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It'll Take A Twisted Mind To Untangle The Turtles From Their Worst Fiasco Yet!

The whole sewer crew, except Michaelangelo, is captured in a most heinous hideout. Who could be behind this travesty? Who else. Shredder has returned as Cyber Shredder - half-man, half-machine and he's created this twisty-turny "fun house" of Turtle torture. Use Turtle strategy and all new moves to help Michaelangelo rescue the gang from Cyber Shredder's Fortress.

- The Turtles are sporting some radical new maneuvers. Call no each unique skill to overcome specific obstacles. It helps to round up your scrambled cohorts in a certain order.
- Michaelangelo has helicopter hang time, Leonardo dusts concrete blocks, Raphael shells through tight spots and Donatello scales sheer walls.
- Fight through 5 rescue adventures You'll need keen Turtle sense and all the pizza power you can scarf up to make it past bats, goons and hordes of robotic maniacs.
- Use the Fortress Map to navigate through places unseen and find valuable items such as power ups, ID cards, keys and shangheid Shell Backs.
- Who's the Boss, you ask? How about Scratch, Dirtbag, Triceraton, Scale Tail and of course Cyber Shredder, as Turtle-hungry as they get.
- The Password feature lets you pick up your mission from the last Boss Beast you annihilated.
- To make it out of Shredder's maze of mayhem, you'll need to be as sharp as a sai sword and as tough as a team of sumo wrestlers.

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