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Items/Spells/Weapons/Armor/Units FAQ by Khaotika

Version: 1.55 | Updated: 03/20/01


Items/Weapons/Armor/Units FAQ
v. 1.55 by Khaotika!

This FAQ is written for the US version of Phantasy Star Online for the Sega
Dreamcast. It is written for the sole purpose of finding all the appropriate
items for your character, best weapons for them, managing your inventory, 

This FAQ shall not be posted up on any gaming websites without my
permission. Email me at khaotika@earthlink.net if you wish to do so. Also,
the plagarizing or selling of this FAQ is illegal. Feel free to print this
for your enjoyment. ;)

The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com.

It will be updated once a week, unless I happen to get a glut of new info..

This FAQ can also be found at these websites:


Anywhere else means that they stole it. :p

It will be updated once a week, unless I happen to get a glut of new info..


3/20/2001 - v. 1.55 - Not much to add; added a few URLs and a notice.

3/12/2001 - v. 1.5 - More updating, removed Rares Section. Look for it in the
Rare Items FAQ.
3/6/2001 - v. 1.45 - Guess what? Yep, more added to rares. Also added a
few tidbits to other sections. I need some more info on the rarest rares,
especially what family of weapon they belong to, and info on weapons like 
Egg Blaster and Gladiator Spike. Keep sending those emails!
3/1/2001 - v. 1.4 - Wow. It's been a month since PSO came out.. Anyways, 
in this revision, I've added more to the rares, as well as a few other
small revisions, and condensed the thanks and credits section.
2/26/2001 - v. 1.35 - Corrected some minor stuff, like ATA on guns, not 
ATP/T. :p Added some more rare items, as well as more to the weapons/armor
sections. I wonder if I'll get truly finished with this before May.. :)
2/23/2001 - v. 1.3 - Lots more info on rare weapons/armor/units. Also added
some to the weapons section, as well as touched up a few missing details.
(Can't believe I forgot Power Material! :p ) BTW, If you're looking for
the Spells part of this FAQ, it can now be found as part of John Kadonoff's/
Taro's PSO Techniques FAQ.. :)
2/21/2001 - v. 1.25 - More spell info, rare item info added. Also added
more to the weapons and armor sections. Thanks to all who've emailed me
with additions so far! :p Had to remove spell info..file getting to be
2/17/2001 - v. 1.2 - Even more spell info added. Retouched all
sections, as well as added a bit to each. FAQ ready to be published. :)
2/16/2001 - v. 1.15 - More spell info added. Started other sections.
2/15/2001 - v. 1.1 - Basic info on every other section added. Also added
more to Spells section.
2/12/2001 - v.1.0 - Items list and Spells list added.


Contents -



1. Items
        (Names, Cost, Found, Description)

2. Weapons
        (List of Attributes)
        (Names, Cost, ATP/ATA/MST needed, Found)

3. Frames/Armor/Barriers/Shields
        (Names, Cost, LVL Needed, Found)

4. Units
        (Names, Cost, Found, Description)

5. Thanks and Credits



While I appreciate the ton of emails I get about my 2 FAQs, PLEASE, PLEASE
don't email me asking for free handouts of these items. Some of these I
have, but most I don't. Those I do have, I'm probably using. Any Special 
Weapons I happen to have are mainly for my own use, or to have for the hell
of it. And no, I don't have Heaven's Punisher, please quit asking for it.
What the hell use would a Gae Bolg be to a RAmar anyway?? I would consider
trades, but I don't have much of value..most of what I have, could easily
be found on your own.. :p

And if you do see me on PSO, please be kind. My mental health is usually one
step away from the looney bin.... @_@


This FAQ is here as reference for the seemingly never ending amount
of items found in this game. It should serve as an all-purpose reference
guide for anyone looking for the best weapon for their character, to which 
units are the best to attach to your armor. Everything here is based on a 
run-through of the normal version, though some harder to find 
weapons/armor/units can only be found in the harder versions.

