• Alter Toxic Damage

    Normally when under the effects of Toxic ("Bad Poisoning"), your Pokemon takes incrementing amounts of damage: 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, and so on, of their max HP. You can negate this by switching out; when the Pokemon returns, it will only be taking a flat 1/8 damage like regular Poisoning.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Boost Leech Seed's Absorption

    Leech Seed is a move well-known for absorbing 1/16 of the target's HP and healing the user of the move by the same amount. However, you can actually boost this damage through the unintended effects of Toxic. When you use Toxic to Badly Poison a foe, and then use Leech Seed on them, Leech Seed's damage will also increment: thus, you regain 1/16, then 1/8, then 3/16, then 1/4, and so on, of your HP. Toxic will also be taking effect in this time, dealing the same amount of damage. In other words, you not only regain tons of HP, but also double the damage of Toxic, from one point of view.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Bypass Cycling Road Guard

    To get onto the Cycling Road without needing a Bicycle, simply hold Left while the guard warns you that you must have the Bicycle to enter Cycling Road. (If you already obtained the Bicycle, this still works if the Bicycle is in the PC.) In doing so, you will bypass the guard; if you continue onto Cycling Road, you'll still ride a bike.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Drain Move Substitute Glitch

    In the Japanese releases of Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow, as well as all versions of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, there is a glitch involving Substitute - no matter the accuracy of the move, if it is a move that absorbs HP (e.g. Absorb, Giga Drain, Mega Drain), the move will have a 100% chance to miss!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Duplicate items

    To get WELL 99 of an item, put the item you want duplicated in the sixth item slot. Make sure you have the Fly HM, then Fly to Viridian City. Talk to the old man that stopped you in the begining of the game( kind of to the north) When he asks if you are in a hurry, say no and watch him catch a weedle.

    Then Fly to Cinnabar Island, and use the SURF HM. Surf along the right COAST, Not in the water, if you surf in the water it won't work.

    Now, use SURF until you run into a Pokemon called ''M'', ''Missingno.'', Or a Pokemon over level 100 Once you see one of those, kill it or just simply run away. DON'T CATCH THE M OR MISSINGNO. AS IT WILL RUIN YOUR GAME!!!

    When fighting a high level M if you have a slow pokemon and it attacks you are screwed, as it has a VERY high attack, you can beat him by simply using a quick attack.

    after you win/run look at your sixth item it should look VERY weird with wird symbols and such, don't worry all it means is you have over 99 once you use it up alot it will stop using symbols and once the supply gets back to 99 it will show up as ''99''

    Contributed By: Tajiri.

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  • Duplicate Pokemon

    You need a link cable, 2 pokemon games, and 2 gameboys for this trick. On 1 gameboy, have a strong pokemon that you both want. On the other, have a weak pokemon that your willing to give up for the other one. Enter Trade mode and trade pokemon. On gameboy 1 (the one with the good pokemon), turn off the gameboy right before it says ''Trade Complete!''. The 2nd GB should say ''Trade Complete!'' on it. If done correctly, the bad pokemon on GB 2 should be deleted and replaced with the good pokemon. The good pokemon on GB 1 should still be there.

    Contributed By: Locke130.

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  • Evolve Pokemon without Stones

    To execute this glitch properly, you need a Pokemon who evolves via a Stone (Fire Stone, Leaf Stone, Moon Stone, Thunderstone). This only works with Pokemon whose internal ID number is equal to that of the item used to evolve it. So long as you send out such a Pokemon as your lead in the battle, and defeat the foe with a different Pokemon, this can be done. What Pokemon you switch to is important, as noted later.

    First, send out the Stone-needing Pokemon as your lead. On the first turn, switch him out for the Pokemon that you do not want to evolve: doesn't matter which. When the Pokemon beats your foe, if the shared EXP. makes the Stone-needing Pokemon level-up, the same Pokemon will evolve.

