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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Darth Nightmaricus

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    WALKTHROUGH BY DarthNightmaricus
    Hello, and welcome to my FAQ for Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue
    Leader! I am going to give you a new walkthrough for the game. It's
    been many years since somebody wrote a walkthrough for this and put it
    on GameFAQs. This is my first walkthrough, people. Also, I am playing
    it on the Wii, so I will tell you how that differs. Also, there are
    several cheat codes that you wouldn't normally find on a walkthrough
    (such as the Jango Fett Slave I skin cheat code). I also give you
    separate strategies for getting the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Ace
    Medals, instead of just having the regular strategy and the gold
    strategy. This walkthrough was written using the Infinite Lives, All
    10 Original Missions, and Bonus Level cheats. By the way, my name may
    say DarthNightmaric, but it is actually supposed to be
    DarthNightmaricus. The "us" was cut off from the end.
    0.1	(08/22/13) Started the Walkthrough.
    0.2	(08/23/13) Yesterday I got a Gold Medal on Ison Corridor Ambush.
    My first Gold Medal! Whoop! Gold Medal strategy for Ison Corridor is
    0.3	(08/24/13) Finally completed Prisons of the Maw and both versions
    of Imperial Academy Heist.
    0.4	(08/25/13) Finished part of the FAQ. I am going to add detailed
    walkthroughs for each craft and strategies for some of the others
    really soon. I think you'll enjoy the final result. I'll be done
    with this within a week.
    0.5	(08/27/13) I am being forced to deem this completed. The
    individual vehicle strategies will be their own in-depth guide.
    0.6	(08/28/13) Formatting update. To be concluded.
    0.7	(08/31/13) I've changed my mind. This WILL contain strategies for
    each level and each craft.
    0.8	(08/31/13) Yes, two updates in one day. I got a Gold Medal on
    Vengeance on Kothlis! WHOOP! My second Gold Medal. I am now ranked
    Major. Gold Medal Strategy for Vengeance on Kothlis is up.
    0.9	(08/31/13) Three updates in one day! I got a Bronze Medal on
    Prisons of the Maw. I am now ranked General (I got some Silver
    Medals). I now just need to get a medal on Endurance and a medal on
    Strike at the Core (those'll take a while) and I'll have medals on
    all of the missions. Then, I can get to work on the Gold Medals. I
    shall now be known as Rogue 14.
    0.10	(09/01/13) Went to GameStop in an attempt to get Rebel Strike.
    Turns out they no longer carry GameCube games, and the only GameCube
    game I have ever gotten from them was a Godzilla battle game. Any of
    you know anything about Vintage Shop X-change? If so, contact me.
    Also, I want to know whether it's worth it to track down and buy a
    Nintendo 64 and a copy of Battle for Naboo and Rogue Squadron.
    0.11	(09/02/13) Began work on Snowspeeder walkthrough. Began work on Hall 
    Fame. Added some new material.
    I'll be done in about a month.
    1.0	(10/28/13) Lost the massive update for this thing when the flash drive was 
    lost, so I'm just adding a thing here and there. I haven't worked on this 
    much since I got Rebel Strike, but since I'm really close to achieving 
    Galactic Allied Commander there (3 Gold and 13 Best Evers to go! Yes!), 
    I'll return to this game very soon.
    Q: Can I use cheat codes?
    A: In my opinion, only the Naboo Starfighter, Mission Unlock, Bonus
    Mission Unlocks, Buick Convertible, Infinite Lives, Jango Fett Slave I
    Skin, and All Tech Upgrades cheats are OK. EARN THE TIE ADVANCED AND
    TIE FIGHTER AND OTHER SHIPS! They're fairly easy anyway.
    Q: How do the Wii and GameCube methods of play differ?
    A: I'll answer that later on.
    Q: How do I get through Imperial Academy Heist? It's impossible!
    A: I haven't beaten it either. If (and when) I beat one of the two
    versions (day or night), I'll post the respective walkthrough. UPDATE:
    I beat both versions, so the walkthroughs are up.
    Q: How do I change the time of day?
    A: That'll be explained later on.
    Q: Help! How do I get rid of the Black & White Mode and return to
    Color Mode?
    A: Turn off/reset the Wii or GameCube.
    1)	Changing the Time of Day: For the Wii, on the Wii Menu, go over
    and click the Wii icon, and adjust the Internal Clock. Set it on
    4:00 PM or AM or 9:00 AM or PM.
    2)	Startup: For the Wii, insert the GameCube disc into the slot
    (This entire walkthrough is useless if you have a Wii Family
    Edition or any version later than that, if so, you need a
    GameCube, so go further down if you have one. If you don't have a
    GameCube, and you're taunting yourself, just keep reading. I do
    it with the Battlefront walkthroughs myself. Man I wish I had an
    Xbox 360...... Next, go to the Wii Menu (after bypassing the Startup
    Menu) and tinker around with the internal clock, then select the
    Disc Channel (top left channel) and select Start. YOU CANNOT
    TO! The Wii Remote cannot be used for this game, as the power
    signal shuts off to the Wii from the Remote, and the Home Menu
    button doesn't bring up the Home Menu, it's like there's no
    power.  Continue with the GameCube Controller.
    3)	Startup: For the GameCube: I haven't played any GameCube games on
    the GameCube in ages, so I'll add this in later. Scratch that, I
    am switching to the GameCube.
    Ratings note: The rating system is based off of my own system. The
    stars/asterisks denote quality. Also, I just noticed something. The
    asterisks look like tiny X-Wings if you're using the Courier New font.
    In-Game Description: An illegally modified Corellian engineered YT-
    1300 transport, the Millennium Falcon is one of the most formidable
    starships in the galaxy. Owned and piloted by Han Solo and his Wookiee
    partner Chewbacca, the Falcon  supports a top of the line Imperial
    deflector shield system, two quad laser  cannons, and two concussion
    missile launcher, along with a retractable light laser cannon.  The
    star ship is also equipped with an incredible class 0.5 hyperdrive
    My Review: People keep saying it's fast (RogueLeader2 even ranked it
    number 1 on his top 3 list of fastest craft in his Playable Craft
    FAQ), but it is really slow. Am I the only one of the people who have
    written a walkthrough for this game who has noticed that? It's about
    as slow as the Slave I or the Y-Wing.
    Rating (out of 5)
    Speed: 1. I once read a walkthrough for Rogue Leader which gave
    ratings for each craft, and the T-16 Skyhopper did not have ratings,
    instead it was comments about how crappy it was. For speed, it said
    "Speed? What speed? I never noticed any speed." That describes the
    Millennium Falcon as well. If I knew who said that, I could give them
    credit... Oh well. Update: It's not this game. It's from Brother Reed's
    walkthrough for the Nintendo 64 version of Rogue Squadron. I wish he'd
    write a walkthrough for this game...
    Firepower: 5
    Agility: 2. The only ones less agile than this are the Imperial
    Shuttle and the snowspeeder.
    Shields: 4
    The Incom T-65 X-Wing is the fighter that killed the Death Star.  An
    almost perfect balance of speed, maneuverability, and defensive
    shields makes this the fighter of choice for Rogue Squadron, except
    when the mission profile disallows it.  In addition to four blaster
    cannons, the X-Wing can carry a number of proton torpedoes.  It is
    powered by four fusial thrust engines and requires an onboard
    astromech droid for peak performance.
    The Y-Wing is the workhorse of the rebel fleet.  It's not quick or
    flashy, but it gets the job done.  The armor on this is extensive and
    the shields will protect you from just about anything, which is good
    because you won't be going anywhere fast. The Y-Wing is used mainly as
    a bomber because it can carry a heavy payload of missiles, torpedoes,
    and bombs.  The other important weapon is the topside ion cannon
    which, rather than destroying a target, can disable it for later
    capture.  Our cannons have a computer assisted auto-fire feature.  So,
    don't forget that when you are in the heat of battle.
    One of the Rebellion's most well-armed starfighters, the B-Wing, has
    been personally designed by Admiral Ackbar.  The B-Wing supports an
    array of weapons, including ion cannons, proton torpedo launchers, and
    laser cannons.  Because the cockpit is surrounded by a unique gyro-
    stabilization system, the pilot always remains stationary, even as the
    rest of the ship rotates during flight.
    The A-Wing is the fastest fighter we have, capable of matching a TIE
    Interceptor is speed.  Twin J-77 Event Horizon engines power the
    craft, and twin blaster cannons provide offensive weaponry. However,
    what we gain in speed, we lose in defense.  The deflector shield
    capability is significantly less than the X-Wing, so make sure you use
    your speed to dodge lasers rather than relying on shields.  The A-Wing
    also carries a limited number of missiles.
    The fast, agile starfighter used by the Naboo Space Fighter Core, the
    N-1, is armed with twin laser cannons and a full complement of proton
    torpedoes.  However, the vehicle is reserved for routine patrols and
    escorting the Queen's starship to other worlds.  Designed by Naboo
    engineers, the N-1 incorporates many Nubian components, including a
    Monarch C-4 hyperdrive.  The starfighter also utilizes a standard
    astromech droid to assist with navigation and in flight repairs.
    The first in a series of advanced twin ion engine starfighters, the
    original TIE fighter was developed by Sienar Fleet Systems.  The
    agile, single-pilot craft has a titanium alloy hull and quadranium
    steel armored solar panels but lacks a deflector shield and primary
    life support systems. The TIE fighter is intended to be used as a
    short-range attack craft, launching from nearby Imperial
    installations.  TIE fighters usually attack in swarms to overwhelm
    their opponents.
