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FAQ/Walkthrough by marshmallow

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/27/99

  *************************** POKEMON *********************************
   ********************** COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH **********************
                       - Red/Blue Version -

                           Author: marshmallow
                  E-mail Address: m_mallow@hotmail.com
                           Version 1.0

   As Jeff "CJayC" Veasey, owner/webmaster of Gamefaqs, opens up this 
file, he groans in agony as he must post yet another FAQ for the crack-
like Gameboy game, Pokemon. He thinks to himself, "Geez, there are 
already 30 FAQs for this game, why did that nutcase make another"?

   In all honesty, I shouldn't have made this FAQ, but something inside 
me made me. It's the FAQ instinct that forces me to make FAQs for games 
I like, or in some cases, hate. Actually, many of the Pokemon Guides on 
Gamefaqs suck cheese, the only REALLY good ones are from: Jimmy Vu, 
MMeevasin, and my good friend, MetroidMoo. Hopefully, this FAQ will be 
as good as theirs (MetroidMoo's being the absolute best overall). Read 
on and tell me what you think! 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
- Version 0.9 -  

Revision History:

July 27th, 1999 - Minor corrections to the "PokeDex" section. I also 
tried to fix the "Collecting the Cascade Badge" intro, but something is 
horribly screwed up with it. Hope I did it correctly this time... 
July 25th, 1999 - First release...I worked my Pikachu off making this 
FAQ, it took a lot more work than most other guides for some reason...So 
go read it all, you ungrateful slobs. 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The most updated version of this FAQ can be found at: www.gamefaqs.com. 
If you find it/download it from another site, make sure to check out 
Gamefaqs and see if the site has the most updated. If it doesn't, notify 
the webmaster immediately. I absolutely hate it when sites have outdated 
versions of my FAQs.

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - - - 
1) Disclaimer
2) The Cartoon
3) F.A.Q
4) Walkthrough
5) Optional Areas
6) Secrets
7) Online PokeDex
8) Pokemon Lists Galore/Best Teams
9) Items
10) Credits
11) Legal Section
12) Contact Information

Note: I recommend reading my walkthrough even if you can beat the game, 
as it offers very different strategies when compared to other FAQs. 
Originality is hard to find these days...


RPGs...an entire genre of video-games. It also means that people will do 
FAQs and guides for games that are RPGs. RPGs really don't have anything 
to do with playing a role (you do this in all games except certain 
puzzlers), but more of menu-based combat. Between you and me, I think 
real-time combat absolutely crushes menus...but that's my opinion. 
Getting to the point, RPG FAQs almost ALWAYS have tons and tons of 
charts about armor and stats, evolution, and loads of other crap. The 
reasons you will never see me do an RPG FAQ with the above sections 

1. 	You don't need it to complete the game.

2. 	If you're stuck it won't help in any way shape or form.

3. 	It hogs up space and makes your FAQ (and the game) look far more 
complicated than it really is, plus it frightens the low-minded readers 
(which make up roughly 80% of the Internet population)


Airing on everyday except Saturday, the Pokemon Cartoon Show can be 
found on the WB (Warner Brothers) station, among many others. Check your 
local listings for the time. 

This show is absolutely AWESOME! It's well-drawn, well-designed, pretty 
darn original (hard to find these days), and...IT HAS POKEMON! Yes, all 
of the obscene little monsters make their appearance, often looking very 
cute and adorable. If it wasn't for the Pokemon, I probably wouldn't 
watch it. Sad, I know, but I like it. The show is so stupid and insane 
it's funny...

                             "Pika-a! PIKA?!?" 

I already have nine episodes on tape, and I plan to tape them all, then 
watch them over and over until my eyes glaze over and I slip into a 
coma. And they say Pokemon is too addictive...


Q: Did you know that this is the first section of your guide that has 
anything to do with the Gameboy games? 
A: Yes.


Q: What is Pokemon? 
A: Good morning Rip-Van Winkle, I hope you enjoyed your 25-year nap. 
Pokemon is a Gameboy game that features a kid named Ash, who lives in a 
world of Pokemon. Pokemon themselves range from tiny mouse-like 
creatures to 20 foot dragons that shoot fire. Either way, Pokemon are 
captured and trained, then they fight each other. This is the basic 
premise of the game, although it's a lot more complicated than that. In 
fact, I would go as far to say that Pokemon is the most complicated 
Gameboy game on the market!

Pokemon fever has spread-world wide, and there are hundreds of spin-
offs, including a television show, tons of toys, cards, dolls, plush 
statues, sunglasses, CD cases, and every other electronic item under the 


Q: Can you explain the various Pokemon games? 
A: First, there's RED, GREEN, and BLUE, for the Gameboy. This is what 
the FAQ is about, so I won't bother to explain it. The only differences 
between them is the fact that some Pokemon are rarer than others, and 
some Pokemon can ONLY be found in one version or the other. 

The YELLOW version, which hasn't reached the U.S. yet, is basically the 
same as RED and BLUE, except there are many different kinds of things. 
For example, you start out with Pikachu, just like the show. In fact, 
many of the things in YELLOW were inspired by the television show.

SILVER and GOLD, which aren't completed yet, are full blown sequels and 
includes TONS of new features. For example, there is a day/night clock, 
you can breed Pokemon, and speaking of the little devils, the maximum 
has rocketed up to a total of...250!

Then we move away from Gameboy and turn to the Nintendo 64. Basically, 
there's POKEMON STADIUM, where you can transmit the Pokemon from the 
Gameboy and upload it into the Nintendo 64, then fight each other in 
full-blown 3D. The graphics are quite nice, and the Pokemon/attacks look 

Then there's POKEMON SNAP, where instead of capturing them in Poke 
Balls, you shoot them. More specifically, you shoot them with a camera 
:) You need to lure them out with bait you can find around the land to 
get them out of hiding, or use various traps. All 151 Pokemon ARE NOT in 
this, only about 130. Cheap! Anyways, you get rated on the quality of 
the picture, and you keep playing until you get the absolute best 
picture for each.

Of course, there are sure to be many more games, because the Pokemon 
disease isn't dying out anytime soon. Hopefully, Nintendo will wise up 
and release a brand new, 3D Pokemon for the Next-Generation Nintendo 
System, the "Dolphin." Hell, they'd be crazy not to have it as a 
flagship title! I can't wait for that machine...


Q: Where's the <Pokeflute, Silph Scope, Card Key, etc.>? 
A: That can be found in the walkthrough, you lunatic. 


Q: Is there a way to capture Mew in the American version WITHOUT using a 
cheat code?  
A: No. Although, Nintendo had a contest a while back where they would 
upload Mew into 151 winners. Damn you Nintendo, you cruel, rich tyrants!


Q: I killed <Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Snorlax, Mewtwo>, where can I 
find another one? 
A: Once you kill a one-time Pokemon, THEY ARE GONE FOREVER! Therefore, 
you should save beforehand, and if you accidentally kill them, reset and 
try again. Except for Snorlax and Moltres, those Pokemon are the most 
powerful of their element, so be SURE to get them.


Q: I need another Master Ball...Where do I get one? 
A: Once you expend it, that's it. There's only one way to get the Master 
Ball in the game (at least without the MissingNo trick). If you use the 
MissingNo trick, then you can have 99 Master Balls! For the trick, see 
the Secrets section. 


Q: What does "HM" and TM" stand for? 
A: Hidden Machines and Technical Machines, respectively.


Q: Is it important to get all of the HMs and TMs? 
A: You need all of the HMs in the game except for FLY if you wish to 
complete the game. You don't need any of the TMs if you want to win, but 
many of them grant powerful attacks that couldn't be learned otherwise.


Q: I tried to teach a Pokemon a specific HM/TM, but it says it's not 
compatible! What does this mean? 
A: The HM/TM will only work with the correct elemental Pokemon. For 
example, let's say you got the TM, Bubblebeam. This is a rather powerful 
water attack...you can give it to a water-Pokemon like Squirtle, but it 
won't work with rock-types, like Geodude for instance. Throughout the 
walkthrough, I will tell you which ones you can equip to what, and even 
give suggestions.


Q: Why don't you have a section that lists all of the TMs? 
A: For one, I don't know where they ALL are, I just point out the ones I 
do know about, or ones that are very helpful. There are literally 
hundreds of sites and FAQs that have lists, so look elsewhere.

Q: How do I move the truck near the S.S. Anne with STRENGTH? 
A: You can't -- it was a pointless rumor, about Mew I believe.


Q: I'm having a lot of trouble catching <Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, 
Snorlax, Mewtwo> and I want it really bad. Can you help? 
A: I have a special section, titled "Optional Areas." In them, I list 
how to catch the secret Pokemon in each. It's kinda strange, because I'm 
DETAILED!! Whoa! Scary! 


Q: Can you buy a Bicycle without a BIKE VOUCHER? 
A: No. It costs a whopping $1,000,000, and the maximum you can have is 


Q: I beat <insert Gym Leader here> and he said I can use the HM ability 
of <HM ability goes here>. But, how do I use it? 
A: The translation of that part wasn't the best. First off, the badge 
only ALLOWS you to use it, you need to find the appropriate HM before 
you can use it. Similarly, you can't use the HM without the Badge.


Q: What happens when you collect all 150 Pokemon? 
A: A man in Celadon city will give you a diploma, at least in the U.S. 
version. In the Japanese version, the man will hand over the 151st 
Pokemon...MEW! Nintendo is twisted and rather morbid. Why did they do 
this?? At least you can still get Mew with a code...


Q: Why won't my Pokemon obey me? 
A: It's too powerful and can't be calmed! You trained it way too much, 
in other words. Remember, too much love can be dangerous. However, you 
can regain control by, once again, getting a Badge, which will allow you 
to have Pokemon up to a certain level obey. Eventually, you can control 
any Pokemon no matter how powerful it is.


Q: How do I get all three starter Pokemon? 
A: Either a game-genie code, or get a friend with a link-up cable and 
keep trading until you both have all three (trust me, they won't just 
give you three starters for nothing). A few other FAQs give a sequence 
of events so you both end up with them all.


Q: Where is the "Old Amber"? 
A: In the back of the museum of Pewter City (where you fight Brock). 
You'll need the CUT ability to get to the back entrance. 


Q: What do you suggest I do with Rare Candies, Proteins, Carbos, etc?

A: Don't use them when you find them!! Wait until the very end of the 
game to use them, because the higher the level of your Pokemon, the 
better the effect will be. 


Q: I've got a really weak Pokemon, and I want it to evolve into the bad-
ass that it can be. However, when I put it in battle, it dies almost 
instantly. How do I make it get a lot of EXP? 

A: The best example of this would be Magikarp into Gyarados. Magikarp is 
the weakest Pokemon in the game while Gyarados is in the top 10 most 
powerful! Quite a contrast. Here's the perfect strategy:

First, put Magikarp (or whatever one you plan to evolve/strength) on the 
very first slot, this way it is the first one that appears when you go 
into battle. Then put your most-powerful Pokemon in the second slot. 
Then go find some trainers or a Gym Leader, and go into battle. When 
it's your turn (Magikarp has a lot of speed, he should go first) pick 
"Change Pokemon" and change to your most powerful. Then kick the enemy 
Pokemon's butt! When you get the EXP, you will notice that Magikarp will 
get half. He doesn't have to DO anything, he just has to be ON THE 
SCREEN for one turn. He doesn't even have to be attacked! After the EXP, 
it says "Change Pokemon?" Click yes and then pick Magikarp. Then change 
back to the powerful one immediately, and keep doing this until your 
weak Pokemon can fight for itself, then it gets even more EXP! Keep 
doing this, it is a very good strategy. You'll have a Gyarados (or 
whatever you wish) in no time. 


I will give many tips and hints for certain things that most people like 
to choose for themselves. A good example of this would be which Pokemon 
to pick at the start. In all honesty, I shouldn't have done it, but I 
based this walkthrough on if you were to pick Squirtle/Bulbasaur. Don't 
worry, I offer a few tips for things if you DIDN'T, but not as much as I 
should. If you follow my advice, though, it will be easier on yourself.


        C O L L E C T I N G     T H E   B O U L D E R   B A D G E 

////////////////////////// PALLET TOWN \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle

Items to find: Potion

Are you surprised that I'm making all this fancy stuff as it were a huge 
and complicated game? Well, I am, too. But if it needs a 100KB+ FAQ, 
then I say it fits the bill of "complicated."  
First off, go up to the PC in the corner (stands for "Pokemon Computer") 
and access the "Item Storage System." Withdraw the "Potion", you'll be 
using this very soon. Go outside and try to go into the grass to the 
north. Dr. Oak will come out and warn you that it's too dangerous to go 
out there without a Pokemon, then bring you to his lab, where you and 
your friend, Gary (or whatever you chose. I'll use Gary throughout the 
walkthrough because that is his official name) will be given three 
Pokeballs, each filled with a Pokemon. Here, you get to pick one that 
will change the difficulty of the entire game.

If you choose Charmander, the fire element, the entire game will be very 
difficult. If you choose Bulbasaur, the grass type, it will be medium. 
To make the game the easiest, choose Squirtle, the water type, the 
entire game will be very easy, except for about two Gym Leaders, but 
we'll discuss that later. To make the game super-easy, enter a game-
genie code to get ALL of them, or trade with a friend. But I won't 
mention any game-genie or Gameshark codes, they are the manifestation of 
Satan himself (joke). Regardless of what you pick, Gary will fight you 
to test each other's Pokemon.

(if you must ask, I've picked Squirtle, so I'll refer most of my hints 
to that Pokemon)

Trainer: GARY                                        

Gary's Pokemon depends entirely on your choice, as he will pick the 
elementally superior. If you choose Bulbasaur, he gets Charmander, if 
you get Squirtle, he gets Bulbasaur, and if you get Charmander, he gets 
Squirtle. This is all rather silly as you don't have any elemental 
attacks yet, only physical ones. So fight, and if your HP gets low, use 
a Potion from the PC. This should be an easy win..

Pokemon: Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle

Note: Since I highly recommend choosing Squirtle, I will list Gary's 
starter Pokemon throughout the game as Bulbasaur (and his evolutions).

If you win, you get a lot of cash. If you don't, that's OK. If you did 
lose, take your Pokemon to your mom and have her revive it, then head 
out into the grassy area.

//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 1 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Rattata, Pidgey

Items to find: Potion

Routes are simply roads with people to talk to and fight, plenty of 
items, and a lot of grass. If you go into the grass, you can trigger a 
fight with a Pokemon! You can't capture any yet, but it doesn't matter, 
since Rattata and Pidgey suck, even if you train them hard. I recommend 
skipping them, unless you want to collect all 150 Pokemon of course. 
Throughout the walkthrough I will say to skip certain ones, but if you 
want all of them, go ahead and get them. Of course!! :) Anyways, fight 
until your Squirtle learns the first water attack, "Bubble." Or for 
Bulbasaur, "Vine Whip." Regardless, you can get a Potion by talking to a 
man. Keep going north until you reach...

