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FAQ/Walkthrough by KR Zhang

Version: 7.52 | Updated: 09/09/03

        ___       ___       ___       ___       ___       ___       ___
       /\  \     /\  \     /\__\     /\  \     /\__\     /\  \     /\__\
      /::\  \   /::\  \   /:/ _/_   /::\  \   /::L_L_   /::\  \   /:| _|_
     /::\:\__\ /:/\:\__\ /::-"\__\ /::\:\__\ /:/L:\__\ /:/\:\__\ /::|/\__\
     \/\::/  / \:\/:/  / \;:;-",-" \:\:\/  / \/_/:/  / \:\/:/  / \/|::/  /
        \/__/   \::/  /   |:|  |    \:\/  /    /:/  /   \::/  /    |:/  /
                 \/__/     \|__|     \/__/     \/__/     \/__/     \/__/

(by Xabbott)

                         |               |          |
                         |\             /|         /|
                         |+\           /+|        / |
                         |||\         /|||       /  |
                         |   \       /   |      /   |
   _     _  _            |    \_____/    |     /    |
  |_|||/|_||  |_|| |     |/             \|    /     |
  |  ||\| ||_ | ||_|     /  _         _  \   /      |
                    |\   | / \       / \ |  /       |
                    |_\  | \_/       \_/ | |       /
                        / _      *      _ \|      /
                       ( / \    _/\_   / \ )      |
                       /\\_/     \/    \_//\    __|
                      /  \_             _/  \  |
                      \   \    ____     /   / _|

	Pikachu says that this is THE Walkthrough! (Tim)

                 By: KR Zhang (yanzhang@fas.harvard.edu)
                           V. 7.52 (9/09/03)

                       (BEST VIEWED WITH WORDPAD)


Revision News:

7.50 This guy who wanted to stay anonymous added a LOT of info...
     Check them out. I named him "some gaming genius" since it seems he is
     really knowledgeable about games. His info are under the Tricks
     section, and a bit of info where you get to pick a Hitmonlee or Hit-
     SPECIAL (somehow, like having only 2 pokemon that's not at an insane
     level anyway). I get a LOT of those, but seriously, I'm not saying my
     choices are the best, I'm just saying those is what I use. And frankly,
     there are SO MANY different teams you could make to win anyway. Unless
     I see a specifically elegant setup, I won't post it.
     Note 3: I might have lost emails before I changed my address. Since I
     reply to everything, if you sent it to the old address and never got
     a reply, send it to the new one!
7.51 Changed email, AGAIN! The notes to the last revision applies still.
7.52 Changed email one more time. Hehe. Added a "philosophy" section that
     will from now on be a special feature of all gaming FAQs. In this
     section I might talk about philosophy, psychology, what worked in the
     games, etc. to give the analytical player or future game designer
     some things to think about.
1. Walkthrough

2. To get Mew
3. Missingno

4. Game Genie Codes

5. TM/HM List

6. Pokemon Information
7. Tricks
8. Pokemon Abilities List
9. Jonathan Reynold's List of Pokemon

10. Philosophy
11. Aknowledgements


Pallet Town
 This the starting place of the game. Your mom will tell you that Prof. Oak
wants you. Try to leave the town and Prof. Oak will come get you.
He leads you to his lab, where you will be able to choose your first
Pokémon. There are Bulbasaur, a plant-type Pokémon; Charmander, a fire-type
Pokémon; and Squirtle, and water-type Pokémon. Your rival, Gary, will pick
up another Pokémon which is stronger. When you try to leave, Gary will
challenge you to a Pokémon duel. Beating it will give you a nice boost in
experience(It will raise a level too), and $175, making your money total
$3175 now. Your first Pokémon will be level 5 to start with, so if you keep
it strong, it will be a very good asset.

 Go back to your house. On the PC, you can withdraw a Potion from your
hard drive. Your mom will, starting now, give free rests to you and
your Pokemon, acting as a pokemon center without the computer.

Route 1
 This leads north to Viridian city. You'll encounter Pidgeys and Ratattas.
Defeat some for experience and try to raise at lease two levels for your

 A boy on the way explains that he is a Poke Mart worker at Viridian City,
and he will give you a free Potion as a sample. What a nice guy.

Viridian City
 Talk to the Shop clerk and then head back to Pallet Town with the Parcel.
Give it to Prof. Oak and he will give you and Gary each a Pokédex, which is
an electronic encyclopedia. He will tell you of his dream to complete
the pokedex (by capturing/having captured all pokemon in the game) to you.
Gary will act arrogant and walk off, but you can get a Town Map from his
sister, contrary to what he said. Go back to the city.

 The gym's doors are locked, and they won't unlock for a very long time
until you've beaten the other 7 trainers in the game. Buy some Poke Balls
and talk to the old man to learn how to capture Pokemon. A boy will talk
about caterpillar Pokemon.

 About the old man, if you go left from him, you will see a tree. Go around
the other side and you will get a POTION.

 If you go west towards the Pokemon HQ, you will fight Gary. He captured
another Pokemon. After you fight him, he will tell you you need Badges to
go through. Around here, you can also pick up a few Nidorans.

Route 2
 Pick up a Pidgey and/or a Ratatta. You can get higher-level ones in the
future, but if you train hard they will grow stronger better than the
higher-leveled ones. You can also get Caterpies and Weedles.

Viridian Forest
 First of all, right when you get in, there is a man next to a tree. Go
above the man, look at the tree, and press A for an Antidote. (JAMS4000)

 On your way through Viridian Forest, you should pick up a Pikachu (!!), a
Caterpie, and a Weedle. Don't get Kakunas and Metapods, since Caterpie and
Weedle will evolve into one eventually. There are a few easy trainers in
the forest, they are Bug-catchers and use bugs, so fire works very well on
them. The first has a pair of caterpillars at Lv. 6 (Caterpie/Weedle). The
second has 2 Lv. 7 Weedles and a Lv. 7 Kakuna. The final trainer has a
Lv. 9 Weedle.

 There is a Poke Ball, Anidote (comes in handy from the Weedles), and
a Potion in the forest. Makes nice additions to your arsenal.

 By the way, the Pikachu is a VERY good asset because its only weakness
is against ground Pokemon, and it is my favorite Pokemon anyway :-) It will
learn awesome attacks later on as well. I personally suggest NOT turning
it into a Raichu to preserve it originality, but... if you really want to
do so, learn THUNDER first.

Pewter City (Boulderbadge)
 The Gym here starts out with a JR. Trainer with a Lv. 11 Diglett and
Lv. 11 Sandshrew. You probably never met these two, but a good hint is
that Diglett will be strong against your Pikachu, so use water on it. Water
also works well on the Sandshrew. Plant does too.

 Brock, the Gym Leader has a Lv .12 Geodude and a Lv. 14 Onix, 2 Rock-type
Pokémon. Water works very well on these. Be careful for the Onix's BIND
(a multiple-hit move in which your pokemon is immobile during it) and BIDE,
a move where it absorbs damage for some turns and returns it double. When
it does BIDE, I suggest either beating it very quickly or do non-damaging
attacks like TAIL WHIP or GROWL, so you are debilitating him without
taking damage. If you defeat him, Brock will congraulate you and give you
BIDE, TM 34. I suggest giving it to a pokemon with high hit points,
and it is best used against pokemon with high defense and high offense,
because the damage done doesn't care about the enemy's defense at all.

 Nathan (nathanl@jps.net) gave me a good tip. Work Bulbasaur to level 13
or so until he learns VINE WHIP. This attack should kill each of Brock's
pokemon in one hit.

 You can look around the museum, but the $50 it costs is unreasonable,
since you can't get anything there except looking at fossils of
Aerodactyl and Kabutops, two extinct pokemon which you might get later.

Route 3
 This leads east from Pewter City to Mt.Moon. Get a Spearow if you want.
But it is very crucial for a collector to pick up a Jigglypuff, since this
is the only place you'll see it. There are also many trainers along the
way for money and experience. I suggest you to train the Pikachu and your
original Pokemon strongly.

 You will meet two new kinds of trainers: Youngster and Lass. The former
likes pokemon such as Rattatas, the latter likes "cute" Pokémon like
Clefairies and Jigglypuffs.

Mt. Moon
 Heal up at the Poke Center. A man will sell a Lv.5 Magikarp to you. It
seems weak but will evolve into the powerful Gyarados at Lv.20. See if it
is worth the $500 he wants. Don't worry if you don't get it, though, since
you can get it later by fishing for it.

 Time to walk into the cave! You will meet two new kinds of trainers
(again). Super Nerds who likes nerd stuff like Voltorbs or Magnemites,
and Hikers with rock Pokémon like Geodude. There are also many pokemons
in the cave, Zubat (beaten by Pikachu easily) and Geodude (weak against
water) are more common than Paras and Clefairies (who are indigenous to
this place and this place only).

 By the way, JAMS4000 (and me) strongly suggest getting a geodude here
as well. It will help immensely in the battle again Lt. Surge, and it will
eventually add three pokemon to your pokedex.

 After walking in, take a left and you'll get TM12, which contains
WATER GUN. Going up will yield a Potion and a Bug-catcher. Now, you can go
east futher into the cave with a few trainers loafing around. Going south
at the fork will let you take a Potion, a Rare Candy (automatic Level
Increase), and an Escape Rope (Lets you go to the last Poke Center).
Under the first stairwell, there is a Rocket (gang members with a variety
of good Pokémon), along with a HP-UP that increases a Pokémon's HEALTH
permanently. Keep on going, past a Lass with a pair of Lv. 11 plant
Pokémon (Bellsprout/Oddish), and go into the second staircase.

 Another Rocket is here, guarding TM01 (MEGA PUNCH). You will also find
an Ether hidden in a solitary rock. Going up, left, and finally to
a staircase guarded by a Hiker. Above him is the first piece of the Moon
Stone, so don't forget to get that. Enter the staircase and fight 3
Rockets in a row and finally a Super Nerd with a Grimer, a Voltorb, and
a Koffing.

 Here you can get one of two fossils. You can choose the Helix Fossil or
the Dome Fossil. The Helix Fossil will become Omanyte and the Dome Fossil
will become Kabuto when you take them to the Pokémon Laboratory on Cinnabar

 The trick for the first great ball is when you get out of Mt.Moon and
walk to the right you see land that is surronded by ledges. When you
stand on the steps or the little opening, take 2 step up one
step to the right, then one step to the left and press the A button and
you will find the first great ball. (Jmwwmj@aol.com)

Route 4
 Out already? After you cross the last ledge, you are stuck and can not
go back. So take the TM04 on the way first. Hop along the edges gradually
to the right until you get to a city.

Cerulean City (Cascadebadge)

 The Gym here is owned by Misty, who has a Staryu and Starmie. Pikachu can
make short work of both of them if you trained it well. (Lv. 20 or 21
recommanded) But watch out for Starmie's BUBBLEBEAM, a strong water attack
that does a lot of damage and may reduce speed. Go ahead and beat her and

 Go north and fight Gary again. He now has a Lv. 18 Pideotto, a Lv. 15
Abra, a Lv. 15 Rattata, and whatever he started with. On the way you will
fight 5 trainers in a row for a prize, only to find out that it was a plan
by TEAM ROCKET to recruit new members. You'll refuse the ROCKET's order
and fight him, getting a Nugget (useless object, sell it for $5000) if
you win. Go east here, through Route 25. You will get the S.S. Anne Ticket
from Bill after a few more trainers. Getting back in, Bill will share
information about Eevee and its evolutions.

 You can trade a Poliwhirl for Jynx here. The Jynx can only be gotten this
way. Polywhirls evolve from Poliwags and will be very easy to get in the

 A guy will tell you the badge's uses. Behind his house is a hidden rare
candy. It is located in the middle of the yard.

 You can get Bellsprouts (BLUE) / Oddish (RED) and Abras here. (Route 24
and (Route 25) The Abra is unique to this city, so get one. Authough I
usually get two because one could be traded away later for a Mr. Mime.
Abra only has the TELEPORT move, but when it evolves at Lv.16 to a Kadabra,
it will get more attacks. It is also a good "utility" Pokémon because
Teleport can run away from battles and return you to the last Poke Center.

