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GBA Linkup FAQ by JackH

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/21/04


This FAQ has been written to help answer any queries
people may have about the Game Boy Advance link up
feature present in the excellent online RPG for the
Nintendo GameCube, Phantasy Star Online Episode I&II.

This guide is Copyright (C) to me, JackH, 2003-2004.
Stealing the guide and presenting as your own will
make you endure a fate worse than being force fed
your own excrement. You have been warned...

This guide can only appear on GameFAQs.com, IGN, or
on Neoseeker.com. If you wish to have it on your site,
then contact me with your site's address at 

     |           HISTORY          |

We're on IGN now, apparently.

First build! My second FAQ on GameFAQs.


To acquire the GBA link up games, you will need one of
each of the following:

1 Nintendo GameCube
1 Game Boy Advance compatible hardware (See NOTE1)
1 Game Boy Advance GameCube Link Cable
1 Nintendo GameCube Modem Adapter or Broadband Adapter
1 copy of Phantasy Star Online

NOTE1: Game Boy Advance compatible hardware includes
the original Game Boy Advance, the redesigned Game Boy
Advance SP, or a Game Boy Player connected to another
Nintendo GameCube. It will not work with a Game Boy
Player connected to the Nintendo GameCube playing
Phantasy Star Online.


Set up the Nintendo GameCube as described in the manual.
Connect the Game Boy Advance GameCube Link Cable to 
Controller Socket 4 on the GameCube, and the Game Boy
Advance EXT socket. Turn on the Game Boy Advance without
a cartridge in the slot. Insert the Phantasy Star Online
game disc into the Nintendo GameCube and turn the power on. 

     |     THE GBA GAMES AVAILABLE     |

Tiny Chao Garden - collect a rare Tails Chao for use in
either Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2 for the Game Boy
Advance, or Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut and Sonic
Adventure 2: Battle for the Nintendo GameCube!

NiGHTS Score Attack - fly rings around rings and gain a
high score in this semi-port of the Sega Saturn classic,
NiGHTS: Into Dreams!

Chu Chu Rocket - The Sega Dreamcast's first ever online
game comes to the Game Boy Advance in the form of a cut
down puzzle mode.

Puyo Pop - otherwise known as Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean
Machine. Connect series of blobs in an ever accelerating
puzzle marathon!

     |      OBTAINING THE GAMES      |

Here's what you've all been waiting for - how to download
the GBA games to your GBA.

Tiny Chao Garden-

Go into the offline quest, "The Fake In Yellow". Find Dr.Guls,
and go back up to Pioneer II. Talk to your client, but don't
collect the reward. Instead, go back down the Telepipe you
used to get up to Pioneer II. There should be three NPC Rappies
waiting. Look at the bush behind the river, and a Chao will
hover over to you! Go back up to Pioneer II after talking to
the Chao, and a GBA Terminal will appear next to the Hunter's
Guild. Refer to the section earlier on how to link the GBA and
download the game.

The downloaded Tiny Chao Garden can be linked to a copy of
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut or Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
to save the Chao. It looks kind of like Tails, but it's not
perfect. Guess it really is a Fake In Yellow... ~_^

NiGHTS Score Attack- (Online play required)

Complete the online quest "The Dream Messenger". NiGHTS will give
you a "key item". Now go to the online shop quest "Pioneer
Warehouse". Go to the Warehouse section from the second door on the
left as you access the quest, and use the GBA Terminal. Refer to 
the section earlier on how to link the GBA and download the game.

Chu Chu Rocket- (Online play required, keyboard recommended)

Complete the online quest "Reach for the Dream" with an S Rank.
A keyboard is heavily recommended to help you to gain the S Rank.
Having gained the S-Rank, a room previously blocked by a laser fence
will be opened. Use the computer here to gain a "key item". Finish
the quest, and go to the online shop quest "Pioneer Warehouse" to
download the game.

Puyo Pop- (Online play required)

This is stupidly easy to get. Go into the online shop quest, "Gallon's
Shop", and walk over to the Medical Centre. A shiny item will be on
the floor. Walk onto it, and you will gain the "Puyo Pop Key Item".
Exit the quest and go to the online shop quest "Pioneer Warehouse"
to download the game.

     |      TROUBLESHOOTING       |

If you have any problems connecting the Game Boy Advance to the
Nintendo GameCube, refer to Nintendo of America's customer support
page for help:



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