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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

It's a good portable fighting game, but it (Understandably) can't compare to other versions.

Street Fighter II was released in 1995 for the Game Boy. It had 8 fighters, though M. Bison was a hidden fighter, so there were actually 9 (I think he was hidden anyway...according to Nintendo Power it was unknown if you could play as him, and I got the game from my friend and it had Bison as playable). The plot was the same as all other Street Fighter games, namely "Beat all the other fighters so you can claim to be the best". It also had a Survival mode. The ratings please...

Graphics: 8/10- Besides the undeniable fact that they're in black and white, the graphics are really quite good. The characters are smaller versions of their arcade and console counterparts. The animation is a bit choppy, but that can be understood given the system. The backgrounds are nice and detailed too. They're pretyt close to the arcade originals, save for some minor things. And the fact that, again, they're in black and white. One annoyance is that when you and your opponent are both the same character, there is NO way to tell the characters apart. But all in all the graphics are impressive.

Sound: 8/10- Again, I was quite impressed. The music is very suited to whatever stage you're in. As with the graphics, the music is pretty close to its big brothers'. Some of the effects are missing, like the guy announcing each round, and the screams of death (er..loss) whenever someone loses, but again, this is probably due to hardware limitations.

Control: 6/10- The control falters a bit, but it's really not the programmers' fault. Whereas the original arcade game used 6 buttons for punching and kicking, the humble Game Boy has only 2. So to use a weak attack, you tap the button, and for a strong attack, you hold it. There is no medium attack at all. Also, because of the choppy animation, it can be difficult to decide when to use, for instance, a jumping attack on your opponent. The throws are fairly difficult to do, because it's tough to judge what a strong move is, but special moves are pretty easy to do (I can do a Sho-Ryu-Ken BETTER in this version than any other). The control isn't great, but I doubt they could've done any better.

Story: 2/10- It's your basic fighting game plot: "I want to be the best". I'm not even going to try to elaborate.

Challenge: 5/10- Much easier than its big brothers. On level 3, which is the middle difficulty, I found it easy to just pin opponents in the corner and wail away on them. Even M. Bison doesn't pose much of a threat on the GB (He was near murder in the SNES SFs). There IS, however, a survival mode. It can best be likened to WWF Attitude's Gauntlet matches, in that you have to get as far as you can ON ONE LIFE. The good thing is that a portion of your energy is replenished after each match. It helps to up the challenge some, but overall it's a pretty simple game.

Replay Value: 7/10- There's a decent amount of replay value here. 8/9 differet characters is 9 diffferent endings to see, and the Survival Mode will have you seeing how long you can....survive. Finally, if you have a Super Game oy, you can play 2-Players, which further helps Replay Value. There's really quite a bit to do, and the game will keep you busy for some time.

Overall: 7/10- It's not bad, especially if you're going on a long road trip and need your fix of Street Fighter. But because of the choppy animation, and the less-than-spectacular play control (Granted, there wasn't really any better way to do it), if you're just a casual SF fan, I'd recommend one of the Console titles, particularly Street Fighter II Turbo for SNES. Still, for the Hard-Core SF fan, you may find this game worth a look.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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