    The prototype starfighter used by Darth Vader at the Battle of Yavin
    and the basis for the frighteningly efficient TIE Interceptor, the TIE
    Advanced x1 is easily recognizable due to its distinctive bent wings.
    Unlike all other TIE fighters, the prototype is equipped with a
    deflector shield generator and a modest hyperdrive system.  The TIE
    Advanced is armed with fixed twin heavy blaster cannons but has no
    life support systems.
    The Lambda-class shuttle was designed to swiftly transport Imperial
    personnel and cargo between starships and various installations across
    the galaxy.  Sienar Fleet Systems built the shuttles to carry up to 20
    passengers in relative safety protected by standard reinforced hull
    plating and multiple shield generators. The Lambda-class is also armed
    with several laser cannons and equipped with a hyperdrive for travel
    between fleets and systems.  The starship was designed for a 4 person
    crew with two additional positions for communications and power
    SLAVE 1
    The personal starship of bounty hunter Boba Fett, Slave I, is a
    drastically altered Firespray-class patrol craft.  The starfighter has
    been rebuilt with holding cells, a dedicated tracking system, improved
    deflector shields, a massive hyperdrive engine, and numerous concealed
    weapons.  The craft is unusual because it flies upright with the pilot
    standing at the vehicle's controls as Slave I cruises through space at
    speeds comparable to those of an Alliance Y-Wing fighter.
    The Snowspeeder, modified with armor plating, stronger outboard laser
    cannons, and a harpoon tow cable for the rear gunner, is not a true
    flight craft, so the flight ceiling is quite low.  It hugs the ground
    well and is also quite maneuverable, but the addition of deflector
    shields was deemed costly and time consuming, so watch yourself.  The
    controls are quite similar to the X-Wing, so don't worry about
    additional training.
    There are other playable craft as well, which do not have in-game
    descriptions, which I will give my own description for.
    This is used only in the Tatooine Training level. It has proton bombs,
    an ion cannon, lasers, and proton torpedoes. It has practically no
    shields whatsoever.
    It's a flying 1968 Buick Electra with an astromech droid, cluster
    missiles, lasers, and shields. What more can you want? It's like a
    MUCH FASTER Slave I.
    This can only be found in the level "Raid on Bespin." There's like 5
    different platforms where you can switch to one.
    These are craft that everybody thought would be in the game, but they
    weren't in the game.
    There's a rack with one of them in the Imperial Hangar. You can see it
    if you take off in the Imperial Shuttle or if you use the walk through
    walls trick and go outside into the void, or if you get far enough
    back, switch to pilot view, and look up. The good news is you can
    pilot one in Rebel Strike!
    Again, it's in Rebel Strike.
    This was in the original Rogue Squadron, and is in Rebel Strike. Why'd
    they leave it out of this game?
    I've never completed this level before (I've only bulls-eyed 60 womp
    rats twice). You have to complete this in all four times of day and
    complete all 10 original missions to unlock the Naboo Starfighter the
    normal way. UPDATE: I've completed it, so I'll add the walkthroughs
    *	Complete the Tosche Station and Beggar's Canyon races.
    *	Bulls-eye 20 womp rats in 30 seconds.
    *	Bulls-eye 40 womp rats in 30 seconds.
    *	Bulls-eyes 60 womp rats in 30 seconds.
    *	Find all discovery items
    Good morning. You have a lot to do today, so wake up! Firstly,
    discover Jabba's Palace by flying past it. Then fire all of your
    proton torpedoes at it, then fly up and turn and look down at Jabba's
    Palace. Destroy it with linked lasers, and swoop down to discover C-
    3P0, your first bonus item. Fly over and discover that bantha herd.
    Next, do Tosche Station Racing once. Use speed boosts if necessary.
    Next, find the discovery items on the way to Beggar's canyon, but do
    the Womp Rat Valley Bulls-eyeing. Circle around the OUTSIDE of the
    valley. The womp rats should get in a big circle at the center. Fly
    through the rebel insignia and start bulls-eyeing. Kill 60 of them and
    one of your objectives is complete. My personal best is like 82 I
    think or maybe 72 or 62. I know I've gotten 60 at least five times
    now. Now do the Tosche Station Racing again. Use speed boosts whenever
    possible, but make sure you hit all the rebel insignias. Now do
    Beggar's Canyon Racing for both tracks. Here's a secret: Go down track
    1 until it tells you you've chosen Track One. Now brake and turn
    around and take Track Two! It'll think you're still on Track One. Now
    do Track Two for real. You've complete 2 of the 3 main objectives.
    Complete all of the lessons, then use your radar's objective cone to
    find the discovery items (I typically do the lessons on the way). If
    you did it right, you should find a sandcrawler you can destroy with
    linked lasers. Sometimes this is a discovery item, other times it's
    not. Discover it, then destroy it with linked lasers. Also, the
    crashed TIE Fighter (a discovery item) is in Mos Eisley. No, it does
    not get up and fly away! I don't know who said that happened, but I've
    never seen it happen. Also, don't forget the Proton Bombs training at
    your house (Luke's home, I mean). Here's an overview of the items in
    all 4 time zones:
    -2 or 3 Sandcrawlers (varies for time of day)
    -2 or 3 Dewbacks (varies)
    -Crashed TIE Fighter (Mos Eisley)
    -Krayt Dragon Bones (always a bonus item, must be found)
    -Escape Pod (second bonus item, found during the day, not during dusk
    or dawn or night, near Tosche Station)
    -C-3P0 (in Jabba's Palace, bonus item, dawn and dusk)
    -R2-D2 (in Sandcrawler you destroy with Linked Lasers, bonus item,
    -5 Bantha Herds
    This is more of the same. However, instead of destroying Jabba's
    Palace, just discover it, and the Escape Pod is to the west of Tosche
    Station. You'll find it, I promise.
    Just use the Dawn Walkthrough. There's no difference between the two,
    but you have to complete them both.
    This is slightly different. The sandcrawler that you need to destroy
    with linked lasers IS a discovery item in this time of day (I think).
    Once you blow it up, swoop down and you'll find R2-D2, your second
    bonus item. Other than that, use the Dawn walkthrough.
    If you complete all 4 times of day, you'll unlock the Naboo
    Starfighter in the hangar. However, to be able to fly it, you must
    complete all 10 of the original missions. Or you can use the cheat
    code. I did both. Also, if you get a Gold Medal on all the missions
    and beat all 4 times of day in the training, you unlock Ace Mode,
    where the AI of your enemies is amped up and things are more difficult
    in general. Again, there's a cheat code for Ace Mode, too. Basically,
    you have to avoid falling asleep while doing so, since you've only got
    20 minutes. Strangely, I used to suck at the training, and I would
    always fail to complete it in 20 minutes (I ran out of time). That's
    kind of sad, but true.
                                     Y-wing (after completing Prisons of
    the Maw)
    1)	Destroy all Deflection Towers
    2)	Destroy all TIE Fighters on the surface.
    3)	Fire Proton Torpedoes into the thermal exhaust port.
    First time around, don't attempt to get any medals. Just follow this
    walkthrough. This level stopped me from getting any further in any
    saved game until I used the All 10 Original Missions Unlocked cheat
    code. I'm assuming you are using the Infinite Lives cheat code, so
    you'll have to adjust accordingly. I'll give commentary on the game as
    you read this walkthrough. Firstly, there are 4 squadrons attacking
    the Death Star. Red Squadron is X-wings, and is the group that makes
    the trench run. Blue Squadron has already taken out an Ion Cannon for
    ya, and Green Squadron is attacking the superlaser. Meanwhile, Gold
    Squadron, which is all Y-wings, is also attacking the thermal exhaust
    port. X2 from Battlefront: Elite Squadron has also done some damage,
    along with 2 R-22 Spearheads (predecessor to the A-wing), and 7 other
    pilots. Good luck.
    Now for the walkthrough. If you want a medal, take out some turrets
    throughout the level. 20 per section will do the trick. Try not to
    die. In the first section, Dodonna (the guy coordinating the attack
    from the base on Yavin IV) tells you to take out 10 Deflection Towers.
    Destroy 20 or so guns as you go, taking out the towers at the same
    time. Tell your wingmen to stay in Formation (press the up arrow on
    the D-Pad). I'm assuming you played this before, so you should know
    the controls if you've done the training. After the deflection towers
    are destroyed, Dodonna tells you to destroy the TIE Fighters in the
    next area. There's supposed to be a tech upgrade about 15-20 degrees
    to your left, on the radar it'll be two grey squares surrounding by
    black with one red dot on it, but I can't seem to find it. I'll add it
    in later (when I find it).
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: I found it. It's Advanced Shields, and it's not
    really to your left per se.... it's more like it's near where you start.
    It takes a while to find it. It adds another layer to your shields:
    blue. However, blue is not another layer of green, 4-5 hits and you're
    back to green, and even an R2 unit can't repair it back to blue, it
    just repairs it to green.
