
foe and again, if you are a Force, casting Zalure will not help you do more
damage with your tech. Sorry but TOO BAD.**

Ryuker - This very nifty spell creates a telepipe for a cost efficient 10 TP.
You can use it as many times as you want but only one telepipe will appear. Once
you cast it again, the previous one vanishes. There is but one level to this one
so nab it ASAP.

**NOTE ON ALL SPELLS: The higher the level, you obviously use more TP. Be
careful jumping from a Lv5 Resta to say, a Lv15 Resta. You will drain your TP
much faster than before and the extra boost in health may not be necessary. Wait
to use high level disks until you have the TP to fully support their use because
you can't go down tech levels.**


Alright, now it's time to talk about the Android's kind of magic. You see, they
can't perform techs but they do have a title of "master of all traps." Not only
can they see them at any time, they can set more, which, like magic, are
guaranteed to hit. There are three kinds of traps:

Fire Trap: Simply explodes after a while and damages everything nearby

Ice Trap: Probably the most useful, ice traps explode and freeze anything nearby

Confuse Trap: Not quite as helpful as an Ice Trap but Confuse traps confuse
anything they hit. Unlike when a hunter is confused, enemies will start to
relentlessly attack each other. (Mwa, ha, ha...)

Traps don't have a charge up and wind down time like techs but there is a small
time interval before you can place another trap. Also, traps take quite a while
to go off so you can speed up the process by shooting them. One final thing is
that just like techs, you won't trap your fellow players unless you are in
battle mode. But then again, why would you want to?


I know when I first started playing PSO, I wondered what the heck a Mag was.
When you first go to a level, you will notice a weird little thing floating
beside your head. That is your Mag. It is kind of like a virtual pet but it is
way more useful. Mags get their own place on the equipment screen and you can
have multiple Mags (you find them in blue boxes). At first, your Mag will do
absolutely nothing except exist. What you have to do is give it some of your
items and only edible items will do (Mates, fluids, antis, and atomizers). When
you give items to your Mag, its stats will increase according to what you gave
it. When one of the four bars fills up, your Mag's level will increase. There
are a number of benefits to feeding your Mag and it will help you later on.

~Statistical Bonuses~

When you feed your Mag and increase its level, you will also gain stat bonuses
from it. Here are your Mag's stats:

DEF: Defence - Level this up to receive 2 extra points of DFP per level.
POW: Power - Level this up with Mate type items for 2 points of ATP per level.
DEX: Dexterity - Level this up with Anti items for 1/2 point of ATA per level.
MIND: Duh - Level this up with Fluid type items for 2 points of MST per level.
*Note: Atomizers are like odd balls. Depending on the Mag, they will do
different things*

IQ: How often your Mag will help you out. Max is 200
Synchro: How fast your Photon Blast gauge fills up. Max is 120%
*Note: Every time you die, you loose 5 points of Synchro*


When your Mag reaches level 10, 35 and 50, it will change form and acquire a
photon blast. When your Mag evolves, all of what used to give it stats before
will change so you must become accustomed to your new Mag as it evolves. What it
evolves into depends entirely on how the stats POW, DEX and MIND are in relation
to each other. Also, your character class  and Section ID will also determine
what kind of Mags you can get. When your Mag evolves, it will begin to help you
depending on your circumstance. Since there are many different Mags available
and what they do at certain circumstances, I'll just list what can happen and
when it can happen.

Death: 4
Photon Blast Gauge is full: 1,2,3
HP is 10% or less: 1,2,3
Entering a Boss Room: 1,2,3

1: Sometimes your Mag will cast a weak Shifta and Deband on you
2: Sometimes your Mag will cast Resta on you
3: Sometimes your Mag will make you invincible for a while
4: Your Mag may revive you.

These little bonus don't always happen. It depends on your Mag's IQ and how long
ago you last fed it.

~Photon Blasts~

You'll notice that surrounding your character's colour indicator is a little
ring with a number (usually 0) by it. It will gradually fill up to 100. This
will only happen once your Mag has reached Lv 10+ and your Mag acquires one of
its three possible Photon Blasts. What is a photon blast you say? Well when you
get hurt and when you attack, your Mag will charge up energy and fill the PB
gauge. When it hits 100 you can do a photon blast, which is like a souped up
tech with mondo amounts of power. There are 6 photon blasts but your Mag can
only learn 3 and which ones it learns depends on what you evolve it into.

Leilla - With lots of fireworks and the appearance of a strange looking thing,
you will have the amazing spell called Resta cast on you for absolutely free
(well except for all the PB energy you had) Wow... oh happy day. Unfortunately
all Forces are stuck with this one.

Golla - A moose appears and shoots electricity at ONE enemy for mondo damage.
This is particularly effective against LONE targets...like bosses perhaps?

Pilla - Possibly the most popular Photon Blast is Pilla where a butterfly
looking thing appears and makes a rain of blue beams come crashing down around
you hitting everything it hits for mondo damage.

Mylla - The amazing Photon Blast call Mylla casts a whole Shifta and Deband on
you. Isn't that grand? Isn't it? 0_o

Farla - A snake/serpent circles around you and hits everything around for big

Estlla - A dolphin that looks like it drank way too much Mountain Dew appears
and shoots out in the direction you were looking damaging everything it hits.

~Feeding and Raising Them~

To feed your MAG, in your menu, go to Item Pack and then MAG. Now select the Mag
you wish to feed. Select Give Items and then items from the list that you want
to give your MAG. You will see the bars rise depending on what you fed it. You
can't feed your Mag for at a few minutes after starting up the game. You can
only feed it 3 items at a time. After 3, it'll go back to being not hungry
again. After another few minutes, you'll be able to feed it again. You MAG will
gain a level when any one of the bars hits its max. After level 10, you'll be
able to check your MAG's photon blasts. You cannot use them on this menu though.
To use a Photon Blast, you hold R. You will see that all of your actions will be
replaced by your acquired Blasts. You have to use your Blast in order to remove
them from the customize but note, you probably want to save them for the best
time possible.

There is a lot more to know about Mags and what I have here is only what I have
compiled from my personal experience and that of my friends. For lots of advice
on raising Mags, check out noZedive13's amazing Mag Guide in the In-Depth
Guides. Also to Mr. noZedive13, I did take a gander at your guide to remind me
of the photon blasts so thanks a lot. Also, I would never have figured out how
to raise a Mag if not for you so hats off to ya! (See, you can't tell me I don't
credit my sources.)

<A5>----------Team/ Multiplayer Strategy----------------------------------------

Let's face it. The most fun you can have with PSO is on a team with others. The
competing for items, all the different Section IDs, stronger enemies and just
surviving together is a lot more fun than just playing by yourself. If you have
the online capabilities then you virtually never have to play alone but
otherwise, you'll have to gather up some friends for some classic split screen
action! When you play multiplayer modes, there are a few changes. First, you'll
notice that you'll have access to fewer menu functions like area map, chat,
quest board etc. It's only obvious that this all relates to things you cannot do
in multi mode. Anyway, the biggest change is going to be your fighting style.
It's no longer just blitz the enemy until they die. You're more than likely
going to have many character classes and you'll all be at lower levels. Multi
mode is a great way to get really weak characters some big EXP. Of course, they
have to be at least the level requirement for a particular difficulty but
kicking the butt of stronger enemies, even if it's not the killing blow, will
yield much more EXP than previous levels. Also, as I mentioned, there's a mixing
of Section IDs and that can get you some different rares so playing with others
is just overall better.

~Tips For Forming Teams~

You're going to want some of everything. If you have a bunch of friends, then
keep in mind what classes they are. Having a team of 4 androids is great but if
you were to have just 3 androids and 1 force, things suddenly get a lot better.
In a team you generally want:
 - At LEAST 1 android to clear out traps and act as body shields
 - At LEAST 1 Force for healing, Shifta and Deband as well as Reverser
 - 1-2 Humans to protect everyone in every department
 - Try to have one of each class
You don't need all these characters but androids are uber helpful in disabling
traps and Forces are great to cast Reverser and powerful Resta. You defiantly
want some humans for their balanced traits to help out everyone and make good
spell banks as well as raw power. Of course, how you make you're team is
completely up to you but variety is king.


If you go running into a level and everybody splits up or goes searching for
items, you will have a dead team quickly. You want to stick together unless
you're in a level that's too high for you, then you'll just die anyway. Think of
PSO as a game of football or rugby. If everybody just runs rampant, you end up
loosing quickly, but if you assign roles and you cover each other's weaknesses,
you'll kick butt in no time. The same works here. Chances are you won't have a
team of all HUmars. If you do, go join another team. With the variety, everybody
has strengths that compliment the weaknesses of others. This is useful but it
still won't work unless you have some sort of strategy.

The hunters, both android and not, should do what they do best: use WEAPONS. You
can cast spells too of course but still, you want these people at the front
lines because of their ATP. Then again, if you have a good gun, don't hesitate
to put them back a bit too but generally, these are your pain bringers so let
them to the heavy duty attacking. If you are a hunter, try and use a sword or
Mechgun type weapon because these lay down lots of pain. Also, don't hog the
EXP. If you're going to bust out a doomsday attack, tell you team to get in a
hit so they get some experience too. These people are good mostly everywhere.

Just because rangers have good ATA, it doesn't mean you are limited to guns.
Rangers tend to possess unreal amounts of defence and that's good if you have a
few particularly weak players. The androids of this class make excellent body
shields for the vulnerable forces in the back. Also, they should stay close to
the forces to get healed up for more punishment. Don't forget, being a body
shield tends to make your photon blast gauge build up uber fast and you can then
unleash the storm on your rivals. What I personally like about rangers is their
ability to use the shotgun type weapons. They are excellent for impeding the
progress of enemies and make good cover fire. As a ranger, it is your
responsibly to play defence and to be the annoying pests that make it impossible
for monsters to get to you. Typically, you want to form a perimeter to protect
the Forces and Hunters when they need to heal up. Remember, you have a big
responsibility on your hands!

I hate to hand out the role of the "designated healer" but fellow Forces, let's
face the facts. Unless we want our friends to die quick and painful deaths from
relying on mates or the pathetic Lv15 Resta, it's going to be our job to provide
the second layer of defence. Since forces tend to have low HP, you typically
want to be at the centre of your group's formation. Here, you can be protected
by enemy hits hitting the rangers and hunters. That is why being the healer is
so important. It's like playing doctor dodge ball. Your friends will die. That's
a fact. You have to run out and Reverser them without getting killed yourself.
You also should keep an eye on everybody's health. If someone's getting low,
heal them. You also want to cast Shifta and Deband on everybody to boost their
powers of to better protect you. If you are a strong force, keep some big
Armageddon techs on you like Razonde, and Rabarta that not only clear out big
pile of enemies, they can inflict shock or freeze on them too. You also want to
net yourself some EXP so nail everything with a good Rafoie first before taking
on the individuals.

You are separate altogether. I need to stress the importance of de-trapping
rooms. Just because you can see traps, you're friends can't and if somebody
(worst of all, the group's force) runs into say a paralysis trap, that can suck
big time. The shot is great for clearing trapped hallways and for hitting traps
just about to explode. Upon entering a room, you're first mission should be to
remove the traps. You should also SET traps when you're team is in trouble. A
good freeze trap can screw the entire opposition out of their offensive and
gives you time to pick off a few.

~General Tips~

If you know how to fight, I can't really tell you anything big time different
but here are a few things to remember:

1. Don't be an item hog. Guaranteed, you'll have one ore two. Don't be one
yourself. Not only does it endanger your team and wreck your strategy, you also
look like a big idiot holding up a shiny new rare from a distant box while
everyone else is dead. That doesn't mean of course, that if an enemy drops one,
go grab it but don't leave the team for boxes. It's just not worth it.

2. Share the EXP. Powerful characters have a big advantage over the weaker
characters. If you are a Force with all Armageddon techs, let the weaker guys
get a few hits in before you end it. That goes for photon blasts as well.
Chances are, you'll kill everything. Let everyone get in a hit before you cast

3. Don't leave your friends dead... Not only are they not helping your cause, it
is a real bummer to be lying on the floor when a rare appears and since nobody
healed you, you have no chance at it. Don't forget of course, just because that
person cuts down on your competition, don't expect them to heal you next go

4. Share Rares and Materials. There's nothing worse than fighting through thick
and thin for your buddies and all the luck comes to them. It will happen when
all you find are Monomates and they keep finding grinders and materials. It just
makes everybody super happy when you give them the second DEF material you
found. Also, if you're, say a strong ranger and you find a Flowen Sword or
something. Don't keep it for your "second character," give it to the Hunter.
They might give you a Dark Meteor some day.

5. Don't split up. If you're party consists of all Lv200, obviously use your
judgement but you fight much better as a team with united strengths.

<A6>----------PSO Plus, What's the difference?----------------------------------

In response to the recent release of the newest edition of PSO: Plus Edition, I
have had a few questions and comments about what's different and compatibility
problems with the old version. This section is for people with questions or
comments about Plus edition and it's new additions. If you notice something new
in Plus edition that I don't have here, please let me know! Thanks!

*Contributed from SuperSigma:

Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 and 2 Plus. First off, PSO Plus has 3 of the
Episode 2 quests on it: 'Seat of the Heart', 'East Tower' and 'West Tower'.
There's also the Ep.2 Challenge Mode for offline play (people who have the
original Ep 1 and 2 still have to play it online only). Episode 1 also has some
added bonuses. If you complete most of the Ep.1 quests, the quest 'Central Dome
Fire Swirl' gets unlocked. (I say most of the quests, because if you go down the
list of quests in order, it appears last, but I randomly jumped around the list
of quests, and I actually got Fire Swirl to open up while still having three or
four more quests to complete yet.). Also, you can activate the Gameboy Advance
downloads in the Ep.1 quest 'The Fake in Yellow' offline now. (Those who have
the original Ep 1 and 2 can only do this online).
     >Thanx for the contribution! Sorry it took so long to post!<

I do not myself own Plus Edition but a friend of mine does and he informed me of
the new quests for Episodes I and II and also the Episode II challenge mode.

I've already mentioned the compatibility issue with the Plus edition but I guess
I'll say it again just in case...
YES! All of your old characters/equipment/mags are FULLY compatible with the
Plus edition from the older version of PSO. Don't hesitate to buy Plus if you
were teetering because of this reason!

It is also important to note that in completing the Seed of the Heart, it is now
possible to obtain the 'Ragol Ring' rare as a quest rare. Cool. I'll have more
on this as soon as I get a hold of PSO Plus.

There are also some new rares, or so I have heard, in Plus edition so that may
invite a few of you to try out Plus.

Finally, I have heard a rumor that Galon's Rare Shop which was only available
online may have worked its way into Plus edition but I will have to confirm this
rumor to myself. For those of you out there who don't know, Galon's shop is
where you can exchange Photon Drops for rares that you cannot find on your own
such as the Photon Booster. Very cool but again, it's just a rumor. I'll update
this soon...

=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=SECTION B: Walkthrough_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_

~General Stuff!~

Every level is unique and will rearrange every time you play it. Every level has
a red and blue teleport. The blue teleport takes you backwards and the red
teleport lets you advance. At the end of the last level of each area is a
special transport, which takes you to the boss. Always place a telepipe before
entering a boss. I cannot stress this enough. Even if you know what to expect,
things can go awry and if you die, you have a LOONG walk back. Every time you
die, remember to replace the Telepipe you used to return.

Most rooms have enemies. The doors in a room will remain locked unless you
defeat all the enemies in that room. Sometimes, you'll have to walk around the
door or a specific area to make more appear. If a door is flashing red, there's
more "killing's" to be done.

Some doors won't open unless you track down the switch that opens the door. They
sometimes are placed right next to the door but other times, you'll have to
backtrack to find them. After the Forest, doors that are locked by switches
generally look different and you'll know what to look for. If you found a
switch, look at your map to see what door may have opened. Note that there are
two types of switches. There are some that are obvious and stand out and others
that are pads you must walk on. A lot of switches are fakes. Be careful, fake
switches have powerful traps above them. You should use a Trap Vision if you are

Some doors require multiple switches to open. Remember, typically, 2-switch
doors are shortcuts back to a previous part of the level placed there in case
you die. 4-switch doors usually lead to many boxes and ultimately a dead end.
Leave these alone unless you'd love to waste your time...usually.

All levels also contain laser barriers. Most simply cover boxes by a few will
block the path to the exit. Finding the large laser switch that matches
deactivates barriers the colour. If you ever see a switch, make sure to
deactivate it.

The second level of ever area (eg Forest 2, Caves 2) has a large brown column in
it. It is usually not on your way to the exit so you'll have to hunt it down.
You MUST activate the column before you leave because unless they are all
active, you won't be able to enter the Ruins and you'll have to go back...you
know...that sucks. Every "2" level, do yourself a favour and find the column
before leaving.

Finally, one general tip for playing through the regular levels in Episode 1 is
that every now and again you'll come across small little red messenger things.
They, as you probably have suspected come from: SPOILER WARNING

Red Ring Rico herself. You see; they provide the actual meat of the storyline.
However, I'm not going to go and spoil the MAJOR plot of the game for you so you
can read 'em yourself or you can just ignore them.

Either way, these message things are always on the path to the exit so if you
see one, chances are you'll not only get some marginally-helpful info, you'll
know you're on your way to the goal.

As I said, the level layout is random and is based on your Character's Section
ID, class and so on. You will come to recognize your layouts eventually but that
also means that I cannot tell you exactly where to go. Usually, though, certain
kinds of rooms or enemies will lead you there so I have place the general
directions here. By the way, as you progress you will encounter increasing
amounts of the above things. If you cannot access a door or you feel lost, whip
out your map and see which door you haven't entered yet and backtrack to go
through them. You may have missed a switch or another route. Anyway, without
further ado, let's go!

<B1F>---------Forest 1-2--------------------------------------------------------

Enemy Breakdown:
*All Enemies in the Forest have the Native Attribute*

HP: Low
POW: Med
WEAPON: Gun/ Long sword

Probably the most generic, run-of-the-mill enemy you will encounter here in the
forest. The Booma looks like a strange looking bear with claws and is very
unwise. It will simply roar upon you entering the room and walk up to you very
slowly and swipe at you with its claws. They actually have pretty good power so
try an use a gun or a long sword to eliminate them with no threat. They have the
tendency to show up in great numbers so you may want something to clear out
multiple. If by some miracle you have Gifoie, use it by all means to dispense
with them quickly.

HP: Med
POW: Med
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Gun/ Long sword

Goboomas are just like Boomas but they are yellow in colour and are souped up
just a little. They have slightly more power and health and they also have a
weakness to lightening spells. They like to mingle with regular Boomas to screw
up your techs so make sure you know who your nailing with what. Otherwise, just
stay back and shoot them.

HP: High
POW: Med-High
WEAPON: Gun/ Long Sword

The final version of the generic baddy is just like the rest only with more
power and HP. They can be a pain to kill and with the addition of a third
weakness, tech casting can be a pain. Make sure you stand back and let them come
to you as they are very slow.

Savage Wolf
HP: Low
POW: Low-Med
WEAPON: Anything goes

If only Koga was here... Anyway, the savage wolf is a joke and a half. It has
very little HP and isn't very powerful. That isn't what makes them so easy
though, it's their amazing resistance to attack you! They just walk around you
slowly and occasionally they will jump at you to attack but that's it! Most of
the time if you are really close to them, they won't even attack! Their chance
of attacking you increases if there are more of them but they make perfect
targets to walk right up to and beat senseless.

Barbarous Wolf
HP: Med
POW: Med
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Anything goes

I wouldn't call these "wolves"  either or even "dangerous" for that matter...
The Barbarous wolf is exactly like the savage wolf except they are blue. They
act a bit like the leader of the other wolves and if there is one around, they
typically attack more. Don't expect too much out of these things  either though.
They are just as resistant to attack. They have a bit more HP than the savage
wolf but you can still just walk up to them and slaughter them. One thing is
that once you kill one, all the other wolves will immediately cast Zalure and
Jellen on themselves. As if they needed to make themselves any weaker...

HP: High
POW: None
SPECIALS: Produces Moutments
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Sword/ Mechgun

Theses strange looking sacks will descend on the battle field and piss you off
instantly. They produce these annoying little bugs call mothments. The nest
itself can produce an awful lot of them so take them out quickly. You are
advised to use a mechgun to lay down serious pain and don't worry: they can't
attack you. If you don't have a mechgun, just use anything.

HP: VLow
POW: Low
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Handgun/ Sword

The little pieces of shit that come from the Mothments Nest fly around you,
block your path and poke you constantly with their little mosquito stingers.
They are pretty weak so getting rid of them shouldn't be a problem but if you
have Gizonde, you can toast their little behinds with due haste. Otherwise just
shoot them if they fly away.

Rag Rappy
HP: Low
POW: Low-Med
WEAPON: Anything goes

The little too-cute-to-attack-you little yellow duck type creatures tend to
appear around the same place as actually dangerous enemies. They have very
little power but they can piss you off in a hurry so grab a gun and stand back
and pick them off one by one. They aren't much of a threat but they can be
annoying. Foie also toasts them efficiently too. Once you "kill" them, they lie
down and play dead. Once you're far enough away, they'll get up and run away. If
you're feeling mean, you can shoot them to get an item.

HP: VHigh
POW: High

Hildbears only appear in Forest 2 and are giant gorillas that can shoot Foie and
kick you butt efficiently. They have mondo power and HP so things can get tough.
I strongly recommend a handgun so you can hit them from a distance and run when
they try to use Foie. Barta spells work nicely though too. The only good thing
is they usually only travel one at a time so don't expect to see many in one
place normally. They are very dangerous and you are advised to stand WAY back.
If you want to tango, let it attack AND MISS before you start a combo. Then
attack it from the side if you can.

|=====Forest 1=====|
Enemies: Booma, Gobooma, Monest, Mothment, Savage Wolf, Barbarous Wolf, Rag
Size: 10%
Overall Difficultly: 10%

This level, as you might have guessed is a piece of hot apple pie with ice cream
and cinnamon and perhaps a gooey brownie. It just can't get any easier than
this. The level layout is absolutely simple. The level is tiny and what's really
cool about the forest is that you can easily memorize which rooms are where and
where you are in relation to everything else. The whole thing is built in more
or less a big squished circle, which means that you should pick a direction from
the starting point and keep heading either clockwise or anti-clockwise until you
run into the exit. The only real branch from the main path is in the huge room
with a crashed speeder and a river. Take care to enter the room in the southwest
corner because the exit is often there.

~Traps 'n Threats~
Zip, zero, nada and more nothing. The only possible thing to beware of is that
some boxes will cause enemies to appear when you break them but that's it.

You won't fight too many enemies here. Most of the time, they'll come at you two
or three at a time. Don't expect to get surrounded or threatened in any way.
Obviously a gun would be helpful if you're not at a very high level but
otherwise, just use whatever you have to destroy whatever dares cross your path.

|=====Forest 2=====|
Enemies: Booma, Gobooma, Gigobooma Monest, Mothment, Savage Wolf, Barbarous
Wolf, Hildbear, Rag Rappy
Size: 15%
Overall Difficulty: 25%

The layout of Forest 2 is the same as Forest 1 except minus the brownie. Layout
wise, use the exact same strategy: go around in a circle. There is a small lake
in the middle of the level so you can see most things from the rooms that
surround the lake. There is only one deviation from the main path here too and
that is in the biggest room with the laser barrier. There are six exits from
this room so make sure to explore them all. The warp is typically in the red-
doored room at the northwest corner of the aforementioned room. Be careful not
to miss it. The boss transport is always in the same place but there is a little
green warp somewhere in the level that takes you there. It will move around.
once you've found it, expect a big fight and a few Hildbears. When you use the
warp, you're only two rooms away from the end. Also, the first big column will
appear here as well so make sure to clear the level until you find it. It's
position changes too but you'll find it in a hurry.

~Traps 'n Threats~
About the same as Forest 1: nothing: 0.

Enemy wise, this level is a good bit more difficult than the previous level.
There are the big powerful Hildebears here. They typically only travel one at a
time but in the last rooms, expect to run into a couple. The rooms here are a
bit smaller so fighting gets more cramped. Hit and run doesn't work so well and
if you're level is low, you could take a beating. Try to group enemies together
and force them to attack you one at a time. This also leaves them vulnerable for
a good tech or trap. The enemies themselves have a bit more variety so you'll
fight wolves at the same time as Boomas. I still recommend a gun but a powerful
sword can prove to be an asset too.

|*=*=*=BOSS: Dragon*=*=*=|
Recommended Equipment: A GUN! Resistances to fire wouldn't hurt if you have a
HP: Medium
Overall Difficulty: 25%

Description: The Dragon is a very large and ominous boss but if you have
adequate defence and a GUN, you will be fine. Be careful, this guy can dish out
some serious damage. He has several attacks. First, he will just walk around. If
he steps on you, you will take a good bit of damage. He will also spew fire all
over the place. The best thing to do to avoid this is to be very close to him:
just under his neck. The dragon will stop moving when he does this so if you are
close to his body, he will miss you completely. He will then start flying. He
will fly just overhead and spit fire at you. Keep running around in circles to
avoid that. When he lands, if he manages to step on you, be prepared for big
damage. Finally, once you hurt him badly enough, (he'll stop to roar to notify
you of the second phase) he will begin a different pattern. First he'll walk up
to you and spew fire. Then he flies up in the air and burrows underground
leaving a fiery hole. Don't touch that or you'll take damage. The Dragon will
then start to burrow in a line toward you. In the easy difficulties, he won't
move much from the straight line but later, his path will bend to try and get
you. The best way to avoid this is to open your Area Map and watch to see where
he's starting. Try to run behind him for the best results.

Strategy: As I said before, and now you know why, a ranged weapon is crucial. I
also recommend a weapon like a sabre to dish out some big damage. The first
thing you should do is attack his feet so run right up to him and stand under
his neck just in front of his feet. If he spews fire, it will miss you. Now
start beating on those feet. After a few good hits, the Dragon will "faint" and
put its head on the ground. It might hurt you when he puts his head down so try
to attack the feet from an angle. Now is your chance. Run over to his head and
bust out with the most powerful stuff you have. Barta spells, and powerful
weapons like swords can rack up big damage and with the Dragon immobile, you can
wail away without fear of attack. Once he raises his head, repeat the process
until he lets out a big roar. This will tell you that he's about to start
burrowing so shoot him a couple times if you can and get ready to dodge that
burrow attack or else you're gonna get nailed. When he resurfaces, try to attack
his face or his feet. Get in as much damage as you can before he flies off
again. Eventually you'll bring him down and you'll get your first chunk of EXP.
One last thing, if you have Shifta, Deband, Jellen or Zalure, go ahead and cast
them. The boss is much easier if it's weaker and you're stronger.


Enemy Changes:

When you enter Ultimate Difficulty, the level is exactly the same except the
enemies look and sometimes act different. Most of the enemies simply have been
souped up with extra health and power but for some, resistances change. I will
note them here. Also note that everything is now ultra-fast so guns will be
you're friend.

Booma -> Bartle: Same
Gobooma -> Barble: Same
Gigobooma -> Tolara: Same
Monest/Mothment-> ???: Same
Savage Wolf -> Guglus: Same
Barbarous Wolf -> Gue-Gulgus: ??
Rag Rappy -> El Rappy: ???

Hildbear -> Hildelt -> Light/Grants

The Hildelt is uber-powerful and they will give you a rough time. They have
unbelievable amounts of power and health. They attack in exactly the same way as
Hildbears but now they shoot Gizonde, which almost always shocks you. Another
thing is they are no longer weak to Barta. In fact, they are strong to
everything except Grants. If you are a Force, then it is your lucky day because
Grants is very strong against this thing.

|*=*=*=BOSS: Sil Dragon*=*=*=|
Recommended Equipment: Any kind of gun. Ice Resistances work nicely too.
HP: Med-High
Overall Difficulty: 35%

Description: Our old friend the Dragon has now learned some new tricks. He is no
longer weak to ice and you'll find out why in 2.542 milliseconds. Instead of
heading under the dome, the boss transporter will take you somewhere up in the
mountains. (It's actually quite beautiful.) The Sil Dragon looks a lot different
but attacks in EXACTLY the same way. The only difference is that now, he shoots
ice at you, which has a very good chance of freezing you. Resist Blizzard would
be a good idea if you have one. If you have a Cure/Freeze, you can end the
battle before it even starts because you'll be more or less immune to him. You
will be very surprised to find the Sil Dragon is not that much more powerful
than the Dragon would be if he was here. Of course, getting frozen does leave
you somewhat unable to defend yourself so make sure to mash the control stick.
The only other difference is when this guy burrows, the final pass will be a
spiral from the outside to the inside of the arena. To dodge this, stand right
in front of the path. He will come right if front of you. When he passes by, run
forward or you'll be just a bit colder.

Strategy: I would approach the Sil Dragon in the same way as the dragon except
obviously you're going to be pelting him with fire. You will find though, the
Sil Dragon is twice as fast as the normal Dragon and that could screw you up big
time because it is difficult to get an attack on the weak head. Of course, you
should still go right under the beast but he might not stop walking and if you
get stomped on, you're almost guaranteed to get two consecutive hits so make
sure you're HP is high. Otherwise, just do what you're used to doing: kick its
rear. Oh, by the way, Megid, as you have probably already discovered doesn't
work too well on anything, let alone bosses so dark attacks aren't going to get
you anywhere in a hurry.

<B1C>---------Caves 1-3---------------------------------------------------------

Enemy Breakdown:
*All Enemies in the Caves have the Altered Beast (A. Beast) Attribute*

Evil Shark
HP: Low-Med
POW: Med
WEAPON: Gun/ Ranged Weapon

If you remember the Booma, this is the Caves equivalent. It looks like a green,
lizard, shark type thing. It is exactly like the Booma in that it will just
meander up to you and attack with its claws. The Sharks are actually a good bit
more difficult than the Boomas but you should have levelled up a few times by
now so they will be like facing the Boomas all over again. If you have a Foie
spell, bean them with it, otherwise just stand back and nail them with a gun.
They can be a bit more evasive than a Booma but you'll soon find an auto gun to
compensate for that. If you want to use a sword, let them come up to you, Combo
and let them attack but move back a couple steps and combo again. The time it
takes for them to attack should give you time to start a fresh assault. Also,
Sharks move a bit faster than Boomas and they tend to appear more at the same
time so you may be fighting crowds of them. Since, you'll encounter these guys
the most, if you have Gi or Rafoie, just nuke them and you're guaranteed to kill
every one that it hits (in Normal that is). You may want to bust out a fire trap
or two as well.

Pal Shark
HP: Med
POW: Med
WEAPON: Gun/ Ranged Weapon

The next step up from the Evil Shark is the Pal Shark. They'll start appearing
about half way through Cave 1. They are exactly like the Evil Shark and you can
deal with them in the same way. They have a tad more HP and power but if you
could deal with the Evil Shark, then you can deal with these guys. The only real
difference is that Barta is the key here.

Guil Shark
HP: Med-High
POW: Med-High
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Gun/ Ranged Weapon.

The final generic enemy in the Caves is the Guil Shark. They are rare compared
to the other two so don't expect to see lots of them until you get to Caves 3.
They are actually quite a bit stronger than the other two so you'll really want
a gun to take them out safely. They can also dish out lots of pain so beware
using a sword. The game loves to mix them with the other two so you can't just
cast Gi/ Rafoie toast them all at once. You're going to have to use lightening
on these guys. Then again, freezing them first might not be such a bad idea...

Poison Lilly
HP: Low
SPECIALS: Can Posion/Paralize you

These things are really going to give you a headache. They are these little evil
white flowers that cannot move (thankfully) and constantly shoot green crap at
you. If you get hit by the green crap, you will be poisoned. That isn't so bad
since you can simply Anti after the battle but any time you hit them, they
straighten up and cast Paralysis on anything even remotely near. Make sure that
if you're not an android, you carry some Antiparalysis on you. To take them out
safely, just stand way back and shoot at them or nail them with Zonde or Barta.
They are pretty weak so don't worry but they an be a pain in the rear. If you're
out of Antiparalysis, then just stand in front of one and let it poison you. For
some reason, that instantly cures the Paralysis. You can usually attack these
things last but feel free to Grants them if you get annoyed. They can hurt you
if you are a real dummy and walk right up to them. One last thing is once you've
removed most of their HP, they will start spinning. Don't get close because they
spray a pile of blue crap that paralyses you.

Grass Assassin
HP: High
POW: High
SPECIALS: Can Paralyse you (Sort of)
WEAPON: Sword/ Mechgun

I would call these things dangerous but they really aren't. They look like giant
grass hoppers and they walk very slowly up to you. They will then spit this
weird webbing at you. If you are a real dingbat and stay there, it will stick
your feet to the ground. You can still attack if this happens but you can't
move. It wears off pretty quick though. They can also smack you with those huge
slicers, which yields big damage. Sometimes, they will also scream and charge at
you like a nut job. They can nail you for huge damage there too. The only reason
that I consider them absolutely harmless is that they are laughably slow. It's
incredible how slow they actually move. I recommend leaving them until last so
you can remove anything that actually poses a threat. Then just whip out a sword
and walk right beside their body and beat the thing to death. You can cast Foie
at them if you want but why waste it on them?  They take lots of damage so it
may take you a while to beat them up but you're not going to get hurt.

Nano Dragon
HP: Med-High
POW: VHigh-Extreme
SPECIALS: Can Fly, and Shoot Laser Beams
WEAPON: Sword/ Gun

The Nano Dragon is a very dangerous foe. If you approach them the right way,
you'll be OK but if you're not watching it can be game over in a hurry. They are
actually pretty dumb enemies and they usually won't attack unless you're pretty
close to them. They can only attack via laser beams. The first is like a blue
pulse that will hit everything nearby. It is very hard to avoid but you can if
you're moving in a constant direction. Once you hit them a few times though,
they resort to this flaming blue laser beam that hits you for deadly damage.
This beam is pretty easy to dodge though if you're not in the middle of a combo.
It always fires in a straight line so when you see it coming, just move a step
or two away and it'll miss. The cool thing about Nano Dragons is that if you
walk right up to them, they won't attack, they'll just fly away. If you have a
Handgun, you can pick them off right then and there. If not, just shoot a Barta
spell at them or nail it with a sword. They will usually attack you after a
combo so be ready to dodge if you're not going to go right up to them. One last
thing that makes me wonder is that they will attack their friends too. If you
have a Poison Lilly bothering you, try to make a dragon go by it and it will
take it out for you. If it makes the final kill though, it will get stronger by
about 0.000000000001 ATP. (Seriously, the game makes you think that it's
something to worry about...phhft!)

Polifully Slime
HP: Med
POW: High
SPECIALS: Can shoot Fire and weird spikes

This enemy gets the Oscar for most annoying thing in the caves. If you thought
the Lilies were bad, then you've yet to see this thing. It moves on the floor
first as a blobbing blue...blob. It will soon materialize as a spiky blue sea-
horse looking thing. They actually aren't that bad but the second you cast any
magic on them, they'll divide, and divide up to four times for each one. Note
that once you split the original one up into four, those four can no longer
divide. What makes them such a pain is that they are completely invincible until
they materialize. When they do materialize, you can only hit them ONCE before
they go back to being invincible and blobbing along the floor. That means that
you're going to want to make every hit count so take out your most powerful
sword and nail them with the strong attack. The good news is that physical
attack don't usually make them divide, even in Ultimate. They can shoot blue
fire at you and these little weird spiky things but they're pretty easy to dodge
and you probably will hit them before they attack anyway but if two or three
show up at once and they start dividing... you can have 20+ on your hands before
you know it. Try to get everything else before going after these things.

Pan Arms
HP: VHigh
POW: Med
SPECIALS: Can cast Jellen/Zalure on you
WEAKNESS: Everything goes
WEAPON: Sword/ Gun

The Pan Arms can be a pain but they're not too bad. They usually first appear
underground so you're going to have to look at you map to see where they are.
The Pan Arms is actually very big and while it's whole, it is nearly invincible
to physical attacks. You can Zalure them if you want to land a physical hit but
if you have Zalure, that also means that you have other spells. Pan Arms are
weak to every spell you can cast so go nuts if you want to kill them right off
the bat. While it's whole, it will shoot a red beam at you for moderate damage
and a mess of blue beams for the same thing. After both sides gets a shot it, it
will divide into two halves with long swords. Now is your chance to hit them
with physical attacks. You'll want to take out the purple one first because if
it stabs you, it will cast Zalure and Jellen on you, which are unwieldy
powerful. The orange side has quite a bit of power but if you used a few spells
while it was whole, both sides will be pretty weak. Once you kill both sides you
will receive next to no EXP. That sucks!

|=====Caves 1=====|
Enemies: Evil Shark, Pal Shark, Guil Shark, Poison Lilly, Nano Dragon, and Grass
Length: 30%
Overall Difficulty: 35%

All the caves are boring levels. They are long, not very colourful and you face
the same enemies over, and over, and over again. The only thing you're going to
be battling here is the overwhelming desire to snap the disk in half. The caves
are quite a jump from the forest and this is more or less where PSO actually
starts. You'll be receiving lots more EXP here as well so that's always a good
thing. The layout of Caves 1 is much different from the Forest because now you
no longer have easily recognizable rooms. They are just the same type of room
arranged in many different ways. Of course, as always, the exit is random so I
can't just say: go here, then here blah, blah, blah. Mostly, you're going to
want to head through those rooms that are more rectangular looking. You will
also come across this weird room that is very squarely shaped with a hole in the
middle of it. I like to call this place the battle dome because you'll run into
many enemies here. It is about halfway through the level. One last thing is
there are lots of doors that take four stand-on switches to open. Don't go
through them because they always lead to lots of enemies and dead ends.