 After that, go to the house previously blocked by a policeman. Fight the
ROCKET and he will give you the TM 28. (an excellent TM because it is very
powerful and is useful against electric Pokémon as well.) Onward south,
there is a Pokémon Daycare Center. The man there will care for one
Pokémon and raise its level while you are gone for $100 * (1 + no. of
levels it gains). At the end of the road, there is a big building which is
a gate house for Saffron City. At this point, the guard will not let you
through. The smaller building is the entrance of underground passage to
Vermilion City. You can trade a Nidoran (m) for a Nidoran (f) here.

 The person at the underground passage speaks of hidden items. LouDogg187
at AOL has found two items there, A Full Restore and a X special. Keep
your eye out for them!

Route 11

  Don't forget to get the exclusive Drowzee here. It is one of the first,
and one of the best psychic Pokémon.

 On the way, you can also get Meowth (BLUE). The only places to capture him
are by Cerulean, Vermillion, Celadon, or Lavender. His PAY DAY attack will
give you money in battle, equal to 2 times your level.

Vermilion City (Thunderbadge)

 Here you can get the Bike Voucher by visiting the Pokémon Fan Club. It
will let you get the bike in Cerulean City for free. (like you are ever
going to get $1000000...) There is also an old man who will give you an
Old Rod, which could fish for Magikarps only. This is quite a good time
to start training a Gyrados though... A third thing is that a boy
will trade a Far'Fetched, a "sword-fighting" bird Pokemon for a Spearow.
This is the only place you can get one... After that, go to S.S. Anne
to the south.

 You can get on the boat with the S.S. Ticket. On the boat, there are many
trainers and items. You'll find your first Great Ball here, in a trash can
of all places. Gary will be here (again) with a different appearence.
After you beat him you can talk to the captain. He will give you HM 01
(cut) after you help him through his seasickness. Then boat will take
off when you exit. Don't forget to pick up BODY SLAM, a awesome fighting
move which can cause paralysis.

 The HM is very important. It will now let you do things you couldn't do
before, like going back to Pallet Town, or getting Old Amber in the back
door to Pewter City's museum.

 The Diglett's cave to the east has some high-level Digletts and Dugtrios.
If you get them they will help you a lot for the boss. Now, teach HM 01 to
a Plant-type Pokémon. The move is even good in battle sometimes!

 Go to the southwest of the city, CUT a bush, and go to the Gym. The leader
there has a electric lock door. You have to find one switch, and another
switch which is always BESIDE it. Defeat Lt. Surge, the gym leader, who has
a Voltorb, a Pikachu(!!) and a Raichu(!!!). Digletts and Dugtrios can
defeat them easily, as well as anyone you gave your DIG technique to. Talk
to him afterwards to get TM 24, which contains THUNDERBOLT, a powerful
version of THUNDERSHOCK.

 One of the Prof. Oaks' aids is also in a building to the east. He will
give you the Itemfinder if you have more than 30 Pokémon. This item finds
items... duh. But not too important really. By him is a guy who will
trade a Nidorino for your Nidorina.

 After this, go into the Diglett's cave again. It will lead you near
Pewter city and you can do things you couldn't do before. A person will
trade a Mr. Mime for an Abra. So if you have a spare one, trade it. (This
is the only way to get a Mr. Mime) You can also get HM 05 (flash) from one
of Prof. Oak's aides if you caught more than 10 Pokémon. Then go back and
up to Cerulean City. From there go east into the Rock Tunnel.

Rock Tunnel
 It is very dark inside, you need a Pokémon equipped with HM 05. Pick up
an Onix and a Machop here if you want.  It is quite long and there
are quite a few Pokemaniacs and Miners in there. Luckily, a Poke Center
is right by the entrance to get you started up.

Lavender Town
 In the northeast section of the town there is a big building, Pokémon
Tower. But you can't do much there now. There is, however, a man who will
"rate" and rename your Pokémon.

 You'll hear a lot of stories. Mainly about a Cubone who lost his mother,
a kind Mr.Fuji's disappearence, and the ghosts in the Pokémon Tower.

 To the south are many fisherman eager for battle. Let them have their
fun. This is a good chance to train electric and plant pokemons. That
includes Pikachu (!!). One of the fisherman actually has 5 pokemon though
(gasp) luckily, they are all Magikarps.

Route 8
 Near the city, the BLUE players will find Meowths, Sandshrews, and
Vulpixs, while the RED ones will find Gowlithes, Ekans, and Mankeys. After
some collecting, go west through the tunnel to Celadon City. train a while
here, as you are almost half way through the game.

Celadon City (Rainbowbadge)
 Celadon is the biggest city in the whole game. You can get an Eevee from a
back entrance to the Game Freak, Inc. building. You can buy stones from the
Mart to evolve him -- and many others for this matter.

Fire Stone: Vulpix -> Ninetales
             Eevee -> Flareon
         Growlithe -> Arcanine

Leaf Stone: Weepinbell -> Victreebell
                 Gloom -> Vilepume
              Exeggute -> Exegguter

Water Stone:  Staryu -> Starmie
             Shelder -> Cloyester
           Poliwhirl -> Poliwrath
               Eevee -> Vaporean

Thunder Stone: Pikachu (!!!) -> Raichu
                       Eevee -> Jolteon

 Andm although you can't buy it, you can do these with the Moon Stones:

Jigglypuff -> Wigglytuff
  Clefairy -> Clefable
  Nidorina -> Nidoqueen
  Nidorino -> Nidoking

 The Gym leader Erika uses plant Pokémon. Fire is useful here (Vulpix, for
that matter). After the battle, you will recieve a TM with MEGA DRAIN.
Give it to your favorite plant Pokémon. This useful move does a lot of
damage and gives half of it to your Pokémon as health.

 Walk around for a bit. There are many interesting things in Celadon..

 You can buy stones, items, TMs, and drinks. Give 3 kinds of drinks to
the girl on the last floor, since she will give you a TM for each drink.

 Get an extra drink, you'll need it.

The TMs they will sell:

TM32 DOUBLE TEAM    $1000
TM33 REFLECT        $1000
TM02 RAZOR WIND     $2000
TM07 HORN DRILL     $2000
TM37 EGG BOMB       $2000
TM01 MEGA PUNCH     $3000
TM05 MEGA KICK      $3000
TM09 TAKE DOWN      $3000
TM37 SUBMISSION     $3000

2.Game Corner
 Play the slot machines here, but you need Coin Case and coins to play. The
Coin Case is in one of the other buildings. Some of the people playing will
give you coins. You can also buy coins, 50 of them for 1000. Some coins are
also hidden.

 You can trade coins for Pokémon/TMs next door. A list of Pokémon that
could be bought there:

(First window)
     Abra       - 180 (RED) / 120 (BLUE)
   Clefairy     - 500 (RED) / 750 (BLUE)
Nidorino (BLUE) - 1200
Nidorina (RED)  - 1200

(Second window)
Scyther (RED)   - 5500
Pinser (BLUE)   - 2500
   Dratini      - 2800 (RED) / 4600 (BLUE)
   Porygon      - 9999 (RED) / 6500 (BLUE)

 Talk to the ROCKET by the picture to reveal a secret entrance - the ROCKET
hideout. Go down and fight some ROCKETS. Giovanni, the boss, has the Silph

(Hint from Tru Asian:

First of all you have to have Super Game Boy and an auto fire
controller.  Second you should have at least 500 coins. Then you need to
go to the slot machine right above the girl who says "I think these
machines have different odds."  Then just leave it on for quite awhile
and your coins will rack up.  NOTE: It may seem like you are losing some
times but you will end up with a lot of coins.  This is how I got
Porygon for 9999 coins.)

I have not confirmed this, but hopefully it will work.

Lavender Town
 After getting it, go back to Pokémon Tower and prepare for a long
journey. Channelers are hanging around possessed by ghost Pokémon. Fighting
Pokémon are useless here, because ghosts are immune to physical attacks.
There are a lot of ghosts around, but they can be identified with
the Silph Scope. Catch a Gastly (unique to this place) and a Cubone here.
There is a floor with healing tiles for you to heal up, so you can build
good experience there. All the Pokémon are areound levels 20 - 25.
Soon, you will fight Cubone's mother, a Lv.30 Marowak. You can't capture
her, but if you win, her soul will be freed. You step up to the last floor,
and realize that TEAM ROCKET is behind this! Beat them, and you can now
go back to Celadon after rescuing Mr. Fuji and getting the Poke Flute
from him.

Celadon City
 Go West from Celadon City. On this road, a Snorlax is sleeping, and you
must wake him up. If you have the Poke Flute, you can wake him up and fight
him. Cut down a nearby bush and go up and left. Go through the building and
into the house you find. The girl inside will give you HM 02 (fly). Used in
battle, it is similar to DIG. Used outside, it will bring you to a Poke
center already visited.

Cycling Road
 This leads to Fuschia City. This is a cycling road, so you will go down
automatically. There are a few Riders and Cueballs on the way also. The
former usually has nasty Pokémon (Grimer, Koffing, etc.) and the latter
with fighting Pokémon. It is quite a nice ride, if your Pokémon could
survive the poison.

 When you see a gate house, a boy inside will trade a Lickitung for
a Slowbro. This is the only place you can get a Slowbro.

 Around here, you can begin to catch Dittos. Use a Magikarp against it,
let it transform, then it will be easy to catch. (I'm sorry to have
forgotten the person. Please contact me for credits)

Fuschia City (Soulbadge)
 You can see many trainers if you go to the shore, the meadow, or east of
the town. If you go east, and up, you will see a road leading to Lavender
Town. Another Snorlax is on this road, so if you couldn't get the first one
this is your only chance left to catch it. Go north, and you'll see a hut
where the person will give you the Super Rod. Even more north will let
you see that the city is connected to Lavender Town. Then go back to the

 Go north to the Safari Zone. You will get many items and unique Pokémon
here. You can fish for Dratinis here, as opposed to the 4600 coins (BLUE) /
2800 (RED) you need to pay for it in Celadon City. Lets see, 4600 coins
equal $ 92000, (unless you had a very good winning streak). 2800 coins is
cheaper, or $56000. Either way, I rather pay the $500 for entering the
Safari Zone, and I will still get more bang for the buck because I can
capture other rare Pokémon. If you find the secret house, you'll be
rewarded HM 03 (surf). If you give the Gold Teeth (also found there) and
give it to the warden, he will give you HM 04 (strength). Both of these are
crucial to the game. When SURF is used in battle, it is a good water
attack. STRENGTH is a very strong fighting attack. In the overworld, SURF
can be used by water Pokémon to travel on water while STRENGTH is used to
move boulders.

A list of Safari Zone Pokémon:
Nidoran(m)    \
Nidoran(f)    |____ Overall, a good chance to collect Nidorans.
Nidorino      |
Nidorina      /

Paras         \_______ The only other place for these is Mt. Moon.
Parasect      /        So if you see one, get it.

Venonat       \
Venomoth      |_______ You can get them later, but why not?
Rhyhorn       |
Doduo         /

Chansey       \
Kangashan     |
Tauros        |_______ The real "rare" Pokémon. You can only get them
Exeggute      |        here. Chanseys are also available in the Unknown
Pinser (BLUE) |        Dungeon, but that is a long time later.
Scyther (RED) /

 If you think you're ready after you pick up a few more Pokémon.
go challenge the boss Koga. His men are psychic Jugglers (who can call
back Pokémon at will) and animal Tamers (Robert Garcia rip-offs) and he
has Pokémon with skills of sleeping, paralyzing, and poisoning. If you
beat him you'll get TOXIC, a strong poison attack that will do more
damage with each additional poison hit. Now is the time to go through the
gate to Saffron City, which is between the other four cities on your Map.
Remember, give a drink to one of the guards.

 In a house by the pond, you will get the Good Rod. It is the second
most effective rod. Why not fish in the lake?

Saffron City
 There are 2 Gyms in this city. In the gym on the left, you'll fight many
BLACKBELTS. Since they have fighting Pokémon, your best bet is to use
psychic Pokémon like Kadabra and Drowzee. Ghost Pokémon also works well
because they are immune to physical moves. As Tanya Sobchuk said, it is
actually possible to beat the two with a low-level ghost Pokémon!
The best blackbelt will use two pokemons against you, a Hitmonchan
and a Hitmonlee.

