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Reviewed: 08/31/03

One of the least enjoyable games I've ever played...

Super Mario Land 2 was the sequel to Super Mario Land. I never played the first installment, neither do I plan to after playing this wreck of a game. Where does this game fall apart? Keep reading.
Graphics 8/10 One of the few bright spots in the game
The graphics are not that bad at all, I have to admit. The enemies look good, Mario looks good, the backgrounds look decent enough. I have to say Nintendo did a pretty good job here. If only the graphics could rub off to the rest of the game...
Story 2/10 A horrible attempt to make the same old plot look different
Replace Bowser with Wario, replace the princess with Mario Land. That is the plot of Super Mario Land 2 in a nutshell. The only way to reclaim Mario Land is to obtain six golden coins. The moral of the story, always carry your house keys with you, you never know when a freeloader relative will take over. Nintendo could have tried to cover up this obvious rehash of the same old story, in my opinion, but they tried to make it look as original as possible with as little effort as possible.
Challenge 0/10 I can not only beat this game with my eyes closed, I can win with my eyes closed and still have 23 lives left
In my opinion, there is no point in playing a game you can beat in a day. The carrot, while one of the few original innovations in the game, makes the game incredibly easy. If you get game over in this game, I pity you. I can go through every level once and come out with 20-30 lives. This game, like most of Nintendo, was obviously targeted for very young, very small children. The last level can be easily beaten the first time through if you have the carrot. The bosses are jokes, there's no getting around it, the bosses are incredibly predictable, and they die (with the exception of the last boss) in three hits. This means it is quite possible to beat a boss in under 20 seconds. Boss battles this short and easy can not be excused. They just can't. But you might not care how easy it is if it's fun, right? Well Super Mario Land 2 fails in that area too.
Gameplay 3/10 A few innovations, but still the same tired rehash done at least 20 times before
There's a carrot, they changed the coin system, and made extra lives incredibly easy to come by. The carrot makes you glide, making it responsible for the incredible lack of challenge. Normally you get an extra life every 100 coins. This introduces the coin cave. You pay a certain amount of coins and you go up the pipe. You get a prize at random when you stop the lever. In this you have the possibility of getting 99 lives with 999 coins, about 1000% of what you would get in any other Mario game, which is really uncalled for and all around ridiculous. Of course, there is the chance of getting 200 coins in the 999 coins tube, which is quite hilarious. Then there is the fact that extra lives are so incredibly common it's not even funny. It's possible to get 6 or 7 lives in one level, and levels are able to be replayed. This means you can max out your lives in a couple of hours. Difficulty aside, there is still one fatal flaw in the gameplay. Speed. Mario and the enemies go so slow it hardly qualifies as an action game. Mario games are supposed to be fast, to be exciting, to contain ... action. This game contains none of that excitement that a platformer should, and that is the failing point of the game.
Sound 4/10 Boing, whop...
Have they changed the sound at all since Super Mario Bros? The sound, like everything else in this game, is rehashed and annoying.
Music 6/10 Not bad, but by no means great
Some of these music tracks are quite enjoyable, others will make your ears bleed. It's kind of hit and miss, with more misses then hits. None are epics, but I find the final level theme quite enjoyable.
The Final Word
Super Mario Land 2 is one of the most unoriginal games I've played. The gameplay is slow and flawed, suffers from a severe lack of challenge, has a story that is an obvious rehash, and let's not forget that ever so enjoyable ''boing'' sound. If you want to play a good Mario game and have a Game Boy Color, I highly recommend you get Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, it is a much better game in almost every way. (except graphics) I hope this interview was an informative one.
The Good
-Good Graphics
-Last Level has Cool Music
-You Should be Able to get it Cheap
The Bad
-Incredible Lack of Challenge
-Disguised Rehashed Plot
-Way Too Slow
-Poorly Designed Bosses
-Very Annoying Sounds
Buy or Rent: Neither. You probably won't be able to rent it, but if you really want to play it, you can probably buy it for less then ten bucks.
Graphics 8/10
Story 2/10
Challenge 0/10
Gameplay 3/10
Sound 4/10
Music 6/10
Average: 3.83~
Final Score (Not an average): 3

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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