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FAQ/Move List by Dangerboy

Version: 1.50 | Updated: 01/11/03

Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Game.com): Perfect Guide
Version 1.50
By Jason Dvorak ("Dangerboy")

E-mail: jason_dvorak@hotmail.com
*Note: Please make sure your e-mail title is "MKT GC Guide" or it will be 

PLEASE READ: "Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Game.com): Perfect Guide" is Copyright 
2001 Jason Dvorak. The FAQ is presented for the personal home use of the 
GameFaqs.com readers. This publication may be distributed for free, and may 
not be sold. In other words, it's FREE and NO ONE PROFITS FROM IT. Anyone 
wishing to use this guide in a publication, on another web-site, or 
otherwise, are required to have permission from the author before using. In 
other words, just ask me first. :)

( TOC )---=---=---=---=[TABLE of CONTENTS]=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=--

1. FAQ Overview (Revision History)
2. Basic Moves (regular characters)
3. Character Specific Moves
4. Glitches
5. Roll Call
6. Secrets and Codes
7. Game Data
8. Credits and Thanks

(  1  )---=---=---=---=[FAQ OVERVIEW]=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---
---->Version 1.50 (May 28, 2001)
- Corrected some typographical errors. Ah, the beauty of cut and paste. 
- Added some unconfirmed (but tested and found to be non-working) codes.
- Added in the missing names of certain "-alities."  
- Said small prayer in hope that this is last update...

---->Version 1.05a (May 25, 2001)
- (-_-); Fixed the broken ascii graphs that got destroyed after I dumped it 
into Microsoft Word. I hate .92 margins!

---->Version 1.05 (May 24, 2001)
- Blah, fixed that annoying ascii line in the basic moves box, and also added 
the button commands for the "-alities", which I somehow forgot to add in the 
original release. Sorry. 

Also of note:
- Confirmed Pit Fatalities do not exist. 
- Confirmed that there are no endings.
- Added more to the glitches (image problems, hee hee)

---->Version 1.00 (May 12, 2001)
To be honest, this will probably be the only version of the FAQ, unless 
someone else can help fill in the possible blanks. I've played this game to 
death (no pun intended), and don't really care to play it anymore, at least 
not for the FAQ. All moves, combos, and glitches have been visually confirmed 
by yours truly, and if it hasn't then it remains *unconfirmed* in this FAQ. 

For those of you who are going, "Well wait, how can it be a 'perfect' guide 
if it's unfinished?" Well, unless the following things can be confirmed, it 
is finished. :) Please be aware that anything written below has been cross-
referenced for their existence, and nothing was found, hence why they are 
listed here. 

Things that Need Confirming/Proof that they exist.
- Noob's 'working' Fatality animation
- Jade's Stick Throw, and Noob's Teleport grab move. 
- Scorpion code (I doubt this is real either. Both of the normal hidden 
  Characters have spots in the line up, even if you haven't unlocked them.) 

(  2  )---=---=---=---=[BASIC MOVES]=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---

A = Double Punch                ___________________________
A + crouch = Uppercut           [ NOTE: The moves to the  ]     
A + close = Elbow*              [ left do not apply to    ]                  
                                [ Shao Khan or Motaro.    ]    
B = High Kick                   [ They are listed         ]
B + close = Standing Knee*      [ seperately below.       ]
B + crouch= Stomach Kick        [_________________________]
B + Back = Roundhouse High      ___________________________
                                [*NOTE: Both the knee and ] 
C = Block                       [ elbow moves are part of ]
C + crouch = Blocking Crouch    [ the combo system. In    ]
                                [ the Game.com version,   ]
D = Medium Kick                 [ for some reason they    ]
D + Crouch = Low Kick           [ will randomly come out. ]
D + Back = Foot Sweep           [_________________________]

Up = Jump
Down = Crouch
Forward, Forward = Run

Fatalities (The letter next to them represents the button you press when "1 
Button Fatalities" is activated):

