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A symptom of portable gaming on the whole 02/06/18 16-BITTER
Welcome to a Mario where turtles explode, the princess is called Daisy, and the evil ones are aliens 12/02/08 Ali_X_Rexus
I wouldn't say it's a legend, but it still is a decent portable Super Mario game. 07/06/04 BigCj34
One of the first Game Boy games, true to the Mario series 10/26/01 Blackjack4x
Fun game, much like the 1st Mario game for the NES 08/10/00 Brak
Mario's Gameboy debut was a success 08/06/01 chandlerbing
Super Mario Land Review (2015-11-01) 11/02/15 ChillHVAC
How action games on Game Boy were born! 01/13/02 Cooper
An old Mario game... 10/26/01 Count Tyrant
Mindless Mario fun. 04/25/01 Doctrine Dark
Super Mario Land Still Impresses 07/18/01 Firles
Poorest excuse for a Mario game 03/06/02 HatesTheInternet
The First of An Amazing Series (*Revised*) 11/13/09 jfeathe
This was when Super meant Super. 12/23/09 JustJackie
Good game, but so short you'd think you're playing a demo 04/24/03 kydoty
It's OK and not a craze. 04/28/01 mighty mosquito
Blah...An ok start... 05/28/01 Mike8787
The name doesn't make the game 12/02/08 Ofisil
The weakest of the main Mario games, and a hideously average platformer. 11/03/06 Phediuk
A Gameboy classic! 12/28/00 PhildotheGreat
Short and Fun at the Same time 01/11/10 Retroreviewer Productions
A great debut for Mario on a Handheld 01/17/18 Royalmantis
The start of the GB trilogy, Mario strays away from the Mushroom Kingdom... 07/11/01 Saikyo Ki
Not Nintendo's (or my) best, but still a decent effort. 12/10/02 Shady
Mario can do better.... 06/28/01 shigman
Mario's gracious entrance into the hand-held market 12/01/05 SneakTheSnake
A hard game, but once you've beaten it that's all over. 03/04/01 SS Nappa
What can I say? Any game that has the word 'Mario' in it is bound to be excellent. 08/07/00 Steph
This is one of the worst games EVER! 06/24/04 superduperfalco4
a classic in its time 08/17/01 theshinerufus
A nostalgic look at Mario's first-ever Game Boy title 11/18/13 Wiggis
Mario's first Game Boy adventure, and not half bad. 09/29/01 Wild Gunman
Pure classic gaming 10/10/07 wolverinefan

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Classic Game Room - SUPER MARIO LAND Nintendo Game Boy review from Lord Karnage

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