Some items, weapons, etc. can only be used by certain classes. Androids
cannot use Magic, so items related to that are useless to them. Keep
in mind that some classes learn to use weapons/spells, etc. at a faster pace
than others.

I find that rarity of items depends on your class/game. For me, I've had a
ton of trouble finding Zonde type spells, but I find a TON of Force weapons.

As for the items list, you can hold a maximum of 60 items total in storage,
as well as 30 on your person. 90 items seems like a lot, but your space will
fill up quickly, trust me. ;)

Email me at khaotika@earthlink.net if you have anything you want to add
here. I'll put it in the next revision. :)


1. Items List

This covers all the found items as well as items you can buy in the
shops, for use in recovery, revival, etc. All characters can use these
freely, though the android characters need not worry about certain
magical related items. Some items can be kept in amounts of up to 10,
while others will take up space by themselves in your inventory. For
example, 2 Antidotes take up one space, while 2 Monogrinders take
up two. Keep this in mind as you manage your items.

ITEM NAME       COST             FOUND                  USE

Monomate         50            Everywhere          Restores 70 HP
Monofluid       100            Everywhere          Restores 70 TP
Dimate          300            Everywhere          Restores 200 HP
Difluid         500            Everywhere          Restores 200 TP
Trimate        2000     Mines/Ruins/Hard/VHard     Restores ALL HP
Trifluid       3600     Mines/Ruins/Hard/VHard     Restores ALL TP
Antidote         60            Everywhere     Neutralizes Poison affliction
Antiparalysis    60            Everywhere   Neutralizes Paralysis affliction
Trap Vision     100            Everywhere     See all hidden traps in rooms
Telepipe        350            Everywhere      Creates a gate to the city,
                                              remains active until creator
                                                 passes back through it.
Scape Doll     5500           Mines/Ruins       When holder dies, the doll
                          (all difficulties)   dies, and the owner revives.
                                                Disappears after one use.

Moon Atomizer   350            Everywhere     Bring a teammate back to life.
Sol Atomizer    300            Everywhere      Removes all adverse effects
                                                       from body.
Star Atomizer  3700            Everywhere      Recovers all HP, including
                                                     nearby teammates.

Monogrinder    2500            Everywhere        Raises weapon attack value
                           (all difficulties)   by 1; no effect if weapon is
                                               already upgraded to its limit.
Digrinder      N/A          Caves/Mines/Ruins  Same as Monogrinder, only by 2.
                           (all difficulties)

Trigrinder     N/A          Caves/Mines/Ruins  Same as Monogrinder, only by 3.
                           (all difficulties)

HP Material    N/A             Everywhere        Raises max HP by 2, will not
                            (all difficulties)   increase past user's limit.

Power Material  N/A            Everywhere        Same as HP, only raises
                           (all difficulties)        Attack Power by 2.

Defense Material N/A           Everywhere        Same as HP, only raises
                           (all difficulties)          Defense by 2.

Mind Material   N/A            Everywhere        Same as HP, only raises
                           (all difficulties)           MST/TP by 2.

Evade Material  N/A            Everywhere        Same as HP, only raises
                           (all difficulties)            Evade by 2.

Hit Material    N/A            Everywhere        Same as HP, only raises
                           (all difficulties)          Accuracy by 2.

Luck Material   N/A            Everywhere        Same as HP, only raises
                           (all difficulties)            Luck by 2.


2. Weapons List

This section covers all the found weapons as well as ones you can buy in
the shops, for upping attack as well as attack power. There are some
universal weapons that all characters can use, like sabers and handguns,
but each class also possesses weapons that only they can use.

More powerful weapons are obviously better for your character, as well as
ones with a large number after the name. For example a Saber + 8 is more
powerful than a Saber + 2. Also, pay attention to the percentage against
each type of monster. You will want to keep/buy weapons that have a high
success rate against all types of monsters. The lower the rate, the more
misses the weapon will have against that type. These will always show up
in green font. Try to keep a weapon that has a good balance percentage
toward all monsters. Dump any weapons that have negatives (in blue).

