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Can you catch Pac-Man?
-Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto exclusively for Namco and the Nintendo GameCube.
-Choose from six different mazes and play as either Pac-Man or the Ghosts.
-Supports 2-4 players, so compete against your friends to earn points and win the game!
-The PAC-MAN vs. video game can only be played with a Game Boy Advance and connectivity cable (sold separately).

The Ghost Gang Strikes Again!
They have picked the Magical Golden Fruit from an ancient tree and unleashed the most wicked entity Pac-Land has ever seen. It's time for Pac-Man to take control and return what was taken. With brand new skills, a zany cast of enemies and friends, and a vast world to explore, his heroics will be pushed to the limits. Step aside 'cause Pac-Man is coming through, and he's on a mission!
-Six worlds and over 20 levels to explore.
-Play a variety of arcade games and traditional 3-D Pac-Mazes.
-New skill include in-line skating and ice-skating.
-Explore stages in the new Pac-Sub.
-New mechanics like the Shimmy and Flip Kick.

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