    This list describes who you must switch to for this to work:

    - If you need a Thunderstone evolution, win the battle with Growlithe.
    - If you need a Moon Stone evolution, win the battle with Exeggutor.
    - If you need a Water Stone evolution, win the battle with Onix.
    - If you need a Leaf Stone evolution, win the battle with Psyduck.
    - If you need a Fire Stone evolution, you must win the battle with a Missingno. whose internal decimal index number is 32, which is impossible to get without the use of other glitches.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Glitch City

    Glitch City is a weird glitchy town that you can unlock (and get to) by doing the following in this order:
    -Go to the Safari Zone (in Fuchia City)
    -Enter Safari Zone (pay the 500 bucks)
    -Go out of the Safari Zone and when the guy asks you if you want to leave, say ''No''
    -Repeat the last step
    -Save your game when you are in the Safari Zone, and turn it off
    -Turn the game back on and leave the Safari Zone (the guy shouldn't ask you if you want to leave)
    -Go to Cinibar Island and surf half on land and half on water, DO this until a message pops up- ''PA-Ding-Dong, Time's Up! Your Safari game is over!''
    - You will then be transported back to the Safari Zone
    -Exit the Safari Zone building and you will be in Glitch Town
    Congrats you did it!

    Contributed By: DigimonMan03.

    3    7

  • Hyper Beam Recharge Perpetuation

    This glitch can be executed on Pokemon who have used Hyper Beam and are Frozen during their recharging turn. If you use Haze on this Pokemon, they will thaw out - however, they will always be recharging from their Hyper Beam, meaning they and their Trainer can do nothing until you defeat it. You can capitalize on this with healing across the party, massive stat boosts, and inevitably killing the Pokemon.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Invisible PC

    In the Celadon Hotel, you will notice that the graphics and internal structure of the building are much the same as that of a Pokemon Center. There is even a PC here, although it is invisible: it is in the same spot as a normal Pokemon Center along the east wall. The same is also true of some of the Rest Houses in the Safari Zone that have Pokemon Center-like design. You can interact with this PC as normal to insert and withdraw your Pokemon.

    However, take note that if saving is done your actual location will not be saved. This can be used to some degree for sequence-breaking glitches and speed-running by saving in one area by changing PC boxes, then reloading the file. You'll have all your progress done as before, but your location will be the same the file before this save. For example, you can save normally in Pallet Town, then do so in the Celadon Hotel by using its invisible PC. When you reload, you'll have met all of the progress you did between Pallet Town and the Celadon Hotel but will be back in Pallet Town.

    Contributed By: dementia1029 and KeyBlade999.

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  • Invulnerability

    This glitch is executed when a Pokemon using Fly or Dig becomes Paralyzed before the turn on which they attack: it is only done by being Paralyzed when you are high up in the air when using Fly. If such occurs, you will be invulnerable. This glitch lasts until your Pokemon uses Fly or Dig again and is successful in doing so, you switch Pokemon, the Pokemon faints, or the battle ends.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Negate Burn/Paralysis Stat Losses

    Normally, when Burned, a Pokemon's Attack stat is halved, and when Paralyzed their Speed is halved. However, if you use Swords Dance (if Burned) or Agility (if Paralyzed), the stat loss is negated. For example, under the intended mechanics, Swords Dance and Burn would return you to normal damage output, but it actually doubles your damage output. The same is true for Speed, Paralysis, and Agility.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • PP Pokemon Morphing (JP only)

    This only works in the Japanese Red, Blue, and Green. You need at least two Pokemon and 16 items.

    Put a Pokemon with no HM moves into slot two of your party; this Pokemon preferably is worthless since it'll be transformed by the end. In slot one, put a Pokemon that has one of its moves' current PP matching the ID of your desired Pokemon (such as 21 PP remaining for Mew). Enter your Bag and press Select on the 16th item. Press B twice to exit, then enter battle. Press Select again on the move with the desired PP, and end the battle. Go to the Daycare and drop off and withdraw the second Pokemon in your party; on its return it'll be of the same species as the PP of the swapped move!

