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FAQ/Strategy Guide by matsor

Version: 0.90 | Updated: 11/01/2009

                       d8b                  d8b        d8,
                       88P                  ?88       `8P
                      d88                    88b
                  d888888   d8888b  .d888b,  888888b   88b  88bd88b
                 d8P' ?88  d8P' ?88 ?8b,     88P `?8b  88P  88P' ?8b
                 88b  ,88b 88b  d88   `?8b  d88   88P d88  d88   88P
                 `?88P'`88b`?8888P'`?888P' d88'   88bd88' d88'   88b

                               d8P   ?88
                            d888888P  88b
                              ?88'    888888b  d8888b
                              88P     88P `?8bd8b_,dP
                              88b    d88   88P88b
                              `?8b  d88'   88b`?888P'

                              `8P                        d8P
                    d888b8b    88b d888b8b    88bd88b   ?88'
                   d8P' ?88    88Pd8P' ?88    88P' ?8b  88P
                   88b  ,88b  d88 88b  ,88b  d88   88P  88b
                   `?88P'`88bd88' `?88P'`88bd88'   88b  `?8b

                       D O S H I N    T H E    G I A N T

             *      FAQ Author:    matsor                       *
             *      FAQ Version:   0.90                         *
             *      Date:          01/11/2009                   *
             *      Contact:       matsor@hotmail.co.uk         *

1. About
2. Controls
3. Game Basics
... Doshin
... Islanders
... Monuments
... Natural Disasters
... Boxes
... Ornamental Hairpin
... Human Comments
4. General Techniques
5. Game Completion
6. Monument List
7. Soduro Memo
8. The Islands
... Barudo-Island
... Couple-Island
... Labyrinth
... Animal-Island
9. Thanks

1.                                 A B O U T

  "I'm a witness of history,
  my bone and flesh perished ages ago.
  I'm not even sure weather I'm alive or dead.
  The only thing I can do is to continue to keep watch over this island.
  The people living on this tropical island have retold a legend for
  the legend says that the big man will appear at sunrise,
  the big man will appear at the edge of the horizon.
  I keep on waiting for that dawn when the big man appears,
  the sun begins its climb into the sky,
  a morning like so many others.
  Does the big man appear as awaited for so long?
  He appears!
  It's the big man.
  It's a giant!
  Very slowly he approaches, his movements seem calm and gentle.
  Such a gentle yellow giant!"

Kyojin no Doshin was originally released on the 64DD back in 1999. Very few
would have been bold enough to predict a re-release but amazingly in 2002
Doshin the Giant found its way onto the GameCube. Aside from the inevitable
graphical brush up, the mechanics of the game remained largely unchanged. Which
was a good thing.

Doshin was (and still is) remarkably difficult to categorise. It is most akin
to a God-Sim and is therefore something of a rarity for Nintendo. As it was
never released in the US, it remains a unique insight into the quirky games
that are confined to Japan. Unfortunately this wasn't enough to save it; Doshin
couldn't provide much in the way of instant gratification and consequently
received mediocre reviews. It failed to sell and was destined into obscurity.

If you are lucky enough to find a copy of the game and have a fair amount of
patience then Doshin really will grow on you.

2.                              C O N T R O L S

|         L          |   Alternate between Doshin and Jashin                  |
|         R          |   Take a photograph of current screen                  |
|         Z          |   Toggle map                                           |
|         Y          |   Lower the ground directly in front of you            |
|         X          |   Raise the ground directly in front of you            |
|       X + Y        |   Level the ground directly in front of you            |
|                    |   (only functional when you grow to a certain height)  |
|         A          |   Hold A to pick up certain objects, release to drop   |
|      (Doshin)      +--------------------------------------------------------+
|                    |   Hold A and pull the control stick to pull the ground |
|         A          |   Destroy object                                       |
|      (Jashin)      +--------------------------------------------------------+
|                    |   Level the ground                                     |
|                    +--------------------------------------------------------+
|                    |   Tap A when tilting control stick to throw fireball   |
|         B          |   Jump                                                 |
|                    +--------------------------------------------------------+
|                    |   Hold to glide when jumping (Jashin only)             |
|       A + B        |   Sit down                                             |
|       Start        |   Pause game                                           |
|      C Stick       |   Rotate camera                                        |
|    Control Stick   |   Move around                                          |
|   Control Pad up   |   Zoom the camera in                                   |
|  Control Pad down  |   Zoom the camera out                                  |

3.                           G A M E   B A S I C S

The basic premise of the game is explained by Soduro in a daily memo. Since the
advice given here is paramount to the successful completion of the game I have
recorded this information in section six. Those completely bewildered by the
game are advised to skip to that section. In this section I will summarise the
key elements for those that are already somewhat familiar with the gameplay.

