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This time an exciting adventure takes place out in the universe! Here, our trusty Ryu joins a familiar comical ninja boy, Jack, and they both went out into the universe for another adventre!

This Game Has The Ability To Let 2 Players Play Simultaneously!
Now both Jack and Ryu explore woods, deserts, and underwater worlds on the 7 planets of the Marco Polo Clustars. Fight battles cooperatively in four-way scrolling battle action! Defeat the Galands and get the 7 treasures using cooperative power attacks!!

There Are Awesome Ninja Actions!
Their actions are fortified with explosive T-stars, Reflecting T-stars, various sabers, ninja actions and magics, and great items as well as your basic punches, kicks, and dashes! Encounter enemy leaders using animated ninja magics and items!!

A fun packed comical RPG with action, ninja magic, rides, and new items-that's NINJA BOY 2!!

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