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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  • Repeat In-Game Trades (JP-only)

    On the Japanese releases of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green, you can repeat the in-game trades normally only doable once. Before you begin the trade, go into your bag, hover over an item, and press Select. Exit out of the menu and begin the trade: while in your party menu, swap the Pokemon you intend to trade with another in the order, then trade it. After receiving the Pokemon from the trade you'll find yourself able to execute it again; you can execute this as many times as desired.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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  • Skip the Pewter City Gym

    This obviously can only be done before beating Brock in Pewter City. At the east end of town is a kid who will take you to the Pewter Gym if you have not beaten him yet. One tile before walking into his line of sight, open the pause menu and hover the cursor over "SAVE". Now, exit the menu with B, then walk in front of the kid. Throughout the conversation that follows, continue pressing B to advance the text. Immediately after the texts ends, press Start, then save the game. Let the kid walk you to the Pewter Gym, then enter the pause menu and reset the console.

    After the game reloads, you'll be taken to the Gym again. This time, continue back to Route 3's entrance. This time, the kid won't be there. However, be sure hug the north side of the rock wall as you go east: you'll trigger the conversations again if you do not.

    Note, too, that you must beat the Pewter Gym eventually to beat the game. This is best used for those who intend to go back later with a better Pokemon party, such as those who started with Charmander.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Stat Boosting Errors

    During the game, you will find that several Gym Badges actually boost your stats, like Attack, specifically with a multiplier of 1.125x; similarly, Burn halves Attack and Paralysis quarters Speed. While not intended to be applied multiple times to the same stat, they can be by affecting other stats. (For example, to stack Attack boosts from the BoulderBadge, get hit by Tail Whip, which affects Defense.) The multipliers get reapplied. You can use this to tank hits from Pokemon that use the moves; an example would be taking three Tail Whips, resulting in a 42.4% boost in Attack from the BoulderBadge. You can also use this to affect the opponent's stats; for example, if you Burn them, then hit them with Tail Whip, their Attack is halved a second time! Note, however, that directly affecting the stat you want to stack boosts/losses on - for example, using Growl on a Burned Pokemon, or using Belly Drum while stacking Attack boosts - will nullify the stacking, returning the values to their intended quantities.

    Further, when a Pokemon raises its own stat stages, modifiers due to Paralysis or Burn are applied to the opposing Pokemon even though they don't possess them. For example, if your Pokemon is Burned and uses Double Team to boost evasion, the opponent's Attack stat gets halved, even though they are not burned.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Struggle Glitch

    Normally in Pokemon, the move Struggle (used when a Pokemon is at 0 PP for all moves) is intended to be a typeless move. However, in these games it is mistakenly coded as a Normal-type move. This means that you can use a Ghost-type Pokemon against them and easily win as they won't be able to hurt you.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Surfing Glitch (Red, Blue & Green JP-only)

    Unlike in Yellow Version and the localizations of the games, in the Japanese Red, Blue, and Green, you are capable of Surfing starting from the north tile of cliffsides. This is most helpful in the Seafoam Islands, enabling you to find Articuno and bypass the high-speed currents without dealing with the annoying boulder puzzle involved.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • The Old Man Glitch

    This glitch requires you to have the Badges allowing the use of Fly and Surf, and Pokemon that can use these moves. You must also be able to reach Fuschia City or Cinnabar Island. First, head to Viridian City and speak with the old man near Route 2 who will teach you to catch Pokemon; view his tutorial. After doing so, Fly to Fuschia or Cinnabar and Surf to the Seafoam Islands. Once there, Surf on the coastline of the islands. As you Surf, you may encounter a number of odd Pokemon. These Pokemon will differ, depending on the name you used as that of your Trainer. For example, the name "DANIEL" can make Snorlax or Electrode appear, among others. However, a common characteristic of them is that they are often above Level 100 and thus very powerful: if you manage to catch one somehow, you essentially have a very powerful Pokemon, and can even level it up further, as high as Level 255. (Note that some Pokemon may evolve into glitch Pokemon because of this.) That is the first benefit of this simple glitch. Most people, regardless of name, should be able to encounter one of two Pokemon: Missingno. or 'M, both of which are glitch Pokemon. These two have special effects on the item in the sixth slot of your item bag, but that effect depends on whether you catch or defeat the Pokemon. If you defeat the Pokemon (or otherwise just do not catch it), the item in your Bag's sixth slot will be changed so that you have 128 of it; if you catch it, you will have 255 of it. (This is assuming you use an item that you can have multiple ones of.) This is very useful for mass-cloning valuable items, such as Master Balls, Rare Candies, or PP Maxes, or to clone TMs to sell for obscene amounts of money.