The gentle yellow Love-Giant. Doshin appears at dawn and will disappear at
sunset. Doshin can grow bigger and bigger by absorbing the love and hate
emotions of the islanders. When he receives 21 hearts or 21 skulls he will

Doshin can transform into the angry Hate-Giant, Jashin. Just the mere sight of
Jashin is enough to scare the villagers and guarantee you lots of skulls.
Playing as Jashin will ensure you become huge in no time, but at the expense
of the trust and love of the islanders.

On each island there are four separate tribes of people identified by their
different coloured clothing. Each tribe requires Doshin to tend to their needs
in order to complete their own village. The needs of the people are conveyed
via the thought bubbles above their heads. The icon inside is representative of
one of the three actions they wish Doshin to perform.

1. Tree planting:
   Trees carry energy and will impart this to a small area of the ground
   around which they are planted. In order to build on any ground there must be
   a certain level of local energy and therefore trees. For a village to
   flourish, around a dozen trees are needed.

2. Terrain altering:
   Quite often the villagers aren't satisfied with the terrain and it's up to
   Doshin to raise and lower the landscape for them.

3. Moving obstacles:
   Often a tree can impede the progress of building projects and the villagers
   want it to be moved, typically it is enough to just toss the tree in
   another direction. Sometimes, irritatingly, the obstacle is Doshin himself!
   This usually occurs when raising the ground, the icon will change from
   raising to obstruction repeatedly as you pander to their wishes, just loiter
   around for a few seconds away from the area to see which direction the
   ground needs to be shifted.

Once a village is established the focal point will be a dark patch of ground
near to the centre. The ground is tinted with the same colour as the culture of
the village. It is here that a monument will be constructed.

Two types of monument can be built. If no flower is provided to the villagers
then they will build a non-regulation monument which will not be recorded in
the Monument List. Since the aim of the game is to successfully build all 16
regulation monuments, you obviously want to avoid building these.

To generate a flower necessary to complete a regulation monument simply uproot
and place seven trees in close proximity to one another. The trees will
immediately wilt and die but will be replaced by eight fresh ones and a red
flower. When the islanders begin monument construction you should see the red
flower in their thought box so hurry and bring it to them. You have to be fast
if you want a useful monument, you know you've been in time when you see a cone
of light surround the construction site.

Once a monument is complete the flower is 'used up' so it is necessary to
gather together another seven trees to grow a new one. Thus the island tree
population may be increased.

Natural Disasters
There are three different natural disasters which become a real pain as they
will occur almost daily, most frequently just after dawn:

1. Tornado
   These will move along a random path destroying anything in its route. The
   method to combat them is to try to raise the ground between the current
   position of the tornado and the village, as a tornado cannot pass over a

2. Volcanic eruption
   These occur when you are altering the land structure and can cause
   considerable damage to villages. Stand in the centre and lower the ground
   as best you can. Make sure you stomp on any rocks, lest they cause damage
   to buildings.

3. Attack of the Nortys
   This disaster is exceptionally rare. The islanders jealousy manifests itself
   as spirits that can steal the trees. The best method to deal with them is
   to attack with Jashins' fireballs.

These yellow and red cubes drop from the sky around the immediate vicinity of
Doshin. Step on them to receive either a plethora of trees, hearts, skulls
or a couple from a random culture. Boxes are often found underneath houses, so
pick them up and have a look!

Ornamental Hairpin
The Giant reappears each morning at the ornamental hairpin so it's a good idea
to pick it up and drop it somewhere central on the island to minimise any

Human Comments
At the end of each day (which lasts for approximately 30 minutes) the islanders
will give you some feedback. Frequently their comments are self explanatory and
hint at what you should be doing to please them. Some on the other hand are
quite enigmatic and open to interpretation:

"Gamma rays are much stronger!"
"That's his vulnerable spot!"
"You shattered your illusion"

It's best to take these with a pinch of salt.