     Anyway, start destroying guns and TIEs. Eventually Dodonna will tell
    you to ignore the guns. That's your cue to stop and just attack the
    TIEs for the rest of the section. After they're all destroyed, Dodonna
    tells you to begin your trench run, and you do so. As you make your
    way through the trench, destroy about 20 turrets. After a while,
    you'll get a break from the crossbars. When that happens, close your
    S-foils until somebody starts firing on you. Hit the brakes and
    destroy the TIE Fighters to raise your enemies killed statistic.
    Repeat this process until Darth Vader shows up. Turns out X2 didn't
    last long providing cover, and the other members of Red Squadron and
    Gold Squadron are dead or have retreated. Everybody from Blue Squadron
    is OK, though. When Vader arrives, hit the brakes again and fire on
    him. It'll boost your accuracy. Repeat this process several times,
    then the Millennium Falcon will come along and destroy the two wingmen
    of Vader's with Han's trademark "Yahoo!". Turn on your targeting
    computer if you need to (I have always done so) and hold down the B
    button until the port shows up and it targets it. Release it and tap
    the B button like mad if you miss. The Death Star blows up, and the
    survivors fly away to Yavin IV as the Proton Torpedo of Destiny enters
    the thermal exhaust port and Admiral Conan Antonio Motti screams, "The
    rebel has fired his proton torpedoes!" Yes, he's named after Conan
    O'Brian, just like Stewjon (Obi-Wan's home planet) is named after John
    Stewart. Seriously. Yes, that's a nod to CyricZ. His walkthrough was
    awesome and I always read HIS walkthroughs. No, I'm not CyricZ. He's
    just my favorite FAQ writer. Also, if you got at least a bronze, you
    can unlock Death Star Escape with 20 points.
    The Y-wing is rather sluggish. However, instead of proton bombs, you
    have proton torpedoes. Don't use them yet. Destroy the Deflection
    towers with linked lasers, brakes on full, and destroy guns as you go.
    If you hear Dodonna say "We're running out of time!" and you're going
    for a Gold Medal, abort the mission and play it again. Once all the
    guns are destroyed, you will move on to the next section. Destroy some
    guns, and when Dodonna says, "Ignore the guns" stop attacking the guns
    and destroy all the TIE Fighters. You will then begin your trench run.
    Destroy some turrets until your wingmen pull out and stop providing
    cover, and start focusing solely on making it through the trench in
    one piece. Don't die, or you can't get the gold. When the crossbars
    start becoming few and far between, speed up (laugh). When TIE
    Fighters attack you, brake and blast them to smithereens. Repeat this
    with the other TIEs and Vader. Shooting Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1
    will boost your accuracy. When Han rescues you, get ready to fire that
    proton torpedo. When you see the wall at the end, tap the B button
    twice. If you miss, hard brake, turn on your targeting computer, and
    fire again, praying your torpedo makes it in the thermal exhaust port
    (yes that sounds messed up, but I'm serious). I've only tried it with
    the Y-wing once, and I missed the thermal exhaust port because I flew
    too low and the torpedoes hit the ground instead of the port, and I
    crashed into the trench's bottom. I'm trying it again soon, and I'll
    update this accordingly. UPDATE: I tried it again and I beat it, but
    I've still only got a Gold Medal here.
    This can be easy, or it can be hard. By default, you're flying an X-
    wing, but if you've used codes to unlock other craft, see the second
    playthrough. You're escorting a convoy through the Ison Corridor,
    traveling from Yavin to Hoth (I've looked in the Essential Atlas and
    the Corridor runs from  Mataou along the Corellian Spine, through
    Ison, Hoth, Anoat, Bespin, Varonat, and rejoins the Corellian Trade
    Spine near Indellian). Rogue Squadron, led by Luke Skywalker, is the
    escort. An earlier convoy was ambushed by Imperial forces, and they
    pretty much destroyed each other. There's about to be a big fight. By
    the way, the frigate Redemption is the same frigate that the main
    characters were in at the end of Episode V. Well, anyway, they ask for
    you to escort them through the nebula.
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: Fly through the big two-way chunk (you can go all
    the way through the hole and come out the other side) near the start,
    by the Frigate. You can see it easily. Grab it to get the Advanced
    Proton Torpedoes upgrade.  It makes your Proton Torpedoes cause more
    A group of TIE Fighters arrives. If you want any medals, then take
    care of the ones attacking the ships FIRST to meet your Friendlies
    Lost requirement, then destroy the other TIEs. A second wave of TIEs
    arrives, and Wedge suggests switching to the newest addition to the
    Rebel fleet: the A-wing, because it seems the TIE Fighters are too
    fast for the X-wings. Luke gives the OK, and Wedge switches to an A-
    Wing (the A-wing switching cutscene is only if you're piloting an X-
    wing at the start as far as I know). You can either follow along or
    keep flying the X-wing. I docked with the frigate and switched to an
    A-Wing. The A-Wing is FAST. However, I've been told it has really weak
    shields. I really haven't noticed a difference. It's supposed to have
    weaker shields, but my style of playing levels makes it seem like
    there isn't a difference. There is another neat thing about the A-
    Wing: it has Concussion Missiles. They're kinda like Cluster Missiles,
    and are basically weaker Proton Torpedoes. They send off shockwaves
    when they hit their targets. It also has 2 laser cannons. It also has
    a speed boost like the T-16 Skyhopper in Tatooine Training. (On a
    related note, only the T-16 Skyhopper, Snowspeeder, and A-Wing have
    speed boosts. I don't even know why they put that lesson in the
    training. They could've put in lessons about all the weapons.  Oh
    well.) Anyway, fire off some concussion missiles at the TIEs. Also,
    whenever your wingmen ask for orders, tell them to attack the TIEs. I
    used to always have them flee because it was so annoying, but I'm more
    successful in the levels now because I don't have them flee unless
    necessary. Anyway, you'll enter the Nebula after this wave is
    destroyed. Luke tells the squad to turn on their Targeting Computers.
    This is easier if you have the Advanced Targeting Computer Upgrade,
    whether via the Tech Upgrades cheat code or via the normal way. (For
    that particular upgrade, I think it'll be okay to use the cheat code
    because Strike at the Core is IMPOSSIBLE!) With the upgrade, you don't
    have to hold down the Y button to keep it up (just tapping it once
    brings it up, and tapping it again turns it off), and you can use the
    C-Stick and the D-Pad to give targets to your wingmen. Take out this
    wave of TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors (I think they were both in
    all 3 waves), and whoever is the commanding officer aboard the
    Redemption (I'm thinking it's Mon Mothma, but I'm not sure) will say,
    "We're clear! We're leaving the Nebula." That's the end of the
    Friendlies Lost
    Lives Lost
    I took the Slave I for my try at the Gold. I got the Gold on my second
    try in the Slave I. This was the first Gold Medal I got. Just get the
    Advanced Cluster Missiles and Homing Cluster Missiles tech upgrades
    the normal way or via cheat codes before you start. Then, being
    careful with your cluster missiles, destroy all the TIE Fighters for
    The Slave I has VERY weak shields. One hit may cost you the Gold Medal
    This level was difficult for me until I mastered the tow cable. From
    there, everything was easy.
    Tell your wingmen to flee. Brake and shoot the probe droids, then
    proceed to the "plains". Whatever the ground forces ask, they are to
    defend. Go slow, destroying the AT-STs with linked lasers.
    General Rieekan informs you that Imperial walkers (AT-ATs) are
    attacking Outpost Beta. Just like in the movie, Dak (Luke's gunner) is
    hit, and Luke asks Wedge to be his "tow cable". Luke is then shot
    down, and you switch over to Wedge after he downs a walker. Strangely
    enough, you resume RIGHT WHERE LUKE WAS! Somehow, Wedge must've
    teleported. Also, that walker that Wedge brought down is nowhere to be
    Next, you'll have to use your tow cable to wrap around 3 AT-ATs,
    bringing them down. Target the one closest to Outpost Beta, fly over
    to it, and brake, activating your tow cable and SLOWLY wrapping it
    around the walker's legs. It will either fall over on its side or
    trip. Also, why would it fall over on its side? It should trip, that's
    the laws of physics, dumbasses. Repeat this process with the next
    closest one, and then the last one.
    General Veers' AT-AT destroys the shield generator. It is now your job
    to get to the X-Wings and protect the transports from TIE Bombers.
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: Go over to where the shield generator used to be.
    You will find the Advanced Lasers tech upgrade.
    Now then, head back over to that fork where you began the level at,
    but CONTINUE to the landing area. Fly into the blue Rebel  Insignia
    and switch to an X-Wing. Unleash some proton torpedoes on the TIE
    Bombers, then finish the rest off with lasers. When they've all been
    destroyed, the mission is complete, and the transports ask for cover
    while they head into space. Wedge and Rogue Squadron go off to provide
    an escort for the transports, while Luke heads off to Dagobah and
    Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and C-3P0 head into THAT BIG ASTEROID FIELD
    THAT'S IN A BONUS MISSION! You can now purchase "The Asteroid Field"
    level if you got a bronze medal. It requires 30 points to unlock.
    I really hate this level. It has little to do with the main storyline,
    except for the fact that Carrie Neth is a member of Rogue Squadron for
    the rest of the game but she's a member of Gray Squadron at the Battle
    of Endor. Once you complete this level, you unlock the Y-Wing for use
    in all levels except SatC, BoH, TT, Death Star Escape, The Asteroid
    Field, TotE, and RoY.