/////////////////////////// VIRIDIAN CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\   

Pokemon: <none>

Items to find: Dr. Oak's Package

Viridian City is the first town with a PokeCenter and PokeMart. In a 
PokeCenter you can revive all of your Pokemon, with full HP and all 
nasty things taken off (poison, for example). All of this is free of 
charge, as well. Also, in the PokeCenter, you can go into the PC and 
Install/Withdraw Items and Pokemon. Better get used to it, you can only 
carry six Pokemon at once and about 20 different items at the very most. 
You will also be able to reach the Cable Club, where you can use a 
cable-link up to hook up with a friend's Gameboy and either trade 
Pokemon or fight, which can be quite fun. 

The PokeMart is where you need to go, because the shopkeeper will tell 
you to deliver "Dr. Oak's Package" to, guess who, Dr. Oak! You can't buy 
anything from the store right now because you don't have a lot of money, 
but when you do, you can get all kinds of useful things. 

////////////////////////// PALLET TOWN \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items to find: PokeDex, Town Map

Deliver the package to Dr. Oak and he will give Gary and you his new 
invention, the "PokeDex", which catalogs all of the Pokemon in the world 
and tells you their stats, names, exp, and even a brief description of 
the creature itself, plus a rather large picture. However, it only tells 
you the ones you see or capture, which means to get all 150, you'll need 
to search EVERYWHERE! 

Before leaving, though, go to Gary's house (right next to yours) and 
talk to his sister, she'll give you a "Town Map", which shows a map of 
the entire world. Or country. Or island...whatever it is. One question, 
however, remains in my mind: Why is it called a TOWN map?! Lousy 
translating I suppose...

Return to Viridian City, then go north to find...

//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 2 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Caterpie (BLUE), Weedle (RED), Pidgey, and Rattata

Items to find: <none>

This is the first area that demonstrates the differences between the RED 
and BLUE versions. In this area, you can find a Weedle in the RED 
version, but not in the BLUE version. On the otherhand, you can only get 
a Caterpie here if you have the BLUE version. See? Well, it doesn't 
matter, since you can catch both in the Viridian Forest regardless of 
version. Anyways, go into the building, then through the door to arrive 

/////////////////////////// VIRIDIAN FOREST \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, and Pikachu

Items: Poke Ball, Antidote, and Potion

This is the first area in the game where you fight TRAINERS. Trainers 
are other people with Pokemon of their own. When you fight trainers, you 
gain A LOT more EXP than you would with fighting wild Pokemon. Another 
difference is the fact that they can have multiple Pokemon to throw at 
you, plus you get a certain amount of money at the end for beating them. 
If you want to advance your Pokemon quickly, fighting with other 
trainers is the only way to go. The trainers in this area have Bug 
Pokemon, which is easy no matter what type you chose at the start.

Before leaving, CATCH A PIKACHU! You don't think it's too important? Let 
LONG-RUN! There, now I made it important by putting it in the ever-
annoying caps. Pikachu is very rare in both RED and BLUE, which means 
you may be here for awhile. He appears most frequently in the long 
grassy area near the north end of the forest. Once you see him, I 
suggest using the "Poke Ball is Master Ball" trick, which can be found 
in the Secrets section. In fact, I recommend using it all the time. Once 
you get Pikachu, train him hard, because he is quite weak when you first 
get him. I suggest level 20 or above...Exit to the next area.

////////////////////////////// PEWTER CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items to find: Boulder Badge, TM - Bide

This city contains a PokeCenter, PokeMart, a museum, and the first ever 
Gym in the game. A Gym is a place where trainers come to, you guessed 
it, work out. They fight each other to work out, and whoever is the best 
of the best ends up being the Gym Leader, who holds the ever-important 
Gym Badge, which they award to anyone who can beat them. Buy supplies at 
the PokeMart, head into the Gym, fight the flunkies, then talk to 

Gym-Leader: BROCK                                         Boulder Badge

This guy is pretty tame, you shouldn't have much trouble. If you chose 
Squirtle, use "Water Gun" for a one-hit KO. If you got Bulbasaur, use 
"Vine Whip" for the same effect, since rock types are allergic to water 
and grass attacks, meaning they die almost instantly from their element 
attacks. However, if you got Charmander, you're in trouble, because 
rocks are highly resistant to fire. Pikachu doesn't help at all here, so 
your best bet is to get a Butterfree (evolved from Metapod, found in the 
Viridian Forest), or a high-end Caterpie/Weedle. Still, it will be 
tough. I told you Charmander made the game hard! :)  

Pokemon: Geodude, Onix                                        TM - Bide

You then receive the BOULDER BADGE, which raises the powers of all your 
Pokemon, allows you to control higher leveled Pokemon, and gets you one 
step closer to finishing your quest. But of course, the next few steps 
are very big ones! Brock also gives you TM - Bide, which will take in 
all the energy received from the enemy in three turns, then return in 
doubled, regardless of their defense. Put this one your starter Pokemon, 
since it should have the highest health of your group. Pikachu will, 
however, learn his trademark electric attacks very soon...remember to 
use the "Raising Weak Pokemon" strategy in the FAQ section. I won't 
mention that strategy anymore, so be sure to use it. 

              C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   C A S C A D E   B A D G E

Once you have defeated Brock, go to the east side of Pewter City to find 
a trail leading to a large mountain...

//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 3 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Jigglypuff, Magikarp

Items: <none>

This is your first true test of patience. You have to walk through, and 
fight, at least 15 different trainers who give up tons of EXP and cash. 
This is the best place to build up Pikachu, as he should be very weak. 
By the time you get to the cave, he should be at level 17+. 

Before going into the mountain, you can find a PokeCenter convientaly 
located at the mouth of the cave. Inside, you will find a man in black 
who will sell you a Magikarp to you for $500. Most FAQs label this as a 
rip-off, but BUY IT! Magikarp may be the weakest Pokemon in the game, 
but he evolves (at level 20), to the powerful Gyarados, which is in the 
top-ten Pokemon, not to mention my personnel favorite. Remember, use the 
"Building Weak Pokemon" strategy I outlined in the "FAQ" section. The 
main reason for buying him now is because you won't be able to get a 
Magikarp until quite some time.

On another note...am I the only one who renames it to "Magikrap"? 
Probably not...

//////////////////////////// MOUNT MOON \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Clefairy, Zubat, Paras, Geodude 
Items: Potion x2, Escape Rope, Moon Stone, HP Up, Rare Candy, Fossils, 
TM - Water Gun, TM - Megapunch

This cave system is quite long, has many items, trainers, and is also 
the first area where you meet TEAM ROCKET, a company that uses Pokemon 
for evil deeds. What, you didn't think there would be such a thing? 

If you're looking for another good Pokemon, get Geodude. He evolves into 
the best rock-Pokemon in the game, so this is a good choice. However, 
you have to find a way to equally advance Squirtle, Pikachu, Magikarp, 
and now Geodude. Quite a task! Put Magikarp at the top, then switch to 
Pikachu to fight the baddies. For Geodude, let him fight the trainers. 
Also of note, you will encounter Zubats very much, and Pikachu's 
electrical attack can kill them in one hit. That's why Pikachu should 
fight the regular baddies...

Squirtle should already have Water Gun, and Megapunch isn't all that 
useful, so just store them away in a PC. At the end, you will get to 
choose between two fossils. It really doesn't make much of a difference 
in the end, so go hog wild. Hehe, I said hog. 

//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 4 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Ekans (Red), Sandshrew (Blue) 
Items: TM - Whirlwind

Route 4 is, like all routes, a road that leads directly to a town. In 
it, you can find a few new, non-useful Pokemon, and TM - Whirlwind, 
which a bird Pokemon like Spearow can use. However, bird-Pokemon are 
practically useless in the long-term, so ignore them.

////////////////////////// CERULEAN CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none> 
Items: Cascade Badge, TM - Bubblebeam

You can't go back to Mount Moon due to the high hills, and you can't 
advance, so you're stuck here until you beat the gym leader. Buy 
supplies, rest, regroup your Pokemon, and head into the gym. After going 
through the water and fighting a few gym-trainers...

Gym-Leader: MISTY                                          Cascade Badge

As her name implies, Misty uses water-based Pokemon. The only Pokemon 
you've picked up that has a definite advantage over water would 
be...Pikachu! Unfortunately, he's so weak at the start that a Bubblebeam 
from a Starmie will kill it in one hit. Therefore, you MUST have a L20+ 
Pikachu if you want him to survive. Plus, if he is any less, his 
lightening still won't kill them right away. A good way to start is to 
use "Thunderwave" to paralyze them, then keep hitting them with 
lightening. If you're real desperate, use Bide, especially if you chose 
Squirtle, since Wartortle vs. Starmie is in Starmie's favor, unless 
Wartortle has Bide. 

If you chose Bulbasaur, Ivysaur will have little trouble against these 
cretins. However, the next few Gym-leaders will be near impossible for 
the little plant, so keep that in mind. If you chose Charmander...you 
screwed yourself :) 

Pokemon: Staryu, Starmie                                 TM - Bubblebeam                  

The Cascade Badge increases your power, let's you control high-level 
Pokemon, and it also does the laundry. Well, almost. You also get the TM 
- Bubblebeam. PUT THIS ON SQUIRTLE! It is a very powerful water attack 
that won't be de-throned until near the end of the game. Speaking of 
Squirtle, he should be a Wartortle by now. So, you should have, as of 
right now: Wartortle, Pikachu, Gyarados (or very close to it), and a 

If you didn't pick Squirtle, then put it on some other Water Pokemon 
when you get it, like Gyarados or Starmie.

                      COLLECTING THE THUNDER BADGE

            C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   T H U N D E R   B A D G E 

With Misty defeated, go to the north part of the city and go to Nugget 

//////////////////////////// NUGGET BRIDGE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items: Nugget

Before you even get to cross Nugget Bridge, Gary comes and fights you...

Trainer: GARY

For Pidgeotto, just use Pikachu's lightening. Abra is pathetic because 
he just uses teleport (and it doesn't even work), so you can easily 
destroy him. Rattata is also easy, and his starter Pokemon...For 
Bulbasaur, use Pikachu's "Quick Attack" and for Wartortle, use Pikachu's 
lightening. Pretty simple...

Pokemon: Pidgeotto, Abra, Rattata, Ivysaur

After that you will cross the bridge and fight five trainers, then a 
Rocket Team member, then you get the "Nugget." Nuggets are worthless, 
but you can sell them for an easy $5000. Head up to advance to...

////////////////////////// ROUTE 24 AND 25 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Pidgey, Oddish (RED), Abra, 
Bellsprout (BLUE)

Items: TM - Seismic Toss, TM - Thunder Wave, S.S. Anne Ticket

If you chose Squirtle or Charmander at the start of the game, pick up a 
plant Pokemon (Oddish/Bellsprout, depending on the version), you'll need 
them later. If you chose Bulbasaur, then forget it. You can pick up 
Seismic Toss here, teach it to Geodude. Thunderwave, well, Pikachu 
should already have that, and you need the last item on the list, so 
keep going to the east.

You will go through gobs of trainers, and this is the perfect area to 
advance your Magikarp into a Gyarados. In fact, I usually have a full-
grown Gyarados by the time I reach the end of the area. You should 
either have one, or be very, very close, within points (reminder: 
Magikarp transforms into Gyarados at level 20. Once he evolves, you 
automatically get "Bite", which is very powerful and can allow you to 
fight Gyarados without any help, meaning more points). 

Soon you will reach a house, inside is Bill the Pokemaniac. However, his 
experiment went wrong and now he's a Pokemon himself! Talk to him, then 
help him out by using the PC when he tells you to. Talk to him again, 
and you'll get the "S.S. Anne Ticket", which you'll use shortly. Exit 
back to Cerulean City.

A little note...you may want to pick up an Abra and replace it with your 
most worthless Pokemon. 

///////////////////////////// CERULEAN CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items: TM - Dig

Go to the house with a man in black standing next to the door, then go 
inside and through the hole in the back. Talk to the Team Rocket man and 
you will fight. After you win, he drops TM - Dig, and runs off. Also 
teach this to Geodude, it will come in handy when you fight the next Gym 
leader. Continue behind the house, head south, and...

//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 5 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Pidgey, Oddish (RED), Meowth (BLUE), Mankey (RED), Bellsprout 

Items: <none>

The only new Pokemon you can find here would be Meowth and Mankey, and 
neither are very useful at all. You will find a guardhouse that leads to 
another route, however, the guard won't let you pass because he's so 
thirsty. You'll be able to solve this problem later, and you will see 
many more guardhouses like this, so just ignore it.

Before leaving, you can find the Pokemon Daycare Center, where a man 
will take care of a Pokemon for you. Once you leave, the Pokemon will 
gain EXP for every five steps you take! Leave Geodude here for now, then 
go into the next building, down the stairs, through the long hallway, 

//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 6 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Pidgey, Oddish (RED), Meowth (BLUE), Mankey (RED), Bellsprout 

Items: <none>

There's another guardhouse, lots of grass, and about four or five 
trainers. Fight them, then walk south to reach...

////////////////////////// VERMILION CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Pokemon: Farfetch'd

Items: Old Rod, Bike Voucher

You can find the Gym here, but there's a bush blocking the only passage 
to it. Go into the house near the west side of the city to find the 
Pokemon Fan Club, where you can talk to the president. He will talk on 
and on about his favorite Pokemon, Rapidash, before apologizing to you 
and forking over the "Bike Voucher." Before leaving, you can talk to a 
FISHING GURU and get the "Old Rod", which allows you to fish. However, 
you will only catch Magikarps and you should have a Gyarados right now 
anyways, so it's a good idea to just skip it. 

In one house, a boy will trade one of YOUR Spearows for one of HIS 
Farfetch'd. Since this is the only way to get a Farfetch'd, I suppose 
it's a good trade, but Farfetch'd isn't that useful. 

Head back to Cerulean...

////////////////////////// CERULEAN CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items: Bicycle

Go to the Bicycle Shop and talk to the man behind the counter, he will 
give you a "Bicycle" since you have a Bicycle Voucher. With the Bicycle, 
you can go really fast on land, and this makes the game a lot less 
boring than walking so slowly.

//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 5 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Pidgey, Oddish (RED), Meowth (BLUE), Mankey (RED), Bellsprout 

Items: <none>

Remember the Pokemon Daycare Center? Go in and get Geodude back, then 
pay the man. Geodude should be at about level 14-15, depending on how 
much you walked. Put your Abra in here, then come back at the end of the 
game, and you will have a very powerful Kadabra!