4.                     G E N E R A L   T E C H N I Q U E S

The ideal village is built on flat land that is close to the sea. The proximity
to water is beneficial for keeping trees alive a little longer than usual.
Enclose the village in a ring of trees and have a few reserves close by. The
village should be encircled by mountains to prevent any tornados from entering.
Since the ground inside the protective mountain ring is approximately flat it
is easily lowered for water to stop any fires.

Watch out for natural disasters in the first 10 minutes of each day as this is
when they are most likely to occur. Always try to halt their progress and
linger around to help with the inevitable village rebuild project.

Never place a red flower on wasteland as it will shrivel and die. Keep it on
green earth.

To speed up the rate at which monuments are built keep within sight of them.

Rather than destroying old monuments as Jashin and receiving hate for it,
simply lower the ground around the monument to sink it. Raise the ground again
and a new monument can be built there.

Doshin moves with same animation as Lanky Kong, but at one tenth of the
pace. To travel around the island at a much better rate, transform into Jashin
and jump and glide. It's much faster but make sure to change back to Doshin
before you enter a village or else the people will be scared!

Avoid getting too large, movement becomes quite cumbersome and you will easily
trample on buildings and people.

5.                         G A M E   C O M P L E T I O N

When all 15 monuments have been completed, sink the final one and provide a
flower to start the building of the Tower of Babel. When this is complete a
cut scene will cue:

  "I'm embraced by the soft and bottomless darkness.
   In this darkness I will sleep.
   My consciousness is getting thinner,
   in time I will no longer be able even to spin my words.
   Is this the meaning of death or is it the start of reincarnation?
   This island is called Barudo and my name is Soduro, Barudo-Soduro,
   this island and me, we are one single entity, unified forever."

When you next awake you are on a Doshin shaped land mass. A new tribe appears
on the north of the island, donning only silver-grey garb and covering their
heads. Spend the first day levelling the ground for them. At dawn on the second
day they request a flower, give it to them and watch in amazement at the
monument they construct.

At the end of the credits four new maps are unlocked.

6.                          M O N U M E N T   L I S T

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |            There are two version of the monuments, the love
+---+---+---+---+            and hate versions. They are visually similar but
| 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |            the hate versions are covered in spikes.
| 9 | 10| 11| 12|
| 13| 14| 15| ? |

