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Online Setup FAQ by INoble

Updated: 03/09/04

Phantasy Star Online

Getting Online With The Gamecube FAQ


What You Need To Get Online
Wireless Networking
Setup Instructions
	Modem Adaptor
	Broadband Adaptor
Cheating, Hacking And FSOD/FSOD-X
Useful Links To Further Information
Contact Details


I have noticed quite a few messages on the board reporting problems getting
online with this game. As I have actually managed to do this myself I thought I
would write a short FAQ on the topic. There is very little original content as
the majority of the information you need is contained in various excellent FAQ
files posted on web sites elsewhere. My own experience is based on connecting
using the broadband adaptor with NTL in the UK.


In order to play PSO online you need the following:

1. Gamecube console

2. Copy of the Phantasy Star Online game

3. A working internet connection. This is normally supplied through an account
with an ISP (Internet Service Provider.)
For help in choosing an ISP connect to http://www.thelist.com
Please note that not all ISPS will work with PSO. Most free services like
Netzero or Juno are difficult to setup. AOL/Compuserve dial-up connections are
IMPOSSIBLE to setup. AOL Broadband (AKA Roadrunner) will work with PSO.
Any ISP that requires you to sign online through their own software isn't
compatible with PSO.
(AOL and Netzero for example.) ISP's that let you connect online through DUN
(dial-up networking) work just fine.
Asking the ISP if you can connect through DUN is always a good thing to do.

There is a useful (although incomplete) list of ISPS that work with PSO at

4. Either the modem adaptor (if you have a dial-up interner connection) or the
broadband adaptor (if you have a broadband/cable/ADSL connection.)
These will cost about $35 each

5. A Hunter's Licence.
This will cost $8.95 for 30 days. Your first 30 days are free

European site: https://www.playsega.com/
United States site:
You need a credit or debit card to buy the Hunter's Licence at the Sega site.

If you don't have a card checkout http://www.psoexplorer.com/

6. A keyboard is a good investment if you want to be able to chat with other
players online. This will cost about $20
There is a very expensive ASCII combined keyboard and controller which will set
you back about $70!
You can also get a cheap adaptor that will let you plug in any keyboard at

7. If you want to share your broadband connection between your computer and
your Gamecube then you will need to invest in a router. This means that you
don't have to keep unplugging cables and you can be online with PSO and surfing
the internet at the same time.

Routers can be expensive. One of the best around can be found at


7.1 My Nintendo GameCube is located far away from my broadband modem.

There are two basic options available to you to get your gamecube conected to
1: get a long bit of ethernet cable, and run it from your P.C to your gamecube.
2: Get a wireless network set up, and use a wireless bridge adaptor (search
Google for examples, linksys do one, as do other companys)

If you don't have a wireless network, setting one up can be expensive, and its
not really worth it just for a gamecube, if you have a wireless network already
then it might be worth looking at.

Here are some ideas on how to get a cable from one point to another:

You may need a long cable from your internet source to your gamecube, and its
not really practical to have this great long cable running accross the place.
So you will probably have to make a few holes, if your gamecube is upstairs and
your P.C downstairs:
You can buy some PVC trunking

This runs up your wall, to a hole that you have drilled in the ceiling of the
room where your P.C is.
You then route the cable up through the trunking, through the hole under the
floorboards upstairs to a point where your gamecube is, then another hole in
the floor, and up into your gamecube.

You can just pass the cable up the wall, through a hole in the ceiling, but if
you use trunking (available fromm most DIY tores/electrical stores it will look
much much neater.
If you want to go for a profesional neat and tidy job you can just buy plain
ethernet cable without the plugs on each end, and wire that into some wall
sockets as shown here (http://www.maplin.co.uk/media/largeimages/27245i0.jpg)

7.2 Can I use a wireless network adapter?

In some cases, yes. This will depend largely upon which wireless network
adapter device you purchase. Connecting to a wireless network can be a
difficult option, unless you are experienced at setting up a home network. It
is often easier to either use a long ethernet cable to connect or, if a phone
jack is closer, use the Nintendo GameCube Modem Adapter instead.

From an article at IGN



Consider this a slightly altered version of the PS2 installation. The biggest
difference is really the absence of online games for GameCube. You're basically
throwing down $35.00 or so to play PSO. That's fine, but the overall investment
yields less return than it does with the PS2 or Xbox, each of which has a
healthy library of online titles. At any rate, after you install the Broadband
Adapter you have to get the broadband part to it. If you already have a router,
then just buy the wireless access point, which connects to one of the router
ports. If you do not have a router, then buy an integrated wireless router,
which includes the access point. In this case, the wireless bridge will connect
to the GameCube Broadband adapter. Pictured to the right is the Linksys WGA54G
Wireless-G Game Adapter, which runs for a hair over $100.00. Like the previous
two bridges, the Linksys features 54 Mbps 802.11g and 11 Mbps 802.11b operation.