////////////////////////// VERMILION CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Pokemon: <none>

Items: <none> 
Go south, then east and you'll find a boardwalk that leads to a ship. 
Show the man the S.S. Ticket, then go inside.

//////////////////////////// S.S. ANNE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items: HM - Cut, TM - Body Slam, TM - Rest, Great Ball, Ether, Max 
Ether, Rare Candy

The ship contains dozens and dozens of trainers, and this is a great 
time to power-up the following Pokemon: Geodude, Gyarados, Pikachu. Have 
Pikachu start out, then switch to Gyarados and finish them off with the 
powerful bite. Geodude is allergic to water and can be killed in a 
single water attack, so use the "building weak Pokemon" stategy outlined 
in the FAQ section. He can also be used against the Growlithes that some 
people use. 

Most of the above items can be found in the various cabins after 
defeating the trainers. Body Slam is an insanely powerful attack that 
you REALLY SHOULD use on Gyarados, making him even better. Rest is 
useless. The Great Ball can be found in the kitchen, look in the 
trashcans on the right side of the room. You might consider using the 
Rare Candy on your Geodude.

Eventually, you will meet Gary...

Trainer: GARY

Like last time, use Pikachu on Pidgeotto, Geodude on Raticate (use 
"Dig"), Wartortle on Kadabra, and whatever you want on the last one. 

Pokemon: Pidgeotto, Raticate, Kadabra, Ivysaur

Go through the hallway behind him to find the captain, who is sea sick. 
Help him out by talking to him, and he will give you the first HM of the 
game, CUT, which allows you to cut down bushes and small tress -- only 
plant Pokemon can use it. The only grass Pokemon you could possibly have 
gotten so far would be: Ivysaur, Oddish or Bellsprout. Teach CUT to one 
of them, then exit the ship and watch it steam away.

////////////////////////// VERMILION CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Pokemon: <none>

Items: Thunderbadge, TM - Thunderbolt

Now that you have CUT, you can chop down the tree that blocks the Gym! 
Once inside, you can fight three electrifying trainers. Your level 18+ 
Geodude should head the pack, killing them all easily. Now you have to 
solve a tiny puzzle. First, search all of the trashcans. One will 
contain a switch (random each time you play). Search the one to the 
RIGHT HAND SIDE of it to find another switch. With both switches 
activated, the electric door will slide open, revealing...

Gym-Leader: LT. SURGE                                      Thunder Badge

Gyarados dies after three thunder attacks, so that's out of the question 
(thunder is Gyarado's only weakness). Surprisingly, Lt. Surge's 
electrical Pokemon barely phase Wartortle, which I find disturbing since 
battle charts across the Internet say that electric beats water no 
matter what. A single Bubblebeam will probably kill Voltorb and Pikachu 
in one shot.

However, the best way to take these guys down is to use your level 18+ 
Geodude, since a thunder attack will cause almost no damage to him at 
all. Use his dig attack for a one hit KO, and Rock Toss is also very 

If you didn't get a Geodude and teach it TM - Dig, then go to Diglett's 
Cavern and catch a Diglett, since they come automatically with Dig and 
are immune to all lightening attacks. 

Pokemon: Voltorb, Pikachu, Raichu                       TM - Thunderbolt

With him finished, he hands over the THUNDERBADGE, which does all kinds 
of crap to make your Pokemon better. Then, he forks over TM - 
Thunderbolt, a very powerful lightening attack; equip this to Pikachu. 
It's a lot better than Thundershock. 

As of now, here's what I usually have: Wartortle (L26), Pikachu (L23), 
Gyarados (L24), Geodude (L19), Bellsprout (L9). Hehe, I only use 
Bellsprout for cut, so sue me :p 


          C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   R A I N B O W   B A D G E 

From the boardwalk that leads to where the S.S. Anne used to be, head 
east and you will find a cave, go inside.

///////////////////////// DIGLETT'S CAVE \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Diglett, Dugtrio

Items: <none>

This is pretty much a straight tunnel that goes right to the beginning 
of the game. Diglett and Dugtrio are pretty good rock Pokemon, but your 
Geodude should be more powerful at this point, so there's no reason to 
really get them. Keep walking and...

/////////////////////////// VIRIDIAN FOREST \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Mr. Mime

Items: HM - Flash, HP Up, Moon Stone

This is in a part of the forest that you couldn't reach otherwise. In 
the first building, a man will trade you one of HIS Mr. Mimes for one of 
YOUR Abras. This is the only way to get a Mr. Mime in the game, so it's 
a fair trade, I suppose. I never was a big fan of psychic Pokemon, 
though, so I usually dump him in the PC and forget about him. Keep going 
south, collecting items, and you'll run into Professor Oak's Aide. If 
you've captured over 10 Pokemon, he'll give you the HM - FLASH, which 
you need to get through Rock Tunnel. Almost. 

Go into Diglett's Cave, use an "escape rope" to get to the other side 
easier, and you'll end up back at...

////////////////////////// VERMILION CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Pokemon: <none>

Items: <none>

Go north, through the tunnels, and you'll reach...

////////////////////////// CERULEAN CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items: <none>

On the east side of the city is a bush, cut it down with the CUT ability 
and you'll find...

//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 9 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Rattata, Spearow, Ekans (RED), Sandshrew (BLUE), Voltorb

Items: TM - Teleport

There are many fighters here, so advance your Pokemon, keep heading 
east, and then go south, to reach the mouth of a cave. Heal yourself at 
the Pokemon Center. Then, teach FLASH to Pikachu or Drowzee, depending 
on which one you want (I teach it to Drowzee because I'll dump him 
immediately after the cavern.). Head right on in!

/////////////////////////// ROCK TUNNEL \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Zubat, Machop, Geodude, and Onix

Items: <none>

Use FLASH on whom ever you put in on, whether it be Pikachu or Drowzee, 
and use it to make your way through the long cave systems. Most of the 
trainers and enemies are powerful rock Pokemon, which means that you can 
really advance your Wartortle and Gyarados. Pikachu and Geodude do well 
on Machop and Zubat (Dig/Thunderbolt). Once at the end...

///////////////////////////// ROUTE 10 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none> 
Items: Max Ether

This is, without a doubt, the shortest area in the entire game. It 
consists of a few drops, a bush, and about five or six Pokemon trainers. 
Inspect the bush for a Max Ether, fight the rest, and head south into...

///////////////////////// LAVENDER TOWN \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Pokemon: <none>

Items: <none> 

Yet again, you can't do much of anything here, so take the path to the 
WEST, and not the SOUTH. Again, take the WESTERN path. 

//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 8 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Pidgey, Ekans (RED), Sandshrew (BLUE), Vulpix (BLUE), Meowth 
(BLUE), Mankey (RED), Growlithe (RED)

All of the above Pokemon can be found in the center area, you'll need 
CUT to get past the bushes. If you didn't pick up Charmander at the 
start, and you don't have a powered-up Gyarados for some reason, pick up 
a Growlithe or Vulpix, depending on the version. Train them a bit, just 
to make sure they don't die quickly and to make sure their attacks are 
good. Battle the trainers and keep going, you will reach two buildings, 
one being a guardhouse with another thirsty guard, the other being an 
underground tunnel to the next route, so take that one.

//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 7 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Pidgey, Ekans (RED), Sandshrew (BLUE), Vulpix (BLUE),  Meowth 
(BLUE), Mankey (RED), and Growlithe (RED)

Items: <none> 

Either you go to the next town, or go through another guardhouse. Take 
the city route...

///////////////////////// CELADON CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Eevee, 

Items: TM - Razor Wind, TM - Horn Drill, TM - Double Edge, TM - Hyper 
Beam, TM - Counter, TM - Dragon Rage, TM - Soft Boiled, TM - Rock Slide, 
TM - Tri Attack, TM - Substitute, Marsh Badge, TM - Megadrain

Pokemon: Eevee, Porygon, Pinsir (BLUE), Dratini, Nidorina (RED), 
Nidorino (BLUE), Scyther (RED), Clefairy, Abra

Welcome to the biggest town in the entire game of Pokemon! There are 
four main areas to the city: Game Corner, Exchange Corner, PokeMart, and 
Game Freaks Inc. First, let's talk about Game Corner/Exchange City...

In Game Corner, you can get coins from playing the slot machines. To 
play you need coins, and you have to have a "Coin Case" to have coins. 
To get the Coin Case, go into the building near Exchange Corner. Talk to 
the man in the back and he'll give you one, go back into Game Corner, 
and talk to the people to get coins. You can even use the "item finder" 
to find a ton of invisible coins on the floor. You can buy 50 coins from 
the man at the counter for $1000! Once at the slots, you'll need to be 
lucky to win the big money. Once you get enough coins, you can go into 
Exchange City and exchange coins for Pokemon and TMs.

RED VERSION                      !        BLUE VERSION                 !
Abra - - - - - - 180 Coins       !  Abra - - - - - - - 120 Coins       !
Clefairy - - - - 500 Coins       !  Clefairy - - - - - 750 Coins       !
Nidorina - - - - 1,200 Coins     !  Nidorino - - - - - 1,200 Coins     !
Dratini - - - - - 2,800 Coins    !  Dratini - - - - -  4,600 Coins     !
Scyther - - - - - 5,500 Coins    !  Pinsir - - - - - - 2,500 Coins     !
Porygon - - - - - 9,999 Coins    !  Porygon - - - - -  6,500 Coins     !
TM 23 (Dragon Rage) 3,300 Coins  !  TM 23 (Dragon Rage) 155,500 Coins  !
TM 15 (Hyper Beam)  5,500 Coins  !  TM 15 (Hyper Beam) 5,500 Coins     !
TM 50 (Substitute) 7,700 Coins   !  TM 50 (Substitute) 7,700 Coins     !  

As you can see, many of those are very, very expensive. However, almost 
all of those, with the exception of Porygon (who sucks), can be gotten 
in other places, especially the TMs (Gyarados should already know Dragon 
Rage, and he gets Hyper Beam a little bit after L50)

Next is the PokeMart, which is six stories tall and requires an elevator 
to get around quickly! You can buy practically every item under the sun, 
including tons of vitamins, all of the stones (thunder, fire, etc.), and 
even TMs. You can buy the following at a counter:

                   Translation of TMs to Attack Names
                 !     Razor Wind - - - - TM 02      !
                 !     Horn Drill - - - - TM 07      !
                 !     Double Team - - -  TM 32      !
                 !     Reflect - - - - -  TM 33      !
                 !     Egg Bomb - - - - - TM 37      !
                 !     Mega Punch - - - - TM 01      !
                 !     Mega Kick - - - -  TM 05      ! 
                 !     Take Down - - - -  TM 09      !
                 !     Submission - - - - TM 37      !

If you go to the very top floor, you will find a girl who is thirsty, 
and nearby is a coke machine, and pay for the various drinks and hand 
them to her, you can get the rest of the TMs listed under the town name. 
Before leaving, however, pick up a "Fresh Water", you'll need it later.

The last major area is Game Freaks Inc. (side-note: Game Freaks 
developed the actual game). Inside you can talk to nerds, and that's 
about it. :p If you go around to the back, and go through the back 
entrance, you can find an Eevee, which you can turn into three other 
Pokemon depending on what stone you use (Thunder, Fire, or Water Stone). 

Fortunately for you, all of the above is OPTIONAL! Go into the Gym at 
the bottom of the town. You can do this by cutting the bush, then going 
around the buildings. Inside, you'll battle eight or so trainers, then 
fight the Gym Leader herself!!

Gym-Leader: ERIKA                                           Rainbowbadge

There are five basic scenarios you can take for this gym-leader: 
1. You chose Charmander at the start of the game and you wipe the floor 
with her grass Pokemon by using powerful fire attacks. 

2. You followed my sacred advice and got a Gyarados, and you use Body
Slam/Bite to kill them in one or two hits, depending on your levels.

3. You didn't choose Charmander and you didn't follow my advice for some 
reason and you got a Growlithe/Vulpix instead, then use their fire 
attacks to hurt the grass Pokemon.

4. A combination of all of the above.

5. You didn't do any of this and they kill your pathetic excuses for a 
team in less than five turns.

                   Hopefully, you picked number #2. 

Pokemon: Victreebel, Tangela, and Vileplume               TM - Megadrain

You get the Rainbow Badge and the TM - Megadrain, which you can give to 
a plant Pokemon if you wish. 

My suggested, main Pokemon team is as follows: 
Wartortle (L34), Gyarados (L30), Pikachu (L28), Geodude (L24), 
Bellsprout (L9) -- just for cut, of course :p

                         COLLECTING THE MARSH BADGE

            C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   M A R S H    B A D G E 

Still in Celadon City, head to the Game Corner, in the back of the room 
is a Rocket trainer, fight him, then he leaves. Inspect the poster he 
was guarding and you will find a switch, hit it when it asks. Walk to 
the right and you will see a doorway, go down it.

///////////////////////// GAME CORNER BASEMENT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items: TM - Razorwind, TM - Horn Drill, TM - Double Edge, Super Potion, 
Hyper Potion, Escape Rope, Nugget, Rare Candy, HP Up, Lift Key, and 
Silph Scope

This place is pretty big and, as you can see above, has tons of items 
stored away. This is also a pretty sweet place to start getting the big 
time EXP, namely for Wartortle, Pikachu, and Gyarados. 

Here is the main walkthrough: Go through the stairs that are in front of 
you, follow the path, and fight the rocket guard. Take the stairway to 
the north of him, and go to your left to discover the moving tile 
platforms! This is very simple, so you shouldn't have any trouble. When 
you get to the end, go through the stairs. Head north, then left into 
the small room and fight the Rocket trainer. When you defeat him, talk 
to him and he'll drop the "Lift Key." Go back through the moving tiles, 
the stairs, and you'll be back to where the guard was. Turn left here to 
find a new series of tiles. Simple enough! After this, open the elevator 
door, and make it go to the "B4F", which stands for Basement Four Floor. 
Fight the two guards to open the door, then you will fight the leader of 
the Rocket Team...

Trainer: GIOVANNI                                            Silph Scope

For the first two, use Wartortle to finish them off easily. The last one 
is a bit tough, you might need to use Gyarados instead. Pretty easy 

Pokemon: Onix, Rhyhorn, and Kangaskhan 

Giovanni runs off quickly, promising to see you again, and drops the 
"Silph Scope", which allows you to locate ghosts in Pokemon Tower. 
"Where's that?", you ask. Remember Lavender Town? 

///////////////////////// LAVENDER TOWN \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Pokemon: <none>

Items: <none>

See that gigantic tower? Yeah...go inside.