Name:           X-Type Dolmen
Culture:        Red
Description:	I am a monument constructed by the Villagers in the form of a
                cross, using two big stones. These big stones seem to be the
                same material as the buildings. Was I constructed from the
                excess building material? Even though my design is quite
                simple, I am still very stylish, don't you think so?
Name:           Gate-Type Dolmen
Culture:        Blue
Description:    I am Gate-Type Dolmen. A Dolmen is a prehistoric Monument made
                up of large stones. I do not know why they made me this way. I
                think that the big stone on the two pillars may represent the
                heavens. The humans may have begun to believe in the heavens.
                If I am right, I am culturally a very important Dolmen, because
                I am an important first step in the changing of their beliefs.
Name:           Holey Dolmen
Culture:        Yellow
Description:    I am a Holey Dolmen. I am distinguished from the other Dolmen
                by a hole which goes right through my middle. People all over
                the island think that women will be blessed with children if
                they pass through me. That's why so many people come from all
                over the island to pass through my hole. Humans are so
                superstitious, how fascinating!
Name:           Pillar-Type Dolmen
Culture:        Green
Description:    I am a mighty Pillar-Type Dolmen constructed to stand tall and
                proud over the villagers. Sometimes my foundation becomes
                unstable. Then I have to try and hold myself upright with all
                my power, in case I fall. I always do my best. I don't know
                what I would say to the villagers if anyone was crushed under
Name:           Council Hall
Culture:        Red-Blue
Description:    I am a much more complicated and important piece of
                architecture compared to Dolmens. The four elders are the only
                people who are allowed to come inside to discuss village
                matters and perform secret ceremonies. Once the ceremony has
                begun it is prohibited for other people to even come near me.
                What takes place during the ceremony is a secret, but I can
                tell you that there's lots of chanting. Usually this ceremony
                is performed quietly, but once in a while we hear "Snap!".
Name:           Fountain-Hate
Culture:        Yellow-Red
Description:    I am a beautiful fountain capable of sending a jet of water
                high into the air. That is if I had any water, but it seems
                like the island does not have enough water to keep me
                running all the time. Why the humans don't just use sea water
                I'll never know. What a terrible shame that I cannot be seen in
                all my glory.
Name:           Watchtower-Hate
Culture:        Red-Green
Description:    I stand like a mighty stone sentinel watching over the land.
                The villagers use me to watch for any signs of danger or
                strange occurrences. All kinds of mysteries and secrets are
                researched inside of me. Of course I know all about the details
                but I don't think that I will tell you.
Name:           Tombstone
Culture:        Yellow-Blue
Description:    My form is like an urn, but I am a tombstone. The legends state
                that when a human dies on the island he changes into a flower.
                Maybe that's why I am decorated with floral designs.
Name:           Moai
Culture:        Blue-Green
Description:    I am a large stone statue in the shape of a head, I think that
                the humans made me as an idol to the Giant. People often use me
                as a meeting point because they become happy when they are
                around me.
Name:           Totem Pole
Culture:        Yellow-Green
Description:    I am a huge totem pole. On top of me there is the frame for
                what looks to be a large parasol. The humans may have wanted
                this to protect them from the strong sunshine or maybe it has a
                more mysterious meaning?
Name:           Wood figure-Hate
Culture:        Yellow-Blue-Red
Description:    I am a carved wooden figure of an elephant. With my huge wooden
                tusks I can smash everything that gets in my way, well I could
                if I wasn't a statue!
Name:           Big eagle statue
Culture:        Red-Green-Blue
Description:    I am an imposing statue. You can't compare me with other
                ordinary architecture as I am on a different level. I am the
                embodiment of the noble eagle. You can feel my power radiating
                out from my glorious visage.
Name:           Sphinx-Hate
Culture:        Yellow-Red-Green
Description:    I am a mysterious statue of a Sphinx. I am distinguished,
                elegant and noble. People better not laugh at me just because I
                have big hair!
Name:           Pyramid
Culture:        Yellow-Blue-Green
Description:    I am a great Pyramid made up of millions of giant stones. How
                could the humans make such an enormous structure? Truly a
                wonder of the island!
Name:           Mysterious Symbol
Culture:        Yellow-Blue-Green-Red
Description:    I wonder what I am. I don't even know. I have an enormous
                symbol on top. I have no idea if I am meant to attract a Giant
                or to keep it at bay. But it is certainly mysterious.
Name:           Tower of Babel
Culture:        Red-Red-Red-Red
Description:    I am the greatest piece of architecture that the people on the
                island have ever tried to build. I am the fruit of the
                villagers' intelligence and efforts. I am their greatest
                achievement. However, at the same time, I am the thing that
                caused their downfall. Oh, what an irony.

7.                           S O D U R O   M E M O

This memo is the verbatim word of Soduro, including his often questionable use
of quotation marks.

