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Reviewed: 12/31/00 | Updated: 12/31/00

Really bad...

Terminator 2 was a good movie, but this game is just downright horrible. I would recommend giving it as a gag gift or using it to fuel a fire or something.

Game Play

This game is completely weird and impossible. You start off somewhere in each level and you have to accomplish certain things to beat the level. Sounds easy enough until you get
into the levels. The levels are a giant mass of black fuzz. Basically all you see are shades of black going across the screen. In the first level you are supposed to shoot some towers. It says you are supposed to shoot them in order, but what order? My first two guesses were tallest to shortest or shortest to tallest. But they are pretty much exactly the same in every way possible. After about five or six tries I somehow managed to make it passed the first level. I thought that maybe just the first level was a pain. Unfortunately in the second level, there are just more enemies and you now have a small time limit. I then lost all my lives rather quickly and got the “game over” screen. After that, I was not able to beat the first level again. I then abruptly tied the game to a giant rock and threw it in the nearest river. It’s a good thing that game cost me less than five dollars.


Well, you are the terminator, and you are trying to defeat those robots with the artificial intelligence that made them decide to kill off the human race. It’s pretty much like the movie. Once again this is just the corporate goons at Nintendo trying to make a quick buck off of a popular movie.


Well the graphics are horrible, no doubt about it. As I said before the dark black screen with bunches of dark enemies you can barely see shooting at you and attacking you. And really no detail at all in any of the things in the game. The backgrounds are just the same thing over and over again. The sound really doesn't help either. In the first level it is just a droning sound with the occasional sound of firing or explosions. I probably just played with the sound off most of the time after that. This category makes a horrible game unbearable.


I played it about four times and only got to the second level before deciding to quit. After you play it a few times with the hard to beat levels and the pathetic sound, graphics, and game play you just throw it away or beg someone to take it from you. Replay ability, non-existent.


This game definitely deserves a one. All the crappy factors of this game make it one you want to stay away from at almost all costs. You want good side scrollers, go for anything else and it will probably be better than this. This game is like a disease, stay far away from it!

Rating: 1

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