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Mini-FAQ by JThomas

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/06/99

Date: Wed, 06 Jan 1999 18:23:27 PST

             ®  PokéMon Mini-FAQ        ®
              ®  Version 1.0             ®  
               ®  By: JThomas             ®
                ®  LinkThomas@hotmail.com  ®

Revision History
Version 1.0
-In new Versions I might add a Walkthrough 
 and strategies to beat the Gym Leaders.
_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_Table of Contents_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_
I. PokéMon
II. TMs & HMs
III. Gym Leaders, Badges, & The Elite Four
IV. Disclaimer
#  |Name        |Type          |Evolves into  |At Level |With item |Ver.
001|Bulbasaur   |Grass/Poison  |Ivysaur       |16       |N/A       |Both
002|Ivysaur     |Grass/Poison  |Venusaur      |32       |N/A       |Both
003|Venusaur    |Grass/Poison  |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
004|Charmander  |Fire          |Charmeleon    |16       |N/A       |Both
005|Charmeleon  |Fire          |Charizard     |36       |N/A       |Both
006|Charizard   |Fire          |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
007|Squirtle    |Water         |Wartortle     |16       |N/A       |Both
008|Wartortle   |Water         |Blastoise     |36       |N/A       |Both
009|Blastoise   |Water         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
010|Caterpie    |Bug           |Metapod       |7        |N/A       |Both
011|Metapod     |Bug           |Butterfree    |10       |N/A       |Both
012|Butterfree  |Bug           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
013|Weedle      |Bug/Poison    |Kakuna        |7        |N/A       |Both
014|Kakuna      |Bug/Poison    |Beedrill      |10       |N/A       |Both
015|Beedrill    |Bug/Poison    |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
016|Pidgey      |Normal/Flying |Pidgeotto     |18       |N/A       |Both
017|Pidgeotto   |Normal/Flying |Pidgeon       |36       |N/A       |Both
018|Pidgeon     |Normal/Flying |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
019|Rattata     |Normal        |Raticate      |20       |N/A       |Both
020|Raticate    |Normal        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
021|Spearow     |Normal/Flying |Fearow        |20       |N/A       |Both
022|Fearow      |Normal/Flying |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
023|Ekans       |Poison        |Arbok         |22       |N/A       |Red
024|Arbok       |Poison        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Red
025|Pikachu     |Electric      |Raichu        |N/A      |T. Stone  |Both
026|Raichu      |Electric      |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
027|Sandshrew   |Ground        |Sandslash     |22       |N/A       |Blue
028|Sandslash   |Ground        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Blue
029|Nidoran (F) |Poison        |Nidorina      |16       |N/A       |Both
030|Nidorina    |Poison        |Nidoqueen     |N/A      |M. Stone  |Both
031|Nidoqueen   |Poison        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
032|Nidoran (M) |Poison        |Nidorino      |16       |N/A       |Both
033|Nidorino    |Poison        |Nidoking      |N/A      |M. Stone  |Both
034|Nidoking    |Poison        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
035|Clefairy    |Normal        |Clefable      |N/A      |M. Stone  |Both
036|Clefable    |Normal        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
037|Vulpix      |Fire          |Ninetales     |N/A      |F. Stone  |Blue
038|Ninetales   |Fire          |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Blue
039|Jigglypuff  |Normal        |Wigglytuff    |N/A      |M. Stone  |Both
040|Wigglytuff  |Normal        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
041|Zubat       |Poison/Flying |Gorbat        |22       |N/A       |Both
042|Gorbat      |Poison/Flying |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
043|Oddish      |Grass/Poison  |Gloom         |21       |N/A       |Red
044|Gloom       |Grass/Poison  |Vileplume     |N/A      |L. Stone  |Red
045|Vileplume   |Grass/Poison  |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Red
046|Paras       |Bug/Grass     |Parasect      |21       |N/A       |Both
047|Parasect    |Bug/Grass     |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
048|Venonat     |Bug           |Venomoth      |34       |N/A       |Both
049|Venomoth    |Bug           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
050|Diglett     |Ground        |Dugtrio       |Bands in groups of 3|Both
051|Dugtrio     |Ground        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
052|Meowth      |Normal        |Persian       |28       |N/A       |Blue