 After the final boss in the gym, he knows you are stronger (YEAH!) and
you can get Hitmonlee, the kicker, or Hitmonchan, the puncher. The
other gym is blocked by a ROCKET though. You need to go to SILPH Company,
the biggest building in Saffron City, and defeat all Rocket Gang members
in it.

 Some gaming genius says:
 Get the Hitmonchan, not Hitmonlee. Using ice punch, fire punch, thunder
punch, and either mega punch or strength, you'll find that a lot of things
go down easy :P. Hitmonlee just works well on what fighting can take out
with ease.

Silph Co. (Marshbadge)
 There are many Items and Rocket Gang members in here. You need to warp
around quite often. If you get the Card Key, you can move more freely and
get to the boss. After beating Gary (yes, he is here), a man will give you
Lapras. At the 11th floor, fight Giovanni (again) and if you win, you will
get the Master Ball. It has a 100% chance of catching. Now you have a
choice at this point... either waste it on some arbitary Pokémon, or use
it on crucial one-time Pokémon including: The Legendary Birds, Snorlax,
and Mewtwo. The Birds are Lv.50 each and are very powerful in their own
element, the Snorlax are Lv. 30 and are quite good, while Mewtwo is "THE"
perfect Pokémon and starts at Lv. 70.

-                                                                         -
-  According to common belief, the Legendary Birds can only be caught by  -
-the Master Ball. This is WRONG, period. I have personally caught Articuno-
-today single-handed after catching Motres with the Master Ball. So, it   -
-is possible to get all three Birds without it!                           -
-                                                                         -
-  Of course, it is also near impossible. I had to use my Gengar to make  -
-the bird SLEEP, DREAM EATER and NIGHT SHADE it like 7 times, and trying  -
-3 times with an Ultra Ball.                                              -
-                                                                         -

 Back to the city. Now you can enter Sabrina's Gym and fight her for the
Marshbadge. There are Psychics and Channelers here, and you also need to
warp around often. Watch out for psychic Pokémon and use bug or ghost
Pokémon against them. She will give you PSYWAVE after the battle, a
psychic attack.

 A girl living in a house to the left will trade TM31 for a Poke Doll.
It contains MIMIC.

Power Plant (optional)
 Cross the water by Cerulean City and SURF down and around to the Power
Plant. There are lots of Electric Pokémon here. You can get Pikachus(!!),
Raichus(!!!), Voltorbs, Magnemites, and Electrabuzzes (RED). (some
Voltorbs are hidden as Poke Balls, they are Lv. 40 each! There is also an
Lv.41 Electrode masquerating as a Poke Ball) Near the end is Zapdos, the
Legendary Electric Bird.

Seafoam Islands (optional)
 Cross the water after you get to Fuschia City. Many Water Pokémon live
here, (Seels, Shellders, Krabbys, Psyducks, etc.) You'll need STRENGTH
and SURF. This is where Articuno, the Legendary Ice Bird is.

 Krabby's are pretty good. About the level in which they become Kinglers,
they will learn the powerful 1-hit KO GILLOTINE move!

Cinnabar Island (Volcanobadge)
 South of Pallet Town is Cinnabar Island. Enter the Pokémon Laboratory
and get some new Pokémon. Depending on what fossil you got in Mt. Moon,
you can get Kabuto or Omanyte. You can also get Aerodactyl if you picked
up the Old Amber in Pewter City's museum. Three people there will trade
your Raichu for an Electrode, your Venonat for a Tangela, or your Ponyta
for a Seel. Non of these are too important, but they can rack up experience
quickly since they are traded Pokémon.

 There is a Pokémon Mansion here with puzzles involving switches. Behind a
pillar on the first level is the final piece of the Moon Stone. Read
the text to find out about the mysterious Mewtwo Pokémon. Here you can get
Grime, Muk, Koffing, Ponyta, Vulpix (BLUE), Magmar, etc. You will
also get a key for the gym. The gym leader, a mad scientist named Blaine,
uses fire Pokémon. Water works very well on them. If you win he will give
you a very powerful fire attack (FIRE BLAST), and the seventh badge. Now
you only have one more Gym left...

  (Drakk told me that Magmar was in BLUE, but very rare. Thanks man!)

Viridian City (Earthbadge)
 Here is the final Gym... (the Gym was locked before) The boss is non other
than... Giovanni! He wants to use this place to get more ROCKET members
and start anew! Are you going to let him? No! He has a variety of good
Pokémon. After beating him, go west to the Pokémon League HQ. Gary will
be on the road again, challenging you for the final(?) time.

Pokémon League HQ
 Very large building. You can get Dittos, Rhyhorns, and some other good
Pokémon here. You also need all 8 badges so the guards will let you pass.
If you see a door, you have reached the...

Victory Road
 To pass here you will need the move STRENGTH, all the
skills, and best Pokémon you have. There are TOUGH Pokémon here (Lv. 40
Marowaks, Lv. 40 Venoats, etc.) and very skilled trainers. This is where
you will also find Moltres, the Legendary Fire Bird. There are a lot of
puzzles, and by the end you will probably be VERY worn-out, but still
wondering how come Gary was again one step ahead of you, as explained by
the people in the cave.

Indigo Plateau
 This is a Poké Center and a Poké Mart. Get all the things you need, pick
your best 6 Pokémon, and go though the door at the top to fight the Elite
Four, a group of the most powerful trainers ever. All their Pokémon are
over lv. 50, so be prepared for some good fights.

 Personally, my best team against this (all well-trained, of course) are
Articuno, Pikachu(!!), Blastoise, Hypno with HYPNOSIS/DREAM EATER combo,
(or Mewtwo) and TWO back-up powerhouses for the last two slots. I like this
form because:

 1. Every Pokémon in the bosses' inventory will have some weakness against
    at least one of these. The only one without some weakness is the
    Alakazam. According to most of the lists in the net, they are weak
    against ghosts and bugs. Well, ghosts seemed to actually be weak
    when facing physics, because their Night Shade doesn't do much while
    the PSYBEAM/PSYCHIC does super damage in return! And if I put in a
    bug, it won't be able to handle any other Pokémon except the grass
    Pokémon, and I don't want to "waste" any of the team members by only
    letting it fight twice. I thought about using a Venomat, but it
    will interfere with the other Psychic's Job.

 2. These will either be well-trained, or will start out at high-levels.
    Who wouldn't want to train Pikachus and your beginning Pokémon? The
    bird and Mewtwo well already start at levels almost equivlent to the
    Elite Four's.

 3. It is flexible, because there is actually 2 spaces for whatever you
    want (especially against psychic Pokémon because non of the Pokémon
    actually works SUPER against them). You can add in a ghost for defense
    if Bruno's fighters gets rough (they can't TOUCH you. I mean really),
    you can add in a fighter to pound some heavily-defended Pokémon as
    hard as you can, add in a Dragon because of their general effective-
    ness (you will NEVER read "it is not that effective" for a dragon
    attack), or you can just add in another strong Pokémon from an element
    in which you are weak (such as a back-up fire Pokémon, or a ground

    Or, the best of them all, a weak Pokémon you want to train! Just put
    it at the front of the line, call it after every match, and switch to
    another Pokémon. This way, it will gain experience for every battle
    you fight! My Far'fetched gained 25 levels this way in one trip through
    the ELITE FOUR!

 4. Each Pokémon is not wasted.

Blastoise: Bruno(2), Lance(1), ???BOSS???(2)
Pikachu: Lorelei(5), Agatha(1), ???BOSS???(1) (Told you Pikachu
         would come in handy. Pikachu handles 8 Pokémon by itself!)
Articuno: Lance(4), ???BOSS???(1)
Psy. Pkmn: Bruno(3), Agatha(4), ???BOSS??? (1) (8 Pokémon, and psychics
           are good against just about anything else.)

Basically, two of them handle 5 each and the other two handle 8 each. If
any of them gets tired (especially the ones who handle 8), you should
switch to a backup Pokémon with SUPER damage against their enemies.

Now, the roster.

 The first, Lorelei has a group of ice Pokémon. (Pikachu can dish out SUPER
damage, it can take on all five one-by-one) She starts with a Lv. 54
Dewgong, secondly a Lv. 53 Cloyester, then a Lv. 54 Slowbro. A Jynx
(Lv. 56) follows the battle, and finishes off with a Lv. 56 Lapras.

 The second man (Bruno) has rock / fighting Pokémon. To be exact, he starts
off with a Lv. 53 Onix. After that, he switches off to fighting and gets
out a Lv. 55 Hitmonchan and then a Lv. 55 Hitmonlee. After the fighting duo,
he gets a Lv. 56 Onix and finally his ace card, the Lv. 58 Machamp. Bring
a water and a psychic/ghost Pokémon for this. (I suggest A Blastoise for
rocks and a Hypno/Mewtwo for the fighters)

 The third lady (Agatha) has mind-controllers at her control, kicking off
with a Lv. 56 Gengar. Then, a Lv. 56 Golbat will try to CONFUSE you into
submission. A lighter challenge (Lv. 55 Haunter) comes in afterwards. You
might think she ran out of good Pokémon, but a Lv. 58 Arbok comes out next,
followed by a Lv. 60 Gengar. (Your Hypno, if you use my plan, will make
these fights very easy. Pikachu can also take on the Golbat) Remember,
she is one of the only trainers who can call back Pokémon at will.

 The forth man (Lance) has awesome Dragons to fight you. He said he trained
for a long time, no wonder he starts off with a Lv. 58 Gyrados! A pair of
Lv. 56 Dragonairs follows the fight. A Lv. 60 Aerodatcytl next (I guess he
was at the lab too). Finally, he brings out his long-trained and VERY hard-
to-get Lv. 62 Dragonite! One word... watch out for HYPER BEAM! (Pikachu
can beat the Gyrados easily. As for the dragons, use Articuno if you have
it. It can go ahead and take on all four. The Aerodacytl is another good
target for Blastoise.)

 After 4 long, hard battles, you will realize that another had already
defeated the Elite Four! Who is it? Why.. it is Gary! After he tells you of
his ambition, you fight his 6 strong Pokémon with what is left of your
six. He starts with a Lv. 61 Pidgeot, which is easy to defeat.
(Another small-fry for Pikachu) Then he calls an Lv. 59 Alakazam, (pound
with everything you got) followed by a Rhydon. (Use the Blastoise to
full effect) He finishes off with Pokémon of fire, water, and plant types
with them being Lv. 61, Lv. 63, and the last being Lv. 65 (his first pick
in the game). His plant choice is Exegguter, his Fire Choice is Arcanine, and
his water choice is Gyrados. They will come out in dimuting power order
(Water-Fire-Plant. Fire-Plant-Water, or Plant-Fire Water). (Blastoise
gets the fire, Pikachu gets the water, and Hypno/Mewtwo for the plant) If
you manage to defeat him in this climatic and difficult battle, be
prepared for the ending of Pokémon!

				THE END...

				or is it?

Unknown Dungeon

 After you have beaten the Pokémon League, go back to Cerulean City.
northwest of Cerulean City in a cave is Mewtwo, the best Pokémon there is
(# 150). He is at lv. 70 and is at the end of a long way in the cave.
There are Lv. 50s Pokémon from everywhere (Venomoths, Chanseys, Kadabras,
Raichus(!!!), Magnitons, Marowaks, Hypnos, etc.). It is possible to catch
Mewtwo without the Master Ball, but it is hard. He is no pushover and will
do a lot of damage against you. He has Swift, Psychic, Recover,
and Barrier at his command. Which means 2 attacks (one fast and one
powerful) and two defenses (one for healing and one for defense), making
him a balanced and powerful Pokémon.

The Ongoing Quest
 There is always the quest of catching all 150 Pokémon... If you manage
to do this, go to Celadon City for a nice surprise. Remember, you need to
trade a lot to achieve this goal.

Your Mark in History

 You can now use the computers to connect to Pokémon League. It will show
pictures and stats of the teams who won the game in a Hall Of Fame
that looks pretty good and shows your Pokémon in winning glory!

-Mew- (The code is Pokémon BLUE ONLY)

Game Genie Code:


With this code (you know what it is for) you can find Mew in the
tall grass patch to the LEFT of Cerulean by the ledges. As a bonus,
you can catch an Oddish as well!

Another way: (Many people told me about this rumour)


I have heard from many people that if you SURF to the right before S.S.
Anne, you can find a truck and then Mew in a pokeball...