////////////////////////// POKEMON TOWER \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Gastly and Marowak

Items: Elixier, Awakening, Escape Rope, Nugget, Rare Candy, HP Up, X 
Accuracy, and Poke Flute

Trainer: GARY

For Pidgeotto, use Pikachu's Thunderbolt. For Growlithe, either 
Geodude's Dig or one of Wartortle's water attacks. Exeggcute is plant, 
so use Gyarados for an easy kill. Same for Kadabra. Same thing for 

Pokemon: Pidgeotto, Growlithe, Exeggcute, Kadabra, and Ivysaur

Pokemon Tower is a giant tower erected in Lavender Town. The purpose of 
it is to present a burial space for Pokemon who have, unfortunately, 
died. Therefore, there are tons of ghosts and spirits abound, and the 
trainers are possessed and attack with creepy Pokemon. In order to see 
the ghosts, you'll need the "Silph Scope", found in the Game Corner 
Basement (READ ABOVE). And you do need that item to advance...

I suggest catching a Gastly and using the "Training weak Pokemon" 
strategy outlined in the "FAQ" section. Ghastly evolves into Haunter 
soon enough, and they know all kinds of tricky and dirty-handed attacks, 
like Dream Eater, Confusion Ray, and Hypnosis. Most attacks don't even 
connect with them, so they don't need a high defense level!

At the top, you will find that you can't go up a staircase. If you have 
the Silph Scope, you can see that a Marowak is blocking it! After 
killing/capturing it, you can continue. At the very top are three Rocket 
trainers. After defeating them, you should have: Haunter, Blastoise, and 
a Graveler. If you don't have them/very close to it, you're not fighting 
enough trainers! You'll also find the missing Mr. Fuji, he thanks you, 
blah, blah, blah, then hands over the "Pokeflute" for your 
thoughtfulness. You won't be using this for awhile, however.  
From Lavender Town, head east, go into the guardhouse, and give the 
guard the "Freshwater" you got from the top floor of the Celadon 
PokeMart. He'll share it with the other guards and allow you to pass 

//////////////////////////// SAFFRON CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Hitmonlee OR Hitmonchan

Items: <none>

<NOTE: If you go back to the daycare center way back near the beginning 
of the game, your Abra will be a very powerful Kadabra!)

This is almost as large as Celadon, but not quite. At the north part of 
town, you will find two Gyms! But, one is being blocked by a Rocket 
member, so go into the open one. This is a fighting Dojo, so fight the 
people, then talk to the leader...

Gym-Leader: BLACK BELT                              Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan

Gyarados' body slam can kill them in about three hits, and so can 
Blastoise's bubblebeam. Overall, this is a pretty simple match and you 
shouldn't have any trouble with them. Another dirty trick is to use your 

Pokemon: Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan

After you defeat him, he allows you to pick ONE of his prized fighting 
Pokemon -- Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. Either is a very good pick since 
they know a lot of attacks, so it's up to you. 

The middle of the town contains SILPH CO., the HQ of Silph Inc., who 
makes all kinds of Pokemon inventions. Since the guard is asleep, go 

/////////////////////// SILPH HEADQUARTERS \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Lapras

Items: TM - Sword's Dance, TM - Take Down, TM - Self Destruct, Card Key, 
Hyper Potion, Max Revive, Full Heal, Escape Rope, Protein, HP Up, 
Calcium, X Accuracy, and Master Ball

Silph HQ has been over-run with Rocket team members, so you can get a 
TON of EXP. I mean, literally, you can get over 1,000 EXP per fight, per 
Pokemon! If you haven't got a Graveler, Blastoise or Haunter yet, you 
definitely will here. Explore and explore, racking up the items and 
levels, until you start to ask yourself "How the Heck do I get out of 
this place?" Here's the level walkthrough...

Go to the elevator and put the cursor on the "5F" icon, this will take 
you to the fifth floor. Turn left, you will see a scientist and some 
plants. Head south from there to find a rocket guard and a warp-tile 
blocking off access to a thin passageway. Get on the warp-tile to go 
somewhere else, then immediately step back on, you will return, and you 
now have access to the tunnel. Follow it and pick up the "Card Key", 
which will allow you to open the locked security doors you see.

Return to the elevator and put the cursor on the "3F" icon, this will 
take you to the third floor. Head south to find a bedroom area across 
from a security door, open the door and step on the warp-tile. Then...

Trainer: GARY

Remember the strategy I outlined in the Pokemon Tower, when you fought 
Gary? Use the same strategy and you're all set...

Pokemon: Pidgeot, Growlithe, Exeggcute, Alakazam, Venusaur

Talk to the man and he'll give you a Lapras. Step on the warp-tile, then 
head south. Fight the Rocket-member, then open the gate. It seems that 
Giovanni wants to overtake Silph Co...good thing you came here:

Trainer: GIOVANNI                                        

I hate to say this after making a big deal of the fight...but...use the 
same strategy as last time. Basically, water kills them all easily. :p I 
told you that Squirtle was the best thing to pick at the start, but no 
one believed me!

Pokemon: Nidorino, Kangaskhan, Rhyhorn, and Nidoqueen

Talk to the president of Silph HQ and he'll thank you with the "Master 
Ball", a prototype of a Poke Ball so powerful that it can capture a 
Pokemon regardless of it's power and HP! You'll want to save this for 

Exit back to Saffron City...

//////////////////////////// SAFFRON CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items: Marsh Badge, TM - Psywave

Now that Team Rocket has been run out of the city, you can enter the 
Gym! A difficult puzzle awaits: You have to step on the correct warp-
tiles to get to the leader. However, fighting the other trainers is a 
very good idea, since they are very powerful and give up loads of EXP. 
The correct warp-tiles are as follows...

Step on the first one you see...Then go straight up and touch that one. 
Go to the one in the lower-left hand corner. The one to the very right. 
Then, once again, the one in the lower-left hand corner. It's Sabrina, 
the teenage-witch! Not really, but close to it:

Gym-Leader: SABRINA                                          Marsh Badge

OK, that's it, I just have to say something right about now. Have you 
noticed that all of the women Gym-Leaders have been a 
little...well...practically naked? I mean, for crying out loud, this is 
a Nintendo-made game! This gal has a mini-skirt, about three square 
inches for a shirt, and, get this, a leather whip. And they say Nintendo 
censors everything :p Now I will revert back to my FAQ-writing. I just 
had to mention it because that's what I'm famous for, being a pervert. 
But I'm a nice guy, really...

Anyways, Gyarados can take care of Kadabra and Mr. Mime with two or 
three Body Slams each. For Venomoth, you may need Blastoise or Pikachu. 
Then, she brings out her all-star, Alakazam!! This guy can kill both 
Blastoise and Gyarados in about four or five hits, so that leaves them 
out of the picture. The best Pokemon to use would be Haunter! He's 
immune to almost all of his attacks, then you can use Night Shade and 
Confusion Ray to really screw him up. After that, you should be 
done...Note that Graveler is also very good with Dig.  

Pokemon: Kadabra, Mr. Mime, Venomoth, and Alakazam          TM - Psywave

You get the MARSH BADGE, which allows you to control really powerful 
Pokemon. Then you get the TM - Psywave, an insanely powerful ray that 
can kill in about one hit. Equip this on any Psychics you may have (if 
any, I usually avoid them since I can use other Pokemon for when they 
come in handy -- as you can see in the walkthrough). 

                      COLLECTING THE SOUL BADGE

           C O L L E C T I N G   T H E    S O U L   B A D G E 

You now need to reach FUCHSIA CITY, check out the map to see where it 
is. There are, however, two ways to reach it. 

///////////////////////////// ROUTE 12 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Pidgey, Oddish (Red), Gloom (RED), Venonat (RED), Bellsprout 
(BLUE), Weepinbell (BLUE), and Snorlax

Items: TM - Payday, Good Rod 

To reach this area, take the SOUTHERN path when in Lavender Town, or 
EAST from Cerulean City. You will go across several boardwalks and then 
fight a sleeping Snorlax. To wake it up, play the Pokeflute (LOOK AT THE 
ABOVE BADGE WALKTHROUGH). Fight or capture the Snorlax (wear it down and 
throw a Great Ball), then continue down. You can get a Good Rod from the 
fishing Guru's brother. 

/////////////////////// ROUTE 13 AND 14 AND 15 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Pidgey, Pidgetto, Oddish, Gloom, Venonat, Bellsprout, 
Weepinbell, and Ditto

Items: TM - Rage, and EXP. All

You will fight hundreds upon hundreds of trainers. Well, OK, maybe not 
*hundreds*...but it does seem like it! Don't worry about leveling up 
your Pokemon, you'll have to stop fighting because all of your offensive 
attacks will run out of PP! Now, that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I 
call A LOT of trainers. :p Each Pokemon will level up about four or five 
levels, depending. After a bit of this you will reach FUCHSIA CITY. 

/////////////////////// ROUTE 16 AND 17 AND 18 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Rattata, Raticate, Spearow, Fearow, Doduo, and Snorlax

Items: HM - Fly

Or, on the otherhand, you can go west in Celadon City to reach a steep 
hill that goes directly to Fuchsia. Most of the trainers here are fond 
of poison Pokemon, so you can really clean up on Blastoise and Graveler. 
You can get the HM - Fly by cutting down the tree before the Snorlax, go 
through the upper part of the guardhouse, across the field, into the 
house, and talk to the woman, and she'll award you this. Teach FLY to a 
bird/flying Pokemon, and you can directly go to any town you have BEEN 
TO before. Pretty useful when you want to go to optional 
areas...anyways, once you go down the hill, you'll reach "Fuchsia".  

////////////////////////// FUCHSIA CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items: Super Rod, Rare Candy, TM - Toxic, Soul Badge

Here, you can find the Super Rod from the FISHING GURU's brother. It can 
capture every water Pokemon, all you have to do is fish in different 
places. This is also home to the famous SAFARI ZONE, where pay $500 for 
30 Safari Balls and 500 seconds to go around and capture any Pokemon you 
Here are the Pokemon that are available in the Safari Zone:

Nidoran <female>
Nidoran <male>

In the Safari Zone, the battle system works a bit different. For one, 
you don't use any Pokemon! Instead, you throw rocks and bait at the 
enemy, then use a "Safari Ball" to, hopefully, catch your target. Some 
are harder to catch than others (Tauros, for example, is almost 
impossible to get). Everytime you take five steps, a few seconds are 
taken off the timer, and when time is up you start back at the Fuchsia 
City entrance! The main things to get in the Safari Zone are the Golden 
Teeth and HM - Surf. Teach SURF to Gyarados, replace "Hydro Pump" with 
it, since Surf and Hydro Pump are basically the same attacks while in 
battle (though Hydro Pump is weaker). The Golden Teeth/Hut with the HM - 
Surf is at the very end, so hop on your bicycle and keep on peddalin'! 
When you get the Golden Teeth, give them to the warden and he'll give 
you HM - Strength for your kindness. Teach Strength to Graveler, 
replacing Seismic Toss with it, or another really weak attack. Now, 
save, buy some stuff, heal, and head into the city gym! 

Here, you will need to make your way through a maze with INVISIBLE 
walls. You can see the gym-leader in the middle, but you have to find 
your way through, and fight tons of trainers...eventually...

Gym-Leader: KOGA                                              Soul Badge 

These are pretty tame Pokemon if you ask me. Blastoise can kill them 
with a single Bubblebeam/Hydro Pump, as can Gyarados with Surf. Graveler 
can also do a one-hit kills with earthquake and dig, depending on your 

Pokemon: Koffing, Muk, Koffing, and Weezing                   TM - Toxic

The Soul Badge makes your Pokemon more powerful, let's your abilities 
increase, makes you one step closer to Pokemon League HQ...Heck, it even 
does your taxes for you if it feels like it. :p 

Your Pokemon team should be as follows: Blastoise (L47), Gyarados (L47), 
Pikachu (L30), Graveler (L38), Haunter (L35), and Kadabra (L depends on 
how much you left it in the daycare center)

                       COLLECTING THE VOLCANO BADGE

            C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   V O L C A N O   B A D G E 

Right now would be a pretty good time to build up your main Pokemon 
(Gyarados, Blastoise, Alakazam, whatever else you prefer) to over L50. 
At L52, Blastoise learns Hydro Pump, the most powerful water attack, and 
Gyarados learns Hyper Beam, the most powerful attack period. I will 
point out some good areas to teach them in. 

Also, go get the two Legendary Birds, Articuno and Zapdos! Zapdos is the 
best electric Pokemon in the game, while Articuno is the best Ice, and 
can kill some very important enemy Pokemon when you get to the end of 
the game! See the "Optional Areas" section for more information

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

FLY to Pallet Town, then SURF in the water and go south. You will fight 
loads of trainers, which is a good area to get some EXP points for 
Gyarados (500+ EXP per enemy Pokemon). Eventually you will reach land...

///////////////////////// CINNABAR ISLAND \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Kabuto/Omanyte and Aerodactyl

Items: Volcano Badge, TM - Fireblast

Cinnabar Island is pretty small, all it is, is a science building, the 
Pokemon Mansion, a gym, and a PokeCenter/PokeMart set-up. In the science 
building, you can give the scientists the "Old Amber" and one of the 
fossils you got from Mount Moon, and they will make a Pokemon from the 

                    !   Helix Fossil = Omanyte    !
                    !    Dome Fossil = Kabuto     !
                    !   Old Amber = Aerodactyl    !

The best of the three would be Aerodactyl, who is a dragon type and 
learns the sacred Hyper Beam at L52. However, you would have to train 
him very, very hard. Refer to the "FAQ" section on where to get the "Old 

You'll notice that the Gym is locked, and the key is hidden in the 
Pokemon Mansion, so...

////////////////////////// POKEMON MANSION \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Vulpix (BLUE), Growlithe (RED), Ponyta, Grimer, Muk, Koffing, 
Weezing, and Magmar (BLUE)

Items: TM - Blizzard, TM - Solar Beam, Max Potion, Full Restore, Escape 
Rope, Rare Candy, Iron, Carbos, Calcium, and Secret Key

There are loads of items to find in here, and this is a VERY good time 
to build up your Gyarados and Blastoise (I usually get Hyper Beam and 
Hydro Pump here). You can also read of the experiment involving a new 
Pokemon. After months of gene-splicing, they created the perfect Pokemon 
-- Mewtwo! However, it was so powerful that it wrecked the building and 
escaped, and all personnel had to be evacuated, and the building now 
lies in ruins.

There's a lot more stuff to do besides beating it, but here's the 
straight walkthrough: From the start, go north and use the stairs. 
Activate the switch near the stairs when you appear, and go into the 
building to the north of you. When you reappear, activate that switch 
and go south, and jump off the cliff to the east (the wider of the two). 
Go south and down the stairs. Go north, then west, and activate the 
switch (you can also see the TM - Blizzard right there. Equip this to 
Blastoise!!). Go through the open door, then return to where you entered 
this floor, and you will see a new path north of the stairway. Follow 
the path and you will find the "Secret Key." 

