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Steph: "Hello? Is that you Mimi? Listen carefully, it's Daddy!
Mimi: Baboune!"
Steph: "Er, yes, this is Baboune! Listen carefully: With your new friend and his Game Boy you must cross ten huge levels with traps, baddies and wild animals."
Mimi: "Like Maitika?"
Steph: "Maitika? Oh, you mean your spider? Er, no, Maitika will help you because she will scare off the baddies."
Mimi: But Maitika very kind."
Steph: "Yes, I know. But they don't know that."
Mimi: "Mimi not scared of baddies. Mimi shoot darts at the enemy... enemy, beddy-dyes!"
Steph: "Yes, I know, but be careful, the number of darts you have is limited."
Mimi: "Mimi find plenty of darts on route... Ouakatepe, Baboune!"
Steph: "Ouaketepe Mimi, and good luck!"

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