This has been proven FALSE by many mails and confirmations. This trick
ONLY works in the JAPANESE version of pokemon, and not in the U.S. version.
Do not try it this way, it is a waste of your time.


MissingNo: to fight MissingNo, trade for any ingame Pokémon(trade with any
computer trainer). Then FLY to Cinnabar Island, and SURF along the east
coast. 90 % of the Pokémon will be MissingNo.

MissingNo is a glitch. His picture is a glitch, so don't be alarmed when you
see it. MissingNo doesn't have PokeDex information and will not count to
completing the game. Missingno is a glitch. His picture is a glitch. He can
and will mess up te Pokémon League. MissingNo is at level 80 when you see
him and has: Sky Attack (PP 5/5), Water Gun(PP 20/20), and Water Gun(PP
20/20). That's right, 2 Water Guns. He can be rather good. But his defense
is EXTREMELY low(about 20 at lv.80) while his attack is EXTREMELY high(about
150 or so at lv. 80). Use Iron(or whatever gives higher defense) a lot on
MissingNo and he should even out. Sky Attack is very powerful on him, the
Water Guns are weak. He is a Normal/Flying Pokémon.

It is also heard from many people that he will seriously glitch
your game... although I've also heard that he will max out the sixth item
on your list. (Jim Lambert)

A rumour is that Missingno is the pokemon Ash Ketchum (from the Pokemon
show) saw on the first episode, aka the Golden Bird. Well, Missingno is a
bird, and has high attack. So, why not? (Raichu7734)

Proof against above (anonymous).
The pokemon Ash saw in the first episode is Hohou, a bird pokemon that
is number 152. Therefore, it can not be Missingno (no.000) because
Missingno ITSELF is a glitch, and not the picture.

Proof that Hohou is not #152 (jgrimmer@wt.net)
I was currently reading your FAQ on the Pokemon Red/Blue games and I have a
correction. One of the  readers had said that Houhou (or as they typed it
Hohou) was the 152nd Pokemon. Well, Chikorita is the 152nd Pokemon.
Chikorita is the starting grass Pokemon you can choose in the Gold and
Silver games. Houhou is the 250nd Pokemon. I'm not lying. I caught him
in the Silver game. The 251st Pokemon is called Serebii. It is sort of
like Mew, you can only catch it with gameshark or gamegenie. The 249th
Pokemon is another flying legendary Pokemon named Lugia. Lugia will be
the main Pokemon in either the 2nd or 3rd movie. If you have any questions
about the Gold or Silver games I'm the person to E-Mail.

The following is from Patrick Sundt:

Missingno. looks like this


He is a mistake Pokemon. He makes the sound of Nidoran (female)
His Defense is very low but his attack is very HIGH!
You can find Him at L0, L80, or L120

Also, it is heard that you can unglitch Missingno by deleting his
second WATER GUN. (homeyg1648@aol.com)

-Game Genie Codes-

From *** (mail me please. I'm sorry to be so late on these things. :(

To buy anything you want (xx = the # of item)

xx4-44D-F7A  1ST SLOT
xx4-45D-C46  2ND SLOT
xx4-46D-D56  3RD SLOT

xx4-4BD-F7A  1ST SLOT
xx4-4CD-B3A  2ND SLOT
xx4-4DD-91E  3RD SLOT

From Jfield1559@aol.com
You can get a Pokémon very easily if you use the Gameshark and have a
common Pokémon (Pidgey, Zubat, Rattata, etc......) in the first position
and use this Gameshark code:


??= 15- Mew
 or 02- Kangaskhan:)
 or 42- Dragonite  :-)
 or 99- Bulbasaur
 or b0- Charmander
 or b1- Squirtle

C8 HM5
C7 HM4
C6 HM3
C5 HM2
C4 HM1

EXAMPLE:  If I went to Viridian and wanted to buy Master Balls I would
          type in

Go to Cerulean with 996-11B-E6A entered, first buy pokeballs without the
codes, then sell them with the codes on for a lot of money.

From Charlizard

Vermilion City- xx4-65d-d5e

Cerulean City- xx4-57d-912

Cinnibar Island- xx4-bdd-a22

xx= number of item below

01-Master Ball  cost $0
02-Ultra Ball      " $1200
03-Great Ball        $600
04-Poke Ball         $200
05-Town Map   "      $0
06-Bicycle           $0
07-??????????  "     $0
08-Safari Ball       $1000
09-POKéDEX         - $0
0A=MOON STONE        $0
0B=ANTIDOTE          $100
0C=BURN HEAL         $250
0D=ICE HEAL          $
0E=AWAKENING         $
0F=PARLYZ HEAL       $
10=FULL RESTORE     -$
11=MAX POTION      - $
12=HYPER POTION      $
13=SUPER POTION    - $
14=POTION          - $
17=THUNDEBADGE     - $0
19=SOULBADGE       - $0
1A=MARSHBADGE      - $0
1C=EARTHBADGE      - $0
1D=ESCAPE ROPE     - $
1E=REPEL           - $
1F=OLD AMBER       - $0
20=FIRE SOTNE        $2100
21=THUNDER STONE -   $2100
22=WATER STONE       $2100
23=HP UP           - $9800
24=PROTEIN         - $9800
25=IRON              $9800
26=CARBOS          - $9800
27=CALCIUM           $9800
28=RARE CANDY        $4800
29=DOME FOSSIL     - $0
2B=SECRET KEY        $0
2C=?????           - $0
2E=X ACCURACY        $950
2F=LEAF STONE        $2100
30=CARD KEY          $0
31=NUGGET            $10000
32=PP UP           - $0
33=POKé DOLL         $1000
34=FULL HEAL         $600
35=REVIVE            $1500
36=MAX REVIVE      - $4000
37=GUARD SPEC.     - $700
38=SUPER REPEL     - $500
39=MAX REPEL       - $700
3A=DIRE HIT        - $650
3B=COIN            - $10
3C=FRESH WATER       $200
3D=SODA POP        - $300
3E=LEMONADE        - $350
3F=S.S TICKET      - $0
40=GOLD TEETH      - $0
41=X ATTACK        - $500
42=X DEFEND        - $550
43=X SPEED         - $350
44=X SPECIAL       - $350
45=COIN CASE       - $0
46=OAK'S PARCEL    - $0
47=ITEMFINDER      - $0
48=SILPH SCOPE     - $0
49=POKé FLUTE      - $0
4A=LIFT KEY        - $0
4B=EXP.ALL         - $0
4C=OLD ROD         - $0
4D=GOOD ROD        - $0
4E=SUPER ROD       - $0
4F=PP UP           - $0
50=ETHER           - $0
51=MAX ETHER       - $0
52=ELIXER          - $0
53=MAX ELIXER      - $0


C4=HM01 - CUT
C5=HM02 - FLY
C6=HM03 - SURF
E4=TM28 - DIG
F4=TM44 - REST

To catch Pokemon in Red(only) to the left of Cerulean City
the code is xx1-91a-7fc
Codes for the Pokemon(all of them, Including Mew).
99 Bulbasaur    001     09 Ivysaur      002     9A Venusaur     003
B0 Charmandern  004     B2 Charmeleon   005     B4 Charizard    006
B1 Squirtle     007     B3 Wartortle    008     1C Blastoise    009
7B Caterpie     010     7C Metapodi     011     7D Butterfree   012
70 Weedle       013     71 Kakuna       014     72 Beedrill     015
24 Pidgey       016     96 Pidgeotto    017     97 Pidgeot      018
A5 Rattata      019
A6 Raticate     020
05 Spearow      021     23 Frearow      022     6C Ekans        023
2D Arbok        024
54 Pikachu      025     55 Raichu       026     60 Sandshrewk   027
61 Sandslash    028
0F Nidoran(femal027     A8 Nindorina    030     10 NidoQueen    031
03 Nidoran(male)032     A7 Nindorino    033     07 NidoKing     034
04 Clefairyj    035     8E Clefable     036     52 Vulpix       037
53 Ninetales    038
64 Jigglypuff   039     65 Wigglytuff   040     6B Zubat        041
82 Golbat       042
B9 Oddisho      043     BA Gloom        044     BB Vileplume    045
6D Paras        046
2E Parasect     047
41 Venonat      048     77 Venomoth     049     3B Diglett      050
76 Dugtrios     051
4D Meowth       052     90 Persian      053     2F Psyduck      054
80 Goldduck     055
39 Mankey       056     75 Primeape     057     21 Growlithe    058
14 Arcaninel    059
47 Poliwag      060     6E Poliwhirl    061     6F Poliwrath    062
94 Abra         063     26 Kadabra      064     95 Alakazam     065
6A Machop       066     29 Machokei     067     7E MachAmp      068
BC Bellsprout   069     BD Weepinbell   070     BE Victreebell  071
18 Tentacool    072     9B Tentacruel   073     A9 Geodude      074
27 Graveler     075
31 Golem        076
A3 Ponyta       077     A4 Rapidash     078     25 Slowpoke     079
08 Slobro       080
AD Magnemite    081     36 Magneton     082     40 Farfetch'd   083
46 Doduo        084
74 Triplebird   085
3A Seel         086     78 Dewgong      087     0D Grimer       088
88 Muk          089
17 Shellder     090     8B Cloyster     091     19 Gastly       092
93 Haunter      093
0E Gengar       094     22 Onix         095     30 Drowzee      096
81 Hypno        097
4E Krabby       098     8A Kingler      099     06 Voltorb      100
8D Electrode    101
0C Exeggcute    102     0A Exeggutor    103     11 Cubone       104
91 Marowak      105
2B Hitmonlee    106     2C Hitmonchan   107     0B Lickitung    108
37 Koffing      109
8F Weezing      110
12 Rhyhorn      111     01 Rhydon       112     28 Chansey      113
1E Tangela      114
02 Kangaskhan   115
5C HorSea       116     5D SeaDra       117     9D Goldeen      118
9E Seaking      119
1B Staryu       120     98 Starmie      121     2A Mr. Mime     122
1A Scyther      123     48 Jynx 124
35 Electabuzz   125     33 Magmar       126     1D Pinsir       127
3C Tauros       128
85 Magikarp     129     16 Gyarados     130     13 Lapras       131
4C Ditto        132
66 Eevee        133
69 Vaporeon     134     68 Jolteon      135     67 Flareon      136
AA Porygon      137     62 Omanyte      138     63 Omastar      139
5A kabuto       140     5B Kabutops     141     AB Aerodactyl   142
84 Snorlax      143
4A Articuno     144     4B Zapdos       145     49 Moltres      146
58 Dratini      147
59 Dragonair    148     42 Dragonite    149
83 Mewtwo       150     15 Mew          151