In order to use more powerful weapons, the Hunter must have a high amount 
of ATP. For Rangers, it's ATA, and for Forces, their MST must be high.


Heat               Fire family. Does fire damage
Fire               with special attack, progressively
Flame              more powerful with each new name.

Ice                Ice family. Does ice damage
Frost              with special attack, progressively
Freeze             more powerful with each new name.
Blizzard           May freeze enemies.

Shock              Lightning family. Does lightning 
Thunder            damage with special attack,
Storm              progressively more powerful with 
Tempest            each new name. May paralyze robotic

Panic              Confusion family. Confuses enemy
Riot               with a special attack, progressively
Havoc              more powerful with each new name.

Draw               Draw family. Drains HP of varying %
Drain              from an enemy with a special attack.
Fill               Again, becomes more powerful with 
Gush               higher names. (5%, 9%, 13%, and 17%,

Bind               Paralyze family. Can paralyze an
Hold               enemy . Again, becomes more powerful
Seize              with higher names.

Dim                Death family. Can kill an enemy
Shadow             instantly with special attack. You
Dark               know the drill....(lower ones can
Hell               only kill weak enemies)

Charge             Charge family. Uses one of 3 things 
Spirit             to launch a double powered attack.
Berserk            (Meseta, TP and HP, respectively.)

Heart              Technique family. Drains TP from
Mind               enemies with a special attack. % is
Soul               higher with higher names. (3%, 4%,
Geist              5%, 6% of max TP respectively..)

Master's           Experience family. Drains a certain
Lord's             % of the enemy's experience, and 
King's             gives it to you. Often worthless 
                   because of a significant power decrease.
                   (8%, 10%, and 12% of Enemy EXP, respectively)

Devil's            Reduction family. Reduces an enemy's
Demon's            current total HP by 1/2 (Devil's) or 
                   1/4 (Demon's).

*Weapons progress in level by color, no matter which weapon it is. So,
in case you ever see someone with a cool looking gold saber, you'll know
that it's a level 5 saber, known as a Gladius. (for example)

The color order proceeds like this:


BTW, the + at the end of the cost indicates that weapons with element
types will be more expensive. The + at the end of ATP/ATA/MST means that
after you reach the base level, you will be able to equip the weapon
anytime afterwards.*

*Your main goal is to find a high level weapon combined with a high
level attribute. For example, I have a Demon's Laser +25. It's considered
a 9-star weapon because it is the highest level of rifle, plus it has
a very high attribute, with 4 stars. You should always be searching for
the best kind of weapon for your characters!*

BASIC WEAPONS         COST          ATP NEEDED         FOUND
(all characters can use these)

Saber             600 to 5000+        30+           Everywhere
Brand            3000 to 9000+        90+        Caves/Mines/Ruins
Buster           7000 to 15000+      155+        Caves/Mines/Ruins
Pallasch        15000 to 28000+      233+       Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Gladius         26000 to 45000+      266+         Ruins/Hard Mode

Slicer            270 to 900+        135+           Everywhere
Spinner          1000 to 3800+       204+        Caves/Mines/Ruins
Cutter           3500 to 7500+       302+       Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Sawcer                ??             395+           Hard Mode
Diska                 ??             476+       Hard Mode/VHard Mode

Handgun           642 to 4000+        68+           Everywhere
Autogun          3300 to 8500+        78+        Caves/Mines/Ruins
Lockgun          8600 to 13000+       88+       Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Railgun         15000 to 24000+       98+         Ruins/Hard Mode
Raygun                ??             108+           Hard Mode

Mechgun           600 to 1700+        79+           Everywhere
Assault               ??              87+           Caves/Mines
Repeater              ??              97+           Mines/Ruins
Gatling               ??             109+         Ruins/Hard Mode
Vulcan                ??             117+           Hard Mode


