Review by The Oggmonster

Reviewed: 10/01/03


Well let me see I havehad this game for.....10 years and I have completed it, Im not even close it really is that hard to complete,you have one life bar throughout the whole game despite controlling two different people. I can remember playing this game when it was pretty new and I thought it was awesome, it still is pretty good but compared to todays games its not worth looking at.

These are actually very very good for a Gameboy game and you will struggle to find better graphics on a side scroller, the only bad thing is that the guns look like keys and because everything is dark, sometimes you cant tell yourself from a plane, other than that though pretty impressive

Its obviously gonna have a good stry if its based on such a huge film as Terminator 2 but they have shortened it so it fits into this small, very hard game. You are Jon Connor trying to stop Judgement Day and save the world, you stumble across Terminator and he helps you save the world.

I dont care how many games you have completed, how many games you have played or how long you have been isolated in your bedroom for, you wont complete this game without breaking atleast two Gameboys but still that makes it fun! I havent completed this game I got to this fight with a Terminator and got hammered but if you are a HyperHardCore Gamer you might beat him, have a go at it I dare you!

Well you hold the control stick to the right and press A to jump and B to shoot, you can also shoot upwards and crouch down to shoot! For the first two levels you control Jon Connor, he can run after that you control Terminator who can walk and not run. There is a level which involves you on a motorbike, 3 stages in which you must re-connect wires on Terminators head and a fight with a T-1000 (whatever that is)

Pretty darn good at its time, not very good now but having said that its the year 2003......the people who made this game have probably forgotten they made it and I am most probably the only person who still plays it..actually I know I am but if you do see this in a shop (you wont) then buy it but try and get it over the internet as it will cost about 20p and I doubt you will even find it there but if you do have this game from 10 years ago then I suggest pick it up and try your best and completing this game.

Rating: 5

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