|Day | Memo                                                                   |
| 01 |About this memo                                                         |
|    |In these Soduro Memos we will give you information and hints which may  |
|    |be useful when playing the game. You will receive a new memo every day  |
|    |in the game. In the game a day lasts approximately 30 minutes. Beginners|
|    |should check the memo every day.                                        |
| 02 |Aim of the game (1/4)                                                   |
|    |The aim of the game is to complete the construction of all 16 monuments.|
|    |However the Giant can only be used to help humans indirectly.           |
| 03 |Aim of the game (2/4)                                                   |
|    |The construction of monuments will only begin after a village has grown |
|    |to a certain size. The Giant should bring a "flower" to the monument    |
|    |under construction, otherwise it will not become a regulation monument. |
|    |It will be a "non-regulation monument". Be careful because a            |
|    |"non-regulation monument" will not be considered as one of the "16"     |
|    |kinds of monuments that have to be completed.                           |
| 04 |Aim of the game (3/4)                                                   |
|    |Look at the "Monument List" while playing the game, so that you can see |
|    |how to "complete the 16 kinds of monuments" effectively. The colour     |
|    |combinations on the "Monument List" are hints for constructing new      |
|    |monuments.                                                              |
| 05 |Aim of the game (4/4)                                                   |
|    |There is an aim to the game. That's why we thought we would take this   |
|    |time to reiterate it. You must complete all 16 monuments.               |
| 06 |The Desires of Humans                                                   |
|    |The humans want the Giant to do four things. These four things are      |
|    |"raise", "lower", "gather trees", and "move objects". These are things  |
|    |that the humans cannot do for themselves. If the Giant does what the    |
|    |humans desire, the humans will definitely appreciate it.                |
| 07 |New villages                                                            |
|    |It is necessary to make "new villages" to "complete the 16 kinds of     |
|    |monuments". The Giant must help the humans to create a new village. At  |
|    |first, bring one person to the area where you want to make a "new       |
|    |village". This area must be a certain distance from other villages.     |
|    |Then, "a new village" will be constructed when you bring another person |
|    |and they become "a couple".                                             |
|                                                                             |
| NOTE: This isn't strictly true, it's possible to complete all 16 regulation |
|       monuments by careful culture mixing and thereby avoiding the need to  |
|       create an entirely new village.                                       |
|                                                                             |
| 08 |How to make a flower                                                    |
|    |To create a "flower" the Giant must gather trees together until a       |
|    |"flower" is created in the middle. You will get one more tree than you  |
|    |gathered together as a bonus.                                           |
| 09 |Unique flower                                                           |
|    |Only one "flower" can exist in the world at any one time. Even if you   |
|    |made a new flower, that flower will disappear if there is already       |
|    |another flower somewhere in the world. Watch the map carefully to see   |
|    |the location of the "flower".                                           |
| 10 |About trees                                                             |
|    |"Trees" are necessary to make a "flower"."Trees" are also necessary when|
|    |the people want to construct buildings where no "green energy" exists.  |
| 11 |How to increase the trees                                               |
|    |The way to increase the amount of "trees" is the same as the way to     |
|    |create a "flower". You will need to "gather the trees" together until   |
|    |you get a bonus tree.                                                   |
| 12 |Emotions of the human being                                             |
|    |The villagers are constantly watching the Giant. He sticks out a mile.  |
|    |They throw "hearts" to the Giant when he performs "favourable actions   |
|    |for the humans", and "skulls" when he performs "unfavourable actions on |
|    |the humans".                                                            |
| 13 |Hearts and Skulls                                                       |
|    |The "hearts" and "skulls" which the humans throw will be stuck on the   |
|    |screen in a circle. The Giant will grow bigger when either of these     |
|    |symbols go full circle.                                                 |
| 14 |When he grows                                                           |
|    |When the Giant grows he can "carry larger objects that he could not     |