Sword            1300 to 4500+        82+    Caves/Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Gigush           3700 to 8500+       168+       Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Breaker          8500 to 14500+      258+          Ruins/Hard Mode
Claymore        15000 to 23500+      316+          Ruins/Hard Mode
Calibur               ??             474+            Hard Mode

Dagger               1600+            65+           Everywhere
Knife            4000 to 10000+      117+        Caves/Mines/Ruins
Blade           11000 to 15000+      182+          Ruins/Hard Mode
Edge                  ??             281+            Hard Mode
Ripper                ??             340+            Hard Mode

Partisan         1500 to 4500+       124+        Caves/Mines/Ruins
Halbert          5500 to 11000+      192+           Mines/Ruins
Glaive          12000 to 19500+      286+      Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Berdys                ??             335+          Ruins/Hard Mode
Gungir                ??             450+            Hard Mode


Rifle                1250+            72+           Everywhere
Sniper           4000 to 8000+        83+        Caves/Mines/Ruins
Blaster          8400 to 13000+      100+           Mines/Ruins
Beam            14000 to 23000+      106+          Ruins/Hard Mode
Laser                 ??             115+            Hard Mode

Shot             1000 to 4300+        85+        Caves/Mines/Ruins
Spread           4000 to 11000+       90+       Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Cannon          10000 to 20000+      102+       Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Launcher              ??             112+          Ruins/Hard Mode
Arms                  ??             120+          Ruins/Hard Mode

FORCE WEAPONS         COST          MST NEEDED         FOUND

Cane              600 to 7500+         50+          Everywhere
Stick            2500 to 8000+        150+          Everywhere
Mace             6000 to 14000+       300+      Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Club            10000 to 28000+       420+      Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode

Wand              200 to 5000+        114+          Everywhere
Staff            1700 to 9000+        250+       Caves/Mines/Ruins
Baton            5000 to 14000+       380+      Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Scepter               ??              460+         Ruins/Hard Mode

Rod              1000 to 8000+         80+          Everywhere
Pole             3700 to 12000+       200+       Caves/Mines/Ruins
Pillar           7800 to 18000+       340+      Mines/Ruins/Hard Mode
Striker               ??              450+         Ruins/Hard Mode


3. Frames/Armor List

This covers all the found armor upgrades as well as ones you can buy in the
shops, for use in additions to defense, evade, and sometimes extra slots
for units. Some Frames/Armor may actually decrease certain stats while
boosting others as well as give you added protection against some elements,
but not others. It's up to you to decide what's the best armor to own in
your situation. Every character can equip Frames, but only Hunters and
Rangers can equip Armor. Everyone can equip Barriers, but only Hunters and
Rangers can equip Shields.

Frames/Armor with green font are essentially like the weapons, so you
should check to see if they provide the right protection against all
types of monsters. You should also always check to see how many slots 
it has for unit upgrades. The more, the better...

The price ranges cover from no slots/white font to multiple slots/green
font versions.

FRAMES               COST           LVL NEEDED            FOUND

Frame                 250+            Start            Forest/Caves
Giga Frame           1822+           Level 10          Forest/Caves
Soul Frame           3062+           Level 13          Forest/Caves
Solid Frame          6250+           Level 19           Caves/Mines
Hyper Frame         10562+           Level 27           Caves/Mines
Shock Frame     16000 to 48000+      Level 35           Mines/Ruins
King's Frame    18922 to 37845+      Level 39           Hard Forest
Dragon Frame    22562 to 67687+      Level 43           Hard Forest
Protect Frame   30250 to 60500+      Level 51           Hard Caves
Perfect Frame   39062 to 120000+     Level 59           Hard Ruins
Valiant Frame       43560+           Level 63        VHard Caves/Mines
Ultimate Frame        ??             Level 80           VHard Ruins

