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Experience the Brand-New Zero Chapter ONLY on Nintendo Gamecube! 09/26/04 AJM Ruler
Congratulations, Capcom 12/09/13 Allidoisreview
After 4 Nightmares, the origin has arrived! 08/11/04 banjo kazooie 84
Easily the most atmospheric Evil yet, and definitely one of the best. 12/20/02 Biohazard01
Rebecca redeems herself and a new character spices things up in what is possibly the best Resident Evil game ever made 02/06/04 bungleinthjungle
One of the Most Underrated Games Ever 02/08/04 DarkLink715
Good Partner idea, inventory system not a good idea. 09/06/05 Duke_Plisskin
0 > 1?! 12/22/02 Fidika
Get ready to be freaked out! 12/08/04 FoolishGamer
If it's not broke, don't fix it. 01/18/05 GavLuvsGA
Evil For the Sake of Evil 08/02/04 Genjuro Kibagami
Hey, wasn’t this bad guy in a Final Fantasy game? 05/05/03 Halron2
You and me and all of the zombies 07/01/08 horror_spooky
Stunning graphics and tons of replay value don't make up for insipid, mundane gameplay. 07/15/04 Insomniac Hyperpunk
A satisfying prequel to the Resident Evil series 02/02/06 isiahzombie
The scariest installment of the series is also the best! 03/22/04 mjfru201
"If I did THAT, I'd get the picture on the box!"* 02/03/04 Monheim
Party like it's 1999. 09/28/05 MSuskie
The Prequel of Survival-Horror 08/08/03 NeoTS
Four years later... and the game is STILL bland! 02/17/06 nintensionDS
To uncover the truth, we must delve deeper into the events that transpired in the beginning... 07/26/03 raven14
REØ is incredible, but still lacks those few nit picky must haves... 11/18/02 Resident Fan 21
Why has Mikami forsaken me?! 12/20/02 TacoHunter
Capcom really doesn't get it. 12/14/09 UltimaterializerX
Read... if you dare! 07/25/03 xXILoveRikkuXx
A game where graphics matter more than gameplay 08/31/04 ZaleIsBackAgain
This game has features that were never put in another Resident Evil game. There's good reason for that. 03/15/07 Zileon

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