~Threats 'n Traps~
The Caves now introduces a few new hazards. The first are traps that do not come
from Androids. They are the same thing but if you're not an android, you can't
see them. There are many different types. Most just explode but there are also
lots that cause status defects. There are a couple rooms that are filled with
traps. I would take a handgun with you if I were you because they are good to
pick off traps. You should also carry a few trap visions if you're weak and you
don't have an android handy. Some traps explode the second they let out their
little beep but there a few that don't. Be careful, some are powerful enough to
kill you outright. The game will also begin its favourite annoyance: trapped
hallways. Between rooms, there are often long hallways and some are packed with
traps. If you find one, the way to get down it is simple: open you're menu! Then
just run down the hall. You're character won't stop by each one anymore and you
won't get hit. You will also see these weird hydraulic presses. There is a
little pad underneath them. When it turns completely red, the press will come
down and flatten whatever happens to be there... like perhaps you? Naw, not if
you're dumb enough to just stay there and let it squat you. They usually appear
in the hallways but they aren't much of a threat. Finally, you may or may not
come across a room where the "Lights" are out. It will be completely black and
the only thing you'll be able to see are boxes. In these rooms, there will also
be a glowing switch, which activates the lights.

The caves produces quite a few more enemies than the forest but it'll be the
same thing: a pile of them appear to attack you. Whoopie. Anyway, take out the
sharks first because they are the fastest. They go after those stupid lilies. A
also recommend a gun for this level to stand back and kill everything.

|=====Caves 2=====|
Enemies: Evil Shark, Pal Shark, Guil Shark, Poison Lilly, Nano Dragon, Grass
Poufilly Slime
Length: 35%
Overall Difficulty: 37%

The second caves is a lot different from Caves 1 and it looks a lot more...
alive. There are lots of very scenic rooms filled with water and lush
vegetation, which provides a nice change from the red lava rooms of Caves 1. The
rooms also tend to be a lot smaller here so combo and run doesn't work so well.
Anyhow, the layout is a lot like the previous caves in that it is a bunch of the
same rooms placed over and over. The large skewed rooms filled with water
usually have locked doors and the switch is placed on an inaccessible island. To
get to said switch, you'll have to either backtrack or head through one of the
other doors. These rooms usually point the right direction. You'll know when
you're nearing the end when the rooms become smaller and more bare. There is
also a room made completely of waterfalls. That is the halfway point. Finally:

~Threats 'n Traps~
The same threats exist in Caves 2. I have never run across a dark room here
however but I'm sure there are plenty on other Section IDs. There are a few more
trapped hallways here so if one looks suspicious, open your menu and you know
the rest. There may be a few trapped switches as well so if you don't know what
one will do, whip out a trap vision or be prepared to take the beating (which is
usually intense.)

Because the rooms are smaller, fighting can be a pain. There will be lots of
sharks packed into one room and they often appear in all the different corners
so if you don't look behind you, you'll be surrounded very quickly. There are
also lots of traps in the various rooms and if you get screwed up, they you can
pretty much prepare to die. Multi-enemy hitting weapons work exceedingly well as
do techs that do the same thing. Since Foie has a tendency to hurt everything,
go ahead and Gi or Rafoie big crowds of enemies. You will also notice that those
stupid flowers tend to show up less here than in Caves 1.

|=====Caves 3=====|
Enemies: All of Them!
Length: 52%
Overall Difficulty: 45%

By this time, you're going to be uber-sick of the Caves but don't lose hope,
you're almost there. Caves 3 has a large variety of rooms and I think it is a
lot more fun to play than the previous two. The level itself looks a lot more
ominous and it almost looks like you are in a huge deep freeze. What could the
government be up to? Anyway, there are lots of very small square rooms that have
a tendency to house many enemies. There are also lots of rooms with plenty of
space. You'll come across thousands of dead ends here so make sure to look at
your map to see which doors you haven't gone through already. The large square
rooms as well as the 'Y' Shaped rooms tend to lead to the exit so if you find
yourself in lots of tiny square rooms, head back to the last Y room and take the
other door. About half of the way there, you'll start to see long rectangular
rooms. If you see them, you know you're going the right way. Also, there are a
lot of 4-switch doors. As always, just avoid them unless you'd like to find a
very effective WOT. (Waste Of Time...WOT!)

~Threats 'n Traps~
There are quite a few trapped hallways and trapped rooms here so keep some Sol
Atomizers on you as well as Trap Visions. As always, a handgun is good at
removing surprise traps. If you find an empty room, you're more than likely
going to find lots of traps there. Also, the large square rooms usually have
traps in the corners. Remember, traps hit your enemies too so set one off by a
baddie if you can. Those hydraulic presses are here too and there a are quite of
few of them but you can avoid them easily. Also there are lots of dark rooms so
be prepare to find the switch before you go in.

The large square rooms usually have LOTS of enemies in them so be prepared for a
fight. By now, you should be acquainted to the fighting style of the Caves so
just do what you were doing to get this far! Also remember that Pan Arms are
showing up. Since they don't appear until you march up to them, just save them
for last.

|======BOSS: De Rol Le======|
Recommended Equipment: A GUN is crucial and maybe some fire resistance
Weakness: Fire/Foie
HP: High
Overall Difficulty: 60%

Description: De Rol Le is the biggest pain in the neck since, ever. De Rol Le is
a giant worm that swims in the green sewer and he has mondo amounts of health.
This is going to be a LONG battle but you can't turn back now! De Rol Le has
many attacks, all of which are very dangerous to lower level characters. First,
he will swim by the "raft" you happen to be trapped on and shoot a mess of
purple balls at you. There are so many that you might as well just get Resta
ready. You can dodge them if you try really hard but you'll just get hit next
time anyway. He can also shoot little mines all over your raft. They cause mondo
damage so destroy one in the nearest corner and stay as far away from the others
as you can. He can also shoot three special ones that follow you around. Try to
get rid of one or two, then just open your menu and run around in circles until
the last one(s) blow up. Look out for those mines when De Rol Le is in front of
the raft and flicks his tail. De Rol Le also can place his head on your raft.
While it is there, he will try and prod you with his antennas. Once one has hit,
you have a few seconds before the next one does. This really screws up any kind
of attacks because you can only hit once or twice before you get nailed by
another one. Next, De Rol Le can swim behind the raft and when he sinks into the
water, look at the roof. He somehow has climbed onto the roof and is screwing up
the lights. When he climbs over the raft, look out for rocks from the roof that
fall down. To avoid them, go to the furthest edge of the raft as you can and
walk back and forth. This usually works but sometimes it doesn't. Now it will
get dark for a while and De Rol Le will unleash his last weapon, which is a
purple laser. You'll know it's coming when he stands up and somehow continues to
move forward. He will then charge up and let one beam go. Look forward to about
8 of these. Just run back and forth across the raft to avoid them.

Strategy: De Rol Le is horribly annoying because of his numerous attacks. There
is little time to actually begin an offensive but I would first Zalure and
Jellen him if you are able. They won't last the entire fight but you won't have
to cast it again for a while. Next, if you can, SHIFTA AND DEBAND YOURSELF! It
only makes sense to power yourself up. Now, De Rol Le is pretty much immune to
swords because you'll get very little chance to attack him with one. A gun works
good, especially a handgun because you can hit him from anywhere. While De Rol
Le is beside your boat, use a constant stream of Gizonde. This spell will
multiply by the number of segments it hits and expect to hit lots of them. While
De Rol Le himself is weak to fire, lightening works fine too. Gizonde is great
because it can really rack up the damage. Gifoie also works extremely well if it
is at a high enough level. Be careful though, those purple beams hurt and they
mess up your Gizonding. If you are using Gizonde, make sure to watch the arrows
to see how many segments you are potentially hitting. When De Rol Le is anywhere
else, bust out your handgun and shoot him constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY. You
can hit him before he lets out those mines, when he's behind the boat and you
can even squeeze in a couple hits between blasts from the purple lasers.
However, if there was ever a time to attack, it is when Dear Old Lee puts his
head on the raft. You will have time for two good combos and a tech before the
first antennae comes down. After you combo, run around in circles until the
antennae hits the combo again and use techs until you see the first antennae
raise up again. Now run around in circles until the next one comes down. Repeat
this until De Rol Le removes his head. This fight will be long so don't
undertake him until you have lots of time to spend. Basically, you want to make
very shot count so use the weak attack the most, otherwise you'll get lots of

<B1C>---------Caves (Ultimate)--------------------------------------------------

Enemy Changes:

Evil Shark -> Vulmer -> Same
Pal Shark -> Govulmer -> Same
Guil Shark -> Milsqueek -> Same
Pan Arms -> Same
Nano Dragon -> Same
Pofully Slime -> Light *(They split up more often! Yes, horrid!)

Grass Assassin -> Crimson Assassin -> Same

The Crimson Assassin is basically a red Grass Assassin. They attack the same way
except for one difference: the webbing will now freeze you. They do this
constantly so be sure to take them out first if they are crowding around the
other enemies otherwise you'll be frozen in the middle of a circle of Vulmers
and you know what that means...

Poison Lilly -> Ob Lilly -> ??

These are the most deadly things in the caves. Now, the lilies you hated so much
can shoot, Megid. That's the Force's dark/death spell. If it hits you, you will
usually die but it may miss. DON'T TEMPT FATE! Stand WAY back and kill
everything else FIRST. Then either using Zonde or a handgun, pick off the
lilies. They can still paralyse you but that's not what should concern you. You
can also get very close to them. If you are close enough, they will cough at you
in an attempt to cause physical damage. Don't worry, if they're coughing, they
can't cast Megid. They are still pretty weak so one good combo should finish
them off. If there are a lot, strap on a few Resist/Devils or just door fight,
killing them first. Remember, even though Megid didn't work for you, it will
probably work on you!

|======BOSS: Dal Ral Lie======|
Recommended Equipment: Handgun and a Sabre/Mechgun with a Geist attribute
Weakness: Light/Grants
HP: VHigh
Overall Difficulty: 75%

Description: Man, I HATE this thing! Dear Old Lee has learned some new tricks
from his transformation into Ultimate mode. You'll recognize the thing
immediately because Dal Ral La looks almost exactly like its prior incarnation.
His attacks are exactly the same but they have a few modifications. First,
expect the battle to have a much faster pace as Dal Ral La tends to rush through
his attacks, which is a pain in the rear. Most of the attacks are pretty much
the same: the mines, the mess of blue lasers, etc. The only few that are
significantly different are firstly, his antennae pokes. When his head is on
your raft, expect to get poked very often. The second one leaves, the next one
will hit. This is a real annoyance because this is your only real chance to hit
him properly. Also, expect to spend more time "Standing in the Dark, this could
be your last mistake..." Yeah, I like that song too. Anyway, yeah, the rocks
that fall also give less notice as gravity seems to have increased recently and
the shadows will not last long before the rock hits. You can usually dodge this
in the same way though. One last one that is the major annoyance is his laser
beam. ARGH! It will fire off around the same number of times but without that
nice break in between shots to return fire. No, now they happen one after the
other: bang, bang, bang! Expect to get hit at least one or two times unless you
have higher evasion than Al Capone when he was in serious trouble. The best way
to avoid multiple shots is to stand in the top left corner and get ready your
mates and Resta. Otherwise, he is the same as before but with a bloody pile of

Strategy: There's good news and very bad news here! First the bad news: Dal Ral
La is very strong to Gizonde meaning that unless you have Lv 397 Gizonde, you're
not going to be doing that much damage. That sucks because it was likely your
best method of attack before but now you can't use it anymore! Damn, it! The
small ray of hope is that Dal Ral La is very weak to Grants. Forces, it's your
lucky day but to the rest of you, you're going to be stuck hitting him with a
gun. All I can say is to use a HANDGUN! It has the best accuracy and you can hit
him from anywhere. Also, keep lots of fluids on you for Resta and a couple of
Scape Dolls. Then, between every attack, keep a steady stream of fire on Dal Ral
Lie's head. If you have a Shot-type weapon, things could be a little easier but
this thing has lots of D as well so unless you have a good strong Arms or
higher, stick with a Handgun. Forces, you'll have the easiest time by using a
powerful handgun like the Suppressed Gun or Custom Ray vr. 00 if you have one. A
raygun works too but you should have a rare handgun by now and this is the
perfect battle to bust it out on. Also, don't forget about Jellen and Zalure!
They can half our buddy's attack and defence if you have lots of MST and a good
strong level. Don't forget to Shifta and Deband yourself if you can. Finally IF
YOU HAVE GRANTS, USE IT! It should do in the neighbourhood of 420+ damage
depending on the level. You also want lots of Trifluid and a Geist attribute
weapon to fill up from all that Grants-ing. The final word would be to have lots
of time before you undertake him because this will be a LOOOOONG battle.

<B1M>---------Mines 1-2---------------------------------------------------------

Enemy Breakdown:
*All Enemies in the Mines have the Machine Attribute*

HP: Med
POW: Med-High
SPECIALS: Can shoot lasers
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Gun/Anything Goes

The most common enemy in the mines are Gilchics. That's actually a good thing
more or less because they are pretty easy to kill. Gilchics have quite a bit of
HP and power but they move very slowly: about half as slow as a Booma. That
doesn't mean they can't hurt you though, it just means that it takes longer for
you to get surrounded. Moving around Gilchics is pretty easy and when they
finally get to you, they will try and punch you. This causes a fair amount of
damage but nothing out of the ball park. What will really piss you off is that
every single time one punches you, there is a very good chance of you getting
slowed and if you didn't find a Cure/Slow right off the bat like I did, things
are going to be a pain, especially for androids. If you have a powerful enough
anti, you may consider putting it on the customize but I wouldn't. Gilchics can
also shoot a laser beam at you for big damage. If you see one charging up, nail
it with Zonde or a gun. One final thing is that every time you hit a Gilchic, it
will fall down. This makes it difficult for them to attack you but it also makes
it difficult to land a successful combo. Also, you're advised to have Gi or
Razonde on your customize because you will be facing unwieldy amounts of them.
Then again, a freeze trap works fine as well.

HP: Unlimited
POW: Med-High
SPECIALS: Can shoot lasers
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Gun/Anything Goes

Dubchics can be a blessing and a curse. They are exactly like Gilchics in that
they look like a robot but these guys are slightly greyer. They also move
slower. They attack in the same way as a Gilchic but they cannot be killed. Once
you kill one, it will put itself back together and start attacking again. To get
rid of them permanently, you have to find the control mine which hides on the
ceiling. It will come down after you "kill" one Dubchic. Then just trash the
mine and all the dubchics in the room will die. If you want any EXP, you have to
attack each one first. The best spell to use here is Gizonde because not only
does it hit everyone, you're going to hit the mine as well. Try to get them
first unless you want to be destroyed by never ending possessed robots.

HP: Low-Med
POW: Low-Med
SPECIALS: Can shoot Zonde
WEAPON: Gun/ Ranged Weapon

The second Oscar of the night goes to the Canadine for most annoying thing in
the mines! Canadines are these U shaped robot things that fly around at
incredible speeds. They are such a pain! They usually will zip to a new
position, stop for a moment, and then zip again until they get to you. Once they
do, the will shock you with this taser like attack a few times and fly off
again. They are ridiculously fast and are relentlessly persistent. Also, they
may fly way overhead and shoot a targeting laser at you for about 3-4 seconds
before they nail you with Zonde, which almost always shocks you. They switch
back and forth between these two modes and since they usually appear in great
numbers and with OTHER ENEMIES, there are always a few to zip around and shock
you while a few more will Zonde you from above. To kill them, try and use a
freeze trap or a Barta spell. Since they move so fast, you're gonna want a gun
for sure. Be sure to keep Grants on you if you are a Force so you can beam them
to death for pissing you off. You want to get them before the dubchics and

~Canadine Circles~

Sometimes you will encounter a circle of about 9 Canadines with one a red one in
the middle. If you see a circle, walk right up to them and shoot at the red one
from an angle between two other Canadines. If you manage to kill the red one,
the rest in the circle will then let out a siren and come spinning at you. Now
Gizonde them and run away. They will all explode and give you the EXP. Wonderful
huh? However, if you ever get caught in the centre of all of them, either keep
Razonde-ing or use a freeze trap. Otherwise, you can kiss your carcass good-bye.

Sinow Beat
HP: High
POW: High
SPECIALS: Can divide itself
WEAPON: Mechgun/ Sword

The Sinow Beat is a Pan-Arms looking robot that is actually pretty deadly. What
makes them so hard is they are incredibly fast! They always start out on the
ceiling so if you see one from a distance or a suspicious shadow, then get ready
for them. They don't fall down when you hit them and hard attacks barely push
them back at all. They attack by slashing you a few times and you're likely to
receive generous amounts of damage from them so make sure you're prepared before
you go attacking one. Their big faux-pas is that after about three combos, they
will leap backwards and start coming after you again.... What's up with that?
The other weird thing about these guys is they can self-replicate, giving
Sephiroth a run for his money. If this ever happens, don't be afraid because
they are all just fakes. If you remember the purple ghost from Zelda Ocarina of
Time (Meg I think was her name.) when you shot the fake ones, they just
disappear. Same thing here. The big difference is that Link as much as we all
love him, does not have access to Razonde or traps so just bust out with one if
you get surrounded by expensive WOTs (Waste Of Time...WOT). Otherwise, just whip
out a Mechgun which you should have by now or your most powerful techs or
weapons. If you freeze them, you can parts-ify them expediently.

Sinow Gold
HP: High
POW: High
SPECIALS: Can cast Resta
WEAPON: Mechgun/ Sword

These things are exactly like Sinow Beats except that they are gold.
(No...really?) They attack in the exact same way except they cannot self-
replicate (or at least not in my experience.) They can cast Resta on their
crappy robot friends so you want to take this guy out first and foremost. Don't
expect much healing out of them anyway but you can only expect that from a
bucket of rusty scrap iron. Otherwise just go to town and let fly whatever fire
spells you have.

HP: VHigh
POW: Extreme-Instant Death
SPECIALS: Shoots missiles
WEAKNESS: Very strong to techs but Ice/Barta
WEAPON: Mechgun/ Sword

Okay daddy, I wanna go home now! The Garnaz is uber-powerful and you could find
yourself dead very quickly. They posses a very strong resistance to techs
(except maybe Grants but yeah... figures) and they are ultra ranged enemies. It
really doesn't matter where you are. Unless you are at the opposite end of the
room, the gazillion missiles they shoot at you are just going to hunt you down.
(Yes, they are homing missiles so go home and cry.) As for what they look like:
they are these HUGE green robot turrets that cannot move without making really
annoying sounds. They don't move much but they really don't have to. Usually,
you're going to encounter them alone so the best strategy for weak and cowardly
characters is to run circles around these tanks. Since their missiles will try
to take the shortest path, they will ram right into the Garnaz. After you knock
off all its plating, it will shoot double the missiles and poop out these little
land mines. If you step on a mine, you're all done. (Hope you've got a Scape
Doll) My favourite strategy is to stand right in front of them and blast them to
heck with a Mechgun. If you do decide to do this, make sure that you Resta or
otherwise heal after every hit. You also get more EXP this way.

|=====Mines 1=====|
Enemies: Gilchics, Canadines, Sinow Beats, Sinow Golds
Size: 45%
Overall Difficulty: 50%

The mines are just plain fun! Don't be surprised if you find yourself coming
back here numerous times to build levels and just trash machines. When my
computer screws up this here guide, I love to play the mines and decimate the
worthless robots. It's just so fun how they dismember and fizzle before they
explode. (Wow, I have a violent mind...) Not only that but the mines just looks
cool! It's like you've just jumped about 5000 years or so ahead in time. Anyway,
as for the actual level, the mine isn't too difficult mainly because you'll be
facing nothing but those stupid robots that fall over. The layout is similar to
the caves in that there are just the same type of room rearranged over the whole
level. You're going to run into a lot of locked doors here and thousands of dead
ends so don't be surprised if you have to pull out your map. When you find the
large "C" shaped room, you're going the right way. You will also come across a
weird orange room that always starts off with a Sinow Beat. That marks the
halfway point. Try to keep heading through those large square rooms as the exit
is usually adjacent to them.

~Threats 'n Traps~
You're also going to run into many rooms with the lights out. They are usually
the long rectangular ones and the switch is always in a little cranny at the
other side. There are also quite a few trapped hallways so if you suspect one,
open your menu and run down it.

For the fighting, expect to get surrounded often. If you get shocked, make sure
to Sol Atomize or just leave the room. I strongly recommend Gizonde because it
affects just about everything in here. Don't be surprised if you shock a Gilchic
or two. Also, I recommend a HANDGUN for this level because it has a short reload
time and you can keep all those Gilchics on the floor with it giving them little
chance to attack. When you seem to be fighting infinite amounts of them in a
single room, you are at the end.

|=====Mines 2=====|
Enemies: All of them!
Size: 50%
Overall Difficulty: 60%

Mines 2 is tricky. Layout-wise, it's just the same thing as you've already been
doing: lots of the same room over and over again. There are long rectangular
rooms here too as well as huge square rooms. Once again, the square rooms seem
to point to the end more or less. You will also encounter endless amounts of
tiny little rooms that have a few enemies here and there. There are also lots
and LOTS of dead ends, especially leading from the square rooms. If you are
finding lots of small rooms, you're probably heading the wrong way. Once again,
four switch doors (there aren't that many here) are just a waste of your time.
Remember that red room from Mines 1? Well there's one here too but it's kind of
run down like the rest of the level. You will recognize it though because it's
between two long hallways. There is also an 'S' shaped room here that tells you
that you're on the right track. This room usually has dubchics in it so be
careful. (C and now S? Crappy Stuff? I dunno...) Finally, Garnazs are a step in
the right direction. One last thing: Don't forget to activate the pillar for the
mines. It's usually not on the same path as the exit so you might have to clear
the level out; you'll find it eventually.

~Threats 'n Traps~
The same threats exist here as they did in Mines 1. There are a LOT of traps
around so androids will be blessed as will trap visions. There are also lots of
fake switches with the most powerful damage traps in the place above them. If
you're out of Trap Visions, at least Deband yourself and prepare for a big can
of whup-ass. There are also lots of dark rooms here and they are also in the
long rooms. The switch is usually at the end too.

There are a lot of enemies around here. What sucks is how efficient they are. In
large rooms you can pretty much expect a melee. There will be lots of Gilchics
AND Canadines and they like to team up on you effectively kicking your butt with
a diamond tipped boot. If you see dubchics, get rid of them immediately. The
switch is usually close by and it will ease the dose of Advil a little bit. Be
careful, don't kill ALL the Canadines first. Always leave one because the second
you kill the last one, the next set will spawn and if you can kill all the
Gilchics first, it will help out. Sinow Beats and Golds will appear with other
enemies a lot around here so go after them first because they can bring home the
agony. Finally, the last room here is complete chaos. There will be many
gilchics and Canadines first to soften you up. Next will be a bunch of Sinows
and finally, here it comes: 2 Garnazs. It happens all the time and this room is
coined the infamous Double Garnaz Room. Make sure you are Shifta and Debanded
and for heaven's sake, put down a Telepipe! You wouldn't want to die now would

|======BOSS: Vol Opt======|
Recommended Equipment: You're most comfortable weapon plus some lightening
resistances SOL
Weakness: Ice/Barta
HP: Med
Overall Difficulty: 45%


Description: Vol Opt starts off as a room. Yes, a room. There are computer
monitors all around the walls in banks of 4, there are a number of holes in the
floor and a strange looking thing hanging from the roof. First off, Vol Opt, has
only one attack in this stage but it is annoying. You MUST have Sol Atomizers or
a Cure/Shock on you because you'll be taking lots of lightening damage,
especially if you're a little weak. Vol Opt will begin by cycling through the
screens. When he enters one, the bank will turn red. This is the only time you
can hit them so get ready to attack. He'll cycle around about 3-4 screens before
stopping, staring at you then disappearing. Then, these strange red columns with
blue faces will come out of those holes. One of them has a red face. If you
don't destroy it quickly, lightning will hit you and usually shock you. If it
does, Sol Atomize. He willthen repeat the process. This part is actually pretty
easy so don't worry.

Strategy: The first thing you should do is turn around! Vol Opt will appear in
the bank directly behind you first. I like a mechgun for this part because it
lays down lots of punishment. Make sure to target the biggest monitor in the
centre because if you take it out, you'll get all of them for that bank. You
should be able to destroy the bank easy enough. If not, run to the next one and
shoot it. Remember, you can only inflict pain if the screen is red. When he
stops, get ready for those columns. As I said, one of them has a red face. Get
to it in any WSOF! Then BLOW THE STUPID THING UP! If you're using a mechgun your
steady stream of bullets should keep the thing at bay long enough so it won't be
able to charge up and let the lightning fly. If it does shock you, it will let
another one fly before the columns retract and the process starts again. Beware,
if you get shocked, you can easily die at this point. You can however, reduce
the amount of damage by shooting the weird thing in the middle of the room. If
it falls on the floor, when the columns shocks you, it will only be able to get
one off. Be careful though, after the first one, the thing will regenerate on
the roof again. If you absolutely cannot get to the red column, shoot a blue one
and prepare for the whup-ass. After you destroy all the columns and screens or
if you inflict enough pain, the whole room will explode. While the fire is going
everywhere, heal yourself and Shifta and Deband if you can. Now it's time for
stage 2!


Description: Okay! Now we see the true form of Vol Opt. At this point, you are
fighting a huge red, bug like robot type, thing. It has four sides and each side
has a surprise. You should recognize the room, it's the same one you were
fighting in only now, the whole thing is toast (courtesy of you of course) and
Vol Opt is occupying the middle of the room. This thing has a lot of defence so
a mechgun may not be the best choice unless you already have a rare one or lots
of ATP. Typically, you'll want a sabre or sword but you should use whatever you
are the most comfortable with at this point. This first thing Vol Opt will do is
shoot missiles out of that huge spiky thing facing you. These can hurt but
chances are that they will knock you down so only 1 or 2 will actually hit you.
Now, Vol Opt will probably use his most annoying weapon. A red targeter beam
will shoot out of his next side. You will have time for 2-3 good combos before
you have to run. When should you run? When the thing that you were shooting
opens up! Run in circles around Vol Opt and 2-3 red presses will come crashing
down and if they hit you, expect big damage. He will do this twice before moving
to his next side. It is on the opposite end of him right now and it will heal
him a tiny bit. If you can, race over and blast the healing side or you could do
the smart thing and just stay where you are and nail him with your sword. I
wouldn't recommend tech because they do little to no damage. The healing will
heal him around 12-100HP (wow...). Now, he will unleash his most devastating
weapon. The front side will now face you and he will shoot a blue beam from that
plate on the front. It will form a little ball and come barrelling after you.
Run around Vol Opt AT ALL COSTS! Don't let it hit you because if it does, you
will be trapped and Vol Opt will charge up and blast you with so much damage,
you can expect death. If you are playing with friends, get the weakest character
to get hit by the ball and you can then free him/her by shooting the trap. Now
he starts all over again! Joy!

Strategy: This guy isn't too hard if you play the right way. First, lay down the
pain on that missile launcher! It will hit you if you run anyway so the best
idea is to just take the hit and lay down some damage. After a few go rounds,
you may be able to destroy this side and if you do, you won't have to worry
about missiles anymore! Next, when the beam is shooting you, ignore it and
continue to blast this stupid computer. When the side opens, RUN! You should
easily be able to avoid all three crushers. Now do it again! This is actually a
great time to lay down pain and laugh at the poor beast as it takes hits and
shoots a laser at you in vain. Stupid computer... Anyway, next is the healing.
If you want, you can destroy this section too but it is really just a waste of
your time because the healing is so pathetic, it would make an android laugh.
While the healing is happening, head over to that trap side and shoot the blue
plate with everything you've got! When it charges up though, heal and RUN! If
you get hit, you get to restart the battle! Fun! If you have full health, are
Debanded or if you are in a difficulty far too low, you may survive, but to not
tempt fate. If you lay down lots of damage, you can destroy the trap side too
and if you do, you'll be in the spades. Now, just keep going! Yes! He will die
soon! You should be out of here in no time!

<B1M>---------Mines 1-2 (Ultimate)----------------------------------------------

Enemy Changes:

Gilchics -> Gillchich -> Fire
The upgraded Gilchics are pretty much the same except that now, they won't fall
over as often. It is now a complete result of chance and it doesn't matter how
hard you hit them. They still move very slowly but hard attacks do not push them
back much if at all. Also, their weakness has shifted to fire so get ready to
bust out with a flurry of Foie spells. I would still consider a Handgun for
these guys because they can shoot lasers very quickly but the Mechgun clbutt
gives you more hits and therefore, a higher chance of knocking them down.

Dubchic -> Dubchich -> Fire (See Gillchich)
Canadine -> Canabin -> Fire

Sinow Beat -> Sinow Blue -> Same
The Sinow Blue is very much like the Sinow Beat but there are a few differences.
First, after every three hits, expect them to jump back. Here they will do one
of two things: they will either do that self-replication thing or they will make
themselves invisible. If this happens, it's not much of a worry unless you're
fighting them along with other enemies. You can still target them and kill them
in this state but it is a pain in the butt because you can get pummelled and not
know what's going on.

Sinow Gold -> Sinow Red -> Same
The Sinow Gold has been upgraded like everything else around here. It attacks in
EXACTLY the same way as the Sinow Gold did but the Sinow Red can do one extra
thing. When they leap back, if you let them heal themselves and their friends,
they will also Shifta and Deband them as well. This is a pain but the Shifta and
Debanding is very strong but as I said before, there is only a certain amount of
magical prowess you can expect from a walking washing machine. Still, if the
power-up threatens you, you could always use Jellen and Zalure... just a

Garnaz -> Branza -> ??

|======BOSS: Vol Opt vr. 2======|
Recommended Equipment: Preferably a gun and sword combo & 10 Sol Atomizers is a
Weakness: ???
HP: Med-High
Overall Difficulty: 60%


Description: Our old buddy in stage 1 should look familiar. You are fighting in
the exact same room with the same set-up minus one thing: that weird thing on
the ceiling. Everything else is the same: the columns, the screens, etc. You
will also recognize the way the fight plays out but there is a curve ball here.
Remember how those columns shot only lightening before? Well now, they can shoot
lightening, fire, and ice. This is actually good news because it means you'll be
shocked less but also, the columns are now much stronger so it will be harder to
kill them. If you see one charging up, you will probably be hit by it so Sol
Atomize if you get shocked. If it shoots fire or ice, you're lucky. Remember,
Freeze is easily removed and fire inflicts no status defects. (though it does do
noticeably more damage) Anyway, you can't tell what he'll use next so keep those
atomizers handy.

Strategy: Use the same strategy as before. Shoot the red monitors and the
columns when they appear. However, usually, once you shoot a column (except for
the red one) it will retract. This makes it harder to land a good combo on two
or more columns in one fell swoop. Always focus on the red column and after the
attack it will probably retract. The others will stay up for a while so use this
time to nail them with a tech or just blast them with your mechgun. Otherwise,
this part is pretty much the same and it's still pretty easy.


Description: Vol Opt now looks even more like a bug than before. At first he
looks radically different until you realize that this is just more or less Vol
Opt with a paint job. Vol Opt has the same attacks but there are a few curve
balls here too. First, the missile launcher is the exact same so you know how to
deal with it. The laser side has undergone some modifications. It now has two
modes. First, there is the standard mode that you remember so well and then it
will shoot about five lasers for the same length of time all around the room.
They will circle too and after the time runs out, wherever the lasers are, the
columns which have now been replaced with these spiky, stalactite-like type
things. The columns can drop anywhere in the room so this is a hard one to
dodge. Look forward to three drops before the lasers start up again. The healing
side is the same too but it has been souped up and can now heal for 500+ HP.
This isn't really that much by this point in the game so don't worry. Finally,
the trap side is the exact same too but now, the trap beam is faster than you so
you can pretty much forget about outrunning it. Make sure you are at full health
because it is still insanely powerful. When you are fighting him, he no longer
goes in any kind of order so be ready for anything because it is completely

Strategy: Vol Opt vr. 2 isn't that much more difficult. This is largely because
it is the same thing you have been fighting since normal mode. The only
difference is you have to be prepared for the randomness this battle possess.
Always be ready for the trap side so heal after every hit. When the missile
launcher is facing you, it is still possible to tear it off so do so if you can.
The healing side is now worth going after since the healing can happen several
times in a row and even though this does leave a good window of attack
opportunity, the healing can really be a setback unless you have uber-high
amounts of ATP or you waited until you were level 150 to fight him. Anyway, the
laser side attacks with its random attack most of the time and this is good news
because while the lasers are going around, Vol Opt will stay still. This leaves
time for you to meander over to the trap side and beat it senseless. If you can
tear off the trap side, thank your lucky stars because the battle will more or
less end at that point. That's really it. All I can tell you is to keep you HP
up and to concentrate as much power on the trap side as you can because as I
said, it can lead to your ultimate downfall.

<B1R>---------Ruins 1-3---------------------------------------------------------

Enemy Breakdown:
*All Enemies in the Ruins Have the Dark Attribute*

HP: Med-High
POW: Med-High
WEAPON: Mechgun/ Sword

The Booma of the Ruins is the almighty Dimenian. Yeah, it's pretty strong. They
can deal a good bit of pain and they're fast. It doesn't take long for them to
get to you so if you're weak, you may need to door fight. What will be the most
annoying is that they show up in huge groups! You will fight rooms full of these
things and that can suck big time because they have lots of HP for a generic
enemy. What else you say? Foie! Use fire to cook these stupid shark looking
flashy things. Mechguns also work good to lay down pain. If you get crowded
(which you probably will) use Gi/Rafoie or a go old fashioned freeze trap.
Rafoie is particularly helpful here because you can run into the room, Rafoie,
then run like a girl. Once you get strong enough, bring a multi-enemy hitting
weapon to clear them out. If all else fails, just Jellen them so they won't hurt
you so much. Stay away from corners when fighting these things because they are
fast enough to reach you and trap you there. You will be doing lots of hit-and-
run when they start to grow thicker but don't forget, they have the intelligence
of a cockroach and you can use whatever clever tricks on them as you did to the

La Dimenian
HP: High
POW: Med-High
WEAPON: Mechgun/ Sword

The purple freaks that are weak to Barta are the La Dimenians. They have lots of
health but they don't deal much more damage than a regular Dimenian. They tend
to tango with their other friends so expect to see them tangled with Dimenians.
The best thing to do is to treat them the same way you did the Dimenian. If some
crowd you, bust out with Gibarta (use Barta if they all line up which they
probably won't). If you get surrounded, use Rabarta because it has an awesome
chance of freezing and you can nail everything. Be careful though, you could
synchronize their attacks.

So Dimenian
HP: High
POW: Med-High
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Mechgun/ Sword

You know what to do: Zonde these freaks. You are best to use Gizonde because at
this level, any damage you can deal to anything is beneficial and Gizonde will
give you that extra ounce of power. You don't see them very much until Ruins 3
where they like to hang out with the rest effectively screwing up your spell

HP: High
POW: High
SPECIALS: It can block your attacks!
WEAPON: Gun type or just spells

These are perhaps the smartest things in the game which really isn't saying that
much. Don't underestimate these things though. Delsabers are deadly. They will
attack with a combo of three with that sword which can rack up the damage
quickly. They can also smack you in the face with that claw of theirs. This
hurts more than when you fart on a date with that little blonde girl down the
street. Also, don't get too far away from them because if you remember the Sinow
Beat, they can jump too and the sword hurts that much more when wedged into your
arm at high velocity. If they are going to jump, it will probably be when you
enter the room because these annoyances are fast enough to keep up with you.
(Cauze you'll probably run.) Finally, they can BLOCK ATTACK! They will do this a
lot and it can really screw up your salvo. Don't attack with a sabre because
they will block every attack you throw out and retaliate. Use a gun and get a
good distance away so they will screw up when they try and block leaving them
stunned for a moment. The best way to attack them is to get close enough for
them to try a combo but move at the last minute and blast them with a mechgun.
spells also work good because they cannot block them. Don't be afraid to Rabarta
especially if there are a bunch of La Dimenians around. If they are single, use
Gibarta instead then follow up with whatever pain you can inflict. Remember,
they're fast so a Jellen or Zalure can at least soften the blow and can really
give you the advantage in the power department.

HP: Low
POW: Low-Med
WEAPON: Anything Goes

The weakest and most pathetic enemy in the Ruins is the Claw. They look like
small flat snake type things. They are really not that harmful and they don't
have much HP either. Expect to see lots of them but don't worry about them at
all. You can carve away at them with any weapon as they move pretty slowly or
you can just cast Gi/Rafoie to clear them all out. There really isn't any
strategy needed here. There is only one thing and that is they tend to get in
the way of your attacks so try and get rid of them or they will sacrifice their
own pathetic lives to save their Delsaber buddy or something.

HP: Low-Med
SPECIALS: Can split into 4 Claws + Bulk
WEAPON: Anything Goes

Probably the strangest and most disturbing thing you've come upon so far is the
Bulclaw. They look like four Claws hanging from a moving clothes umbrella. While
they are whole, they have little to no attack power and will simply hover up to
and try and bite you. This usually does lots of nothing. After two bites though,
the Bulclaw will break off into four regular Claws and a strange, big mouthed
creature called the Bulk. They Bulk itself is ultra weak and you will take it
down in no time but when it does spit, you tend to get surrounded by the four
succeeding Claws. Try and take them down before they have a chance to split but
otherwise, don't even worry about them. They too, though tend to get in your way
so you may have to put them out of their misery sooner than you hoped.