A) Brutality = Forward, Forward, Down/Forward + A
B) Fatality = Forward, Forward, Forward, Down + A
C) Friendship = Back, Forward, Forward + (A+C)
D) Babality = Forward, Back, Back + A

(  3  )---=---=---=--=[Character Specific Moves]=---=---=---=---=---=---=--- 
__Cyrax__                                                 /
Bomb: Forward, Forward + (B+D) [Cyrax Notes: Good grief! My boy's been cut  ]
Teleport: Back, Back + (B+D)   [ in half! His two bombs are now one, with a ]
                               [ medium distance that explodes on the fly.  ]        
Fatality A: Brutality          [ That means all the fun combos are gone. =( ]
Fatality B: Self-Destruct      [ He also doesn't have his net! WTF!         ]
Fatality C: Friendship (Dance) [____________________________________________]
Fatality D: Babality                               /
Combos:                                          /
-Bomb (close), uppercut, jumping B              /
-Jumping B, crouching D                        /__________
                                              /          /
_____________________________________________/          /
__Ermac__(Left Dragon Symbol)  _______________________/______________________
                               [ Ermac Notes: Like his ninja brother, Ermac ]
Fire Spark: Down, Back + C     [ only has two moves. Unlike Cyrax though,   ]
Slam: Back, Down, Back + B     [ Ermac can actually do some damage. The     ]
                               [ Fire Spark can hit even if the opponent is ]
Fatality A: Brutality          [ right next to you, pushing them away far   ]
Fatality B: Explosion          [ enough for you to jump at them with a kick.]
Fatality C: Friendship(Floats) [____________________________________________]
Fatality D: Babality                          /
Combos:                                     /
-Spark (close), Jumping D                  /
-Uppercut, jumping B, crouching D         /
-Spark, Slam as they recover             /______________
                                        /              /
_______________________________________/              /
__Jade__                        ____________________/________________________
                                [Jade Notes: This move either does not exist]
Side Kick: Down, Forward + D    [or is a misprint. Every time I have tried  ]
Shuriken: Back, Forward + A     [ it, the shuriken comes out. If anyone can ]
Stick Throw: Back, Forward + A**[ prove it exists, I'd appreciate it.       ]
Fatality A: Brutality                         /
Fatality B: Shakey Stick Death               /
Fatality C: Friendship (Pogo Stick)         /
Fatality D: Babality                       /
Combos:                                  /
-Shuriken, over and over.               /
-Shuriken into anything.               /
-Jumping B into Side Kick.            /_______________
                                     /               /
____________________________________/               /
__Kitana__                   _____________________/________________________
                             [ Kitana Notes: She's probably the closest   ] 
Fan Toss: For., For. + (A+D) [thing this game has to a normal version of  ]
Air Punch: Down, Back + (A+D)[ a character. Despite the loss of her fan   ]
                             [wave capture, she can still toss it. Just   ]
Fatality A: Brutality        [ not in the air. Doh! She must also be next ]
Fatality B: Head Chop        [ to the opponent for her Head Chop to work. ]
Fatality C: Friendship (Kiss)[____________________________________________]
Fatality D: Babality                        /
Combos:                                   /
-Jumping D, land into Fan Toss           /
-Fan Toss, Run into A, D                /____________
                                       /            /
______________________________________/            /
__Mileena__                    __________________/___________________________
                               [ Mileena Notes: Kitana's punk-ass sister is ]
Teleport Kick: For., For. + D  [ also without some of her better moves.     ]   
Sai: Hold (A+D) for 2 seconds. [ Even weirder, it's almost impossible to    ]
                               [ pull off her fatality B, even in one-press ]
Fatality A: Brutality A        [ mode. Curious.                             ]
Fatality B: Gobble up          [____________________________________________]
Fatality C: Friendship (Mirror)            /
Fatality D: Babality                      /
Combos:                                 /
-Kick into A                           /
-Sais into a Jumping Kick             /
-Jumping B into a Teleport. Kick     /_____________
                                    /             /
___________________________________/             /
__Motaro__                    _________________/_____________________________
                              [ Motaro's Notes: Oh yay. A playable stiffy.  ]
Pummel: Forward, For. + (A+D) [ He has no jump attacks and no crouch. He    ]
Tail Whip: Back, Back, Dn. + D[ does however, have a weakness against the   ]
                              [ fireball attacks now. Open season. Oh yeah, ]
Normal Moves:                 [ he'll explode when you defeat him!          ]
A - Hand Bash                 [_____________________________________________]
B - Heel Kick                            /
C - Heel Kick                           /
D - Block                              /
Fatalities: None                     /
Combos:                            /
-A. Over and over.                /
-Knockdown into tail whip.       /_______________
-A into a Tail Whip.            /               /
_______________________________/               /
__Rain__                      _______________/_______________________________
                              [ Rain Notes: The ultimate cheapie in the     ]
