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Reviewed: 10/30/01 | Updated: 10/30/01

One of the best platformers ever!

This game is awesome! Even though it's easy and reviewers bash it, trust me... it's GOOD! In this review I will show you why... I hope this will help you people...

NOTE I borrowed this game for a friend and played for about 2 months... I also play when I go over to his house.
Ok, now on with the review:

Story 9/10
Nice! The story is not like most of the Mario games like Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64, etc... Instead of saving a princess, you have to save your castle! Whoop-de-doo!
Anyway, while Mario was away saving Daisy and such in Super Mario Land, his evil brother, Wario took over Mario's castle and his island(Probably what Mario earned over the years collecting coins...), and hired a bunch of henchmen to guard all the areas of the island! When Mario came back, he saw that the 6 Golden Coins that held the castle door were stolen! He had to travel to the main 6 areas and get the coins back if he wanted to battle Wario and get his island and castle back! I like the story, because it's different from other Mario storys...

Graphics 10/10
Simple and plain, yet nice looking... just what I like in games. Not that I don't like 3D graphics and stuff. Just that I like simple graphics for Mario games. Anyway, the graphics are done very well, and I congratulate Nintendo. Awesome for a Gameboy game!

Music/Sound Effects 10/10
The music is awesome! Just like the older Mario games! The music is catchy and just perfect for humming. As for the sound effects, there aren't many, except the bouncing of the fireballs, and some others. But the game really doesn't need that many sound effects.

Controls 10/10
Well, duh! It's a 2D Mario game, for heaven's sake! The control is just perfect, and their extremely easy to learn! A is for jump, B is for running or shooting fireballs if you're Fiery Mario. The controls move Mario.
Easy! I mean, you don't even need the manual to learn the controls... but the controls are perfect!

Gameplay 10/10
Awesome... Bosses, secret stages, and even a new form for Mario, is all here! You start out in a Mushroom House, and it trains you. After you get past it, you are out of the Mushroom House and on the map. You can move the little Mario to wherever you want now. If you go into the castle, you'll see 6 empty holes that you need to fill up with the 6 Golden Coins. Then you enter in an area, and go through the area, fighting Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and lots of other enemies! At the end, there's a boss which you need to battle. Very simple! Getting through all the bosses might be easy, but really fun! I liked playing against Wario at the end, because it took me a few tries to defeat him.
There's also a bonus 'casino' like game in the map. When you enter it, you play a lucky casino like game! You can win powerups, and lives! You can also win 99 lives! Awesome, isn't it? There's also other bonus games in between the game. The powerups are:
Super Mushroom: Makes you Super Mario (2 Health)
Magic Carrot: Makes you Bunny Mario who can fly (A button, 3 health)
Fire Flower: Makes you Fiery Mario who can shoot fireballs(B button, 3 health)
There's also an easy mode for little kids...
Virtually perfect gameplay, because it's really fun...

Replayability 9/10
FUN! This game is easy, but really, really, really, really fun! Awesome replayability!

Overall 10/10

Buy or Rent?
BUY! Definitely! The only problem is it's kinda tough to buy it....

Good graphics for 2D game
Very fun game to play over and over
Nice tunes
Secret stages
New powerup, the Magic Carrot
New kind of story for a Mario game

Err... only thing I can think of is the problem with no sound effects... But you don't really need sound effects in this kind of game...

BYE! Hope that helped... signing off...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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