053|Persian     |Normal        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Blue
054|Psyduck     |Psychic       |Golduck       |33       |N/A       |Both
055|Golduck     |Psychic       |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
056|Mankey      |Fighting      |Primeape      |28       |N/A       |Red
057|Primeape    |Fighting      |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Red
058|Growlithe   |Fire          |Arcanine      |N/A      |F. Stone  |Red
059|Arcanine    |Fire          |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Red
060|Poliwag     |Water         |Poliwhirl     |25       |N/A       |Both
061|Poliwhirl   |Water         |Poliwrath     |N/A      |W. Stone  |Both
062|Poliwrath   |Water         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
063|Abra        |Psychic       |Kadabra       |16       |N/A       |Both
064|Kadabra     |Psychic       |Alakazam      |Trade with a friend |Both
065|Alakazam    |Psychic       |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
066|Machop      |Fighting      |Machoke       |28       |N/A       |Both
067|Machoke     |Fighting      |Machamp       |Trade with a friend |Both
068|Machamp     |Fighting      |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
069|Bellsprout  |Grass/Poison  |Weepinbell    |21       |N/A       |Blue
070|Weepinbell  |Grass/Poison  |Victreebell   |N/A      |L. Stone  |Blue
071|Victreebell |Grass/Poison  |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Blue
072|Tentacool   |Water/Poison  |Tentacruel    |30       |N/A       |Both
073|Tentacruel  |Water/Poison  |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
074|Geodude     |Rock/Ground   |Graveler      |25       |N/A       |Both
075|Graveler    |Rock/Ground   |Golem         |Trade with a friend |Both
076|Golem       |Rock/Ground   |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
077|Pontya      |Fire          |Rapidash      |40       |N/A       |Both
078|Rapidash    |Fire          |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
079|Slowpoke    |Water/Psychic |Slowbro       |32       |N/A       |Both
080|Slowbro     |Water/Psychic |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
081|Magnemite   |Electric      |Magneton      |30       |N/A       |Both
082|Magneton    |Electric      |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
083|Farfetch'd  |Normal/Flying |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
084|Doduo       |Normal/Flying |Dodrio        |31       |N/A       |Both
085|Dotrio      |Normal/Flying |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
086|Seel        |Water         |Dewgong       |34       |N/A       |Both
087|Dewgong     |Water         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
088|Grimer      |Poison        |Muk           |38       |N/A       |Both
089|Muk         |Poison        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
090|Shellder    |Water         |Cloyster      |N/A      |W. Stone  |Both
091|Cloyster    |Water         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
092|Gastly      |Ghost         |Haunter       |25       |N/A       |Both
093|Haunter     |Ghost         |Gengar        |Trade with a friend |Both
094|Gengar      |Ghost         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
095|Onix        |Rock/Ground   |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
096|Drowzee     |Psychic       |Hypno         |26       |N/A       |Both
097|Hypno       |Psychic       |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
098|Krabby      |Water         |Kingler       |28       |N/A       |Both
099|Kingler     |Water         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
100|Voltorb     |Electric      |Electrode     |30       |N/A       |Both
101|Electrode   |Electric      |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
102|Eggsecute   |Grass/Psychic |Eggsecutor    |N/A      |L. Stone  |Both
103|Eggsecutor  |Grass/Psychic |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
104|Cubone      |Ground        |Marowak       |28       |N/A       |Both
105|Marowak     |Ground        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
106|Hitmonlee   |Fighting      |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
107|Hitmonchan  |Fighting      |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
108|Likitung    |???           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Red
109|Koffing     |Poison        |Weezing       |35       |N/A       |Both
110|Weezing     |Poison        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
111|Rhyhorn     |Rock/Ground   |Rhydon        |42       |N/A       |Both
112|Rhydon      |Rock/Ground   |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
113|Chansey     |???           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