    If you want, you can fire on the asteroids. They do not increase your
    accuracy, so don't bother with them unless you have to. When you reach
    the freighters, slow down and destroy as many as you can. They boost
    your accuracy. Also, keep your wingmen attacking the TIEs throughout
    the first section.
    You need to take out 3 shield projectors to proceed. They look like
    spiky triangles or something. To take them out, you must disable them
    with your ion cannon. Once you've done this, you can proceed to the
    next part of the level.
    Now, tell your men to focus on the guns. You will arrive at the
    prison, and Carrie Neth is the "leader" of the prisoners, who have
    escaped. You must complete all objectives marked by the prisoners.
    Firstly, you must destroy several guard towers. They're the ones that
    shoot at you. Use proton bombs to destroy them. Most people would
    advise you to use your targeting computer to find them, but on this
    level and Vengeance on Kothlis the targeting computer gets messed up
    sometimes, and the communications array, etc. somehow appears on your
    targeting computer, making it worthless for these missions. Also, I've
    noticed something. If you die while taking out the first group of
    guard towers, they seem to respawn, because twice on one playthrough,
    during this part, I've heard somebody say "one more to go" before I
    died, and after I came back and destroyed some more.
    Next, the prisoners need weapons. Head to the weaponry, bombing AT-PTs
    as you go. Next, you'll have to destroy some more guard towers.
    Carrie Neth tells you to bomb the communications relay. Head over to
    where several towers with upward-facing dishes are located.
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: On the way to the comms relay, you'll reach a dish
    and a dome. Bomb the dome and grab the Advance Cluster Missiles tech
    Now, bomb the seven guard towers. Finally, you have to destroy the six
    guard towers at the landing platform. Once this is done, the prisoners
    will board an Imperial Landing Craft and you must escort them away
    from the installation. Destroy any TIE Interceptors that get in your
    way, then you're done. Finally. It took me a long time to master this
    level and actually make it to the end (last time I made it to the
    comms relay and took too long.)
    No, this is not a port of the Razor level from X-Wing Alliance. There
    are two Corellian Corvettes called the Razor. The events of the other
    Razor level are sort of taking place either simultaneously or this is
    after the other level. You must rendezvous with the Razor, which has
    an Imperial computer with crucial data contained  within. During this
    mission, your wingmen should only receive one command: Destroy the
    Hahahahaha! Did you really think it would be so easy? When you hyper
    in, the Razor has been caught in a tractor beam by a Star Destroyer.
    You must free the Razor and retrieve the data before it's too late!
    Also, you must protect the frigate Redemption. By default, you're
    piloting a B-Wing.
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: You will see an Imperial Shuttle trying to escape
    the Star Destroyer. Destroy it. It will spiral out of control and
    explode. The upgrade will appear where it began to spiral. Grab it to
    get the Advanced Proton Torpedoes tech upgrade.
    As long as you move quick enough, your wingmen can protect the
    frigate. Destroy the two top shield generators by boosting behind the
    command tower, braking, and turning around. Fire upon the shield
    generators with proton torpedoes and linked lasers. Head to the bottom
    and unleash your remaining torpedoes on the main reactor. Next, fly
    back up to the command tower and kamikaze into the command deck. You
    will complete the mission and the game will not count it as a life
    Also, there's an interesting goof. If you move quick enough, the Star
    Destroyer will fall to the surface and you can see the Razor floating
    in space, thereby negating the need for the next level, yet you still
    need to play the next level. Lastly, a tip: destroy as many guns as
    possible on the Star Destroyer.
    The Star Destroyer, along with the Razor, crashes onto the surface of
    Kothlis. Crix Madine and a group of commandos have arrived to retrieve
    the data. You must provide cover for the transport and then the
    commandos as they retrieve the data. Also, all weapons on the Star
    Destroyer that you did not destroy in the last level are still
    By default, you pilot an X-Wing. Destroy the TIEs with your lasers and
    Proton Torpedoes. I would say Homing Proton Torpedoes, but that's the
    tech upgrade for this mission. :P
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: Break off from the escort, ordering your wingmen
    to attack the TIEs. Try to squeeze through the hole in the command
    tower. You will grab the Homing Proton Torpedoes tech upgrade.
    Return to the transports. Attack the TIEs, and eliminate the ships.
    Eventually, the transport will set down, and several AT-ATs will blast
    through the wreckage. Switch to a snowspeeder, and use the tow cable
    to bring down the AT-ATs, going at minimum speed.
    Next, switch to the Y-Wings. If you haven't gotten the tech upgrade
    yet, do so now. Don't bother with your targeting computer. Everything
    is messed up with it. Use the Proton Bombs to destroy all the AT-PTs.
    Before you can finish, though, Crix Madine asks you to drop bombs into
    the hull and penetrate it. Do so, until Madine says, "Hull
    penetrated!" Go back to destroying the AT-PTs. You'll know they're all
    gone when Madine says, "That's the last of them, Rogues!" Next, take
    out the E-Web turrets on the ship. You'll know you're done when Madine
    says, "Nice work clearing those defenses, Rogues!" From there, not
    much else happens. Some TIE Fighters arrive, but it's not necessary to
    destroy them.
    Eventually, the commandos will retrieve the data, and the mission will
    SECOND WALKTHROUGH (Gold Medal Strategy)
    Most people say to take the Slave I. I say, take the Buick. The Slave
    I only got me a Silver. With the Buick, I got the Gold Medal on my
    first try. UPDATE: Wow, I beat one of the Gold Medal walkthrough
    writer's stats. Take that, bruplex. Hehehe. Anybody gonna pat me on
    the back? I should write a Gold Medal FAQ... I'm gonna go work on
    Best Stats
    that I
    know of
    My Stats
    Enough (I
    62% or so
    Lives Lost
    God, I hate this level. This is one of the few levels where I may use
    expletives a LOT in the walkthrough. For your convenience, I have
    split up the walkthrough into 4 parts: Daytime without TIE Fighter,
    Daytime with TIE Fighter, Nighttime without TIE Fighter, and Nighttime
    with TIE Fighter. Meaning, at first, only the walkthroughs that omit
    the TIE Fighter being taken are complete. In the daytime, you pilot a
    Y-wing. At night, you pilot a snowspeeder.
    This is ****ing hard. I failed this about 20 times until I finally
    beat it... and didn't get a medal. That was not as disappointing as not
    getting a medal for Endurance because I died 21 times (I used the
    Infinite Lives code). This will take you a lot of tries. So far, I've
    only beaten this once, and took the left fork, thinking it was the TIE
    Fighter fork (I mixed up the two times of day walkthroughs. Thanks,
    CyricZ, for NOT EMPHASIZING THAT! But I digress). The first time
    around, go really slow. Hugging the ground and not getting bumped and
    being spotted is very difficult no matter what the time of day is.
    Regardless, keep the L button held down and slowly fly over every
    bump, not going too high. Also, DO NOT BLOW UP THE SENSORS! Ionize
    them instead. Blowing them up alerts the Imperials to your presence.
    That's what tripped me up. The second sensor is slightly tucked behind
    a corner. Be sure you ionize it. Here's my strategy: Charge your ion
    cannon as you approach each sensor, then fire it once you get within
    range. You'll have to get slightly higher, but be careful while doing
    so. Take the left fork this time around, and go a little faster if you
    want the medal. You'll soon reach the Academy, and it's time for Grand
    Theft Shuttle. Um... that was funnier in my head than on a computer.
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: The academy looks like a giant + sign. The shuttle
    is on the north platform.  In the right hangar (the east hangar) is
    the Advance Concussion Missiles upgrade, which apparently most people
    think is worthless.  Nab the upgrade and continue to the shuttle.
    To steal the shuttle, you need to take out at least 1turret platform.
    I say, take out all four.  It'll make things much easier. Once you
    destroy a turret platform, the academy starts a countdown. You have to
    steal the shuttle and make it out of there within four minutes. GET TO
    sensors, there aren't any on your way to the rendezvous point. Once
    you've made it there, an escort of Y-Wings arrives to take the shuttle
    Tyderium (and you) to the rebel fleet. Also, apparently the Tyderium
    has already been stolen once, along with the security codes. In X-
    wing: Alliance, you steal it. Seems the Imperials retook the shuttle
    and brought it to Prefsbelt IV.
    Just use the same strategy as before until you reach the fork. Disable
    the last sensor, and take the RIGHT fork. Here is the branching point.
    You can...
    A)	Fly over the mountains on your right when you come across an
    outpost, and ionize the TIE Fighter that attempts to take off
    near the comms tower, or
    B)	You can bomb this comms tower and just keep following the path.
    Let's head over the mountains on the right. You'll eventually
    reach a communications tower with a parked TIE. Wait patiently
    for it to take off, then QUICKLY ionize it. It will land and a
    blue Rebel insignia will appear over it. Switch to the TIE
    Fighter, and head to the academy. Destroy as many parked TIEs as
    you can, and then take out the four turrets guarding the shuttle.
    You now have 4 minutes to GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE! Go as fast as
    you can (hehehehe) and use the back lasers on the Shuttle as well
    as the front. You still have a limited amount of time to get to
    the rendezvous point, but all you need to do is follow your
    Yet again, seems the Imps got their shuttle back. You would think the
    Imperials would know about the Tyderium and would have stopped the
    strike team in Episode VI, but that's the Emperor for ya. Smart yet
    stupid at the same time. Geez, they can't stop having this game
    contradict the X-wing computer games. First, apparently there were TWO
    Blockade Runners called the Razor, and now the Tyderium has been
    stolen twice.  Also, apparently the Star Destroyer that captured the
    X-wing Alliance Razor is the Avenger, which Han and the Falcon hid on
    the back of in Episode V. Not sure about the other Star Destroyer,
    Anyway, this time, instead of disabling the sensors, you have to avoid
    them and stay beneath the fog. Seems easy enough, right? It's not.