ARMOR                COST           LVL NEEDED            FOUND

Armor                 490+           Level 4           Forest/Caves
Psy Armor            1000+           Level 7           Forest/Caves
Cross Armor       3615 to 14563+     Level 16        Caves/Mines/Ruins
Brave Armor          8122+           Level 23      Mines/Ruins/Hard mode
Grand Armor          12960+          Level 31      Mines/Ruins/H Forest
Absorb Armor     26010 to 52020+     Level 47           Hard Forest
General Armor    68445 to 117000+    Level 55           Hard Caves
Imperial Armor   49000 to 196000+    Level 67           Hard Ruins
Holiness Armor   54022 to 108045+    Level 71        VHard Mines/Ruins
Guardian Armor   70000 to 240250+    Level 75          VHard Mode
Divinity Armor        ??             Level 78          VHard Mode
Celestial Armor       ??             Level 85      Rarely dropped after
                                                   beating Dark Falz in
                                                   V.Hard mode.

BARRIERS             COST           LVL NEEDED            FOUND

Barrier               364+            Start            Forest/Caves
Soul Barrier         2112+           Level 13          Caves/Mines
Brave Barrier        3120+           Level 19          Caves/Mines
Flame Barrier        5408+           Level 27          Mines/Ruins
Plasma Barrier       6384+           Level 31          Hard Forest
Freeze Barrier       7584+           Level 35          Hard Forest
Psychic Barrier      9248+           Level 39          Hard Forest
Protect Barrier     13122+           Level 47          Hard Caves
Imperial Barrier      ??             Level 55          Hard Ruins
Divinity Barrier    22898+           Level 63          VHard Ruins

SHIELDS              COST           LVL NEEDED            FOUND

Shield                648+           Level 4           Forest/Caves
Core Shield          1058+           Level 7           Forest/Caves
Giga Shield          1512+           Level 10          Caves/Mines
Hard Shield          2380+           Level 16          Caves/Mines
Solid Shield         3872+           Level 23          Mines/Ruins
General Shield      11000+           Level 43       Ruins/Hard Forest
Glorious Shield     15312+           Level 51           Hard Caves
Guardian Shield     20200+           Level 59      Hard Mines and Ruins
Ultimate Shield       ??             Level 67           VHard mode      
Spritiual Shield      ??             Level 71           VHard Ruins
Celestial Shield      ??             Level 75           VHard Ruins


4. Units List

This covers all the found units as well as ones you can buy in the shops,
for use in additions to defense, HP, etc. All characters can use these
freely, as long as they have slots available on their frames/armor to
allocate them, though the android characters need not worry about magical
related ones.

Just like the Weapons, Green Font versions are better, as well as those
that have pluses next to their names.

UNIT NAME            COST            FOUND                  USE

Knight/Power         2000         Everywhere     Boosts Attack Power by 5.
Thief/Legs           3000         Everywhere     Boosts Evasion by 10.
Marksman/Arm         2000         Everywhere     Boosts Accuracy by 3.
Priest/Mind          2000         Everywhere     Boosts Mind Energy by 5.
Warrior/Body         3000         Mines/Ruins    Boosts Defense by 10.
Digger/HP            2000         Guards Shop    Boosts Max HP by 10.

Resist/Fire          2000         Guards Shop    Boosts Fire Resistance
                                                  by 3.
Resist/Cold          2000         Guards Shop    Boosts Ice Resistance
                                                  by 3.
Resist/Shock         2000         Guards Shop    Boosts Lightning Resist
                                                  by 3.
Resist/Light         3000         Guards Shop    Boosts Light Resistance
                                                  by 3.
Resist/Dark          4000         Guards Shop    Boosts Dark Resistance
                                                  by 3.

Resist/Flame         6000         Guards Shop    Boosts Fire Resistance
                                                  by 7.
Resist/Freeze        5000         Guards Shop    Boosts Ice Resistance
                                                  by 7.
Resist/Thunder       6000         Guards Shop    Boosts Lightning Resist
                                                  by 7.
Resist/Evil          7000         Guards Shop    Boosts Dark Resistance
                                                  by 7.
Resist/Saint         7000         Guards Shop    Boosts Light Resistance
                                                  by 7.