Listed by Number -> Name -> PP -> Description

TM01 MEGA PUNCH (20) - A strong fighting attack.
TM04 WHIRLWIND (for birds) - An attack that pushes the enemy out of battle.
                             Only works on wild Pokémon.
TM05 MEGA KICK - An attack not unlike MEGA PUNCH
TM06 TOXIC - A strong poison attack that does more damage with each
             additional poison damage.
TM07 HORN DRILL - A 1-hit KO attack
TM09 TAKE DOWN - Another strong fighting move with recoil.
TM10 DOUBLE EDGE - A double-edged sword, which means it deals a good amount
                   of damage to your opponent but also a little to you.
TM11 BUBBLEBEAM (20) - A very strong water attack that takes away SPEED.
TM12 WATER GUN - An okay water attack able to reduce speed.
TM13 ICE BEAM (10) - An ice attack with good damage and can freeze.
TM14 BLIZZARD (5) - Awesome powerful version of Ice Beam.
TM15 HYPER BEAM (5) - Ultra strong attack, does good damage on just about
                      anything. Needs 1 turn to recharge though.
TM16 PAY DAY (20) - Meowth's trademark. This hurts your opponent and drops
                    money equal to (I think) the level of Pokémon * 2, ready
                    for you to pick up at the end of battle.
TM19 SEISMIC TOSS - A fighting move which does damage equal to Pokémon's
TM20 RAGE - A move which leaves your Pokémon in rage for the next few turns,
            attacking repeatedly with ATTACK increasing as more damage is
TM21 MEGA DRAIN (5) - A powerful plant attack in which the Pokémon does
                      damage and takes half of it as health.
TM22 SOLARBEAM - A move that takes 1 turn to charge up and 1 turn to
TM23 DRAGON RAGE (10) - a Dragon attack that does a fair amount of
                        damage, 40, reported by Harold Booker.
TM24 THUNDERBOLT (15) - Very strong lightning attack.
TM25 THUNDER (10) - A strong Lightning attack.
TM27 FISSURE (5) - One-hit Ground KO attack.
TM28 DIG (10) - An attack that lets you evade an attack and returns
           a lot of damage. When used outside of battle in caves and
           inside buildings, it returns you to the last Poke Center.
TM29 PSYCHIC (10) - Does major psychic damage and lowers SPECIAL.
TM30 TELEPORT - When used in battle, it escapes battle. When it is used
                outside, it goes to the last Poke Center.
TM33 REFLECT - It gives you extra armor. (???)
TM34 BIDE - A technique which leaves your Pokémon immobile for a few turns,
            then immediately doing damage equal to double of what you took
            to the enemy.
TM35 METRONOME (10) - Random attack. This move ROCKS! Who knows, you might
                      do a HORN DRILL, GULLOTINE or even HYPER BEAM!
TM36 SELFDESTRUCT - Sacrifices self to do major damage.
TM37 EGG BOMB - I gave it to my exeggutor. Wonder what it does?
TM38 FIRE BLAST (5) - Ultrastrong fire attack.
TM39 SWIFT (20) - An attack that has VERY high accuracy and is very fast.
                  Very solid and dependable attack.
TM40 SKULL BASH - A brute-force attack that let you take a turn to power
                  up and then unleashing an enormous attack.
TM41 SOFT-BOILED - Heals all health.
TM42 DREAM EATER (15) - Perfect companion to HYPNOSIS or SING, this takes
                        away health from a sleeping Pokémon and adds
                        it to your own.
TM43 SKY ATTACK (5) - An attack for birds which need one turn to charge up
                      and one turn to unleash a hard attack similar to FLY.
TM44 REST - Heals all health but makes you sleep.
TM45 THUNDER WAVE - Paralyzes opponent.
TM46 PSYWAVE (15) - Psychic type damage. Seems random. It is heard that
                    it does 1.5 X the user's level.
TM47 EXPLOSION (5) - Stronger version of SELF-DESTRUCT.
TM48 ROCK SLIDE (15) - Accurate and strong rock attack.
TM49 TRI ATTACK (10) - Normal attack. Some Pokémon uses it very effectively,
                       like the Dodrio for example.
TM50 SUBSTITUTE (10) - User takes slight damage, but all others (to an
                       extent) are taken by a poke doll. great against
                       allignment-changing Pokémon.

HM01 CUT - An average attack for plant Pokémon. It is not unlike SLASH.
           When outside of battle, it cutsbushes and tall grass.
HM02 FLY (15) - An attack for bird Pokémon that lets you fly up
                and sweep down for an attack. When outside of battle, it
                lets you fly to any Poke Center.
HM03 SURF (15) - An okay water attack for water Pokémon, When used outside
                 of battle, it lets you ride your Pokémon through water.
HM04 STRENGTH - A powerful fighting attack. When used outside of battle,
                it moves circular rocks.
HM05 FLASH (20) - A move for electric Pokémon to lower opponent's accuracy.
                  It is only used outside of battle in the Rock Tunnel
                  to light up the area.

-Moon Stones-

1. This piece is in the Mt. Moon cave, near the entrance.

2. The second was taken by Team ROCKET. It is at the bottom of their
   secret base in Celadon City.

3. This one is left by a Clefairy at near Virridian. It is behind one of
   the bushes at the beginning of the game, near Viridian City to the

4. This forth one was hidden in the Pokémon Mansion in Cinnibar Island.
   It is behind the third pillar at the right in the first room.
   (Got from Wolfcollector)

5. (From Jmwwmj@aol.com) There is another Moon Stone in the Mt. Moon cave,
   right before the Super Nerd that found the fossils, there is a "dead
   end", but searching it will produce another Moon Stone.

These rare and fragile stones should be used on: Nidorino, Nidorina,
Clefairy, and Jigglypuff. They will evolve into Nidoking, Nidoqueen,
Clefable, and Wigglytuffs respectively.

-Item List-  deadscream@hotmail.com


ITEM                	EFFECT
POKE BALL                Catches Pokémon... Cheap to buy
GREAT BALL               Catches Pokémon... A little better
ULTRA BALL               Better than a GREAT BALL, more expensive
SAFARI BALL              Only used in Safari Zone
MASTER BALL              Only can be found once... ALWAYS catches a Pokémon

FIRE STONE               Evolves some Fire Pokémon
THUNDER STONE            Evolves some Electric Pokémon
WATER STONE              Evolves some Water Pokémon
LEAF STONE               Evolves some Grass Pokémon
MOON STONE               Evolves some ? Pokémon
HELIX FOSSIL             Fossil of an ancient Pokémon
DOME FOSSIL              Fossil of an ancient Pokémon
OLD AMBER                Has Pokémon DNA inside

ANTIDOTE                 Cures Poison
BURN HEAL                Cures Burns
ICE HEAL                 Thaws Frozen Pokémon
AWAKENING                Wakes up sleeping Pokémon
PARLYZ HEAL              Cures Paralysis
FULL HEAL                Heal ALL above conditions
POTION                   Recovers some HP
SUPER POTION             Recovers more HP than a POTION
HYPER POTION             Recovers more HP than a SUPER POTION
MAX POTION               Recovers HP to full
FULL RESTORE             Works like a FULL HEAL and a MAX POTION combined
REVIVE                   Revives a fainted Pokémon to « HP
MAX REVIVE               Revives a fainted Pokémon to full HP
ETHER                    Regain some PP
MAX ETHER                Regain all PP

RARE CANDY               Raise Pokémon's level by one
HP UP                    Max HP will increase
PROTEIN                  Attack Power will increase
IRON                     Defense Power will increase
CARBOS                   Speed will increase
CALCIUM                  Special Power will increase
X ATTACK                 Attack increases for one battle
X DEFEND                 Defense increases for one battle
X SPEED                  Speed increases for one battle
X SPECIAL                Special ability increases for one battle
GUARD SPEC.              Enemy can't use special
DIRE HIT                 Attacks will be more effective
X ACCURACY               Your chance of hitting will increase
PP UP                    Raises the PP of one technique

BICYCLE                  Very expensive... but VERY fast
ESCAPE ROPE              Pulls you out of a cave
REPEL                    Weak Pokémon will avoid you for a while
SUPER REPEL              Lasts longer than REPEL
MAX REPEL                Lasts longer than SUPER REPEL

POKEDEX                  Pokémon Dictionary
TOWN MAP                 A map of the world of Pokémon

NUGGET                   Worth $3000
                      2X worth $10000
                      3X worth $13000 and so on

                         By Mashakuz@aol.com: Selling nuggets in groups
                            gives better deals, see chart above

GOLD TEETH               Belong to warden of Safari Zone
S.S. TICKET              Ticket to board the S.S. Anne
POKE DOLL                Doll.  Use it in battle
SILPH SCOPE              Identifies ghostly Pokémon
POKE FLUTE               Wakes sleeping Pokémon
OLD ROD                  Use to Fish for water Pokémon
GOOD ROD                 Better than the OLD ROD
SUPER ROD                The best rod
COIN                     Use these at the Game Center
COIN CASE                Save up to 9,999 coins in this
FRESH WATER              During battle, will restore HP a little
SODA POP                 Restores more than FRESH WATER
LEMONADE                 Restores more than SODA POP

-Birds-  nights@powerup.com.au

Guide to get the legendary bird Pokémon

My findings indicate the speed is the answer to make your Ultra ball
always hit.So use the "Agility" move to boost you speed then use the ball.
You should get it in one hit.

1st Zapdos -

Team --     - level 35+ Onix or level 35+ Graveller or Golem if possible
            - any level high speed Pokémon that knows the "Agility" move
            - a second fast Pokémon just in case the first one dies
            - any level psycic Pokémon that knows the "Hypnosis" move
            - any low level Pokémon that has weak moves
            - a second low level Pokémon just in case the first dies

Step 1.     Use a few moves from Onix / Golem to remove about 3 quarters of
            Zapdos' health points.
Step 2.     Switch to the pyscic Pokémon to put Zapdos to sleep.
Step 3.     Switch to the weak Pokémon to lower Zapdos' health until it is
	    about one eighth full.
Step 4.     Switch to the quick Pokémon and use "Agility" to raise speed
            then throw the Ultra ball. You should get it in one hit.

2nd Arcticuno --

Team -      - Zapdos
            - Psycic Pokémon that knows "Hypnosis"
            - Fast Pokémon that knows "Agility"
            - second fast Pokémon
            - weak Pokémon
            - second weak Pokémon

Step 1.      Use Zapdos' "Thunder Shock" till Arcticuno reaches 3 quarters
             in health.
Step 2.      Use psycic Pokémon to put him to sleep.
Step 3.      Use weak Pokémon to lower his health to nearly gone.
Step 4.      Use fast Pokémon to boost speed, throw Ultra ball.

3rd Moltres -

Team -      - Arcticuno
            - Psycic Pokémon that knows "Hypnosis"
            - Fast Pokémon that knows "Agility"
            - second fast Pokémon
            - weak Pokémon
            - second weak Pokémon

Step 1.      Use Arcticuno's " Ice beam" once.
Step 2.      Use psycic Pokémon to put him to sleep.
Step 3.      Use weak Pokémon to lower his health to nearly gone.
Step 4.      Use fast Pokémon to boost speed, throw Ultra ball.

Copyright Scott Mcleod 27th of November 1998  nights@powerup.com.au

-Tricks- Many, many people :)

1. Great Balls of Doom
To let a Great Ball act like a master ball press up + B when thrown,
and to let a Poke Ball act that way press down + B. (many people)

STPfan has informed me that this will only work if ALL of the Pokémon
you used against the enemy has a higher level than it. Thank you!

2. Catch Trainer Pokémon! (escruz@zipmail.com)
Only thing you need is a Pokémon with surfing ability and have reached
Seafoam Islands. Then face a Trainer and defeat him. Now go to Fuschia
City, make sure that you didn't face any wild Pokémon or another trainer
on your way, it's better to use FLY to reach Fuschia City, then go down
andSURF on that water. Keep going on the normal way to Seafom Island (If
you face any water Pokémon on your way, don't worry, that's ok, you just
needed to evade land pokémons) and reaching Seafom Island, don't go on
land! Keep yourself in the cost, some squares that are half land and half
water, and swim up and down on the coast. You will now face a Pokémon from
that trainer, he will be at the same level and he will be wild!!!! You can
now catch him normaly!!! If that wasn't the Pokémon you want from the
trainer, kill him, or run, or catch it, and swim up and down again and you
face another Pokémon from that trainer!!! You can repeat that trick as many
times as you want!! You can also catch your rival's (Gary) Pokémon,
not including the one he got in the start of the game.

3. Getting 99 items (and Pokémon) (CHUCKeMeIsTeR)
Talk to the old man in Viridian City, and then surf along the shores
of Seafoam Islands until you fight MissingNo. Kill him or run away, and
the 6th item in your inventory will be multiplied by 99! If you keep
going you will also meet above level 100 Pokémon!

4. Getting the Pokémon you want in the Safari Zone   (Defreisse)
A safari zone cheat. How to catch the special "rare" Pokémon from the
Safari zone. First, go to the safari zone and to the grassy area that
contains the Pokémon you want. Then, walk around until you run out of
steps. Afterwards, go to waters below the Fuchsia City Pokémon center
and SURF all the way to the shore line of the Seafoam Islands. Don't
fight any trainers and keep along the left and top when you come to
the corner. While still surfing, keep along shoreline going up and down
along it, and you'll start to fight the Safari Zone Pokémon and be
able to fight them and use the poke ball of your choice!

5. Getting all the Starters! (rwwo)
1. Get 2 gameboys.
2. On GB A (The first gameboy), get a starter. Get a different one
   on GB B. (the second)
3. Trade the GB A pokemon for a wild rattata or pidgey, easily caught
   on GB B.
4. Restart GB A, get a third pokemon that was NOT chosen on Step 2.
5. Trade that to another wild pokemon on GB B. B should have all three
   starters now.
6. Repeat process... for all three pokemon on A. So happy.