Lightning: Back, Fwd, Fwd + A [ console game gets chopped in this new       ]
Rain Shot: Down, Fwd + (A+D)  [ version. His rain shot no longer controls,  ]
                              [ nor can it be combo'ed into the lightning.  ]
Fatality A: Brutality         [ If you're fast enough, you cast Lightning,  ]
Fatality B: Body splitting    [ and then perform the Rain Toss move, you'll ]
Fatality C: Friendship (Rains)[ get the animation for it, but no Toss.      ]
Fatality D: Babality          [_____________________________________________]
Combos:                                /
-Lightning, then Rain Drop            /
-Jumping B into Rain Drop            /
-Lightning again and again          /______________
                                   /              /
__________________________________/              /
__Noob Saibot__(Right symbol)     _____________/_____________________________
                                  [Noob Notes(That sounds funny): One of the]
Smoke Ball: Down, Forward + C     [only characters to have more than 2moves.]  
Warp Slam: For., Down, For. + A*  [However, like Jade, the Warp Slam doesn't]  
Warp Punch: Forward, Forward + A  [seem possible. I keep getting the Punch. ] 
                                  [ Also, he has two very important changes:]              
Fatality A: Brutality             [his Smoke Ball no longer cancels specials]
Fatality B: Missing!(No animation)[and his Warp no longer catches people.   ]
Fatality C: Friendship (Bowling)  [He now just lands and punches. Blah! Oh  ]
Fatality D: Babality              [yeah, did I mention he has no Fatality?  ]
Combos:                               /
-Smoke Ball into Warp Punch          /
-Smoke Ball over and over.          /
-Warp Punch into the Uppercut      /_______________________________
                                  /                               /
_________________________________/                               /
__Rayden__                      _______________________________/_____________
                                [ Rayden Notes: At least Rayden isn't that  ]
Flying Attack: Back, Back, Fwd  [ damaged. He has his two most important    ]
Lightning: Down, Foward + (A+D) [ moves and that's all he needs. Nuff' said.]
Fatality A: Brutality                                     /
Fatality B: Electrical Shock Death                       /  
Fatality C: Friendship (Kid Thunder!)                   /
Fatality D: Babality                                   /
Combos:                                              /
-Lightning into Flying Attack                       / 
-Jumping D into above.                             / 
-(corner)Lightning, Jumping D, repeat             /____        
                                                 /    /
________________________________________________/    /
__Nightwolf__                ______________________/_________________________
                             [ Nightwolf notes: Nightwolf has the same two  ]
Hatchet: Down, Back + C      [ moves everybody else does; a fireball and    ]
Arrow: Down, Forward + (A+C) [ a punch. His Hatchet does some nice damage.  ]
Fatality A: Brutality                          /          
Fatality B: Heavenly Death                    /  
Fatality C: Friendship (Raiden Morph)        /          
Fatality D: Babality                        /
Combos:                                   /
-Hatchet, Arrow                          /
-Jumping A, then above                  /
-Arrows all day                        /______________
                                      /              /
_____________________________________/              /
__Reptile__                  _____________________/__________________________
                             [Reptile Notes: What the hell? Reppy now has a ]
Ball: Forward, Forward +(A+C)[ move just like Rayden's, only it's a run and ]  
Dash: Back, For., For., + D  [ not an air move. His force ball doesn't flip.]
Fatality A: Brutalty                          /          
Fatality B: Lizard Treats                    /  
Fatality C: Friendship (Snake in a box)     /          
Fatality D: Babality                       /
Combos:                                  /
-Force ball over an over.               /
-FB, Run, FB, Run                      /_____________
-Uppercut, FB                         /             /
_____________________________________/             /
__Sektor__                  _____________________/___________________________
                            [ Sektor's Notes: He has a real combo! He has a ]
Teleport: Forward, For., + D[ real combo! Wee hoo! Other than that, he's    ]
Missile: Fwd, Down, Back + A[ just like everyone else. Missiles all day.    ]
Fatality A: Brutalty                         /          
Fatality B: Compactor Death                 /  
Fatality C: Friendship (Ring the Bell)     /          
Fatality D: Babality                      /
Combo:                                  /
-Missile into Teleport                 /
-Anything into Teleport               /_________
                                     /         /
____________________________________/         /
__Shao Khan__               ________________/________________________________
                            [Shao Notes: Like Motaro, Khan is pretty much a ]
Hammer: Down, Forward +(A+C)[ 2 x 4 with feet. He can not crouch, nor does  ]
Flying Knee: Down, Fwd + A  [ he have a jumping attack. As for combos...eh. ]
Normal Moves:                          /
A: Punch                              /
B: Kick                              /
C: Kick                             /
D: Block                           /
Fatalities: None                 /
Combos: None                   /