The chain: broadband modem --> router + wireless access point OR wireless
router --> wireless bridge --> GameCube Broadband Adapter

If you have a wireless network, then you might consider investing in this
little gizmo
555-7847809?v=glance&s=electronics or this device http://www.linksys.com/product

As you can see all this can cost quite a bit of money so be sure you want to
make the investment to play online. Remember that you can always play offline
or play multiplayer offline if you want to play with a team of friends.


8. Once you have got all this together, you need to know how to setup the

Go here http://www.nintendo.com/online/

Please note that for some online services you need to enter your userid is a
special format:
MSN - msn/yourusername
AOL - yourusername@aol.com

There seem to be a LOT of problems setting up a connection to PSO with a AOL
Broadband connection. Here is a useful message I found posted at

"PSO, AOL AND the Gamecube ONLINE!
For all you pso fans,

You can get online with AOL Broadband! The ONLY way is to use a ROUTER! We used
a Linksys Router. You have to set up...

WAN Connection Type:
Choose: PPPoe
in UserName: yourusername@aol.com
in Password: yourpassword

Plug your Gamecube into one of the ports.
(We used a Crossover Cable.)

Leave the Network settings on the Gamecube to
Ethernet: Choose "automatically obtain an IP Address".
IP Address Auto Settings (DNS and DHCP) - Leave blank
Proxy Setting: Leave Blank

Save and Get Ready to Play the ONLINE game.

Good Luck and I hope to see you in the Lobby!"


9. Bear in mind that there is widespread cheating online with rare items being
duplicated, character stats being maxed out at level 1, multiple weapons being
equipped etc.

Also there is a risk of the Frozen Screen of Death (FSOD) which can lose all
your unequipped items or even lose your entire character.

You may like to try some of the following rescue methods.

What is FSODX?
FSODX stands for Frozen Screen Of Death eXtreme. It is a result of Sonic Teams
poorly made patch that was to put an end to the mainstream duping method. The
double-save is an example of the patch.

What does FSODX do?
FSODX freezes your game when entering a game, during the double-save. As you
know, if you turn off the GameCube or remove your memory card during a save,
you corrupt. The FSODX forces you to turn off your GameCube. This makes many
people angry.

What is corruption?
It is a term used in the gaming community that means that the data stored on
your memory (card) is no longer viable, meaning it won't work.

How can I save myself from FSODX?
Good question. You are in luck, as you can save yourself from FSOD.
One method is-
1.) When you get FSOD during a save (FSODX), open your disc lid on your
GameCube. Another step to take is removing your phone cord from the GameCube,
although I am not sure if that matters or not.
2.) Wait. Wait about 30 seconds. Then, press the power on the GameCube. Turn it
back on, and wait for it to load. If you get a message that says that your data
on your card is trashed and asking if you would like to delete it, turn your
power off and go to the second method. If you don't get the message,
congratulations! You are one of the survivors of FSODX. Now, start to breathe
Second Method-
1.) Open the disc lid while your GameCube is off.
2.) Press power, you should get to the GameCube menu screen.
3.) Go to your memory card with the corrupted data, and go to the Guild Card
data and delete it.
4.) Play. Congratulations! You survived FSODX! You only lost a major way to
contact your friends!

Finally using third party memory cards with PSO or mixing PSO saved data with
that from other games can result in the card becoming corrupted and all your
character data being lost.


10. Summary of Useful Links

10.1 Choosing an ISP


10.2 PSO World Technical FAQ


The first message posted on this forum message board is an EXCELLENT faq on how
to get online. It covers setting up access with free services like Juno and
Netzero. It shows you how to make an AOL connection work. It answers questions
about the Hunter's Licence, It covers the FSOD.

If you are still having problems getting online after reading this FAQ then
posting a message on the PSO World Technical Help Forum board will get you some
expert help.

10.3 GameCube Hardware - Modem/Broadband Adapter FAQ


Another EXCELLENT FAQ that tells you all about connecting up your Gamecube with
the modem adaptor or the broadband adaptor. It also covers cables, routers and
how to set it up for PSO.

10.4 Sorry to use the 'X-Box' word!

You can also get information on setting up via the X-Box live website, if you
are using broadband, the set up is virtually identical to that of an X-Box, it
also lists how to set up to a router, a direct connection to a broadband modem
(with ethernet out) and internet connection sharing. Just replace the X-Box with
a Gamecube


10.5 Sega (for Hunter's Licence)

European site: https://www.playsega.com/
United States site:

This is where you buy your Hunter's Licence. Make sure you remember the
username and password you chose when you register your game. Make sure you have
your serial number and access key handy. If you have problems click on the
Support button and call one of the phone numbers listed.

10.6 PSO Explorer (for Hunter's Licence without a credit card)


10.7 Nintendo Europe Online Gaming


10.8 Nintendo Online Support


10.9 Nintendo Online FAQS


10.10 Some nice instructions from a cable access provider



11. Contact: feel free to email me at inobleuk@yahoo.com with any information
you think should be included here. I will be happy to answer questions to the
best of my ability but I am not an expert, I just looked around for helpful
information on the internet and read the messages posted on the Gamefaqs board.

Hope to see you online?

Iain Noble

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