6. Steroids... Creteman@aol.com
A fun and cheap (?) way to make huge pokemon. First, use the well-known
cheat to get MissingNo with a Rare Candy in the 6th slot. Then, wait until
you get some level > 100 pokemon with this trick. Give it steroids (aka
Rare Candies) until it is like level 500, or if you feel evil, level 999.
Then, use the trick again, with a Carbon or something, to pump the pokemon
way up.

7. Another Lineup Falcon5610@aol.com
 I have recently discovered a good Pokemon lineup that doesn't rely on
your starting pokemon, which means anyone can use it. What I do is play the
game right up until Cinnabar Island.  Then, I take the path from Pallet Town
down to get there and then fly to Viridian City.  After I talk to the old
man(the one who allowed me to pass and tells me how to catch Pokemon) I fly
straight back to Cinnabar and surf up and down the right side of the coast
until I get in a fight with Missing No.  If you beat him, run from him, or
capture him (highly unrecommended; it tends to screw up your game)the sixth
item on your item list is multiplied by ninety nine.  so you could have 99
Master Balls!  Then I go and catch the three legendary birds with the Master
Balls and Mewtwo after I've beaten the game once.  I repeat the steps that
allow me to get ninety-nine items with a rare candy in the slot instead, add
a Beedrill and a Gyrados to the team, use the rare candies to raise
everyone's level to 100 and voila!  i'm invicible.  The Gyrados has Hyper
Beam and is a water type Pokemon so Bruno's Onixes and Gary's Rhydon stand
no chance.  My Beedrill is in solely to defeat Alakazam, although in my game
Gary has a Venusaur so it helps there, too.  Mewtwo is just Mewtwo.  He's
psychic, he's big, he's bad.  He's only bad against Bug, but who honestly
keeps a bug pokemon with them?  Now for the three legendary birds.  Moltres
helps against my Venusaur and against Lorelei.  Articuno's got Blizzard and
at level 100 that's a one hit KO for all of Lance's dragons.  Plus, he's
flying(as are Moltres and Zapdos)so he helps against the Venusaur too.
Zapdos has thunder, so he helps out against Lorelei, Gary, and with Drill
Peck just about anything except rock.  the perfect team without the hastle
of a starting Pokemon!

8. Yet another lineup (Some gaming genius)
Don't mind, me just wanna put my 2 cents in :P. First off, for the Elite
Four, I'd say no. Go with Blastoise, Jolteon, and Kadabra, really. Those
three will do about 99% of the fighting. Jolteon, have Pin Missle (it does
work against psychic), double kick (for rock types. fighting beats the heck
out of them), thunder bolt, and thunder. Blastoise, have surf, bite, hydro
pump, and ice beam. and Kadabra with psychic, recover, psybeam, and
confusion. Thunderbolt from a level 65 Jolteon would take out the First of
the 4 no problem. For the second, a level 65 Kadabra plastering the fighting
with psychic would be greatly easy, and surf the onyxes. for the third, use
jolteon again. Bug works against Poison, which is why Psychic kills ghost.
They're half poison type :P. Thunderbolt the golbat, or use psybeam on them.
Use thunder on the Gyrados, ice beam for the dragonairs (blastoise has high
defense if raised nicely enough. no problem for the hyper beams). Hydro pump
the flying rock to nothing, and finish up the Dragonite with ice beam. Then,
Thunder the pidgeot, pin missle the alakazam (make sure Jolteon has high
speed and special, use those booster items often on him). surf or hydro the
rhydon, pin missle the exeggcutor (it's early, don't mind the speller :P.
but exeggute is spelled exeggcute), hydro the arcanine, and Thunder the
gyrados. Kadabra for Venasaur, Thunder (or thunderbolt if ya have no more
thunder) for blastoise, and a strong water type (if you didn't pick
blastoise, just get a strong water type that can learn hydropump, surf, and
ice beam) for the charizard. Jolteon is very powerful for his ability to
learn a good bug move, electric, and a fighting move, which makes him super
effective against all but 4 types. Fire, bug, electric, and ground. possibly
fighting, but I've never tried. I've done this before, with level 68's, and
I had only these 3 out.

9. A few words about boosters (some gaming genius)
Oh, PLUS! you can only use a limited amount of Irons, Carbos, HP UP, PP
UP, etc on a Pokémon. Trust me, I've tried, it started saying 'will have no
affect' after the 5th or so. So you still couldn't even out MissingNo.'s
stats, no matter how hard you tried. !50 isn't high attack damage, I've had
about 372 with a Nidoking before. Have to get REALLY lucky with the levels,
use the iron or whatever as much as you can on him, and evolve him right
when he turns into Nidorino, into Nidoking.

9. Trading cheats (some gaming genius)
    As with the first 3 pokémon, have 2 spare weak, pathetic pokémon, you
pick jolteon, your friend picks flareon, and another picks vaporeon.
EVERYBODY SAVE!!. trade jolteon for flareon, you save, have your reset. HE
STILL HAS HIS FLAREON NOW!. trade for the vaporeon now, ditching the other
weakling. Save, you have all three, friend resets, he/she has his back now.
You trade him his weak one for your jolteon. he/she saves, you reset. and
than for the flareon. Same thing. Then do the same with your other friend.
Bingo, you each have all three evolutions (works a little better than only 1
person gets them, like with the starting pokémon. why give them up instead
of everyone getting them :P. another thing you can do for all 3. use 2
gameboys, same trick, but save BEFORE you evolve them. trade until 1 has 5
(still need 2 weaklings each, except 1 needs 4), and then trade 2 back. Head
to the store, buy a fire/water/thunder stone, evolve them)

10. Evolution (some gaming genius)
    About trading for evolving pokémon. DO SO as soon as possible. evolved
pokémon's stats go up a little higher when they level. and the moves the
learn are the same, and at the same level, as it's previous form. So it'll
turn out better.


UNIQUE: Only 1 per game
COMMON: Easy to find
UNCOMMON: Only found in some places
RARE: Only found in one or two places / hard to capture
RED: Pokémon Red only
BLUE: Pokémon Blue only

0 MissingNo -  Um... see my section on it. (RARE?)

1 Bulbasaur  \
2 Ivysaur    |  Free pokemon from professor Oak and of course three of the
3 Venusaur   |  best in the game altogether. Always keep it in your group!
4 Charmander |  The first three choices of UNIQUE Pokémon are 1, 4, and 7.
5 Charmeleon |  They evolve at Lv. 18 respectively into 2, 5, and 8 and
6 Charizard  |  finally Lv. 32 (Ivysaur) or Lv. 36 for the other two into 3,
7 Squirtle   |  6, and 9.
8 Wartortle  |
9 Blastoise  /

10 Caterpie  \  Quite strong if trained right. These could be your best
11 Metapod   |  bet on beginning catches, and are useful against BROCK.
12 Butterfree|  Mostly caught near Viridian Forest, these bug Pokémon
13 Weedle    |  (10 and 13) evolves into (11 and 14) at level 7 and then
14 Kakuna    |  (12 and 15) at level 10 in a two-stage transformation.
15 Beedrill  /  The former has no poision but the latter does. (COMMON)

16 Pidgey    \
17 Pidgeotto |    Very COMMON Pokémon. Pidgey becomes Pidgeotto at level
18 Pidgeot   |    18 and then Pidgeot at level 36. Rattatas and Spearows
19 Rattata   |    evolve at level 20 into Raticate and Fearow.
20 Raticate  |    The birds are average and the rats are good, fierce
21 Spearow   |    NORMAL fighters with strong attacks like SUPER FANG
22 Fearow    /    and HYPER FANG.

23 Ekans     \    Only found in RED version. snake Pokémon
24 Arbok     /    with poison skills. (Jessie's Pokémon)(UNCOMMON) Ekans
                  evolve at level 22.

25 Pikachu   \    Everyone's favorite! The cute, electrical Pikachu
26 Riachu    /    evolves into Raichu with a Thunder Stone. (RARE)
                  These are found in Viridian or the Power Plant. These
                  can be found at the beginning and will get powerful
                  very quickly. I suggest not to evolve Raichu at all,
                  or evolve after Thunder is learned.

27 Sandshrew \    Ground armidillo-type Pokémon. UNCOMMON and
28 Sandslash /    above average. (BLUE) Sandshrews evolve at level 22.

29 Nidoran girl  \   One of the largest groups of pokemon in the game,
30 Nidorina      |   a "race" of Pokémon that can only be found near
31 Nidoqueen     |   Viridian or the Safari Zone. These creatures
32 Nidoran boy   |   has horns and posion attacks. (29 and 32) evolve
33 Nidorino      |   into at level 16, and finally into (31 and 34)
34 Nidoking      /   with Moon Stones. (RARE)

35 Clefairy    \   Only found in Mt. Moon. These can learn a variety of
36 Clefable    /   attacks and gets very powerful later. (RARE) Evolves
                   with the Moon Stone.

37 Vulpix      \   Fire Pokémon that must be evolved with a Fire Stone.
38 Ninetales   /   These are in the Cinnibar Mansion and by Lavender.

39 Jigglypuff  \   Another RARE race. These must be again evolved by a
40 Wigglytuff  /   Moon Stone and is found only by Route. 3. They can
                   SING to make opponents sleep. (their trademark)

41 Zubat     \   Can be found easily in many caves, they can confuse
42 Golbat    /   their opponents and suck health. Although they are
                 not very sturdy, they can be a good addition. (COMMON)
                 Evolves at level 22. These work surprisingly well against
                 plant pokemon...

43 Oddish     \   RED's main plant race. Evolves first by level 22 and
44 Gloom      |   then by the Leaf Stone. They can be quite useful.
45 Vileplume  /   (COMMON) They seem to like poison attacks.

46 Paras     \  Bug-type Pokémon with little Mushrooms. Okay. (UNCOMMON)
47 Parasect  /  Paras evolves at level 24 into Parasect. They use a
                variety of status-changing attacks.

48 Venonat    \    Psycho flying bug ninja Pokémon. These can be
49 Venomoth   /    found on quite a few places. Mediocre. (UNCOMMON)
                   Venoats evolve at level 41 into Venomoth.

50 Diglett   \   Only found in the Diglett's Cave. Some mole-like Pokémon
51 Dugtrio   /   and very decent GROUND Pokémon. Get one for Lt. Surge.
                 (RARE) Digletts evolve into Dugtro at level 26. They
                 are very strong, and has DIG, a powerful attack.

52 Meowth    \   TEAM ROCKET! (BLUE) This cat Pokémon with many cat-like
53 Persian   /   attacks can be found by the four cities surrounding
                 Saffron and becomes Persian at Lv. 28. (COMMON) PAY
                 DAY is one of the most useful moves in the game. It does
                 fair damage and gives you money as well.

54 Psyduck  \  Psychic ducks? These are water Pokémon with psychic
55 Golduck  /  abilities (and headaches) who starts weak but can get
               quite powerful. (UNCOMMON) A Psyduck turns into a Golduck
               at level 33. Luckily, they won't pop out when you call
               another pokemon, aka the TV show.

56 Mankey    \    RED's list of RARE Pokémon. (56 and 58) evolve
57 Primeape  |    into (57 and 59). Mankey requires level 28 and
58 Growlithe |    Growlithe the Fire Stone. The first pair are monkey/pig
59 Arcanine  /    things and the latter fire Pokémon.

60 Poliwag    \   60 evolves into 61 (level 25) and then 62 with a Water
61 Poliwhirl  |   Stone. These are fairly weak water Pokémon who hypnoizes
62 Poliwrath  /   me a lot with swirly things. (COMMON)

63 Abra       \   Opposite but alike. The first three are PSYCHIC
64 Kadabra    |   but the second are FIGHTING. However, after (63 66)
65 Alakazam   |   becomes (64 67) at level 16 and 28 respectively, they
66 Machop     |   evolve by being traded to someone else! So, that means if
67 Machoke    |   you want Alakazam or Machamp, you better get
68 Machamp    /   a link cable and a friend! (RARE/UNCOMMON) Abras are only
                  on Rt. 24/25, but Machops are in caves.

