Review by Rej72380

Reviewed: 07/25/04

A Very Good Zelda Clone

In 1990, Sammy decided to release a Game Boy game that was suppose to rival that of Nintendo's "The Legend of Zelda" The name of that game is Rolan's Curse. How does this game stack up with the other Game Boy games? Read my review to find out the answer.


The graphics are very good. They consist of the generic Action-RPG-style graphics that you would find in a decent Game Boy game. The monsters in this game are normal-looking and offers nothing different. The character sprites are decent, but get the job done. Overall, the graphics are very good.


The sounds are very good as well. The sound when you jab your sword is interesting. The other sound effects are your standard fare, though nothing to write home about. The music is very good, fitting the settings for this game. Overall, the sounds are very good.


This is the game's biggest bright spot. The controls are similar to those in "The Legend of Zelda", and that's a good thing. One button jabs your sword or casts the fire wand, while the other one handles the item you have in your possession at the moment. The controls are very responsive and very easy to learn. Overall, The controls are excellent.


The Evil Emperor Barius has put a curse on the land of Rolan, and it's your job to lift that curse from the land. It will be a dark day if you don't lift the curse from Emperor Barius. The story line actually gets credit for avoiding the biggest cliche in all of video gaming--The fact that you have to rescue a Princess from the evil dragon. The story line is very good.


The game play is very good. Unfortunately, when you were just about to have some fun, the game is already completed. In other words, the game is too short and could've benefited from a longer quest. Still, what you get is a lot of fun. Overall, the game play is very good.


Overall, Rolan's Curse is a very good game. Since no video store rents Game Boy games, I recommend that you borrow this game from a friend to try it out before you buy it. The game could've been better had it been a little bit longer.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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