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Reviewed: 04/03/07

This is the story about Mario when he wanted a new girlfriend

It's impossible to even think how the gaming industry would ne without the red plumber Mario. He was the main character in the very important arcade game Donkey Kong, and later it was thanks to him and his brother that the NES managed to get into pretty much every kid's room during the 80's. The first Super Mario Bros have sold over 40 million copies. Which meant that when Nintendo decided to make a portable gaming system where it was possible to change the games in the system, it would have been a suicide and an instant failure if they wouldn't have a Super Mario game as one of the release titles.

This game doesn't take place in Mushroom Kingdom. Instead Mario is now in Sarasaland, which is a world split in the four kingdoms of Birabuto, Muda, Easton, and Chai. Why Mario left the Mushroom Kingdom is unknown, but I guess it was since he wanted to date another girl than Princess Toadstool. Anyway one day, a new evil villain known as Tatanga kidnaps the pretty Princess Daisy so he can marry her and be the king of Sarasaland. Since our hero Super Mario already have rescued a princess a few times, he decides to once again save a whole world and save Daisy from the evil alien Tatanga.

Wikipedia says that this game actually wasn't created by the usual man behind the Mario series Shiguru Miyamoto, but instead this one was made by his mentor Gunpei Yokoi. So it's not that weird that Mario is still the same as he always is, but his brother Luigi is nowhere to be found in this game, then again maybe that's why it's just Super Mario Land and not Super Mario Bros Land in the title. There aren't many of the old enemies from the other games in this one either. Goombas and Bullet Bill are still here, and while there are some turtles that looks like Koopa Troopas, their shells explode once you hit them.

The first world is Birabuto, which is a Egyptian themed world, it reminds a lot of the second world in Super Mario Bros 3, the last stage in this world takes place in a pyramid. The second world is Muda, an ocean world. But Mario always seems to stay on land and never gets to swim in this game. However in the last stage of this world he's in a submarine, and the gameplay now changes from being a typical platformer to a more spaceship shooter.

The third world seems like it takes place in Easton, which looks like South America themed world, it even has Moai (The stone head statues) in the background. In this world Mario has to travel on bouncing rocks to get to the goal. The last world is Chai, an Asian themed world. IN this world Mario has to battle ninjas, and in the last stage he will be airborne to take down Tatanga once and for all.

The gameplay in this game is really similar to the Super Mario Bros games. Mario can jump on most of the enemies to kill them. He can jump under blocks to get either coins (which we all know gives you an extra life if you collect 100 of them) or one of the two power up items, a mushroom to make Mario bigger and a fire flower which gives Mario the power to shoot one fire ball (yeah only one fire ball can be on the screen), which is another great way to kill enemies.

One most of the stages there are a lot of pipes that Mario can crawl do in, where some of them leads to secret bonus places where a lot of coins. At the end of the stages which don't have any boss, there are two goals to pick. One is really simple to get to while the harder one to reach takes you to a bonus stage. In the bonus stage Mario can get up to 3 extra lives, so it's easy to have a lot of extra lives when you are about to get to the harder stages.

The game only has 4 worlds, but on the other hand the last stages (except the final) can be a real trouble to get past. Once you start to lose one life it's usually not the last one you will lose on the place you just died. You usually start really close from the place you died, so it doesn't take much time to get back at the place you died. But if you want to beat the game then you have to expect to lose all your lives a few times and start over from the first stage.

Super Mario Land is just like want anyone could expect from it. The control is a little harder than the games on the Nes, and the game is much shorter. But on the other hand it's much easier to take with you and you can play it where ever you like to play it. Above 18 million people have bought this game, so it can't be that bad, right?

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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