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Reviewed: 07/24/00 | Updated: 07/24/00

An average platformer

Let’s take a trip back to 1995 when Disney released the very popular movie called “Toy Story”. It was such a popular movie that it spawned several video games based on the movie, and later there was a movie sequel (in 1999). I am here to review one of those games based on the movie, the GameBoy title “Toy Story”. Is Toy Story any good, or is it a waste of space on the store shelves where GameBoy games live? Read on to find out.


Surprisingly, the characters in Toy Story look like their movie counterparts. Each of the characters look big, so it is easy to see them, but I actually think they are too big. The backgrounds are decent, but they do get repetitive. Overall, the graphics are nothing special; they are just average.


Toy Story features easy to learn controls. The directional pad is used to move (left & right move, down squats). The A button is used to make Woody jump, and the B button is used to make Woody use his pull string as a lasso. It’s easy to learn, but the controls are not smooth while playing the game. Sometimes the pull string doesn’t even lasso the enemies, even though you hit them perfectly. Pathetic.

When you first boot up Toy Story, you get the looooong credits, then there is two options on the menu. You can either play the game or go to the options. In the options, you can set the number of hats you want (they are basically lives), you can turn the story on or off, and you can turn the music on or off (thankfully). You can have up to nine hats, so you can decide how hard you want the game to be.

There are 10 levels to play in Toy Story. Some of them are fun and innovative, but others are just plain and boring. In one level, Woody & Buzz dress up as a cup & a sandwich box, respectively. Sure, Woody may walk slow in that level, but it is innovative. Each of the levels focus on events from the movie, too.

SOUND 2/10

Toy Story features two songs in the entire game, and both are from the movie. I personally hate the songs, as they get very annoying very fast. The sound effects are also bad, and they get very annoying too. Overall, the sound is horrible, and I expected much better.


Toy Story may be fun the first few times you play it, but then you realize that it isn’t as fun anymore. It will get rather boring sometimes, and the sound doesn’t help the fun factor at all. Overall, the fun factor is average, thanks to some fun levels and some un-fun levels.


Once you beat the game (if you do), then you will probably never play it again, except as a time killer. Well, I don’t even know why anyone would want to play it as a time killer. There are much better games to waste time playing.


Some of the levels in Toy Story are pretty tough, especially at the end. The first five or so levels are fairly easy, but the last ones are hard. I won’t spoil what the last levels are, you’ll have to find them out yourself (or look in the manual :P). It probably will take you some time to beat the game, so all in all, Toy Story is a challenging game.


My recommendation is not to buy the GameBoy version of Toy Story, unless you are a big fan of the movie. If you really want to get a game based on the movie, get the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo version, not this one.


- Some levels are fun and innovative
- Challenging


- Awful, awful sound
- Some levels are just plain boring


If you are desperate to play a video game version of Toy Story, then get the Genesis or Super Nintendo versions. They have better graphics, and they are much more fun to play. Overall, Toy Story gets a 5 out of 10 from me, Shady. Booyah.

Rating: 5

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