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Reviewed: 09/29/14

Good, Has a few problems, but still good.

The Introduction

Toy Story. A great game with some flaws. The game has it's strong points, like the graphics and the story, but has it's flaws like the difficulty and the music.

The Plot of the Game

The game is based on the movie, so it follows the exact story. It's Andy's birthday, and his toys are seeing what new toys he gets. He then opens a present that contains a Buzz Lightyear Action Figure. Woody the Sheriff, Andy's favorite toy, feels as if he is being replaced by Buzz. He then, accidentally sends Buzz flying through the window, which causes the other toys to turn on him. Woody, then leaves to save Buzz.

The Game-Play

The player takes control of Woody. Woody has a pull-string, which can be used for quite a few things. The pull-string can be used for tying up enemies for a brief moment, so they cannot do any harm to you. You can tie up many enemies, like toy planes, toy trains, etc. There are some enemies that are not effected by the pull-string, like toy helicopters, so they will still harm you. The pull-string an also be used for swinging across large gaps by throwing it at a hook, so you can cross gaps safely.

The player starts with a number of hats, which are used as extra lives. The number can be decided in the options menu. the player can choose between one and nine. Some can be found in the levels, but the player cannot carry more than nine. A hat can be lost by losing five white stars. The white stars serve as the health of the game. They, like the hats, are scarce, so they are hard to find. There are also normal stars, which are scattered around the levels. It seems that if all are collected, the player will be awarded with an extra life.

The player will play through a few unique situtions. Like one, where you have to ride Rex the Dinosaur toy to the end of the level, avoiding the many angry toys along the way. The player is constantly moving, and cannot stop. The player can slow down, and can go faster. There is also a level based on the movie where you infiltrate the Pizza Planet Restraunt by wearing garbage and entering, dodging paper airplanes and food falling from he above tables. Then, another movie-based level where you control Buzz who is holding Woody, as they jet through the streets on a rocket strapped to Buzz's back, and touching anything (cars, street lights, the road, etc) will harm the player. Again, the player is constantly moving, and is unable to stop. The player can slow down the characters or make them go faster.

The Controls

The Controls are really easy to learn and get used to. The "A" button makes the character jump, the "B" button is the attack button, pressing down on the Directional Pad makes the character Crouch and pressing "B" makes him attack lower, pressing up on the Directional Pad and pressing "B" makes him attack higher, pressing left makes him go left, and pressing right makes him go right. Nothing difficult.

The Graphics

They look great, The characters look like they were taken directly from the film. Each one of them. The detail of the back-rounds look alright. Each object like board game boxes all have detail on the sides, and the many books that are found in the game have their own names on the side, and look nice. The enemies look great as well. A few of them are not as great, but most of them look nice. This especially counts the spiders in the last few levels.

The Difficulty

This brings the score down a bit. The game feels too hard. At most points in the game, the game's diffculty feels just right. At a few points ("The Claw Machine" level for example) the game feels way too hard. It takes several tries at the moving platforms in The Claw Machine to get past that part. Sometimes the platform is out of view so you can't land on it. The last level in the game is another good example. Literally anything you touch in this level harms you, and you lose a life when you get touched five times, so it's easy to lose many lives in this level.

The Music and The Sound

First, The Music. The Music was okay. There were only a few music tracks in the game, and they loop quickly. Some of them sound great, but some of them sound annoying. You have the option to turn off the musi in the options menu before you start the game, so the music is not much of an issue. Second, The Sound. They were okay as well. There was not anything wrong with them, but nothing to wow anyone. They sounded clear, but there were not that many sound effects.

The Fun Factor

The game is somewhat fun, but the difficulty manages to get in the way. It is possible to get mad at the game and quit out of rage. I give The Fun Factor a 6.


The game has it's flaws, but the game is still a great game. I give Toy Story on The Game Boy 8 / 10.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Disney's Toy Story (US, 05/31/96)

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