69 Bellsprout   \  BLUE's race of plant Pokémon, matching Oddish, Gloom,
70 Weepinbell   |  and Vileplume. They have matching powers and are
71 Victreebell  /  found in the same places.  (COMMON) Bellsprout evolves
                   at level 21 and then uses a Leaf Stone to become
                   Victreebell, its final form.

72 Tentacool   \ Water Pokémon. I find it easy to capture them near Pallet
73 Tentacruel  / town. They do what octopi do and are COMMON. Evolves at
                 level 30.

74 Geodude    \  Rock Pokémon found in caves. 74 evolves into 75 at level
75 Graveler   |  25 and then into Golem by TRADING. ANTSAM999 suggests to
76 Golem      /  get some early because it can defeat many normal pokemon
                 and works well against Lt. Surge and the power plant.
                 Golem really packs a punch!

77 Ponyta    \  RARE Pokémon only found in Cinnibar Mansion. These are
78 Rapidash  /  very fast FIRE Pokémon and very powerful. They evolve at
                level 40, so it takes a long time and hard work to finally
                get Rapidash, a good prize and the fastest runner in the
                Pokémon world. One of my favorite pokemon as well.

79 Slowpoke  \  Water Psychic Pokémon. I hate these. They are dumb and
80 Slowbro   /  slow and are COMMON to catch. Slowpokes don't evolve until
                level 37.

81 Magnemite \  Eletric Pokémon. Not too special. (RARE) and are
82 Magneton  /  found in the power plant only. Magnemites evolve at level
                30. Use them for SELF-DESTRUCT in emergencies.

83 Farfetch'd   UNIQUE Pokémon gotten by trading a spearow in Vermillion
                City. A bird Pokémon which fights with its sword. I like
                its style... :) It has sword attacks like DOUBLE-EDGE
                and so forth.

84 Doduo     \  First a 2-headed bird and then 3 heads. They are COMMON
85 Dodrio    /  and are not too special. Doduo becomes Dodrio (with a
                significent added amount of power) at level 31. Seems
                to be a good candidate for TRI-ATTACK.

86 Seel      \  Cute ice Pokémon. (COMMON) They seem to have a lot of
87 Dewgong   /  health points but are not very strong. Seel evolves
                at level 34 into Dewgong.

88 Grimer    \  Bikers' choice of nasty Pokémon. They are sludgelike,
89 Muk       /  is RARE (In Pokémon mansion on Cinnibar) and are not
                too useful. If by any chance you care (or to waste the
                time), Grimers evolve at level 38.

90 Shellder  \  Another pair of uninteresting COMMON water Pokémon. There
91 Cloyster  /  are way too many of those... sigh. A Water Stone will
                evolve a Shellder into Cloyster.

92 Gastly    \  A ghostly trio. These Pokémon only appear
93 Haunter   |  in the Pokémon tower and are immune to physical attacks.
94 Gengar    /  92 becomes 93 at lv.25 and then Gengar by trading. Being
                the only Ghost Pokemon in the game, why not get some?
                They will totally vaporize everyone in the Karate Gym in
                Saffron City.

95 Onix      -  One of my favorite rock Pokémon. Does not evolve, and
                can BIND, HARDEN, and do a variety of rock attacks.
                Strong and can be trusted with. (UNCOMMON) can be found in
                the Rock Tunnel and Victory Road. Seems to be BROCK's
                choice pokemon.

96 Drowzee   \  The earliest found psychic Pokémon. They are very cool
97 Hypno     /  and easy to use. Added with DREAM EATER, they become VERY
                powerful. (RARE, found by Cerulean City) Drowzees evolve
                at level 26, and will gain a good amount of health too.
                Hypno has very high defense.

98 Krabby    \  Some of the few interesting water Pokémon. These are
99 Kingler   /  quite powerful and learns the 1-hit KO attack Gullotine
                eventually. (UNCOMMON) Krabby evolves at level 28.

100 Voltorb    \  Pokeball lookalikes. Can SELF DESTRUCT and do a varitey
101 Electrode  /  of electric attacks. (UNCOMMON) Voltorbs evolve at level
                  30, which is pretty quick if you get them at the Power

102 Exeggcute   \   Psychic water Pokémon things.... found in the safari
103 Exeggutor   /   zone, and I admit they are quite good. (RARE) The eggs
                    combine into Exeggutor with the help of a Leaf Stone.
                    Give EGG BOMB to one, and you have a superb Normal

104 Cubone     \    A mask seals these from electric attacks. These
105 Marowak    /    have very strong attacks like the BONE CLUB! (RARE)
                    Can be found in Victory Road and/or the Pokémon Tower.
                    Cubones turn into the Marowak at level 28.

106 Hitmonlee   \   Very useful fighting Pokémon. You can choose to pick
107 Hitmonchan  /   one (the former uses kicks and the latter punches)
                    after defeating the Blackbelts in the left Saffron
                    Gym. (UNIQUE) They start at level 30. My choice is
                    Hitmonchan, because he eventually learns 3 punches
                    of different elements, and can of course do good damage
                    against different enemies as well.

108 Lickitung   - Strange Pokémon I got by trading a Slowbro to a boy
                  at the end of the Cycling Road. It is of the normal
                  type and is yet to be discovered more. (UNIQUE) Its
                  tongue is twice the length of its body (useless trivia)

109 Koffing   \  James's (THE MAN) choice of Pokémon. Bikers use this a
110 Weezing   /  lot. They have attacks of poison and similar things. I
                 do not like them myself though... you can find them in
                 the Cinnibar Mansion. (UNCOMMON) The Koffing grows
                 heads and gets uglier at level 35.

111 Rhyhorn   \   A pair of rock Pokémon. The former evolves into the
112 Rhydon    /   latter. (COMMON) They reside in the Safari Zone,
                  Victory Road, and the Unknown Dungeon. Rhyhorns take
                  a LONG time to evolve, level 42 to be exact.

113 Chansey   -   A Pokémon of luck which I have only been able to find in
                  the Safari Zone and the Unknown dungeon. It has a very
                  good defense and seems to be able to learn many attacks.

114 Tangela  - A strange plant Pokémon. (UNCOMMON) I found one by Fushia
               City, but you can also trade one in the Cinnibar Lab. I
               don't think it is very useful.

115 Kangaskhan - A RARE Pokémon found in the Safari Zone. They seem very
                 hard to catch, but I heard they are quite useful.

116 Horsea   \      Misty would love these too. 116 and 118 evolves into
117 Seadra    \     117 and 119 respectively. They are good, COMMON water
118 Goldeen   /     Pokémon and gets powerful later. Horseas evolve at
119 Seaking  /      level 32, one level faster than Goldeen's 33.

120 Staryu   \    Misty's choice of water Pokémon (COMMON) they
121 Starmie  /    are pretty good in combat. A Water Stone makes a Staryu
                  evolve into Starmie.

122 Mr. mime   -  UNIQUE Pokémon, only gotten by trading an Abra
                  for it near Viridian City. It is a psychic Pokémon
                  and is very good in my opinion.

123 Scyther   -  RED's Safari Zone Pokémon (RARE). These look pretty
                 cool and are hard to catch.

124 Jynx    - A UNIQUE Pokémon found by trading a Poliwhirl for it in
              Cerulean City. It is of the ice type and can THRASH, a
              powerful attack.

125 Electabuzz   - Electric Pokémon only found in the RED power plant.
                   Considering not too many electric Pokémon exist, it
                   is a good choice. (RARE)

126 Magmar   - Fiery type Pokémon found in the Cinnibar Mansion. It
               seems to be VERY difficult to find in the BLUE version
               but is certainly possible. (RARE)

127 Pinsir    - BLUE's counterpart to scyther. (RARE) it is a Pokémon
                with a deadly cutting tool as its horns.

128 Tauros  -  Bull-like Pokémon in the Safari Zone (RARE). Haven't really
               tested this one out yet.

129 Magikarp  \   Magikarp can be found by fishing with the Old Rod and
130 Gyrados   /   evolves into Gryados at Lv.20. Magikarp is weak but
                  Gyrados is very strong. It's DRAGON RAGE is second
                  to none... (Okay, maybe the HYPER BEAM. :) develop it
                  near the beginning of the game, and you will get a
                  powerful pokemon by the time you fight MISTY.

131 Lapras  -  A Silph employee gives this water Pokémon to you. Why
               not let it SURF you around? (UNIQUE)

132 Ditto   -  Shapeshifter Pokémon from Pokémon League and/or Unknown
               Dungeon. can transform into other Pokémon. My goal is to
               be a ditto trainer, as ditto is THE MOST versaile pokemon!

133 Eevee     \  Eevee is gotten from the back of the Game Freak Building
134 Vaporeon  |  and it evolves into vaporeon with Water Stone, Joteon
135 Jolteon   |  with Thunder Stone, and Flareon with Fire Stone. It
136 Flareon   /  is very versatile and I suggest you fill a missing element
                 with this Pokémon. (UNIQUE)

137 Porygon   - A UNIQUE VR Pokémon which could be bought at the Game Center
                for 9999 coins (RED) or 6500 (BLUE).

138 Omanyte    \  A series of extinct Pokémon. Omanyte is from Helix
139 Omastar    |  and Kabuto Dome. They evolve into Omastar and Kabutops
140 Kabuto     |  at lv.40. Aerodactyl is from Old Amber behind the
141 Kabutops   |  Pewter Museum. The first four are water Pokémon and
142 Aerodactyl /  the last flying/rock. (UNIQUE)

143 Snorlax   \  UNIQUE Pokémon. Snorlax sleeps a lot and must be awaken
144 Articuno  |  using a Poke Flute. (there are 2 Snorlaxes). 144, 145, and
145 Zapdos    |  146 are Legendary Birds and are found in Seafoam Islands,
146 Moltres   /  Power Plant, and Victory Road respectively. All of these
                 are VERY powerful.

147 Dratini    \   Pokémon taking the longest to train and if you manage
148 Dragonair  |   to get a Dragonite, you've worked hard. 147 can only be
149 Dragonite  /   found by fishing in the Safari Zone or the Game Center.
                   They evolve into 148 at Lv. 30 and 149 at Lv. 55.

here is a pic by IceTiger of Dragonite:

                                      __ __
                               ___/  O     \
                              /____          \      __ _____
                               ____||          \  /     /        (
                               \----------/        \     /          (
                                        \  \        ---/           (
                                  ___ /  /   \      ______(
                                 ///   /__/__/     /  \
                                 |||   ///  ____ _/     \
                                 \|\|\///_/                 \| \
                                      \|\|\|     /             |\  \
                                       \   \  /                \\   \
                                        \    /            /       \|   |
                                         \ /           /            \/   |
                                          |         |____           |/   /
                                           \       \  \      \        \__/
                                              \     \    \     \/
                                       ____/     /_  _|      \------------/
                                     ///_|_______|\         |\

150 Mewtwo      \  A pair of legendary Pokémon (psychic). Mewtwo is UNIQUE
151 Mew         /  and can only be found in the Unknown Dungeon. Mew can
                   only be found via a code in the U.S. I have the BLUE
                   version of the code in this FAQ. There are also many
                   rumors, but none are confirmed.