(  4  )---=---=---=---=[GLITCHES]=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---

I hope you're sitting down by now. This could take a while. 

MKT for the Game.com has got to be one of the most glitch-laden games I have 
ever laid my hands on. Whether or not it's what got forgotten on the cutting 
room floor or seeing the machine do some bizarre things, you're in for quite 
a show. I'm not sure what to blame...lazy programmers, faulty software, maybe 
they were strapped for time, maybe it was a rushed game? Who knows, but 
here's what you can laugh at (or cry at) in the game. 

((((a. Fireball Magic Show))))
- When characters throw a fireball, there is a very slight pause in the 
animation while the system plays the sound effect of said move. If two 
players happen to perform the move at the same time, there's a 50% chance 
that one of the two won't show up. 

- If you're playing against Rain, and he does his lightning, your projectile 
will sometimes be cut short in its path, even if the fireball is past the 
Lightning's striking area.  

- The trails left by Noob's Smoke Ball will sometimes remain on screen longer 
than it should. 

- You can beat the entire game (even on Very Hard) just by having Jade, Noob, 
and Rain all rapid fire their fireball motions. Jade's is probably the 
easiest to do of the three.

- Motaro can now be damaged by fireballs. He also can't jump over them. Do 
the math. :)

((((b. Moves? We don't need no stinking moves!))))
All characters are missing half of their moves, and some have even had their 
remaining moves altered. In no particular order...
- Rain and Noob's fireballs no longer hold the magical abilities they once 

- Cyrax's bomb no longer waits to explode. 

- Noob's Teleport Slam is now a Teleport punch.

- Motaro's Grab won't grab unless the opponent is *literally* right next to 

- Noob's Fatality doesn't exist. He does the animation, but the opponent just 
stands there. What did they do, convert the Saturn version of the game?

- Raiden's Fatality is missing the exploding body parts. Kidd Thunder also 
doesn't stay on screen. He fades as fast as he's created.

- Noob's Bowling Fatality will sometimes glitch depending on the opponent's 
location. As the ball hits the middle of the screen, the pins will leap to 
the same area, animate the strike, and then reappear in the original position 

- Combos do not exist in their natural state. All combos are actually 
separately linked moves.

- Losing opponents don't always follow through on the 'defeated' animation in 
the first round. Sometimes they don't even animate!