Now you can open the gym! Once inside, you'll fight plenty of fire 
trainers, you have to or you can't open the doors. This is a perfect 
time to build up both Blastoise and Gyarados! At the end, you will 

Gym-Leader: BLAINE                                         Volcano Badge

You can either use Blastoise, Gyarados, Zapdos, or Graveler to make this 
fight easy. All of the above can kill each of the below Pokemon in one 
hit, especially Blastoise...

Pokemon: Growlithe, Ponyta, Rapidash , Arcanine           TM - Fireblast

He hands over the VOLCANO BADGE, TM - Fireblast, and tells you stuff. 

Your team should be, roughly: Blastoise (L52+0, Gyarados (L52+), 
Graveler (L40+), Haunter (L35+), Articuno (L50+), and Zapdos (L50+). If 
you can't or won't get the legendary birds, Alakazam and Aerodactyl are 
very good replacements.

                      COLLECTING THE EARTH BADGE

           C O L L E C T I N G   T H E   E A R T H   B A D G E 

/////////////////////////// VIRIDIAN CITY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\   

Pokemon: <none> 
Items: Earth Badge, TM - Fissure

Remember at the start of the game how the Viridian City Gym was locked? 
Well, it isn't anymore! Inside, you can find plenty of trainers to 
battle, and even the Gym-leader...talk about an easy badge! 

Gym-Leader: GIOVANNI                                         Earth Badge

Could this possibly be any easier? Blastoise can take all of these 
Pokemon down with a single Bubblebeam, or Hydro Pump if needed. If you 
didn't get Squirtle at the start, get a Starmie from the Seafoam Islands 
and teach it Bubblebeam. 

Pokemon: Rhyhorn, Dugtrio, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, and Rhydon  TM - Fissure

Now, on the east side of Viridian City is a path that leads to the 
Pokemon League Headquarters. You will fight Gary, but he is so pathetic, 
so I won't bother writing up any strategy. As you go through, you'll 
need to show your badges to the guards. At the end, you will find...

///////////////////////// VICTORY ROAD \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Zubat, Golbat, Machop, Machoke, Geodude, Graveler, Onix, 
Marowak, and Moltres

Items: TM - Mega Kick, TM - Submission, TM - Sky Attack, TM - Explosion, 
Max Revive, Full Heal, Rare Candy, and Guard Spec

This is my least favorite area in the entire game, namely for the fact 
that you can barely walk for five seconds without going into a random 
battle. The trainers here have also gotten eight badges, so you know 
they are very powerful. To get to the end, you will need to push 
boulders onto switches, which requires HM - STRENGTH. It's not nearly as 
complicated as it looks...when you find a boulder, just look around for 
a switch and think about how to get it there. To reset a room, leave 
through a ladder, then come back.

You can also find the legendary fire bird here -- Moltres. However, 
there are far better fire Pokemon, so it's not nearly as valuable as 
Articuno and Zapdos. To catch him, just put it to sleep and then throw 
an Ultra Ball, while using the Poke Ball trick. Easy! 

//////////////////////// INDIGO PLATEAU \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: <none>

Items: <none> 
This is the last area before you face the Elite Four; it contains a 
PokeCenter and a PokeMart. Buy about three or four revives, some 
Max/Hyper Potions, make sure to have the Pokeflute (in case one of your 
Pokemon falls to sleep), and well, that's all you should need. You will 
be forced to fight the Elite Four consecutively, meaning you CAN NOT go 
back to heal. There's not much more to say, so...Let's get ready to 

////////////////////////// THE ELITE FOUR \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

If you followed my advice through the entire walkthrough, your team will 
consist of the following:
1. Blastoise
2. Gyarados
3. Zapdos
4. Articuno
5. Graveler
6. Haunter OR Kadabra/Alakazam

Note that there are several different Pokemon that work for these 
fighters, I'm just pointing out that the above are the absolute best of 
their elements, so don't flame me or anything. 

The first fighter is a pretty woman named...

Match # 1: LORELEI

She uses mainly Water Pokemon. Water is severely allergic to lightening, 
which means your Zapdos can use "Thunder" and kill them in about one 
hit. If you can't get Zapdos, Raichu/Jolteon is a very good choice as 
well. Besides that, though, there's really not much of anything that 
will hurt them a whole lot. 

Pokemon: Dewgong, Cloyster, Slowbro, Jynx, and Lapras  

The second fighter is a muscular man named...

Match # 2: BRUNO

Bruno likes rock and fighting Pokemon the best. The two Onixes and the 
Machamp can be easily killed by your Blastoise (Use Hydro Pump on 
Machamp only, as Bubblebeam, or even Water Gun, kills the Onix in one 
shot). If you can't get Blastoise, try a Lapras, Vaporeon, or a Starmie. 
For the Hitmonchan/lee, screw them up by using Confuse Ray, Dream Eater, 
and Night Shade courtesy of your Haunter. If you didn't get a Haunter, 
an Alakazam/Kadabra does well, as do other psychics like Hypno and Mr. 
Mime. When you get Mewtwo, there's no competition!

Pokemon: Onix, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Onix, and Machamp

The next fighter is an old lady known to all as...

Match # 3: AGATHA

Agatha strikes hard with her assortment of ghost and poison 
Pokemon...very tricky! Gengar can confuse you and put you to sleep (use 
the Pokeflute)! Very few attacks even come in contact with ghosts, so 
you'll need to try out different kinds. Your best bet is Gyarados' 
Dragon Rage, or Blastoise's Hydro Pump. Arbok falls prey to just about 
anything, it being poison. Psychics work very, very well here. 

Pokemon: Gengar, Golbat, Haunter, Arbok, Gengar

The most powerful of the Elite Four is known world-wide as...

Match # 4: LANCE

Lance is the most difficult trainer you have fought thus far, as he 
trains the most powerful of any Pokemon types...DRAGONS! The only ones 
that can be killed easily would be his pair of Dragonairs, the rest are 
very potent and know the most devastating attack in the game, Hyper 
Beam, which is a one-hit KO almost every time. Only your most sturdy 
Pokemon will be able to withstand it. To fight back, use your Articuno. 
Ice is the only type that can easily defeat Dragon...one or two hits 
with Ice Beam or Blizzard will put them down. If you don't have 
Articuno, use your Haunter for some good effects, and you should have 
taught Blizzard to your Blastoise. For his first one, Gyarados, use 
Zapdos, since Gyarados is allergic to lightening (he is not a "true" 
dragon type). The rest die in one Ice Beam. 

Pokemon: Gyarados, Dragonair, Dragonair, Aerodactyl, Dragonite

YOU HAVE WON! Well, practically. It seems that Gary has beaten the Elite 
Four already...which means...you're not done by a longshot. 


Here is a step-by-step strategy on how to kill his Pokemon...

Pidgeot: Zapdos, Raichu, or Jolteon will be able to take care of this 
pest within a few turns. No biggy.

Alakazam: The most powerful psychic Pokemon you could have seen so far, 
this one knows all kinds of evil moves. Your best bet would be a Hyper 
Beam from your Gyarados, or several Hydro Pumps from your Blastoise.

Rhydon: The easiest without a doubt. Use Hydro Pump, Blizzard, 
Bubblebeam, or any other water-based attack to bring this rock Pokemon 
down in little time. Grass also does well.

The Pokemon you face after that depends on what Pokemon he chose at the 
start of the game. Here's a list of all the Pokemon you might face, 
including strategies, of course.

Gyarados: Zapdos can kill this in one or two shots. Watch out! This guy 
knows Hyper Beam...again, Raichu or Jolteon also works well. 

Blastoise: Again, Zapdos/Jolteon/Raichu. A Hyper Beam from Gyarados also 
works well.

Arcanine/Charizard: Were you wondering when your Graveler would be of 
some assistance? Ask no longer.

Exeggutor/Venusaur: These will appear if you chose Squirtle, like I told 
you to. Blizzard from Blastoise/Articuno can take them down in one shot, 
as can a Hyper Beam (which you should have saved) from Gyarados would 
have also done the trick. 

Pokemon: Pidgeot, Alakazam, Rhydon, x, y, and z

                         ! CONGRATULATIONS !

You are now the most powerful Pokemon collector in the world! However, 
don't make the fatal mistake of thinking the game is over...No, no, no! 
You still have to get 150 Pokemon. The following sections will show you 
how, or at least give you some help. You can also fight the Elite Four 
over and over, racking up tons of EXP and cash. 

Unfortunately for me, I don't have any friends with Gameboy, so I will 
never get 150...Oh well, I have a Gameshark :p Even if it is Satan...


//////////////////////////////// ROUTE 6 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Spearow, Ekans (RED), Sandshrew (BLUE), and Drowzee

Items: Itemfinder

Coming here is not required, it can be found east of Vermilion City (the 
place with the boat). Here, you can battle for a long time, pick up 
Drowzee, a nice psychic Pokemon, and fight some more. Blocking the end 
is a guardhouse, but you can give him (or one of the other guardhouse 
guards) a drink to get by. Nothing exciting here...

///////////////////////////// SEAFOAM ISLANDS \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Zubat, Golbat, Psyduck, Golduck, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Seel, 
Dewgong, Shellder, Krabby, Kingler, Horsea, Staryu, and Articuno

Items: <none>

To get to the Seafoam Islands, SURF south from Fuchsia City, or east 
from Cinnabar Island. Seafoam Isle is basically a bunch of underground 
rivers with big rock islands...and more water Pokemon than you can lay 
your devilish eyes upon. 

There's a big, bad bird to catch, but first you have to find him, which 
will be much more difficult than Zapdos. The river leading to his island 
has very swift currents, and like the sign says, the idea is to push 
boulders from above areas down the holes so they land in the river, plug 
it up, and allow you to swim there! You need to find and push FOUR 
boulders through holes. The first set of two boulders can be found in 
the very southern area of the level with swift currents. It will have 
three holes, four rocks, and some other obstacles. You only need to get 
TWO of the rocks into the holes, so don't worry. You can push one of 
them into the hole on the left-most side easily, then fall down the 
hole, and return, to find it missing, which is needed for the next one. 
The hole in the middle is now your target, and the two rocks to the 
right of it are your ammunition. 

Then, push the rock on the left DOWN ONE. Get on ITS RIGHT SIDE AND PUSH 
IT TO THE LEFT (you may need to move the boulder there as well), it is 
NOW ABOVE THE HOLE. You can figure it out now :) The two other boulders 
are found elsewhere. I know these directions were confusing, so I may 
actually decide to make a .GIF of this for Gamefaqs sometime in the 
future, maybe. Anyways, when the river is plugged up, you can SURF to 
Thankfully, capturing Articuno is easier than getting to her. This is 
basically the same strategy as getting Zapdos...Use a powerful Pokemon 
to wear it down to almost nothing, then let it kill you, and switch to 
Haunter/Hypno/Alakazam/Jigglypuff/Something that knows Hypnosis or Sing. 
Since Articuno's attacks are weak, using Haunter would be a good idea. 
Put it to sleep and use the weakest attack to wear it down to 
practically nothing (for Haunter, this would be toxic). Then, while it 
is still asleep, throw an Ultra Ball and use the Poke Ball trick to 
increase your chances. Ta da! After two or three balls, you should now 
have the most powerful ice Pokemon in the game! 
He comes with Peck and Ice Beam, two very powerful attacks, and he has 
high speed and very high defense. You get him at L50 with about 170HP. 
At L51 (really easy to get to), he learns Blizzard, although Ice Beam is 
still more powerful. That still leaves one more spot left...teach him 
something else :p 

Articuno only appears once, and if you kill it, that's it. So my 
suggestion is to save right before fighting it. This way, if you mess 
up, you can reset the game and try again and again. 

///////////////////////////// POWER PLANT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Pikachu, Raichu (BLUE), Magnemite, Magneton, Voltorb, 
Electabuzz (RED), and Zapdos 
Items: TM - Thunder, TM - Reflect, Rare Candy, Carbos, and HP Up

To reach the Power Plant, first go to Cerulean City (the town with 
Misty). On the east side of the town is a tree, cut it down, and you're 
on the path that goes to Rock Tunnel. North of Rock Tunnel, the entrance 
that is, is a river. SURF down it, and you will find a large building -- 
this is the Power Plant.

The Power Plant is overloaded with electric Pokemon (no pun intended). 
There are gobs of items laying around, but most of them are Voltorbs in 
disguise. You'll definitely want to pick up TM - Thunder, it's the most 
powerful electric attack in the game. The main point of coming to this 
level is to build up your rock Pokemon, or to capture the legendary bird 
-- Zapdos. 


If you followed my walkthrough, you will have a L30+ Graveler and a L35+ 
Haunter. First, use Graveler's rock attacks to wear Zapdos down, then 
switch to another weak Pokemon and let it die. Then, replace it with 
your Haunter. Haunter can be killed in one shot, so bring lots of 
revives (this is why you used the weak Pokemon -- if you change to 
another Pokemon in mid-battle, it counts as a turn UNLESS it's dead. You 
know what I'm saying?). Use hypnosis to put Zapdos asleep (the lower the 
HP, the better the chances). Then, use lick (which causes almost no 
damage) to lower it's health to almost nothing. While Zapdos is still 
asleep, throw an Ultra Ball (use the Poke  Ball trick to make your 
chances better) and you will capture it!!! 

If you didn't get a Haunter, there are plenty of other Pokemon to use, 
like Venonat, Butterfree, Kadabra, Mr. Mime, etc., etc. The important 
thing is that your Pokemon has high speed and a very good sleeping 
spell. The trick is to make sure the sleeping attack works, otherwise 
your Pokemon will be killed in one shot, regardless of your HP. To make 
sure your sleeping attack works, make sure Zapdos' HP is REALLY LOW. Try 
different attacks.  

Another very, very good strategy is to Articuno to freeze Zapdos, then 
attack it down. If Zapdos is asleep and frozen solid at the same time, 
your chances are much greater than if it was just asleep. Though, when 
it's asleep, your chances are still pretty good. 

Zapdos is, the best electric Pokemon in the game, though it doesn't hold 
a candle to Pikachu's cuteness (but we can watch the cartoon show for 
that). Teach it the TM - Thunder (even though he learns it at level 51), 
and that's it, you don't need to train it very much, it comes with 170+ 
HP and at L50, so what else could you possibly ask for? Also teach it HM 
- FLY, and you got another great attack in battle.  

Zapdos only appears once, and if you kill it, that's it. So my 
suggestion is to save right before fighting it. This way, if you mess 
up, you can reset the game and try again and again. 

