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Can Your Game Boy Stand 40,000 Pounds Of Thrust?

Ignite the afterburners and go ballistic into the most realistic air combat simulation to break the Game Boy sound barrier.

- An incredible first person perspective that puts you under the canopy and into the cockpit.
- Strap on your G force restraints and choose between four of the superpower's premier first strike aircraft - F-14 Tomcat, USSR Mig 29 Fulcrum, F-16 Falcon, or F-117A Stealth fighter.
- Equip your war bird with armor piercing shells for close combat and either heat seeking Sidewinder or radar guided Sparrow missiles.
- 10 increasingly dangerous air combat sorties or bombing missions that pit you against speed blistering bogeys and convoys of warships protected by air support.
- Choose the Career Mode and catapult into covert assignments that push you to the edge of the sky.

Success will bring you promotions and medals. Fail and your only mark on the world will be a fiery contrail spiraling down to a cold ocean floor.

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