((((c. What's the herky, jerky?))))
- For some reason, portables have had this problem with jumping in fighting 
games. MKT is no exception. You'll tear your hair out as the Game.com can't 
decide on what really does beat what in the air, as well as at what height. 
If you time your presses right, you can hit someone as they are getting up 
*while you are still in the air*.   

((((d. Concept art...what concept art?))))
- Just noticed this the day before Version 1.05 went up. I find it odd that 
the top two screen shots have player one maintaining the same health. 

- The pictures in the Game.com catalogue feature characters who are not in 
the game. 
(  5  )---=---=---=---=[ROLL CALL]=--=--=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---
_______________________________________ _____________________________________
[Characters Present(first appearance):] [Stages Present (and from which MK) ]
======================================= =====================================
[Jade - Mortal Kombat 2 (Hidden)      ] [Dead Pool - Mortal Kombat 2        ]
[Kitana - Mortal Kombat 2             ] [The Street - Mortal Kombat 3       ]
[Mileena - Mortal Kombat 2            ] [Goro's Lair - Mortal Kombat 1      ]
[Ermac - Mortal Kombat (Rumored Error)] [Cyrax's Desert - Ultimate MK3      ]
[Rain - Ultimate MK3                  ] [Tomb - Mortal Kombat 2             ]
[Reptile - Mortal Kombat (Hidden)     ] [Altar - Mortal Kombat 3            ]
[Noob Saibot - Mortal Kombat 2(Hidden)] [Cave of Souls - Mortal Kombat 3    ]
[Shao Khan - Mortal Kombat 2 (Boss)   ] [Portal - Mortal Kombat 2           ]
[Motaro - Mortal Kombat 3 (Sub-Boss)  ] [Palace - Mortal Kombat 2           ]
[Rayden - Mortal Kombat               ] [Bell Tower - Mortal Kombat 3       ]
[Nightwolf - Mortal Kombat 3          ] [___________________________________]
[Sektor - Mortal Kombat 3             ]
[Cyrax - Mortal Kombat 3              ] 
[Scorpion - Mortal Kombat(Unconfirmed)] 

Fun fact: Out of 13 characters, only 4 are not carbon copies (Nightwolf, 
Rayden, Shao Khan, Motaro). 

(  6  )---=---=---=---=[SECRETS / CODES]=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---

a. Hidden Characters
- Ermac: At the character select screen, press B, C, B, B, D.
- Noob Saibot: At the character select screen, press D, D, C, D, B.
- Scorpion: At the character select screen, Hold up, left, and the right for
   5 seconds (Unconfirmed)**

b. Cheat Menu
- At the Options Screen, press Up, C, D, B. The screen will shake. Choose the 
Question mark. You will now have access to 1 Button Finishers, Instant 
Aggressors, and Low Damage. 

c. Invincibility (unconfirmed)**
- At the title screen press D, B, C, A, D, C, A, B, A, A, B.

d. Second "?" Menu (unconfirmed)**
- Press A + C, B, D, A, A, A, C, C at the story screen. 

**Note: All of the above have been tried numerous times. The two 'extra' 
codes at the bottom seem bogus since the A Button is the 'Accept' key. It 
would advance you through the menus before the whole code could be typed in. 
As for Scorpion, it's your call. Every web-site has the same vague 
description (which is posted above). You can't choose a character while the 
D-pad is pressed, so again, I think it's bull. 

(  8  )---=---=---=---=[GAME DATA]=-----=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---

Name: Mortal Kombat Trilogy
System: Game.com
ID Number: 71 - 711
Number of Players: 1 - 2
Accessories: Compete.com cable, Memory Save
Original Program: Midway
Reprogrammed By: Tiger Electronics
Published by: Tiger Electronics

(  8  )---=---=---=---=[CREDITS /THANKS]=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---=---

The readers: For actually reading my guides. 
To me: For doing the guide, duh. =)
To CJayC: Having the coolest web-site on the net helps us little peeps. 
To Tiger Electronics: For amusing me with this glitchy little cartridge.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy(Game.com): Perfect Guide Version 1 - The End

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