/////////////////////////// UNKNOWN DUNGEON \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Pokemon: Arbok (RED), Raichu, Sandslash (BLUE), Wigglytuff, Golbat, 
Parasect, Venomoth, Kadabra, Magneton, Dodrio, Hypno, Electrode, 
Marowak, Rhydon, Chansey, Ditto, Mewtwo

Items: Max Revive, Max Elixier, Full Restore x2, Ultra Ball x2, PP Up, 
and Nugget

You only have access to this area after you beat the Elite Four and 
Gary. After the credits are done, hit a button, and then you'll return 
back in the game. FLY to Cerulean City, go across Nugget bridge, turn 
left, and SURF down the river, and you will see a cave. If you didn't 
beat the Elite Four and Gary, a man will block the cave. 

As you can see, the last area of the game is filled to the brink with 
hidden goodies and REALLY powerful Pokemon. This is the best place to 
build up your Pokemon, since you get 1,000+ EXP per Pokemon you 
kill...or you could capture them and really make your PokeDex explode 
with information. Speaking of capturing, you can find the sacred psychic 
Pokemon here -- Mewtwo! Use the Master Ball I told you to keep to 
capture it, and there you go, instant Mewtwo. If you already used your 
Master Ball, use the same strategy for Zapdos (freeze, sleep, ultra ball 
with trick). I won't tell you where Mewtwo is exactly -- it is much more 
fun to find him yourself, this being the last area of the game and 


These are secret techniques that allow you to make the game easier. 
Although the "MissingNo Is Good" is considered cheating by some, it does 
make collecting 150 Pokemon easier. :)


When you throw the Poke Ball, and the ball is on screen, hold B and Up, 
then let go as soon as the Pokemon disappears into the ball. If you did 
this correctly, the ball will be as powerful as the next powerful Poke 
Ball (e.g. Poke Ball = Great Ball, Great Ball = Ultra Ball). If you do 
this with an Ultra Ball, your chances are greatly increased. Note that 
nothing will act like a Master Ball, but when done with an Ultra Ball 
when the enemy's HP is almost gone, it will have a 99%. This is useful 
against the legendary birds and Mewtwo (though they should be asleep or 
frozen beforehand).



To fight land Pokemon on water, go to the eastern side of Seafoam 
Islands. Surf up and down along the eastern coat to do that. The  
Pokemon that you fight are from the area you last visited. This even 
works with Safari Zone!


FLY to Viridian City and talk to the man. He asks if you're busy, say no 
and watch his demonstration. FLY to Cinnabar Island and SURF along the 
eastern shore, making sure half of the screen is water and the other 
half is land. You will fight really powerful enemies (over L100), and 
sometimes you will encounter a fight that takes longer to load. When you 
see the Pokemon, it will be a bunch of garbled, incoherent graphics, 
with its name being "MISSINGNO" and it's number being 000. This is a 
freak glitch that Nintendo did not catch...



If you kill MissingNo (takes one hit), or run away, the sixth item in 
your item slot will be multiplied by 99. Therefore, you can be really 
evil and cheat, by putting some of the following items in the sixth 
spot: Master Ball, Rare Candies, Nuggets (sell for $5000, remember?). If 
you put something that can not be sold in the sixth item slot, the game 
will freeze. 



If you capture MissingNo and then save, it will really screw up your 
game. Sometimes it will erase your saved file completely, other times it 
will practically destroy the game and make it unplayable (in the extreme 
case). Other times, however, it will only mess up your Elite Four 
information. MissingNo may be L70, but he sucks, so there's no point in 
really capturing him...

I don't care about the rest, since they are useless


Instead of giving you stats and useless crap such as that, I'll describe 
the Pokemon and tell you which ones to keep and which to sweep. At the 
end, I will also give you a list of the top ten BEST Pokemon. 

I do admit, I borrowed this set-up from Jimmy Vu at Gamefaqs. However, 
there's no rule about borrowing set-ups, but I do give credit to him, 
since I'm just SUCH a nice guy. ;)

If these look really screwed up, I'll try my best to fix it in a later 
version. Microsoft Word is a bit touchy when it comes to spacing, and 
one little, bitsy space bar hit could mess up an entire section. 
Hopefully, I did this correctly...I also did a little mixing and 
matching with the numbers, but don't worry, they're all there.

If you want pictures of these little guys (from the cartoon even), click 
on the "PokeDex" section at: www.pokemon.com. If you know of a site that 
offers either better shots, or more, notify me.

Pokemon Number                                  
& Name                                      Various Notes

#000 - MissingNo                 MissingNo is actually a freak glitch 
                                 that Nintendo's game-testers didn't
                                 find. Although he comes at L70, he is
                                 very weak and has little to no
                                 defensive power. He doesn't even look
                                 like anything, he's just a bunch of 
                                 jumbled up graphics. I highly advise 
                                 that you DO NOT catch him, as he can 
                                 seriously mess up your game if you 
                                 save. However, if you see him or kill 
                                 him, you can activate some pretty sweet 

#001 Bulbasaur                  Bulbasaur is one of the starting Pokemon 
#002 Ivysaur                    that Dr. Oak gives you, and he evolves 
#003 Venusaur                   into the others once he reaches high 
                                levels. Venusaur is the best grass 
                                Pokemon in the game. Being part poison 
                                also comes in handy in some 
                                situations...With Razor Leaf, Solarbeam, 
                                and Vine Whip, he is very powerful. 
                                Bulbasaur is very cute, with a large 
                                plant growth on his back. 

#004 Charmander                 Also one of the starting Pokemon, 
#005 Charmeleon                 Charmander will evolve into the other 
#005 Charizard                  versions once it gets high enough 
                                levels. Although, due to it's element, 
                                fire, it makes the game a lot more 
                                difficult, because fire is useful when 
                                ONLY dealing with a few Pokemon 
                                Trainers, namely Erika. Due to this, 
                                most people try to avoid them. Other 
                                than that, though, Charizard is the best 
                                fire Pokemon in the game. If this is a 
                                good or bad thing...that's your 
                                decision. :) Charmander is almost too 
                                cute in the show, he looks like some 
                                confused dinosaur. 

#007 Squirtle                   The most under-rated Pokemon in the 
#008 Wartortle                  game, Squirtle is one of the starter 
#009 Blastoise                  Pokemon and it evolves into Blastoise, 
                                the best water-Pokemon in the entire
                                game. Battle charts say that they are 
                                weak against Pyschics, but that's funny, 
                                because I can usually kill a level 60 
                                Alakazam in one hit. Again, people copy 
                                information rather than gathering their 
                                own and writing it down. If they did 
                                this, there wouldn't be so much false 
                                information, such as the above. 
                                Blastoise, armed with Hydro Pump, 
                                Blizzard, Bubblebeam, and Skull Bash is 
                                almost unstoppable. Squirtle's is 
                                basically a walking turtle, who's 
                                cuteness is only surpassed by Pikachu's.


Am I evil or what?

#010 Caterpie                   Caterpie and Weedle are both bug type 
#013 Weedle                     Pokemon that can easily be caught in the 
                                Viridian Forest, and along many routes. 
                                They are good against rock, but that's 
                                about it. They learn many physical and 
                                poison attacks. Not worth the trouble it 
                                take to make them powerful. Both are 
                                worm like.

#011 Metapod                    Metapod/Kakuna can be found in Viridian 
#012 Butterfree                 Forest, among other places, and evolve 
#014 Kakuna                     into Butterfree and Beedrill, 
#015 Beedrill                   respectively. You'll need the "building 
                                weak Pokemon" strategy outlined in the 
                                FAQ section, since all of these are very 
                                weak. Beedrill and Butterfree are decent 
                                bug Pokemon that know a lot of poison 
                                and sleep attacks. Metapod and Kakuna 
                                are cocoons, while Butterfree and 
                                Beedrill are monstrous butterflies.

#016 Pidgey                     Pidgey's can be found all over the 
#017 Pidgeotto                  world, regardless of area. They evolve 
#018 Pidgeot                    into Pidgeotto, then Pidgeot, who is the 
                                most powerful flying Pokemon in the 
                                game. If you train them hard and long 
                                they can be useful, but I just skip them 
                                because there are better and easier 
                                Pokemon to get.
#019 Rattata                    Rattatas are pathetic Pokemon, with 
#020 Raticate                   little to no offense or defense. After 
                                tons of training, they transform into 
                                Raticate, which knows powerful attacks 
                                such as Hyper Fang and Body Slam. A 
                                Raticate caught in the wild is very weak 
                                when compared to a Raticate evolved from 
                                a Rattata. Above-average at best.

#021 Spearow                    Spearow's are weak, then evolve into the 
#022 Fearow                     slightly-more powerful Fearow -- they 
                                are both flying type. Average at best. 

#023 Ekans                      RED version only. They appear in the 
#024 Arbok                      same areas as Sandshrew, which is after 
                                Mount Moon. They are good poison 
                                Pokemon, but like all poison, they are 
                                easily defeated. Ekans evolves into 
                                Arbok, obviously. 

#025 Pikachu                    The star of the Pokemon television show 
#026 Raichu                     and the favorite of millions, Pikachu 
                                is a very good electric Pokemon that 
                                won't be dethroned until near the end of 
                                the game. He knows good electric 
                                attacks, and you can evolve him into 
                                Raichu by using a Thunder Stone. Raichu, 
                                however, is not as cute as Pikachu. 

"Pik-a! Pika!?" -- The cutest animal in the known universe (especially 
with the voice)

#027 Sandshrew                  They are found in the same places as 
#028 Sandslash                  Arbox and Ekans, except in the BLUE 
                                version only. They are powerful ground 
                                Pokemon that know many attacks, but 
                                there are others than you can capture 
                                earlier and train easier. 

#029 Nidoran <female>           Nidoran females can be found west of 
#030 Nidorina                   Viridian City, and slowly evolve into
#031 Nidoqueen                  the rest of the Pokemon you see listed.
                                They are decent poison/physical Pokemon, 
                                but nothing to get orgasmic about. 

#032 Nidoran <male>             Basically the same as the above three. 
#033 Nidorino                   Nintendo used a lot of Spanish stuff in 
#034 Nidoking                   this game (Uno, Dos, Tres for the 
                                legendary birds, and now using "o" and 
                                "a" to distinguish the two sexes.) 
#035 Clefairy                   Found inside Mount Moon, many people 
#036 Clefable                   have a hard time finding them. Simply 
                                run around in the area where there is a 
                                Team Rocket member and another item. 
                                There are two such places, and they can 
                                be found by going down ladders, then a 
                                long passage. Clefairys are sort of 
                                useful, I suppose, but I usually just 
                                skip them. Turn a Clefairy into a 
                                Clefable with a Moon Stone. 

#037 Vulpix                     These are only found in the BLUE 
#038 Nine Tales                 version. Nine Tales is evolved from 
                                Vulpix, and they can be found on the 
                                road to the west of Lavender Town, 
                                you'll need to use CUT to cut down the 
                                tree and access the grass. Both are weak 
                                fire Pokemon, but learn flamethrower 
                                early on. If you didn't get Charmander, 
                                this is your only hope at defeating 
                                Erika. Except for Gyarados... 

#039 Jigglypuff                 Jiggglypuff can be found on the road 
#040 Wigglytuff                 that leads to Mount Moon, in the grass 
                                behind the trainer. Jigglypuff is a pink 
                                puffball with giant blue eyes, its 
                                trademark attack is Sing, which will 
                                lull an enemy into submission. The lower 
                                their HP, the better the chances are. 
                                Useless later in the game. 

#041 Zubat                      Zubats can be found in almost every cave 
#042 Golbat                     in the game! They know annoying attacks 
                                like confuse ray and health absorb, but 
                                they are very weak and die even by the 
                                weakest attacks. They evolve into 
                                Golbats after awhile...they are big 
                                bats, basically.

#043 Oddish                     This is the main plant race for the RED 
#044 Gloom                      version. Oddish evolves into Gloom 
#045 Vileplume                  eventually, and then into Vileplume. 
                                Some of their attacks, like Petal Dance 
                                and Solar Beam, are pretty good. Teach 
                                them CUT if you didn't get Bulbasaur at 
                                the start. They know many poison attacks 
                                as well. In the grand scheme of things, 
                                they're not very good.

#046 Paras                      Paras are crab like creatures that have 
#047 Parasect                   parasitic fungi growing on their back. 
                                Once they grow into Parasect, their 
                                mushroom has taken up almost their 
                                entire building. They know a few good 
                                attacks, and are useful against 
                                Psychics, but they aren't very good 
                                overall. They are found in Mount Moon.

#048 Venonat                    Found east of Fuchsia City, Venonant is 
#049 Venomoth                   a weak bug/psychic. It eventually 
                                evolves into the powerful Venomoth, who 
                                can also be found in Victory Road. 
                                Overall, not worth your time, but they 
                                know several sleeping attacks, making 
                                them good Pokemon to use when getting 
                                the legendary birds.

#050 Diglett                    Mole-like Pokemon found, appropriately 
#051 Dugtrio                    enough, in Diglett's Cavern. They are 
                                ground and are immune to several 
                                attacks. If, for some strange reason, 
                                you didn't take my advice and power up a 
                                Geodude, get one of these to use against 
                                Lt. Surge, since they come automatically 
                                with Dig! Instead of evolving, they band 
                                together to form Dugtrio when they get 
                                high enough levels.

#052 Meowth                     Only in the BLUE version, they can be 
#053 Persian                    found in the area to the east of Celadon 
                                City, and many other areas. They evolve 
                                into Persian, naturally (you should have 
                                assumed that since each time a Pokemon 
                                evolves into others, they are separated 
                                from the others...yah). They're pretty 
                                useless, but they know the Pay-Day 
                                attack, which can give you some cold, 
                                hard cash. In the show, a talking Meowth 
                                is the leader of the James/Jessie team, 
                                part of Team Rocket. He has a bad 
                                attitude! :p

#054 Psyduck                    Extremely weak water Pokemon, but 
#055 Golduck                    Golduck isn't so bad, maybe average. 
                                Yes, they are ducks...You can get 
                                Psyduck in the Seafoam Islands or fish 
                                for them in the Safari Zone. Their 
                                voices are hilarious in the show. 

#056 Mankey                     RED version only, found in the same 
#057 Primeape                   places as Meowth would be. They are 
                                fighting, Primeape being the most 
                                powerful -- but there are much better 
                                ones out there. Primeape is a hairy pig 
                                with long arms if you ask me :p 

#058 Growlithe                  RED version only, found in the route to                
#059 Arcanine                   the west of Lavender City and the 
                                Cinnabar Pokemon Mansion. You can only 
                                get Arcanine from evolving a Growlithe. 
                                They are more powerful than BLUE's 
                                Vulpix, but it doesn't learn the fire 
                                attacks as quickly. 