Dark Belra
HP: VHigh-Extreme
POW: VHigh
SPECIALS: Can paralyse you and shoot rockets
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde (Light/Grants)
WEAPON: Mechgun/ Sword

The Dark Belra is very intimidating and for good reason. This thing has unwieldy
amounts of HP so taking them down is going to take an eternity of Grants and
Zonde! They are these huge golden statue-like things that move slower than
anything you've witnessed thus far but their slow speed is not much of an
advantage to you because they have the ability to shoot their massive arms off
like rockets at you at virtually any position in the room. They don't do this
unless you are pretty far away but if you get hit, IT HURTS! You can dodge them
in the same way as you did the Nano Dragon's laser but it is harder to see them
coming. Once you get close enough, these stupid statues decide it's time you
look more like Swiss cheese and give you a good poke with both of those heavily-
clawed arms! This really brings in the pain and it also has a good chance of
paralysing you! You can understand why, if it isn't from the fear of looking at
these goliaths, then it is the overwhelming damage they inflict! They do have a
small Achilles' Heel, which is if you walk behind them, they will try and turn
to face you. Keep moving out of their sight and the thing will spin around
enough to make itself dizzy. This is your cue: blast it with whatever you have:
Grants and Zonde work well as do Mechguns. If you are an Android, FREEZE THE
DAMN THING! You can do one cool thing with these things though, those arm
rockets also hurt their friends... fun! If you're willing to loose some HP, get
a group of Dimenians in front of it and let it blast them to bits!

Dark Gunner
HP: Med-High
POW: Med-High
SPECIALS: Are mostly invincible and can shoot lasers
WEAKNESS: ??????
WEAPON: Sword/ Weapon that shoots techs (Eg. Elysion)

The final Oscar of Episode I goes to the Dark Gunner! ARGH! I hate these things
more than I did De Rol Le! Dark Gunners don't start to appear until mid Ruins 2
but when they do, it sucks. The Dark Gunner looks like a glowing spider with a
gem jammed in its back. (Why does Inuyasha come to mind...) They move a bit like
Canadines in that they will stay on the floor them zip to a new position. The
entire time, they are completely invincible except to techs so if you have a
tech shooting weapon like the Elysion, you'll be in the spades. Otherwise, just
lay down the magic. Zonde works well but so do all techs so just go to town.
then they stop, they will attack. The invincibility shield comes down and that
little gem comes up. They will charge for a second then shoot at you. This does
moderate damage but noting that will be killing you. They ALWAYS appear in
groups and among them is one with a red gem called the Death Gunner. If you can
attack this one before they all shoot, not only will the red on not attack but
all the other Gunners will be stunned. Now is the time to slay them with the
most powerful physical attacks you can muster. They don't have huge amounts of
HP so if you are casting lots of Gi/Ra techs and always nailing the Death
Gunner, you'll take them down in no time. However, they usually appear with
other enemies and while this sounds like a pain, those lasers hurt their friends
too! That means that if you're surrounded, the Dimeanins will be taking the
damage, not you!

Dark Bringer
HP: Med
POW: VHigh-Extreme
SPECIALS: Can shoot lasers and drain magic
WEAKNESS: Light/Grants
WEAPON: Mechgun

These things are very annoying and very powerful. They have uber high amounts of
ATP but they don't have as much health as the Dark Belra. They are also pretty
rare and you'll only ever see one at a time. They are your first priority here.
They have several attacks. First, they can give you a Grass Assassin-style
charge if you're far away so if you see one doing the old fashioned bull-
stampede manoeuvre, MOVE NOW unless you'd really like to be road kill. If they
hit you, you could be confused and that will be your end right there. They will
also just stand there and bash you relentlessly with its prong-like arms. This
hurts but not as badly as you might think. Be careful though, when they turn
red, it means it's time for them to unleash their worst attack. First, a big
mess of stuff appears all over the floor. Anybody who touches this will have a
healthy amount of TP stolen from them. This stolen TP then fuels a blast from
that pronged arm which will be causing you Vol Opt's trap beam style death. You
may survive but your best bet is to keep moving so it will miss you. To kill
them, you pretty much have to stand there and take the beating in between
combos. Hard attacks don't push them back so you'll be taking lots of damage.
Just pour on the pain with your mechgun and they'll die pretty quick but make
sure you're healing often.

Chaos Sorcerers
HP: Med
POW: Med
SPECIALS: Shoots Rafoie, Gibarta and uses Resta
WEAPON: Mechgun/ Sword

All you Forces out there, this should be your priority to kill. This wannabe
sorcerer is trying to act like a badass but it's time to teach them the true
meaning of the word 'tech'. The Chaos Sorceress do just that: they bring Chaos.
They have two gems on either side of them and once they appear, they will charge
up and let fly a tech. If the gem turns red, it will be Rafoie, which hurts a
lot on Normal but begins to suck as the difficulties go by. If it is blue, it
will shoot, duh, Gibarta that doesn't do much damage but it can freeze you.
Perhaps that didn't stand out enough, THEY CAN FREEZE YOU! Can you imagine being
frozen in a circle of 8 Dimenians? Death? Hell yes! You MUST avoid this one at
ALL costs! If you get frozen, worry about surgically repairing your control
stick later; get yourself free, NOW! Finally, our buddy can do a nice pathetic
Resta. This is a pain though as it can ruin the enemies you were pounding away
on for the last five minutes. Try to get these things first. They will
periodically appear, cast a tech then vanish (wow,) then reappear elsewhere.
They won't attack you between spells or while they are charging so feel free to
waltz right up to them, and kiss their rears good bye for them. Put on your
hardest boot and kick their butt right into last year with whatever you can.
They don't have that much HP so once you got one targeted, it's all done.

|=====Ruins 1=====|
Enemies: La-So Dimenians, Delsaber, Dark Belra, Chaos Sorcerer, Claw, Bulclaw
Size: 70%
Overall Difficulty: 70%

Oh, what can I say about the layout that you don't already know? Well the layout
of the Ruins is the same as what we've been facing for the last while now. This
level, though, is built more like a maze. There are lots of dead ends and they
are usually fairly long paths. There are a few large rooms here but things are
getting smaller. There are lots of fairly large rooms with room for lots of
fighting but the few large rooms are usually filled with baddies. There is also
a room that is huge and has a waterfall in it. First, there is a bunch of boxes
behind that waterfall so go on back there before you leave but more importantly,
it tells you that you're going the right way. You will also run into a room that
resembles a tic-tac-toe board. Once you reach it, you're almost there. As
always, the room before the exit is usually absolute madness. Also, 4 switch
doors are as much of a WOT as usual

~Threats 'n Traps~
The Ruins has surprisingly few traps but you will run into some. Most rooms have
status defect traps in their corners so be careful for them. There is also a new
kind of trap here which, is a huge dome of...crap from the roof that will fall
on you. If you get trapped, first scream ARGH! You will be completely
immobilized and will have to wait until the trap explodes before you can escape.
Obviously this will cause damage to you so be careful. You cannot detect them
but you can usually sense where there will be one. Before doors, lone boxes etc,
tend to have these above them. Finally, you'll run into dark rooms here too but
there really aren't that many. There is one trick with these though, a lot of
dark rooms here have switches that are flat on the ground like the ones that
open 4 switch doors. If you cannot see the switch, then it probably is a flat
one so walk around the corners of the room IF THERE IS NOBODY FOLLOWING YOU!

There is one other thing here though which I suppose is worth mentioning. You
will occasionally come across these rather disturbing blob-like things that
erupt like a bad science project gone wrong. They usually hang out like pimples
in hallways just blocking the entrance and often on flat switches. If you are a
moron and just waltz up to one and kiss it, expect that crap it erupts to poison
you. Other than that, just decide on the most pleasing trap/tech/weapon to pop
them with and that's that. Moving on?

As I already said, you'll be fighting lots of enemies so a multi-enemy hitting
weapon is a must. Shots work well as do Gi-techs. Delsabers tend to appear with
La Dimenians so let them taste the chill of Rabarta. Keep Ra-techs and traps on
your customize because you will face lots of enemies. Jellen-ing them works
wonders because it can make an entire group two and a half jokes. One last
things is do NOT under ANY circumstances use Pilla, traps or Ra techs if you get
completely surrounded unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it will kill most or ALL of
them. Unless you're sure you can wipe them all off the face of Ragol, don't use
these because it will hit them all at once and their attacks will be
synchronized. That means those same 8 Dimenians that were causing moderate
damage that now stand in a complete circle around you will now be doing 8 times
the damage and you WILL die! It's that simple. Do NOT use Pilla or Farla for
that matter unless you have an escape route. I know you'll try it so don't come
crying to me when you get the crap beaten out of you.

|=====Ruins 2=====|
Enemies: All of them
Size: 80%
Overall Difficulty: 75%

Ruins 2 looks a lot like the engine room of, something. There are lots of gears
and moving decorations on the walls. The whole level has a very metallic feel to
it, (gee...I bet you wouldn't have suspected that...). It is also, in my
opinion, a very lonely level: lost between the first and last Ruins and
completely under appreciated. Well, that's because this level sucks. I think it
is boring and rather dull but anyway, that's just me. The level is a good bit
longer than Ruins 1 but it tends to have fewer dead ends. The rooms here are
smaller than in Ruins 1 so get ready for some compacted fighting. There are lots
of small square rooms with many exits. There are also quite a few two switch
doors, which usually act as shortcuts in case you die. You will run into a huge
room here with two big red lights on the opposite wall. This marks about the
halfway point. Be careful, this room is LOADED with enemies including the Chaos
Bringer and plenty of those annoying Dark Gunners. Also, there are these
strange, upside down T looking rooms. They always point toward the exit and
you'll probably run into a couple. What's more is that enemies usually appear on
the walkway in the middle and you can stand off to the side and pick them off
one by one! I always hum the Zelda, game room music in these rooms because there
should be a sign that says "Shooting Gallery Ahead" just before them! Anyway,
this level is pretty long but don't lose hope, you're getting there!

~Threats 'n Traps~
The same traps exist here as they did in Ruins 1. There are lots of status
defect traps that tend to confuse you, which will screw your entire attack
pattern up if you aren't careful so take care to actually USE Trap Visions if
you aren't an android. Otherwise, there are a couple of those weird blobs on top
of some switches, which will poison you if you touch them so shoot them from a
distance. Also, there are a couple trapped hallways and dark rooms but you know
how to deal with them.

Well, all I can say is melee! There will be lots of Dimenians and So Dimenians
will appear more often now. Also, expect to see the more difficult enemies
teaming up. You may have to door fight if a Delsaber and Chaos Sorcerer team up
but typically, you want to go after the Delsabers, Sorcerers and Chaos Bringers
first, then leave Gunners and Belras until last. You will get surrounded often
here, especially by Claws so keep Gi-techs on you at all times. Freeze traps are
a blessing here because it can freeze those stupid Dark Gunners while they are
attacking giving you the time to end the battle before it starts.

|=====Ruins 3=====|
Enemies: All of them
Size: 75%
Overall Difficulty: 80%

Alright! The last hurrah before Dark Falz! Well, this is it. Are you ready?
You've arrived! By now, you have graduated to PSO champ and you may as well
enjoy the scenery because you've reached the end! Well anyway, Ruins 3 is more
exciting because you're almost there! You'll love and hate this level. You'll
hate it for all the enemies but you'll love it that you're just about at the end
and almost ready to unlock the next difficulty! Remember: you can do it! Anyway,
Ruins 3 looks more...alive. Not alive like Caves 2 did but more, evil. It's
almost as if you're inside something alive. The whole place is red and there are
lots of strange pulsing things on the walls that can be just the slightest bit
disturbing. Anyway, Ruins 3 greatly resembles Ruins 1. The level is a bit
smaller than Ruins 2. There are a few small rooms here and a few large square
ones too. Most of the level is built around one of those tic-tac-toe boards.
Once you find it, one of the doors is the right one which will lead to the exit.
You know you're at the end when you find a small room with a crystal that is
bare of enemies. The following room will be total chaos. It's HUGE and PACKED
with enemies. Once you clear everybody else out, you'll be finished. Oh, one
thing is that those laser beams that you've been neglecting to shut off tend to
get in your way here so if you see a switch, for the love of Lucy, TURN IT OFF!

~Threats 'n Traps~
I really cannot say anything more than SEE RUINS 2. Everything is the same as
you've been facing: dark rooms, traps from the roof. Trapped hallways etc.
However, there is some crap you can destroy so shoot the rubbish and if you hear
a sound like you're blasting a box, keep shooting `cauze you can destroy that

Obviously, since this is the final push, there's going to be a TON of enemies.
You'll find a lot more La and So Dimenians here than regular ones and most rooms
will have one of the stronger enemies. Delsabers will appear 4 at a time and
Chaos Bringers will be thrown into the mix in generous amounts. Now's the time
to pull out all the stops. For androids, use whatever traps you can and telepipe
back to refill. The same is true for Forces. Don't be afraid to bust out with
Grants here because most things are weak to it. Also, drop Telepipes often
because you'll die often too. Remember, you're almost there!

|======BOSS: Dark Falz======|
Recommended Equipment: A gun is a must and LOTS of healing items. (Bring a
Force!) Scape Dolls are great!
Weakness: Fire/Foie and Light/Grants
HP: VHigh
Overall Difficulty: 80%

Description: Well this is it, you've arrived and now it's time to dance with
death. The battlefield starts off as a happy, grassy plane. Walk up to the huge
pillar for Falz to appear. The first thing that will happen is you'll be
surrounded by thousands of spinning blenders. They can hurt quite a bit when
they touch you and there are LOTS! Most are invincible but a few have flaming
purple cores. Shoot these to kill them. Once you've killed enough, the true Dark
Falz will appear.

Description: Alright! Here he is in all his...glory? Well, Dark Falz looks cool
but this stage is pretty easy. Falz is a huge, strange, thing mounted atop three
dragon-headed worms. Well, that's almost disturbing... Anyway, Falz has some
powerful attacks so be careful. First, he can cast Rabarta like nobody's
business, which tends to freeze you. Get free fast otherwise you'll be taking
the full damage of whatever comes next. Falz can also shoot lots of Rafoie
around the arena so that can be a pain but at least it won't freeze you. Also
note that those dragon heads will constantly spit more of those blender blade
things. You can pick `em off if you feel the need to but they're really more or
less a big WOT. If you get crowded though, bust out with Rabarta/Zonde but
you'll want to keep your eyes on the big boy. Finally, Falz has the capabilities
of casting Pilla! Don't bother trying to dodge it. You'd have to be miles away
and it's really not worth it. You know when he's about to do it because you'll
see him stick those prongs/arms into the air and shoot some electricity. MAKE
SURE YOU HEAL UP BECAUSE THIS REALLY HURTS! If you're skilled enough, if you
heal at the right time, you'll be invincible when the tech falls.

Strategy: Um, shoot him? Seriously, now's not the time to get cheap. If you have
Grants or high-level techs, use them! Traps are useless here but you can rip off
the damage by using HP sacrificing weapons (Be careful not to kill yourself!) if
you're an Android. Mechguns work well as do swords. Don't be afraid to get up
close and personal because most of Falz's attacks are long range so you won't do
any good hiding like a kitten. Get out there and fight! Aim at those Dragon-
Worm-Things. They are closest to the ground and give you the opportunity to
bring in the whup-ass by nailing him with swords. Also note that guns are more
accurate at close range. If you have your Photon Blast charged, then unleash
hell on Falz. Otherwise, just keep your health up and wail away with whatever
you have! Be careful for one thing especially: Falz can move and you can easily
get trapped against the edge of the battlefield and his scaly hide. Try to keep
the fight in the middle of the arena to the best of your abilities.

Description: Well, you knew that the first round couldn't be it. Come on, that
was too easy! Now Falz be known! Actually, this stage has a ton of HP but
otherwise, you'll have due warning when he's about to pull off an Armageddon
tech. He looks now like a strange, bird like messed up piece of crap just
waiting to be flushed down the toilet. He will float around the outside of the
arena. See that bulging pile of crap he's sitting on? That's his weak point. His
attacks aren't radically different. He can still shoot Rabarta and Rafoie so be
careful if you get frozen but they aren't much stronger than before. He has
Pilla too and you'll know when he's about to use it because he'll slam the
ground creating a little ripple. When this touches you, you'll simply be slowed.
Then, Pilla will hit. MAKE SURE TO HEAL RIGHT AFTER THE SLOW! That's really it.
He'll just float around the outside trying to annoy you but you can bring the
fight to him!

Strategy: Really, you're strategy shouldn't be much different either. Obviously,
only that little pulsing sack of meat (which looks suspiciously like a heart...)
is the only part you can hit for damage. Since he moves so much, it can be a
pain to catch up with him. Cut across the arena and block him off. Then unload
whatever you want. Grants works fine but so do most other techs. Mechguns work
good here because they're fast and the damage. If he's going to Pilla, heal
quickly so you can endure the blast. Then just bust out whatever hell you can
bring to him. If you get frozen, get free as quick as you can. Also, keep an eye
on how much damage he is doing. If you know you can survive another hit, go for
it but beware of Pilla. Keep wailing at him and you'll soon have him down. If
you're in Normal Mode, this will be it so Congratulations! You beat Episode I!

~STAGE 4~ (Hard Mode +)
Description: Okay, enough with the kiddie stuff. Here's Falz, one last time.
This time, the arena changes. You'll be way up in the sky and the entire centre
section will be inaccessible because guess who's there! Falz looks just too
weird to describe now. He will float in the centre of the arena and attack. He
has a plethora of new attacks now. First, he will just nail you with Terminator
reflexes. You really cannot dodge this and it does MONDO damage so make sure to
always have full HP. Falz will also be mainly invincible at this time. When, he
has a weird glow around him, he's invincible. Techs still hurt him and fire is
your best bet here so unload a flurry of Foie. He can also fly up in the air and
shoot 20 or so odd homing blue spheres at you. They will follow you but as long
as you're moving, you should be able to dodge them all. If they hit, it's not
too bad. You'll now be hit with a quick Megid-ing. Don't worry too much, it
probably won't kill you but its best not to tempt fate and keep running to avoid
it. I hope you brought some Scape Dolls JIC. (Just In Case...hey stop thinking
about pipefittings!). After this, expect a Grants-ing. You can avoid it but if
you have spells, try to heal at the exact moment the spell take effect.
Otherwise, just sacrifice the HP. Forces should know by now how Grants works so
keep Resta handy and you can escape without a scratch. Now, it's time to repeat
the process! One last thing that really makes you want to call a penalty for
cheating on Falz is once his HP is down, he'll do this weird thing that puts a
copy of you (presumably your soul) in his mouth. If you look at the map, you'll
see a flashing connection to him from you. While this is happening, whatever
damage is done to him is also done to you. This means don't go laying down the
powerhouse now or you'll end up dead! Remember, you have to worry about his
attacks too! No...it's not fair but that's the way it is with final bosses. If
you know you can handle him, fine, hit him but be careful when your HP drops
low. Heal frequently. Oh, if you're playing Multi-Mode, whoever has this happen
to them is automatically 100% in charge of the fight. Whatever they say goes
because if everyone starts to blast the fool at this time, guess what'll happen.
Oh, and what happens if Falz should die at that point? That's right, so take
heed. If they say stop, STOP! Falz has quite a bit of health here too but if
you're pelting him with Foie/Grants and whatever else you've got, you'll have
him down soon.

Strategy: I'm pretty sure most of the strategy was covered in the above section
but JIC: I'll outline it again. Attack with Foie or Rafoie only for spells.
Gifoie is too risky. It can be done but you're better off with just regular
Foie. Grants works but not as well as you might think against a creature of
darkness and let me remind you, you have NO holy spells like in FF7 so boo hoo.
Mechguns are great as are Handguns for their accuracy. When he flies up, just
keep running! When he comes down attack some more! Once you've killed him,
you're done! Yeah! You get some EXP, a new difficulty, life is good! Oh, there's
the credits and hopefully, a rare... Good Job!

<B1R>---------Ruins 1-3 (Ultimate)----------------------------------------------

Enemy Changes:

Dimenians -> Alran -> Same
La Dimenians -> Merlan -> Same
So Dimenians -> Del D -> Same
Delsabers -> Same
Dark Belra -> Indi Belra -> Same (Expect rapid fire from that gun, sheesh!)

Chaos Sorcerers -> Gran Sorcerers

These guys are tough and deadly. Their attacks have changed. They will use
Grants (White) and Megid (Yellow). Beware of Megid because it will kill you
often. It's that simple. Run out of the room when he's casting it if you must!
Their healing is now, HOLY CRAP too and is similar to Resta Lv30. Take 'em out
in the same way though, walk up, take the hit (Grants only) and blast them &#*%!
with whatever you have. You MUST go after them first because they can really
bring home the pain and extend an already difficult fight!

Dark Bringers -> Chaos Bringer -> Ice

These guys are pretty much the same as before but those attacks hurt like a
right royal spanking. Might I warn you though that now, that annoying magic-
sucking blaster attack now launches three times? Deadly? Heck, yes.

Dark Gunners -> Same
Claw -> Claw -> Same (crap these things are STRONG!)
Bulclaw -> Bulclaw -> Same

|======BOSS: Dark Falz======|

*I intend to update this ASAP! Thanks for your patients!

=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_EPISODE I: Quests_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_

Quests are fun to do but don't expect much out of them. Normally, all you get is
Meseta. You do quests by talking to that woman in the Hunter's Guild. During
quests, if you ever die you simply have to start where you died again so that's
not a big deal but in some, you have teammates and if they die, you can't just
heal them. No, you loose at that point and have to do the whole thing again!
CPUs are pretty good as they draw off some enemies and they never take boxes or
complain (except for Kirrek). The only bad think is instead of being AI, it
stands for Artificial Idiocy. Seriously, don't expect an android to do something
helpful like clear out traps or set more. No, they just fight and heal
themselves or wait to be healed. Forces aren't bad as the second you get any
strange status, they go into Anti overdrive, which is good. They are also good
at healing themselves (but not you!). The one thing that sucks about Forces is
they usually stick to one type of tech and that's all they shoot. So if you have
a Force that shoots nothing but Barta, sometimes there're not much of a help.
Oh, the absolute worst thing that can happen to a team-mate besides die is to
get paralysed. If you can't heal them with Anti, then that's it for them.
They'll just follow you around but that's about it. Keep this in mind. Anyway,
once you finish quests, more will unlock. Have fun fattening your pocketbook!

<B2-BT>---------Battle Training-------------------------------------------------
 ___________    ________________    ____________    ______________
|Reward: 500|__|Levels: Forest 1|__|Team: HUcast|__|Difficulty: 0%|
> Locate HUmar "Ash"
> Recover data disk

This one's a piece of cake. You start out by talking to your team-mate Kirrek.
He's a Hucast and is likely at a much higher level than you. Talk to your client
once more than head out. You'll only be able to go to Forest 1. Basically, you
simply have to clear the level to the branch in the large room with the river.
On the way, you'll get obnoxious tips from your friend (which is hilarious if
you're already a higher level than him.) With him there, you can't die. Every
hit he makes is lethal so just be glad he isn't attacking you. Once you get to
the aforementioned door, bust up everybody inside. In the next room, you'll see
a fallen twit hunter named Ash. Talk to him quickly then run to the end of the
room. You'll see a glowing, thing. That is the disk and you should know that all
quest-related items look like this. Once you grab it, a few wolves will appear.
Bust them up and go talk to Ash. He'll be alright and will complain about being
treated like a kid. Personally, I don't think they're treating him ENOUGH like a
kid. Oh well, talk to Kirrek and he gives you one last snide remark that makes
you want to take that partisan of his and *%@!*$. A telepipe will magically
appear and you can head back and claim your prize. Good job on your first quest!

<B2-CS>---------Claiming A Stake------------------------------------------------
 ___________    ________________    __________    ______________
|Reward: 700|__|Levels: Forest 1|__|Team: None|__|Difficulty: 5%|
> Locate and rescue Racton
> Recover Racton's 3 capsules

This quest is simple except now, you're on your own. It really isn't that
difficult either. First, you have to locate that no-good father Racton. He is
the large room with the crashed speeder, river and branch. He'll be cowering
behind the speeder so take care not to miss him. He seems no worse for the wear
but he is now thoroughly convinced that Ragol is dangerous. (No...you think?)
Well, he'll leave but being the greedy $*%#! that he is, you'll have to go and
find his three "capsules" he used to stake out the land. The will now magically
appear around the level. The first one is in the room we found Ash in. The
second one is back at the starting point. (Go figure.) The last one is in the
room just before Racton. Hang back and swipe it. Now go talk to the greedy
landlord and he'll cry for his mommy! A telepipe will appear and that's it!

<B2-MM>---------Magnitude of Metal----------------------------------------------
 ___________    ________________    ______________    ______________
|Reward: 500|__|Levels: Forest 1|__|Team: RAcaseal|__|Difficulty: 3%|
> Rendezvous with Elenor
> Recover missing MAG

You'll start this quest in the room Ash was in. Head out and once you enter the
large room with the river, look forward. You'll see a ledge above that is
another room. Elenor is there. You simply have to head right and go around to
meet here. This part is probably the hardest, which is kind of like saying the
tag is the hardest part of a silk pillow. Once you meet her (she's right a the
edge of the room so don't miss her) head right back the way you came to the
starting point. The MAG is there. Geez! How the heck did it end up there! We
just came from that room?! Anyway, you can go back the quick way which you came
our you can hit the switch in this room and go around. Note that if you go the
long way, in addition to getting some extra EXP, you'll also get tips from
Elenor about raising MAGs, which may also be in the realm of helpful. However,
she is also a heck of a lot more humble than Kirrek was so you may even like her
at the end. (You know... if you're into heavy metal). If you go the quick way,
you don't get many tips so if you're already a pro, first, click the 'X' at the
top right-hand corner of your screen and go the other way. Oh, at the end,
she'll say that even if you can't hear your Mag's voice, just know it
understands you. Awww... isn't that cute? Oh, this Mag supposedly belongs to
Elenor now and our client won't be too happy about his "valuable commodity"
being lost but whatever, you still get your pay.

<B2-VM>---------Value of Money--------------------------------------------------
 ___________    _________________    __________    _________________
|Reward: 300|__|Level: Pioneer II|__|Team: None|__|Difficulty: -100%|
> Yell at a wasteful husband
> Laugh loudly
> Get paid

Alright, this is stupid. Some wife thinks her husband is "hey big spender!" so
you've got to go and show off your macho power and convince the guy not to buy
weapons anymore. o_0. Well, whatever. Head over to the store and talk to that
guy that always seems to hang out there. He claims that buying new weapons every
10 milliseconds is an efficient way to spend one's hard earned money. Well, tell
him first "No, I don't understand" and then, wait for it, "Because you're a
fool." Hmm... That's a bigger understatement than 'The universe is a pretty big
place.' Anyway, mosey over to the Hunter's Guild again and talk to the wife. She
says NO MORE SHOPPING! Deliver this message and he'll understand. As you walk
back, notice the other two people that look exactly like said husband. I guess
cloning isn't illegal anymore. Oh, there's even one of the wife! Anyway, if you
screw up the conversation, you'll have to walk back and talk to the wife again
and go back to him. Once you're done, complete the last two objectives. Oh, if
you feel the overwhelming desire to buy weapons right after you yell at the
husband you can do so but don't expect any kind of response.

<B2-JP>---------Journalistic Pursuit--------------------------------------------
 ____________    __________________    _______________    ______________
|Reward: 1200|__|Levels: Forest 1-2|__|Team: HUneweral|__|Difficulty: 8%|
> Escort Nol to Forest 2
> Communicate with Pioneer I records

This is the first quest that involves more than one level but it's still a slam-
dunk. First, you'll start out in Forest 1. Simply beat it and head to Forest 2.
On your way, you'll run into a door that won't open even if you kill all the
enemies. Well, there's a switch in this room, dummy. That's the only trouble you
should run into. The exit is in the room where we found Ash (Henceforth known as
the Ash room). Once in Forest 2, notice that there is a green healing ring in
this level. Make a quick stop and head out past the laser barrier. You must go
left from here because the other door is locked. Go all the way to the end of
the room and you end up in a room with the computer you need to locate. However,
the bridge is out. Proceed 2 rooms further (one door is locked so you have to
use the one past the long hall) and you'll find a platform over the lake with
the switch on it. Now, you can go back the way you came or hit the other switch
and open the other door. Beware because if you do, there will be a cornucopian
of baddies to fight including a Hildebear. Now head back over to the computer
and check it. Figures, it doesn't work. Well, Nol checks some other data and
finds out that all the logs end at the same time. Combine this with the fact
that apparently the Central Dome was supposed to be a residential complex and
all that's there is a Dragon and this supposed explosion that conveniently left
no marks and no survivors and you have a creepy situation. Nol is rightfully
scared and decides it's time to call it quits. Before you can say "Holy crap!
What the %@#!@ is going on here?" a Telepipe appears and you're done your
mission! Now you are free to ponder just how disturbing the information you just
received is...

<B2-FY>---------The Fake in Yellow----------------------------------------------
 ___________    _______________    __________    ______________
|Reward: 800|__|Level: Forest 1|__|Team: None|__|Difficutly: 8%|
> Locate the missing scientist
> Toast lots 'o birdies!

Well, this one is...strange, to say the least. I hope you like Rag Rappies cauze
that's all you'll be fighting here. Anyways, you start in the Ash room with a
Rag Rappy in front of you but you can't seem to kill it? What... Well, talk to
it! Yes, this thing is the scientist. Well I hope that's not too much of a
spoiler but you should have figured as much from the title of this quest.
Anyway, don't expect much out of him yet because all the squeaking seems to have
depleted his brain cells but then again you can't cook him either. Just as
you're wondering the most effective trap/tech/weapon to use to peel that suit
off, he's gone! Head out into the level and you'll fight nothing but Rag
Rappies. By the way, they may be weak but when there's 200 of them, they tend to
find power in numbers. All I'll say is kick their backsides 27 times into last
year. You'll need multi-enemy hitting weapons for sure. Ra/Gifoie works well as
do spreads and partisans. Oh, firetraps are effective too so go ahead and unload
a couple. You have to go through the whole level heading clockwise and you'll
battle around 500 rappies in total so be ready to see feathers flying. You'll
come across our possessed bird again. Nothing! Come to think of it, why don't we
just snatch the thing up and haul him back kicking and scream... uh... squawking
back to Pioneer II feathers and all. Oooh! Then we could expose his stupidity
and ridicule him to the whole scientific community! Or even better, let's toss
him Under the Dome and let him make friends with the Dragon. Then the Dragon and
I can sit down in Forest 2 and have a lovely picnic of chicken sandwiches (From
Quiznos because toasted tastes better!) But, I digress, keep ploughing through
the rappies and you'll meet him once more. Talk to him and he reveals himself.
Well it was pretty obvious that since you are totally incapable of attacking
mercilessly that you are not a real Rappy so we figured as much. Well, head back
and he says he'll be along in a minute. When your reach the Guild, he'll be
there, undressed and ready. Holy crap that was fast! Oh well, get your Meseta
and get far away from that screwball.

<B2-NR>---------Native Research-------------------------------------------------
 ____________    __________________    __________    _________________
|Reward: 2500|__|Levels: Forest 1-2|__|Team: None|__|Time Limit: 20:00|
|Difficulty: 15%|
> Retrieve information about 5 animals on Ragol
  -Rag Rappies

This one is tough if you're at a low level. The time limit means you can't screw
around with the boxes this time. You've got 20 minutes to kill 5 hordes of
different enemies. You must retrieve information on the five enemies listed
above. You should find the Boomas, Wolves and Mothmonts in Forest 1 leaving only
the rappies and Hildebears for Forest 2. First, you'll start in a room with 2
doors. Take the door on the right and head forward. You won't fight any enemies
for the first few rooms but you'll soon come to a room with a river. Here, you
will fight the wolves. There will be quite a few so be prepared. Once you kill
them all off, you'll get the first data. Now, head forward. You'll see the exit
in the room Racton was in. Pass the exit for now and in the next room, you'll
fight the Boomas. Once again, be prepared for a big brawl. You'll get another
data from then. Now, head forward through the laser barrier and you'll come to a
dead end. In this room, you'll fight 3 Monests and their spawned Mothmonts.
You'll only fight one at a time and you have to run around quite a bit to get
the next one to drop so don't freak out if they aren't appearing straight away.
You should have more than enough time. Once you kill all three, you'll get yet
the third Bio Data. Now, head back to the Racton Room and take the transport to
Forest 2. Here, you'll start up on that familiar cliff. Head forward into the
next room. There will be wolves here in case you missed them from Forest 1. Now
go right into the next room. Boomas will be here but you should already have
their data. The next door is already open so walk right past the furry fiends
unless you feel you want a WOT. Beyond this room is a rather large room filled
with Rappies. Kill them for the fourth data. Now you have to backtrack because
the other door in this room is locked. Go back all the way to the wolf room. Now
take the other door into the enormous room. There will be Boomas here too but
you needn't fight them. Go through the laser barrier door in this room and head
right. You'll confront a lone Hildebear. Kill him and you'll get the final Bio
Data. The timer will stop now and you can mosey back to the Guild for your
Meseta. Good Job!

<B2-FS>---------Forest of Sorrow------------------------------------------------
 ____________    __________________    ____________    _______________
|Reward: 1500|__|Levels: Forest 1-2|__|Team: FOmarl|__|Difficulty: 10%|

> Escort Alicia to Forest 2
> Obtain additional Bio Data on Hildebears

This quest will not be available until you beat Native Research. By now you'll
remember that Alicia was your client from last time. Well, that data you brought
back was screwy. In fact, she's disturbed by how weird it is so she wants you to
bring her to where you got it. Well, this level has no time limit and since
Alicia is a Force, she does have the abilities of techs but don't expect much
out of her. She'll cast nothing but Barta and the occasionally Gibarta and maybe
pathetically whack an enemy with her wand but that's about it. You'll have to
protect her most of the time. The set-up of Forest 1 is the same as it was in
Native Research so quickly head back to the teleporter and head off to Forest 2.
You shouldn't run into any difficulty of any sort as the teleporter is in the
same place. You may consider laughing at how pathetically she fights but it is
important to mention that if at any point she dies, the quest is over so you may
have to break down and bust out the Resta or Star Atomizers but otherwise just
boldly take the hits for her. Anyway, in Forest 2, prepare your customize with
plenty of ice spells or ice traps because you'll be fighting thousands of those
Hildebears. I'm warning you now that you'll fight around 20 in this quest so be
prepared to heal yourself and Alicia if she's running low. With that said, move
out. When you get to the room where the first set of Boomas were, you'll notice
the door is locked but there isn't an enemy in sight! Go behind the wall, to
your right, and go back to where you start sometimes and you'll see a baby
Hildebear. Awww, isn't he cute? Well, talk to it and it will disappear. Head
back and the door will have opened. In the next room, expect a big fight with a
Hildebear. Now you'll enter the huge room. Here you'll have a huge melee so be
good and prepared. You'll fight 4 Hildebears here. Now head in the room with the
red symbol on the door. Be prepared, there are 7 Hildebears here. Once you kill
them all, go to the back of the room and you'll see the poor baby again! Aww,
it's hurt and hungry. You can tell Alicia whatever you want but whatever you say
will result in the quest ending and you leaving the baby there. Oh well, poor
thing... Come to think about it, the Lab must be pretty crooked if the only way
to get test samples is to first kill the subject in question. That should make
all the little kids out there scream the next time they need a blood test.

<B2-GS>---------Gran Squall-----------------------------------------------------
 ____________    __________________    ___________    ______________
|Reward: 1000|__|Levels: Forest 1-2|__|Team: RAmar|__|Difficulty: 8%|

> Locate information about Gran Squall
> Rendezvous with Bernie
> Locate and rescue survivors

Well, this one is a little weird. You're looking for a pleasure boat that
crashed on Ragol and you are to locate any survivors. Well, if it doesn't strike
you as odd that there was a pleasure ship after all the government's hush, hush
secrets about Ragol and the fact that there was supposedly an explosion and an
endless stream of rabid animals well, I don't know what will. Anyway, this is
your job, let's not ask questions... Well, ship off to Forest 1. You start in
the Ash room. You need to head right from here. When you get to the room with
the laser barrier, head inside and you'll find Bernie. Well, you have to answer
"yes" to get him to join you. He's cocky but he's a good fighter. Personally,
somebody named Bernie really has no right to insult anybody else. That kind of
name could get you shot around here but then again my character's name is
Terekane so what can I say? Well, once you've got Bernie in tow, head out and
continue around the level clockwise. You'll come to a door that's weird. Well,
you can't open it but apparently Bernie can. For some reason the game blacks out
at this point. You can make up your own disgusting thoughts about this one, I'm
not even going to bother. Keep going and you'll come upon the exit to Forest 2.
Once there, you have to head to the enormous room. There will be a few good
fights on the way but nothing out of the ballpark. Once you get here though,
expect a run for your money. Don't worry, Bernie is a good fighter while his
techs leave much to be desired. Now head into the room with the red symbol.
You'll see the green warp. Take it and you'll have yet another big fight with
some Hildebears. By this time you should be well accustomed to them. Head in the
next door for the last fight. There's a Hildebear here too so be careful. Once
you've cleared everybody out, you'll find the only survivor. No, you can't just
cast Reverser or Resta on her so and Bernie says she'll be alright. Head back
now and get your money. Oh, by the way, notice that now you know that this is
not a tourist company and that fact is only more obvious when your client says
"Excellent, I didn't expect any survivors...oh." Hmm. Remind me never to join
the Pioneer II military. At any rate, you can grab your Meseta. C'est tout!