|    |carry when he was smaller", "move faster", and "go up and down steep    |
|    |slopes". However, you should be really careful when you go near the     |
|    |village. Otherwise you'll be in trouble. You may "destroy the buildings"|
|    |if you are too large.                                                   |
| 15 |Activity Cycle of the Giant                                             |
|    |The Giant appears when the sun rises and disappears at sunset. So, the  |
|    |Giant is just like an incarnation of the sun.                           |
| 16 |About the Belly-Buppo (belly button)                                    |
|    |The Belly-Buppo is a projection which you see on the Giant's navel. This|
|    |is the point where the power of the Giant's "spirit" is concentrated.   |
|    |Using the concentrated power the Giant can "raise" and "lower" the      |
|    |ground with superhuman powers.                                          |
| 17 |Colour of the sky                                                       |
|    |The sky is blue and there are little white clouds floating around while |
|    |you are a "Love-Giant". However, this quickly changes if you are a      |
|    |"Hate-Giant". You will see that the stars come out even during the day! |
| 18 |The Edge of the Earth                                                   |
|    |There is an "Edge" to the world of this game. What do you think there is|
|    |beyond this "Edge"? Why don't you try going there as you never know what|
|    |you will find.                                                          |
| 19 |Hold-On                                                                 |
|    |Sometimes the Giant will fall down when he comes across an obstacle or  |
|    |steep hill. It's really tragic if he falls on a village. Try to move the|
|    |Control Stick quickly up and down to hold on and keep your balance.     |
| 20 |Box (1/2)                                                               |
|    |Sometimes when a house is lifted up a box appears. The contents of the  |
|    |boxes are random. Make good use of the boxes to help you throughout the |
|    |game.                                                                   |
| 21 |Box (2/2)                                                               |
|    |There are also boxes which fall down from the sky. These boxes are a    |
|    |present from a mysterious being. Can you imagine what it is?            |
| 22 |Wasteland                                                               |
|    |The ground where there are no trees has no green energy and is called   |
|    |"wasteland". Be careful, buildings on the "wasteland" will crumble. If  |
|    |you put trees on the "wasteland" the energy of trees will pour into the |
|    |ground, and the "wasteland" will change into rich and fertile land.     |
| 23 |Giant enters Nirvana                                                    |
|    |The passage of time is absolute. You can do nothing against the fact    |
|    |that the Giant gets cold and cannot move any more as soon as the sun    |
|    |sets.                                                                   |
| 24 |Opinions of the Humans                                                  |
|    |You can listen to the honest opinions the humans had of you when the sun|
|    |has set. Maybe it's a good idea to use this as a reference for the next |
|    |game.                                                                   |
| 25 |Initiation in the mysteries (1/4)                                       |
|    |When the Giant grows up to a certain size he can level the ground. Press|
|    |the X Button and Y Button together to accomplish this amazing feat.     |
|    |Using this you can create fantastic landscapes.                         |
| 26 |Initiation in the mysteries (2/4)                                       |
|    |You may have already realised that the Giant can slide down slopes by   |
|    |pressing the A Button and B Button together when he is on top of a steep|
|    |hill. It's bound to impress the locals if you show up at the village    |
|    |using this technique.                                                   |
| 27 |Initiation in the mysteries (3/4)                                       |
|    |You may have already realised that the "Hate-Giant" can move faster than|
|    |the "Love-Giant". When your body is small and it is taking too long to  |
|    |reach your destination, change into the "Hate-Giant" and go!            |
| 28 |Initiation in the mysteries (4/4)                                       |
|    |You may have already realised that the jumping power of the "Love-Giant"|
|    |and "Hate-Giant" is very different. When you want to jump further,      |
|    |change into the "Hate-Giant".                                           |
| 29 |Natural disaster                                                        |
|    |A "natural disaster" always occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. A large   |
|    |"natural disaster" could destroy a whole village in an instant. Before  |
|    |you give up you should know that there is a way to defend against this. |
| 30 |Book of Giants                                                          |
|    |In the "Book of Giants" you can look at an archive of the Giants from   |
|    |the 1st generation to the 49th generation.                              |
| 31 |Shockwave of the "Hate-Giant"                                           |