#060 Poliwag                    You can find these by just SURFING 
#061 Poliwhirl                  around in the ocean. They are all the 
#062 Poliwrath                  start of the massive collection of 
                                useless water Pokemon you will encounter 
                                through-out the game. Let me say that 

#063 Abra                       Abra is found north of Cerulean City, 
#064 Kadabra                    and eventually evolves into Kadabra. 
#065 Alakazam                   Alakazam can only be obtained from 
                                trading. Alakazam/Kadabra are the best 
                                psychic Pokemon you get in the game 
                                before Mewtwo comes along. Put an Abra 
                                in the Pokemon Daycare Center at the 
                                start of the game, then come back later 
                                when you need him (e.g. the Elite Four) 
                                and he'll be very powerful. Teach it 
                                Psybeam if it doesn't learn it. 

#066 Machop                     Machop evolves into Machoke, and Machoke
#067 Machoke                    evolves into Machamp when traded...They 
#068 Machamp                    are the middle-men when it comes to 
                                fighting Pokemon. Pretty good, but the 
                                fact is, fighting Pokemon just aren't 
                                that useful. Machop can be found in Rock 
                                Tunnel and Victory Road. 

#069 Bellsprout                 BLUE version's main race of plant 
#070 Weepinbell                 Pokemon. Bellsprout is found in the 
#071 Victreebel                 area north of Cerulean City. If you 
                                didn't get Bulbasaur, you'll need to get 
                                one to teach CUT. Bellsprout evolves 
                                into Weepinbell, and then goes to 
                                Victreebel with a Leaf Stone. Victreebel 
                                can be very powerful with Solar Beam and 
                                Razor Leaf...however, by the time you 
                                get it that strong, you won't need it 
                                for anything. Life's tough, ain't it? :p

#072 Tentacool                  Big jellyfish-like water Pokemon.  
#073 Tentacruel                 You can find them in the ocean like all 
                                of the others...there's nothing special 
                                about them, and they're pretty common. 

#074 Geodude                    Capture a Geodude in Mt. Moon or Rock
#075 Graveler                   Tunnel, and it evolves into Graveler
#076 Golem                      at L25. You can also capture Gravelers 
                                in Victory Road, however, its power will 
                                pale in comparison to a Graveler evolved 
                                from a Geodude. If you trade one, it 
                                turns into the mighty Golem. 
                                Golem/Graveler are the most powerful 
                                rock Pokemon in the game. Talk about 
                                "rock solid" defense :)

#077 Ponyta                     Ponytas are found in the Cinnabar 
#078 Rapidash                   Pokemon Mansion, and then evolve into 
                                Rapidash. A Rapidash is a very powerful 
                                fire Pokemon, so if you don't get 
                                Charmander and don't care for Flareon, 
                                get that one! 

#079 Slowpoke                   Fish for them in the Safari Zone. The
#080 Slowbro                    most pointless and utterly useless 
                                Pokemon in the entire game...they are 
                                also the slowest, as you can deduce from 
                                their names. It is also pretty dumb 

#081 Magnemite                  Get them in the Power Plant, and it 
#082 Magneton                   evolves into the next one...they are 
                                almost as useless as the above ones. 
                                They are weak electric Pokemon. They 
                                seemed better in the show...

#083 Farfetch'd                 In Vermilion City, a boy will trade you 
                                this for a Spearow. This guy is insane 
                                since Spearow's can be found everywhere, 
                                but put that aside and let's focus on 
                                the Pokemon itself. Farfetch'd is a bird 
                                type, and can be pretty powerful, but 
                                like all bird Pokemon, they lose their 
                                worth near the middle of the game, since 
                                it doesn't have huge advantages over any 
                                particular Pokemon. You can only get one 
                                of these. 

#084 Doduo                      On no...we've run into a patch of 
#085 Dodrio                     totally pointless Pokemon! Hehe. Well, 
                                let's see, Doduo can be found in the 
                                very last routes that go to Fuchsia, and 
                                it is a bird with two heads...Then it 
                                evolves into Dodrio, which has a total 
                                of three heads. Knowing this 
                                information, you know how useful this 
                                Pokemon is...NONE! Nintendo is sick ;)

#086 Seel                       Seel is a water Pokemon found in the 
#087 Dewgong                    Seafoam Islands, it is merely average. 
                                Then, however, it transforms into the 
                                Dewgong, an ICE Pokemon! Seeing how the 
                                total number of Ice Pokemon isn't even 
                                two digits, this is a very rare type of 
                                animal. If you can't get Articuno, get a 

#088 Grimer                     They are totally made of sludge, and Muk
#089 Muk                        is the evolved form of Grimer, and they 
                                both can be found in the Cinnabar 
                                Pokemon Mansion. They have powerful 
                                poison attacks, but their defense is 
                                horrible, as is their smell, according  
                                to the show.

#090 Shellder                   The endless stream of water Pokemon will 
#091 Cloyster                   never end (no pun intended). Fish for 
                                Shellder in Vermilion City. Shellder is 
                                totally a waste of time, but Cloyster 
                                isn't *that* bad, because it has Spike 
                                Cannon. However, that single attack does 
                                not merit keeping it. 

#092 Gastly                     These are the only ghost Pokemon in the
#093 Haunter                    entire game, so you should pick one up. 
#094 Gengar                     You can find Gastlies all over Pokemon 
                                Tower, and you might even be really 
                                lucky and get a Haunter. They are very 
                                potent with Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Night 
                                Shade, and Confuse Ray. Even more 
                                annoying....Very useful if you can't get 
                                good psychic Pokemon quickly. Haunter 
                                evolves from Gastly, and Gengar is the 
                                evolved form of Haunter once you trade 

#095 Onix                       A semi-powerful rock-Pokemon found in 
                                the Rock Tunnel and Victory Road, it 
                                learns all the rock attacks like 
                                strength, earthquake, and dig, but most 
                                of those are from TMs or HMs, so if you 
                                don't do that, Onix is pretty much 

#096 Drowzee                    Drowzee is the first powerful psychic 
#097 Hypno                      Pokemon you can find in the game -- that 
                                is, east of Celadon City, and past Rock 
                                Cave and into the fields. They obviously 
                                evolve into Hypno, which knows all kinds 
                                of attacks like Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, 
                                Dream Eater, etc., etc. Nothing new 

#098 Krabby                     Fish for Krabby on Silence Bridge, which
#099 Kingler                    is the long way to Fuchsia City. Krabby 
                                completely sucks, and so does Kingler. 
                                Bugs sucks, period. Waste of 
                                graphics...I guess if the game was all 
                                good Pokemon, it would be too easy :p

#100 Voltorb                    These are electric and Voltorb can be 
#101 Electrode                  found in the route to Rock Tunnel and 
                                the Power plant, as can Electrode (Power 
                                plant only). Let me think about their 
                                value...Hey, I know, they are totally 
                                worthless! You'll have to take my word.

#102 Exeggcute                  Exeggcute is found in the Safari Zone 
#103 Exeggutor                  only...it evolves into Exeggutor with a 
                                Leaf Stone. If you didn't choose 
                                Bulbasaur at the start of the game, this 
                                is the most powerful plant Pokemon in 
                                the game. As an added bonus, it is also 
                                a psychic.

#104 Cubone                     Cubone can be found in the Pokemon Tower
#105 Marowak                    in Lavendar Town, and then evolves into 
                                Marowak after a bit. However, you can 
                                get a Marowak in Victory Road, but it 
                                won't be as powerful as your Marowak 
                                from a Cubone. They are very powerful 
                                ground, and know attacks that can't be 
                                gotten learned anywhere else, like 
                                Bonerang, etc. Overall, pretty good. 

#106 Hitmonlee                  After fighting the Dojo Master, you get 
#107 Hitmonchan                 to choose one of his prized fighting 
                                Pokemon. Either one is a good choice, 
                                but I suggest Hitmonlee, since it can 
                                learn several elemental attacks. The 
                                most powerful fighting Pokemon in the 
                                game, either way.

#108 Likitung                   West of Fuchsia City, you can trade a 
                                slow-bro for this Likitung, which in my 
                                opinion sucks big, fat, sweaty donkey 
                                balls. Am I allowed to say that? Since 
                                you've taken the time to read this far, 
                                I'm assume you have little to no life, 
                                meaning you shouldn't be offended by 
                                that. Which means, its time for the next 

#109 Koffing                    Poison Pokemon in their purest form,
#110 Weezing                    they appear in numerous routes, plus the 
                                Cinnabar Pokemon Mansion. Like all 
                                Poison Pokemon, they are very weak. Not 
                                worth training. Koffing turns into 
                                Weezing after a bit, growing several 

#111 Rhyhorn                    Rhyhorn is found in the Safari Zone and 
#112 Rhydon                     is a decent rock Pokemon, then 
                                transforms into Rhydon eventually -- or 
                                you can get one in the Unknown Dungeon. 
                                However, by the time you get him, your 
                                Graveler will be awesome. Therefore, 
                                there's no point getting a Rhyhorn.

#113 Chansey                    You can only obtain this from the Safari 
                                Zone or the Unknown Dungeon. It is very 
                                versatile, as it can learn a wide range 
                                of TMs, including Solar Beam, Hyper 
                                Beam, Thunder, etc., etc...If you're 
                                lacking one type of element, try 
                                teaching TMs to this little guy! He is, 
                                however, very hard to catch, even in the 
                                Unknown Dungeon. In theory, you could 
                                get six Chanseys and teach each one 
                                different TMs, making a team of vastly
                                different Pokemon. I've never heard of 
                                anyone doing it, but it certainly seems 

#114 Tangela                    An oddball looking grass Pokemon, 
                                Tangela can be traded for on the 
                                Cinnabar Island Science Facility. They 
                                learn plenty of grass attacks, they're 
                                not too weak and they're not too 
                                powerful -- they're pretty much average, 
                                in fact.

#115 Kangaskhan                 Another rare treasure to be unearthed in 
                                the Safari Zone, this strangely named 
                                predator has powerful attacks, but low 
                                defense balances it all out. He is the 
                                only Pokemon who has the attack "Dizzy 
                                Punch" as well. It can be useful if 
                                trained hard, but can't that be said 
                                about all Pokemon? >:p

#116 Horsea                     Horsea can be found in the Seafoam 
#117 Seadra                     Islands and the oceans near Cinnabar 
                                Isle...it evolves into Seadra, of 
                                course, which is a more powerful water 
                                Pokemon. Merely average, at best.

#118 Goldeen                    You can get a Goldeen by swimming south 
#119 Seaking                    of Fuchsia City, or by fishing around 
                                Silence Bridge. Goldeen evolves into 
                                Seaking eventually. Not all that useful, 
                                really...water Pokemon, again. 

#120 Staryu                     Staryus are found in the Seafoam 
#121 Starmie                    Islands, and they evolve into Starmie 
                                with a Water Stone...Starmie is the most 
                                powerful water Pokemon you can get if 
                                you didn't pick Squirtle at the start of 
                                the game, so you may want to pick one up 
                                if that is the case. Teach Bubblebeam to 
                                it, also. 

#122 Mr. Mime                   After exiting Diglett's Cave, you will 
                                find one a person who will trade one of 
                                your Abra's for one of his Mr. Mimes, 
                                which is the only way to get him. 
                                Trouble is, he starts out at L5 and you 
                                need to get him up in the 50's to get 
                                any benefits. Kadabra/Alakazam is much 
                                better, though, not to mention easier to 

#123 Scyther                    Both of these are found in the Safari                     
#127 Pinsir                     Zone. However, Scyther is only in the 
                                RED version, where Pinsir is discovered 
                                in the BLUE version. They are both the 
                                most powerful bug Pokemon in the game, 
                                so hey, if you need some help against 
                                any Psychics, these are probably the way 
                                to go! 

#124 Jynx                       Trade a Poliwhirl for this in Cerulean 
                                City...Jynx is one of the very few Ice 
                                Pokemon, and can learn some pretty good 
                                ice-moves. Notice how I said "can." 
                                Articuno already comes with ice attacks, 
                                so why bother with this guy? Well, if 
                                you can't get him, that's a pretty good
                                reason I suppose! :p

#125 Electabuzz                 A strange looking electric type found 
                                only in the RED version, in the 
                                Electrical Plant to be exact, and it's 
                                still pretty rare there. It's power is 
                                somewhere in the middle of Raichu and 

#126 Magmar                     In the BLUE version, in the Cinnabar 
                                Pokemon Mansion, you can collect these 
                                fiery duck creatures. When reviewing the 
                                other fire Pokemon, I've come to the 
                                conclusion that this one is merely

#128 Tauros                     This is the strangest and most 
                                disappointing Pokemon in the 
                                game...It's almost impossible to capture 
                                in the Safari Zone, and after countless 
                                hours, you finally get it to reveal the 
                                awesome might that is...a pretty sucky 
                                Pokemon that is merely average at the 
                                very best. Darn you, Nintendo!!

#129 Magikarp                   So much to write about...First off, 
#130 Gyarados                   Magikarp is, without a single doubt in 
                                my mind, the weakest Pokemon in the 
                                entire game. However, at L20, he evolves 
                                into Gyarados, my favorite Pokemon and 
                                one of the most powerful in the entire 
                                game -- its only weakness is lightening. 
                                That's it; any other attacks will barely 
                                even phase it. For offense, whoo, better 
                                watch out, because it has Body Slam, 
                                Hyper Beam, Dragon Range, and Hydro 
                                Pump. Before going to Mount Moon, a man 
                                in the PokeCenter will offer you a 
                                Magikarp for $500...TAKE IT!! You can 
                                get a Gyarados MUCH more earlier this 
                                way, trust me, it'll be worth it when 
                                you're killing the Elite Four's Pokemon 
                                in one or two hits a piece. Is it me, or 
                                did they not do justice to Gyarados in 
                                the show? In the show, he looks like a 
                                weird eel, but in the game, he's a 
                                monstrous sea-dragon with large claws 
                                and big, rippling skin! Oh well...

#131 Lapras                     Found after beating Gary in Silph HQ, it 
                                starts out at L15, but if you train it 
                                really hard, it can go learn all kinds 
                                of evil water/ice attacks. However, you 
                                will need to train LONG and HARD, since 
                                he starts out at such low levels.          

#132 Ditto                      He can be found east of Fuchsia 
                                City...he can transform into a Pokemon 
                                he fights and use its move, but you only 
                                get 5PP per move, and his defense is so
                                horrible you probably won't be able to 
                                get off a single shot. Interesting to 
                                experiment with, but don't try anything 
                                major with it. 

#133 Eevee                      Eevee can be found in a Poke Ball at the
#134 Vaporeon                   back of Game Freaks Inc., in Celadon 
#135 Jolteon                    City. Just read my walkthrough...
#136 Flareon                    Depending on which stone you use, you 
                                can get: Vaporeon (water stone), Jolteon 
                                (Thunder Stone), or Flareon (Fire 
                                Stone). They each are powerful in their 
                                own element, however, they require a lot 
                                of training to be of any use. 