<B2-AF>---------Addicting Food--------------------------------------------------
 ____________    _________________    __________    _______________
|Reward: 1500|__|Levels: Caves 1-3|__|Team: None|__|Difficulty: 20%|

> Obtain Cake

Before you go, BRING A TELEPIPE! There will be a long walk if you fail to do
this so yeah... (Mind you, you could always just die... just a thought) This has
to be the most pointless quest we've done since The Value of Money! You are to
go and get some sweets (which happens to be a cake, furthermore, which happens
to be on Ragol) for this bratty little girl. This is a long quest too. Well, I
really can't tell you where to go because this one just necessitates you to go
through Caves 1-3. See section {B1C} for strategies on how to beat these levels.
Oh, by the way, it's not your imagination. You ARE fighting double the enemies
than you're used to. It's better to leave this quest for levelling purposes or
when you have a high enough level. Don't be surprised to find yourself in the
same room after fighting 10 room's worth of baddies. Once you get to Cave 3,
keep an eye out. Once you go a little ways, you get a message that says "A faint
sweet smell..." Well, the end is only a few rooms from here so if you end up
going past 5 rooms and nothing, well, you went the wrong way. You'll eventually
find a cake stand!? That gives new meaning to the phrase "What's a girl like you
doing in a place like this?" Well, baking cakes apparently! If that's not
strange enough, wait until the thought of how these weak little girls got here
without a scratch crosses your mind. My theory is that they just bribed
everything with cake. Anyway, talk to the girls and snag yourself a treat (They
have a very wide selection so be sure to select a cake because you'll only get
one try... o_0). Once you have one, head back (I hope you brought a Telepipe...)
and give the cake to the bratty girl. Now you can get your highly deserved
reward. ;)

<B2-LB>---------The Lost Bride--------------------------------------------------
 ____________    _________________    ____________    _______________
|Reward: 2500|__|Levels: Caves 1-2|__|Team: FOmarl|__|Difficulty: 15%|

> Escort Cicil to Caves 2
> Protect Cicil

This quest is pretty simple but there's a twist and then a twist in the other
direction. You are to escort the FOmarl Cicil to the "Waterfal Room" in Caves 2
which for all of you who have read section {B1C} you'll know is halfway. Once
again, this is another quest where the aforementioned section will be the most
helpful. You simply have to beat Caves 1 and go through half of Caves 2. No
sweat, right? Well, there's a catch. That is that Cicil is apparently on a diet.
You have to protect her so she doesn't get a chance to use any healing items.
Note that I have gotten away with 2 before but don't push your luck. Well, I
didn't know that Monomates had a fat content! Well, that certainly throws into
question all the FF series and many other RPGs... Anyway, Cicil will NOT use
recovery items in mid combat so the best time to heal her is just before you
kill the last monster. Oh, the other twist is that in case you are a twit, Cicil
is a Force meaning she'll use Resta some of the time. If she gets pounded,
sometimes she'll bust out with Resta, which is a blessing. Otherwise, all you
can do is boldly dash in front of her as if you have a mastered Cover materia
attached to your armour. If you have a good strong Resta, you can remove at
least 14.9 of the 15% difficulty rating otherwise, you'll have to rely on Star
Atomizers and exceptional suicide techniques. Once you get to the waterfall
room, pipe back. You'll see that if you did it properly, Cicil will be a
toothpick and a quarter. Whoa! If exercise worked that good I'd sure as hell
would not be writing this guide! Anyway, wish her happy wedding and later
divorce and swipe your Meseta. You're done!

<B2-WT>---------Waterfall Tears-------------------------------------------------
 ____________    _________________    __________    _______________
|Reward: 1800|__|Levels: Caves 1-2|__|Team: None|__|Difficulty: 15%|
> Locate Anna
> Escort her back to Pioneer II

This quest is a little different as you will be fighting fellow hunters. There
are a few things you should know first: when fighting other hunters, NEVER use
Resta unless you are far enough away. The radius of the spell will also heal
them...yeah, stupid but true. The same is true for Shifta and Deband. Typically,
you just want to place mates on your customize instead. Oh, also for some
reason, all your techs seem to be much more effective except Megid which will do
absolutely nothing. (I bet you were real surprised by that news...) One note is
that once you strike them, just like you, the have a recovery time, which is
actually quite long, so wait a good while before nailing them with the same tech
again. Now, head off to Caves 1. The first room you will enter will involve a
fight with Anna and a friend of hers. You can kill him pretty easily but you'd
be wise to concentrate your firepower on the little girl. If you are a Force,
you can end the fight before it starts by pelting the brat with Grants. That
spell is uber-powerful against her and it will probably kill her in a single
blow. After you scare her off, the room's doors will open. Note that the next
room you enter will be completely filled with traps from Anna. If you have a
Trap Vision, great if not, just keep a Handgun handy. (hmmm...) Now, just beat
Caves 1. There will be a few more trapped rooms but that's it. By now, you
should know what to expect. Once you get to Caves 2 you only need to get to the
waterfall room. Before you go in, make sure that you prepare adequately as the
doors will lock the second you start to fight her. Once you go in the brat
boldly proclaims that she will become the owner of all your items. o_0. Well, I
don't think so. She's actually very weak at this time from the last beating you
gave her an most techs will wipe her out completely. Once you've shut her down,
she'll apologize and bawl for her sister... ha, ha. Well, too bad missy, it was
Kroe that sent us to go upside your head. At this point a Telepipe will appear
and that's it! She will make a snide remark about her traps but before you can
Grants her again, you're outta there!

<B2-BP>---------Black Paper-----------------------------------------------------
 ____________    _________________    __________    _______________
|Reward: 2000|__|Levels: Caves 1-3|__|Team: None|__|Difficulty: 18%|
> Apprehend Black Paper and his followers

Well, this quest has a very dumb name and the fact that this is apparently the
name of some mastermind is just plain creepy! This one is more or less just a
run through of Caves 1-3 so be prepared. Bring a few Trap Visions for all you
non-androids because there are a few of those trapped rooms. You'll first be
given a letter. You may consider reading it on the quest board but the Reader's
Digest is Black Paper is a jerk and you've gotta go and kick his rear into next
week. Alright! That's what I'm talking `bout! Ship off to Caves 1 and you'll be
treated to nothing special. Just beat the level! The set up is the same as the
previous quest so you should be duly prepared. There are a few trapped rooms and
hallways but that's it. Head to Caves 2 and in the waterfall room you'll do
battle with some crying robot. Well, he's a hunter so the same rules apply but
don't worry, all he uses to attack is a partisan so if you stay back and use a
gun/techs you can have him down without a speck of damage. Once he states that
'it's over' laugh madly then continue. Oh, Grants will do 500+ odd damage to him
if it's even a decent level so yeah, go right ahead if you feel like it. Now
head to Caves 3 as that's about all you'll see in Caves 2. Once there, you'll
run into a few Y rooms. At the first one, DON'T TAKE THE LOCKED DOOR! It leads
to a very long dead end. After a few rooms, you'll come across somebody else who
wants to die. Check your map to she where he is so you'll be prepared for the
fight. This guy can dish out a laughable Barta but it is long range so you may
consider kicking his butt faster than the previous guy. He may give you a
challenge but it's unlikely. He's still pretty weak. After him, the next room
will contain the seemingly dead/asleep Black Paper. Kroe is here too so speak
with her. She'll say you're done (gee, you helped out SOOOO much...) and a
Telepipe will appear. Head back to the guild and speak with her again. She
states that she and Anna are twins (no, really?) and she fooled ol' Paper good.
(That just sounds weird doesn't it?) Anyway, grab your Meseta and you're
finished! Yeah!

<B2-SD>---------Secret Delivery-------------------------------------------------
 ____________    _________________    __________    _________________
|Reward: 4500|__|Levels: Caves 1-2|__|Team: None|__|Time Limit: 45:00|
|Difficulty: 20%|
> Deliver data to YN-0117

Alright. It's time to make some more moola right? This quest, which you probably
already figured out will be taking place in the Caves. It is actually pretty
hard if you don't know where you're going. I suppose this is a spoiler so cover
your eyes if need be: YN-0117 is none other than Elenor from Magnitude of Metal
quest. Well, apparently YII-12 needs whatever happens to be in that box he hands
you. I don't know about you but this is strangely reminiscent of that old
Pandora's Box legend. There's a problem though, your character won't break the
blood vow he/she apparently gave to this client and will not crack open the box
to see what it is. Damn it! That would be the first think on my "to do" list!

Anyways, take the "secret box of doom" and head into Caves 1. There are a couple
things you should know. First is you will eventually come across a "T" junction.
If you came from the path perpendicular to the main stray, all the doors will be
locked. Also note there is a RAmar here but he's no help at all. If you went the
wrong way, you'll have to backtrack and find the other entrance. Once you do,
all the doors will unlock. Don't worry, you'll still have loads of time if you
screw up. There will be a locked door with the lights out. In this room, you
will see a strange looking...thing that's glowing with some kind of energy. Upon
closer inspection, you'll notice that it is a crappy RAcast! I'm not saying that
all RAcasts are crappy, no, by no means but this one is. It is standing in a re-
charge type thing. You can speak to it but apparently the builders forgot to
give this thing a personality. Well, you can ask it about YN-0117 but basically
all you'll get is a well-expected: "I dunno." Be prepared before choosing the
other option because the machine will take it upon itself to kill you (or at
least shoot at you in a very poor attempt to do so). Note that the Hunter Vs
Hunter rules still apply and Resta is a no, no. When you decide to fight him,
select the first option and the RAcast will perform an illegal operation and
must...kill something. Since you happen to be right there, it decides to shoot
you. That must be one big damn error, crap! Anyway, you could use regular
attacks but magic works best here. Forces, you'll be happy to note that Grants
does way more damage than it should basically giving you the power to end it
right away. Otherwise anything goes. (Except for Megid, yeah, I knew you were
expecting that...) Remember to wait a while before giving them another shot
because it'll do Zippo. His attacks suck and you can laugh as the do noticeably
little damage. Once he's dead, he'll open the door and you can continue. Now,
just keep on going to Caves 2.

Once in Caves 2, just keep going. You'll soon come to a room that is locked and
has a purple laser guarding it. Hmm, tight security! Notice that on the small
island in this room is a pink android and if you have good eyes and didn't
already read what I was going to say, that would be Elenor: the Mag(got)
fanatic! Well, she's not moving and she's well guarded to say the least. Now
you've gotta go and take down that security! If you missed this room, it is the
one just before the waterfall room. Head forward and you will soon come to a
room with 3 doors. (You started thinking "door #1, door #2, door #3 didn't
you...) Well, that's just what you have. Oh, by the way, all the doors are
locked and have two switches. One of which will open said door and the other
will provide you with fatal damage from a damage trap. WHIP OUT A TRAP VISION!
(If you're not an android.) I warned you. Now, head right and you'll come across
another worthless RAcast! Well, teach him a lesson the same way you did before
and he'll unlock Door B. There is another door in this room. Be sure to head in
and de-activate the barrier switch because you wouldn't want to walk all the way
back here would you? Now, exiting this room, head straight across to the next
door. (Left from the entrance.) Here you'll fight another RAcast. Kick his butt
in style and he'll unlock door C. There is also another room here with the
purple barrier switch. De-activate it and now run (if your time is running low)
back to that room! The door will be open and the barrier gone. Run inside and
you'll find a warp. In the next room, you'll see another door that would be
otherwise locked and a green barrier across it but if you followed my
instructions, it'll be open. If you went and forgot a switch... I'm not
listening! Now, head into the next room and you will see another recharge
station only it's empty. Okay... We all know that it belongs to Elenor so head
into the next room and give her the YN-0117 command. (The EM-05 does nothing).
She'll magically come alive and ask you to plug the package into her back.
Sure... Well, she's alive and thanks you heartily. Then, she disappears! Well,
there's no Telepipe so if you don't have Ryuker or a Telepipe, then you can lug
your sorry carcass all the way back... Otherwise, just claim your hard earned

<B2-LL>---------Letter From Lionel----------------------------------------------
 ____________    __________________________    __________    _______________
|Reward: ????|__|Levels: Forest 1 - Caves 2|__|Team: None|__|Difficulty: 25%|
> Locate and retrieve all missing parts of android Lionel
> Confront Black Market trader for android parts

This quest is a pain in the rear and a half. It is noticeably long and can be
very frustrating. I personally got stuck here so read carefully! Apparently some
little pussy android got his rear kicked and then the rest of his body too. It
is actually quite amazing. He managed to rip himself apart and generously spread
his parts around the above levels. It's almost as if he was making a giant pizza
and felt that some iron-related ingredients were missing from his diet. If that
wasn't strange enough, he was somehow able to transmit a message to the Hunter's
Guild about his condition, which, you'll later find, is coming entirely from a
severed android head. That's just downright creepy and leaves you to feel that
this thing is better served in many pieces. (No pun intended) Anyways, since
this is our quest, we've gotta go collect his parts and stick him back together.
(I don't know why but C3P-0 comes to my mind instantly...) Alright, first you'll
have to beat Forest 1. Yeah, yeah, I don't need to lead you with a carrot
through the level do I? Besides, you'll have lots of power now so be thankful.

The first part is the head. You'll have to head up onto the dome in Forest 2.
You notice how there are two warps? You've probably taken the second one and
found a WOT but you'll have to go there because that's where our buddy's head
is. Grab it.

As you were going through Forest 2 you probably noticed a door that simply will
not open right? Well, if you didn't then get glasses and go to the biggest room
in Forest 2. Down at the south end, you'll see those two doors. One of which is
locked and simply will not open no mater how much you threaten it. Well, no just
whip out that android's head on the Quest Board and talk to it. Yes...talk to
it. Eventually when it will tell you where it feels its other limbs. (Whoa,
convenient!) Once it shuts up, the door will magically unlock! Head inside and
you'll fight a Hildebear. If you read the clue for this one, it said that its
arm was in something warm and squishy. Before your sick mind can run away,
you'll figure out that it was talking about the stomach of the Hildebear. o_0
Once you kill it, it'll drop the arm. (I can see granny now: "Drop it! Drop

Another limb of Lionel can be found by backtracking to Forest 1. The arm is in
the river which you'll know by now runs through only two rooms so head back and
snatch up the other limb. If you talk to the head or the severed parts, you'll
notice the speech is noticeably bad. He needs a coppertop... Before you leave,
if you haven't already, head through the door with the red symbol in the huge
room. You will find a RAmar there. Talk to him and he talks about selling
something on the black market then disappears! (This is in Forest 2 BTW)

The final limb is in Caves 2. Yeah, groan, groan. Just bolt through Caves 1 like
it was nothing. (Which it is.) Once you get to Caves 2, on an island in the only
room of its kind will rest the final part. Don't worry, it's not very far in.
Once you've found it, talk to ALL four parts on the Quest Board. Make sure you
do this BEFORE you pipe back. If you haven't already, you'll need to head back
to Forest 2 and talk to the RAmar about something. See above for details.

Now, pipe back to Pioneer II. Right outside the Hunter's Guild, you'll see our
old friend the black RAmar. Chat to him and he'll cough the final part to
Lionel. If he isn't there, go to any level and talk to all the Lionel parts and
be sure you found him in Forest 2. Now you have all 5 parts! Head into the
Hunter's Guild and you'll see a rather ugly Hucast (sorry to all you yellow and
black HUcasts out there). That is Lionel. Talk to him and you can get your
stinking cash! Yahoo!

<B2-SB>---------Soul of a Blacksmith--------------------------------------------
 ____________    __________________________    __________    _______________
|Reward: 2500|__|Levels: Forest 1 - Caves 3|__|Team: None|__|Difficulty: 20%|
>Obtain Miwontite
>Obtain Dragon's Fang
>Obtain Mineral

This quest can be a pain but there is an EXTRA reward to this here quest. So you
are working for some blacksmith who has an overwhelming desire to create a
weapon from stuff on Ragol. Well, you get to keep whatever weapon he makes. He
just wants to make one. While that is really strange and the fact that he pays
you so that he can work for you is even stranger but meh, I'm not complaining.
So you are to find three things that will take you from Forest 1 to Caves 1,2 or
3. It depends on what kind of weapon you want. Anyway, first, lets get the

You'll find the Miwontite first. So just beat Forest 1 normally. (Grumble,
grumble) On the way, you'll have to stop at your local river for a Miwontite.
You can find on at the back of the Ash Room (Betcha didn't remember about the
river there huh?) Or you can check out the room BEFORE the huge room with the
speeder (remember, the one with Racton?) In the river will be another copy of
the mineral. You only need ONE copy so once you have one, just shove off to
Forest 2.

The Dragon's Fang should be obvious where you'll find it. If you read the memo,
you'll get a very stupid message about where you might find said fang. Geeze,
what does this guy think we are?! Anyway, you'll have to beat Forest 2 now
normally. You'll be able fly through it no problem with no sticky spots at all
right? Yessir. If for some reason you didn't figure it out, you're going to have
to fight our old dragon buddy (Or the Sil Dragon for that matter). You should
know how to beat him by now but if you for some reason get stuck (oh no!) you'd
better check out the walkthrough in section B1. So just toast his rear and he'll
drop the ever-familiar quest item thingus so be happy and grab your second item.

Finally, you'll need to collect a "Mineral" You'll have to head into the Caves
for this (No, I thought I'd have to go to the Seabed!). The supposed mineral is
actually part of a big rock with mission items sparkling all over it (trust me,
you can't miss it), which will have conveniently appeared there now. It depends
though which one you want. You see, each Caves level contains a different
mineral and each mineral will affect the outcome of your weapon to be. The level
set-up is normal so don't expect any curve balls. You'll find a Red Mineral from
the rock in Caves 1. It's actually right on the path to the exit so it really
isn't possible to miss it. A Green Mineral is available in the Waterfall Room in
Caves 2. Finally you can find a Blue Mineral in this very weird geological
formation that has appeared in a small circular room in Caves 3. It really
depends on what you want on your weapon so be careful choosing the wrong
mineral. Red always yields a weapon with a fire attribute, Green gives you an
ice attribute and as for blue, check back later when I update this section
again. Once you've snagged a mineral of some kind, drop a Telepipe and warp back
to see your client.

He'll be standing there and once you've given him all the stuff you've
collected, he'll create a generic, average, craptity weapon for you. You have a
choice of a sword, a rod or a handgun with an attribute that pertains to the
mineral you grabbed. You may consider keeping it but it isn't going to stand up
to any rares of the day. Well it's the thought that counts right? You could
always sell the damn thing but that's up to you. I kept mine for sentimental
reasons. Otherwise, grab your extra cash, wash your hands and take a bow. Yeah!

NOTE: In ultimate, it is possible to obtain a Rare in this quest. Yeah, you
heard me right, an honest-to-goodness rare! You'll need the Blue Mineral from
Caves 3 for the rare weapon so make sure to go all the way. The rare you get
depends on the kind of weapon you ask for. For full details on this, check out
the in-depth guide on "Quest Rares".

<B2-GB>---------The Grave's Butler----------------------------------------------
 ____________    _________________    ____________    _______________
|Reward: 3500|__|Levels: Caves 1-2|__|Team: FOmarl|__|Difficulty: 10%|
>Discover what happened to the Butler
>Escort Martha to Caves 2

This quest is really a snap. You see there is the family of Forces and they had
a butler! The butler is missing and we've gotta find him. That's about it. All
right, lets go. You'll have a weak little FOmarl with you and you do have to
protect her but she's not like Cicil and you can let her get her butt kicked but
remember that if she dies, you fail. Let's go.

Pipe down to Cave 1 and basically just beat it. Yes, this is just another one of
those quests but I'm sure you can handle it. I mean, that's what you're doing
these quests for right? Well anyways, Martha will attack constantly with Foie
and the occasional Gifoie. At least these spells will actually injure your foes
and that's a good thing. If you get poisoned or paralysed, she'll even Anti you!
Awww...how nice. You goal lies in the Waterfall Room in Caves 2 so you'll just
have to fight your way there but don't worry; this quest really is a slam-dunk.
On your way, though, you'll notice (or maybe you won't) that those little holo-
communicators will be scattered in this quest too. Well that's a little strange.
It should be strange enough for you to actually check them out. Well, that's
what you have to do. That butler dropped them. Basically, you find out that he's
lost and he's getting his backside kicked. Martha is worry, understandably, I
might add. However, the thing that puzzles me is why everybody though he was
smart. If he's getting a beat down, the only thing that he can blame it on is
dropping little messages of how the fight is going at point-blank range! I mean
come on! He must have failed Common Sense 101! Sigh...

Once you get to the Waterfall Room, (with little trouble I hope), you'll see one
last little message thing. There is a minor spoiler in the next line so cover
your eyes:

The butler has been beat up pretty badly and you can pretty much bet that he
won't make it. Well, I hate to blame his death on stupidity but that's really
all I can do. Martha is crushed and you have to head on with that sense of
sadness hovering over you. Now that I think about it, a grown man couldn't make
it through here but the little girl could...hmmm...

Anyway, head into the next room and Martha will be overcome by emotion and say
the quest is done. Pipe back, cry, and get paid. There. I said it was easy

<B2-KH>---------Knowing One's Heart---------------------------------------------
 ____________    ______________    _______________    _______________
|Reward: 3500|__|Levels: Mine 1|__|Team: FOneweral|__|Difficulty: 15%|
>Locate and rescue Calus

Yet another simple quest is thrown on our plate here. At least this time we're
in the Mines, which is infinitely more fun. Basically, you are to escort Elly to
find this friend of hers who she has been chatting to online. Damn it Elly!
Haven't you been listening all those times when they tell you that meeting
someone you met online is bad? I guess not. Anyway, Elly will start by e-mailing
Calus to tell him that we're coming. I guess it's not so bad if we're with her
but still, geeze! Now, head to Mines 1. It'll start off by Calus (that's kinda a
suggestive name huh?) replying to Elly with "do...t co...e h...re" hmm... that's
pretty w...ird. Well anyway just keep going. You know you're going the right way
when you get message from Calus so follow them. In the hallway before the
halfway point you'll get a message saying "oh its all a joke!" ...damn you! You
got us excited for nothing! It appears that Calus was aboard Pioneer I and when
that ever-famous explosion happened, he hid down here in the mines. Great idea
genius: there are only a million machines down here that forgot what happens
after "performing and illegal operation." Doesn't anybody have the slightest
amount of common sense?! I guess not.

Keep going through the mine with little to no difficult and eventually you'll
come across a rather large room in which Calus e-mails Elly again. Now he's
saying to get lost again. MAKE UP YOU'RE MIND! Anyway, you'll soon come across a
small square, dark room. Head forward one more room and guess what you'll find:
a computer. Well, the computer's here but where's Calus? Well, SPOILER ALERT:

Calus, it seems is a computer! A very messed up one I might add. All this time,
Elly has been talking to a rather creepy AI system. HA HA! Elly got burnt! The
computer becomes somewhat sentimental...for a machine. It seems that he's being
hacked and is loosing his mind and now wants a biological body... Well he's not
having mine. If you're an android, I suppose you're safe but then maybe not.
Well, Calus says he's going to shut himself down. Elly is slightly crushed and
decides to back him up (Danger Will Robinson!) and then the computer

A Telepipe appears and you're done! Yeah! Now remember, don't talk to strangers
because they might be a computer...wait, that sounds wrong somehow...hmmm...

<B2-RH>---------The Retired Hunter----------------------------------------------
 ___________    _______________    ___________    _________________
|Reward: ???|__|Levels: Ruins 3|__|Team: HUmar|__|Time Limit: 30:00|
|Difficulty: 30%|
>Kill 99 enemies
>Make moola

Here's a strange quest. You have a hunter named Donoph and he has a lifelong
goal of death: to kill 10000 monsters. However, Donoph is about to die. He's
just happens to know that it will be 30 minutes after you take this quest. All
he's got left is 99 enemies and he'll hit his goal but for some weird reason, he
feels that he's too weak to do this murderous act himself and wants to drag you
into this here quest with him. I am warning you now, I can guide you but you'll
have a far better chance of success if you KNOW RUINS 3! Chances are, this will
be the first time you've seen it but don't worry if it is because you'll be able
to handle it. Anyways, lets go! BTW, it doesn't matter what you answer Donoph
when he asks you that question so yeah...

Meet him down in the Ruins and head out into the first room. This guy is
noticeably strong. If you are way stronger than him, know that this guy can take
care of himself so don't worry too much. That very Cloud-like sword of his does
good damage and he can shoot Foie for not bad damage either. He can even Anti
you, which is good because there are a gazillion traps around here. The first
thing you see is a 2-switch door. Go through it and you'll come to a 4-switch
door right after, go through that as well. Then you'll be treated to your first
round of claws. Finish them off and you'll find yourself at a fork in the road.
It really doesn't matter which way you go because both roads lead to the same
room but for the purpose of this guide, go left. You'll soon come to a warp,
take that and you'll find yourself in a room that looks like this:
 _______   __
|       | |^^|
->      | |  |
|       |_|  |
|        _   |
|       | |  |
<-2     | |  |
|_______| |__|

No go through the north exit (^^). You'll come to another fork. There is a 4-
switch door here too. Go north first to find all four switches there. Now head
back through that 4-switch door. You'll find a dead end but there is a green
laser switch there. Hit it and exit. Back at the fork again, take the last door
directly across from the 4-switch and you'll come to a room shaped like an L.
There is a 4-switch door here but as you will see, only three of the switches
are in this room. Turn them on and head all the way back the room in the diagram

From here, take the door marked 2. You'll run into even more baddies. You should
have 20 by the end of this room. Now keep going. You'll soon come to yet another
fork. Go through the north door and you'll come to the last switch to the 4-
switcher in the "L" room. Don't go back just yet though, you can continue on
this path and you'll come to yet another melee. Once you've cleared this room,
you should have around 50 baddies killed. In this room, you'll find a hall that
leads to a dead end and another door that leads to a long room. If you go to
this room, you'll see that the door is guarded by 3 laser barrier (2 now since
we already hit the green one.) We can't go any further now so go back to the
previous fork in the road (You know, the one we went north through) only this
time take the south entrance. You'll come to the blue laser switch. De-activate
it. Now it's time to backtrack. You remember where the "L" room is right? Well
now the 4-switch door there is open. Use your map if you must to backtrack all
the way there. Inside, you'll have a little bit o' fighting to do. Once you kill
everybody, you should have 60 or so. Take the exit straight across from the door
you came in and you'll come across the final laser switch.

Now, as you exit the laser-switch room, take the door to your immediate right.
It's a short cut. Remember that hallway that lead to a dead end? This is where
it connects and you'll now find yourself right next to the room with the 3 laser
barriers. They should be all gone now so run to the end of the room and go
through that door. From here it's easy pickin's. You'll come to a LONG hallway.
If you've ever played Ruins 3 before, you'll know you're at the end now. You
should enter a HUGE room now. If you have at least 5 minutes left and have
already killed 65+ enemies, you'll be just fine. Kick the rest of the monster's
backsides around here and you'll push your total finally to 99! That's it!
You're done!

Well it looks like old Donoph was wrong and decides do die right here, right
now. You really can't do anything other than race toward him desperately so
don't worry. He's happy in death. Head back to the Guild and grab your cash!

<B2-OR>---------Dr. Osto's Research---------------------------------------------
 ____________    _______________    _______________    _______________
|Reward: 5500|__|Levels: Mines 2|__|Team: Huneweral|__|Difficulty: 15%|
>Rendezvous with Sue
>Locate and recover Dr. Osto's notes

Okay, this quest is where things finally begin to get a little interesting! We
are hired by these scientists who seemed to want another scientist's notes. It
seems that Dr. Osto was aboard Pioneer I and yeah, you know: the explosion?
Right. Well, his notes may have survived and they contain some interesting
information for these freaks. Alright, get to work!

Mines 2 is where we'll be so let's go! You won't get very far before you'll come
across a very familiar, partisan wielding RAcast. Remember him? The one that was
working for Black Paper? Well, he sure as hell looks like him. Oh, he hasn't
lost that attitude either and apparently was instructed to "kill anybody that
came down here" and he even apologizes. Yeah, we'll forgive you but I'm not too
sure about my Mahu... needless to say, kick his backside all around the block
and don't worry, he's pretty darn helpless. Still, the hunter-to-hunter combat
rules apply so keep your finger off the Resta button.

After you beat him up, just keep ploughing through Mines 2. There's not really
much else to worry about. Anyways, after a little while, in a small, square
room, you'll come across Sue. She's doing something to that computer on the wall
but we never know what. She says that she's on the same quest as you and wants
to work with you. Well, that's horse of a different colour and she isn't taking
no for an answer. Don't worry, Sue's very strong and can help you quite a bit
but please, don't let her die! Now basicially you have to beat the rest of Mines
2. There is one thing to note though. You'll soon come across a large square
room with all the exits locked. If you haven't got Sue, check your map to see
where she is. Otherwise, just walk up to the one at the south end of the room.
She'll figure that the door isn't locked and concludes that it's broken. She
then proceeds to fix it which, by the way, opens it. Then she says something you
may remember: "see, I have the knack." Well, you and Bernie would make a lovely
couple! (Just don't ask us to help you diet!) Now, beat the rest. There's not
that much more to go.

You'll eventually come to a dark room that contain a couple rows of eerie-
looking pods on either side. At the end of this room is a small room with a
computer (which bears a great resemblance to Calus I might add...) Check it out
and use that disk you were handed at the beginning to download the data. Now,
Sue will copy yours and you can both head home happy! A Telepipe will appear and
you're done!

NOTE: This comes directly from the Quest Rares guide. Sue will ask your name. Do
you remember that cool scythe that Kirrek had in the first mission? If you want
one for yourself, DON'T TELL SUE YOUR NAME! If you do, you can't have it. It's
that simple. Check out the Quest Rares guide for more info on getting the Soul

<B2-UD>---------Unsealed Door---------------------------------------------------
 ____________    __________________________________    ____________
|Reward: 5500|__|Levels: Mine 2-Underground Channel|__|Team: RAcast|
|Difficulty: 35%|
>Locate Beta772

This quest carries over from the previous one. That data you brought back, well,
it's weird. (Where have we heard that before?) The scientist, Mome, wants to go
and find this weird Beta772. Well, you'll get subtle hints as to what this
Beta772 is during the quest so see if you can guess. Anyway, lets go! You'll be
working backwards here so be warned. You start in Mine 2 with Mome in tow. I'll
say this once: beat Mine 2. It's simple, just head right back to the computer
where you found the data. The whole level is the same so it should be a snap.

Once you get there, check the computer. Mome will do some stuff (being the
person dressed up as a creepy android that he is) and get a smidgeon of data out
of the computer. Apparently Beta772 (if you haven't already read the Quest Board
stuff and listened to Mome's comments) is something of a monster and it escaped
into the underground tunnels. Hmm...I wonder what that could be? Anyway, the
computer also unlocked a door for you. Open your map right now. You'll see a
room that resembles a "T" not far from you. You have to go there again. Head
back around the large square room. Once you get there, the junction on your
right will now be open. Head inside and you'll see a red warp to Mines 1. o_0
Well that's weird but anyway, that's where you have to go. Mines 1 is simple:
beat it. There's nothing at all strange about it except perhaps Mome's offhanded
comments here and there. Once you get to the end (there are quite a few baddies
here so do watch youself) you'll find yet another backwards teleport. This one,
however, will take you to the supposed Underground Channel. You should now (if
you didn't already realize the painfully obvious) know that Beta772 is none
other than De Rol Le. Before you warp, it would behove you to prepare for this
battle. The strategy should already be under your belt but if you forgot, check
the Episode I walkthough. (Would that be section {B1C} by any chance? Naw...)

The second you enter, you see De Rol Le in a new light...er, dark. Mome simply
overcome by his immense size decides to do the dumbest thing of all. He wishes
you luck and decides to play dead. What the $#*@!& Mome? We risked our life for
your sorry behind and you pass out on us?! Sigh, just beat up on De Rol Le and
Mome will spring right back into action. Well it's too late jackass! He exclaims
that Beta772 cannot be controlled (which is funny considering we just killed it)
and that he's got to go find some other genius to help him. Well whatever, just
pipe back, grab your cash, grab a Pina Colada and drink to good health and
better money.

<B2-SS>---------Soul of Steel---------------------------------------------------
 ___________    _________________________    _______________________
|Reward: ???|__|Levels: Mines 2 & Ruins 3|__|Team: FOnewm & Racaseal|
|Difficulty: 80%|
>Rescue Ult!

Before you start, let me warn you this quest is 1,000,000% different from every
other quest you've ever done. There is WAY more storyline as well as many
fun/annoyingly cool challenges. The other thing is this quest is LOOOOOOOOOONG!
I'm not kidding, it will take you a half an hour to do it if you're fast so have
lots of time and patients before attempting this one. Your sole objective is to
rescue Dr. Montague's little android named Ult. You'll also find out something
cool. Remember Elenor? Well, she's back and apparently she was created by this
Montague fellow and also, she has a sister who happens to be Ult. You'll get
both of them on your team this time and the are STRONG! They will probably be a
much higher level than you and can protect your sorry rear far better than you
could theirs (unless you came back again later when you were level 120 like me).
This really begs the question that if they are so strong (and later you'll find
out that they're smarter than you too...or maybe not...) then why the heck do
they need you? Hmm... whatever. Montague will give you a long-winded speech
about Ult first. Now head out of the Guild. Before you can take 2 and a half
steps, some creepy looking freak comes up to you and begins to gripe about how
you look suspicious and for some reason, accuses you of sticking you nose into
this "WORKS" corporation's business. (Hmm... reminds me of the ShinRa!) After he
whines for a second or two, Montague bluntly accuses him of kid, er, robot-
napping Ult. He reacts with the traditional "I...I don't know what you're
talking about" yeah right! Anyway, he gives you all one last rant session then
quits harassing you. At this point, Elenor takes it upon herself to give you a
baby mag! Aww...isn't it cute. Mind you, you really can't do much with it...at
all so don't even worry. Now let's get going!

You'll meet Montague and Elenor down in Mines 2. Head out into the first block
and come face to face with...everything! You'll see a Garnaz, Sinow Beats/Golds,
Canadines and TONS of Gilchics. Don't worry though, if you have a few levels at
all under your belt, Elenor and Montague will just decimate everything. Androids
use traps; spell casters use Ra techs to get EXP from everything. You'll be rid
of the baddies quickly and the Doc stops to talk again. Go figure. Crap, he
laughs a lot at very inappropriate times! Anyways, head into the next room. At
the non-adjacent corner, you'll see a laser barrier guarded by some creep. Go
over and attempt to talk to him. He actually reacts very violently, wildly
accusing you of trying to screw up WORKS. Hey, it's not like we've anything
better to do! Besides, WORKS are a bunch of cocky $#!@ so they could use some
disrupting. He'll ask you if you still intend to go through his gate (with
perhaps a slight taint of fear I might add). Tell him right where to go and he
replies that he can erase our hunter licences and we'd never be allowed back
down to Ragol again. Ha, as if anybody in Normal mode could even dream of
stopping two Lv55 and one Lv120 hunters! Oh well, you know what time it is
right? It's time to show that idiot how wrong he is.

Check your map, you'll see Montague's arrow in an adjacent room. Head over there
and see what's going on! He's found a WORKS terminal! Convenient how they left
it out here huh? No, we're not going to hack WORKS or just wreck this machine at
all. It seems that this piece of junk has a "screw-up" button on it and Montague
decides to push it. Now, run back to the starting point. (You know, the one with
all the enemies?) The computer decides to crash right...about...NOW! Yup, it
makes a racket and the idiot guard doesn't suspect and thing and just waltzes
over to check it out. Now run through that gate! In fact, he seems to like the
computer and will stay there for a long time so don't worry: as long as you
don't go visit him.

In the next room, you'll see a computer. Doc will check it out and find some
very strange information. You see; there are three AI sources to control stuff
down here. Guess what their names are: Vol Opt, Calus, and Olga. Hmm, well we
know that Vol Opt is garbage ready to be compacted and that Calus is a creepy
personality that tries to lure harmless little girls down into the dangers of
the mine and as for Olga, if you've already beaten Episode II, then you know who
Olga is. Otherwise, all we find out is that all of Olga's logs end at the same
time of the explosion. Did Olga maybe cause the explosion, no I don't know.

