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Photon Blast Combination FAQ by Parn

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 09/07/01

Phantasy Star Online Photon Blast Combination FAQ - Version 0.1
Created By: Jason "Parn" Walton
Created On: 9/07/2001
Updated On: N/A

Disclaimer: This FAQ is meant to be useful, not deceptive.  I do not
            claim to have discovered Photon Blast combinations, nor
            do I claim that this info is 100% accurate.  Please do
            keep the derogatory comments to yourself if this data
            is not useful to you, or is of something you already know
            about.  This FAQ may be distributed freely, so long as no
            profit is made, and no changes are made to this document.
            Copyright law applies, obviously.

Commentary: This is the first version of this FAQ, obviously.  It is
            by far, incomplete, as I've just started compiling data.
            Hopefully this will change over the coming weeks. =)

Questions & Answers

Q: What is a Photon Blast?

A: A Photon Blast is a special ability performed by your MAG upon
   reaching 100 points on your PB meter located at the top left of your
   character's status window.  There are six different Photon Blasts in
   Phantasy Star Online.

Q: What is a MAG?

A: If you don't know what a MAG is, learn the basics of Phantasy Star
   Online first, then come see this FAQ again.

Q: What exactly is a Photon Blast combination?

A: Did you notice the number next to your character's status window
   right after you initiate a Photon Blast?  If you're the only one
   using a Photon Blast, a '1' icon will be temporarily shown in the
   spot where you'd see status effects, such as poison, paralysis, and
   so forth.  The significance of the number is simple; if multiple
   players set off Photon Blasts within 5 seconds of the first release,
   each player will get a number, determined by the order of who set
   their Photon Blast off first.  Up to 4 Photon Blasts can be combined
   at one time (4 players, 4 Photon Blasts, go figure).  Photon Blast
   combinations must be pulled off with each character somewhat close
   to each other (duh).

Q: What is the point of combining Photon Blasts?

A: Photon Blast combinations can be both extremely effective, or
   extremely useless dependant on which Photon Blasts each person uses.
   Effects can run anywhere from gaining a significant ATP and DEF
   boost, as well as healing the entire party, or even doing extreme
   amounts of damage to enemies around you.  Now legit players can do
   l337 damage too, without ever touching a hacked item. =)

Q: G0T NE K3WL m@gz??????

A: Go away.

Photon Blasts

Farlla - The basic Photon Blast for any hunter, a large leviathan is
         summoned and winds around your character, doing moderate
         damage to all enemies close to your character.  Damage is
         based by your character's ATP, as well as the MAG's Synchro.

Estlla - The basic Photon Blast for a ranger, an oddly colored dolphin
         is summoned, which darts forward in the direction you are
         facing, doing heavy damage to all in its path in a 3-character
         wide spacing.  Damage is based on your character's ATP, as
         well as your MAG's Synchro.

Leilla - The basic Photon Blast for the force, a cross between a squid
         and a woman is summoned, merely casting a very effective
         healing spell.  The healing effects are based on your MAG's
         IQ as well as Synchro.

         * Note - In combinations, Leilla ALWAYS negates the effects of
                  Mylla & Youlla.  I suggest not using Leilla, as you
                  might as well cast Resta.

Pilla - Probably the most popular of all Photon Blasts, a wierd...
        thing is summoned and shoots a beam of energy into the sky
        which rains back down upon enemies all around your character
        in a very wide range, doing massive damage.  Damage is
        dependant on your character's ATP, as well as MAG Synchro.

Golla - Some call it the moose, other's call it an elk, I prefer to
        call it Rudolph, a deer-like creature is summoned and fires a
        lot of lightning at one target, doing extremely high damage,
        dependant on your character's ATP and your MAG's Synchro.

Mylla & Youlla - Also known as the Olsen Twins, two little creatures
                 bounce around and boost your character's ATP and DEF.
                 Effectiveness is based on your MAG's IQ and Synchro.

2 - Way Photon Blast Combinations

All of these require 2 characters, obviously.

Estlla + Mylla & Youlla = Heavy damage to all in the path of the
                          dolphin, as well as a significant increase of
                          ATP and DEF.

Golla + Mylla & Youlla = Very little damage at all, as well as an ATP
                         and DEF increase that's almost unnoticable.
                         Think of Shifta/Deband, level 1.

3 - Way Photon Blast Combinations

These require 3 characters.  Gee.

Note: No real data on these just yet.  Sorry. =P

4 - Way Photon Blast Combinations

Might these require 4 people?  Hmm...

Pilla + Mylla & Youlla
 + Estlla + Mylla & Youlla = Insane damage in Pilla's range of attack,
                             as well as an incredible ATP and DEF
                             boost.  As of last night, my level 152
                             HUmar Parn, equipped with a Red Sword and
                             a Bana MAG, had his ATP boosted from 2078
                             to 4446!  Who needs hidden % cheat
                             weapons? =)

Extra Notes

In Phantasy Star Online Version 2, to boost up another's PB meter with
ease, you can use the Resta/Attack Tech glitch with ease making use of
the quick select menu (Hold R and press Y).  Using the X button, you
can edit the order of techs in the menu.  Put Resta at the top and an
attack tech in the 2nd spot (such as Grants).  Highlight Resta, then
hit down on the D-Pad as well as the A button simultaneously, and you
will cast an attack tech on an ally.  This will do no damage (assuming
you're not in Version 2's battle mode of course).  This is similar to
the Reverser trick to boost TP in both Phantasy Star Online and
Phantasy Star Online Version 2.  Some consider this cheating, so do it
at your discretion.


 - John "JWL" Lewandowski for getting me interested in Photon Blast
   combinations awhile back, in particular combining Mylla/Youlla with
   Estlla. =P

 - Tony "Ark/Dios GX" Salbato for showing me how to edit my quick
   select menu, as well as rekindling my interest in Photon Blast
   combinations, enough to write this FAQ.

 - 2 Dope, Ruri-Chan, Evan "Jayde" Michaels, and A d Y (yeah, you too,
   bleh...) for helping in the first set of Photon Blast combinations
   preparing for the writing of this FAQ.

Other Junk

Contact Me Through
 - Email: webmaster@synbios.net or parn@rpgfan.com
 - AIM: ParnXIV
 - Yahoo: ParnXIV
 - ICQ: 21891772
 - Websites: http://synbios.net/ and http://www.rpgfan.com/
 - PSO: Puck, Block 9

This document Copyright 2001 Jason "Parn" Walton
Thanks for reading.  Not bad for my first FAQ, eh? =P

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