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The GameBoy was the first video game console played in outer space - Tetris was played on it by Russian astronaut Aleksander Serebov during one of his trips into space. This GameBoy was later sold for over $1,000 in a 2011 auction.

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The idea for the GameBoy came in 1979. Gunpei Yokoi, its developer, was watching a man on a metro line play with his handheld calculator in a very bored manner, randomly pushing buttons to pass the time, making Yokoi release the utility in a handheld game console. This idea was partially realized in the Game & Watch series of games from 1980 onward, but his original plans and designs came into being with the GameBoy in the late 1980s.

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During the Persian Gulf War (1990-1991), an explosion in a soldier's barracks ultimately affected a GameBoy console. The GameBoy console suffered significant cosmetic damage and was very clearly burned and warped, but was very much still playable, which was a testament to how sturdy the console was. This console is still functioning even today, and is - at this time - on display at the Nintendo World Store in New York City.

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Nintendo's Japan-exclusive GameBoy Light model of the GameBoy console was actually the first Nintendo handheld to use backlit-screens, something not seen again until the GameBoy Advance SP's release.

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In production of the Game Boy, it was called the Dot Matrix Game, hence the DMG code on every Game Boy game.

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The Game Boy is the only Nintendo handheld console(aside from the DS) that does not have a Pokemon game as its best-seller.

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