-ABILITIES LIST-        By:  Jeff: Master of Annoyance

7	Leech seed
13	Vine Whip

22	Poison Powder
30 	Razor Leaf

43	Growth
55	Sleep powder
65 	Solar beam
9	Ember
15	Leer

24	Rage

36	Slash
42	Flamethrower
55	Fire spin
	Tail Whip
8	Bubble
15	Water gun

24	Bite
31	Withdraw

42	Skull bash
52	Hydro Pump
	String shot


12	Confusion
15	Poison powder
16	Stun Spore
17	Sleep powder
21	Supersonic
26	Whirlwind
32	Psybeam
	Poison Sting
	String shot


12	Fury attack
16 	Focus energy
20  Twin Needle
25  Rage
30  Pin Missile
35  Agility
5  	Sand Attack
12  Quick attack

21	Whirlwind
31	Wing attack

44	Agility
54	Mirror Move
	Tail whip
7	Quick attack
14	Hyper fang

27	Focus energy
41	Super fang
9	Leer
15  Fury Attack

25  Mirror move
34  Drill peck
43	Agility
10  Poison sting
17	Bite

27  Glare
36  Screech
47	Acid
9	Thunder wave
16  Quick attack
26	Swift
33  Agility
43  Thunder

10	Sand attack
17	Slash

27	Poison sting
36    Swift
47	Fury swipes
Nidoran Female
8	Scratch
14    Poison sting

23	Tail whip
32    Bite
41	Fury swipes
50	Double kick

23	Body slam
Nidoran Male
8	Horn attack
14    Poison sting

23	Focus energy
32	Fury attack
41	Horn drill
50	Double kick

23    Thrash
13	Sing
18	Double slap
24	Minimize
31	Metronome
39	Defense curl
48	Light screen

	Tail whip
16	Quick attack
21    Roar
28	Confuse ray
35	Flamethrower
42	Fire spin

9	Pound
14	Disable
19	Defense curl
24	Double slap
29	Rest
34	Body slam
39	Double edge

	Leech life
10	Supersonic
15	Bite
21	Confuse ray

32	Wing attack
43	Haze
15    Poison powder
17	Stun spore
19	Sleep powder

28	Acid
38	Petal dance
52	Solar beam

13	Stun spore
20    Leech life

30  Spore
39  Slash
48	Growth
24	Poison powder
27	Leech life
30	Stun spore

38	Psybeam
43	Sleep powder
50	Psychic
15    Growl
19	Dig
24	Sand attack

35	Slash
47	Earthquake
12	Bite
17	PAY DAY!!!
24	Screech

37	Fury swipes
51	Slash
28	Tail whip
31	Disable

39	Confusion
48	Fury Swipes
59	Hydro pump
15	Karate chop
21	Fury attack
27	Focus energy

37	Seismic toss
46	Thrash
18	Ember
23	Leer
30    Take down
39	Agility
50	Flamethrower

16	Hypnosis
19	Water gun

26	Double slap
33    Body slam
41	Amnesia
49	Hydro pump


16	Confusion
20	Disable
27	Psybeam
31	Recover
38	Psychic
42	Reflect

	Karate chop
20 	Low kick
25	Leer

36	Focus energy
44    Seismic toss
52	Submission

	Vine whip
13	Wrap
15	Poison powder
18	Sleep powder

23	Stun spore
29	Acid
38	Razor leaf
49	Slam

7	Supersonic
13	Wrap
18	Poison sting
22	Watergun
27	Constrict

35	Barrier
43	Screech
50	Hydro pump
11	Defense curl
16	Rock throw
21    Self-destruct

29	Harden
36	Earthquake
43	Explosion

30    Tail Whip
32    Stomp
35    Growl

39    Fire spin
47    Take Down
55    Agility
18    Disable
22    Headbutt
27    Growl
33    Water Gun

37    Withdrawl
44    Amnesia
55    Psychic
21    Sonicboom
25    Thundershock
29    Supersonic
35    Thunder Wave

46    Swift
54    Screech
      Sand Attack
 7    Leer
15    Fury Attack
23    Swords Dance
31    Agility
39    Slash
20    Growl
34    Fury Attack
30    Drill peck
36    Rage
40    Tri-Attack
44    Agility


36    Rage
40    Tri-attack
44    Agility
30    Growl


35    Aurora Beam
44    Rest
50    Take Down
56    Ice Beam
30    Poison Gas
33    Minimize
37    Sludge


42    Harden
48    Screech
55    Acid Armor
18    Supersonic
23    Clamp
30    Aurora Beam
39    Leer
50    Ice Beam

50    Spike Cannon
27    Hypnosis
38    Dream Eater

29    Hypnosis
38    Dream Eater

Gengar (See Huanter)
15    Bind
19    Rock Throw
25    Rage
33    Slam
43    Harden
12    Disable
19    Confusion
24    Headbutt
29    Poison Gas
32    Psychic
37    Mediate

33    Poison Gas
37    Psychic
43    Mediate
7	Stomp
15	Disable
23	Defense Curl
31	Slam
39	Screech
32	Sludge
37	Smokescreen
40	Selfdestruct
45	Haze
48	Explosion

39	Smokescreen
43	Selfdestruct
49	Haze
53	Explosion
	Horn Attack
30	Stomp
35	Tail Whip
40	Fury Attack
45	Horn Drill
50  Leer
55	Take Down

48	Horn Drill
55	Leer
64	Take Down
24	Sing
30	Growl
38	Minimize
44	Defense Curl
48	Light Screen
54	Double Edge
29	Absorb
32	Poisonpowder
36	Stun Spore
39	Sleep Powder
45	Slam
49	Growth
	Comet Punch
29	Bite
32 	Tail Whip
36	Mega Punch
39	Leer
45	Dizzy Punch
19	Smoke Screen
24	Leer
30	Water Gun	
37	Agility
45	Hydro Pump

41	Agility
52	Hydro Pump
	Tail Whip
19	Supersonic
24	Horn Attack
30	Fury Attack
37	Waterfall
45	Horn Drill
54	Agility

39	Waterfall
48	Horn Drill
54	Agility
17	Watergun
22	Harden
27	Recover
32	Swift
37	Minimize
42	Light Screen
47	Hydro Pump

23	Light Screen
31	Double Slap
39	Meditate
47	Substitute
	Quick Attack
17	Leer
20	Focus Energy
24	Double Team
29	Slash
35	Swords Dance
42	Agility
	Lovely Kiss
15 	Sing
23	Double Slap
31	Ice Punch
39	Meditate
47	Blizzard

20    Vice Grip
25    Guilotine

34    Stomp
42    Crab Hammer
49    Harden
17    Sonicboom
22    Self Destruct
29    Light Screen

40    Swift
50    Explosion
25    Reflect
28    Leech Seed
32    Stun Spore
37    Poison Powder
42    Solarbeam
48    Sleep Powder

28    Stomp
      Bone Club
25    Leer

33    Focus Energy
41    Thrash
48    Bonemerang
55    Rage
      Double Kick
33    Rolling Kick
38    Jump Kick
43    Focus Energy
48    High Jump Kick
53    Mega Kick

      Comet Punch
33    Fire Punch
38    Ice Punch
43    Thunder Punch
48    Mega Punch
53    Counter
      Quick Attack
34    Thundershock
37    Screech
42    Thunder Punch
49    Light Screen
54    Thunder
36    Leer
39    Confuse Ray
43    Fire Punch
48    Smoke Screen
52    Smog
55    Flamethrower
      Vice Grip
25    Seismic Toss
30    Guillotine
36    Focus Energy
43    Harden
49    Slash
54    Swords Dance
21    Stomp
28    Tail Whip
35    Leer
44    Rage
51    Take Down
15    Tackle

20    Bite
25    Dragon Rage
32    Leer
41    Hydro Pump
52    Hyper Beam
      Water Gun
16    Sing
20    Mist
25    Body Slam
31    Confuse Ray
38    Ice Beam
46    Hydro Pump
      Sand Attack
27    Quick Attack
31    Tail Whip
37    Bite
45    Take Down

      Sand Attack
27    Quick Attack
31    Water Gun
37    Tail Whip
40    Bite
42    Acid Armor
44    Haze
48    Mist
54    Hydro Pump

      Sand Attack
27    Quick Attack
31    Thundershock
37    Tail Whip
40    Thunder Wave
42    Double Kick
44    Agility
48    Pin Missile
54    Thunder

      Sand Attack
27    Quick Attack
31    Ember
37    Tail Whip
40    Bite
42    Leer
44    Fire Spin
48    Rage
54    Flamethrower
23    Psybeam
28    Harden
35    Agility
42    Tri Attack
34    Horn Attack
39    Leer
46    Spike Cannon
53    Hydro Pump

44    Spike Cannon
49    Hydro Pump
34    Absorb
39    Slash
44    Leer
49    Hydro Pump

45    Leer
53    Hydro Pump
      Wing Attack
33    Supersonic
38    Bite
45    Take Down
54    Hyper Beam
35    Body Slam
41    Harden
48    Double Edge
56    Hyper Beam
      Ice Beam
51    Blizzard
55    Agility
60    Mist

      Drill Peck
51    Thunder
55    Agility
60    Light Screen

      Fire Spin
51    Leer
55    Agility
60    Sky Attack
10    Thunder Wave
20    Agility
30    Slam
40    Dragon Rage
50    Hyper Beam

35    Slam
45    Dragon Rage
55    Hyper Beam

60    Hyper Beam
63    Barrier
66    Psychic
70    Recover

10    Transform
20    Mega Punch
30    Metronome
40    Psychic

                       Pokemon Hall of Fame (Jonathan Reynolds)

                   With Max "Steroids" (HP UP, Protein, etc.)
                            1st and 2nd best pokemom

              Highest HP                             Highest Attack
              __________                             ______________

    Normal:  Chansey - 666                 Fire:     Flareon - 331
   Psychic:  Mewtwo - 368                 Dragon:   Dragonite - 330

              Highest Def                            Highest Speed
              _______________                        _____________

 Rock/Ground:   Golem - 315                Psychic:   Mewtwo - 316
   Water:     Blastoise - 262              Psychic:  Alakazam - 294

                                 Highest Special

                       Psychic:   Mewtwo - 369
                        Ghost:    Gengar - 332

                               6 Highest Pokemon
       (Attack, Def, Speed, and Spec, added together and divided by 4)

                 Psychic:         Mewtwo - 302
                 Dragon:        Dragonite - 266.5
                 Electric:        Zapdos - 266
                 Water/Flying:  Gyarados - 255.25
                 Ice/Flying:    Articuno - 252.75
                 Ghost:          Gengar - 247.75

                               6 Highest Pokemon
      (HP, Attack, Def, Speed, and Spec, added together and divided by 5)

                 Psychic:       Mewtwo - 315.2
                 Dragon:        Dragonite - 281
                 Electric:       Zapdos - 280     /
                 Water/Flying:  Gyarados - 275.6 ** - - -
                 Ice/Flying:    Articuno - 274.4  \     |
                 Ghost:          Gengar - 256.8        |
                                                - - -
                        The ultimate team: - - -

	What made Pokemon special? When it was created, Game Freak + Nintendo
had only expected the new aspects of the game to be a quick fad, lasting a
couple of months at least. Instead, a whole franchise was created, including
television shows, more games (still going), collectible card games, and

	My two cents on this is the new critical SOCIAL aspect of the game.
Pokemon players must now meet other people to interact to collect everything.
RPG players tend to have a OCD about getting EVERYTHING, and to play this game,
that is what they had to do. Buy all the cartridges, meet all the players, and
the competitive nature makes them play more and more to build up their team
against other players.

	Of course, using the psychology of the player is very important. As a quick
followup, Nintendo quickly realized that they could abuse more of this aspect of
the player, and logically created more pokemon and trading card games as well,
appeasing the "collection" fetish that these players have.

	And of course the other biggest thing was exactly the freedom you have in
a role-playing game. There was a story each time you caught a pokemon, either
when someone gives it to you or by you defeating it in combat. Naming them,
fostering them with pills, bringing them into battle... they are all
which is the wonder of having a pet for yourself. To me, there will only be one
pikachu, the pikachu that I first caught in Cerulean Forest with amazingly low
defense, but I kept it. I named it Pickachu because I couldn't spell Pikachu.
To this day, that is MY pikachu, though level 84 now, it somehow connects with
as did that Magikarp-turned Garulos named Fishy that I painstakingly trained.

	Lesson to game designers? Find the weakness of the target audience and
exploit them. Also, personalize your game, make the player feel that THEIR game,
THEIR characters, and THEIR items are truly special, in their own world. The
anime notices this a lot, exploring the emotional relationship between the
and their trainers, and having new pokemon come up every episode to let the
be satisfied at the vast world. One makes a world to savor it.

	Whew! I'm pooped! Thanks for the people how helped me in Pokémon,
and many other files I found, I was able to write this file. This is my
first attempt at a walkthru, so please criticize/thank me by writing to me
at cronot@erols.com.

	See you!

	Copyright 1998 by KR Zhang. Pokémon and related are copyrighted
        or whatever by Game Freaks Inc, Nintendo, and Creatures Inc. This
        was not done to get profit, etc.

	Special thanks to:

	Other Pokemoners

	Syraxx, who wrote a walkthru that this was based on, and also the
	walkthrough which helped me a lot in the game!

	Wolfcollector, who wrote the moon stone locations.	

	KG790@aol.com, who sent me a TM list and Pokémon list.

	Thomas F. Dale, who gave me an idea to do information on strong

      Pokémon.com, a lot of information

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