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It's REX To The Rescue!
You were once just a typical Tyrannosaurus-10 tons of terror with lots of teeth and really bad breath. Now, thanks to Captain NewEye' Brain Grain formula, you're the intelligent giant reptile called Rex - and you're hopping mad! Evil Professor ScrewEyes has "dino-napped" your prehistoric pals, Woog, Dweeb and Elsa, and is holding them prisoner in his castle. Only you have the brains and brawn to set them free!

Follow a mystical map that will take you from the outskirts of the Jurassic Jungle through the Cretaceous Caves to well within the castle walls. Then it's on to the Dungeon and, if you avoid extinction, up into the Tower. 16 levels of "brain-draining" obstacles, traps and other dangers await you-not to mention power-boosting inventions, carefully hidden bonuses and secret worlds of adventure.

So step on it big guy-or your friends could end up as colossal fossils!

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