After the chat, you'll be free again. Run to the opposite end of the room and
guess what you'll see: two turrets that shoot Foie a la Episode II! Dismantle
them and keep going forward. As you proceed, the ground will begin to shake
violently but, of course, this does not harm anything in the surrounding area at
all and nobody even seems to notice and or care. Anyway, you'll soon come into
another long rectangular room with a bunch of empty recharge stations and a big
computer (which is of no use I might add). Run to the end of this room and guess
who will appear: Ult! Now you'll get you're first mini-mission. Ult warns you
not to follow her but I am betting she doesn't really expect you to actually
listen. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to follow Ult. It's not
hard. She struts so slowly as if she owns the place and you can actually walk
right up to her and she doesn't even care. After a few rooms, you'll come to a
locked door and Ult decides that hitting the switch takes too much effort so she
simply walks through the door. Hit the switch right there and walk through and
you'll see Ult again. Congratulations, you've beaten the first mini-mission. Doc
and Elenor rush up from behind and Doc starts to tell her off. Ult doesn't seem
to care too much and simply vanishes. Yes, Doc, a real interesting phenomenon.
Whatever, you'll see another laser barrier blocking your way in this room but
the switch is in a room adjacent to this room so you don't have to look far. Hit
it and proceed through the guarded door. Oh, before you go, be careful for the
Foie turrets here too and also look at the creepy pods on the walls. Artwork
right? o_0

Now you'll come across the most annoying challenge. You'll all meet up at the
entrance to another rectangular room but this one's guarded. Doc volunteers you
to go first and this part is a pain. There are four rooms with two guards each
and you have to run through without being seen. If they catch you in either
room, you'll be "eliminated" which simply means they'll haul you back to the
door and you can try all over again. You'll probably get caught a few times but
here is what the rooms look like:

|          |  # = Empty Recharge Post (Obstacle)
 <-______  |  o = Guard
|  #     | |
|        | |
|  o     | |
|    #   | |
|#       |#|
|       o| |
|      # | |
|      __| |
|     |    |
|____ ^____|

For the first room, the two guards will walk in squares without crossing the
centre post. The quickest way through is to run to the right and stay back. When
the guard has his back to the entrance, stay as far to the right as possible
(without hitting the post there) and run straight to the other end of the room.
You'll walk right past the guard but he shouldn't notice you. Now head into the
next room.

 /          |
| o         |   # = Obstacle
|     ## o _<-  o = Guard
|      ___| |
|____ |____/
This room is actually pretty easy despite what you might think. One guard
circles the re-charge obstacle in the centre of the room with the other walks
back and forth past the door. Head out but be careful to wait until the circling
guard has his back to you. Now head out and left. Stay back against the wall
until the guard by the door walks back away from your. Now RUN through that
door! Easy, right?

 _____V ___
|   + |    |
|   + |    |  o = Guard
|   + |    |  + = Laser fence
<-____|    |
|   +      |
| o + o    |
|   +      |
|          |
|   +      |
|   +      |
|          |

This room can be a pain. There is a long laser barrier dividing the room as
shown. The two guards like to circle that barrier in the centre and they
actually work co-operatively in this room. Since the exit isn't far, you just
have to wait it out. Walk slowly out into the room and the second both guards
have their back to you, RUN! You should make it but if not, you'll get it next
time. You should watch them for a while and get a feel of how they move. They
will eventually both turn their backs to you. When this happens, it's your cue!

 ____ ^_____
|     |__   |
|       o|  |  # = Obstacle
     ##  |__<- o = Guard
|   o       |

This is the last room and it isn't too hard. The door you want is to your right
from where you came in. The two guards simply circle the obstacle in the centre.
All you have to do is become part of their march! A split second after one
passes you, run in the room and follow him around until you get to the door.
Don't follow too close or he'll catch you. Once again, it's only a short
distance so you could always wing it anyway. All right! You made it! Now we're
really crusin'!

When you run into the next room, guess how you'll see? Ult! Once again, Doc and
Elenor come rushing up from behind. Ult yells at Montague for a little bit and
then just walks off as though she didn't even notice them. Doc and Elenor decide
to follow in the same who-really-cares pace. Then, somebody will run in behind
you! It's that WORKS guy! Remember? The creep who harrased you right from the
start. He's back and he's got attitude. Let me repeat a line from Inuyasha:
"I've heard threats from a number of poor souls who's memory I keep alive by
dancing on their graves!" I think that this line fits well in this situation too
don't you? Oh, this time he brought back-up: it those two annoying guards you
were eluding for the past ten minutes! You know how we can really only take
annoyances like them for so long right? Well now it's your chance to blast them
into oblivion! Before you actually start though, you'll be treated to another
cheesy earthquake. The guy actually makes the connection that perhaps what WORKS
is doing just might be screwing everything up down here. However, this really
doesn't seem to strike and other thought processes and he decides that you're to
blame for everything and then attacks you. Oh, there's a twist though, a pile of
Gilchics show up too and they will even try to beat up on them! Rough day, huh
guys? Well, your job now is to take out everything. If you're kind of weak, let
the Gilchics get their rears beaten and soften up the others in the process.
Then just go over and end their lives in style. Once again, don't expect much of
a fight: just lots of people hitting the floor with that all-inspiring CLUNK! I
love it. Once the weapon you were holding has scolded everybody enough, the
creepy WORKS guy decides that he'd like to end his life in style and sets an
auto destruct on the whole operation down here! Well he doesn't seem like the
kind of guy that's in charge of everything so I can't see how this decision is
entirely up to him but it does make your life easier. At this point, a 20:00
timer will appear and your mission now is to go shut off that alarm before the
whole place starts erupting whup-ass. Well, the timer counts during EVERYTHING
but warping so keep conversations short if you're worried about time. You may
also consider keeping some Advil nearby or at least the mute button for when
that annoying sound gets to you.

Run into the next room and you'll see your team and the exit. Doc and Elenor
don't quite seem to understand that shutting that alarm off might be in their
best interests. If you're worried, just fly through the conversation and don't
worry, all they do is diss WORKS, Ult and everything surrounding them at the
moment. Now all pile into the warp and you'll be shipped off to Ruins 3. Yes,
Ruins 3. Once again, I hope you know you're way around or that you are at least
strong enough to survive down here. It becomes apparent that WORKS must have
something to do with all the crap down here too as the timer is still counting
down. Shit, lets get moving! Basically, just plough through enemies until you
come across this room:

   |  |     |VV|
___|  |_____|  |_____
<-1     X X        2->   +--------------------------+
___    _____    _____    | VV - Entrance from level |
   |  |o   o|  |         | X  - Debris              |
___|  |_____|  |____     | o  - Computer Console    |
                  3->    |<-  - Important route     |
___    _____    ____     +--------------------------+
   |  |     |  |
   |  |     |  |

First, you'll see a bunch of debris to your right that is blocking that path.
You can destroy this so do so with haste. Next, head into the room beyond that
(1) there will be a barrier blocking the door so kill everything there first.
Now head back into the (2) room. You'll find a green warp. Take it and you'll
end up in a large square room. Kill everybody here and head forward. In the next
room, you'll see a laser switch. There will be a bunch of enemies here too. Kill
them all to make the door open. Then go through the door. You'll see a 2-switch
door right there. Activate the switch then head out into the next room. There
will be a few foes here too. Kill them then head back into the previous room.
Make sure you're ready! Hit that laser switch and you'll hear a beeping noise.
That's a timer and the lasers will only stay deactivate for a short time! Run
out into the next room and take a left. You'll then find yourself in the above
room again! Quickly run across the path that had the debris on it and go into
the (1) room again. The barrier should be off now. Run to the end before the
you didn't make it, you'll have to try again. Otherwise, you'll come to another
warp which will bring you to the centre of the # room where the computers are!
Doc and Elenor will shut them off and you're safe! YEAH!

You'll then be treated to a cut scene that shows Ult talking to that WORKS
idiot. Ah ha! So he did capture here! Apparently, Ult has some sort of strange
powers and is able to control the abnormal photons around here. WORKS wants to
harness that power for themselves and they knew that you'd found out! That's why
he set off the alarm: to buy them some time to figure out how to use Ult and
meanwhile, Ult is gone and you've been duped! DAMN IT! At least when Ult did all
her fireworks, she knocked that stupid WORKS guy off for good. (Or at least it
seemed that way!) Well you know what time it is? Well it's time to go and get
Ult and get outta here before WORKS blows this place up with their stupid
meddling! After the cut scene, Doc and Elenor will split up to go capture Ult.
This part is a PAIN if you don't know the secret! Check your map now. You'll see
Montague's arrow in a room marked (3) in the # room you happen to be in. Go into
that room and you'll see him but he doesn't seem to have his eyes on "open" mode
or maybe his brain just shut down because I don't think that searching the same
room 50 times is going to make Ult magically appear but then you'll find out how
wrong I am. Now, Ult will continually appear in either Elenor or Montague's
room. She'll then walk for a bit and vanish again. Here's what you do. From
Montague's room, take the bottom door (on your map duh!) and head into the next
room. You'll come across a 4-switch door in this room. Head through it and
you'll then find yourself on a narrow causeway over bottomless nothingness. STAY
HERE IN THIS HALLWAY. Now, wait. Ult will eventually decide to come though his
hall. When she gets here. Make sure she comes all the way in and run up to her.
She'll vanish and appear right in the middle of the same room you're in. Just
run over to her again and Montague and Elenor will run in from either side
trapping Ult. That's it! You're done!

Now, Doc begins to chastise Ult. Ult tells him that she's feeling weird and that
WORKS is screwing around with her powers. This is not good for her as it makes
Ult heat up. Montague whines that she wasn't meant for this kind of stress. At
this point the abnormal photons get to her and a Telepipe appears. Ult will warp
across the hallway and thank you all for everything, apologize and then command
that you leave. Apparently Montague and Elenor do but you stand there like the
twit you are. Ult then goes bang. It's that simple! The photons have screwed her
up big time and she's all done. With a huge explosion, the screen blacks out and
that's it for now. In a few seconds, you wake up in the Med Centre (not even
healed, tsk, tsk.) Go talk to the wandering nurse to find out what the heck is
going on! Apparently you were asleep/in a coma/unconscious/unresponsive for days
and Elenor has been to visit you often. Well, you're back now so head over to
the Hunter's Guild. To your right is one of those hot women that work there. She
says that Montague told her to give you a message that your quest was complete.
Go, get paid, cry, wash the oil off your shirt and dance! You're finally done!
Cool quest, huh?

<B2-SP>---------Doc's Secret Plan-----------------------------------------------
 ____________    ______________    ______________    _______________
|Reward: 9000|__|Level: Ruins 1|__|Team: RAcaseal|__|Difficulty: 25%|
>Obtain data from test sites

This test is somewhat reminiscent of "Native Research" but as you can see, it
has a substantially higher potential to fatten your wallet! In fact, this quest
has the highest reward of them all but it isn't much harder than most of the
quests we've been doing lately. You are being hired by Dr. Montague to test out
some new weapon of his. You're also supposed to obtain data from three test
sites in the Ruins. Let me put it this way, you're getting paid a crazy amount
of Meseta for a simple job that requires kicking some backside. There, let's go!

Warp down to Ruins 1 and the first thing you'll see is a 2-switch door. Hit the
switches and head through. You'll end up in a rather large square room. This is
Test Site #1 so be prepared for a BIG battle with LOTS of enemies. Don't worry
though, if you're already at a good strong level, you'll do just fine. Don't
forget, Elenor's with you and she's pretty strong too. (Just get a load of that
massive launcher she's carrying! Holy crap!)

After the fight, you'll grab the first data. From here, you'll see two doors on
the far wall. Go through either, it doesn't really matter. You'll pass a hallway
and end up either on or near a large L room. If you're on the L itself, hit the
three switches you see and backtrack to go through the other door. If you ended
up on the smaller piece of land, hit the switch there and you can actually keep
going. You'll run into a warp that will lead you right up on the other side of
the L room. You could always go back through the other door but you get some
extra EXP the other way. Anyways, needless to say, there is a 4-switch door in
the L room. However you do it, activate all the switches and head through it. Go
south in the next room and you'll find yourself in another large room. This is
the next Test Area. The battle isn't too bad but there are quite a few sorcerers
so watch out.

Once you've cleared the room, you can head east to find a healing ring but
ultimately you'll need to go south. You'll quickly come upon the large waterfall
room. This is the last Test Area and there are a few Belras here so be very
careful. Once you've decimated everything, a Telepipe will open and that's it!

<B2-SM>---------Seek My Master--------------------------------------------------
 ____________    _________________    ______________    ______________
|Reward: 6000|__|Levels: Ruins 1-2|__|Team: Hucaseal|__|Difficulty 20%|
> Locate and rescue Zoke

Whew! We're almost there! Okay, this quest is on par with most others. It's
simple. There is this android named Shino and she belongs to some guy named
Zoke. Even though androids are considered equals to humans and newmans, this
Shino insists that Zoke is her one and only master and she isn't going to do a
whole lot without him. Hmm...well it seems that she's an "older model" of some
kind. Because of this, Zoke thinks she can't fight worth a crap and told her to
stay on Pioneer II while he scoped out fame and fortune in the Ruins. Nice guy
huh? Well, he's been gone a while and apparently Shino is worried. Our mission
as you might have guessed is to go and find this Zoke and rescue his sorry
behind from whatever might be beating it into the ground.

Exactly how are we going to find him you ask? Well, he apparently has quite a
few swords on him: each with mechanisms in them. Shino can detect them you see.
Okay...well then, lets get going shall we? Head on down to Ruins 1. There's not
much to worry about here. After a little bit, you come to the entrance of the
room with the waterfall. Here, Shino has the flashback of how Zoke told her off,
dissed her and ordered her back up to Pioneer II. If it were me, he'd be dead by
now but alas, I was not cut out to be somebody's property. Now just beat the
rest of Ruins 1. Yeah, yeah, groan.

Once you're in Ruins 2, you won't go too far before and earthquake will shake
everything. Then Shino goes and tells you that it's not an earthquake. Well,
then will you kindly tell me what the heck you think it is? Apparently not as
you do not ever talk about this nor care about it anymore. Anyways, the rest of
Ruins 2 is a snap. You may end up going the wrong way and find a room filled
with warps. You don't have to go here at all but if you get lost, don't take any
warps in this room. Go into the next room and you'll see yet another warp. Go
figure. Take this warp and it will put you back on track. Anyways, after a
while, you'll come across a small square room. Once you've killed everybody, a
little glowing thing will appear. This is the sword KAMUI. Shino picks it up.
Now continue. You'll soon come across some person lying on the floor. Talk to
him and he says something just a little too weird... Now, in the next room
you'll find another sword called the YASHA. We must be getting close right? Yup.
You'll then come upon that huge room that marks the halfway point. There will a
huge battle here so be prepared. Once you've slaughtered everything, you'll see
a man lying in the middle of the room. (Feel free to dance on him a little
before speaking to him) This is Zoke and he's not doing too good. He says that
Shino was a fool to come down here but meh, he doesn't care too much. He says
that he's going to die and that Shino is free! (Agent Smith remix) After all of
this, he will give you a message to get Pioneer II out of here. Hmm... we could
have told everybody that but you know, they just don't listen. Anyhow, talk to
Shino once more and she'll give you the SANGE. A Telepipe will appear and you're

<B2-FD>---------From the Depths-------------------------------------------------
 ____________    _________________    ___________    _______________
|Reward: 8000|__|Levels: Ruins 2-3|__|Team: HUmar|__|Difficulty: 40%|
>Locate and rescue the research team
>Obtain data from monitoring station

Alright! The final quest is here! This one is pretty long too but nothing like
Soul of Steel. Here's what's happening: there was another enormous earthquake
(about the same size as the infamous explosion). A research team was sent to
check it out but nobody has returned! It's our job to figure out what happened
to them. Before you go, do yourself a favour and bring a TELPIPE! Come on, it's
a long way back!

Okay, head on down to Ruins 2. Be warned that this quest is creepy and you may
be freaked out a couple time but don't worry, all the strange stuff down here
doesn't seem to like you too much. (Doh, should have warn deodorant!) Let's go!
You'll start off with a lovely earthquake! Before you can even bother to wonder
if anybody is going to care or not, you'll be treated to a cut scene that shows
two hunters checking around the room. This happens to be our long lost research
team. Hmm, they don't look all THAT intelligent but there hasn't been too much
of that grey matter upstairs around these days. After the movie, go straight.
You won't get too far before you'll be treated to yet another cut scene of the
same two hunters who we thought may have left the room to perhaps do something
helpful like actually search the ruins for any evidence, not stare at the pretty
rocks and debris. Then the creepy crap starts to happen. The human suddenly
stops and starts to fizzle as though he just went flying through a thunderstorm
in a steel airplane with a ground wire attached to the plane. The android seems
to think he's joking when the same thing happens to him! Then the screen black
out and switches back to you. Okay...

Keep advancing and you'll soon find yourself in that same room and both hunters
will be on the ground and seem to be either dead or unconscious. Before you can
even get an "are you okay?" out, they disappear in a cloud of steam! ...that was
just a little weird... In the next hallway, you'll find another quake! In the
very next room, you'll see the same two hunters but they seem to have equipped
different weapons and are still completely immobile. If you talk to the android
you just get a Reader's Digest version of "Recognizing Psychotic Behaviour 101"
Talk to the human and you won't even get a response. Nope, the two simply vanish
in a cloud of smoke. Damn it, what the heck is going on around here?

You'll get some time to digest just how strange this was as you walk. Keep
progressing through the Ruins and wonder how far you'll go before this creepy
crap starts happening to you. You'll eventually come upon the halfway point:
that huge room. In it is a red FOmarl. She's seems to have taken the above
course and passed with flying colours thus starts spouting random crap. In the
mean time, she doesn't seem to have a clue who see is and seems to have been
injected with De Rol Le's poisonous/venomous "sap" just one too many times and
now entertains the voices in her head which you can here too! You'll have to
talk to her several times to get her to do anything! Eventually, she'll loose it
and start attacking you. At that very moment, the entire room fills with
baddies. She will attack only you for some reason even though the monsters seem
to have little to no trouble attacking her. Take care of everything and the door
will open and she'll disappear. You're probably becoming desensitized to this
garbage by now right?

Exit this room with due haste and you'll come to a fork in the road. Before you
can say "enny, meeny, miney" a pile of steam spouts from one door. Hmmm... take
that one. From this point forward, expect earthquakes to be a commonplace thing.
At the next fork, go north. From there, you'll come to one last split. Take a
left here and you'll be at the exit.

Now you're in Ruins 3. In the very first room you see is Ash: you know, that
weak little HUmar from the first quest? He's actually a good bit stronger with
an awesome weapon. He rushes up to you and a pile of baddies appear. Don't worry
he's on your side. Tear them limb from limb and catch up with Ash a bit. Now
move out. You need to head to the tic-tac-toe room which isn't far. Once you get
here, take a look at this!

        |  |     |VV|
     ___|  |_____|  |_____
(4)<--                   -->(3)
     ___    _____    _____
        |  |o   o|  |
     ___|  |_____|  |_____
    X                    -->(1)
    X___    _____    _____
        |  |     |  |
        | ||     |XX|

Okay you're going to have to ultimately go through door (4) to get to the centre
and get the data from the computer. However, two laser barriers block the warp.
Here's what you have to do:

1. Go though door marked (1). Though here you'll come to a dark room with the
green switch in it. Hit it and head back to the # room.

2. Now, go through the door marked (2). There will be a warp there that was
surrounded by a green barrier but now it's gone. Take the warp and you'll come
to another dark room with the red switch in it. Fight your way back to the #
room yet again. (You can always use your map too.)

3. Next, go through the door marked (3). You will come upon the blue barrier
here. Deactivate it and go back once more to the # room.

4. Now you can go through door (4). You'll come to the now unguarded warp. Use
it to get to the centre of the # room.

Check one of the two computers. They are currently not working but that doesn't
stop you from copping all the data they were unable to get from the monument
they are next to because they weren't working. Hmm... I'm not going to even call
that strange after what we've seen. Okay, now warp back and head out. Ash will
decide to leave you now to try and find survivors in this empty level. Well
that's fine. Use your Telepipe that I told you to bring and head back to the
guild. Give them the unfortunate news about the strange events, grab your cash
and vow never to go back there again! Whew! You're done!

NOTE: If you completed all the quests now, you'll be able to re-enter any quest
at will. If you have any enemy parts you can now bring them back. (See the FAQ)

<B2-CD>---------Central Dome Fire Swirl-----------------------------------------
 ___________    _______________    __________    _______________
|Reward: ???|__|Level: Forest 2|__|Team: None|__|Difficulty: 15%|
>Locate and recover all missing personnel
>Extinguish all fires

First, before we start, let me just point out that this quest is only available
online or on PSO Plus edition. If you have Plus edition, this quest becomes
available near the end and will be the very last one on the list of Episode I
quests. I'm not sure as to exactly when it becomes available because when I
finally got a hold of Plus edition, I already had the quests all beaten so I'll
just say that it's gonna be a good way down the road.

With that out of the way lets begin shall we? First, I guess I'd better speak to
this first because you're all probably lying on the floor in shock after
selecting the quest. Yes, that is Japanese disco-y music you're hearing, no you
haven't heard it before and no it's not on the BGM Test. Let me also point out
that this music rocks. (I don't care what you say! It's awesome) It really is a
nice change from the standard "Mother Earth of Dishonesty" so don't whine,

Anyhoo, our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to um...go around Forest
2 and rescue people...again. You see, apparently a huge forest fire started down
on Ragol and a bunch of useless hunters got caught in the blaze. But, there's a
catch. (No, not "The Catch"...*shudders*) There will be NO techniques to be used
in the quest. Nope, not a one; not even freaking Barta and Resta spells. Damn
it! Do they honestly think ice is going to spread the fire? Idiots I tell you.
Well there's no point in whining, just stock up on mates before you go if you're
a Force and grab a danged Telepipe in case things get intense down there. NOTE:
you can cheat on this no techs thing. If you have a weapon that casts spells
with its special (such as the Hildebears' Cane) this special ability will NOT be
blocked giving you access to a few spells. Seeing, though, the spell you'll miss
the most is the one that isn't on any weapon, this isn't of much help. (Resta
that is.)

As soon as you get down to Forest 2, you'll notice that fire is in fact
everywhere. Also, I forgot to mention that your weapons have all be 'souped up'
so that shooting the fire will now kill it. Test this out by annihilating all
the fire in this first room and notice the squeaky sort of laugh the fire makes
when it dies. Creepy? Yes. Oh, before I forget, the fires WILL hurt you if you
are a dumbass and walk right into one. Thus, a gun is a GOOD thing. Okay, in
this first room, kill the lot of the fires and you'll see a downed hunter near
the lower door. Talk to him and set the coordinates for his rescue. After that,
hit the switch and exit the lower door.

In this room, again, kill all the fires making sure not to miss the one that is
up high. If you miss this one, you won't be able to advance. Once all the fires
are done, head around the corner to that little niche on your right. Notice the
big column that's there. (Hey, wasn't that from Challenge mode?!) Once all the
fires are dead, it'll move and let you through. There is a girl lying on the
floor there. Set the coordinates for her to and head back to the first room with
the portal in it.

Now head up to the top door and head down into the next room. There will be a
good fight here so be prepared. If you run into trouble, (especially you Resta-
addicted Forces) drop that Telepipe I told you to bring and head back for more
mates. (Mates?! ARGH!) Once all the enemies are dead and you've killed all the
fires, head over to the side of the room with the yellow door. See that Ruins-
like floor switch there? Hit it and head all the way back to the first room
again. Notice now that the column here will have moved also and there is a
switch behind it. Hit it and head back to the previous room where you just were
only now the bridge to that communicator thing will have formed. Head across and
check the thing. Suddenly, a guy will creepily appear and whine to be saved.
Save his sorry behind and you'll be treated to a message telling you that you
can proceed. Bon, non?

From the room with the bridge take the left door (the yellow one) and you'll be
in the familiar, biggest room in Forest 2. As soon as you go forwards, you'll be
treated to a fight. Not insanely difficult but watch you mates. Once you've
killed all the enemies and fires, head through the laser-barrier fence. Once
here, kill all the fires and save the guy at the far end. Now head back to the
big room. Head north and take the right door.

In this room, you guessed it, kill all the enemies and fires. Man, that giggling
is getting annoying. I kind of hoped the fires would growl or something. You
know, at least give you more incentive to...kill them. Meh. Alright, once
everything is done here the column-door in this room will move. Save the weak,
pathetic guy behind it and head back to the biggest room. However, before you
go, you are advised to hit the switch in this room which will allow you a quick
path back here later.

Once you're back in the biggest room, head all the way to the south end where
the too locked doors are. Talk to the second door. Yes, talk to it. Don't worry,
I won't call the men in the clean white coats, just do it. Actually, you'll be
talking to somebody BEHIND the door but still, it's not like you haven't been
talking to yourself by fooling with the text commands while making long walks.
Admit it, you talk to yourself in a game! ADMIT IT!!! Okay, just joking. Anyway,
the girl there says she won't let you save her until you rescue somebody else
first. In retrospect, this is stupid. Not only is she locked in a room where
enemies tend to instantly grow from the floor but if we needed help from an
onslaught of creatures in trying to save her sorry rear then she's not helping
very much by not providing a conceivably excellent place to hide. Well don't
worry, we've already saved Private Ryan so no worries. She opens the door and
you can save here. (...) Meh, whatever, it's a living.

Now head to the north end of the biggest room again. Notice the red door to your
left is now open. Head inside. Here you'll have to (surprise, surprise) kill a
bunch of enemies and fires. If you can't get the enemies to come out, walk near
the laser barrier with the warp. That'll bring them up. Once that's done, go
through the barrier to where the FIRES are. Kill them and enter the warp behind
it. There you'll find Lionel...on fire! Before he melts/explodes and sends his
pieces flying again, kill the fire and save him. Warp back. Now take the other
warp behind the OTHER laser fence.

Whoo boy! Now's the time for a FIGHT! If you're low on mates, use that Telepipe
and stock up again. Just make sure to grab another Telepipe JIC. Now, I'd advise
you to kill the fires first but they have to be killed in a certain order. The
trick is simple: shoot the two smallest ones. That'll clear the whole room out.
Now, slaughter all the baddies. (There's sure lots! Crap!) Notice that there
haven't been an Hildbears yet. Hmmm... Once all the enemies are done, go to the
last room. Kill the fires and save the girl there. Finally, head through the
warp at the far end of this room. You'll be brought to the final locked room.
Kill the last fires and save the last guy! You're done! Yai! Drop a Telepipe and
head back (if you don't have one you'll have to use the blue warp.)

When you get back, talk to the client again and she offers you a continuation as
it seems the fires are back. If you want to end it now, refuse and get your
cash. Otherwise, accept twice and pipe back down. Be warned that if you have
been struggling with this quest, you will die if you continue. However, now
TECHS ARE NOW ACCESSABLE! Once you get down there, go to the last room where you
found the last guy. You'll see some dude standing there. Talk to him and he
disappears. Now check your map, and go to the room where the green arrow is.

Before you go it, it is advised that you drop a Telepipe, Shifta and Deband if
you can and heal up. Now head in. There are four fires here. Go talk to the guy
a few times until he apologizes. Notice now that the camera goes all weird. Walk
around the room a bit until about 8 or so Hildebears all drop at once!
(Instantly killing the guy.) It seems that he works at the 'Lab' too and if you
recall the whole "Forest of Sorrow" quest, they have been messing around with
the Hildebears' DNA. Well now they all want to take out their frustrations on
you. Fighting them off can be hard if you're at a low level. Freezing is a good
choice but not the only one. If you're an android, set a confuse trap and watch
them kill each other. Otherwise, nail the bunch with facefulls of Barta (or
Grants for Ultimate). Once you've killed the lot, head back to the Hunters Guild
again and claim your Meseta (sadly ending the music.) Yeah! Now you've REALLY
gotten all the Episode I quests done! Good job again!

=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_Section B3: EPISODE 2 Walkthrough=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=

~General Stuff~

Episode works in much the same way that Episode I did so don't worry. There are
still doors and switches etc. However, Episode II features FAR more difficult
enemies than Episode I did. You'd be wise to be pretty familiar with the game
and have some levelling under your belt before you head here. The levels
themselves are a little stranger. You'll start off taking the hunter's exam for
the Lab (ha, remember them from Episode I?) Well, now you're working for them.
The first two levels are found in the right teleporter. The CCA and Seabed are
accessed through the left teleport, which will be closed until you beat the
first two. By the way, Episode two conquers the third dimension so expect some
more up and down action than before. Anyway, let's beat this game.

<B3T>---------Temple Alpha-Beta-------------------------------------------------

Enemy Breakdown:

The enemies of Temple and Spaceship are all exact replicas of the Episode I
version. However, the Lab mess up their relative strengths and weaknesses so I
have listed the changes here. Their attack patterns are the same even in

HP: Med
SPECIALS: Produces Mothmonts
WEAPON: Sword/Mechgun

HP: Low
POW: Low
WEAPON: Gun/Ranged Weapon

Rag Rappy
HP: Med
POW: Low-Med
WEAPON: Sword/Mechgun

HP: High
POW: High
SPECIALS: Can Shoot Foie
WEAPON: Handgun/Rifle/Mechgun

Poison Lilly
HP: Low-Med
SPECIALS: Can Poison or Paralyse you
WEAKNESS: Light/Grants
WEAPON: Gun/Ranged Weapon

Grass Assassin
HP: Med-High
POW: Med
SPECIALS: Can paralyse you (Sorta)

HP: Med
POW: Med
WEAPON: Anything goes

La Dimenian
HP: Med
POW: Med
WEAPON: Anything goes

So Dimenian
HP: Med-High
POW: Med-High
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Anything goes

Dark Belra
HP: VHigh
POW: High-VHigh
SPECIALS: Can shoot rockets/Paralyse
WEAKNESS: Light/Grants
WEAPON: Sword/Sabre (Up close weapon)

|=====VR Temple ALPHA=====|
Enemies: All except Dark Belras
Size: 55%
Overall Difficulty: 75%

The first of four strange stages here in Episode II are your Hunters Exams!
Yeah! I'm really not sure that there's any requirement involved in this test
other than the ability to kick #$@!. The Temple is very different from what
we're used to. I'm assuming that you've already beaten Episode I and have some
levels under your belt. If this is your first time or you've decided to check
out what Episode II looks like, I really recommend completing Episode I first.
This one is MUCH more difficult. Anyways, this level is a nice change from
Episode I's monotony. Under the pretentious boss of the "Lab" you'll simply have
to battle your way through this brand new set of stages with old enemies. The
level itself is MUCH more difficult that anything in Episode I because it is
built like a maze. It is built like a normal level with many recognizable rooms
used over and over again but there are lots of very small rooms packed with
enemies. Not only that but there are tons of very cramped winding hallways and
TONS of dead ends. Your map is your friend here. You will also run into many
rooms that are completely square and look like mini labyrinths. These rooms
usually contain Poison Lillies and So Dimenians so be careful. It is difficult
to make your way through but watch your cursor on the map instead of trying to
filter through the impossibly tiny passages. Look for larger rooms with doors at
either end as they usually point to the exit. Maze rooms also show the right way
somewhat but be careful as lots of them have phoney exits. You will run into a J
shaped room and that is a sign that your on the right track. This level is HARD
I know! Remember to look in the ROOM not on the map as the destroyable walls do
not appear!

~Threats 'n Traps~
You'll see big smashing pillars in this level and there's no timer so watch the
motions carefully unless you, like me, enjoy seeing your character get smashed.
(I'm very cruel; I admit it.) Otherwise they work the same as in Caves. There
are NO dark rooms here at all so don't worry. There are, however, traps and
trapped halls.

There is also a new kind of threat here: turrets. You will occasionally find a
cylindrical thing popping up from the ground, which will shoot a Foie spell at
you then retreat back into the ground and repeat. You can destroy them at any
time with spells or physical attacks. Your best bet is to simply shoot them with
a gun. Get them quickly because they can really pile on the damage if you're not
watching. Oh, going back into the ground doesn't make them invincible so you can
decimate them anytime.

Not really a trap but I alluded to them in the Layout section. There are a few
here but not as many as in the second section. You will notice these little
walls of stone every now and then. They appear as natural pieces of decoration
to obstruct paths but they can be destroyed. It's real hard to describe them so
whenever you see a wall of stone blocking a door or passage or if it just seems
out of place, go right ahead and shoot it. If you hear a "box being destroyed"
sound, they you have found what I'm talking about. Keep shooting it and it will
blow up revealing a new passage.

There are a lot of enemies in this stage for being the first level. All the
enemies here are weird and their strengths have been reduced (or upgraded) from
Episode I. If you've already played Ruins, don't freak out when you see the
Dimenians here. They are MUCH weaker and, like everything else here, has
strengths around where they should. Don't play on old stats from Episode I as
comparing the creatures really has no effect and yes, a Rag Rappy is just as
strong as a Dimenian here. The small square rooms usually have a lot of lilies
more than anything so a gun is a must unless you are an android. Rooms have lots
of baddies and you won't have much room to melee. If you have techs or traps,
bust them out here like never before. You will get surrounded easily and Ra-
techs along with traps just makes your life easier. Gizonde is great to soften
everything up with before going in full scale and I really recommend a handgun
here to safely pick off things and door-fight if necessary.

ULTIMATE NOTE: The Ob Lilies here are deadly. Their Megid is very powerful and
if you're a Force, you know that Megid, despite my bashing it, is VERY effective
against hunters. Always take these things out first and if you have a
Resist/Devil (which you should have several of by now) strap them on because
they DO make a difference. Remember that if you get close enough to a lily, it
will cough and will not shoot Megid. Door-fight until you pick off all but one
lily and run over to it. If you stay close enough you'll be safe but this does
severely hinder your fighting. It's best to use a handgun to pick them off first
as they don't have astronomical HP or anything. I really must stress using
Telepipes here because you'll die OFTEN.

|=====VR Temple BETA=====|
Enemies: All of them
Size: 60%
Overall Difficulty: 80%

The second temple level is exactly the same as the first in most ways. There are
a few differences though. The level itself is a bit longer and MUCH more complex
with many doors heading all over the place. You will really NEED your map here
but remember what I said about the previous level: not all the rooms and paths
are drawn so you may have to actually rely on your eyes for a change. Now the
level isn't that bad once you understand the dynamics. The rooms are the exact
same so I hope you enjoyed the maze rooms. Oh, don't forget that almost every
square room has at least three exits so yeah, there are LOTS of dead-ends. The
right way is also pointed by the larger "two-pronged" rooms. The right path
usually stems from the doors at the tips of the prongs. Here, more than ever,
you will encounter destroyable walls. On my first trip I had no idea that there
were these odd slabs of stone that you could actually break! (No kidding, I
walked around the level for a hour looking for the exit.) Here, you will run
into a strange room that has a huge hole in the middle. No worries, in a
connecting room is a switch that creates a bridge. There are usually LOTS of
enemies on BOTH sides of the bridge so it is easy to get surrounded here if
you're not ready for it. However, this room shows you that you're on the right
track also. You will run into a "J" room here too. When you get to it, you'll
probably get stuck. I must stress that that there ARE exits that cannot be found
on the map. When you find the J room, you will come to a seemingly dead end in
the room after it. Not so, there is an exit in here, which is not on your map.
There is a piece of debris in this room, which can be destroyed. Shoot it to
open the only way out of this room. Then you'll be on the other side of that
divide and you'll be right at the exit. This level is also very annoying but
you're almost there so relax and enjoy the scenery!

~Traps 'n Threats~
The stomping pillars are back here too and there are more of them. Sometimes
you'll see a switch just underneath one. They usually pound much more frequently
giving the game that little edge of danger you though it was missing all along.
Otherwise you'll know how to deal with these.

The turrets are here too and some shoot Gibarta. That sucks as it can freeze you
so they will be your number 1 target (if they weren't already.) For an inanimate
object they sure are cocky... (Maybe it's just me.)

Otherwise the same is here: traps and lots of them. Be careful again in the
corners of rooms and take care to open your menu before dashing through an
unknown hallway.

Hmm, well the enemies haven't changed, at all from the Alpha level. If you were
okay with them before you'll know them now too. Be careful over the bridge room
as a lot of enemies tend to appear. The J room also houses a lot too but then
again you're almost there too. You'll know what to do, just keep healing and
some Gi/Ra techs wouldn't hurt either.

|======BOSS: Barba Ray======|
Recommended Equipment: A GUN weapon really helps as does protection from
confusion. Sol Atomizers work nicely for this if you haven't a Cure/Confuse.
HP: Med
Overall Difficulty: 35%

Well, the reincarnated De Rol Le is back with vengeance. If you remember our old
friend, you'll know exactly how to take him down so go ahead, try him anyway as
I'm sure you won't need the guide. For all you first timers out there, his
attacks are as follows. First, he will shoot a mess of bubbles at you, which do
a fair amount of damage but noting out of this world. It's hard to avoid to say
the least but meh, you can do it if you really try. He can also go underneath
the boat you happen to be on and start trying to poke you with his many long
antennae. You can tell where it will come from as the ground will sparkle where
the next one will emerge. If they hit you, you'll be poisoned but that's about
it. Just run in circles to avoid it. Barba Ray can also make these weird little
pieces of crap appear on your raft called "Pig Rays". They appear along one side
then swim across the raft trying to hit you and then disappear. You could try
and kill them but it's better to just run in a line. Because they didn't all
appear at once, they won't all attack at once either and you'll be able to dodge
them no problem. He does this a lot and it can happen on any side of the raft so
be careful. It usually precedes and follows the antennae poke attack. Oh, be
careful as sometimes a gold one will appear which causes confusion if it hits.
(Hence, the Sol Atomizers) Next, he can stand up, De Rol Le style and shoot
lasers at you. They look very menacing but they actually do less damage than De
Rol Le's. It would still behove you to avoid them by running back and fourth
anyways as it is still a powerful attack. Finally, he will leap up and smash his
head on the raft like the idiot he is. If you are around the spot of impact
you'll take hefty damage. If you remember De Rol Le, when he did this, he would
now try and stab you with those antennae of his but Barba Ray doesn't for some
reason! Awesome huh? When this happens you have nothing to fear so let loose. He
won't stay long though.

