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Game Boy has never seen such savage man-to-man fighting. Such screen dominating Ninja warriors. Nor such unique awesome arsenals of physical brute force. Indeed, you'll feel the bone breaking intensity with every blow.

- Enter the Omega League of seven raging fighters pitted against each other in colossal one-on-one clashes to determine the Mightiest Mortal in the Alpha Universe.
- Each combatant is master of 20-40 attack moves including two specialized assaults like the Scull Cracker, the Elbow Crash, the Destructo Spin, and the Cannonball Crunch. But remember, each fighter as his Archilles heels.
- Select a Ninja warrior and pulverize your way up each story of Trial Tower. Lose and you'll be an utter disgrace to the League.
- Train in the Practice mode by wailing on computer controlled opponents who are either purely defensive or pumped and primed to attack. One or three round matches, you decide.
- Optional mode thrusts you into a single elimination battle of brawn to determine supremacy of the entire League.
- Inflict unforgettable pain on a friend in the Versus mode using another Game Boy, a Game Link and a second Raging Fighter Game Pak.
- Choose from four difficulty levels then let the fights begin. You have nothing to lose but use of your limbs!

Featuring simultaneous play for two players with Game Link, or play against the computer.

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