114|Tangela     |Grass         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
115|Kangaskhan  |???           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
116|Horsea      |Water/Dragon  |Seadra        |32       |N/A       |Both
117|Seadra      |Water/Dragon  |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
118|Goldeen     |Water         |Neptune       |33       |N/A       |Both
119|Neptune     |Water         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
120|Staryu      |Water/Psychic |Starmie       |N/A      |W. Stone  |Both
121|Starmie     |Water/Psychic |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
122|Mr. Mime    |Psychic       |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
123|Scyther     |???           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Red
124|Jynx        |Psychic       |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
125|Electrabuzz |Electric      |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Red
126|Magmar      |Fire          |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Blue
127|Pinsir      |???           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Blue
128|Tauros      |???           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
129|Magikarp    |Water         |Gyarados      |20       |N/A       |Both
130|Gyarados    |Water/Dragon  |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
131|Lapras      |Water         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
132|Ditto       |???           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both  
133|Eevee       |Normal        |Depends       |W.,T., or F. Stone  |Both
134|Vaporeon    |Water         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both               
135|Jolteon     |Electric      |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
136|Flareon     |Fire          |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
137|Porygon     |???           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
138|Omnite      |Water         |Omster        |40       |N/A       |Both
139|Omster      |Water         |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
140|Kabuto      |???           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
141|Kabutops    |???           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
142|Areodactyl  |Flying        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
143|Snorlax     |Normal        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
144|Articuno    |Ice           |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
145|Zapdos      |Electric      |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
146|Moltres     |Fire          |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
147|Dratini     |Dragon        |Dragnare      |30       |N/A       |Both
148|Dragnare    |Dragon        |Dragnite      |55       |N/A       |Both
149|Dragnite    |Dragon        |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
150|Mewtwo      |Psychic       |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
151|Mew         |Psychic       |N/A           |N/A      |N/A       |Both
II. TMs & HMs
Technical Machines
# |Name             |Where Found?
01|Mega Punch       |Mt. Moon & Celadon Dept. Store
02|Razor Wind       |Celadon Dept. Store & Game Center
03|Sword Dance      |Saffron City - Silph Co.
04|Whirlwind        |Route 4
05|Mega Kick        |Victory Road & Celadon Dept. Store
06|Toxic            |Fuchsia City - PokéMon Gym
07|Horn Drill       |Celadon City & Game Corner
08|Body Slam        |Vermilion City - PokéMon Gym
09|Take Down        |Saffron City & Celadon Dept. Store
10|Double-Edge      |Celadon City & Game Corner
11|Bubble Beam      |Cerulean City - PokéMon Gym
12|Water Gun        |Mt. Moon - Cave
13|Ice Beam         |Celadon Dept. Store
14|Blizzard         |Cinnabar Island
15|Hyper Beam       |Celadon City
16|Pay Day          |Route 12
17|Submission       |Victory Road & Celadon Dept. Store
18|Counter          |Celadon Dept. Store
19|Seismic Toss     |Route 25
20|Rage             |Route 15
21|Mega Toss        |Celadon City - PokéMon Gym
22|Solarbeam        |Cinnabar Island
23|Dragon Rage      |Celadon City
24|Thunderbolt      |Vermilion City - PokéMon Gym
25|Thunder          |Power Plant
26|Earthquake       |Saffron City - Silph Co.
27|Fissure          |Viridian City - PokéMon Gym
28|Dig              |Cerulean City
29|Psychic          |Saffron City
30|Teleport         |Route 9
31|Mimic            |Saffron City
32|Double Team      |Fuchsia City & Celadon Dept. Store
33|Reflect          |Power Plant & Celadon Dept. Store
34|Bide             |Pewter City - PokéMon Gym
35|Metronome        |Cinnabar Island - PokéMon Lab
36|Self Destuct     |Saffron City - Silph Co.