Hmm... since you've definitely seen this kind of attacking force before you
should know what to expect. Basically, fight the Barba Ray the same way as De
Rol Le. There are a few differences though. First, as before, you'll want a
HANDGUN! Mechgun's work too but the Handgun has the highest accuracy. If you're
a Ranger, then dance around because your Riffle is even more accurate and trumps
the Handgun in every way. With this, you can hit our friend from anywhere. You
also need to be quick on your feet. While Barba Ray is swimming by the raft,
fire a few shots at his head then get ready to dodge those bubbles. Gi/Razonde
works really well too especially if its at a good strong level as then you can
stand at the very back of your raft and dish out the pain. Be careful though,
after the side spray attack, expect a round of Pig Rays. If you're lucky,
sometimes Barba Ray will wait a while before doing this but if not, then run in
a straight line across the raft so the rays will all miss. Also, as I said, be
careful for the gold ones! If Barba Ray doesn't surface now, watch the floor and
run in circles for the antennae attack. You should be able to dodge this easily.
Once he surfaces, expect more Pig Rays and a chance to attack. Pounce but be
careful for those bubbles. Now, when he goes behind to shoot the lasers, once
more, run back and fourth and if you have a good handgun, you should be able to
squeeze some hits in between salvos. Once he lowers back down, it's your cue to
attack again. Grants his head if you are a Force because his head'll be right in
front of you! Finally, he he's about to jump on the raft, first stand back so
you don't get knocked down by the force of the impact. Then run up, Photon
Blast, Grants, Mechgun, whatever your strongest stuff is, pelt him with it. He
won't poke you with those antennae (thank God!) but he doesn't stay very long at
all so make sure you lay in the damage because this is your best opportunity to
reach him with high-power weapons. After a few go-rounds, you'll have him down!
Yeah! Get your grade and move out! Time for the Spaceship!

<B3T>---------Temple Alpha-Beta (Ultimate)--------------------------------------

Enemy Changes:

If you haven't been paying attention, the enemies here will also follow the same
pattern, that is, they will be the exact same enemies from Ultimate mode. I'll
list them here but refer to Episode I walkthrough for further details.

Monest ->
Mothment ->
Hildebear -> Hildelt -> Light
Rag Rappy -> El Rappy -> ???
Grass Assassin -> Crimson Assassin -> ???

Poison Lilly -> Ob Lilly -> ???

There is a special note here to remember: Ob Lilies shoot Megid. That's very bad
and even though you can't kill with it, you certainly be killed by it. ALWAYS
CARRY A SCAPE DOLL HERE! You could die at any time. Before entering any rooms, I
recommend that you use a Handgun/Riffle and Door-Fight until you've picked off
all the Lilies. If there's only one, run right up to it. I will try and cough to
hurt you but if you stand the perfect distance away, it won't be able to hit you
and it won't shoot Megid either. Be careful though. In the rooms with the
bridges, you can easily be trapped between armies of them and get your rear
kicked several yards nearer to the moon, hence the Scape Doll. Remember: go
after these FIRST!

Dimenian -> Alran -> Same
La Dimenian -> Merlan -> Same
So Dimenian -> Del D -> Same

Dark Belra -> Indi Belra -> ???

There's not much difference here but there is one thing to mention and that is
the Indi Belra goes absolutely INSANE when firing those arms so do be careful:
they are powerful, fast and frequent. You may want to run behind them to make em
dizzy first then take everything else out. There aren't many but yeah, them plus
Ob Lilies can easily mean DEATH. These guys don't show up until Temple Beta and
you'll probably see them in the small rooms amplifying the danger. You may be
force to take them out with a handgun. Check the Episode I description for more
information. These things are EVIL!

|======BOSS: Barba Ray======|

Unlike Episode I, the bosses in Episode II are almost EXACTLY the same as their
non-Ultimate counterparts. The Barba Ray looks identical to what you remember
and he attacks in the much the same way.

The only real difference is here are those Pig Rays. They form the same way but
that gold one that you remember? Well, it can paralyse you now. That doesn't
sound so bad but given the number of times that they show up, you'd better have
10 Antiparalysis and 10 Sol Atomizers on you just in case. If you can, kill it
but otherwise, just use the same method to avoid them. If you've got another
spell caster with you, you'll be fine (as long as you've got Anti!).

The only other difference, which really isn't anything at all is that when you
get poisoned by those barbs of his, that poison is pretty strong and it can suck
your health away pretty fast. You'd be advised to remedy this quickly.

Otherwise, refer to the section above on the strategy to beat this thing as it
is the same as before! All you androids, you're doing fine because neither
Poison nor Paralysis is going to ruin your day.

<B3S>---------Spaceship Alpha-Beta----------------------------------------------

Enemy Breakdown:

Savage Wolf
HP: Med-High
POW: High
WEAPON: Sword Types/Anything Goes

Barbarous Wolf
HP: Med-High
POW: High
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde (???)
WEAPON: Sword Types/Anything Goes

Pan Arms
HP: High
POW: Med
SPECIALS: Shoots Lasers/Cast Jellen & Zalure
WEAPON: Mechgun/Sword Types

HP: Med
POW: Med-VHigh
SPECIALS: Can Shoot Lasers
WEAKNESS: Ice/Barta (Grants works good too)
WEAPON: Handgun/Gun Types

HP: Unlimited
POW: Med-VHigh
SPECIALS: Can Shoot Lasers
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Handgun/Gun Types

HP: VHigh
POW: VHigh-Extreme
SPECIALS: Can Shoot Missiles/Land Mines
WEAPON: Mechgun/Gun Types

HP: High
POW: VHigh
SPECIALS: Can Block Attacks
WEAPON: Gun Types

Chaos Sorcerer
HP: Med
POW: High
SPECIALS: Shoots Gibarta and Gizonde
WEAPON: Close-range Weapons

|=====VR Spaceship Alpha=====|
Enemies: All of them
Size: 55%
Overall Difficulty: 70%

The Spaceship is, in my opinion, 100 times more fun to play. Maybe it's just me
and the destroying of machines again but hey, the level is MUCH less complex and
resembles something out of Episode I. Of course the level is also has a much
higher ascetic value than the Temple with rooms comprised completely out of TV
screens. It's pretty cool. Also, when you hang out outside in the hallways,
there is a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Anyway, the Spaceship is
actually a bit smaller than the Temple so be happy about that. As for where to
go, that's a pretty big enigma around here. You'll still be better off sticking
to the large rectangular rooms but don't be afraid to head down 2 and 4-switch
doors there are quite a few time where they are the correct path which is just a
little creepy. You'll run into a good few small rooms too and that's not such a
bad thing as before but do be warned, most have boxes stemming from them. If you
see any of those giant crushers a la Episode I Caves, you're going the right
way. There is no visible half-way point here but if you run into a small square
room with lots of dividers and pillars, you're going the right way. Once again,
the Garnaz marks the correct path here as well. Don't sweat. It you just
persist, you'll find the exit. There are a few rooms where the switches are
hidden in other rooms but I'm sure that you'll be able to handle that by now.

~Traps 'n Threats~
There's the same stuff here as you remember from before: floating traps, trapped
hallways and those annoying crushing pillars. Do be careful, many of them have
VERY short time intervals and you could end up squashed in an instant. There are
also some of those turrets around here and be careful, some shoot Gibarta and
that's not a good thing. A Handgun is good and taking them out so no worries.

Finally, there are LOTS of dark rooms here and be careful as the usually occur
once more, in the rectangular rooms. There is a catch though and these rooms
don't have the light switch in them directly. No you'll have to fight your way
through the room first and go into an adjacent room to hit the switch there.
This room might be open initially but you'd best be prepared for a nighttime

Oh, what can I say for enemies that you don't already know? Well, be careful
after killing off the first set because the next set will be on their way. Most
enemies like to appear at the corners of the rooms so don't spend too much time
in the centre of the rooms when they are appearing. Keep some Ra techs on you
and you'll be fine. Be careful in dark rooms as there is usually a Melee here so
watch out for that. Otherwise, just do what you've been doing to get this far!

|=====VR Spaceship Beta=====|
Enemies: All of them
Size: 60%
Overall Difficulty: 70%

The layout of the Beta level isn't radically different from the Alpha level. The
level is built in much the same way though it is a bit bigger. Don't worry too
much though as it's the same deal here. You'll want to be heading through the
large rectangular rooms here as well but once again, if you see a Garnaz,
crushing pillar or turrets, you're going the right way. Also, if you come across
rooms with those dividers that make them somewhat of a maze, that's a good sign
as well. There will be a room here full of purple mist (see below) which marks
about the two-thirds point. That's really it. If you see one of those little
transmitters to the lab, you're going the right way too. You'll be outta here in
no time so what are you waiting for?

~Threats n' Traps~
For traps and other things, expect to see the same stuff around here as you did
in the Alpha level. There are a few more turrets, maze-like rooms and dark rooms
but other than that, you'll know what do. Also, guess what's back: those
annoying Ruins traps! Yup, they fall from the roof and immobilize you just like
before. Joy. You can avoid them if you're moving but it's hard. Just curse them
every time you get hit. It's the only way.

There is one other rather strange trap here and it's kinda unavoidable. You see,
every now and then you'll come across a room filled with this poisonous purple
mist. You really can't avoid it and as long as you're in the room, you'll health
will drop...FAST! This counts for androids too (must be corrosive stuff.) Not to
worry. If you come upon such a room, you'll see a switch around. Hit it and the
purple crap will disappear. (Must have something to do with the filter

The enemies here are a bit more intense but noting too bad. You'll see a LOT
more of the Dark attributed enemies. Delsabers show up in twos and threes along
with the rest of the stuff around here. If you're a little low on EXP, you may
have to take out the Delsabers by either Jellen/Zaluring them, freezing them
with Barta or a trap or by just door fighting but a combination techs and
attacks can help you avoid the latter. A decent tip is that if you kill off the
first section of baddies and are down to only one left, before you murder it,
get a good ways closer to the door or at least out of the CENTRE of the room!
Once the next set shows up, you'll be surrounded. Ra techs work but I personally
find Gi techs to work the best around here. (Don't ask why.) Androids, CONFUSE
TRAPS! Yes, the power that some of the stuff around here could be best used to
your advantage. Once you've enlisted some soldiers, stand back and clear them
out with a gun of some kind. I don't recommend a sword for this place just
because of the number of enemies you'll be fighting (namely the gilchics) but if
you DO get surrounded, unload a Photon Blast, Ra Tech or just take out that
partisan you seem to still have lying around.

|======BOSS: Gol Dragon======|
Recommended Equipment: A Handgun or Riffle for accuracy as well as some All
Resists because there's lots of elemental damage to go round here. Oh, some Sol
Atomizers wouldn't hurt because you'll be taking lightening damage.
HP: Med
Overall Difficulty: 45%
Weakness: Ice/Barta

The title of the soundtrack "Growl from the technical haze" seems to fit the Gol
Dragon well. To tell you the truth, he doesn't really look like a dragon, at
all. (Yeah, we though the nano-dragons looked weird...) The Gol Dragon has the
structure of a dragon (that is wings, a tail and the ability to breath...stuff)
but he looks like Dr. Eggman got his hands on him (heh, heh robot-ified!)
Anyway, you'll recognize his attack patterns immediately. The Gol Dragon will
start by walking around just like his non-metallic counterpart (heh, heh the
Rush Dragon looks way better) and if you happen to be underfoot, you'll be
moping the floor with your head. It doesn't hurt quite as badly as you'd think
though. He may disappear then reappear again while doing this but really, it's
just a fancy way to psych you out. What really sucks is after a few seconds, the
Gol Dragon will decide to breath, something. It will be either the good old
fashioned fire, lightening, to fit his new look or just to screw you up totally,
ice. To be honest with you, if you're going to get hit by one of them, get hit
by fire. Lightening as you may have guessed can shock you and a Sol Atomizer is
a blessing at this point. However, if you've ever fought the Sil Dragon, you'll
know that ice is the WORST thing to get hit by, as it will freeze you. Yeah,
what's so bad about that huh? Well now you have the evasion of a paintbrush and
every single atom of that ice is going to hurt you and you can watch that health
bar shoot down faster than the gas gauge of an SUV with the AC on. If you get
frozen, mash the control stick but you can pretty much expect death. ("It just
took a few seconds Q...")

To avoid ALL of this crap, make like the normal dragon: hide under that neck.
Not only will you be sheltered from his breath, but also the dragon's fleshy, er
metallic body will be open for attack as well as those feet. Gol, can also fly
up (gee, is that what those enormous wings are for?) and spit one of the above
elements at you too. The same rules apply here and Barta is deadly. Now, be
careful when he lands as all the land around you will be disrupted and shoot up
like Lego-Blocks gone wrong. This little quake can hurt a LOT and it has a big
range too so beware. Otherwise, that's about all he can dish out except for one
other thing. Once you've marked his rear enough with your boot, he'll do the
roar thing and fly up and smash through that weird ground. NO, HE'S NOT
TUNNELING! But the Gol Dragon will appear again with a friend (two in later
difficulties). It is an exact copy of him and it's impossible to tell them
apart. Oh, the bad news is that it's NOT like the clone of a Sinow Beat or
anything. No, this is a Yaridovich clone, which if you've ever played Super
Mario RPG, will attack you for DAMAGE. The clone will attack in synchronicity
with the original. Just pick one and attack. If it was fake, after a good few
combos, it'll flash and disappear. Otherwise, that's it! Check out the strategy
now, ya?

There's not much to this guy at all. If you've fought the Dragon from Episode I
(or even better, the Sil Dragon) you'll know exactly what to expect. A gun works
well here as do long sword weapons like partisans and swords. If you're a
Ranger, whip out that good old mechgun of yours. If you find it too inaccurate,
then use some spells or a rifle works good too. Gol Dragon will spend most of
the time on the ground anyway so don't worry too much. Forces, the spell of the
day is Barta. Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, Barta works the best
ALL THE TIME. I mean, you could always Grants him but why bother? Lightening
works so-so and fire's kinda meh. Oh, just stay away from dark magic, which as
you probably know by now, will do tons of nothing. Most of the time, you'll want
to stand beside the Dragon because his stepping attack is brutal. When he stops
though, get under the neck to avoid all the breath attack and keep wailing away.
If he flies up, run in circles. You'll still probably be hit but it's a bit more
rewarding to have at least tried to dodge instead of sitting there like the
moron you are. When he does start to fly though, run way back and shoot at him
with your best long-range gun. By the way, YES Barta can STILL hit him now! Just
make sure you're far enough away for when he lands. Needless to say, heal up
JIC. Now, when the clone appears, you'll probably end up fighting it first.
Treat the clone exactly like the original. The clone will always follow the
original around so don't worry. It does mean though that you'll be getting hit
by two different elements now but nothing to worry about right? You'll kill the
fake in no time. Otherwise, just to recap, Barta works best, stay under the neck
and kill the fake the same way. That's about it so I think we can move on. Oh,
Great job on your exams!

<B3S>---------Spaceship Alpha-Beta (Ultimate)-----------------------------------

Enemy Changes:

Savage Wolf -> Gulgus -> Can cause Slow
Barbarous Wolf -> Gue-Gulgus -> Can cause Paralysis
Pan Arms -> Same (Watch out for Jellen and Zalure!)
Gilchic -> Gilchich -> Fire
Dubchic -> Dubchich -> Lightening
Garnaz -> Branaz -> Same
Delsaber -> Same

Chaos Sorcerer -> Gran Sorcerer -> Same

I'll mention it again here too. The Gran Sorcerer is more or less the same but
it now shoots Grants and Megid! Yup, that's right. You'll be wanting to avoid
the Megid at all costs so try exiting the room while the gem turns Yellow.
Otherwise, just treat them the same way as before

|======BOSS: Gol Dragon======|

Like the Barba Ray, you'd be surprised how similar the Gol Dragon is in
Ultimate. Treat him the EXACT same way and you'll be fine. The only possible
note here is that the ice and lightening attacks now has an increased chance of
freezing/ shocking you respectively.

Oh, the one other thing is that now, you'll see two clones at a time. Not a big
deal but the double teaming can suck. Try to get them to all gather in the
centre so you can hide in the middle of their necks to avoid everything and
stick with one. Remember, the fewer there are, the less damage you'll take!

<B3C>---------Central Control Area----------------------------------------------

Enemy Breakdown:

HP: Low-Med
POW: Med
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Partisan/Spread
ATTRIBUTE: Altered Beast

One of the most common enemies to the Jungle area is the Merillia. They are
these strange little flowers that seem to have a death wish. They usually show
up in twos and threes but that's the max. The start out invincible while they
are planted in the ground but they can't hurt you here or move at all. This
means you can't just snipe them from a distance. You have to get close enough to
make them come after you. In retrospect, this is stupid because you can
carefully make them come upon you one at a time and kick their rears
individually. If you hurt one enough, it might squeal and try to run away. This
is annoying so if you've a gun, try to hit them because it'll just plant itself
again and basically waste your time. The best way, though is to just attack them
en masse with a partisan or sword weapon. (Spreads and Cards work well here
too.) They really don't have much power so don't worry. In fact, they attack so
slowly; you'll probably kill them before they get to you anyway. Don't worry;
they're pretty weak.

HP: Med
POW: Med-High
SPECIALS: Can poison you
WEAPON: Sword/Mechgun
ATTRIBUTE: Altered Beast

Another biologically altered plant that hangs around these parts. I suppose one
could blame it on pollution, if there was any. Nope, this thing is just a freak
of nature I suppose you could say. They are actually a heck of a lot stronger
than the normal Merillia so do be careful. You can easily recognize them because
they're yellow. They actually attack in the exact same way as a Merillia but
there's one difference. If you've hurt one a good bit, it may send a wave of
purple crap out that looks exactly like when a Poison Lilly does it. However,
this hurts big time and it also causes poison. Here, the best way is to use a
Mechgun and get that triple strong attack combo going because it'll push them
far enough away so that when this happens, it'll miss you entirely.

Ul Gibbon
HP: Med
POW: Low-Med
SPECIALS: Shoots Foie
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Sword Types

The first of the strange monkey-type creatures that hang out in great numbers in
the Mountain Area. The Ul Gibbon is stronger than the Merillia but about on par
with the Meriltas. They will hop around you and seem to just as reluctant to
attack you as a certain wolf from Episode I. The Ul Gibbon usually will just
jump at you and whack you with its claws. (Wait, primates don't have claws...)
This is actually pretty weak. What hurts the most is that the Ul Gibbon will
eventually jump backwards to use a fire-breathing-dragon manoeuvre and shoot a
blast of Foie at you. It's actually pretty strong. If you've any fire
resistances, you'd be wise to strap them on as these guys can show up in pretty
big numbers. That, however, is not what's disturbing about them. The Gibbons
seem to be very proud of its backside and will display it to you with pride in a
gross manner. If you're a force, you'll know what I'm about to say. Yup, just
unload a Zonde or probably a Gizonde spell as there are usually a good few of
them to toast their butts in a timely manner. In fact, a simple Zonde spell will
probably leave the Ul Gibbon on death's doorstep if not kill it outright.
Otherwise, a sword or sabre works well here, as they usually tend to linger
right next to you like the Savage Wolf did.

Zol Gibbon
HP: Med
POW: Med
SPECIALS: Shoots Gibarta
WEAKNESS: Lightening/Zonde
WEAPON: Sword Types

The Zol Gibbon is exactly like the Ul Gibbon except they're blue. They appear
more often in the Mountain Area and usually mix with the others of their genus.
Zol Gibbons usually attack in much the same way, which is they will jump at you
and try to slash at you. That's not much to worry about. However, you'll
definitely want some Resist Ice or better yet, a Cure/Freeze if you have one
because that Gibarta is powerful enough to freeze you even at higher levels and
when you're surrounded by other Gibbons, that sucks. In attacking them, stick to
swords as the Zol Gibbon has a lot of evasion. The sabre is the best in my
opinion as the Zol Gibbons usually spread out more so than other things you're
used to. They move fast too so a light sword is great. Forces, once again,
unload Zonde on these guys meaning if they mix, don't worry; Gi/Razonde will
toast everything. Do be careful though, every time you kill a Zol Gibbon, the
others will cast a very weak Shifta and Deband on themselves. It's not much to
worry about but I'd best warn you anyways.

HP: Low
POW: Low
SPECIALS: Can Shoot Stingers which Slow You
WEAPON: Gun Types

I suppose the next Oscar of annoying creatures would be the Gee. They are these
rather large red bug-type things that attack suspiciously like a Canadine. In
fact, they attack in the EXACT same way. The Gee has two functions you see.
First, it will zip around the area like the annoying housefly it is. Once it
gets to you, it'll try and sting you. This doesn't hurt all that much but it
does have the possibility of slowing you, which could piss you off if you're off
guard. The other thing they tend to do is to fly above your head and shoot these
little stingers at you, which may also slow you. Now, if that didn't seem like a
Canadine, go back to Mines 1-2. Seriously, treat Gees exactly the same as
Canadines. They even have the same weakness for crying out loud! Obviously,
since they're fast, I'll recommend a Handgun to keep track of them. The riffle
works too as do Spreads because they usually show up in great numbers. Since the
Gee isn't all that dangerous, leave it for last but that Slow can be a pain so
use your discretion. Otherwise, just unload freeze traps or Barta spells. Don't
forget, Barta can hit them even if they're flying.

Sinow Berill
HP: High
POW: Med-High
SPECIALS: Can Use Gifoie/Teleport
WEAPON: Mechgun

The oddballs of the CCA are the two Sinows that hang out here. The Sinow Berill
is actually a fairly rare occurrence until you get to the Central Control Area
itself. The Sinow Berill is actually a bit of an upgrade and downgrade from its
previous versions. The Berril will attack in much the same way as a normal Sinow
Beat: it walks up to you and punches you. It will later jump backwards and then
unload a Gifoie spell. That hurts but not TOO badly. What's annoying about them
is they are usually invisible. They usually appear in hallways so if you find
yourself walking and getting nowhere, you're right in front of a Sinow Berill.
They will spend a lot of time invisible actually but you can still see them.
Once you start to hurt them, they will start to teleport and MAN, THAT IS
ANNOYING! After they teleport it will usually bust out with Gifoie so be
prepared. Once you've almost kicked its backside, the Sinow Berill will teleport
after every hit you score on it, which is VERY annoying. To kill them, use
Mechguns because the Sinow Berill is surprisingly slow. Once it starts to go
teleport happy, try to use Barta spells if you can. Don't forget, a well-placed
Zonde spell will not only show you where the Berill is, but it may shock it as
well. Keep piling on the damage until it explodes.

Sinow Spigell
HP: High
POW: Med-High
SPECIALS: Can Teleport/De-equip your weapon!
WEAPON: Mechgun

The final enemy that you'll face around these parts is the Sinow Spigell. It is
possibly more annoying than anything else in the game thus far. The Sinow
Spigell is a lot like a Sinow Gold in that it can heal itself! You'll learn to
recognize them pretty fast as they have red highlights on their armour. They
will attack in exactly the same way as a Sinow Berill but it will also, as I've
already said, heal itself. It doesn't happen very often though so don't worry.
The one thing that will piss you off SOOOOO much about these guys is that every
time they punch you, your weapon will de-equip. (Not be dropped, just de-
equipped) It is very frustrating to then open your menu to re-equip a weapon
just to watch it get knocked out of your hands again. This is why, if you are a
FOmar like me, you'd be smart to just pelt them with constant Foie spells to rip
them up without worry of your weapon. Otherwise, use a Mechgun again. If you're
fast enough, you should be able to keep them busy long enough to dismantle them
with a triple strong attack. Don't forget, the Spigell can cloak themselves as
well as teleport so be VERY careful. One again, Zonde is very useful in locating
them and making their "adaptive camouflage" screw up. ("Adaptive camouflage:
Tiny cameras on all sides project the image they see onto a light-emitting
polymer skin on the opposite side. You see, to the casual eye, it's as good as

|=====Jungle Area (North & East)=====|
Enemies: All of them
Size: 25%
Overall Difficulty: 25%

The central control centre is strange. You see, there is a big door in the main
area but it's locked by three computers in the respective levels. Each level is
pretty small but all together, I'd say it amounts to the size of about the Mines
or so. With that out of the way, let's get going! The Jungle area is the biggest
of all three..er four levels but once again, that's like saying the head is the
largest part of a flea. The level is built kind of like a spider web and is made
from many branching sections. I don't expect you to get stuck here at all but to
be warned, despite its size, this level has a LOT of set-ups so you can get
disorientated. Here are a few things to keep in mind. First, you'll come across
a large C-shaped room with a canyon in the middle. There is usually a switch on
the other side that will open the correct path. You'll also come across a
"hallway" that is the root of a tree. It's very small and hard to see so check
your map as it is easy to miss this path. One other thing is that the exit is
usually not through the hollowed out log tunnel. Otherwise, this level is so
small, there's not much to be worried about at all. Do take note of how
spectacular the scenery is around here. The lush trees, pools of water etc. It's
a real change from Episode I huh?
Once you've found the teleport to the second half of the Jungle area, you're
really almost there. You'll emerge into a rather small level here. There area a
couple pools of water and some neat steps that lead up onto a plateau that
overlooks the ocean. Take a break here and gasp at the magnificent view and
marvel at what a good job the programmers did here. In this room, there's a
river that runs between the two banks. You'll then be able to go back down the
other side into another watery room. There is also a small underground cavern
here that leads from the river. Don't go there as it's a dead end. You MAY have
to hit a switch in there but normally, it's just a waste of your time. Remember,
this level is also built in a circle...sorta. You can still pick a direction and
go around. You'll eventually come across a room with a large, terraced hill in
it that is basically swimming in water. This is always the mini-boss room. See
below for details. Once you've beaten the mini-boss, you can toy with the
remaining enemies or head out into the next room. You'll come to a teleport and
you'll see a computer there. Activate the computer (the blue one that looks like
a tv screen) and head back to the CCA.

~Traps n' Threats~
Hmm...there's not much here, at all. You may run into the scattered normal trap
but that's it really except:

There's one new trap around these parts and they are ANNOYING! You remember
those weird things that fell from the roof in the Ruins? Well there is an
equivalent here. Sometimes as you're walking, this electrical-thing will spring
up around you and hold you in place. You can break it...from the outside but if
you're all by your lonesome, this thing will trap you for a bit then explode,
damaging you and THEN, it will probably shock you! DARN IT! Sometimes you can
see poorly hidden ones but most of the time they're invisible. Tough luck,
unless you've got a buddy, you'll just have to endure them.

Merillias and Meriltas' make up the majority of the enemy population you'll face
here. There are quite a few gibbons too but nothing to worry about. In fact, the
enemies here are a piece of cake! The Merillias are slow and you'll be able to
pick them off before they get to you. (Mechguns work well here.) If a gibbon
gets in your way, blast everything with Gizonde. Most things around here are
weak to it. Gees appear here but they're pretty sparse. Anyhoo, just whip out
that Mechgun and watch everything die.

| Mini Boss: Mericarol |
Weakness: Ice/Barta
Recommended Equipment: Mechgun

The first little weasel you'll have to deal with is the Mericarol. You'll find
him...er it at the top of the steps in the room mentioned in the Layout. This
guy isn't the most difficult thing in the world to fight but there are a few
curve balls. The Mericarol has a few attacks you see: first it will shoot these
strange orbs at you. They hurt but not very much at all. What's really annoying
about them is they confuse you almost EVERY time! Anti is helpful here...real
helpful. Otherwise Sol Atomizers will suffice. It can also release this purple
mist around itself, which I like to call "Megid-Pollen" because, yup, it kills
you...every time. You'll know when this is about to happen, as the Mericarol
will raise its head and make a strange clicking sound. Stand back (if you're not
already) and use a gun weapon. Spells work so-so too (Ice here!). Finally, on a
rare occurrence, the Mericarol will come barrelling after you completely fooling
you up because you though that it couldn't move! If it hits, it damages a little
but nothing out of this world. Like I said, stick with a mechgun here as it gets
the job done from a safe distance. If some of those Merillias get in your way,
you may consider blasting them but I recommend you keep all your firepower on
the big boy. Once it's dead you may get a rare but not likely.

|=====Mountain Area=====|
Enemies: All of them
Size: 20%
Overall Difficulty: 35%

While this one is pretty small, it can be a PAIN. The level is easy enough to
navigate. It is basically just one big hill. There are quite a few ridges that
divide the path and make "rooms" but most everything is just the same hill. It
can be a pain to figure out where the heck you're going. One thing to remember
is that the despite all of the paths that lead all over the place about halfway
to the top, you'll have to go through the door guarded usually guarded by a
laser-barrier. The switch for said barrier is usually at the bottom of the hill.
If not, you may have to go to the top of the hill to hit it. (It's usually
opposite of the place you started) Once you hit the switch, go to about midway
up the hill and you'll see the door I alluded to earlier. It can be tricky to
find it so check your map to see ALL the doors around that area. There is one
other thing here too. You'll see a path leading up to a metal platform. If
you're stuck at the bottom of the hill, this may be the way you have to go.
Otherwise, it is a shortcut from the top of the hill to the bottom though there
is usually a Sinow Berill there. Before you leave through the laser-guarded door
though, look out off the plateau at the ocean at sunset. WOW! It's pretty darn
awesome looking I think. I always stop here to pause before heading off again!
Okay, once you've gone through the door, you'll eventually come into a large,
empty room with a green warp. This leads to the mini-boss room so beware. Once
you've had fun with Gibbles, you'll be at the end. Hit the switch and head back.
NOTE: Sometimes, you'll notice that the computer is conveniently NOT in the room
of the exit! Head back out into the mini-boss room. The switch may be in a room
adjacent to this room. It won't be far from Gibbles so do wander too far away.
Don't worry, you'll find it. See your map for where you haven't been.

~Threats 'n Traps~
Like the Jungle area, there's not much to worry about here except those bloody
shock traps. Otherwise, just whip out a Trap Vision here and there. There are a
couple of those annoying turrets around too but they're a rare occurrence.

I hope you like those Gibbons because they make up almost all of what you'll be
fighting here! Seriously, there will be LOTS of them. Since they're fast and
evasive, using a handgun works well but if you can cast Gizonde, by all means,
do so! You can toast everything with it and it even keeps those Zol Gibbons from
using their annoying Gibarta attack. I suppose that deserves to be pointed out
as well. If you get frozen here, things can go downhill fast. Attack Zol Gibbons
first and foremost. If you see one trying to cast Gibarta, let loose with a
Gi/Razonde to stop it. You may get surrounded here but since the Gibbons move so
much, don't expect to STAY surrounded. Keep moving around as it will throw off
their aim and ruin any of their formations. There are a LOT of them but don't
worry, this level is pretty short.

| Mini Boss: Gibbles |
Weakness: Light/Grants
Recommended Equipment: Mechgun

Despite have the most hilarious name in the entire game, the Gibbles is deadly.
It really only has two attacks. One, it will just rear back and punch your right
in the kisser. This HURTS BIG TIME! Expect to heal frequently during this here
fight. He can also jump into the air and come slamming down on top of your head.
This hurts about the same as a good old backhander so be careful. You'll
probably get knocked down with every hit so take your recovery time as a bonus.
Once you've healed, you can let fly whatever you want: ice to freeze him or
traps for that matter, as well as Grants. A point on that is if you want to nail
him with his big weakness, be careful with your aim as those stupid Gibbons will
dance around you and gladly take the hit for their buddy. You may be forced to
Razonde a bit to clear them out first. Once you've got Gibby in range,
Jellen/Zalure him if you can. This helps big time. If he jumps, watch his shadow
to see where he'll land. One other thing is that he has a tendency to block your
attacks so if you find him making like a Delsaber, let fly some barta spells or
Grants if you have it to fool him up. Once you've beaten his face it, you can
head back again. Don't worry, that Mechgun will do good damage and he doesn't
have all that much health. (Despite eating so many bananas!)

|=====Sea Side Area=====|
Enemies: All of them
Size: 25%
Overall Difficulty: 30%

If you've ever watched the CG movie sequence at the beginning of the game,
you'll recognize this area immediately. Possibly the most fantastic-looking
place in the entire game, the Sea Side is just that: a large sandy beach with a
very LONG sandbar for you to walk out on. Layout wise, this level is a lot
simpler than the other two and consists mainly of two ENORMOUS rooms by the
ocean. It's a great place to look out over the water if you like that kind of
graphics. Connected to the two large rooms are a few other alcoves and tangled
passages but this place is built pretty straight forward. Sometimes you'll have
to look at your map to see where the next door is but if you could handle the
previous two (err...three sorta) areas, this is the same thing really. You'll
probably start in a room adjacent to the large ocean rooms. Once you've fought
through those, it's just a couple passages and a few rooms to the boss room and
the final switch. Don't worry, it's a cinch. The boss room is in a large square
room away from the ocean with TONS of purple blobs.

NOTE: Like the Mountain Area, the switch tends to move around. Although, once
again, it's going to be near the room with the Gi Gue in it. If the switch is
not in the room with the transporter, go back to the mini-boss room. The
computer may be there so check in all the dark corners. It may also be covered
in rocks. If that's the case, you get to destroy all 50 or so Gees that keep
spawning in the room to break the rocks on the computer. Fun. If not, it'll be
in a cave adjacent to this room so look carefully.

~Traps 'n Treats~
What really sucks about the Sea Side area are the surprising amount of traps
there are! All you will run into are average, everyday, run-of-the-mill traps
but when you come to the largest room by the ocean, you may find yourself
reaching for a Trap Vision or two as this room is absolutely covered with them!
There are also some around the other rooms but not that many otherwise. Just
worry about the two ocean rooms, that's it. There are some purple blobby things
here but you'd never go and touch them would you? Naw, didn't think so.

If you'd like to see something cool, head to the smaller of the two ocean rooms
and go out into the water. There are a small stash of boxes out there. Once you
get there, use a trap vision or just look if you are the former. You'll see a
very large, strange and actually, freaky trap! Not to worry, under closer
inspection, it's just three regular traps plied on top of each other. Cool huh?

ARGH! There are almost nothing but Gees around these parts! Once you are in the
largest room by the ocean, expect around 50-100 of them depending on your
section ID. I'm not kidding, you'll be fighting for hours! For that reason
alone, I recommend taking a gun-type weapon of some kind (Actually slicers work
pretty good too.) Though, I recommend a handgun, riffles and spreads work nicely
as well to clear them out. You'll see a Merillia or two too but don't get
excited, you'll mostly be fighting Gees. Then again, Rabarta couldn't hurt

| Mini Boss: Gi Gue |
Weakness: ???
Recommended Equipment: Sword types

Don't get me wrong, the Gi Gue isn't simple but he's just not up to say Gibbles
or anything. The Gi Gue is pretty easy but he can be a pain too. It looks like a
giant, well, bug that hovers around the field. It can shoot all kinds of those
beams you may remember from the Mericarol that confuse you but that's not too
damaging. What really sucks is after a little while the Gi Gue will put up an
invincibility shield. If you attack it at this time, it will immediately drop
down and shoot Rafoie at you. Not good. It's better to wait for it to wear off
unless you have high fire resistance. That's really about all you can expect
from it and it's pretty weak so you can pretty much just attack it like crazy.
If you have Grants, use it but be careful as well. That goes for ALL attacks of
any sort. Why? Well, you'll notice that there is a veritable ton of purple blobs
and normal Gees around here. The normal Gees will also attack you in tandem with
the Gi Gue, that and the purple blobs also tend to take the aim preference of
your spells and attacks. If you have a sword, you should be okay at close range
attacking but be careful, once you kill off one set of Gees, the next will spawn
so always leave one JIC.

|=====Central Control Area=====|
Enemies: All
Size: 15%
Overall Difficulty: 35%

Once you've activated all three switches from the other levels, the door in here
will be open! Run up to it and it'll drop down giving you access to the heart of
the CCA. Layout-wise, this level is absolutely simple. It's just a straight line
of about five rooms with some enemies to fight in each. The traps and enemies
that hang out here make it a challenge but you're not going to get lost, at all.
If you do, you must really suck at this game because it should be too difficult
to understand "just go forward" should it? You'll fight through a few rooms and
come to a rather long hallway filled with rotating traps. That's the end. At the
end of the hall is the boss transporter to the Gal Griffon. There, simple right?

NOTE: This place is like a normal level and you have to activate the switches in
ONE GO. That means if for example, you activate two, turn the game off and come
back to do the last one, the door won't open. You have to do ALL THREE AT ONCE
every time you do this level.

~Traps 'n Threats~
This is what makes the CCA a pain. You may have seen them already and even if
you haven't it should be common sense again to stay away from the rotating laser
barriers. Yes, there are these strange laser barriers that swing back and forth
around a pole. You'll see their radius so you should be able to judge how far
away to stay. It is a pain though as there tend to be a lot of them and you're
bound to run into one while fighting. So what happens when you do? Nothing much,
the light on the pole will flash and make and annoying beeping sound and then a
few turrets will appear and shoot at you. If you don't want to deal with the
turrets, don't touch the alarm. If it doesn't matter, waltz right through.

There are also a few floating traps but honestly, by now you should both have
expected them and know how to deal with them.