    Like during the day, go slow to avoid hitting a bump and going up and
    over the fog right by a sensor. It took me about 3 tries for the
    nighttime to get it right. So, here's the keys to victory:
    -On the first try, don't steal the TIE Fighter. It seems to go faster
    in the getaway and during the approach if you take the right fork.
    -Ignore the TIEs and AT-ATs at the outposts. Just worry about the TIEs
    at the Academy.
    -Don't forget that instead of a secondary weapon, the Imperial Shuttle
    just has lasers at the back as well as at the front, just like the
    Millennium Falcon. Press the B button to fire them.
    -Don't worry about getting a medal the first time you play. It's just
    too damn hard.
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: When you reach the Academy, you might remember
    during the day that in the east hangar, there was a tech upgrade.
    There's one here as well, but it's in the west hangar. Grab it to
    receive the Spread Proton Bombs upgrade, which makes PotM and VoK much
    easier. After the primary proton bomb is dropped, several weaker bombs
    are also dropped, causing more damage.
    Well, anyway, just keep at it. If you're spotted by the sensors,
    replay the level and try again, being more careful this time. If you
    don't get the medal you want, keep at it. This may be a hard level,
    but I struggled with it too, and I succeeded, so you can too. I know
    that seems rather touchy-feely, but you need encouragement to
    persevere and make it through this nearly impossible mission. The next
    mission is easier, trust me. I promise, it gets better. Also, if you
    steal the TIE Fighter in both times of day and beat the two times of
    day with the TIE Fighter, you unlock the TIE Fighter for use in the
    Like before, keep below the fog. This time, however, take the LEFT
    fork. You'll soon come across a lone outpost. Your gunner will point
    out a TIE Fighter. Kill the black dot that is the fighter's pilot, and
    fly through the new blue Rebel Insignia to switch to the TIE Fighter.
    If you crash before stealing the TIE, you respawn at the beginning of
    the level, and you'll have to do the first part all over again. Once
    you steal the TIE Fighter, fly to the Academy and destroy some parked
    TIE Fighters. Next, destroy the four turrets guarding the Shuttle, and
    steal the shuttle. You have 4 minutes to steal the shuttle, and a
    limited amount of time to get out of there. Instead of going straight
    to the rendezvous point, the cutscene shows you picking up your gunner
    before you head to the rendezvous point. If you've already done the
    daytime version and stolen the TIE Fighter, you have unlocked the TIE
    Fighter for use in the Calamari Hangar.
    OTHER AVAILABLE CRAFT: All of the craft except the Skyhopper and the
    Man, this is easy! If you're not going for a medal, that is. I have
    not gotten a medal on this thing, ever.
    At the start, take out the first 2 TIE Interceptors. I've been told it
    makes the wait after you destroy the last balloon in section 1 until
    the next cutscene MUCH SHORTER. After that, have your wingmen attack
    the TIEs. That's their orders. Keep telling them that command. Now
    then. There is an easy way to destroy the assault balloons. Fly
    straight down, then come up near the balloon and fire on the flaming
    tanks. They'll blow up.
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: You see that gas platform with the freighter by
    it? Fly into the gap and up into the ring of gas containers. Fly in a
    circle around them, and you'll get the Homing Concussion Missiles tech
    upgrade. Or, if you don't want to get any medals, just shoot the
    Imperial Tanker/Freighter. It'll mess up your Friendlies Lost
    requirement, but you can get it easier. Don't try it during a medal
    run, though.
    After all the assault balloons are destroyed, wait a few seconds. A
    cutscene will play of you (and Rogue Squadron) heading into Cloud
    City. First, destroy ALL the assault balloons here (you'll have to do
    it anyway). Next, using your radar, locate the power generators. You
    must destroy all 3 to proceed to the next part of the level. If you're
    going for a medal, don't use your targeting computer. Instead, rely
    solely on your radar. Also, if you're shooting for a Gold Medal, you
    cannot lose any lives. To avoid this, switch to a Cloud Car when you
    reach the city. If this Cloud Car reaches the end of its life, switch
    to another one PRONTO. That's the key to victory in this part.
    After all 3 power generators are destroyed, you must take care of some
    TIE Bombers. If your A-Wing still has some concussion missiles, switch
    back to it if you're in a Cloud Car, being careful to not die. Unleash
    the Concussion Missiles on the Bombers. Once all the TIE Bombers are
    destroyed, the mission is complete. Next stop: Sullust!
    Well, sorta. The first cutscene starts at Sullust, then ends in orbit
    over Endor. You know it's a trap. You can either keep flying towards
    the Death  Star, or turn around and attack the Interceptors and
    Fighters.  There are 48 TIE Interceptors and 32 TIE Fighters in the
    first wave, followed by a backup wave of 32 Interceptors and 16
    Fighters. After all of those are destroyed, 16 TIE Bombers arrive.
    Hunt them down and destroy them. Afterward, the Death Star superlaser
    destroys the ship called the Liberty. "That thing's operational!"
    Now you have to take out the two Star Destroyers. First, head to the
    bottom. Destroy the main reactor on the one on the right, then the one
    on the left. Throughout, keep your wingmen assigned to attacking the
    TIEs. The Home One cannot be destroyed in the second part, while the
    Redemption cannot be destroyed in the first part. If either one of
    those things happens, you fail the mission. Now then, speed past the
    right Star Destroyer so that you are behind the two top shield
    generators, but a safe distance from the guns. Destroy the generators
    with linked lasers and missiles/torpedoes, then get in front of the
    Star Destroyer and kamikaze into the command deck. If you do it right,
    the Star Destroyer will begin to sink and head nose-down to the Endor
    surface. Now then, you have another Star Destroyer to deal with.
    Repeat the process, minus the kamikaze part. Instead, just hammer the
    command deck with everything you've got.
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: You have to get this RIGHT after you destroy the
    second command deck. Near where the hangar is, there's a tech upgrade.
    You might not see it, but if you fly through it, you'll get the Homing
    Cluster Missiles, which makes the Slave I, TIE Advanced x1, and Buick
    MUCH more useful.
    About 30 seconds or so after the second Star Destroyer command deck is
    destroyed, Ackbar informs you that the shield is down. "The shield is
    down! Commence attack on the Death Star's main reactor!"
    Good luck with the next level. I can't help you that much.
    Also, for some weird reason the glitch where you can ram the right
    Star Destroyer's command deck without taking out the shields has
    stopped working for me.
    Objective: The shield is down! Attack the Death Star's main reactor!
    Sorry, the Ackbar in me came out. This is the hardest level in the
    game, by far. Scratch that, Endurance is WAY harder. The first time
    around, unless you used the unlock the Millennium Falcon cheat code,
    you can only fly as the X-Wing, so the first playthrough is as the X-
    Wing. I can't seem to do much good, though.
    This is ****ing impossible. You have to keep really close to the
    Falcon and cannot get too far away from it. If you do, or it takes too
    much damage, you fail the mission. I would suggest for this mission,
    and only one other mission, that you use the Infinite Lives cheat
    code. It's JPVI?IJC, then RSBFNRL. R2-D2 won't confirm the first one,
    so afterward you need to enter the second one. R2-D2 will confirm it
    that time. Basically, keep at a safe distance from the Falcon, but not
    too far away. If you do, or too many TIEs get to it, they'll blow it
    up. YOU MUST GET TO THE OPENING! Once you do, it gets MUCH harder.
    It's a narrow space. VERY NARROW. You will need to keep close to the
    Falcon, but brake and go slowly on turns. You need to balance these
    out, though. It's a pain in the butt, and if some TIEs get to it and
    you don't destroy them, the mission is over. I didn't get to the main
    reactor, because I failed the mission because the TIEs blew up the
    Falcon, so this is all speculation. Once you reach the main reactor
    (there's a nasty drop on the way there) you MUST fire a Proton Torpedo
    at the power regulator. Next, you have to get out of there before the
    explosion gets to ya. That's the part where I failed with the Falcon.
    The explosion got to me. UPDATE: I DID IT! I BLEW UP THE SECOND DEATH
    TECH UPGRADE ALERT: When you near the main reactor, go under those
    bracketing pipes on the right. Under the last one is the Advance
    Targeting Computer tech upgrade, which is EXTREMELY helpful.
    Go around the right, until you face that handle-shaped thingy (the
    power regulator). Dumb-fire a proton torpedo at it. Use the targeting
    computer if necessary. Once you hit it, it's time to GET THE **** OUT
    Just go as fast as you can. Slow down slightly when  you go back up
    the drop, which is now two rises, and at turns. Soon, you'll reach an
    unfamiliar area: a bunch of black-and grew crossbars above and below
    you (they do not block your path, though, unless you're going too
    high). When you reach this area, you'll see starlight. BOOST AND GO AS
    FAST AS POSSIBLE! Oh, and try to stay in front of Lando. He has a
    tendency to bump you out of his way and send you crashing into the
    wall. Once you make it out, you will see what I think is the footage
    of the victory celebration from the original version of Return of the
    Jedi, minus the Endor part and the very end. Also, you have to sit
    through the credits. There's an error here. Instead of Luke Skywalker
    in the credits, it says "Luke Skwalker." Who the hell is Luke
    Skwalker? Seriously....
