Evaluate meh team plz? (and grammer.)

  1. Hi so like the title saids i got leaf green and this is my team so far, jigglypuff lonely, beedrill lonely, pidgeotto quirky, charmeleon....MODEST! And Bellsprout.....So what do you think? And what should i add?

    User Info: Pkmfan

    Pkmfan - 2 years ago

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  1. In terms of grammar, your question is readable but that isn't entirely a difficult achievement to have.

    Since this is for LeafGreen and is one of the remakes of the original games, I would suggest boxing Pidgeotto and Beedrill since their usefulness peaks very early in terms of battling. Pidgeotto can be your Fly user later if need be.

    Jigglypuff is fine, not optimal but will get the job done. I'd suggest evolving it into Wigglytuff to make it stronger. Same as i'd recommend for Bellsprout.

    Charmeleon is good.

    I would advise catching either a tentacool, magikarp, or staryu to help handle your need for water moves. Electricity will also be very useful to you and so i'd suggest turning the eevee in Celadon into a Jolteon or catch a Magnemite.

    User Info: PokemonVeteran

    PokemonVeteran - 1 year ago 1   0


  1. You have a good start there.
    I think you should catch a water type and a ground type to balance out your team.

    User Info: PhazonDaxter

    PhazonDaxter - 2 years ago 0   0
  2. I think that you might want to evolve Bellsprout. So far, so good.

    User Info: DestinyEliana

    DestinyEliana - 2 years ago 0   0

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