#137 Porygon                    You can buy him at Celadon City for an 
                                INSANE amount of coins that would 
                                require hours at a slot machine, or a 
                                timely game genie code. In the end, you 
                                find he is practically worthless. Very 
                                tricky Nintendo is...

#138 Omanite                    Omanite = Helix Fossil, evolves into 
#139 Omastar                    Omastar, Kabuto = Dome Fossil, evolves 
#140 Kabuto                     into Kabutops. Aerodactyl is from the 
#141 Kabutops                   Old Amber you get in Pewter City...it is
#142 Aerodactyl                 of the dragon type, and if you train it 
                                really hard, it can learn Hyper Beam and 
                                other friendly attacks. 

#143 Snorlax                    Snorlax is found in two places and must 
#144 Articuno                   be woken up with a Pokeflute, just wear
#145 Zapdos                     it down, make it go night, night, then 
#146 Moltres                    use an Ultra Ball -- it is the most 
                                powerful normal Pokemon. Articuno is 
                                found in the Seafoams Islands and is the 
                                most powerful Ice Pokemon. Zapdos is 
                                found in the Power Plant and is the most 
                                powerful electric Pokemon in the game. 
                                Moltres is in Victory Road, it is an 
                                above-average fire Pokemon. If you want 
                                to win easily, you need to get Articuno 
                                and Zapdos! Read the "Optional Areas" 
                                section for more detailed information. 

#147 Dratini                    Catch a Dratini in the Safari Zone by 
#148 Dragonair                  fishing, then it will evolve into the 
#149 Dragonite                  others you see listed, Dragonite being
                                the most powerful Dragon in the game, 
                                and is the second best Pokemon next to 
                                Mewtwo. However, you will need to train 
                                VERY, VERY hard and VERY, VERY long 
                                because it takes an eternity to get a 
                                Dragonite. A good way to make it faster 
                                would be to leave it in the Pokemon 
                                DayCare Center for a few years, or fight 
                                the Elite Four until you get them. If 
                                you get a Dragonite, consider yourself a 
                                very patient and persistent player.

#150 Mewtwo                     Found in the Unknown Dungeon, Mewtwo is 
                                the result of a horrific experiment gone 
                                wrong on Cinnabar Island, where it 
                                escaped it's cage, destroyed the lab, 
                                and fled to the cave to hide. Once you 
                                beat the game, you can venture into the 
                                dark tunnels and get Mewtwo with your 
                                Master Ball! Mewtwo is the best Pokemon 
                                in the game, period. For more 
                                information, check out the "Optional 
                                Areas" section. 

#151 Mew                        In the Japanese version, you can get
                                this by talking to a man in Celadon City 
                                after you capture all 150 Pokemon. In 
                                the American version, however, you, for 
                                some strange, twisted and cruel reason, 
                                can not get Mew without a code! However, 
                                the code does get the real Mew, with new 
                                PokeDex entries, and new pictures, etc. 
                                Evil, evil Nintendo...According to the 
                                entries in the Pokemon Mansion, Mew is 
                                the offspring of Mewtwo.


Whoosh...do you know how long that took to make? A lot longer than you 
would think, that's how long! 


I now present to you, the TOP TEN BEST POKEMON in the entire game. Here 
we go, in NO particular order...

#10 - Gyarados. He can learn Hyper Beam, the most powerful attack in the 
game, Dragon Range, Surf, and a lot of other nasty attacks like Toxic, 
Body Slam, and Hydro Pump. He is very powerful, and if built up 
correctly, is nearly impossible to kill. His only weakness is 
lightening. He is my favorite overall Pokemon. Very easy to get. 

#9 - Zapdos. The second legendary bird (Zap-dos), and the best electric 
Pokemon in the game. Well, possibly...He is found in the Power Plant, 
which is in the Optional Area section of my FAQ. He comes at L50 with 
160HP, his attack is high and his defense is way up there.
#8 - Jolteon. Or maybe this is the best electrical Pokemon in the game? 
Personally, I'd rather skip this one and get one of Eevee's OTHER 
evolutions. However, if you're having trouble getting Zapdos, this is 
the way to go.

#7 - Flareon. Another Eevee evolution, this is the way to go if you 
don't want to bother with Charizard. Flareon can match Charizard in 
power if you train it correctly. When you first evolve Eevee into 
Flareon, it is very weak, which means you'll need to train plenty. Teach 
Fire Blast to the little guy.

#6 - Charizard. The best fire Pokemon in the game. However, its value is 
questionable as you won't need it a lot, except for a few situations. 

#5 - Venusaur, undoubtedly the best grass Pokemon in the game. With 
Razor Leaf, Solarbeam, Leech Seed, and whatever else you wish, Venusaur 
will kill almost anything it can. 
#4 - Articuno. The first legendary bird (Artic-uno). Without a doubt the 
best Ice Pokemon, it is the only creature that can easily kill a Dragon-
type. It comes at L50 with 160HP, with high defense and attack. 

#3 - Golem. The best rock-Pokemon, normal attacks won't even phase it. 
However, being rock, it has many weaknesses (Water, Flying, etc). With 
Earthquake, Rock Slide, Dig, and whatever else you choose, it is very 
powerful. If you can't trade to make Golem, Graveler is still pretty 

#2 - Blastoise. With Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Bubblebeam, and Skull Bash, 
it will slaughter anything you put in front of it, except for water. 
Even a powerful psychic will tremble before the power that is 

#1 - Mewtwo. Was there any doubt? Psychic (the attack) will kill just 
about anything, which is alone enough reason to get him.


Alakazam - The most powerful Psychic Pokemon you can get before Mewtwo. 
Pretty useful...Try getting an Abra at the start of the game and putting 
it in the daycare center, then coming back near the end. Pretty useful!  

Haunter - The most annoying Pokemon to fight, it can also be very useful 
when capturing the legendary birds. It can have Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, 
Dream Eater, and the powerful Night Shade.

Pikachu - Many people don't like to evolve it into Raichu, just for the 
plain fact that he's so cute. He is the third best electrical Pokemon 
next to Zapdos and Zolteon. He suffers from low defense, but "steroids" 
can fix that if you have the cash.

Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee - The best fighting Pokemon, you can only choose 
one after beating the Dojo Master. It doesn't matter which one you pick, 
as they both have very powerful attacks. If you train them hard, they 
will be difficult to kill. 

Dragonite - The second best Pokemon in the game, no doubt. Why didn't I 
include him in the list? Quite simply, he has one of the biggest cons in 
the game...HE IS SO HARD TO GET! You'll have to fight for hours upon 
hours if you want him. When you do, however, he is nearly unstoppable.

Lapras - You get him late in the game at level 15. If you train him 
hard, he is a very good water Pokemon. However, again, you need to train 
very long, he starts at such low levels.

Starmie - The best water Pokemon if you didn't pick Squirtle at the 
start of the game. Save Bubblebeam for this one if that is the case...

Rapidash - Evolved from Ponyta, this is the easiest and most powerful 
fire Pokemon you can get if you didn't get Charmander and you're too 
lazy (like myself) to train Flareon.

Aerodactyl - The easiest Dragon type to attain, it can also be as 
powerful as Dragonite if you train it hard. Also learns Hyper Beam...

Mew - I didn't include him in the top ten because you need a code to get 
him...at least in the AMERICAN version...

1. Blastoise
2. Venusaur
3. Articuno
4. Dragonite
5. Zapdos 
6. Mewtwo

1. Level 72 Blastoise with Hydro Pump, Bubblebeam, Blizzard, and 

2. Level 62 Gyarados with Body Slam, Hyper Beam, Dragon Rage, and Surf

3. Level 82 Mewtwo with Psychic, Mist, Amnesia, and Recover 

4. Level 61 Articuno with Blizzard, Ice Beam, Peck, and Swift 

5. Level 61 Zapdos with Thundershock, Fly, Drill Peck, and Thunder

6. Level 66 Graveler with Earthquake, Rock Slide, Dig, and Self-Destruct

Those are the best teams if you're going for diverseness, which is vital 
for winning most battles. If you're going for all out powerful attacks, 
go with this (if you have 150, again): 
1. Aerodactyl
2. Dragonite
3. Gyarados
4. Mew
5. Mewtwo 
6. Articuno

However, a powerful Ice-Pokemon could kill the first four easily. 


The most useless, pointless, most blatantly space-taker-upper section in 
all of FAQ writing history awaits you...the item section...Don't be 
afraid! I am a professional...

----------------------------- BALLS ------------------------------------
POKE BALL: Captures Pokemon when weakened. Cheap.     
GREAT BALL: More powerful than Poke Ball, merely average.
SAFARI BALL: Custom ball used to capture Pokemon in the Safari Zone.
ULTRA BALL: 99% chance of capturing a very weakened Pokemon. Expensive.
MASTER BALL: Prototype of a 100% capture unit. Works no matter what.

---------------------------- MIRACLES ----------------------------------

POTION: Restores 20HP.
SUPER POTION: Restores 50HP.
HYPER POTION: Restores 100HP.
MAXIMUM POTION: Restores all HP.
ANTIDOE: Heals 'poison' status.
BURN HEAL: Heals 'burn' status.
ICE HEAL: Heals 'frozen' status.
AWAKENING: Wakes up sleeping Pokemon.
PARLYZ HEAL: Cures 'parlyz' status.
FULL HEAL: Cures any status problems.

FRESH WATER: Restores some HP.
SODA POP: Restores even more HP.
LEMONADE: Restores more HP still.
REVIVE: Brings back fainted Pokemon with half HP restored.
MAXIMUM REVIVE: Brings back fainted Pokemon with full HP.
ETHER: Recover 10PP for a single attack.
MAXIMUM ETHER: Recover all PP points for one attack.
ELIXIER: Recovers 10PP for all attacks.
MAXIMUM ELIXIERS: Recovers all attacks to the total amount.

-------------------------- RARE ARTIFACTS ------------------------------

HELIX FOSSIL: Use to bring back the extinct 'Omanyte.' Find in Mt. Moon.
DOME FOSSIL: Use to bring back the extinct 'Kabuto.' Find in Mt. Moon.
OLD AMBER: Use to bring back the extinct 'Aerodactyl.' Get in Pewter.
MOON STONE: Evolves certain types of rare Pokemon.
LEAF STONE: Evolve certain types of plant Pokemon.
FIRE STONE: Evolve certain types of fire Pokemon.
WATER STONE: Evolve certain types of water Pokemon.
THUNDER STONE: Evolve certain types of lightning Pokemon.

--------------------------- REAL TIME ITEMS ----------------------------

BICYCLE: Allows you to move much faster on land.
SILPH SCOPE: Allows you to see otherwise invisible ghosts.
POKE FLUTE: Awake a sleeping Snorlax. Also use in battle to cure 'sleep'
ESCAPE ROPE: Lets you to return to the last PokeCenter. Works in caves.
REPEL: Weak Pokemon will not attack.
SUPER REPEL: Stronger Pokemon will not attack for a longer time.
MAXIMUM REPEL: Really powerful Pokemon will not attack for a long time.

------------------------- POWERFUL POWER UPS ---------------------------

RARE CANDY: Automatically raises a Pokemon's level by one.
HP UP: Increases maximum HP of a Pokemon.
PP UP: Increases maximum PP of an attack.
PROTEIN: Increases attack permanently.
IRON: Increases defense permanently.
CARBOS: Increases speed permanently.
CALCIUM: Increases special powers permanently.

X ATTACK: Increases attack for a short while. Only used in battle. 
X DEFEND: Increases defense for a short while. Only used in battle.
X SPEED: Increases speed for a short while. Only used in battle.
X SPECIAL: Increases special for a short while. Only used in battle.
X ACCURACY: Increases accuracy for a short while. Only used in battle.

GUARD SPEC.: Enemies can not use specials. Only used in battle.
DIRE HIT: Attacks become much more effective. Only used in battle.


= = = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo/Game Freaks: I'm not sure which one developed the actual game, 
but I'm under the impression that Game Freaks came up with the original 
idea, and then Nintendo came along and helped them (e.g. I see several 
Nintendo people in the credits section, like Shigeru Miyamoto). 

Internet Sites
= = = = = = = = = = = 

Gamefaqs <www.gamefaqs.com>: The mammoth site that holds all of my FAQs, 
plus thousands from other authors. If you need help and can't find it 
here, then you're in trouble.

The Official Pokemon Site <www.pokemon.com>: Has some cool stuff, 
including an online PokeDex that has full blown, colored pictures of 
every Pokemon (straight from the Pokemon cartoon). You haven't seen cute 
until you've seen the Squirtle picture!!


Pikachu looks much cuter in motion if you ask me.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = 

MetroidMoo <MetroidMoo@aol.com>: A good friend of mine, he made the best 
(or at least largest) Pokemon FAQ at Gamefaqs, where I got most of the 
information from (i.e. What items are in specific areas, etc.).

Jimmy Vu <laeophie@aol.com>: I borrowed his nice Pokemon set-up for the 
online PokeDex. I just hope he doesn't mind :p Remember, I only borrowed 
the design, I wrote my own descriptions for each Pokemon.

??? <Alakazam47@aol.com>: Told me that Caterpie and Weedle could be 
found in both versions, though I could've sworn that I already had that.


You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
1) The version you are taking is from www.gamefaqs.com
2) You give me credit
3) It is shown in it's full version
4) This fine print is included
5) It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
6) You worship a spoon of jello under a full moon
7) You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, I'm 
too busy (i.e. lazy). 

You may put it into HTML format if you wish, but the above conditions 
must be met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the 
text remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
(except for color stuff, bold, links, pictures, or whatever, but that's 
not changing the meaning). 

This document is copyrighted (c) 1999 marshmallow 
All Rights Reserved


Before asking any questions or making any comments, make sure you are 
viewing the most updated version of this FAQ. The most updated version, 
along with the other 30+ of my FAQs, can be found at: www.gamefaqs.com. 
If you find a site who has an outdated version, please inform the 
webmaster to update it immediately. Thank you very much.

Feel free to contact the insane author of this FAQ, marshmallow, with 
any e-mail, corrections, adorations, admonitions, praise, damnation, 
condemnation, or death threats at: m_mallow@hotmail.com. I also have 
ICQ, but after changing my number, I only allow special people to be on 
my list. 

Note that I only check my e-mail every other few decades, so please be 
patient. If you don't receive any replies within a few weeks, it's safe 
to say you asked a very idiotic question.

"Santa Claus is so jolly because he has a list of where all the naughty 
girls live." -- George Carlin

                                   - marshmallow - 

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