    Yes, there's another first playthrough, for those of ya who used cheat
    codes or the other cheat to use the Falcon before you beat the level.
    I got further along in the level with the Falcon than with the X-Wing.
    Boost in front of Wedge, then brake and blast the TIEs trailing him to
    smithereens. Speed up, and repeat. Also, the first objective even if
    you're flying the Falcon is "Protect the Millennium Falcon". Shouldn't
    you be protecting Wedge though? YES! When you reach the tunnel, speed
    up, but brake and go slowly on turns and the drop. The tech upgrade is
    in the same spot, and you only need to grab it once, since it's not
    there if you got it last time, since there's not a second upgrade if
    you're in the Falcon. When you reach the power core entry, fire a
    concussion missile at the power regulator and boost like mad. If the
    explosion gets too close, I've noticed the sound starts messing up, no
    matter whether the settings are on Stereo or Mono. I think it might be
    a glitch. Basically, when the explosion starts to appear (a lot of
    orange starts showing up on the screen in a ring that will slowly
    envelop the Falcon unless you hurry) the sound starts cutting out.
    Brake (if you have to and you know you can make it) at the drop, which
    is now a rise, and at turns, but that's what caused me to fail the
    mission. If the explosion envelops you, you fail the mission, no
    matter how close you are to the end. When you see black with white
    dots at the end of the tunnel, boost out into space and enjoy your
    victory movie. Good luck.
    Congratulations! You've beaten Rogue Leader! Umm... I may have spoken
    too soon. You're far from done. You have 5 secret missions to unlock
    and complete, Ace Mode to unlock, Audio Commentary to unlock, 4 secret
    ships to unlock, 1 ship skin change cheat code to use on one of those
    secret ships, plus 15 missions to get medals on (wait, that's the same
    thing... never mind.) Anyway, once you get a bronze medal on all 10 of
    the original missions plus the first 2 bonus missions, you unlock the
    Slave I. There's a cheat you can use to change the color scheme to the
    one from Episode II. Personally, I like the Jango Fett color scheme a
    lot better.  Also, if you can beat Tatooine Training on all 4 times of
    day, and complete all 10 of the regular missions, you unlock the Naboo
    Starfighter. Or you can just use the cheat code.
    *	Millennium Falcon:  Get a Bronze Medal in all 10 original
    *	Slave I: Get a Silver Medal on the 10 standard missions and Death
    Star Escape and The Asteroid Field.
    *	TIE Advanced: Get a Gold Medal on all 15 Missions.
    *	Naboo Starfighter: Fully complete Tatooine Training and beat all
    10 standard missions.
    *	TIE Fighter: Steal the TIE Fighter in both daytime and nighttime
    versions of Imperial Academy Heist.
    *	Imperial Shuttle: This can only be used in the two Vader
    missions. You must get a Gold Medal on Triumph of the Empire and
    Revenge on Yavin.
    *	Buick: Yes, it's in this game too. You need to enter a code to
    unlock this, and you have to re-enter it every time you play the
    game. It replaces one of the A-Wings in the hangar.
    I have only ever gotten a Silver on this level. They say to memorize
    the attack patterns, but that doesn't help me. Just keep at it.
    I love the music for this level. It's taken straight from the actual
    scene in Episode IV. Also, if anyone knows what the name of this
    particular piece of music is called, please contact me and tell me.
    DUN DUN DUN DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN! It's so awesome, for crying out loud. But
    I digress. Let's get to the walkthrough.
    UPDATE: I found out what the music is called. The version in the movie
    is called "Here they Come!" and the version in this level is called
    "TIE Fighter Attack."
    If you've ever played Rebel Strike, the sequel to this game, this is
    like the immediate follow-up to the Death Star Rescue bonus level.
    Also, Rebel Strike has this entire game, minus the Training and Vader
    levels, with co-op availability. Man, would that make Strike at the
    Core so much easier...
    Anyway, you're in one of the gunner's seats of the Millennium Falcon.
    You're Luke. But anyway, just know one thing: SHOOT ALL DA TIE
    FIGHTERS! Also, I've been told you can use the C-stick to expand your
    area of targeting in order to follow that pesky TIE Fighter, but it
    makes a weird noise when you do so, and it's either you just changed
    the Neutral Mode on your controller, or it's the Falcon itself that's
    make the alarm because you moved the chair you're sitting in in the
    game. Anyway, shoot like mad. When Leia says, "We've lost lateral
    control!" you've got a minute or so to complete the level. Scratch
    that, it means you're AT the one minute mark.
    Here's something cool about the Falcon: Pressing the A button not only
    fires in front of you, it fires a laser at the BACK of the falcon, and
    it goes in a half-circle back and forth, blowing up TIEs as you go.
    Avoid the asteroids and follow the objective cone. Also, one time, it
    automatically turned me around, and I passed through an asteroid, yet
    the TIEs hit another asteroid and blew up. Another time, it
    automatically turned me around, and the cutscene was immediately
    followed by another cutscene of the Falcon hitting an Asteroid and
    blowing up. What the hell? Oh well. After a while of this auto-
    changing direction, you will see a compressed version of the scene
    where  they hide in an asteroid field, but for some reason they're
    only in there for like 5 seconds instead of 30 minutes to an hour.
    Afterward, you fly closer to the Star Destroyer Avenger, and you've
    got more TIEs on your back. Go around to the back of the command tower
    and fly to the rebel insignia. You will land on the back of the
    command tower, and just like in the movie, you'll fly off with the
    garbage, yet there's no Boba Fett following you to Bespin. I've only
    ever gotten a Silver Medal, I think. Wait, maybe it was a Bronze
    Medal. Oh well. It was a Bronze Medal, actually, but I've since gotten
    a Silver Medal.
    This level is not in the co-op version that's in Rebel Strike. Guess
    it was too confusing. Anyway, you need 30 points to unlock this and
    have to get a Bronze Medal on Strike at the Core. I just used cheat
    codes to unlock the bonus missions. This level is AWESOME. You get to
    be Darth Vader and destroy all of the Rebels on the first Death Star.
    However, for some weird reason, no matter what ship you're flying in
    this level, the cutscenes have you flying a TIE Advanced.
    Take the TIE Advanced. Also, make sure you have both cluster missile
    upgrades. You'll need 'em, along with Advanced Shields and Advanced
    Lasers. However, don't use your lasers unless it's necessary. I've
    gotten a Silver Medal, and that's the best I am at this level. If
    you're going for a medal, tell your wingmen to flee. They'll mess up
    your Enemies and Friendlies Lost stats. Also, destroy groups of 3
    rebel ships with clusters, and groups of 2 or less with lasers. After
    all of the Rebels on the surface are dead, you head into the trench.
    Speed up, and destroy the Y-wings with clusters. Brake and turn
    around, and destroy the X-wings with clusters, then the second wave of
    X-wings. If you succeed, you get a cool yet weak clip of Vader
    destroying Luke's X-wing, and being informed the Rebels have been
    completely routed. Vader will then say, "It is a great day for the
    Empire." I feel there should have been more to that, like the Death
    Star blowing up Yavin IV.  If you fail to stop them, you see a clip of
    the Death Star exploding and Vader spiraling into space like in the
    This level is also not in the co-op version found in Rebel Strike. You
    need to get a Bronze Medal in Triumph of the Empire to make it
    available for purchase, and it costs 40 points. I think they left it
    out of the co-op to avoid confusion with the Rebel level, which is the
    other side of the battle. Again, take the TIE Advanced.
    Destroy the transports with linked lasers. If more than 2 transports
    get away, you fail the mission, and kill one of the TIE Fighter
    pilots. Also, your wingmen should stay in formation. Use clusters on
    enemy fighters. After all the transports have either escaped or been
    destroyed, you will need to get into the hangar and destroy the
    remaining transports. Destroy any fighters that attack you with
    clusters, and get into the hangar when the door opens. Turn once you
    get passed the first obstruction, and all the fighters tailing you
    will crash into the wall. Destroy any remaining fighters with
    clusters, then destroy the transports with linked lasers.
    I would recommend you use the Infinite Lives cheat code, because
    otherwise you will probably fail. Regardless, if you die more than 12
    times, you fail the mission (if you don't have the infinite lives
    cheat in use) or cannot get a medal (if you're using the infinite
    lives cheat code). You must withstand 100 waves of TIE Fighters. I
    would recommend taking the Naboo Starfighter, because it has an
    astromech droid that can do repairs. Also, there's a glitch.
    Sometimes, the astromech droid will get stuck, and the repair D-Pad
    won't go away, it'll sort of perpetually flash in the direction you've
    chosen, like
    |Repair  | and it just keeps looping the disappearing, but it's stuck
    on being visible, so you're always getting say, your shields repaired.
    Anyway, the last wave is Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced x1. Good
    luck. I'll see you in about, oh, 5 hours maybe. This requires a lot of
    patience. I beat the level, but died 21 times. You have 6 hours and 40
    minutes to complete the level.
