1. Jeremy Andersen Developer
  2. Aaron Cammarata Developer
  3. Dave Cowling Developer
  4. Ralph D'Amato Developer
  5. Peter Day Developer
  6. Matt Duncan Developer
  7. Chad Findley Developer
  8. Alan Flores Developer
  9. Edwin Fong Developer
  10. Steve Ganern Developer
  11. Christopher Glenn Developer
  12. Kendall Harrison Developer
  13. Noel Hines Developer
  14. Brian Jennings Developer
  15. Gary Jesdanun Developer
  16. Joel Jewett Developer
  17. Henry Ji Developer
  18. Ryan McMahon Developer
  19. Kevin Mulhall Developer
  20. Nolan Nelson Developer
  21. Johnny Ow Developer
  22. Scott Pease Developer
  23. Chris Rausch Developer
  24. Paul Robinson Developer
  25. Junki Saita Developer
  26. Aaron Skillman Developer
  27. Darren Thorne Developer
  28. Jason Uyeda Developer
  29. Chris Ward Developer
  30. Mick West Developer
  31. Mike Ward Executive Producer
  32. Stacey Drellishak Line Producer
  33. Brian Bright Music Editing
  34. Nicole Willick Producer
  35. Keith Arem Sound Effects
  36. Chris Hepburn Video Editing
  37. Mattt Stubbs Video Editing


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, Blueberry Buttface, Chipfan57, LordAndrew, Mookiethebold, PZT, and VilkaTheWolf.

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