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Reviewed: 02/27/09

Hirarious Fun For The Game Boy!

Sumo Fighter for the Game Boy was a very unique game. Sure it had some similarities to other 2D side scrollers of the era, but it had some unique points that will be discussed later.

Game play - Simply put, a side scroller. You are Yo-kun, a sumo wrestler who is trying to save the Japanese princess. I didn't catch what the Japanese princess is captured from, but I think it's an evil mage who can cast a once a day fatality while yelling "NEKODAH" Anyways, very typical sidescrolling controls, A is jump, B is attack. While on ground B is a punch and while in the air, B is a sort of grab, pile drive combo. Pretty epic. The difficulty is one of the games faults. At first it's very simple and easy.. Then as you progress into the harder levels, the platforms get very small, and being a fat sumo wrestler, you can't stay on certain thin areas for very long, which turns into very fast hopping around.

Graphics - The graphics are pretty good for the Game Boy era. Yo-kun's muscles are very well sculpted, and the foreground looks very nice. The background is a little mediocre but it is just the background, which you are not supposed to look at anyways. The enemies look not that great either, but I can't complain, you won't be staring at them after you pile driven there head into the ground.

Sound - I never really thought about the sound until my friend pointed out the Easter Egg. Level 2-4's music, if played backwards, is an instrumental of Stairway to Heaven. No lie, try it, you won't be disappointed. Ironically enough, the last, really hard level, if played backwards, is an instrumental of Highway to Hell. Those clever developers, who snuck this right by a whole generation. I honestly never noticed that Stairway to Heaven and Highway to Hell were such polar opposites.

Fun Factor - I own a lot of side scrollers. This one is fun, mainly cause it's so humorous. I mean usually you are a super powered Italian or even a space duck, but your never a huge sumo wrestler pile driving your opponents into submission. The thought of the game alone just gets me chuckling. But hey, it's a real game.

Replay- Can't really recommend you want to play it. Besides the music and the hilarious of the premise, I did not want to play this game again after I finally beat the ridiculous last few levels and final bosses.

Final Thoughts: Buy it if you can still find it 15 years later. It's a lot funnier then any game you've played before.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sumo Fighter (US, 03/31/93)

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