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    GameBoy Printer FAQ by ohnoitschris

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/12/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      /¯     /\     /\  /\   |¯¯¯  |¯|  |¯¯|  \   /
     | _    /--\   /  \/  \  |--   |¯\  |  |   \ /
     \__|  /    \ /        \ |___  |_/  |__|    |
     |¯| |¯| |   /\    /  ------  |¯¯¯  |¯|
     |¯  |-  |  /  \  /     |     |--   |-
     |   | \ | /    \/      |     |___  | \
    GameBoy Printer FAQ by Chris Reid (ohnoitschris)
     v.1.4, 5/12/02
     FAQ started 2/22/02.
      ***Notice:  This FAQ may only be used at GameFAQs.
                                                   :Table of Contents:
                   I: Updates
              1.0: Introduction
              2.0: Where Can I Find A GameBoy Printer?
              3.0: Using the Game Link With Your GameBoy Printer
                 3.1: What's the Best Link Cable To Use With My GameBoy Printer?
                 3.2: Is It Compatible With my New GameBoy Advance Link?
                 3.3: How About the Old GameBoy Link Cable?
              4.0: Printer Paper
                 4.1: Where Can I Find A Refill?
              5.0: Printer Errors/Troubleshooting               *New!*
              6.0: Taking Care of Your Paper
              7.0: List of Compatible Games
              8.0: Easter Eggs and the Like
              9.0: Copyright and Contact Information
    Updates:  v.1.4, 5/12/02
    New section (Printer Errors / Troubleshooting) up.  A couple of very minor updates here and there,
    Me likey contributions.  So don't be afraid to send an e-mail with whatever info you have!
    Updates:  v.1.3, 4/18/02
    Updates:  v.1.2, 3/12/02
    Fixed a few typos, added a new game to the compatible games list, and cleaned
     up the FAQ.  It should look at least a little better for 800x600 users.
    Fixed up the "G" in the ASCII logo.  That's it for tonight.
    Updates:  v.1.1, 3/5/02
       Cleaned up the FAQ a bit, and added this updates section.  Added a bit of
    data to the List of Compatible Games section.
       Added a new ASCII title text that I made in a few minutes, I promise I'll
    make a better one one of these days!  o_o
       Planning to make an ASCII drawing of the GameBoy Printer soon; I'm not very
    good at ASCII art (obviously), though, I'll try to make it look as good
    as possible.
       Had to re-arrange the section IDs to insert a new section 3.0.  It's more
    tedious than it looks.
                                                  That's all for tonight.
    1.0: Introduction:  The GameBoy Printer, released in 1997, was quite a unique,
    intresting tool that opened the GameBoy up to new levels.  Such a shame that
    no 3rd party developers made use of this tool.  With the GameBoy Printer, you
    could print out your high scores, photos from the GameBoy Camera, and more.
    I'm creating this FAQ as a resource to everything you need to know about the
    GameBoy Printer.
    2.0: Where can I find a GameBoy Printer?
    Tough question, since GB Printers are long out of production.  I have seen maybe
    1 or 2 on clearance for about $20, but that was a while ago.  Your best bet is
    to go to a pawn shop/Funcoland/Anywhere else that sells used games and hope
    to get lucky.
    3.0: Using the Game Link with your GameBoy Printer
    The GameBoy Printer requires a Game Link cable for it to be used along with
    it's compatible games.  The printer itself comes packed with one, but mine broke
    after a while, for I started getting many error messages when trying to print.
    Best thing to do would be to purchase a seperate link cable from the store of
    your choice, after all, you get what you pay for.
      3.1: What's the best link cable to use with my GameBoy Printer?
    Just about any one will do, but I use an Interact GameBoy/Pocket/Color link that
    I've had for several years, and still works perfectly to this day.  I don't
    believe they make those anymore, so I suppose your best choice would be to get
    an  Interact GameBoy Advance Game Link cable.  Note that I haven't used one before,
    but I'm assuming that Interact would be the best choice.  After all, remember
    that link I've had for years?  Quite amazing that it still works perfectly to
    this day, considering how much punishment I've put it through (Using it as a whip,
    for example).
      3.2: Is it compatible with my new GameBoy Advance link?
    Quick answer:  Yes.
    Long answer:  The GameBoy Printer has a small link socket that's been used since
    the days of the GameBoy Pocket (Released in 1995).  It'll work with the special
    GameBoy Advance link.
      3.3: How about the old GameBoy link cable?
    Quick answer: No.
    Long answer: The original GameBoy (Now known as the FatBoy) has a larger link
    socket, as opposed to the smaller link socket on your printer.  Keep in mind that your
    printer will work with a FatBoy, as long as the link cable has a large plug-in,
    and a small plug-in on each side.
    4.0: Printer paper
    Everyone knows that you can't print without paper, and that's what these nifty little
    rolls of magic are for.  The GB Printer can only use these special rolls of printer
    paper, which also double as stickers.