|    |While you are a "Hate-Giant" you can shoot the Shockwave by tilting the |
|    |Control Stick and pressing the A Button together. With this technique   |
|    |you can repulse a natural disaster or destroy buildings.                |
| 32 |Suggestion                                                              |
|    |It makes a nice change to relax and interact with the wildlife when you |
|    |get tired of dealing with humans.                                       |
| 33 |Treasure-Hunting                                                        |
|    |Sometimes treasures can be found buried on the island. If you want to   |
|    |find out where they are, take a look around.                            |
| 34 |Repeat the aims of the game                                             |
|    |Do you remember what the aims of the game are? Make "the humans build 16|
|    |kinds of monuments" and "complete the Monument List". Have you achieved |
|    |these aims?                                                             |
| 35 |Hate-Giant                                                              |
|    |You are very lucky if you see a shooting star while you are a           |
|    |"Hate-Giant". It's a good idea if you wish for something before the     |
|    |shooting star disappears.                                               |
| 36 |Map (1/2)                                                               |
|    |When something occurs on the island a map appears in the top left corner|
|    |of the screen. You can take a look at the area in detail by pressing    |
|    |START/PAUSE and then choose "Zoom In".                                  |
| 37 |Map (2/2)                                                               |
|    |By pressing the Z Button the map appears on the screen. The map         |
|    |disappears by pressing the Z Button again.                              |
| 38 |Volcano                                                                 |
|    |There are "magma pockets" here and there on the map. The volcano will   |
|    |erupt if you stamp on one by mistake.                                   |
| 39 | Book of Giants                                                         |
|    |You already know that you can see the record of 49 generations in the   |
|    |"Book of Giants". A card which appears on the right side of the screen  |
|    |gives you a description.                                                |
| 40 |Have you played enough?                                                 |
|    |You should have played through 40 days already if you're reading this   |
|    |memo. I wonder if you're still playing like mad? Sometimes there is an  |
|    |unexpected reward for hard work, freshen up your mind and try many      |
|    |different things.                                                       |
| 41 |Nothing more to tell                                                    |
|    |Well, soon I will have nothing more to tell you. I bet you are now      |
|    |really familiar with this game. You probably know more than me. Time for|
|    |me to take a rest.                                                      |
| 42 |Today is a rest day....                                                 |
|    |No Memo today, please come back tomorrow.                               |
| 43 |Instruction Booklet                                                     |
|    | Oh, yes, by the way, the Instruction Booklet is in your Disc Case. It  |
|    | may be useful  for you to read it once through.                        |
| 44 |Giant like (1/2)                                                        |
|    |You must not overwork yourself. When you are tired with fulfilling the  |
|    |demands of the humans, take a rest. Be honest to yourself. Act as you   |
|    |like, Giant like.                                                       |
| 45 |Giant like (2/2)                                                        |
|    |I suppose that it is quite fun being a "Hate-Giant" and going on a      |
|    |rampage, but if you go too far and lose all your humans you will        |
|    |certainly feel lonely.                                                  |
| 46 |How big?                                                                |
|    |With which size do you feel comfortable as a Giant? I like a pretty huge|
|    |Giant. But if you become too big, you will have problems not stepping on|
|    |people as you move around.                                              |
| 47 |Big surprise!                                                           |
|    |This game was released on the 64DD in Japan. The people who played the  |
|    |64DD version must be surprised at the enormous improvement in graphics  |
|    |and gameplay!                                                           |
| 48 |If I may tell you after such a long time...                             |
|    |The aim of this game is to "complete all of the 16 different kinds of   |
|    |monuments", but in fact there are more than 16 different monuments, the |
|    |Giant has two sides, Love and Hate. The monuments also have two         |
|    |different sides, just like the Giant.                                   |
| 49 |Thank you!                                                              |
|    |I hope that you have enjoyed playing this game!                         |