    Contributed By: BOBtheDEATHfrog.

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  • Vending Machine Glitch

    Atop the Celadon Dept. Store are several Vending Machines. You can buy Fresh Water, Soda Pop, and Lemonade from them. There is a glitch involving the costs of these items - if you can afford the Fresh Water ($200), but neither of the other two ($300 & $350), you can still buy the latter two items. Your money will deplete to zero afterwards.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    4    1

  • Walk Through Walls

    First, begin this by going to the Safari Zone in Fuschia. Arrive there with only one Pokemon in your party, and this Pokemon must be Poisoned (PSN). Enter the Safari Zone gatehouse and pay $500 to begin playing. Immediately upon entrance, go back into the gatehouse and, when asked if you wish to leave, say "No.". Then save the game and reset the console, then reload your save file.

    When you reload, begin counting every single step you take - this is very crucial to this glitch. When you reload, go into the Safari Zone building and opt to not play the game. Walk around now and be sure to do so near a ledge. Count until you have taken 499 steps and land the 499th step next to the ledge. (You can also count for 124 flashes of the screen, due to Poisoning, and 3 additional steps.) Heal your Pokemon periodically as well so that they do not faint (keeping the Poison active).

    On the 500th step, do it so that you walk off the aforementioned ledge for it, thereby ending your Safari Game from earlier in mid-air. You will return into the Safari Zone gatehouse. Do not try leaving through the exit or your game will crash! This is why I mentioned keeping Poison active: you have to have your Poisoned Pokemon - your lone Pokemon in the party - faint by walking around due to Poison. You will then return to the last-used Pokemon Center, your Pokemon fully healed - however, there's a key difference in that you now can walk through walls and across water - basically anywhere you wish! The effects of this glitch will last until you enter a battle or speak with an NPC or enter a building.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Bypass Ghost in Pokémon Tower Without Silph Scope

    This is a very simple technique that many speedrunners use to save a lot of time. Simply get a Poké Doll from the Celadon Dept. Store and use it on the ghost that blocks you from getting to the top level. This will allow you to get the Poke Flute from Fuji later on and, in extension, allowing you to skip the Celadon Rocket Hideout as a whole.

    Contributed By: MemeBoi-31.

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  • Infinite Steps in Safari Zone

    This trick is very simple. Find a patch of grass in there. Stand in it and just tap the directional pad lightly just so you would turn without walking. You should encounter a pokemon and catch it if you would like.

    Contributed By: Mafiafun.

    8    1

  • Level-Based Damage Boost

    For reasons unknown, if your Pokemon has a Level that ends in 0, 3, 5, or 8, their damage will be boosted by approximately 3%. Thus, it is possible for you to have Pokemon with the same Attack stat, but because one is Level 98 and the other is Level 99 with slightly lower DVs, the Level 98 one can deal the same or more damage.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Moonstone evolution without moonstones

    If you have a pokémon that needs a moonstone to evolve, you can cause it to evolve though normal battling. First make sure that the pokémon needing the moonstone to evolve is in the lead position before going into a battle. Once the battle has started, switch that pokémon with another that knows the move "Mimic". Have this pokémon continually use Mimic to defeat your opponent. If the shared experience gained from battle is enough to level up your moonstone needing pokémon, it should evolve as if a moonstone was just used on it.

    Contributed By: Doom_Bucket.

    6    1

  • X Accuracy Trick

    Unlike later games in the Pokemon series, in this game X Accuracy will make every move you use - until you switch out or are KO'ed - 100% likely to hit, no matter the nature of the move. Even those that are one-hit KO moves like Horn Drill, whose accuracy calculation are special, are 100% likely to hit, so it becomes easy to spam Horn Drill, Guillotine, etc., after the use of an X Accuracy!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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