    The reason why it can only use the specialized rolls is because the printer prints
    using heat, and burns the pics/text/whatever your printing onto the paper, therefore
    eliminating the need for ink cartridges (Thank God).  But, the printed pictures
    eventually fade (However, I have some pictures that have been on my wall for 2 years or
    so now.  They're quite faint, but still recognizable), and can only be in black and white.
      4.1: Where can I find a refill?
         Like the GameBoy Printer, these refills will be hard to come by.  I bought up the last
    few packs at Wal-Mart about a year ago when they were on clearance for about $3 a pack.
    **Update for V.1.3**: Found and bought a few printer paper rolls at Wal-Mart a few days
    ago for $1-per pack.  Guess I got lucky.
         You get 3 rolls a pack (A blue roll, a yellow roll, and a white roll), and the MSRP is
    $10-pack.  My suggestion?  Try looking on eBay, and good luck to you. (Reminder, this
    FAQ is copyrighted 2002 by Chris Reid (ohnoitschris) and can only be used on
    5.0:  Printer error / Troubleshooting (Section recommended by jacksonpritt@cs.com!)
    "Printer error #N".  One of the most dreaded things you want your GameBoy to display,
    when concerning the printer.   I'm going to attempt to compile a list of all known
    printer errors, but do need help with it.  I believe the GameBoy Printer's instruction
    manual came with a printer error list, so if you still have your GB printer's instructions,
    please e-mail me!  I'll give you credit in this FAQ.
    All known printer errors, thus far:
    Printer Error #1:  ?
    Printer Error #2: GameBoy is either not connected to the printer, the printer may not
    be on, batteries in the printer could be dead, or there's a short in the Game Link.
    Printer Error #3: Paper jam.  To get rid of the paper jam, you need to do the
    1. Open up the paper cover (That blue thingy on the top of the printer).
    2. Take what's left of yer roll of paper, and slowly, carefully pull it out of the printer,
    and hope to God that it doesn't get stuck.
    3. Cut off the wrinkly part of the paper with a pair of scizzors.
    4. Pop the roll back in and enjoy!
    6.0: Taking care of your printer, and paper
    1. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EVER EVER NEVER leave your paper out in the sun or in
    a very bright place.  This will completely ruin your paper.
    2. Don't scratch it, it'll make a mark on your paper.  While the paper can still be
    used, you'll most likely want it clean.
    3. Never try to use any other sort of paper in the printer; it wont work and could very
    well screw up your printer.
    4. Don't do what you wouldn't do with your GameBoy/Color/Advance (Don't drop it,
    hit it, kick it, play football with it, et cetera).
    5. Always use the same type of batteries.
    6. Don't put any sort of tape on the paper before use.
    7.0: List of compatible games
    I'm quite sure that I'm missing several games, if you know anything I'm missing,
    please e-mail me at ohnoitschris@yahoo.com.
    WARNING!!!!  WARNING!!!!
    This section may contain some spoilers for a few games!  Beware!
    GameBoy Camera: Can print out all photos, and DJ data.
    Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening DX: Can print out various collectible photos, 13
    in total (In order to get the variation of the first picture, keep telling the
    photographer that you don't want your picture taken.  If you do this, you'll wind up
    with a humorous variation of the first picture.  Beware, however, you'll have to play
    up to when you get to the photo shop in a new game to see both pictures.)
    Pokémon Pinball: Can print out high scores.
    Pokémon Yellow (Special pikachu Edition): Can print out Pikachu's surfing records.
    (You'll need to get a surfing Pikachu to
    play the surfing mini-game, which was available via a contest in Nintendo Power, or you
    could just grab a Game Genie/GameShark and cheat your way to the surfing yellow mouse.
    I'll (hopefully) have the GameShark code up here soon.)
    Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal: Can print out Pokemon data from your Pokédex.
    Super Mario Bros. Deluxe:  Can print out high scores, custom banners, character photos,
    fortunes,preset Nintendo banners, and calendars (With special marks!).  Best GameBoy
    Printer-compatible game out there.
    Donkey Kong Country: Can print out high scores and pictures of Donkey Kong.
    (Thanks to ArsonWinter for notifying me of that)
    8.0: Easter Eggs and the Like
    Only one I know of is if you hold the maroon "Feed" button while turning on the
    printer, it'll print out a special message saying "Hello!" with a picture of Mario's
    head and a GameBoy Printer.
    9.0: Copyright and Contact Info
    This FAQ is copyrighted 2002 by Chris Reid (ohnoitschris).  Reproduction of this FAQ
    without my consent is strictly illegal, and I _will_ sue.  GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    is the only location where this FAQ may be used.
    Nintendo, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, the listed games in section 6.0,
    GameBoy Printer, Game Link Cable, and any other Nintendo brand products are all
    copyrighted by Nintendo.
    Any other 3rd party products mentioned in this FAQ are copyrighted by their respective
    Any questions?  Comments?  Info?  Hate Mail?  E-Mail me at ohnoitschris@yahoo.com
    Contribute, and you will get credit. (w00t to ArsonWinter, him being the first, and
    only contributer to this FAQ.)

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