    Just go for the Gold Medal, ok? This level is too long to play it more
    than two times. Just use the chicken method. Fly past the onslaught of
    fighters so they're all at one end of the radar, brake, turn around,
    and attack them, boosting past them. Also, if there's like 5 ones
    dogging you but they're so close to you and so fast you can't see them
    at all, brake and rotate, firing at them. However, you have to be
    quick, or their fire will shred you to bits. Also, if you die in the
    middle of a wave, the number of fighters left in that wave comes in as
    a squadron, so you don't restart the wave. Every 10 waves, there's  a
    group of Imperial shuttles instead of fighters. Brake when close to
    one, bombard them with linked lasers, speed up a bit when they get out
    of your range, brake again, fire your linked lasers, and repeat with
    all the shuttles. Around waves 31, 51, and 71, the AI of the fighters
    amp up. Wave 100 is Darth Vader. Don't dogfight him, instead fire two
    homing proton torpedoes at him. That'll destroy him. That's all the
    advice I can give you. Also, waves 1-5 are plain ol' TIE Fighters.
    Once you hit wave 6, TIE Interceptors come into the fray. Also, wave 1
    doesn't even fire at you. It's like the pilots have special needs.
    They just fire at everything except TIE Fighters. They typically just
    fire into empty space. I'm on my second try. Take a break after
    destroying a batch of Imperial shuttles. As I write this one, I am on
    my first break, and have not lost  a single life. I hope I don't jinx
    myself.....Also, do NOT e-mail me asking for gold medal strategies for
    this level. This IS  a Gold Medal strategy! If you e-mail me asking
    for a gold medal strategy, I will mark it as spam and/or delete it.
    But if you need HELP, I'd be happy to help you. Also, I gave up. I'll
    resume the walkthrough on this level at the point I left off. I'll be
    over here with CyricZ and the others who beat this level...
    Yes, we're doing it again. Now the AI is WAY amped up. I haven't tried
    it before, but it must be much harder. Good luck with it. Now it
    doesn't matter if you use the Infinite Lives passcode. In fact, use it
    for all Ace Medal attempts.
    There's still more stuff to get.
    ACE MODE: Ups the AI and makes stuff more difficult. If you beat a
    level on Ace Mode, you get an Ace Medal, which is a blue Rebel
    insignia on a gold medal/ribbon. No, it's not a Gold Medal, it's like
    a gold medal with a handle of sorts on the end and the rebel insignia
    is blue instead of gold.
    BLACK & WHITE MODE: This is not really a special feature in that you
    don't toggle it on/off. You activate it by entering the passcode
    LIONHEAD, and you deactivate it by turning off the Wii/GameCube.
    AUDIO COMMENTARY: Pause the game to listen to this at the start of the
    level. Also, other dialogue is muted. When the commentary track ends,
    you just hear the sound effects, not the dialogue. Also, if you fail a
    mission, and retry it, you have to listen to the commentary AGAIN! I
    have the commentary for Triumph of the Empire stuck in my head (or at
    least the gist of it). OK, OK, we understand that QA doesn't just play
    video games all day! Geez.... Unlock this by getting Gold Medals on all
    the levels or entering the passcode BLAHBLAH. Yes, I'm serious, that
    is the passcode.
    ART GALLERY: Unlock this by entering the passcode EXHIBIT!
    SOUND TEST: Unlock this by entering the passcode COMPOSER
    DOCUMENTARY: Unlock this by entering the passcode ?INSIDER  or by
    beating the game... I think
    CREDITS: Unlock this by beating the game or entering the passcode
    SETTINGS: I haven't really explored this much. You can toggle Auto-
    Roll, Auto-Level, and tinker with some of the game settings here.
    This is the part some of you have been waiting for! Drumroll please....
    LIONHEAD: Activates Black and White Mode. Deactivates when you turn
    off the game system.
    BLAHBLAH: Unlocks Audio Commentary.
    COMPOSER: Unlocks Sound Test
    THATSME!: Unlocks Credits
    ?INSIDER: Unlocks Documentary.
    The following codes are in sets of two (or three). Enter the first
    code and you'll hear a "bad code". I think it's just to discourage
    people from using them, making them think it's not a good code.
    JPVI?IJC, then RSBFNRL: Infinite Lives. Only helpful on Strike at the
    Core, some missions, and Ace Mode. Oh, and Endurance. Deactivates when
    you shut off the game.
    AYZB!RCL, then WRKFORIT: Unlocks all tech upgrades. They're still
    there, though, to be found.
    U!?!VWZC, then GIVEITUP: Unlocks Ace Mode.
    !??QWTTJ, then CLASSIC: Unlock all 10 Standard Missions
    PYST?OOO, then DUCKSHOT: Unlocks Death Star Escape.
    AZTBOHII, then OUTCAST!: Unlocks Triumph of the Empire.
    TVLYBBXL, then NOWAR!!!: Unlocks The Asteroid Field.
    OGGRWPDG, then EEKEEK!: Unlocks Revenge on Yavin.
    ?WCYBRTC, then ??MBC???: Unlocks Endurance.
    CDYXF!?Q, then ASEPONE!: Unlocks Naboo Starfighter for use.
    AJHH!?JY, then BUSTOUR: Unlocks Imperial Shuttle for use in the two
    Vader missions. You can't use it anywhere else except Imperial Academy
    Heist when you're flying the shuttle, of course.
    MVPQIU?A, then OH!BUDDY: Unlocks Millennium Falcon.
    ZT?!RGBA, then DISPSBLE: Unlocks the TIE Fighter in both the Calamari
    Hangar and the Imperial Hangar.
    PZ?APBSY, then IRONSHIP: Unlocks Slave I.
    VV?GXRYP, then CNOOQ!ZR, then JFETTSHP: Changes the Slave I's color
    scheme to that seen in Episode II. To deactivate it, reenter the code.
    You need to have the Slave I unlocked first. This is a passcode-only
    code, and does not deactivate when you shut off the game.
    NYM!UUOK, then BLKHLMT!: Unlocks Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1 for use
    in the standard missions and Endurance.
    !ZUVIEL!, then !BENZIN!: Unlocks the Buick Convertible. This vehicle's
    cockpit view is really cool. When it boosts, the top starts flapping
    up and down. It also has cluster missiles. It replaces one of the A-
    wings in the hangar. This code deactivates when you shut off the game.
    This is a section for people to submit glitches, quirks, humorous
    stuff, oddities, inconsistencies, strategies, stuff that is just plain
    fun to do, and stuff that would've made this game better. Some of
    these come from Pohsyb's FAQ for glitches. I may add to it. It's just
    a collection of random stuff from the game.
    *When you close the foils on the X-Wing the reticule will
    disappear, but it will not return when you are using the
    targeting computer. (Mariofett)
    My addition: The same thing happens with the Buick.
    *Periodically (and especially on endurance) R2-D2's repair cross
    will get stuck on (sometimes by crashing as soon as it appears).  When
    it gets stuck you will be able to call on R2 for a full repair any
    but afterwards the cross will continue to annoyingly blink (even on
    later lives) and R2 will no longer repair the ship until you die and
    respawn. (??)
    My thoughts: This actually is helpful, though. You get the selected
    repairs for the rest of the level, which is very helpful on Endurance.
    * In the hangers you can pass through walls by pressing up against
    one and holding the control stick and the C-stick up and at the same
    time tapping the X button.  (The Asp1327)
    * On Prisons of the Maw and Vengeance on Kothlis, sometimes the
    targeting computer is messed up and stuff from earlier in the level is
    in your way, and it just doesn't work properly. (me)
    *The Star Destroyer in Razor Rendezvous and Vengeance on Kothlis is
    the same one as the one in The Asteroid Field and Episode V. It's
    called the Avenger. It's the SAME Star Destroyer (Wookieepedia)
    *The Shield Generators on top of the bridge are also sensor globes,
    and the bottom one isn't actually a shield generator at all. It's the
    main reactor.
    *The TIE Interceptors fire from the cockpit (this is actually
    explained: it has laser cannons under the cockpit and on the wings)
    *The credits say "Luke Skwalker" instead of "Luke Skywalker".
    *When you switch to cockpit mode in the TIE Advanced, you can hear
    Darth Vader breathing.
    *In some levels, if you tell your wingmen to flee in the first part of
    a level, if there's a second part, they come back. (Prisons of the
    Maw, etc.) (me)
    *People kept saying the Jedi Starfighter would replace the second A-
    Wing in the hangar, but it turned out to be a Buick. If it was in
    Rogue Squadron and Battle for Naboo, it stands to reason it should be
    in Rogue Leader! For crying out loud, people! (self)
    *People, especially FAQ/Walkthrough writers, seem to not know about
    the Slave I color change cheat code, and so they do not have a full
    list of passcodes.
    * I beat bruplex's stats for the level Vengeance on Kothlis. Bruplex
    wrote  a Gold Medal FAQ. Basically, I got a Gold Medal AND beat an FAQ
    writer's stats.
    E-mail or PM me your times for levels, and the fastest will go in the
    slot of the gold medal tables known as "fastest time I know of".
    You'll also be put in the hall of fame for each level if you beat my
    time. If you beat my time, I'll give you a pat on the back and an
    honorary medal I call "Best Time Medal".