37|Egg Bomb         |Fuchsia City & Celadon Dept. Store
38|Fire Blast       |Cinnabar Island - PokéMon Gym
39|Swift            |Route 12 - Lookout Station
40|Skull Bash       |Fuchsia City - Safari Zone
41|Softboiled       |Celadon City
42|Dream Eater      |Viridian City
43|Sky Attack       |Victory Road
44|Rest             |Vermilion City - S.S Anne
45|Thunder Wave     |Route 24
46|Psywave          |Saffron City - PokéMon Gym
47|Explosion        |Victory Road
48|Rock Slide       |Celadon Dept. Store
49|Tri Attack       |Celadon Dept. Store
50|Substitute       |Celadon City
Hidden Machines
#|Name              |Where Found?
1|Cut               |S.S Anne
2|Fly               |Route 16
3|Surf              |Fuchsia City - Safari Zone
4|Strength          |Fuchsia City
5|Flash             |Route 2
Gym Leaders
Brock - Pewter City Gym
Brock has Geodude - Lvl. 12
          Onix - Lvl. 14
Misty - Cerulean City Gym
Misty has Staryu - Lvl. 18
          Starmie - Lvl. 21
Lt. Surge - Vermilion City Gym
Surge has Voltorb - Lvl. 21
          Pikachu - Lvl. 18
          Raichu - Lvl. 24
Erika - Celadon City Gym
Erika has Victreebel - Lvl. 29
          Tangela - Lvl. 24
          Vileplum - Lvl. 29
Sabrina - Saffron City Gym
Sabrina has Kadabra - Lvl. 38
            Mr. Mime - Lvl. 37
            Venomoth - Lvl. 38
            Alakazam - Lvl. 43
Koga - Fuchsia City Gym
Koga has Koffing - Lvl. 37
         Muk - Lvl. 39
         Koffing - Lvl. 37
         Weezing - Lvl. 43
Blaine - Cinnabar City Gym
Blaine has Growlithe - Lvl. 42
           Pontya - Lvl. 40
           Rapidash - Lvl. 42
           Arcanine - Lvl. 47
Giovanni - Viridian City Gym
Giovanni has Rhyhorn - Lvl. 45
             Dugtrio - Lvl. 42
             Nidoqueen - Lvl. 43
             Nidoking - Lvl. 45
             Rhydon - Lvl. 50
Boulderbadge - Gives all your PokéMon a small boost in power.
Cascadebadge - Lets you use the Cut ability.
Thunderbadge - Gives all your PokéMon's speed
Rainbowbadge - All of your PokéMon up to Lvl. 50 will obey you.
Marshbadge - All of your PokéMon up to Lvl. 70 will obey you.
Soulbadge - Boosts the defence in all your PokéMon.
Volcanobadge - Gives all your PokéMon a small boost in special.
Earthbadge - All of your PokéMon will obey you, no matter what the Level
The Elite Four
Lorelei - First of Four
She has Dewgong - Lvl. 54
        Cloyster - Lvl. 53
        Slowbro - Lvl. 54
        Jynx - Lvl. 56
        Lapras - Lvl. 56
Bruno - Second of Four
He has Onix - Lvl. 53
       Hitmonchan - Lvl. 55
       Hitmonlee - Lvl. 55
       Onix - Lvl. 56
       Machamp - Lvl. 58
Agatha - Third of Four
She has Gengar - Lvl. 56
        Golbat - Lvl. 56
        Haunter - Lvl. 55
        Arbok - Lvl. 58
        Gengar - Lvl. 60
Lance - Final of Four
He has Gyarados - Lvl. 58
       Dragonair - Lvl. 56
       Dragonair - Lvl. 56
       Aerodactyl - Lvl. 60
       Dragonite - Lvl. 62
© 1999 All Rights Reserved.  All information in this FAQ is my own. If 
you want to use any part of this FAQ, get permission from me first, then
credit me. If there's anything wrong contact me (LinkThomas@hotmail.com) 
and I'll credit you in the next revision.

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