How Much Memory can a Gameboy Carterage Hold?

  1. I am Thinking of burning gameboy roms onto a dvd-rw and i would like to know how much a gameboy game takes up

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    ClassicKid123 - 7 years ago

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  1. They range from 56kb - 2mb

    User Info: _0blivion_

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  1. 256kb - 8Mb according to wiki

    User Info: odie4200

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  2. immediate Answer:64KB-1000KB

    Super Mario Land[1] takes 64KB uncompressed.
    Super Mario Land 2 takes 512KB uncompressed.
    Super Mario Bros DX(GBC game) takes 346.5 KB when compressed into a ZIP archive.
    a gba game takes about 8MB-16MB when compressed into a ZIP archive.
    a gb game would take VERY VERY LITTLE space
    a DS game would take anywhere from 70MB-256MB.

    remember this:
    There's 1000 Bytes in a KiloByte.
    There's 1000 KiloBytes in a MegaByte.
    There's 1000 MegaBytes in a GigaByte.
    There's 1000 GigaBytes in a TeraByte.
    An average DVD-r/+r/rw can hold 4.7GB/4700MB
    You just might be able to fit ALL gb/gbc games ever made on 1 DVD-R(assuming you can find them all).

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  3. It depends on the chips inside. The normal range is from 64 KB to 1000 KB, but if you have different chips inside, it could hold more.

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