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That little red dude's up and running again!
Just when that 7UP bottle had him right where it wanted him. SPOT, that mischievous red guy has made a break. And boy has he done it this time! Trapped inside a Game Boy, SPOT must make his way through 12 cool levels of action-packed adventure to get back to the safety of his bottle - that is, when he wants to go back!

Help SPOT find his way out of the forest, jump through clouds, escape from one craaazy fun house, orbit space and even fly through the air in his jet pack to finish the game and get back where he belongs.

Get mischievous with features like:
- Placeable tracks and platforms which you control!
- Breakaway tracks that let you move from one track to another when you want!
- Two options of gameplay - easy for the faint of heart and hard for the can't - get - enough thrill seekers!
- Awesome sound effects!
- Special bonus level - collect enough cool points and there's even more fun-filled adventure to be found!

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