8.                           T H E   I S L A N D S

The first island that you will encounter. Barudo is an excellent place to hone
your skills. The smaller islands dotted around the central landmass are to
some extent redundant. They can be useful as an extra resource of trees,
although running out and having to fetch some is highly unlikely.

Villages will self establish on Barudo as the islanders are found in couples
already. Which is nice.

A tiny cluster of islands to begin with. I find a useful technique to employ
is to refrain from amalgamating each island into a single landmass, but to
simply increase the size of each. The body of water separating each island is
useful to avoid any involuntary culture mixing. The larger perimeter to land
area ratio also increases the lifetime of trees.

Obviously establishing single culture villages on each island is a logical
first step. The monuments can then be built with much the same approach as on
Barudo. Nothing else about Couple-Island is particularly noteworthy.

The Labyrinth is considerably larger than any other map and at times can be
a real chore to trek around. The islanders are scattered over the island and
so the first job is to bring them together to establish villages:

|                                                                      .,..   |
|                                                                    .:   .MM |
|   M:    R(-) MMM ....   . . ...MMM: ..... . . ........ MMMM ..B(+) MMM  M   |
|   M  @       MMM                MM                     MMM:        MMM  M   |
|     M .MM    MMM         MMM          MMM              MMMM  MMM   MMM  M   |
|      M MM    MMM         MMM          MMM              MMMM  MMM   MMM  M   |
|      :.MM          MMM                MMM        B(+)  MMMM  MMM   MMM  M   |
|      M MM    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM    MMM              MMMM  MMM   MMM  M   |
|      M MM    MMM    G(+)       MMM.   MMMM;MMMMMMMMM;MM;MM   MMM   MMM  M   |
|      :.MM    MMM                MM               :MM         MMM   MMM  M   |
|    .; .MM          MMM   MMM    .  . MMM .....   MMM   MMM         MMM  M   |
|   :M  .MM          MMM   MMM         MMM         MMM   MMM  Y(+)   MMM  M   |
|    M  .MM          MMM   MMM       @ MMM @             MMM         MMM @ M  |
|     M .MM.         MMM   MMM         MMM               MMM         MMM  ,M  |
|     .. MM,  :MM          MMM               MMM               MMM   MMM ,,   |
|     ,. MM.  :MM    MMMMMMMMMMMMMM:    MM   MMM          .    MMM   MMM .M   |
|     :. MM.  :MM    .,.......,..MMM   MMM   :MM   MMMM.M:;.   MMM @ MMM .M   |
|     .. MM,  :MM                MMM   MMM         MMM         MMM @ MMM ,:   |
|     ,. MM                      MMM         MMM   MMM               MMM .M   |
|     .. MMM                     MMM         MMM   MMM               MMM ::   |
|     M .MM  B(-)                            .MM           @    MM,     Y(+) .|
|  M  @  .   ................................. . ............... . ...., .M;  |
|  MM  @    ..            . .               .         .     . .       ..:M.   |
|   .M..:M;.                                                                  |
|     ...                                                                     |
|                                                                             |
|                         +-Key-------------------+                           |
|                         |                       |                           |
|                         | M   - high relief     |                           |
|                         | @   - palm trees      |                           |
|                         | R   - red culture     |                           |
|                         | Y   - yellow culture  |                           |
|                         | G   - green culture   |                           |
|                         | B   - blue culture    |                           |
|                         | (+) - male            |                           |
|                         | (-) - female          |                           |
|                         +-----------------------+                           |

Note how you can't set up a single culture village immediately. Great. Bring
four different culture together and from them set up three single culture
villages on the East coast. It is time consuming, but it will mean less effort
is required to complete the monument list as no further new villages need to be
created. The fourth should be on the North coast, close by.

Although highly tempting, there is very little benefit from flattening the land
prior to building on it. With the villages set up as describe above, you won't
be traveling far enough to justify this anyway.

A small archipelago, similar in shape to a set of square parenthesis. The
texture of the land is vaguely reminiscent of the Nazca Lines.
Again it is beneficial to keep a body of water between four islands so I
suggest joining the small islands thusly:

|                                       |                                     |
|9ocS7@ vc;;,M                          |                        heEiMM Ai7LXL|
|7:;.:M 0,E@ M.                         |                        A..:.M #..:.Y|
|7;..;M @Q267M.                         |                        W:;;:M M:;;:7|
|hdpIyQ .7i;v7                          |                        KIipak P7gRjm|
|                                       |                                     |
|tQ#@$#M                                |                               $1z2oY|
|q:;;..@                                |                               M::;;S|
|BB@@##M                                |                               @.:..U|
|                                       |                               QcXY1O|
|avi,:iS                             AWEpRB-----------------------------------|
|A.:;.:M                             s;;.:M                             MS$Wt0|
|L..;..M                             9..;.$                             W::;:6|
|tUC2tn@                             NAdfRM                             Mz0ZzQ|
|----------------------------------------                                     |
|M0A@W@@                                |                               @7A2nt|
|M:....Q                                |                               $..:.9|
|M$QM#M@                                |                               M1@BI0|
|                                       |                                     |
|ALmNI9f  YNJizM                        |                       AHwQ5@  $kJwPz|
|Z::;.:M  H.:..Y                        |                       i:.;.#  2:;..$|
|2.:.:.M  $.:;.K                        |                       c::;;#  C:...n|
|:Y:v;cC  #xK4FL                        |                       IILvPW  LU77<X|
|                                       |                                     |

Each quadrant contains a single culture. The central island is useful to begin
rapid completion of the monument list by creating a new two culture tribe as
soon as possible and working on the culture permutations that this enables.

9.                                T H A N K S

Thanks to Nintendo and Param for taking a risk and releasing a game they knew
wouldn't sell.

Thanks also to CjayC and SBAllen for the creation and maintenance of GameFAQs.

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