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Reviewed: 02/20/02 | Updated: 02/20/02

The best Super Mario game ever on the original Gameboy system.

This game is SUCH an UPGRADE of the original Super Mario Land that you have to give this the #1 ranking of the best Mario game on the ORIGINAL Gameboy handheld system. Honestly, the graphics were quite updated, the sound and music was better, plenty of new worlds, many funs things to do, alot of mini games to play, making Mario turn into all sort of Super Marios such as Fire Mario, Super Mario, Normal Mario, Flying Mario, and Cape Mario and so on...

Mario's castle has been taken over by the evil man named WARIO, said to be Mario's cousin, while Mario was out fighting the evil alien Tatanga, this evil man just took over Mario land and possessed it with his minions. A very interesting situation...

Now Mario, must find all the 6 golden coins in order to unlock Mario's former castle to fight Wario... to restore peace and order again! Can Mario do it...? Well, that is not just up to him, and not just up to Wario... it is up to the player of this great game... and guess what... that player is YOU! Good luck!

Graphics: 82%
Words: REALLY GOOD GRAPHICS, and you may say why? Its Black and White? Does not matter. For its time it made the DRAWINGS the ARTWORK the MARIO figures and the animation as well as the colors just quite right.

Sound: 78%
Words: Nice sound effects and very very good music tunes to listen to, also when you would attack an enemy by jumping on top of it, the sound would be like a bouncing sound, which is VERY interesting.

Replay: 100%
Words: Why 100%? Because even after you beat the game the mini games never get tiring and plus you can play all the courses again and again and again!

Gameplay: 100%
Words: You know what? Just about all Mario games earn the 100% Gameplay rating due to the actions of Mario and how you control him and so on. Very fun.

Story: 100%
Words: Another fascinating Mario story, on the top of the review explains the story!

Characters: 80%
Words: Mario, and Wario! Great characters for their beginning year gameboy games!

Final Words: This is a game that all Gameboy players should have in their collection due to it's age and success in earlier years. Perhaps Super Mario Land the FIRST was more of a popularity chart, but Super Mario Land 2 was alot better to my opinion. Buy this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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