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Reviewed: 09/03/00 | Updated: 09/03/00

One of the ELITE Gameboy titles

It's an oldie but a goodie. Believe me this is one of the all time greatest portable game.

Story - Ok this game introduces Wario, Mario's evil cousin. (and later the star of the Wario Land series for Gameboy and Gameboy Color) For some reason or another he hates Mario and has taken over Mario Land. For further insult he locks himself in Mario's castle. So you're figuring all Mario has to do is dig in his pocket for the ol' house keys and kick Warios immense butt. SORRY but Mario does not use house keys. Evidently the castle can only be opened with SIX GOLDEN COINS which just happen to be held by six of Wario's lackeys in six different zones. And so the adventure begins.

The Game - You run, jump, float, swim, and fly through six zones. Each zone consists of 5 or more levels. You start in the world map which shows where the Zones are and you go to whichever one is accesible at the time. As you play, more Zones will open up, you can beat the Zones in any order you want once they are opened. Beat a level to get to another level (or you can sometimes find shortcuts that can let you skip over a lot of levels) and keep going until you reach the boss. Beat the boss and you get a Golden Coin. Once the boss is beaten the last level in the Zone becomes inaccesible. Powerups are cool. The mushroom makes you bigger and you can break bricks. The Fire Flower let's you shoot fireballs. The carrot will get you rabbit ears that will help you manuever in the air and float through the air for long distances, and the star will get you temporary invincibility.

Beat 100 regular enemies and you get a invincibilty star. Ring the bell at the end of a level and you can play a mini game. In the mini game you control a crane which when you press A will go down toward a conveyor belt full of moving powerups and/or extra life hearts. Once you get the timing you will always get what you want. Oh yeah if you select a powerup you didn;t want you can simply leave the area before the crane drops it on you. In the world map you will find a cave where once you eneter you can play a slot machine like game with your coins. In return you cam get powerups, extra lives, more coins, and even stuff that will take away whatever powerup you already have. You can get a total of 999 coins and 99 lives.

Graphics - The graphics are gorgeous even if they're not n color. Picture Super Mario World for Super Nintendo and that's pretty much it. The sprites (Mario and enemies) are big and detailed. Also the graphics for the Zones are nice (check out the giant Mario statue). For the Gameboy the graphics more than do the job.

Sound/Music - Typical Super Mario sounds, nothing special but nothing bad either. The music is above average in my opinion and is appropriate for each level. Some of the tunes are catchy (Right now the Pumpkin Zone music is playing in my head). The automatic scrolling level in the Space Zone is one of the better ones.

Play Control - No complaint here at all! Mario games have a tradition (with very few exceptions) of having great control, this one is no different. If you have played Mario games in the past you'll get used to it in no time. New to Mario games? You'll also get used to it in no time.

Difficulty - Not too hard, not too easy. (unless you figure out how to select easy mode) Your average enemy can be beat by jumping on them. About 70% of the enemies can be beaten in this fashion. Some of the bosses like the three pigs and the space alien are quite tough but shouldn't be too much of a problem. As for Wario himself, well he will take the longest to defeat but he isn't that much harder than the bosses. But don't worry he's no pushover either.

Replayability - There are secret sections. There are also some different secret levels in some Zones which you can open up by exiting a level from another way. So called secret exits. Personally I found all but 1 or 2 the first time I played the game. If you didn't find them all either, well there's a reason to play it over. The bosses are also fun to beat multiple times. To tell you the truth many of you will probably play it again just for the hell of it and to see how good you are. My friend played it over like 5 or 6 times and I played it maybe 3 times over. All in all, above average replayability.

Overall - Great game, near perfection. Only reason I didn't give a 10 is because I felt it was too short. This is just a personal thing, it's a decently long game for everyone else. Get this game if you can find it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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