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A very addicting and indulging game. 01/04/01 ATadeo
The best Game Boy game available for puzzle fans 07/16/01 Blackjack4x
Russian History 101: How Falling Blocks Relate To The Fall of Communist Ideology 08/04/01 Bobo The Clown
My 50th review is for a great, fun classic that goes anywhere. 07/24/01 BrakZero
Tetris Review 09/21/16 ChillHVAC
Quite frankly, the best puzzle game ever made! 01/01/00 Cu_Pimp
Addictive gameplay, you'll still be playing this when you're 80 08/15/05 Enders_Game
Tetris on the NES Is Great. This Portable Version Isn't. 03/10/01 Golden Road
The best Tetris Game Boy game to date! 01/26/00 Gruel
A highly addictive game for the GameBoy that the world has ever seen... 07/16/01 GSephiroth
A Classic for a Good Reason . . .Highly Addicting! 03/20/06 KillAllPopStars
This game, while good at times, is overrated 10/06/02 Legend 14
forget the 'improved' upgrades, normal tetris is all you need. 06/09/01 MaxH
The awesome classic, still remains a classic to this day. 07/16/01 Mmeeva
The Electronic Version Of Crack! 08/16/01 NeoNess
No explanation needed... 09/12/00 Nintendo535
A great and addictive game 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
The redshirts may have succeded! 01/11/01 PUhler
What a puzzle game!! 06/16/10 Retroreviewer Productions
The game that started the puzzle craze in the USA. 07/12/01 Saikyo Ki
Simplicity Sells (and Thrills!) 07/29/05 Shotgunnova
The best videogame ever bar none! 07/16/01 SilverStream
Tetris is the best GameBoy game ever. 07/12/02 The CKYskater
Can I have my life back? Please? 05/22/01 The1AndOnly
Tetris is still awesome. 05/26/09 Vyse_skies
Square block! Line Block! I'm swimming in a sea of perfectly shaped blocks! 07/24/05 ZFS
One more time! 04/02/07 Zylo the wolf

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