Ah, the reason this level has a 35% difficulty. You will fight tons of those
evil Sinow Berills and you'll start seeing Sinow Spigells here too. (Then again,
considering the possible weight of these things, the word "tons" probably
doesn't get the point across.) There are usually 5 or so per room. That and
there are the odd Gibbon/plant/Gee. The main threat here are the Sinows and the
Zol Gibbons because they can freeze you. Take out the Zol's first and then go
after the Spigells. Remember, they can de-equip your weapon so you'd be wise to
place your weapon of choice high on the quick-launch window. If you're a Force,
going barehanded with some choice techs might be the best way to go. Gi/Ra Barta
and Foie are decent for clearing them out especially Rabarta because of its
freezing capabilities. Don't worry, if you die, you haven't far to go.

|======BOSS: Gal Griffon======|
Recommended Equipment: You'll want a gun for sure as Griffons tend to fly. Also
a sword or Mechgun is good for close range-combat. Sol Atomizers are useful on
later difficulties, as you may get shocked.
HP: Med
Overall Difficulty: 45%
Weakness: Ice/Barta

Description: Alright then! After those three pain-in-the-neck yet piece of cake
areas you're expecting a cinch for a boss right? Well, sorry but the Gal Griffon
is a regular boss like any other one and he is a pain too. On Normal and Hard he
is EASSSY but on Very Hard, sheesh! Now, as I said before, griffons are FLYING
animals and yes, a gun is going to help you. Now, let's go then, shall we? You
see the Griffon doesn't have stages, per se, but he attacks differently while
flying or on land so let's break that up.

When griffy is up in the air he has a few evil attacks to get you. First and
most often, he will hover just beyond the big pillar you happen to be on. He
then will spit three little beams at the ground. Chances are they won't hit you
but that's not the problem. When they hit, little tornados will spawn and start
wandering around the arena (actually they come after you!). If one hits you, it
doesn't hurt very much but they can be SOOOO annoying since not only are there
three and you can expect to get hit several times by them, they also block your
vision! ARGH! While they are not difficult to out run, that does interfere with
YOUR attack so the best thing to do is stand it out and shoot at the big bird
unless you're seriously low on healing items. Next, he may also come screaming
down and screech right across the arena damaging whatever he hits! This hurts
moderately but not nearly as much as it would if this was real life! Don't worry
about dodging it. If you're moving, Gal has such bad aim that he will more than
likely miss you anyway! Finally, on later difficulties, the Gal Griffon can fly
up in the air and call down a rain of lightening bolts that, yup, you guessed
it, can shock you. Dodging them is hard as they hit randomly so just get ready
to Sol Atomize and run in circles if that helps.

~On Ground~
The Griffon is WAY more dangerous on the ground than he is in mid air. He also
has several new attacks. First, he will just walk, nay, strut around the arena,
dragon-style. That's easy to dodge unless you like the way his foot feels on
your face. Every now and then, he will also break into a run and use those horse
hoofs to squat you. That actually hurts pretty badly so be careful. Run in a
zigzag for best results to avoid that. Next, sometimes our buddy will put his
head down and shoot a big, scary beam of lightening out in front of him. On
later difficulties, it will also make little sparks arc out all over the place
too. On Normal and such, as long as you aren't a moron and don't stand in front
of him, you'll be okay but once you see him do this on Vhard, run behind him and
attack his sides/rear so you don't have to worry about the electricity. Finally,
the worst thing that he can do to you is, and you'll probably be killed by it
the first time, stand up on two legs and slam the ground. This creates a little
quake around him a short distance causing EXTREME damage! Since it happens so
fast the only way to avoid it is not to be standing near by. If the Griffon is
NOT shooting lightening and is just walking slowly around the arena, BACK OFF as
that is when it will happen and if you're far enough away, you can still hit him
and avoid the big attack. Then he starts again. Fun huh?

Strategy: This guy, even though he SOUNDS hard is not. If you are pretty fast,
you won't get hit at all. Keep your handgun/riffle on you at ALL times when he's
flying and send a constant flurry of attacks at him. When the tornadoes come
around, you might want to move to get a better vantage point but since they are
so weak, just stay them out and keep attacking. Otherwise, all you can do while
he's flying is shoot at him and cast Zonde (which isn't all THAT effective by no
means). Once he lands, that's your cue. If he's walking around, STAY BACK to
avoid that quake. Now's the time to whip out that Mechgun! Stand back and fire
away. If you have barta, use it now. Gibarta is risky and Rabarta is out of the
question. Stick to good old barta to get him with ease. If he starts shooting
lightening, run behind him and attack there instead. Finally when he's running,
you may consider Grants-ing him or trying to go for Rabarta but you'd best just
stick to Zonde or your mechgun. All in all, it won't take too long as this guy
has surprisingly little HP. Once you've hammered at him long enough he'll crash
into the ocean with a pleasing SPALSH! That's it! You done! YAY!

<B3C>---------Central Control Area (Ultimate)-----------------------------------

*I don't venture here often so I'll update this later. Thanks for your patients!

<B3SB>---------Seabed Upper-Lower Levels----------------------------------------

Enemy Breakdown:

HP: Med
POW: Med
WEAPON: Mechgun

Probably the most common enemy round these here parts. The Dolmolm resembles a
squid after consuming seven cups of coffee in a record-breaking 3.542 seconds.
Seriously! These things are crazy! It's main method of attacking is it will
walk/slither/blob/*insert strange movement here* up to you and whip its
tentacles around at a surprising 200 km/h effectively smacking you senseless.
Don't get me wrong, these things aren't super dangerous or anything but there
tends to be a lot of them and when those tentacles are whipping around like mad
striking you fifty times a second, your character will spend more time blocking
than breathing! To make a long story even longer, just use plain old common
sense: stand back and use a gun. While their arms may have a caffeine buzz, the
rest of their body is very slow and it will take a while for them to reach you.
Otherwise just keep comob-ing and keeping your distance. If there are at least
two or more with a rather dangerous enemy, either kill them first or incapcitate
them (ie freezing/confusing). Otherwise you'll make sushi out of the calamari in
no time.

HP: Med
POW: Med
SPECIALS: Can render you immobile
WEAPON: Mechgun

ARGH! I HATE these things. While the Dolmdaris aren't much more dangerous than
the plain old Dolmolm, they have this nasty ability to make a purple beam
surround you rendering you unable to move. You can still attack but it's like
the Grass Assassin's webbing only worse because there are obviously more of them
and the effect lasts longer. Yup, that sucks. However, they are strikingly
similar to the Dolmolm in their normal attacks and since their attack power
isn't all THAT high, as long as you keep your distance, you'll be fine. Just
remember, if one appears while you are fighting a big melee, kill it first.

HP: VHigh
SPECIALS: Creates Recons
WEAPON: Mechgun

Things just keep getting stranger and stranger here in the Seabed. The Recobox
is very reminiscent of the Mothment Nests from the Forest but they are MUCH
stronger. You see, they look just like the sound: like boxes. They will
periodically (upon defeating the previous ones) launch a Recon after you.
There's really nothing to worry about for the boxes themselves but they do keep
the doors in the room from opening. They also have a nasty habit of appearing on
walls and on the roof. (Clever yes?) This can be annoying, yes, but once you
have them targeted, just ignore the Recons and focus the fire on it until the
box short circuits. All of the Recons that box created will self-destruct at
that point, which is nice. The only thing that is annoying is often the Recons
will get in the way and you'll end up kill fifty of them just to score a hit on
the box! Gizonde works nicely to clear out Recons and get a hit on the box so
try that if you're cornered. Otherwise, get rid of other stuff first because
they have a LOT of health.

HP: Low
POW: Low-Med
SPECIALS: Drops bombs
WEAPON: Gun types

I hate these things. Yup, I hate em. Recons are exactly like the mosquitoes from
the Forest but they are stronger. They look inexplicably like flying teddy bear
heads with glowing yellow eyes. They attack by two methods. First, they
typically fly over to you and drop a bomb. Don't worry though; it won't detonate
for a long time so you'll have plenty of time to avoid it. Second, they open up
and a big photon circular blade will come out and they will fly into you trying
to slice you into pepperoni for their pizza. However, despite what it looks
like, this attack is very weak. What is really annoying about them is that there
are usually four or five of them and the second you kill one the box will
generate another! ARGH! Killing individual Recons is not difficult, no. They are
really weak and all it really takes is a good blast or Gizonding to clear them
out but don't bother. Leave them until later and go after their boxes.
Otherwise, the only other thing that is annoying about them is they are somewhat
suicidal and they tend to fly into your range of attack preventing you from
destroying something that is actually capable of hurting you.

Sinow Zoa
HP: Mod-High
POW: High
SPECIALS: Can shoot Gibarta/telepot/cloak
WEAPON: Anything Goes

The best buddy of the Sinow Berril, the Sinow Zoa has gone in for upgrades. They
are pretty much the exact same as a Berril except, as the colour and possibly
the name suggests, they shoot ice. Gibarta to be exact. They are, however,
stronger than a Sinow Berril and can dish out more punishment as well as take
more. How novel. Still, if you haven't realized that I've been holding back, let
me make it clear. THESE THINGS ARE SOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING! Why you ask? Well
because the game isn't going to be nice to you around now and you know, throw
one or possibly two into the mix ever few rooms or so. No, you'll be fighting
this festering crap-piles in practically every room and not just one either.
There are usually two and sometimes even more! Combine that with a little
emphasis on the GIBARTA part and you have one pain in the ass. These things also
like to cloak themselves but thank goodness that there is a way of dealing with
that. If you suspect a Sinow Zoa at all, cast a simple Zonde spell. Not only
will this re-orientate you to face the Zoa but it will also drop its disguise!
Once you've got the blighter in sight, let loose with anything. Mechguns work as
usual (I guess I should have been a Ranger!) but also, don't be afraid to send a
good helping of Gi/Rabarta back their way to try and freeze the darn thing (Ice
traps work a charm here as well). Otherwise, just rip them up with foie/fire
traps or go for a constant stream of Zonde/Gizonde to keep them visible and
possibly shock it.

Sinow Zele
HP: Mod-High
POW: High
SPECIALS: Can shoot Gibarta/teleport/cloak
WEAPON: Gun types

If you thought it couldn't get more annoying than the Sinow Zoa, think again.
This piece of crap is the absolute strongest, baddest and most annoying hunk of
rusty tin cans around. Sure they seem pretty much the same as the good old Sinow
Zoa and they are except for their red color. However, they have more health,
more power and that break-your-Gamecube annoying ability to de-equip your
weapon. Yup you heard it right. Say hello to the Seabed equivalent to the Sinow
Spigell. Basically, just Ctrl+C Ctrl+V everything I said about the Spigell and
Zoa and stick it here. This means, you're going to need a new form of attack. I
have not tested this hypothesis yet, but you may want to try a glove weapon like
the Angry Fist, if you have one. If that doesn't work, then, spells my friend,
spells. Throw Grants, Zonde, whatever you want at the thing. There's not much
else to say. Anyhow, remember the Zonde-orientation trick here as well. The only
salvation here is that they only appear in the Lower Levels and they're pretty
darn rare. (Thank goodness!)

HP: Med
POW: High
SPECIALS: Can shoot lasers
WEAPON: Gun types

Um...what the crap? A purple butterfly? Now I've seen everything. Okay, the
Morfos looks...stupid, to say the least but they are pretty powerful and are
equally annoying. Basically, you have, like I said, a giant purple butterfly. It
is pretty much stationary but that's not the problem. The damn thing shoots
laser beams faster than a Mechgun. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration but still,
this thing can really dish out the blasts! Crap! Other than that though, this
dirty-great moth is pretty much helpless. They won't blast you until you look
their way so try and sneak up from behind. Otherwise, you can stand right there
and riddle them silly with spells and gunfire. Not too bad right? Just get them
before they begin to square dance with everything else...

HP: Med
POW: Med
SPECIALS: Can shoot barta
WEAKNESS: Dark/Megid
WEAPON: Riffles/handguns

This is certainly an interesting character. You won't be fighting craploads of
them but expect a few in the larger rooms. I honestly can't describe them very
effectively. They look like an old man after a plutonium bath normally and they
can revert to a flat blender-blade mode. While they are in their blender-blade
mode, you CANNOT hurt them and they are FAST! While their attacks in this stage
are passable at best, they are still annoying because they are rapid and
frequent forcing you to block. While they are standing up they can shoot barta
at you but that's it. It can freeze you but that's about the limit of their
power. What's really going to piss you off about them is they have insane
amounts of EVP so you NEED a rifle or handgun to even score a hit. Bad? Yes.
Attacking-wise, wait until they stand up and get as close to them as you can.
It's risky, I know but you need every ounce of accuracy you can get (hurray for
rangers). Also, unless you are at way too high a level, only use the weak
attack. It will take a while but they don't have amazing amounts of HP or
anything. For Forces, prepare to be shocked so much that you will likely fall
backwards. Use Megid. Yes, Megid. As far as I can tell, it seems to be the most
effective spell against them and if you're level is high enough, a four or five
shots and they'll be gone. Otherwise, stick to Grants if possible or Foie
failing that. Otherwise, you could probably let these things exist while you
kill off deadly things like Sinows and Delbiters.

HP: High
POW: VHigh
SPECIALS: Can shoot lightening
WEAPON: Whatever you're most comfortable with

This is the Chaos Bringer of the Seabed. They act a lot like one but they
actually look like a cross between a lion and a tiger and a nuclear reactor
core. Don't underestimate these things though; they are STRONG! They have many
ways of attacking. First, they can charge after you like a rhino. This hurts
pretty badly but they only do this when you're far away. Other wise, they like
to just wind up and punch you in the face. This hurts. Yup, big time. Be VERY
careful for this but beware, it's fast. (Pretty cheap huh?) Next, they can...um,
contort and electrify for a moment and then blast you to death with the energy.
And when I say to death, I mean DEATH! It's usually pretty easy to dodge this if
you don't stand still like a moron and watch the doggy blast you off your feet.
As for killing the thing, whatever weapon you're comfortable with works the
best. I like the Mechgun again because it can dish out lots of pain from a
distance. Then again spells work nicely, especially Grants but whatever you've
got is fine. I wouldn't recommend swords...at all because of the frequent
punching attacks. This is a real tough guy but relax, there aren't too many of
them. (Until you get to the lower levels...)

|=====Seabed Upper Levels=====|
Enemies: All except Morfos and Sinow Zele
Size: 85%
Overall Difficulty: 80%

Well this is it. We're here in seabed and it's going to be a TOUGH trek. The
Seabed is TERRIBLE layout-wise. The place mainly consists of long narrow
hallways with tight corners and intersections. What's more is that most of the
rooms are ALSO small and very cramped. A very common room features two levels in
is a fairly small and square room. This type of room has many variations. First,
expect to fight a nice few enemies here but nothing out of this world. The main
annoyance is that while the ramp to the bottom floor is usually open, there are
times when it is blocked by a box and I'm sorry but you're not getting rid of
it. However, often in this sort of setup, you'll notice an opening in one of the
walls. This will lead to a small and narrow hall to the other level. Be careful
though because these hallways are prime spots for enemy encounters especially
Morfos in the Lower Levels. The rest of the level is like a very annoying, very
cramped and very complicated maze. You'll never know if you're going the right
way for certain so just pick a route and go. If you run across long rectangular
rooms often, you're probably on the right track. You are going the right way if
you find a large funnily shaped room with many enemies and a view of the ocean.
Keep cracking, you'll soon find the exit.

~Traps 'n Threats~
Naturally, these being the final levels, there are going to be traps coming out
of the woodwork. The main trap you'll see here are these spinning laser posts
which you may have seen in the CCA and probably in the Temple areas. If you walk
into them a nearby turret will pop up and shoot Foie at you or worst case,
Gibarta. If you can help it, try not to step into one but if you do it's not a
huge deal. Some of the long rectangular rooms here also feature that wonderful
poison gas that quickly drains your health. These are a PAIN because the switch
is usually on a ledge that is only accessible by backtracking to find the other
route. If you're a mage character, you should be okay in these rooms. Just stay
on the top of the stairs and attack everything with Zonde healing when
necessary. Androids will have a hard time so be prepared to either spend some
Mates or head over to the switch. There are also, of course a TON of your
typical floating traps. If you have an android character or are playing multi
mode with one then thank them with your best Resta spells. Other than that you
may encounter the occasional dark room, spell turret or trapped switch but
nothing you haven't either seen before or cannot handle.

You are probably wondering where that 80% rating came from right? Well it's
here. Just imagine all those tiny hallways. Got them pictured? Well now fill the
scene with loads of enemies. That's right. In all of these itsy bitsy rooms and
even some of those narrow hallways you'll see TONS of enemies. The squids
actually are not that common in comparison to other areas like Mines where
Gillchics were EVERYWHERE. No, here you'll see a great mix of everything. That
means that you'll have to be quick with that customize button or Tech/Trap
window. Your first priority will be Sinows. They can freeze you, de-equip your
weapon and just become nasty with their teleporting and cloaking abilities.
After that, purple squids are a must because they can paralyze you, sorta.
Otherwise, please DON'T GET CORNERED. This is especially true for Hunters
because you'll have a hard time trying to get those sword weapons to work
against the relentless attacks of the enemies around here.

|=====Seabed Lower Levels=====|
Enemies: All of them
Size: 100%
Overall Difficulty: 100%

Basically you can pretty much look at the Upper Levels because the layout is
more or less the exact same: long halls and maze like construction. You will
notice that some rectangular rooms have broken bridges but you can still use
them. The square, two-level rooms are going to be more common now and most will
have a blocked stairway and sometimes the only way to get down/up is all the way
around the level. Thus some of these rooms are now dead ends. You will end up
going through their small connecting highways often and yup, they'll be enemy
laden so yeah. Also this level is LONG so please make sure you have time to go
all the way before attempting this one!

~Traps 'n Threats~
The same as in the Upper levels only now you'll see more laser fences in enemy
laden halls as well as ones with floating traps. Basically a trapper's heaven or
an adventurer's hell. Trap Visions are very useful but not so much a common
sense. If a hall is empty, open your menu to run down it because it's probably
trapped. Just take the advice that both Mad Eye Moody and the Inquisitor agree
on "Constant Vigilance!"

Hell. Yup, hell. They are EVERYWHERE! Hallways will be crowded by Recoboxes and
Sinows. Rooms are bursting with Morfos and calamari. Fast firing guns like
Mechguns and Handguns are good here. Swords are a no, no because they make you
move and their attacks are easily interrupted. Forces keep your best spells on
the customize. Be careful with Ra techs though, they're expensive and kind of
weak. Gi techs work very nicely as do your standard set. Also keep Grants
available to nuke anything that pissed you off. Rangers, as I said handguns and
mechguns are nice numbers to que up in busy rooms. Basically, keep quick and
powerful weapons open to you at all times. If you're strong enough, a King's
Spread type weapon might be an option for quick leveling. Hunters, NO SWORDS!
Partisans are not bad but by now you've probably got some nice guns to whip out
so play Ranger/Force and use your ranged attacks. You DON'T want to be cornered
here. Remember, keep your sanity and press on: you're almost there!

|======BOSS: Olga Flow======|
Recommended Equipment: Powerful ranged weapons and tons of healing items. Forces
keep your Trifluids for now!
Weakness: Light/Grants
HP: VHigh
Overall Difficulty: 95%


Alright! The battle with the big boy is here. This guy only has two stages but
they are a pain in the ass. Our friend's first stage is basically you on either
and elevator or a falling plate of steel eternally falling into whatever is at
the end of those 'bottomless pit battles.' Olga Flow is really a link
impersonator with a kick ass sword. He will be falling at the same speed as the
elevator you're on and hovers outside the ring like Dark Falz stage 2. This guy
has some powerful attacks but actually it's not too bad. First you'll see this
plenty, is a spray of green crap. This is pretty hard to avoid but isn't as
deadly as the other things in his arsenal. Next, sometimes he'll just smack you
with his sword. It's fast, it's cheap and it hurts. The only thing you can do is
KEEP MOVING! Sometimes, Olga will cover most of the playing field in a green
wave of energy. This is basically impossible to dodge. I was lucky at the time
and My PB was filled and was invincible. My only suggestion to avoid it is to be
by the outside of the arena but no guarantees. Next, this is kind of weird,
you'll be exposed to a sort of light wake attack. Olga will fly under the
elevator and send a wave of energy reeling from the centre. Dodging this is hard
but again, try and stay near the edge like I told you to earlier. Finally he may
just blast the crap out of you with a beam of light. This is so fast you might
as well call it Grants. In other words, if you have any light resistance, go
ahead and use 'em but other wise you'll just have to watch that HP of yours!

With all the attacks Olga Flow has in his stock, it will be difficult to string
together long chains of attacks. It goes without saying that your best slotted
armor will do wonders here especially if it offers a nice resistance to light
attacks. As I mentioned earlier in the description, the safest place of the
battle field is the outside of the arena. Don't worry, you're not playing a
platform game and you won't fall off. The outside of the platform is doubly
important because not only does it provide a shelter from most of Olga's
attacks, it is the best place to attack from to score accurate hits on him.
Rapid firing weapons are not as important as you might think in this battle
though. Your priority here is high damage weapons.

Hunters, feel free to equip rare swords and Gladius because even though Olga
looks out of range of swords, he's not so rip up with your best weapons.
However, there are not that many times when Olga is in range of a sword so keep
a Handgun or Mechgun on you if you can. The Custom Ray Vr.00 is a nice addition
to your arsenal as are L&K Combats if you've been lucky enough to find one.
Otherwise stick to what you know best.

Rangers, obviously your guns are going to be a blessing here. Again, if you have
a rare Mechgun, by all means use it and Photon Launchers are good too. Remember
you want POWER over speed because you'll end up hitting the floor while
reloading anyhow. Don't bother too much with spells except for Resta because I'm
sorry but Lv 15 techs just don't cut it.

Forces, you may be tempted to Grants the living crap out of this thing but it is
very important to conserve your TP for Resta/Shifta/Deband. Jellen and Zalure
aren't much good here because Olga moves so fast it's hard to hit him. If you're
a FOmar, bring a good gun or sword with you. If you're a Newman, bring some guns
anyway but don't be afraid to pack a nice MST boosting wand to use when you bust
out your Lv 30 techs.

When attacking Olga, again do so from a safe distance. This is why using
techs/guns works so well. If you do plan to use a sword, use only strong-strong-
strong combos and stay as near Olga's face as you can. If you remember De Rol
Le, you'll have to attack on the run as well. A Raygun is an excellent weapon to
switch to when Olga busts out with a string of powerful attacks. It reloads fast
and even though I said speed isn't an issue, it helps to have an accurate ranged
gun to squeeze in damage between his salvos. Keep you HP high and Shifta/Deband
cast if can and soon Olga Flow will fall.


Alas, one could never expect an opening battle to wrap up PSO Episode II right?
Seeing such titles as FF7, Paper Mario and Baten Kaitos, one boss is never
enough. Anyhow, Olga Flow seems to be dead at first but there is a light
floating around the room. Now's your chance to refill your health, equip your
weapons and fill your TP for the final push. When you're ready, touch the light
sphere to start the last fight. Olga Flow is now the pinnacle of annoying
enemies, the climax of penultimate evil (nothing can top Emerald Weapon.
*shudders*). Anyhow, Olga not surprisingly has some now attacks to show off but
not as diversified as his last form. First, he can just walk around and just as
the Dragon Trio has taught you, getting stepped on by a seven story monster
hurts. That's bad news for sword attackers. Next, Olga will inexplicably produce
two floating snakes. These are truly annoying as they can paralyze you but in
reality you can easily kill them. In fact it is a very good idea to kill the
snake creatures because otherwise you may run out of Antiparalysis: bad. Olga
can also do your favorite attack: Pilla and just like Dark Falz it's pretty darn
hard to avoid. Since being close to Olga is dangerous anyway, stay a good
distance away from him to avoid being hit and move around. Next, he can do the
super, super, super cheap attack where he slams the floor. The arena will then
be subjected to a quake effect and I'm sorry if it hits you you're dead. Yup,
not only is it very difficult to avoid, it kills on the spot. (This strategy
from DarkNightwing) The trick to avoid this one is to hide behind the rubble
that's all over the place. If you're behind one, you'll be okay. Finally, Olga
takes a leaf out of Falz book and does that crap where he removes your soul and
put it in his mouth. If you attack him while he's shining orange, you'll receive
the same damage AND have to heal from the damage he does to you on to of it!
ARGH!! As I said about the Falz fight, whoever this happens to is now in control
of the fight as it's their life on the line.

Olga is a very dangerous enemy with a LOT of health and attack power. Since
being anywhere close to him is a serious health risk it would be in your best
interest to attack from a distance. (IE Pilla and getting stepped on) The
absolute best place to attack from is behind the pieces of rubble. Not only does
it provide cover from the quake attack, if you can stay far enough back, Pilla
won't even be a problem. The only real worry then is getting paralyzed by his
snake pals. That means, take them out first. They will come back but the snakes
are SOOO weak compared to him that it's really an investment in your future.

Hunters, you'll have the hardest time if you go trying to be Luke Skywalker. For
crying out lout put your sword away! If you get stepped on you might as well
kiss you butt goodbye. This means that if you're a living Hunter (not a CAST),
bring out your big guns for real and also whip out some elemental attacks. You
don't have Grants but a dose of Foie can't hurt. (Wait, I mean it WILL hurt.)
Still, remember to keep some for Resta. If you're an android, save your Mates
until you're really hurting and use all that ATP to your advantage.

Rangers will have the easiest time. Since you have good accuracy, again, strap
on a launcher or Mechgun and sneak out from behind the rock you're hiding behind
to snipe Olga with powerful combos. If you're missing a lot consider using a
Handgun or Riffle. If you have spells, only use Resta because you don't have
Force amounts of TP to waste. You may want to also consider Shifta/Deband but
only if you're attacks are sucking. Keep your HP up and look out for Pilla.

Forces, you guessed it, use a gun. Since Mage weapons suck like crap and there
aren't that many amazing swords for use anyway, stick to your good old techs and
guns. Since Forces have wimpy HP it'll be crucial for you to stay far away from
his feet and if you can, Pilla. Don't rely too much on spells either. I know you
probably have more TP than you can shake a stick at but believe me, when you're
healing 7 times a second, your magic tends to go quickly. If you do attack stick
to quick spells like Foie/Zonde/Barta. Gi techs are risky and Ra techs waste too
much TP. Grants is a nice addition to your attacks but again, watch your magic
stock. However, do NOT hesitate to heal. If you're health is at all low, go
ahead and Resta. Also, keep Shifta/Deband cast at ALL times and stay out of
direct fire if you can.

After you wail away on his backside for a half hour or so, Olga will eventually
drop his sword (which curiously was not used in this battle) and die. Now you
can run around happily Leveling Up! Then grab yourself a cola and any items he
may have dropped and sit back and watch the credits. Congrats, you did it!

**NOTE: Thank you very much to DarkNightwing for help with this boss. I didn't
have my copy of PSO and forgot all of Olga's attacks so I used some info from
his guide. Also, some of the attacks I didn't know could be dodged so they were
also incorporated into the strategy. Thank you VERY much!

<B3SB>---------Seabed Upper-Lower Levels (Ultimate)----------------------------

*I intend to update this at a later date but its safe to say that Ultimate Olga
isn't THAT much different from the original.

_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_EPISODE II: Quests_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_

Okay! With the release of Plus edition of PSO, I am FINALLY able to tackle the
three quests of Episode II. Please note that these quests are ONLY available in
PSO Plus edition or online. These quests are structured much like the Episode I
quests but there is an entirely new level here called "Control Tower." I have
outlined its enemies in the next section. Please note also that these quests are
MUCH harder than their Episode I counterparts so if you're a little weak,
consider leveling up before tackling these bad boys. Also, please note that
there may be more Episode II quests online than those included in the Plus
edition. If that is so, then I'm afraid you won't find them here until Sega
releases PSO++ or something. Well without further ado, let's see what Control
Tower has to offer.

<B4-CT>---------Control Tower---------------------------------------------------

Before I begin, let me just let you all know that the Control Tower is ONLY
accessible in Plus edition and it ONLY becomes accessible in the quests. You
CANNOT enter Control Tower in Multi-Mode so don't bother. Ya? Ya.

~Enemy Breakdown~

Recoboxes/Recons (respectively)
HP: High/low
POW: None/low
SPECIALS: Makes Recons/throws bombs
WEAPON: Mechguns + Swords/Guns and Slicers

If you've been to the Seabed yet then you know exactly what to do about these
things. If not, basically what you have here is a machine version of the
Mothments from Forest. The boxes can't do anything but make more Recons when you
kill the existing ones. The Recons are pretty helpless are dang annoying! They
will boldly hover around you and drop bombs and bump into you with a photon saw.
While both of these attacks are laughably weak, they do get in the way of
attacking other enemies. For best results, either use a slicer to clear our a
room or go after the box to kill all existing Recons that it made.

HP: High
POW: High
SPECIALS: Can shoot lightening
WEAPON: Whatever you're most comfortable with

Again if you've been to Seabed, you'll know all about these guys too. (Kind of
mean for Sega to throw in the most powerful enemy from Seabed here where you
have to deal with those horrible mini bosses too, huh?) Again, if you haven't
already been to Seabed, the Delbiter looks like a radioactive tiger. They are
VERY powerful and can smack you for tons of damage and shoot dangerous beams of
lightening at you! Don't take these guys lightly! (At least there aren't too
many of them anyway)

Gi Gue
HP: High
POW: Med-High
SPECIALS: Can shoot Rafoie
WEAPON: Gun-types

Yup, you heard me right: Gi Gue. That annoying little mini-boss is back and he's
brought LOTS of cousins. Seriously, in the Control Tower, there are loads of
these guys and they are practically the normal enemies. The strategy for them is
the same but there are more of them, lots more. This is why I said this level is
so hard!

HP: High
POW: VHigh
SPECIALS: Can block attacks/jump very high
WEAKNESS: Light/Grants
WEAPON: Anything Goes

Gibbles are also generic enemies around here so yeah, be careful! Again, attacks
are the same and so is the strategy but make sure to go after these guys over
Mericoles or Gi Gues.

HP: Med
POW: Low-Med
SPECIALS: Causes status defects/can kill instantly
WEAPON: Gun Types

If you remember the "boss" of the Jungle Area from CCA, you'll remember the
Mericarol instantly. Yup, it's the exact same as before so remember to keep your
distance. The only problem here is that now there are also two new varieties!
Aside from the familiar red Mericarols which confuse you, you'll also run into
blue Merilkles which can freeze you (surprise, surprise) and finally greenish-
yellow Mericus' that can shock you. These status defects, remember, are all
caused by the orbs they shoot. Also bear in mind that I have not tested the
"Megid Pollen" for the other two types but there is a good chance that they can
do it so attack from a distance. Zonde spells work well because of the great
range but because of the cramped quarters; don't rely on it for multiple

Del Lilly
HP: Med
POW: None
SPECIALS: Shoots Megid/paralyzes
WEAPON: Guns or spells

For the first new enemy of the hour, we have the Del Lilly. I honestly can't
describe these retards to you because they look so screwed up. Let's just go
with the fact that they are lilies. Anyway, these little pieces of shit aren't
al that bad in comparison to say, the Il Gil but still, make sure to take these
little pieces of crap pretty soon. They attack like an Ob Lilly: they shoot
Megid. And yes, my friend, it kills...often. They can also do that really
annoying paralysis thing and when they're about to die, the shoot crap all over
the place that paralyzes you as well. Not good. However, they are relatively
weak targets and the fact that they are stationary makes them ideal for picking
off with guns/Zonde. Just take your favorite thing to shut them up with and end
the fights with them quickly because you're not going to want to get a pelted
with Megid while you're fighting other enemies.

Ill Gill
HP: High
POW: VHigh
SPECIALS: Too numerous to mention here
WEAPON: Ranged weapons

For the final Oscar of the night, the Ill Gil wins the most annoying enemy in
the Control Tower. Man! These things are SOOOOOOO annoyingly strong! The Ill Gil
looks like a creepy guy dressed in black armor wielding a huge, glowing photon
scythe. In other words, they achieve an unheard of 11.35 on the creepy scale and
are still rising. Now for their attacks: the Ill Gil can do all kinds of weird
crap. Firstly, they can come rocketing at you at top speed and smack you
senseless. This does lots of damage but isn't the worst thing you've ever seen.
Second, they can shoot this black crap at you feet which instantly renders you
immobile (like the Grass Assassin's webbing). This will wear off but it takes a
little while. Finally, and you guessed it, they can slash you with their scythe
of Hell. This attack can have any attribute except for light meaning you can
receive uber-powerful fire, ice or lightening attacks from this deadly swing.
The worst thing though, is if the scythe has the dark attribute because it's
like getting hit with Megid Lv 30 and will more than likely kill you. If you
have any Resist Devils, for goodness sakes, strap them on! These guys are also
fast so a quick gun like the Mechgun can stop them in their tracks. They also
act a bit like a Delsaber and a blast from a tech will fool them up for a
minute. The bottom line here is killing these buggers before they get a foothold
or you'll be seeing a world of hurt.

|======Floors 1-10======|
Enemies: All of them
Size: 20%
Difficulty: 100%

The layout of the Control Tower is almost simpler than Forest I. The Control
Tower is just that, a tower consisting of 10, semicircle levels. Each level has
a bunch of the above enemies on it which must be destroyed before you can
advance. There isn't much to worry about layout-wise except for a few obstacles
and cutouts from the main path.

~Traps 'n Threats~
One of the biggest pains in the ass about this area is the numerous traps. First
of all, you have the ever-familiar floating traps. These wouldn't be so bad if
there weren't TONS of them! Because of the shear number of them, you would be
wise to bring along at least nine Trap Visions (one for each floor) and clear
out the traps first. If you're an android, dance. Next, you have those stupid
circling laser barriers. Remember, from CCA, those barriers that when you walk
through them, turrets appear and blast you with techs? Well that's what you'll
find here too...EVERYWHERE! ARGH! Not just that but there are lots of turrets
for when you set off an alarm including ones that also shoot Gifoie! Fighting
around these can be tricky but they do have a limited radius (thankfully). Next
you'll see some of the familiar floor traps from the CCA. However, these traps
are so blatantly obvious here that they don't pose a threat whatsoever. Just
don't be an idiot and waltz right into the button that sets them off. Finally,
you'll see a weird sort of 'trap'. At first, they look like those laser barriers
but once you approach, you'll actually see chain-saws sticking out of the walls
and whipping back and forth. Okay, I'm exaggerating; they don't 'whip' per se
but if you get hit by one, expect damage and a trip to the floor.

The absolute worst part of this level is the enemies. Not only are there lots of
them, they are really strong too! Make sure to kill things like the Ill Gils and
the Del Lilies first so that there won't be anything to Megid you. Then go after
the lesser mini-bosses from CCA. I sincerely doubt that a low-level character
will do well here because of the enemies so do yourself a favor and level up
first. Also, getting cornered could mean death so take care around the boxes so
you don't leave yourself open. On the other hand, boxes and the bottomless pits
make excellent barriers to hide behind when things get intense. If need be, hide
to cast Resta/Shifta/Deband before heading out again. Also, don't be afraid to
abuse Jellen and Zalure here because it makes things MUCH easier. Androids, this
is the PRIME time to use Confuse Traps because with all that power around,
expect to see some good results. You can then freeze the stragglers and finish
them off safely.

|=======BOSS: Epsilon=======|
Recommended Equipment: Close combat weapons work well and bring along any
resistances you may have. Also BRING A SCAPE DOLL!
HP: Med
Overall Difficulty: 65%
Weakness: Light/Grants

The Epsilon is probably one of the strangest looking machines you've ever seen.
It somehow resembles Vol Opt but looks more like a squashed red insect. This
guy, however, is very strong and even though no boss music plays, treats him
like a boss. (Don't suck up to him like you do to your boss at work though...)
Anyhow, the Epsilon begins the battle folded up and simply will hover slowly
after you and fire a targeting laser at you similar to Vol Opt. After about five
seconds, the Epsilon with fire a shot of Rafoie at you. The power isn't amazing
but it will give a newbie a run for their money. Thus, a few fire resistances
wouldn't kill you. After about four shots of Rafoie, the battle will actually

Now the Epsilon will come apart into five pieces. Four of the pieces call
Epsilguards will hang a good distance away from the main body and proceed to
spin around the Epsilon. While in this stage, the body is completely vulnerable
but the Epsilguards are invincible. After a moment or two, the Epsilguards will
begin to charge up energy. This is actually quite strange. If you are within the
range of the charging Epsilguards, you'll be hit with an attack corresponding to
their color at the time. This attack is very strong but the weird thing is,
sometimes nothing happens even if you walk right up to one! Still, it's
important to be careful. After a minute or so, the Epsilguards will fold up
again and the Epsilon fires the targeting laser after you beginning the process
anew. Note, though that as the Epsilon folds up again, it changes color. For the
record, red Epsilguards hit with fire attacks, blue for ice, yellow for
lightening and purple for instant-kill. Please note that instant kill really is
INSTANT KILL. I am still killed by this attack in normal mode with my Lv 126
character who has like 45 EDK so be very careful when the Epsilon changes to
purple. It is best to just wait for it to fold up again before you attack.

The Epsilon doesn't appear to be a boss but it is. It has amazing amounts of
health and huge attacks. While the Epsilon is folded up, you can't do anything
to it so just run around it in circles to avoid the Rafoie attack. After it
opens up, you can try one of two things. First, if you're character is weaker
you're going to want to stay back from the Epsilguards and shoot at the Epsilon
from a distance. Note that while this is a safer way to go, it will take much
longer because the rotating Epsilguards just love to take the hit of all your
attacks. Slicers, spreads and techs work well here because the almost always
guarantee you a hit from a distance. Also, Barta works well because it's fast
and it's linear. The other strategy involves just running past the Epsilguards
and beating the living daylights out of the Epsilon while it's vulnerable.
Remember, you do have lots of room to move around inside the circling
Epsilguards but this also leaves you open for attack. If the Epsilguards are in
'Death' mode, back off. Otherwise, just stay right by the body and either attack
or Grants it to a quick and painful death.

