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Reviewed: 11/30/00 | Updated: 11/30/00

Yet another great Mario game that just gets more interesting.

Super Mario Land 2 is pretty good game even though there have been so many other Mario games. Lots of variety is added to make this game just as good as the others. And in this one... the introduction of Wario is also an interesting factor!


Everything you would expect from a Mario game, although the game was a little easy. The only level that is really hard is the last level where you fight Wario. You could probably beat ninety percent of the levels without losing a life in the other stages. It has many new enemies and the old ones too. I like the guys with the knifes in their heads and the hockey masks (they are funny, heh heh). They added some cool stuff to some of the new levels. They have a few moon levels where you can jump really high or float. Floating and changing the jump height adds some challenge and replay to the new levels. And of course, Wario! For some reason they made him look really strange in the game though (His head is about twice the size of his body and he looks like a crazed scientist). Maybe it's just because he's the bad guy. The addition of the little ears that make you fly was different (although the cape in the Super NES version does basically the same thing). They also have a few new mini-games at the end of the levels if you hit the little bell above the exit door. You can play the crane game, where you try to grab one-ups and power-ups with the crane, one with a little spark that follows the wires to the top to give you a prize, and a few others. I think Nintendo did a good job adding variety to this game.


The music is pretty cool. There's funny little scary music in the levels with the ghosts and the guys with the hockey masks. Got the nice little sound effects as always for jumping on enemies and power-ups. And the graphics are much better than the original Super Mario Land. They are smooth and easy to see. Sometimes it is still hard to see in the different shades of grey and black unfortunately(ack)! Maybe that's a little better on the Gameboy Color though.


It's a pretty fun Mario game, especially if you go on a road trip or are flying a long distance. The new levels add some replay. And the final boss, Wario, is a real challenge to beat, even for veteran Mario players.

Buy or rent?

This is a game I would suggest you buy if you are a Mario fan, or if you are into old school side scrollers. Great new features and levels will keep you interested for quite a while. It's a pretty old game though, and you may have to do some scrounging to find it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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