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Reviewed: 07/11/01 | Updated: 07/11/01

A great Mario game with a nice amount of gameplay depth and replayability!

This sequel is a very fun platform action/adventure game. Not only that, it's the birthplace of Wario, a new villain who actually turns out to be a pretty cool good guy later on in his own game...but that's another story. This game offers much more than running around stomping. If you didn't like SML1 because you thought it was more of the same old stuff, give this a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Story: 8
After rescuing Daisy, Mario returns to his home, a medium sized island with a castle and some special worlds of it's own (so THAT'S what Mario bought with all the coins he collected on his journeys!). When he returns home, he finds that Wario has taken over his island. He can't get inside his castle because the six keys, which are big golden coins, are out of their slots and hidden on the island. Mario must journey through his own world to find them so he can break into his own palace and overthrow Wario.

A MUCH needed breath of fresh air! Having a plot not revolving around saving the grrl is something that doesn't happen very often with Mario games.

Gameplay: 9
Very cool! First, you have to fight your way onto the island. After that, you can walk around and explore it, able to beat all the worlds in any order you desire (except for the castle, which is obviously last). The worlds themselves all have secrets in them, like hidden stages, plus some of them have multiple paths you can take to reach the boss. The bosses, like in SML1, are different; the same strategy won't work on each of them. A new power up makes its debut in this game, letting Mario sprout rabbit ears and fly/float.

There are also many things to do on the main world map as well. There are mini games you can play to try and win power ups and 1ups, plus some extra stages. You can also walk up to the entrance of your castle to place coins you have found in their slots as you go along.

The game world itself is patterned after the world design of Super Mario World. You walk around on the map, selecting which world you want to journey through and sometimes also choosing which path you wish to take.

There are two difficulty levels, but believe me when I say that the only reason easy should be used is if you're giving the game to a very young child.

Watch out, cheaters...the battery backed save feature of this game saves AUTOMATICALLY ALL THE TIME. If you lose a life, don't expect it to be there again if you turn the power off and on again (unless you are very fast).

Graphics: 9
A large step up from SML1. Just like the game is patterned after Super Mario World, so are the graphics. Everything is larger,well detailed and easier to distinguish. There is also much more animation, which is very nice.

Sound/Music: 9
The sound effects are standard and unannoying. I actually like the music a lot. Don't ask me why I like it as much as I do (I myself don't even know why), but the average person will also like the songs, as they fit moods very nicely.

Control: 10
It's MARIO, for goodness sakes. :P If you can play Super Mario World, you can play this.

Replay Value: 6
Quite a good amount of replay value for a game that is more action than adventure. It's fun to find all the secret stages and some of the mini games will take a while for you to access (the more coins you have, the better the prizes...some games are very expensive to play).

Bottom Line?
This game is the perfect fix if you want Super Mario World gameplay on the go. The best things about it are that it's not linear and there are a lot of things to do and places to explore, which is why I give it a 9.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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