    It seems that when you use the walk through walls trick in the
    Imperial Hangar, if you look up, you can see the TIE Bomber, and
    somehow you seem to be slightly lower than the floor if you go through
    the wall. It seems like there should be another glitch to allow you to
    get on the ceiling or under the floor to the reflection. I bet it's in
    there somewhere, and the developers tried to make us think the TIE
    Bomber wasn't playable. I'm thinking if you stand in a certain spot
    (perhaps under the TIE Bomber or  on top of the spot where the
    Bomber's reflection is) and press A or another button (not B, though),
    you'll access the TIE Bomber. It seems possible.  If somebody manages
    to pull this off and get under the floor and to the reflection, and
    then manages to reach the TIE Bomber, or ends up on the ceiling and
    gets the TIE Bomber and manages to fly it in one of the missions,
    immediately be praised by all of us (probably) and will basically be
    treated like you're an FAQ or walkthrough writer yourself, unless
    you've already written one for this game, in which case you'll just be
    held to a higher standard by me. Oh, and I'll congratulate and put you
    in the Hall of Fame (see below).
    *The TIE Bomber. It's in the third one, and it wouldn't take that much
    more effort to add it in, would it? Instead, we have to taunt
    ourselves by staring up at the ceiling of the Imperial Hangar, looking
    at it. If somebody manages to find a way to use the TIE Bomber in a
    mission (no cheating devices), contact me. Don't using cheating
    devices. Passcodes and glitches are okay, though.
    *The TIE Avenger. If you don't know what that is, it's the production
    version of the TIE Advanced. It was quickly replaced with the TIE
    Interceptor in the Imperial fleet. Correction: The TIE Avenger came after the 
    TIE Interceptor, but it is basically the production version of the TIE 
    Advanced x2. Not the x1, the x2. The Interceptor was the production version of 
    the x3. We don't know anything about the x5 or x6, and the TIE Defender was 
    the production version of the TIE Advanced x7.
    *The TIE Aggressor. It's like a TIE Interceptor with the TIE Bomber's
    *The TIE Oppressor. It's a faster, quicker TIE Aggressor that is like
    the counterpart to the Y-Wing and B-Wing.
    *The TIE Defender. It's in the TIE Fighter game.
    *The Jedi Starfighter. It's in Rebel Strike, and has Sonic Mines, so
    why not put it in there as a passcode for somebody to crack? I read
    somewhere that the developers put in some passcodes that have never
    been made public, but will work. Maybe the TIE Bomber and the Jedi
    Starfighter are among those codes. Everybody, try to crack those
    passcodes! If somebody finds a glitch or passcode that unlocks the
    Jedi Starfighter, contact me, and you will be put in the Hall of Fame.
    *Co-op mode. That would be awesome. Can't wait to get Rebel Strike...
    *A co-op mode containing the original Rogue Squadron. I've never owned
    a Nintendo 64... I wish it was one of the Wii Virtual Console games, but
    I doubt there's going to be any new ones because of the Wii U...
    *A passcode to give you all of the Gold Medals.
    *A passcode to give you all of the Ace Medals.
    *A passcode to promote you to a certain rank.
    *Online play. The GameCube has that ability, people...
    *Upgrades to the Ion Cannon and Tow Cable.
    *Speed Boosts for all craft. I can only use the T-16 in one mission,
    and I can only use the snowspeeder in 3 missions, and why on earth
    would I want to use the A-Wing if I didn't have to? Its only upside is
    the fact it's so fast.
    These are people who are well-known among the message boards or have
    written walkthroughs for this game, or have done something of merit.
    If you find a glitch, you get put in here. If you get a best time
    and/or beat my stats, you get put in here. If you achieve the rank of
    Galactic Allied Commander, you get put in here. If you beat this game
    (get all bonus craft, get all 15 Gold Medals, beat Tatooine Training
    in all 4 times of day, and get all 15 Ace Medals), beat Rebel Strike
    (get all bonus craft, beat the co-op mode, get all 32 Gold Medals, get
    all 32 Ace Medals, get all 32 Best Ever Medals, beat all 3 arcade
    games, beat single-player co-op, achieve the highest rank possible in
    the game, beat the single-player mode, complete the single-player co-
    op challenge, and do basically everything in the game), beat Rogue
    Squadron (do everything in the game and unlock all craft), beat Battle
    for Naboo (again, do EVERYTHING), beat X-Wing, beat X-Wing Alliance,
    beat TIE Fighter, beat Rebel Assault, and beat Rebel Assault II, you
    will immediately be put at the top of the list in the Hall of Fame,
    and be given the title of Jedi Grand Master by me, and will achieved
    what I have dubbed the Grand Slam. If you beat EVERY LAST Star Wars
    game ever made, you will replace the guy who achieves the Grand Slam
    as the guy at the top of the list. Oh, and you will achieved the
    Ultimate Grand Slam. You will also have proven that you have no life.
    :P That was  a joke. I'm serious about this though. If you achieve the
    Ultimate Grand Slam, contact me. If you've achieved the Ultimate Grand
    Slam, and you've beat the video games on all the consoles they're
    available on, beat all of the video and computer games LEGO has made,
    beat the games of those franchises, read every Star Wars book ever
    written, read all of the scripts and screenplays for the movies and TV
    show episodes, and see all of the different versions of the movies, as
    well as see the Lost Cut of A New Hope, and see all of the deleted
    scenes from the movies, you will have achieved the Super Mega Ultimate
    Grand Slam. Oh, and you will have no life. :P Again, contact me if you
    have achieved the Super Mega Ultimate Grand Slam.
    Wrote Gold
    Medal FAQ
    Wrote a
    Sweet Monkey Luv
    Famous Rogue Leader
    message board member
    Wrote Gold
    Medal FAQ
    series of
    Wrote a
    Wrote a
    Dallas Scott
    Wrote a
    Wrote a
    Wrote a
    Wrote a
    Rudolf Stember
    Part of
    team, the
    in the
    game is
    based on
    his car.
    George Lucas
    You should
    know who
    this guy
    Walt Disney
    Founder of
    owns Star
    Wrote a
    Medal Stat
    Olly Dean
    Wrote a
    Winnie the poop
    Wrote a
    Wrote a
    Wrote a
    DarthNightmaricus (me)
    Wrote this
    this hall
    of Fame
    This Slot
    belongs to the
    first person to
    find a way to
    use the TIE
    Bomber in this
    This slot
    belongs to the
    first person to
    find a way to
    use the Jedi
    Starfighter in
    this game
    First person to
    achieve the
    Super Mega
    Ultimate Grand
    Slam gets this
    First person to
    achieve the
    Ultimate Grand
    Slam gets this
    First person to
    achieve the
    Grand Slam gets
    this slot
    If you want more space combat sim, track down a copy of Rogue Squadron
    III: Rebel Strike. It has this game, minus the two Vader bonus
    missions, as a co-op mode, and you can get out of your starfighter and
    walk around on foot. If you still want more, track down a Nintendo 64
    and a copy of the original Rogue Squadron. If that's not enough, pick
    up a copy of The Force Unleashed for Wii if you have one or the Xbox
    360. However, whatever you do, do not get the mobile phone versions.
    It's a piece of crap, I've heard. If that's not enough, get the
    Ultimate Sith Edition. Still want more? My god. Get TFU II. If you're
    still wanting more, get a life. Sorry. Or get another Star Wars game.
    There's a ton of them out there. I now have Rebel Strike, and I'm trying to 
    persuade my mom to buy the PC versions of Rogue Squadron and Battle for Naboo 
    (Christmas gifts, perhaps?) and most likely one or both of the Battlefront 
    games that are available on the PC (No Xbox-series console or PlayStation-
    series consoles for me. PS3 and Xbox 360 = tax returns?). Goodbye, and may the 
    force be with you...
    *Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Wii)
    *Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (Wii)
    *The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (GameCube)
    *Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Jedi Alliance (Nintendo DS)
    *Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels (Wii)
    *Mario Party 7 (GameCube)
    *LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (GameCube)
    *LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (GameCube)
    *SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (GameCube)
    I can be contacted at darthnightmaricus [at] Gmail [dot] com.
    The following sites can use my walkthrough:
    Also, what's up with mycheats, i just submitted a file-less FAQ... did I get
    scammed or something?
       9 Lives                       http://www.9lives.ru/eng/
       Bean's PSX Dimension          http://www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm
       Cheat Code Central            http://www.cheatcc.com
       Cheat Search                  http://cheatsearch.com
       Cheatstop                     http://www.panstudio.com/cheatstop/
       CNET Gamecenter               http://games.netscape.com/Faqs/
       Console Domain                http://www.consoledomain.co.uk
       Dirty Little Helper           http://dlh.net
       Dark Station                  http://www.darkstation.com/
       Dreamland                     http://kirby.pokep.net
       Games Domain                  http://www.gamesdomain.com
       Game Express                  http://www.gameexpress.com
       Games Over                    http://www.gamesover.com/
       Mega Games                    http://www.megagames.com
       Square Haven                  http://www.square-haven.net
       Ultimate System               http://www.flatbedexpress.com
       VideoGaming.net               http://www.videogaming.net/
    Since I do not want to make my own list, I borrowed meowthnum1's list.
    I would like to thank CyricZ for inspiring me to write an FAQ,
    SBAllen for publishing this FAQ , and George Lucas for creating
    such an awesome franchise. Also, I would like to thank LucasArts
    and Factor 5 for making such an excellent game, but both of them
    no longer exist. Rest in peace, Factor 5 and LucasArts.  Let's all
    hope Disney doesn't ruin the Star Wars franchise. They already
    cancelled Star Wars 1313...

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