General/HP           4000         Guards Shop    Boosts Max HP by 20.
General/Power        5000    Ruins/Early H Lvls  Boosts Attack Power by 10.
General/Mind         5000           Ruins        Boosts Mind Energy by 10.
General/Arm          5000           Ruins        Boosts Accuracy by 7.
General/Legs         6000    Ruins/Early H Lvls  Boosts Evasion by 20.
General/Body         6000         Guards Shop    Boosts Defense by 20.

Trap/Search          7000         Guards Shop    Makes Traps Visible.
HP/Restorate         4000         Guards Shop    Recover HP as you walk
                                                 long distances.
TP/Restorate         5000         Guards Shop    Recover TP as you walk
                                                 long distances.
PB/Amplifier         5000         Guards Shop    Boost Photon Energy as you
                                                 walk long distances.


5. Thanks and Credits

This FAQ was a Herculean effort on my part, and I couldn't do it without
the following people who helped make this FAQ possible.

*This list was getting to be about as big as a mob hit list, so I decided
to trim it to just names. :)*

Bantam13, Rugal Bernstein, Viet Loc, Neil Nylander, Mike Shafer, 
Muddobbers, Ken Chiu, Sin, PumaTwins@aol.com, jshuey22, darkgohan45, 
Alex Jennings, Krowten, Dave, BlueManta6@aol.com, AlphAzNX@aol.com, 
WafflecakeBoy, Force41@aol.com, CTRobot, Link101ooh@aol.com, Drolemag, 
Wei Huang, Artimis Lincoln, SSJVeghetto@aol.com, Adam Noyce, Spoonman,
TheCarbonRod@aol.com, Bjbddtmac@aol.com, Paradox, Thomas Ferrill,
Hibiki Kanazi, Zarathos X, ShotgunSnowman@aol.com, Wulfson, Tran Sam,
Tam Nguyen, Y2J, XYoshikiX, ApocT, Drew, SNK Fan, Raveno6987@aol.com,
Steve Her,am, Duda, Istanbul, Mr.MiniMog@aol.com, XeNoGeArZ, 
Kylenigma@aol.com, Allstar, Chris van Breda, Doombringer, A.Mok,
Hitman 5899@aol.com, Raz Masters, Colin Milliken, Brett McIrvin,
Xovith@cs.com, Zatan, Ray Watts, EARTHX2K1@aol.com, Ukyo, Jerry Lutrell,
Zack Williams, Daddymac117@aol.com, Canoon58@aol.com, 
SuperSlank69@aol.com, LordSephiroth, Mel Matsumoto, DaRkGriFFen@cs.com,
Nick Hawes, Deathbringer, Aerie Meriander, Macneto, Kujin, Solo, Tauros,
M, mike2525@bellsouth.net, Cleopatra IX, Christian, Rodion Steshenko,
Toasty, Chyldofthekorn@aol.com, Hidden520@aol.com, Matt Gulbransen,
Zyn, Wolfwood, Malibu, Shifting Colors, Odlanor, Gideon

Everyone who's been a part of my team - Thanks for all the good times,
boss fights, and countless hours of playing...

Thanks to CJayC for hosting this up at GameFAQS. Don't work yourself
to death or anything... :P

*A side note: I hate the Soul Eater questing. Infinitely stupid MOME and 
ASH....* (grumble)

*Another side note: There's no such thing as 'one person finds photon
claw the other finds double saber.' I should know because I found both
in my game. :p *

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE, as well as the Phantasy Star name and games
are copyright/trademarked Sega/Sonic Team, 2000 - 2001.


Look me up Online - I'm a RAmar (Human Ranger), with blonde hair, goatee,
green suit, named Khaotika. (Still Lvl 100 as of 3/20/01)

Failing that, I'll be there as LuccaAshtear (FOnewearl) from Crono Trigger,
or as Pixiebitch (HUnewearl). TV's Frank (HUmar), has been retired. :p

Look for me at Ophelia, Block 10.

* Khaotika! - khaotika@earthlink.net


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