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Reviewed: 02/12/01 | Updated: 02/12/01

Much improved over the first game, but too easy.

Super Mario Land 2, was obviously the second game in the Super Mario Land series. It is an improvement in all areas over the first, except maybe challenge. While this game won’t win any awards for being difficult, it is nonetheless, a solid, fun game on the Game Boy. Platform lovers should pick this up, for it offers 6 fun “zones”, with several levels in each zone.

Graphics: 60/100
Thank god the graphics were improved over the first game. While they lacked detail and variety in SML, the graphics here look much, much better. Finally, levels look very different, and there is solid variety in each one. Although nothing in the graphics department stands out as being revolutionary, stunning, or awesome, the graphics here do the job, and do it well. Mario is definitely big enough, and the enemies look much better than SML.

Play Control: 75/100
If you’ve played any Mario game, you know the deal. Run with the B button, jump with the A button. But there are a few twists. You can pick up a Bunny hat, which when you fall, you can fall slowly by holding or rapidly pressing A. You can also, like in most Mario games, gain fireballs to shoot at enemies with B. One cool feature is the “spinning stomp” in which you can hold the down arrow and jump, which can defeat enemies, and break blocks beneath you. This only works with big Mario and Fireball Mario though. Control could be a tad tighter, but there aren’t any problems with it.

Sound/Music: 50/100
The sound effects are average for Game Boy, nothing really special. The music is all right, but sometimes you’ll definitely be annoyed by it. It just might prompt you to turn down the sound, but probably not all the way.

Gameplay: 65/100
This game is not too shabby for a Game Boy platform/adventure. There are 6 zones to play in and a few levels in each one, plus the final level (and the coolest), at Wario’s castle. Yes, Wario is the final boss, and he’s definitely fun to fight. Other bosses are either too easy, or just pretty boring. Another thing, this game won’t challenge too many players, as the levels and bosses all seem very easy, especially on easy mode (press select on the screen where you choose the game (pipes)). However, many levels are definitely enjoyable, and they are varied enough to keep you from getting bored. Several water levels add something new to the mix. Unlike other Mario games, when you get 100 coins, instead of getting a 1up, you can either take them to a slot machine, or save them until you get 999 coins, and hope you get something better at the slot machine. So overall, the gameplay is above average, and definitely enjoyable.

Replay Value: Slightly below average
A weakness of the game is the replay value, which isn’t very good. The game is easy, and although you’ll play it again a couple of times, you’ll get bored of it pretty easily. This game doesn’t offer much so that you’ll want to replay it.

Challenge: Below average
Also, as stated before, this game is not very challenging. Only a couple levels will challenge you much, and maybe one or two bosses. You can easily beat it in a few hours on your first try, unless you’ve never played a video game before.

Good Points:
Fun, varied levels.
Much improved graphics.
Excellent play control.

Bad Points:
Way too easy.
Low replay value.
Boss battles, except for a couple, miss the mark.

Overall: 61/100
The overall score is a 61, which is above average. Be warned though, if you pick this up, the replay value, and the challenge may make you regret it. However, the levels are excellent and varied which balances the scale out. This isn’t a bad game to own, but you might want to research it more.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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