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Reviewed: 03/07/02 | Updated: 03/07/02

How can a sequel be such a huge improvement?

After the huge disappointment from the original, I was very reluctant to go out and buy this one. My friend urged me to by it, since he thought it was so good. I just asked to borrow his. Wow, what an improvement!

Gameplay: 9

Now this is more like it! I bet you can't look anyone in the eye and say this was less fun than Super Mario Land. It's impossible. This game got much more fun on so many levels. There are actually about 30 levels, twice as much as Super Mario Land, and the levels aren't repetitive! Yeehaw! You would think this is improvement enough, but no...the levels are much larger and longer. There are more items. You can actually choose which level you want to go to next, just like Super Mario Brothers 3 for NES. There are 6 different zones: Turtle Zone, Space Zone, Mario Zone, Macro (Mario isn't big, but everything else is) Zone, Pumpkin Zone, and Tree Zone. Every zone (except Mario Zone) has at least one secret level, so keep searching. The only problem I have with this game is that once you get 100 coins, you don't get an extra life. The coins just keep adding up until you get 999. When you reach that, which is the maximum capacity, then you can go inside this one hill. If you have between 30 and 999 coins, then you can use these tubes, which dish out prizes. It's a cool system, in my opinion, but it makes the game too easy. You can get 999 coins in about 6 levels, then you can get up to 99 lives in the bonus tubes. I just makes the game a little bit more boring...

Sound/Music: 8

Eh. The sound stuff is OK. There's different music for every zone, yet there's only about 4 songs in the levels. It's not very repetitive, so I think it's alright. The sound is cool, most of it right out of the original Super Mario Brothers, such as the ding of coins or Mario's jumping sound. Overall, it's some good audio stuff.

Graphics: 8

Compared to Super Mario Land, these graphics are a dream come true! Mario is about 10 times bigger. Things are more visible and enemies are easier to see. There's even a bit of background! I laugh so hard when I look at Super Mario Land again and see their sloppy, poor graphics...

Story: 10

A really high point of the game. No Bowser, no Princess Toadstool, no saving anybody for once. In this game Wario makes his debut, and he's the evil, retarded looking villain! He stole 6 Golden Coins from...something, and hid them in the depths of the zones. In order to defeat Bowser, Mario must find all 6 Golden Coins so the door to Wario's Castle can unlock. Now if this isn't a great story, I don't know what is.

Replayability: 9

The replay factor is actually pretty high, despite the availability of a save feature. I found myself playing this game and enjoying it every time.

Overall: 9

Yeah, if you haven't even bought this game yet, then you should before Gameboy becomes so obsolete that you'll have to resort to looking through the ''Old Junk'' box for Gameboy games at a garage sale. That could be any day now....HURRY!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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