*NOTE* The Control Tower will be looked at in greater depth in the respective
quests. This is because some go-through's are different.

<B2-SH>---------Seat of the Heart-----------------------------------------------
 ___________    ____________    ___________________    ______________
|Reward: ???|__|Levels: Many|__|Team: HU/FOnewearal|__|Difficulty 90%|
>Accompany Eli through virtual fields
>Defeat the Gol Dragon
>Infiltrate Control Tower
>Rendezvous with CAL

Ah, now time for a very interesting quest that somehow resembles the Soul of
Steel quest. You recall how different it was from normal quests right? Well Seat
of the Heart is even more so but this time, you're in Episode II and it has
nothing to do with Elenor, Montesque or Ult (thank heavens!) Anyway, a few
things should be noted before you begin. First of all, this is a VERY
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG quest and is also VERY difficult. Not only is there hunter-
to-hunter action here, there is a complicated story, lots of cool special
effects and the introduction to the Control Tower. However, it is important to
note that about halfway through the quest, you will be asked if you wish to save
your game in the quest. This way, if you die or decide to come back later, you
can restart from this point. This, however, is the only quest that does this so
don't expect to be able to save in Soul of Steel just because you can here. With
that out of the way, let's begin shall we?

The quest starts, rather mysteriously in that completely unused room in the
Hunter's Guild. The first thing you'll notice is that you'll be talking to
somebody very familiar (no not Elenor...) Elly! If you don't remember who Elly
is, she's the 'operator' for the VR Fields when you first did your test. Anyway,
she tells you that some friend of hers has to take a similar exam and is in
desperate need of a party member who won't abandon her. Naturally, you'll be
said party member (answering "You can count on me!" to the question...duh).
After this, Elly will join your party per se. Now run to the Lab for further
instructions. Before you go however, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED!
Once you head down to the first Temple level, you will not have a chance to
return to Pioneer II for a long time. Be warned!

As soon as you arrive in the Lab, you'll be treated to a long explanation of the
exam from that know-it-all lady who started you off in Episode II to begin with.
It seems that Pioneer II's government has finally decided that exploring the
island of Gal Da Val might be a good idea. I have no idea how long this decision
took to make but it's a fair bet to estimate about five to ten years or
something (you know, to keep the timeline consistant o_0). Anyway, they need
expendable lemmings, oops, I mean hunters to send down to Gal Da Val to gather
data and what have you. These hunters must first pass this exam however.
Hmm...ever notice how you begin with something simple and end up trying to save
the world? That's videogames for you. Oh, did you notice how redundant her
speech is? She actually says that to pass the exam, you have to defeat the
virtual dragon and then in the next sentence she says the objective is to defeat
the virtual dragon. Hmm, some government. Makes you want to run and hide huh?

Anyhoo, after the chat, head to the transporter to the VR Field. It's at this
point that you find out that Elly is actually the person who needs the help, not
this alleged friend. Meh, deception is a common occurrence on Pioneer II. Well,
before you can protest, you'll find yourself down in Temple Alpha with Elly.
You'll then receive some more hopelessly redundant instructions from the lab
while gaining the opportunity to inspect the quite impressive enemy arsenal.
After this, you finally get to do something! Go figure.

~VR Temple~

After you clear the first few rooms and clear the one with the bridge, you'll be
treated to a cinema of a couple of guys about to team up on some ridiculous
looking freak with a bazooka and a 'fro. Though he looks laughably weak, he will
proceed to kick the backsides of both attackers. Hmm... Anyway, after that keep
trekking through the Temple. Be warned that in the next room you'll meet quite a
few of those falling 'Ruins traps.' Be careful about that. Soon you'll come to a
computer and a laser barrier that Elly will deactivate. As soon as she does
though, you'll see another cut scene of a RAmar and a RAmarl arguing. They are
about to kill each other when...I'll let you find out. Heh, heh, heh...

After the scene, head past the barrier and you'll be happy to hear it reset
behind you so that there's no escape. At least it beats the slamming shut of a
door in one of those cheesy horror movies huh? Before you can go five steps
however, you'll be treated to yet ANOTHER cut scene. Here you'll see a pair of
characters who apparently were about to beat the level when a strange looking
Force in white and purple clothes comes up to them. The Lab will try to identify
him but eerily, they have no idea who this character is... Though he too looks
laughably weak remember what happened with the guy with the bazooka. That's
right. Only this time, before the attackers can do much, the Force disappears in
a flash of light and the entire room explodes! HOLY CRAP! Was that Girafoie or
something? Man, I want that spell! Anyhoo, after the scene zips back to you,
you'll find yourself right outside the aforementioned room. As you approach the
downed hunters, notice how they fizzle and then eerily explode. Naturally,
you'll be wanting to exit this room shortly but don't worry, that won't happen
to you...yet...

The next strange thing you'll come upon is one of those maze rooms only it's
filled with red smoke. No it doesn't hurt you but it does obscure your vision
and make it harder to find your way out. Keep proceeding and you'll come to a
'J' shaped room with two other hunters walking through it. The android will then
stop and declare the room as being fishy. Well, normally I'd make up some kind
of joke about the robot's circuits having spent too much time in a deep-fryer
but considering the weird crap that's been happening around here, it's not such
a stretch. The other hunter, however, doesn't seem to agree and waltzes right
into the room. Then, ZAP! He's hit by lightening and the android is too shortly
after. HA HA! They clearly didn't remember the Lab's advice on avoiding traps.
Anyway, with them gone, head through the room yourself and make sure to watch
out for said lightening. You can tell where it's going to strike by watching the
floor. A ring of sparks will surround an area where the lightening will hit.
It's not all THAT damaging but it might shock you which is a pain in the rear.

The next room appears to be a dead end on the map but its one of those labyrinth
rooms. Look at the crappy drawing below and you can heal at a healing ring
before you exit the unmarked door.
_____   | <- Exit
  |        |__
__|        |  |
__ ->      |_O| <- Healing ring

Once you exit the north corridor, you'll find yourself on a rather nice-looking
balcony with lots of those pistons. Be careful for them and also remember that
the lightening hasn't stopped so don't stay in one place too long. The next room
you'll enter is the other side of the 'J' room. Head down the corridor with the
computer terminal and guess what you'll get. No, not a million dollars and no
not the end of the level. Another cut scene, yes another one. This time however,
you'll see the white Force again and he'll totally pwn a pair of cocky hunters.
However, at this point, all hell breaks loose as his last spell (which looks
exponentially cooler than the last one) starts to screw with the VR system
itself. At this point, the klaxons start to blare and the Lab sends you an
urgent message to leave the VR field because everything is going haywire.
Indeed, the place starts to spontaneously combust and looks like a bad
Armageddon movie. Shirking common sense as always though, we will boldly

The next room you come to will feature an annoying wave of light energy which
will rocket out of the centre of the room from time to time. This is easy to
dodge but it does big damage if it hits so dexterity is recommended. (ie please
don't follow the other players' example and stare at the pretty light in awe.)
Don't worry though, you're almost there. Following a rather complicated maze
room (head to the furthest point east in this room to get past the centre
barrier) and a few more rooms, you'll find the exit to...the spaceship. Aww,
man! Before you go though, Elly will mention that she wishes she could have seen
'him' before walking off. Then, you'll see the white Force standing right behind
here! Dun, dun dun! But before anything can happen, you teleport. Phht!

~VR Spaceship~

Now prepare for the plot to thicken like gravy gone bad. The Lab will now inform
you that in order to proceed, you need to get the other two remaining team's
IDs. Well this is very strange considering two things. First, they said that you
didn't HAVE to fight each other and just a minute ago they were telling us to
get out of there before the place spontaneously destructs. Petty details right?
Anyways, head out into the first room. The first thing that happens is you'll
see a computer explode! Yay! Well that's the good news. The bad news is that
every so often in this level, the floor around you will catch on fire and
explode doing big damage. THIS IS SO AGRIVATING! ARGH! Honestly, every few
seconds, fire will follow you around the room and explode under your feet! This
attack is dodge-able but it requires you to completely drop your battle strategy
and focus on dodging. Thus the better idea is to just attack your foes because
by the time you find out that you can't run away, you'll be pwned by the baddies
anyway. Also, you'll see lightening arcing around the room. Though these don't
move don't be a dumbass and walk into one unless you'd like to be shocked.

After beating the first room, you and Elly will be separated. Your character
then will turn around and see two hunters standing there. They proceed to brag
about their superior intellect, numbers, power, strategy etc and prepare to kill
you. After the cut scene is over however, you may want to invest the few spare
seconds you get before they attack to switch out Resta for mates should this
apply to you. Now, these guys are wimps but please don't go and heal them with
Resta. The best spell to use here is Gizonde because it should effectively toast
them both in one fell zap. After killing them, you get their ideas. Fun.

At this point, the door separating you and Elly opens and she rushes back to
you. However, that strange white Force shows up again and proceeds to tell you
to retreat. Elly seems to think this is her long lost friend and calls him CAL.
CAL, or whatever, doesn't react to Elly at all and simply tells them that your
existence is dangerous to 'us' and shoots a light flare at you and then
disappears. Well! With Gollum out of the way, you can head into the next room.

Now, the fun really begins. You'll come upon a piston which is locked down. Elly
walks up to the computer in front of it and says that she can't make the damn
thing move. However, Elly is just now doing this right. It seems that this
computer only reacts to physical violence and the only way to proceed is to
trash this piece of crap! That's right, attack the darn thing and watch it
explode! Wasn't that fun? With the column out of the way, kill the remaining
enemies in this room and continue.

In the next room, you'll see some creepy guy who apparently wants to die. He
runs up to his buddy and whines that 'rivals' are here. The other hunter, in
pure arrogant style, says to follow the 'plan'. Let's just hope that these
losers' plan is better than the previous one. Anyway, after the cut scene, the
room goes dark and enemies appear. Elly makes the brilliant suggestion to get
some lights back on so head to the back of the room where the lights are. Be
careful though. It seems that the same demonic gasoline that was spilled on the
previous floor has been invested in here. That's right, expect the floor to
explode, pretty much from here on out. The game designers have surely spared no

Before you enter the next room however, be prepared to take on a fellow hunter.
Remember to keep your thumb from it's favorite place where the Resta is
customized and Shifta/Deband is a no-no. Head into the room where our idiotic
hunter awaits for you to kick his ass in a timely fashion. There is now a twist
though. The other hunter decides to show up and take Elly hostage. Now, we all
know that Elly can shoot and cast spells but does she decide to attack this
pansy? No! She just sits there and apologizes to you. You are now asked to hand
over the IDs twice. Say no both times ("..." also means no by the way) and
you'll be treated to a battle with that moron! Again, this is an easy battle but
remember that this hunter can cast Zonde so be careful and heal if you get
shocked. As soon as you pile on the beats and he dies, he says "you deserve to
pass the exam...I hope it's not too late..." Well that's certainly nice of him
but it's kind of a pity he didn't have this sudden realization of truth until
now. Oh well.

Now to get Elly back. Proceed into the next room where you'll have to fight so
many wolves you might think you're watching Underworld! With them dead, you can
check out the computer where you're supposed to put the IDs if you want but
basically, this is just an effective waste of your time.

Now, you'll see another cut scene with the ranger standing over Elly's
unconscious body and apparently insulting her. Before our idiot can do anything
else, guess who shows up? That's right: CAL and he's hella pissed. He proceeds
to shout at the ranger and then blow him up (further screwing up the system I
might add.) Now head over into that room and you'll just see CAL disappear. Head
over to the fallen Elly and she'll get up and happily proclaim that you have the
3 IDs. Wow, you're so helpful Elly. I don't know what we'd have done without
out. I mean, come on! I thought SHE was supposed to pass this exam, not us!

Anyway, just head through the 4-switch door and you'll find yourself near the
room with the ID computer. Take a left in this room and you'll be there. Insert
the IDs and head on through. After a few more rooms, you'll come to the boss
transporter leading to the Gol Dragon. At this point, it might be a good idea to
prepare for battle. The exact strategy to beating this foe can be found in the
walkthrough above.

With the Gol Dragon dead, the Lab is about to extract you and proclaim you
victorious when more klaxons blare and two CALs show up! What the crap? Did he
get a discount at the cloning office or something! Actually, on closer
inspection, you'll notice that one of them was the evil, red-eyed one that tried
to kill you and the other was the one who rescued Elly. Well, this is a
complicated little triangle don't you think but that's besides the point. CAL,
CAL and Elly decide to have a nice little chat about how he remembers her she's
a danger to him and must be terminated and a navigation system must be boosted.
Then, if your head wasn't spinning enough at this garbage, the whole place
starts to explode as though somebody had bought a Golden-eye plastique and set
it off. And then, you escape. Yup, a glorious end to the...first half of the
quest. That's right, we're only half way there!

~Pioneer II~

Once you've safely return from the hell zone that the VR Field has become I'd
advise you to stock up on healing items, sell your crap and heal up for the next
half. Then head to the Lab and have a chat with Ms. Know-It-All again. She
congratulates you and expresses just how thankful she is that you survived.
Well, she didn't do too much to try and help us but whatev, those are the
breaks. Anyway, you've now been assigned to check out Gal Va Dal (finally).
Apparently there is supposed to be a second research team but that will take
time to organize because you know, another team might actually help you and the
government can't have any of that. But I digress. Now, you will be prompted by
the very hot Hunter's Guild lady if you'd like to save your quest status at this
point. Here's the way this works. If you save now, should you fail the quest or
quit your game, you can restart the quest again from this point. Though you can
decide not to save and I have no idea what bizarre gas is leaking into your
house to force such a decision, be advised that failing the mission in the
second half is an extremely probable so you're advised to save. With that out of
the way, head to the other teleport and ship off to the CCA!


Once you're here, you'll get a message from CAL who apparently though that you
might not have come. Well considering that this CAL person has almost gotten us
killed at least five or so times over, I think that our arrival should have been
well expected. And if it hasn't struck you yet that CAL might have some
connection to a certain creepy AI from Episode I, CAL or should I say, Calus
will reveal this to you quite clearly in the series of messages that follows.
Then again, this 'Calus' has been changed drastically and is apparently just
leftover data from a previous runtime. Calus might not even be the same Calus
that remember at all for that matter and that would indeed make the most sense.
But this of course is immaterial.

You will now have to beat the CCA. No, you don't have to go through the three
sub areas, the gate is already open. Just head on through and battle your way
through the rooms. As you go, look out for turrets, enemies and traps. Also,
every time you clear a room, CAL/Calus decides to tell you a little more about
him. From what you gleam, Calus is actually more than a computer AI with
attitude, he's actually the nearest mechanical thing to flesh. We learn that he
originated in a place called the Control Tower and apparently, this is where we
are to go. Once there, CAL tells us that apparently he might be able to evolve
himself into a human form. If you recall Calus from Episode I, he did mention
desiring a biological body before he died. Then again he was fighting off
hackers and viruses so who knows what freakish code could have triggered this
bizarre desire.

Once you get to the last room before the long hallway to where you'd normally
teleport to the Gal Griffon, you'll be treated to a very long cinematic
sequence. At this point, the transporter is set to give access to the Control
Tower rather than the cliffs of Gal Da Val. However, before you can run
sprinting to the teleport like a little girl, the door locks and the computer
casts Rabarta on Elly! WTC? At this point, the two CALs appear and it is quite
evident by the looks in their eyes that one is good and the other...more
dependent on self-preservation. And that's about the nicest way I can put it
considering all he does is destroy your hopes and try to kill you. Now I think
I've been pretty good a revealing spoilers but I'm not about to explain the
entire conversation that follows between CAL, CAL, Elly and yourself. First, I
don't understand it all and I don't want to ruin EVERYTHING for you. Just what
we gleam is that CAL was indeed a collection of fragmented data that somehow
included a memory of Elly. After the discussion however, CAL and his counterpart
enter the Control System of the CCA/Control Tower and leave you with a nice
locked door. That's just great.

You are now given the option to either cheer Elly up or scold her and the only
option that will make any headway is to scold her so do so. Of course she
doesn't say anything like "you're not my mother/father, get the @#*!% out of my
face!" she simply understands and apologizes. Still, the question of the locked
door remains. Elly then discovers that there is an auxiliary terminal but its
far below on a ledge never explored before. You are now prompted with the
funniest choices imaginable: think or jump. Well I like the saying "Look before
you leap" but not here. Thinking gets you nowhere (a suggestive theme I think)
so you might as well jump the five story drop to the ledge. Of course you're all
right though, not a scratch actually. Anyway, you'll now have to complete a few
rooms to get to the switch. Take care though as there are Gibbles in these rooms
and they can lay down the beats in a hurry. Once you've hit the switch, hurry
back to the teleport that opens up and you'll magically be at the top again. Now
it's just a short trek down the opened hallway to the teleport while listening
to rather triumphant music.

~Control Tower~

Though I fully described the Control Tower above, your first run through the
area is a little different. Once inside this brand, spanking new area you'll
notice there are three computers before you. Elly explains that one of these is
the real deal while the other two will set off security systems. Now before we
continue the last little romp before the end of this massive quest, let me point
out a few things.
1) ACTIVATING the real computer will open the door on the opposite end of the
   floor thus allowing you to continue. Also, activating the real computer will
   generate NO enemy encounters except for the easy enemies that may already
   exist on the floor.
2) Activating/destroying a fake computer will cause an enemy to appear. It will
   either be a Mericarol, a Gibbles, a Gi Gue or two Ill Gils (worst case
3) DESTROYING the real computer will cause the door to open but also causes an
   enemy encounter.
4) Any activation of the alarm system (shooting a computer or activation of a
   fake) will cause more traps to appear. These are in the form of lightening
   arcs that shock you, blue lightening that freezes you and red smoke
   everywhere making it harder to see.
Keep in mind that if you activate the security system either by not being
careful and accidentally shooting a computer, the quest will get exponentially
harder. Also remember that the appearance of enemies, especially Ill Gils could
kill Elly causing you to fail the quest. For this reason DON'T USE A MECHGUN! I
know that I'm an advocate of them but if you miss, you're almost guaranteed to
destroy a computer and wreak havoc. Now, there are five floors to go through and
I have the location of the real computers marked on the maps below. (Yes I know
the map is actually rounded!) Sorry about the rather poor quality.

 <-                                   \
|                                     |     +----------------------+
|                                     |     |======MAP LEGEND======|
|                                     |     +----------------------+
|__________________________           |     | ^^     Entrance      |
                           \          |     | <-     Exit          |
                           |          |     |  X     Fake Computer |
                           |     O    |     |  O     Real Computer |
                           |  X     X |     |  #     Boxes         |
           1F              |          |     +----------------------+
                           |          |
                           |          |
                           |          |
                           |_^^___    |

 _______________      _______________
 <-             |    | X              \
|               |____|                |
|                        ____         |
| O                    X|    |        |
|_______________________|    |X       |
                            _|        |
                           |          |
                           |          |
                           |          |
           2F              |          |
                           |          |
                           |          |
                           |          |
                           |_^^___    |

 <-                   #               \
|                    ## O             |
|                    ##               |
| X                                   |
|__________________________           |
                           \          | Just to help clarify where this computer
                           |         X| is, it's right in a niche of boxes
                           |          |
                           |          |
           3F              |          |
                           |          |
                           |X         |
                           |          |
                           |_^^___    |

 _______________       ______________
 <-             |    |X               \
|               |____|                |
|                        ____         |
|                      X|    |        |
|_______________________|    |        |
                            _|        | Directly right of the starting point
                           |          | look for a hidden niche behind some
                           |          | boxes
                           |          |
           4F              |          |
                           |          |
                           |          |
                           |     ##   |
                           |_^^___  ##|

 ________________      ______________
 <-             |    |                \
|               |____|X               |
|                       X____         |
|                       |    |       X|
|________________X_____O|    |        |
                            _|        |
                           |          |
                           |          |
                           |         X|
           5F              |          |
                           |          |
                           |          |
                           |          |
                           |_^^___    |

Once you've cleared all 5 floors (hopefully with little difficulty) you may now
face a possible "mini-boss" fight depending on how many computers you set off.
If you followed the maps correctly and hit no fakes, you'll skip this.
Otherwise, you'll have to ward off three Ill Gils before you can finish the
quest. If you do have to do this, be VERY careful not to get Elly killed. Stand
in the way of their Megid if you must because you'll probably have much higher
EDK than she does. After that quick fight you'll be treated to the ending
sequence. And no I'm NOT going to spoil this for you so TOO BAD. You'll ust have
to find out what happens yourself. Enjoy the ending!

~Seaside Area~
No, it's not quite over but you might as well call it finished. Now you'll find
yourself coming to in Seaside Area only you'll notice that it's nighttime. Cool!
Anyways, head out to the largest area to find Elly one last time. Again, this
little conversation will remain a secret so you'll just have to wait and see.
It's nothing much but perhaps a little too sentimental. Afterwards, a Telepipe
appears and Elly walks off on the beach. You can follow her if you'd like but
before you go, take a nice long look at the scenery. You won't be back here for
a while. If you follow her you'll simply end up receiving a nice little thank-
you from Sonic Team. Now just head to the Guild, pick up your cash and you're
done! Hurrah!

<B2-ET>---------East Tower------------------------------------------------------
 ___________    _________________________    __________    ______________
|Reward: ???|__|Levels: CCA/Control Tower|__|Team: None|__|Difficulty 80%|
>Locate entrance to the East Tower
>Irradiate enemies within Tower
>Defeat Epsilon

Do you remember the Control Tower from Seat of the Heat? Well that's where we're
heading once more! I hope your ready for it because this quest can be HARD if
you're not at a high enough level.

Both this quest and its West counterpart are extremely easy to describe but hey,
I'll go through them just to make sure. Anyway, you'll start out by being
informed by Mme Important in the Lab that the location to a Control Tower in the
east and west of Gal Da Val have been located. However, teams have tried to
enter and got their assess kicked by the baddies inside. Our job is to locate
the entrance to the East Tower in the CCA and empty the place. There's just one
problem: the enemies themselves. I know you're probably thinking that the guards
who got themselves sent into next week were weak, frail little wimps who really
had no place on Pioneer II to start with. Well, just wait till you get to the
tower. The enemies are INSANE! You'll be facing all the mini-bosses from the CCA
mass produced as well as some extremely dangerous renditions of seabed enemies
and some new people altogether. Anyway, enough scare tactic now, let's go.

Well your first task is pretty much to beat the CCA. Again, you do NOT have to
go through the three sub-levels, the door is already open. You'll just have to
deal with tons of those painfully annoying monkeys and a few Sinows. Once you've
got to the last room where you'd normally go to the boss, you'll see that red
lasers have blocked the hallway. However, there is a teleport to the left of it.
Hop in and you'll find yourself on the lower ledge that we explored in the
previous quest. Again, nothing new here so just plow through the remaining rooms
and grab the red teleport at the end of this hallway to warp to the Control
Tower. Unlike the Seat of the Heat quest though, you'll now have to fight your
way through 10 floors but there's none of that computer nonsense so don't worry.
Now, I've fully outlined the Control Tower area in the section {B4-CT} so I
won't bother going over it again here. Refer to that section for strategies on
how to take on the enemies and the Epsilon. Once you've completed the level, you
are able to exit the tower via the strange warp that appears. Then head over to
the Guild to collect your pay.

<B2-ET>---------West Tower------------------------------------------------------
 ___________    ____________________________    __________    ______________
|Reward: ???|__|Levels: Seabed/Control Tower|__|Team: None|__|Difficulty 85%|
>Locate the entrance to the West Tower
>Eliminate all monsters within the Tower
>Neutralize Epsilon

Well! This quest is pretty much the equivalent of the programmers highlighting
the East Tower quest, pressing Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V. Honestly, you've pretty
much got the same set up here as in the East Tower. The only thing that is
different here is that the entrance to the tower is in the Seabed (Upper
Levels). This, of course, is slightly more of a challenge but if you could take
on the Control Tower, the Seabed is pretty much gravy to you.

The Seabed, if you actually haven't been there before, is quite complicated and
this quest is no exception. The only thing to note here is that there are a few
laser barriers around that must be shut off before you can enter the Tower (or
so I think.) The switch you'll find pretty fast and after that, backtrack to the
laser fence to proceed. Unlike the East Tower, however, the entrance to the West
Tower is deep inside the Seabed and pretty much requires you to beat the first
level so please equip appropriately. Strategies for the Seabed and its
inhabitance may be found in the Episode II walkthrough so you might want to
check it out for a few pointers. Otherwise, you'll find the Control Tower
entrance eventually.

Again, once you entered the Control Tower, you'll be treated to the exact same
idea. Section {B4-CT} has the info on this place and its boss so look there for
assistance. Once the Epsilon is defeated (again) you'll get paid (again) and
this time for the last time. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE NOW BEATEN ALL OF THE

=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=Section C: Extra Info_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=

<C1>---------Frequently Asked Questions-----------------------------------------

**NOTE: Most of the questions here are ones that I anticipate would be asked and
questions I myself had while playing PSO. Also, if you have more information
than I have written here about a question or you have a question you would like
answered, just e-mail me. (See {C4}**

>Question: Do I need to be connected to the network to play PSO?
>Answer: NO! I am not connected to the internet and I don't ever plan to (at
least not in the near future maybe someday...) You can play PSO completely
offline and except for the online quests and experience itself, you can achieve
the same thing by rounding up some friends and playing offline. Otherwise, I
hear that everything you can do online can be done offline.

>Question: What's this thing floating behind my shoulders?
>Answer: That is your MAG. You obviously didn't read section {A6} carefully
enough! Shame, shame...

>Question: I've found a weapon with a blue name that has ???? before it. What
does that mean?
>Answer: Your weapon has special capabilities. Go to the purple booth in the
store called the Tekker and pay him/her 100 bucks to find out what that
capability is. It will be your weapon's special attack, which is the third
action in the Action List under the Customize window.

>Question: I found a ____Amplifier. What does that do?
>Answer: First of all, say you found for example an Amplifier of Foie. Just
because you have that item doesn't mean that it does anything for you! In fact,
it does squat all. You must find a special Barrier that will support that
amplifier to create a merge. RED BARRIERS for foie-amplifiers, YELLOW BARRIERS
for Zonde-amplifiers and BLUE BARRIERS for Barta-amplifiers. Oh, there's also
RECOVERY BARRIERS for Anti and Resta-amplifiers and SUPPORT BARRIERS for
supporting-Amplifiers There is an in-depth FAQ on this subject so I suggest you
check it out. Otherwise, just bank it for now.

>Question: I found a ?SPECIAL WEAPON...what's dat?
>Answer: You are stupid. That is a rare. Go get it Tekked and brag to all your
friends about your brand new find. (I envy you by the way...)

NOTE: Here's WOT of a trick: if you can't use your SPECIAL WEAPON and don't want
to tek it, put it in your bank. It will be placed right where everything else of
the same kind is even though it's not tekked! This way, you don't have to waste
100 bucks on a rare you already suspect you have. For example, I have found
millions of Broiacs (I probably misspelled that...) If I find a rare sword that
I can't use, I put it in my bank. If it lines up with the other Broiacs, that's
what it is.

>Question: I found a <Enemy Part>, what do I do with it?
>Answer: Good question. You, my friend, will soon be the proud owner of a
severed enemy body part that can be changed into a very good weapon. You must
first have completed all the quests so that they are open to re-enter. Now,
enter the quest: "Unsealed Door". You must have completed all the quests for
this to work, just thought I'd state that again. Now, you remember that crazy
Montague fellow that kept laughing all the time? Well to the immediate right of
the transporter to the Principle, you'll see him hanging around. Go talk to him.
You must have your enemy part with you at this time. He will sense that you've
got piece of rotting/rusting flesh/scrap iron that is probably drenched in
blood/oil thus covering you in said blood/oil. He will then ask you for it and
then through some ultra-secret process, will change it into something that kicks
behind. Thank you, have a nice day.

>Question (From PapaSmurfGamer): I was playing a mission some guy gave me an
emblem of some sort for an organization called WEAPONS. I would like to know
where the other people that I have to find are (the boss and four other people).
>Answer: The WEAPONS emblem is an "item" which you use to obtain the rare item
'Akiko's Frying Pan.' I do not know where the other people are but if you check
out the "Quest Rares" guide at GameFAQs, there are specific instructions there
on how to get said rare.

>Question: (From Sergio): If I have an old character on the first version of PSO
Ep I and II, will this character work on the Plus edition or will I have to
start all over again?
>Answer: Your character WILL work on Plus edition. As far as I know, all
weapons, mags, shields, units, costumes and chars are fully compatible with Plus

>Question: (From LiquidMotion06): I read your comment about Megid and think
differently. For my Lv 136 FOneweral, Megid works VERY good...etc.
>Answer: I know this wasn't really a question but I figure it needed attention
anyway. Megid WILL work differently for different characters. FOnewerals have
MUCH higher MST than FOmars and thus, they will have better luck with Megid. At
level 30 with a ton of MST to back it up, Megid does become a nice little trump
card to whip out and may be very effective. However, my comment was based on MY
average usage of the spell and the overwhelming attacks against Megid/dark
weapons that I see on the message boards. If Megid works for you great but for
the rest of you out there who are at a low level, don't bother with Megid yet.
It's like that killing spell from Harry Potter: you need lots of power to make
it work properly. That isn't to say that you won't get lucky with it but on
average low MST/level of Megid will provide crap for results considering TP

*Thank you to all who wrote me for help! Please feel free to ask me whatever
comes to your mind about PSO!*

<C2>---------Unconfirmed Rumors/Strange Things----------------------------------

While playing PSO, you may stumble upon some of the numerous rumors about the
extremely rare weaponry. Here is a short section compiled between me and my
partner in crime (known as RDUDE) about some strange things we've found and
rumors we've heard. Enjoy.

1. Parasitic Gene "Flow"

While it is not a rumor that Parasitic Gene "Flow" actually exists, there ARE
several rumors attributed to finding it. Before we go into these rumors, just a
quick note: Parasitic Gene "Flow" is used, in theory, to make special "Dark"
weapons (Dark Bridge, Dark Flow, Dark Meteor). You can find more information
about these weapons at www.planetdreamcast.com/psoworld.

>First, it is rumored that if you or your teammates possess 'dark' attributed
(for example, a shadow handgun) there will be an increased chance of finding the
Gene from Olga Flow on Ultimate.

>Another rumor surrounds the mysterious 'Red Weapons'. It is said, that if you
possess Red Weapons (Not like a railgun, they are actually called things like
"Red Sword" and such) there will be a good chance of finding the Gene.

It is agreed among most people that the Gene can ONLY be found from Ultimate
Olga Flow so you'll probably want to level up a good bit before trying.

2. The 'Red Weapons'

Again, these weapons are NOT rumors (actually we posses one already). However,
there are a few mysteries surrounding them as well. First of all is the rumor
above which state that you can find a Parasitic Gene Flow from Olga on Ultimate.

The other strange thing about these weapons is their description. If you look,
you'll notice that each of them has one or two letters 'inscribed' on them.
Using PSO World, RDUDE has figure out that they actually spell "Heathcliff". If
you remember your plot mongering, Hethcliff is the first name of Flowen who
supposedly disappeared in Episode II. Also, consider how Olga Flow shares a
striking similarity with FLOWen's name. I really don't know the point of this
rumor but it appears to have to do something with the Parasitic Gene rumor and
possibly other rumors stemming from the Dark Weapons.

3. The Sealed 'J' Sword

Ah, this is an enigma of PSO for sure. The Sealed J Sword has spun a web of
mysteries more complex than the Parasitic Gene Flow itself. Under its
description the Sealed J Sword says "it will be unsealed when all techniques are
used". Here is where the rumors begin. There are thousands of supposed ways to
unseal the J sword and all of them agree that once the sword is unsealed, you
are unstoppable.

>One of the most common methods claimed to work is that if you killed 7200
enemies with the Sealed J Sword, it will unseal. In retrospect, this doesn't
seem to make any sense whatsoever but since I don't have a Sealed J Sword and
haven't tried this I can't fully disprove this method.

>Another method involves giving the Sword to a force will all Lv 30 Techs and
getting them to cast all of them as quickly as possible. Again, this doesn't
really seem to work since the Force cannot actually equip the J Sword but then
again, it follows the prophecy more closely.

>Finally, and we may be just making this one up ourselves, if you read the
description of the Game Magazine Rare *NOTE THIS WAS TAKEN FROM PSO World.com*
"Secret Technique type 'URAENDING' at the title with the keyboard". Now I have
absolutely no idea what this means but the 'Technique' part might have something
to do with Unsealing the J Sword. Hmm... That sounds like Clue! Secret Tech with
the keyboard in the title...

*Thank you to RDUDE and PSO World for all the information in this section. If
you have any comments or other rumors which you'd like to start, please e-mail


First, I'd like to thank the Sega Team and Nintendo for creating a game that
kicks $%*#. So without the game there would be no guide. Right? Right.

That being said, I also used some information directly out of the PSO manual
which includes status defects and basically, just character info.

Thanks too to RDUDE made some interesting finds in the 'Rumors' category. (You
know who you are.)

Okay, for my MAG section, I took a gander at your guide noZedive13. I didn't
take any of your actual information but you did teach me how the heck to make a
MAG work and make it grow into the greatest MAG of all time! I did have to look
at some of your photon blast information (Namely Mylla). So thank-you! :)

LordKarasuman: the Quest Rares Guide master! You helped me to three shiny new
rares! In the walkthrough of the Episode I quests, I placed notes for things
that must be done to obtain the Quest Rares such as not telling Sue your name
etc. This information was taken directly from your guide so THANK YOU! Those
rares are great! The only reason I put those notes in is so that people didn't
screw up the process while beating the missions.

Finally, the big credit is to DarkNightwing. This being my first guide for
GameFAQs, I had to take a quick look at the format for such a guide. You'll
notice that the structure for the walkthrough is very similar to yours. I simply
felt that it was the absolute best and most efficient way to convey information
so great guide and thanks for all your help! Also, I had currently lent my copy
of PSO to a friend and can't rent it so I forgot all about Olga Flow's attacks.
I looked at your guide for what attacks Olga uses in both forms and I had no
idea that you could block that quake attack so I used that in my strategy. Thank
you for the information!

To PSO World: you have awesome pictures and your finding lists are INCREDIBLE!
DON'T YOU EVER CLOSE DOWN! I used some information about rare weapons here to
help with the 'Rumors' section. Thanks so much!

The awesome title effect at the top of the guide was created using ASCII
Generator. Isn't it great?!

To all of you who wrote it to me with questions and comments. Thank you for the

Finally, to YOU, the people reading! Yes, that's all of you out there! I can't
believe you read this far! I hope I assisted you any way that I could.

<C4>---------Legal Jazz---------------------------------------------------------
I think I'm pretty relaxed with the use of my guide. Print it off, give it to
your friend, do whatever it is that you do. If you used some information from my
guide, you MUST give me credit though you need not e-mail me but it would be
appreciated. You may NOT take this guide in part or as a whole for your own
credit. You may not sell information from this guide in part or whole unless I
have given you specific written consent. If you want to post it on a different
site, you may by all means but you MUST e-mail me first and the guide itself
must be unchanged. (You know, so I can brag to my friends about it and all that
good stuff!) If you would like some part to be changed, I can re-format a
different version for you. Otherwise, that's it. Just remember that
Copy+Paste=Bad. Ya? Ya. Oh, if you have any questions obviously don't hesitate
to e-mail me.

So far, these site can post my guide:

www.gamefaqs.com (duh)

If you'd like to be here too, as I just said (correct me if I'm wrong) just e-
mail me first and yeah, we can discuss format details.

<C5>---------Contact Info-------------------------------------------------------

If you have a question or comment, if you found a mistake on my guide or would
like to register a comment or complaint, feel free to e-mail me. If you have
some extra information about something or you found the way I explained
something confusion, once again, don't hesitate to ask me. That goes for my FAQ
as well. If you haven't noticed, it's pretty limited. I'll try to make as many
updates as I can to the FAQ. If you are going to e-mail me please follow the
simple guidelines:

*PLEASE NOTE: This guide is for the GAMECUBE VERSION ONLY! I don't know anything
about the Dreamcast version so please don't ask me about it. Thank you.*

1. Put "PSO GUIDE" or something of the tune as the subject. I get tons of e-mail
all the time and if your subject doesn't stand out, I'll junk it by accident.

2. Do be sure that the info you're looking for is not already in the guide. I
mean if it was confusion, do tell but please, if you ask me how to feed a MAG, I
won't be replying anytime soon.

3. Make sure I can understand it. I can read ENGLISH. I cannot read German or
Polish etc so if you e-mail me in another language, chances are I won't know
what you're talking about. Oh, by the way "And but he around upside-down in
corner paving stone" does not count as English either. Neither does "Bbbuxt
hereeead saaaided sssstdfaftfff"

Do all that and I reply as soon as I can but expect at least a few days cause I
don't check my e-mail all the time.

Alright: you can reach me at the following address:
Thank-you for your interest!

<THE END>-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Thank you once more for using my guide! I intend to update further so any
advice/questions for the FAQ or any information is appreciated! Thanks again for
reading, I'm out.

-Terekane Lenjarail

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